Hoarders – Season 4 – Phyllis, Janet

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  • Christy

    The only thing that really surprised me about Janet was that they didn’t find any dead cats under the pile. And did you notice how she sat on her “food” out in the shed? ((Shudder)).

    • There were no dead cats, but there was that dead and mummified frog. Weird. I guess with 9 kids to raise you wouldn’t be that into pets. Janet just made me sad. And boy, do I want another hour of that family drama, because can you imagine being a twin and HATING your twin? Wow.

  • Flattened Cat

    Awww, it’s nice to see some good come out of the (stinky, piled up, fly buzzed) bad.

    • This was definitely one of those shows where you just rooted for them to make it. What a nice change for them to have family members that love them so much, too. (I mean, aside from the hateful twin. Evil twin! Just like a soap opera!)

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  • Volvican

    This woman (Janet) stuck with me for some reason. I think because she seemed such a lovely woman. And she spent her life giving and helping others. I so hope that she’s been able to keep the house clear and is living in some comfort and peace now. I think she deserves it.