Hoarders – 4.02 Billy Bob, Jean

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  • Suzanne

    I grew up in the south where dirty dishes = roaches, and if you’ve ever been to the south, you just shivered. I have a visceral reaction to dirty dishes and spoiled food, I can’t help it. You and me both, sister. I had a clean freak Mama, so I had never seen a roach before I was a teenager. Then I cleaned my 20-something cousin’s Section 8 housing and oh, dear God. Her issue wasn’t hoarding — it was laziness, don’t-give-a-damn-ness. Roaches crawled out of her dishes as I went to clean her sink. I armed myself with Raid and cleaned the damn thing, but I never did it again. I’m just too much of a priss, sorry. Ack. ROACHES.)

    , “There’s a limit to how much one person needs. And once you’re over that limit, you’re in somebody else’s territory.” I agree, incredibly astute. And applies to a lot of things in life, not just hoarding.

    • It’s interesting to hear the doctors talk (on the A&E boards) about the difference between laziness and hoarding. It’s there. But for me, as a viewer, I just see flattened and desiccated rat corpses and bugs skittering along the counter.

      I’m amazed you were able to keep cleaning, I would have freaked out. (Did I ever tell you about working on the movie Blood on the Highway and how it was the filthiest place I’ve ever been? Roaches EVERYWHERE. Open drums of horse feed on the front porch and hooooark, it was awful. Oh, and of course we filmed at night, which is their power hour.

      I just loved that Betty, she was smiling the whole time, even if she had to yank it back in place at times.

      • Suzanne

        Oh, and I should say in case anyone reads it and thinks I was equating hoarding and laziness, I meant that she didn’t have symptoms of hoarding (nothing collected or piled up or anything) just a kitchen she hadn’t cleaned since she moved in. Her bathroom, where her cigarettes and make-up were, was immaculate. *g*

        Well, the nice thing about Blood on the Highway was that you had those pincher nails and you could flick them away for several inches before they actually touched *you*. And I feel you. HOOOARK.

        • Ugh, dirty kitchens are the WORST. Well, next to a dirty bathroom. I can deal with clutter before I can deal with those types of germs. I blame my microbiology background.

          I ruined a take watching one scamper from the dropped ceiling tile and start flying towards my face. (Yes, I screamed and dropped to my knees. GLEH.)

  • J.

    I can understand obsession. I can understand the hoarders. What I have trouble with are the enablers. There’s always a spouse or housemate who says in a mild tone, “Well, it’s pretty bad.” At a much earlier point than what gets these couples on tv, I’d be all OH, Hell No! .

    Is it patience or need that keep the non-hoarder there?

    • I am totally fascinated by that, as well. I think it’s a few parts co-dependency, a few parts passive aggression, and a dash of depression. I think it builds gradually enough that they just might not see how bad it really is, OR the hoarder does an amazing job of manipulation that the spouse/partner doesn’t feel like they can stand up for themselves. I played a doctor on TV once, so this is my professional opinion. (lol.)

      But yeah, I don’t get it, either.

  • I can’t watch this show, but I’m fascinated by it. I’m so glad you’re recapping because even though I don’t want to see it, I’m definitely super intrigued by it.

  • I have a high tolerance for witnessing filth – not BEING in it, mind, but witnessing it.

    I’m constantly amazed at the process the therapists and organizers use (as well as what triggers this behavior.)

  • StrtMyOrange

    This recap has made me feel loads better about the shitty week that I’m having. Not because of *pointing finger* “OMG, these people are ILL, ILL, ILL and I’m not” or “well, there’s somebody with bigger problems than me”. But because no matter how bad things get, I am driven to get out of bed & clean the litter box & dishes every day, it’s like a biological imperative!! And seeing people who are incapable of doing that much makes me feel lucky for these little things. Was that TMI?

    • YES. Sometimes it’s helpful to see that it’s not as bad as you imagine things to be in your own life. (Again, I echo your – not that I’m happy about it – but there is a relief to know you’ve not hit rock bottom.)

      I also like seeing that they can turn it around – like that itself is a huge motivator for me.