Walking Dead – Discussion Thread

Well, your regular Walking Dead recapper, Kristi, has been trampled and abused by Thanksgiving travel and should be safely back home later today.  In the meantime, we knew everyone would want to talk about last night, so until her recap pops up later tonight, let’s just break it down to the nuts and bolts.

First,  there were zombies on our zombie show!  Aw, that was nice of them.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Things I want to know about:

  • Um, does this mean Hershel knew Sophia was in the barn this whole time? Because damn, dude.
  • Does that mean he was covering his tracks by saying Otis normally catches the trapped critters in the quicksand, or do you think Otis just thought it was some little girl and shoved her in the barn?
  • Holy crap, how badly did you want Dale to shoot Shane? I mean, don’t get me wrong, I like the character because he makes for good tv, but SHOOT HIM, DALE. Just me and my blood lust?
  • Now, this just may be the Fallout girl in me, but at what point will these yahoos realize they can take Hershel and move into Tenpenny Towers and have the farm for themselves? Then again, I’m just a silly ol’ survivalist, I’d have the “pay the price of my soul” for that.
  • Was I the only one upset by all the wasted bullets on chest and shoulder shots? It’s only okay to get a chest shot if you’re going for a reverse-Mozambique.
  • SOPHIA. Did you think she was really alive?
  • Did you want Darryl to find her and by that raise his social currency with the group?
  • Did you want to make out with Darryl Dixon and have his survivalist babies? (Is that just me?)
  • How heartbreaking was that wail of Carol’s when Rick shot her daughter? (Sadfaces, guys.)
  • DUDE RICK SHOT SOPHIA. No one else had the stones! (Well, Darryl was comforting her mother, because Darryl is the new moral center for the show.)
  • Glenn and Maggie need to get naked again. I’m just putting that out there, because they’re adorable.
Let’s hash this out, and good LORD, February?! That sucks, AMC, that sucks.  Well, this is a perfect time to catch up on Breaking Bad (seriously. If you’re not watching that show, and you like this show?  FIX THIS. Trust me.)
DID DOC HERSHEL KNOW SOPHIA WAS IN THE BARN?! If so, then on a scale of, “Whoa, dude,” to “You’re a DICK!” what is he?
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  • Nikki (Shay)

    More than ANYTHING I want to work on repopulating the world with Daryl Dixon, Dear God, that is all I am asking for this year for Christmas ;) x

    • I MEAN COME ON. Your babies would come out with the ability to make reloads, have a dead eye with a cross bow, and a natural squint. Also, it would mean that you got Biblical with Darryl damn Dixon. IT’S A WIN-WIN.

  • Sam H

    I did not want to have survivalist babies with Daryl because THERE IS NOT A WORSE IDEA, LORI, but I do want to have weird dirty survivalist bangings with Daryl. We can adopt a pack of feral dogs! Who are trained to chew through spinal columns! Way better than babies.

    The first time Herschel came onscreen, my friend and I were like “This dude’s got a terrible zombie secret.” Because you do not get to be a controlling old man and unwilling to take out zombies when the world ends unless you’re willing to do something so bugfuck crazy that nobody will kill you. My money was on secret stash of zombies in the cellar for gross sex purposes. I was glad to see my money was ill-placed, but holy shit, I really didn’t see the Sophia thing coming. And I totally believe Herschel knew about her.

    At this point, I’m kind of hoping the actual season ends with an explosion that takes out everybody but Glenn, Maggie, and Daryl. Rick’s survival is conditional on his Sophia angst.

    • No creation of a super redneck race? WHEN WILL YOU EVER HAVE THAT OPPORTUNITY, THOUGH? But spine-chewing dogs, good plan.

      Herschel is a total creeper, and his eyes were WEIRD when Shane started unloading, like, they were all cloudy and teal. Like an alien. I didn’t see the Sophia thing coming, until that final growl and I sat up and shouted HOLY SHIT IT’S GOING TO BE SOPHIA. Not that I get points for that, just, yeah. DAMN.

      Rick got some big points for doing what needed to be done, I gotta say.

  • Christy

    I want survivalist babies with Daryl. Please, sweet jebus, let him and Carol get together.
    SOPHIA! Holy Shitballs! What. A. Dick. He was going to kick them out and let them keep thinking Sophia was alive. I won’t lie. I shed a little tear for Carol. And Carl. He has got to be super traumatized by all this. I don’t understand why Lori didn’t carry him out of there as soon as the Undead started to escape. I would have high tailed it with my child to a defensive position. But then, I kind of hate her.

