SouthLAnd 4.5 – Legacy

God, I wish people cared about the very real effects of bullying.

 It’s a John Cooper Appreciation Day up in here, gang. And the question to take throughout the episode: what’s Coop’s legacy? Former FTO of amazingness? Drug addict? Gay cop? One of the oldest guys on the force?

The show opens with a jumper being held by an ankle several stories up. John is the one holding him as he strains and grunts from the effort. (Oh, his back! Please don’t pop a staple, John.)

After twenty years on the job Officer John Cooper has been wondering how his fellow officers will remember him. But right now, the only thing he can think about is hanging on.”

8 Hrs. Earlier

In the locker room, Ben and a few other cops are goofing, waiting for Sammy. Sammy steps out of the shower with a washcloth in front of himself, wondering where his towel has gone. Oh, it’s over in his locker, Ben’s pretty sure.

His locker has been completely sealed off with duct tape and the cops start cracking up. One, two, three, four, Ben declares a prank war! Oh, it’s on. Sammy tells him to watch his 6.

At the morning meeting, it seems that it’s time to recognize John for 20 years of service! He smiles and corrects them: it’s 22 years, come April. Well, whatever, Tang wants to run a tab at the bar tonight in John’s honor. As Tang and Coop head to their patrol car, she points out that he’s the seventh oldest patrol cop on the force. He’s shooting for 30 years, plus one day. He loves the work – it’s different every day. Tang is looking for enough time on the street so she can comfortably ride a desk for the rest of her career.

Lydia meets Reuben for breakfast, which she doesn’t want to eat because of this weird morning sickness… Reuben says to not worry, it’ll be gone by the 16th week. Mm hm, she is not admitting anything, Reuben, nice try. They get a call about a home invasion. He tells her to take her time in the bathroom, that body will still be dead when they get there. He then dives into her pancakes.

Cooper and Tang show up at a domestic disturbance; the neighbors called in the complaint. A teen boy is clearly distraught, his parents are screaming at him to not go to school. What? Well, turns out the kid (Mike) thought some guy was into him, so he texted a nude picture. It was a prank, and now everyone in school knows Mike’s gay. His dad thinks he’s stupid, is embarrassed, yadda yadda.

John quickly assesses the situation and pulls Mike outside while Jessica handles the parents. Cooper quietly tells Mike to calm down, let his parents process this, and be smart. He doesn’t need to go to the school just to be a walking target. Mike is too angry to listen and storms off to go to school and deal with the fall out.

To remind us of what the Sammy and Ben storyline will be tonight, we find them on a car chase where they lose control of the vehicle when blocked by another car and slam into one of those tube dancers you find at car lots. A big waggling, smiling face looms in their windshield, cracking them up.

Cooper and Tang spy a woman in distress as they patrol, and go to calm her. She’s Mary and someone kidnapped her son JC last night. He was praying in the garden, and Judas and some soldiers… Oh. Tang rolls her eyes and walks off, but John handles this perfectly. “You must be so proud of him. Have you looked in the dispensary? Do that, then wait at home for him. Bless you, ma’am.”

She calms instantly, thanks and blesses him, and heads off. John is a great cop with amazing instinct and the experience to diffuse just about any situation, right?

Sammy and Ben find a car with the windows shot out and two dead bodies (GSW) inside. All of the neighbors are standing around, and gosh, no one saw anything. Sammy gets pissed that no one will help them when some older guy tells them to get the hell out of their neighborhood. He’s rude and angry, and Sammy gets rude and angry back and calls him a crackhead.

Lydia and Reuben arrive on scene at the “home invasion.” At first glance, it could be confused with one. But the glass was broken from the inside, the blood splatters indicate that there was something on the desk (possibly a computer) where the 31-year-old victim was shot execution style, and the computer and modem are missing. The father is the one who found him.

The dad, by the way, is veteran actor Joe Regalbuto from Cagney & Lacey and Murphy Brown. (I gave a little happy noise when I saw him. By the way, the homeless Vet from last episode? That was “Larry” from Bob Newhart, as in, “Hi, I’m Larry. This is my brother Daryl, and this is my other brother Daryl.” Took me forever to place him.)

