Misfits 1.03

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  • djsosonut

    Hope you decide to continue reviewing the series. I really enjoy the humor in your reviews. I think the main thing I like about these reviews are that i can tell you really love the series and all the characters. So many people praise various characters and neglect others. Or don’t point out the character flaws that make them truly interesting. I have my favorites, but I love all five of them, flaws and all.

    So please continue. Reading these reviews help a bit with my Misfits withdrawals.

    • Sam

      First off, thank you. It really means a lot that you enjoyed this enough to tell me so!

      I am absolutely going to continue reviewing the series (life’s been kind of busy lately, but things will smooth out soon and I’ll be able to write these things regularly). And I feel exactly the same way you do, like a lot of people just focus on one or two characters in an ensemble show, and since ensemble shows should ideally need each character to *have* a show, there’s a lot of stuff you can miss by ignoring other characters. I love everyone on Misfits, and I’m really glad that shows!

      Again, thank you, I appreciate your comment a lot.

  • I absolutely love Misfits, I’ve seen all the episodes now and can’t wait for the next series to come out :)
    I must say that your reviews are well worth reading, and I will be following them regularly as it is interesting to see your viewpoint on certain characters. Just wait, the series get better!

    Nathan FTW!

    *note, when she says “I;m going to batter her”, batter referring to beat her up.

  • djsosonut

    Hope your schedule allows you to pick this back up. Misfits is airing on Hulu now. It would be nice to read your reviews on Mondays along with the newbie speculation.

  • Paul stevenson

    I only just started watching this now and I was amazed at how many people (except you)failed to call Alisha out as being a rapist even though it was so glaringly obvious – the first guy says no until she eventually touches him and makes him have sex with her; once it’s over he is disgusted with what she did and the second guy leaves not even remembering if they had sex or not.
    this was the only place where I have seen mention of that – everywhere else is claiming a load of crap about the male gaze, patriarchy and how it’s some kind of nod to men not being able to help themselves raping women who “tease them”.