    • I wanted Andrea to get up on that, but she and Shane can go off and grind one out after blowing off heads and I’m cool with that.

      I TOTALLY THINK HERSCHEL WAS IN THE KNOW ABOUT SOPHIA. And maybe would use THAT as a bargaining chip to make sure they got off his property, or something. Somehow. I’m still working through that one.

      Oh, Carol’s wail when Rick shot her, that was just awful. And she’s so sweet to Darryl, wanting him to know that he has value, and he doesn’t know how to take it and AUGH.


  • Amy J.

    I totally don’t get the Lori hatred! I don’t always like her but it weirds me out that so many viewers (or at least the ones posting online) are anti-Lori.

    It took me ages to realize it was Sophia in the barn. At first I was all “Wait, what the hell is still in there and growling? IS THERE A ZOMBIE COW?” And then finally I got it, LOL. I don’t think Herschel knew it was her, but if that’s true then he’s stupid.

    I wanted Dale to shoot Shane really, really badly. I wish he had. I’m waiting for someone to have to do it and wondering if it will be Rick. Or Lori. Or Carl, which would be seriously screwed up but would make for good television.

    • I just am FRUSTRATED with her whole “we don’t look through cars for important and useful supplies” attitude. The woman is not dealing with the end of the world well, and she’s weeds. Cull the herd! (I have stringent rules for post-apocalyptic group rules, though.)

      I REALLY wanted Dale to shoot Shane. I mean, I enjoy the television experience of watching Rick/Lori/Shane, but DALE. SHOOT HIM. He’s going to kill you!! D: OooOOoooh, Carl doing it!! Now that’s what I’m going to want, ha.

      • Jenny D

        Total comic book spoilers here:

        Carl shooting Shane is totally how it goes down in the books. It was a beautiful scene man. Carl is all “it doesn’t feel like killing the dead ones” and Rick is all “it shouldn’t” – f’ing beautiful. Here’s the page:

    • Because Lori is weak and in the zombie apocalypse you can’t afford to be weak. Even Carol at her weakest moments, is stronger than Lori.

      My hubby is dead, the zombies are coming, boo hoo I need a MAN so I’ll shack up with hubby’s best friend.

      My hubby is alive, I might be pregnant but don’t know who the father is, boo hoo I have two men, but think I’ll abort the baby to avoid having to deal with the mess I made. (BTW, I didn’t mind this story line, especially at this point of the apocalypse it probably wouldn’t be a good idea to have a baby, BUT…man up about it. Don’t be such a whiny sucky douche-head. And stop using the apocalypse as your excuse.)


      I know that every character has its weak moments, but damn, Lori doesn’t seem to grow at all where all the others do.

  • Tabaqui

    Ah ha ha ha. Daryl truly *is* the moral center of this story right now. Oh, man. Taking Carol to see the roses, as an apology for earlier? He is so sweet and kinda…like a kid, in that respect. Fierce loyalty to an idea or to the saving of Sophia, but about the only one of them who could truly survive on his own. Daryl rocks.

    Dale hiding the guns in the swamp – what in holy fuck was *that*? Was he *seriously* thinking that having no guns would be a *good* thing, when he knew about the dozen or so walkers in the barn? Omg, Dale, you are *not* the moral or even thoughtful center, knock it off.

    I don’t want anyone to shoot Shane – i just want somebody to kick his ass and tell him what a fucked up dickhead he’s being. He thinks he’s Mr. Macho Tough Cop but he couldn’t shoot Sophia, and when he was talking to Lori about her being pregnant i got a definite ‘i will soon stalk you and send you hearts in a box’ vibe. I mean…eww.

    Lori – stop being an idiot. All her ‘there’s no joy! We’re better off dead!!’ whining is *pissing me off*. Jayzus. And yes – run to the house/motor home when the walkers come out of the barn! Crouching on your ass in the dust with your kid is *not* the smart thing to do. Arrgh.

    I think Hershel knew about Sophia. How could he not? His little band of merry survivalists tell him all. I need to look at the timeline, i have no idea how long they were looking for Sophia before they found the farm, so i’m thinking they found her right off. I can’t imagine the surprise!teen boy not telling Rick or at least Carol, at some point, if they found her *after*…..

    *i say surprise because when they turned up a couple episodes ago i couldn’t remember having seen the teen boy *or* girl before that ep. weird.*

    • I love how he’s wanting to save Sophia because he knows what it’s like to be lost. If he can save her, maybe he can move past the hurt from his own neglect. LOVE DARYL.