Back to the investigation. The dad came home from the gym about 7:30am. He didn’t discover his son until about 9-ish. His dad has been supporting him; he has no job. The computer? Oh, that was destroyed by his son a month ago. Mm. “He was kind of…stuck in life,” the father says. “It’s nobody’s fault but mine.” (That sounds like a confession to me.)

Tang and Coop head back out of the station house to find an ex-con, Bobby, with a yen for Jessica. He’s been writing her letters and even got a swell tattoo of her on his chest. John is stone-faced through all of this until the two of them get outside and away.

“Lot of dudes in prison with my name tattooed on their backs, but what you and Bobby share,” John says, laughing. “That is something special.” Ha. She missed a chest shot because Bobby was swinging a shovel, and tagged him in the leg. Bobby is sure it was fate and her loveliness that was responsible for his not being dead. The ways to true love were never easy, gang. And the Tang/Cooper banter continues to be the most natural on the show, which is saying something.

Lydia isn’t buying the dad’s story at all. She gets Reuben to call the cable company to get the modem records (things to know before you commit a crime, folks). Reuben just thinks it’s lame that a grownup still lives at home with their parent. Ahem. Oh, no no, Lydia would like to point out that her living with her mother is totally different. For one, it’s Lydia’s house since she paid off the mortgage, and two, her mother lives with her. “Look, I’m hormonal and I got a gun, okay?” Ha.

Sammy and Ben head back to the station and find the “Crackhead” there. He came in to file a complaint on Sammy. Look, he’s not a crackhead, he’s Wendell. And he’s been clean for two years, okay? Sammy can appreciate that an apology is owed for that, but the rest pisses him off. “You don’t come in here to report any of the shootings that killed your family, your friends, but you’ll come in to report me?” Hey, snitches need stitches, right?

“Every time you stay quiet, you’re disrespecting [your family’s/friends’] memory.” Wendell thinks on it for a beat, then whispers, “Word on the street, it’s Smiley.” He runs off.

At a Hooters-esque diner, Ben and Sammy hang with Jones and his misogynist partner, shooting the breeze. One of the waitresses keeps giving Ben the stinkeye, then leans over and says, “I’m pregnant.”

Oh, shit. Ben, looking completely shell-shocked, nervously asks if she is sure it’s his, because they only were together the one time and… Boy, is she pissed at that. “What are we going to do?” she demands. Ben might be having an aneurysm, I’m not sure. Just then, Sammy starts clapping and laughing. “I got you, dumbass!”

Prank War? I think we know who’s ahead.

Lydia hears back from the Coroner’s Office that the time of death for Justin was 9:00am. And Reuben heard back from the cable company that the modem’s traffic shut off at 9:08am. Things aren’t looking too good for Daddy. Time to get a warrant.

Sammy and Ben are sent out to collect a drunk (or high) Little Person who is playing in a public fountain. He sends Ben on a merry chase all over the square as Sammy watches, laughing. Ben finally catches him trying to climb a light post as the man shouts, “You know who I am? I’m Hollywood Royalty! My granddaddy was a Munchkin from The Wizard of Oz!”

Sammy thinks for a beat and says, “None of them were black!” Just then a call comes in about a shooting around the corner. They cuff the man and cart him off to find out what’s going on. (Side note, there were loads of rumors that the Munchkins were party animals and drunks during the filming of The Wizard of Oz. Just a fun little bit of trivia for you. Also, that actor looked like Tim Meadows, right?)

At the scene of the shooting, it turns out that Wendell “I’m not a crackhead” has been shot and we see him being carted away in an ambulance. Sammy tells one of the other officers that Wendell is not a crackhead. Sammy? You’re a good guy deep down. I like that he gives people chances, that he really listens to them.

Cooper, Tang, and Dewey grab a bite to eat, jawing about old cop stories and laughing. Tang tells Dewey that Coop is looking to get six stripes (thirty years) to which Dewey replies, “If anyone can, this crazy bastard can do it.” He then goes off on a story about his favorite FTO (Field Training Officer), a guy named MacFarland. 32 years in the service, three surgeries for injuries on the job, and a hell of a guy.

