Glee! 2.09 – Special Education

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  • A different Laura

    I’ve said it before…Blaine Anderson on the stairs is this generations Jake Ryan standing at the Porche…

    hey perform Train’s “Hey, Soul Sister” and knock it out of the park, no small feat seeing as that wasn’t a fabulous song in the original form
    A to the MEN. I am still bitter that I like this song now simply because of this version.

    Blaine totally directs a line at Kurt, “You blow my mind.”
    Sigh…he’s dreamy. I also love his little spin at the end. Heart stopping.

    Raise your hand if you’re thinking they need to have more hand holding and slow-mo runs in the halls to a cleared out and dark classroom?
    I will raise not only my hand, but my glass…ooohhh, I’m foreshadowing!

    He gives Kurt’s knee a pat and a squeeze and heads out, and Kurt files away the feeling in his core where his stomach dropped forever and his face heated up and he flashed on full, red lips moving in closer and we have our first official Klaine sighting.
    Oh, to be Chris Colfer’s knee…

    Next episode: the Christmas episode, featuring some of the best and worst musical performance in Glee history
    A performance so incredible it has it’s own acronym in fandom…BICO…

    • YOU GAVE ME THE IDEA, and now I can think of nothing else. *chinfists* *le sigh*

      That is the performance to which I am referring as one of the all time best EVAH (but you’ll have to tune in tomorrow to see what I think is the worst. *g*)

      • A different Laura

        Apparently the real Jake Ryan is a carpenter somewhere. I be he’s still dreamy…I wonder if he still has the Porche…

        I wonder if 20 years from now people will wonder if the real Blaine Anderson still has the blazer…

        • I’m thinking that Mermaids and having to kiss Winona Ryder (I am NOT a fan of hers) drove him out of the industry. Mmmm, carpenters.

  • Sally R.

    I love this. I almost got busted by my boss because she came into my office right as I was cracking up for the tenth time. There’s too many great moments to quote them all, but this was my fav:

    Oh, well, Yentl, that’s because Santana and Finn boned last year. Wait, what? [DRINK!] Oh, yeah, a little of the ol’ in and out, a bit of the slap and tickle, a touch of the How’s your Father, Mr. Finn took his skin boat to lady town, he dipped his wick, pet the kitty, and got in her pants. Except Santana wasn’t wearing any. Suck on that, Miss Priss.

    Brilliant. F-ing brilliant.

    • YAY SALLY! I’m making clappy hands over you almost getting in trouble. BECAUSE OF ME. I feel like this merits a drink of some sort. [DRINK!!] (And seriously, I know you’re not a frou frou drinker, I’m not much of one either, but today’s? CRAZY DELICIOUS.

      • Sally R

        I need a drink now that I’ve posted. I haven’t even eaten dinner yet. But it’s whiskey time.

        This drink looks interesting but I don’t even know what Domain de Canton is.

  • Check it out – it’s a ginger liqueur. It’s DELISH. Also, the bottle is bad ass. ;)

  • Laina

    Loved this episode so much! Mostly because of Santana’s amazing performance of “Valerie.” That girl…hot damn, she just has it, ya know? Despite being a mean-ass demon bitch from hell, girl is F-I-N-E fine and she has some pretty spectacular pipes. I love listening to her sing. And Mike and Brit dancing? Lovelovelovelovelove!!! They should just randomly break out in dance in every episode. :o)
    BLAINE! Oh Blaine, were I not a heterosexual married woman but instead a gay teen boy and were you not a fictional character who only lives an hour from my real-life home you would totally have to take out a restraining order against me. Your all-around dreaminess knows no bounds and I want your fictional babies. *sigh*
    What I did not love about this episode? Rachel. I can go to either extreme with Rachel. Either I love her or I hate her, it’s never in between. You know what else I didn’t love in this episode? Finn. I don’t want to give anything away, but Finn rapidly lost my love in season 2, starting with this episode.
    Oh, lest I forget, I loved Puck in this episode too. *dreamysigh* I want that boy, is what I’m saying. Good hell, sexy is an understatement.

    • I lol’d at “and were you not a fictional character” because alas, that is my woe, too. ;) Hahahaha.

      What is it about this episode that has you not liking Finn? I didn’t have problems with him here (I’m pretty vocal when I do) but Rachel got on my nerves with her attitude in the beginning, but turned it around when she tried (even if sarcastically) to do what was best for the team. I think they’re all pretty accurate for that age group, myself. BUT PUCKERMAN. Mmmmmmm. Yes, he is a dish best served piping.

  • Laina

    I guess what bothered me about Finn in this episode is the way he just went on flirting with Santana after it came out that they slept together the year before. And yeah, Rachel overreacted (what, Rachel overreact, NO…hahaha), but Finn should have been a little more sensitive to her feelings. He has to know (although I think Finn can be pretty obtuse at the best of times) how insecure Rachel is about her looks and her position in the school, especially when it comes to Santana. Santana does everything in her power to tear her down and to Rachel it probably felt like the ultimate betrayal, even though she and Finn weren’t together when it happened. I don’t know, I’m sure I’m expecting more maturity from these characters than high school kids are actually capable of, but I still cringe when one of them loses their chizz over something that seems small and insignificant to me. I am a big, bad, mature adult ya know, and no, I most definitely NEVER lost my cool or freaked out about anything when I was a teenager. ;o)

    • Ah, now now, you’re looking through Rachel’s eyes! Finn is at his locker and Santana walks by giving him a look, and she flirts. He turns and watches her and smiles, that’s not flirting, that’s reacting to someone getting your attention. But the intention from the camera is to show that, then fall on Rachel standing against the wall, so you end up with HER impression of it. Finn doesn’t do anything. (That means the director did his job. *g*) But really, think about it (because rewatching this whole show from the beginning has really opened my eyes to a lot) Finn tells Rachel ALL THE TIME how beautiful she is, how much he loves her… SHE is insecure. Is he supposed to lie and say Santana and Quinn aren’t beautiful? That’s disingenuous. He’s also a bit of a mook and awkward, but he’s not flirting with them, and she sets him up on little sneaky tests all the time to prove he’ll turn down Quinn, say, for her. I think you’re falling for the writers/directors traps here.

      Which of course would please them to no end. But Finn is actually pretty mature in thought, if not in how he explains things. He’s not given enough credit, imo.

  • Fabrisse

    Um, and Blaine totally directs a line at Kurt, “You blow my mind.” Raise your hand if you’re thinking they need to have more hand holding and slow-mo runs in the halls to a cleared out and dark classroom?

    *hand raise*

    It was hot.

    • SMOKING. *fans self* I can’t believe how emotionally invested in two make believe people I am. BUT THERE IT IS.