      I still like Dale, and I get why he was hiding the guns, because when you have people like Shane that can go off – I mean, he’s pretty much telling Dale he’s going to kill him – there are other ways to kill walkers. Maggie did pretty well with that bat back in the beginning. But yeah – guns are faster. Shane is a loose cannon, though.

      I think Herschel knew about her, too, because COME ON. Yes, like you said, they all tell each other everything. (Kinda) They lost Sophia the day before they raced to the house with Carl shot, then it was another day after that before the rest of the group showed up. Day 2 at Herschel’s was when Otis and Shane left, so Otis could have picked her up in that time frame. There were those two walkers on her tail in the forest, after all. And they were RUNNING.

  • I really hope Daryl and Carol get it on. That’s all I want. Their names rhyme, so it has to happen.

    As much as I’m mad at Shane, I feel like they can’t kill him yet because I feel like he’s speaking for the audience at this point… Last week when he freaked on Rick for wasting all this time looking for a probably dead girl mirrored the frustrations of the audience wasting the episodes.. And now this week, freaking out on Hershel for believing the walkers are people.

    There was actually a clip shown during Hell on Wheels regarding Sophia– Hershel says that Otis is the one who usually captures the walkers, and he must’ve caught Sophia before he died/shot Carl.. it makes sense since nobody brought up that Sophia was missing until well after Otis was dead.

    I was upset about the waste of bullets, too, but nobody seems to give a shit about how much ammo is wasted daily. I think the powers that be won’t make it an issue. I was also upset about Lori making CARL DO HOMEWORK during the apocalypse, but I get that he has to be doing something rather than just wandering around doing nothing.

    I think the others were just too shocked to do anything so Rick stepped up and did it since his hands were free.

    I’m okay with February. It’s a shorter hiatus than a lot of the shows recapped here.

    • Oh, I don’t want him dead at all. I just want him shot. And like, for it to graze his side, or something, amping up the tension with he and Dale, you know? GAH!!!!

      I figured it was Otis that caught her – that fits.

      THANK YOU for being the only person so far to talk to me about bullet wasting. COME ON, people. Come on. Use shoddy reloads for target practice, save the good ones for actual killing. Also, I’d like to see one of those farm folks showing them how to make bullets with saltpeter, etc. Awesome.

      I don’t want ANY hiatus! NEVER STOP, SHOWS I LOVE. *cries for Game of Thrones*


    Yay me!

    Also, I knew that had to be the main reason Herschel was so damn buggy-weird.

    I haven’t seen this episode yet, but I HAD TO READ to know if I was right about Sofia. *pats self on back*

    • YOU ARE A GENIUS! I’ll have to check Kristi’s post so I, too, can beam at your prescient mind.

      I hope you’ve seen it by now!!

  • sati

    i can’t get behind an apocalypse pregnancy (let alone raising the little kid afterwards). I’m all for rewarding Daryl’s amazingness with some awesome freaky sex, though (with condoms, or the pill or some of those shots of depo laying around)

    rick needs to stand up for himself and his people. Punch shane (or exile him!). Punch Dale. Promote Daryl and Glen. Get the hell out of Green Acres. When he started herding zombies to make hershel happy I could see his struggle. Pregnancy, safe haven, hot running water vs. aimless, hopeless wondering. *sigh*

    Was anyone else yelling at the tv when the zombies on sticks were less than a couple feet away from people? One lunge to the right and the zombies could have chowed down on some people.

    Shane’s “lesson” was perfect. Humans don’t keep walking and growling with a half a dozen bullet wounds. I’m hoping now that Herschel (and co) have seen that Walkers are not human, they’ll start grieving and stop being stupid.

    • Okay, so you don’t want a super race of rednecks like I do, gotcha. (hahaha)

      I was pretty upset seeing Rick herding zombies, that was just… Boy, you know he was hating that and trying to be a good guy about it. (But still.) I say take out Herschel and take over Green Acres, but that’s because I’m in it to win it. Hurr.

      And I am right there with you re: zombie herding being REALLY DANGEROUS and stupidly handled. I just hate having to wait until FEBRUARY to get the next bit of story. I hate hiatuses, bah.

      • sati

        i was all for taking over Green Acres until the zombie exploded in the well. Contaminated water, folks! What does drinking zombie juice do?

        I know it’s only one well, but water is all connected! Just say no to zombie juice!

        I’ll just be Daryl’s sexkitten- you can have the babies. :P

    • Chris

      If you keep your eyes on Daryl during that scene, he keeps his gun trained on Rick’s zombie-on-a-stick even when everyone else has dropped theirs while Shane goes postal on the padlocks. :)

      • NICE CATCH. I’m totally rewatching that later tonight and looking just for that. More points in Daryl’s corner, IMO.