The day of his retirement, he walked past a group of patrol officers while in his civvies and not one of them said a damn thing to him. A month later MacFarland ate the end of his gun. John gives him a droll look. “Real uplifting story, Dewey.”

He’s just saying that the only legacy a cop can hope for is that some other cops will talk about him at a BBQ or bar somewhere. Huh. How often have we heard about Nate since he was killed? Fergusen got a mention about his impending surgeries. And that’s about it. (Well, Sammy named his boy Nate, so that legacy lives on.) These guys have too much to focus on right now to do much more than that, with the occasional exception.

A call comes through about a possible jumper down the street, Cooper takes the call.

Lydia and Reuben show up with their warrant and poke around the house. Reuben spies some freshly dug earth. They get a shovel and would you look at that, a computer and modem. “Mr. Rogers, you’re under arrest.”

John races across a rooftop with Tang hot on his heels. We see a figure off in the distance in a pink dress and t-shirt. It’s Mike from earlier, and the kid has had the shit beaten out of him, lipstick smeared on his face, and ribbons put in his hair. They’re 10 stories up. John tells the others to back off and gets as close as he can to the boy. He tries to calm him down, engage a little.

“You aren’t the problem. I know this is hard. It’ll get better.” John tries all the right things; and even though at the moment it sounds trite, he’s right. But Mike doesn’t want to hear it, and not from some cop who can’t understand what he’s going through.

And that’s when John outs himself in front of his partner and backup. He does know what Mike is going through. Mike breathes deep, says, “Thank you,” and jumps.

Coop leaps forward and grabs his ankle; the kid slams against the side of the building and the gathering crowd screams. Tang grabs on to John, the other two cops help haul John up, then they all pull Mike up. Mike is sobbing as John cuffs him, saying he’s going to be all right. “It’s okay. It’s gonna be okay.”

Lydia and Reuben find all sorts of torture porn on the deceased Justin’s computer. Reuben asserts that while he gets that some dudes are into that, he’s more of a girl-on-girl type of guy. Ha! I like Reuben, guys. He’s still trying to get Lydia to admit she’s pregnant. Keep at it, bro, she’s not letting any cats out of any bags.

They go talk to the father in custody to find out why. The dad explains that his wife died when his son was six and he was just…wrong. Awful. Violent. They went through nannies like water. He knew that he should have done something when he found the animals his son had killed. This morning he saw things on his son’s computer that were horrible: dead women that had been sexually assaulted before and after. He scoured Justin’s room and found a bag with an ax, saw, handcuffs, duct tape, your basic Serial Killer Starter Kit. He felt responsible and couldn’t allow his son to hurt someone. “He was my burden. I shot him.”

I have some questions for you all after the recap about this, so you know, and I bet you can see where I’m going with it.

John is with Mike in the hospital where he is being restrained. John explains that he’s under a 72-hour psych hold. Mike wants to know if he’s really gay or if he just said so, and after John confirms it, Mike asks if it’s hard to be a gay cop? John smiles a bit and says that he’s got 99 problems, being gay ain’t one. He gently pulls one of the ribbons out of Mike’s hair as Mike’s parents come in. He walks out with Jessica watching him, worried.

Sammy convinces Ben to go get an ID from Wendell in the hospital; he’s convinced Wendell won’t speak with him because of the whole “crackhead” thing. Ben sighs, but agrees. He’s holding his hand (there’s a tube in his throat; Wendell can’t speak and his face is covered in gauze) and begging softly, “Just squeeze my hand if it was Smiley, okay? Just squeeze my hand.”

A nurse comes in and tells Ben to leave that poor paralyzed man alone, he’s not squeezing anything again! Wait, Wendell was shot in the face… “Officer, you’re in the wrong damn room!” The guys outside are laughing at Ben. The nurse and patient were in on it, too. Yeah, Sammy’s winning this one.

Cooper and Tang pull over some pretentious asshole in a Smile car for speeding and failure to yield to pedestrians. He starts giving John shit about quotas, that he’s not actually a criminal, and maybe John should pay attention to them, huh? Oh, not today, buddy.

“Do you tell your dentist which tooth to pull? Your mechanic how to fix your brakes? