Movie Recap: Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

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  • Amy

    I thought that Irene’s death was made to look like Tuberculosis but she was, in fact, poisoned. There’s no way it would have been that fast acting if she’d been dosed with it during that meeting. Moriarty must have bought out the waiter so when she (very smartly) asked for a new pot of tea, it was already poisoned because Moriarty likes thinking three steps ahead, like Holmes. /microbiologist

    I, too, found the horse scene amazingly hilarious. In general, the one liners and quips and back and forth between Watson and Holmes is just amazing and entertaining.

    That final fight scene though, the posturing and mental sizing up… the entire theatre burst out laughing when Moriarty ‘responded’ to Holmes’ estimations. “Don’t forget the Boxing….” “Right…” Hee!