  • Christy

    Thanks for removing the spoiler. I was rushing over to type in all caps.

    • It’s there, I just did the ol’ [font=”#FFFFFF”>[/font> html trick. You can see it if you click over it. (swap out the front brackets for the ‘less than’)

      BUT YEAH. SPOILERS AREN’T ALWAYS WELCOMED. Learn how to do invisio text, peeps.

  • Chris

    Dude, I even stayed up to watch Talking Dead and NOBODY ASKED IF HERSCHEL KNEW HE HAD SOPHIA! Is it just me, or is that the Number 1 question we need answered now?!

    I’m just going to stop trying to predict what happens next, because obviously I’m too soft. Ohhhhh, Sophia, sweetheart. :(

    Has anyone else noticed that Rick is the only one in the whole show who has taken down young zombies? Even before he started to doubt the point of survival, his arm didn’t waver. Not even the jerk of a dad on the webisodes put down child size walkers (which came back to bite him in the ass, literally). When Shane says he’s not made for this world, he’s wrong. Dale may be right about this being Shane’s comfort zone, but Rick was made to be Human in this world.

    • WHY DID NO ONE ASK THAT?!?! I mean, come on, right?! I felt so, so sad about Sophia being turned, for her, for Carl, and ESPECIALLY for Carol (and Daryl.)

      Oh, that’s a great point – that’s episode 1 right there! I definitely do not agree with Shane’s assessment of Rick, that Rick can’t cut it. He’s just navigating with a different moral compass than Shane, for sure.

      EXCELLENT POINT, your last sentence. *applauds it*

  • I assumed Herschel knew about Sophia, and I saw it coming, though I also figured that after a few episodes she was not going to be found alive. Missing person statistics are grim stuff even without undead cannibals aboot. :( But I wanted Dale to shoot Shane so bad I could taste it, and I thought for sure Shane was going to be the one to suggest killing Herschel and Co.! Bringing the threat to you? That is the opposite of Bugging In. I have to agree with Andrea (who I also find kind of one-note, but who is right on this), Shane’s not a victim– and he’s not a bad kind of crazy to have on your side as long as your survival is a priority to him. Though, come on, ask the surviving observant old people why they don’t like people at least. If the answer is “I don’t trust Catholics” or something, feel free to ignore it, but something like “He knows the sound a man makes when he dies betrayed” is a decent response.

    “Why can’t Lori’s baby have two daddies?” I think is the real question I am trying to ask. Failing that, why has Daryl not gotten any?! You gotta pick survivors to survive, duh. (Btw: in the comics, Daryl does not exist, and Carol suggested a poly relationship with Rick and Lori, which Lori is grossed out by– but this is also in a continuity where Sophia didn’t die, so priorities/availability was a bit different. And Andrea was banging Dale and not Shane, which put an interesting slant on Dale’s weird hand-wringing and possessiveness. Because the hot gossip in the zombie apocalypse is all about who’s dating who.)

    Anyway, to answer my own question: because Lori is a horrible person who the writers keep expecting us to sympathize with. Stop it, guys. You don’t have to go full-on scenery-chewing like Shane, but you also can’t make me like her. Run back to safety with your child, unarmed person in the zombie apocalypse. *eyeroll* I also didn’t like the whole pregnancy narrative, but that’s because it’s about the first time I’ve actually agreed with Lori and had that taken away from me, and I’m also deeply liberal in my women’s-health politics and conservative in my survivalist extremes (which, incidentally, go together better than you might think).

    I also wanted Dale or Glenn to be the one to shoot Sophia, or for Andrea to offer Carol the option of doing it herself, realizing Carol couldn’t handle it emotionally, and then capping Sophia/having flashbacks to her own sister. I’m tired of Rick going all Honorable Ned Stark Mode to contrast with Shane’s “Hello I Am Mr. Corrupt” characterization. I know they’re really character archetypes, and Rick is firmly in “Shoulders All The Burdens” territory, but still. I wish it wasn’t so firmly heteropatriarchal ($2 word!), and that old people, minority people, and even people with ovaries could kill prepubescent zombies without mercy or hesitation. Or maybe with mercy and hesitation so that characters could be, like, three-dimensional and stuff.

    As far as misplaced guesses for the season, I have actually been… acquiring my episodes online (no cable), and on one episode’s download page the first commenter posted, “Wow, I didn’t see it coming that Herschel and his family were only partially turned from drinking that contaminated water!” Which is obviously trolling, but the responses were hilariously enraged. But how cool would that have been?!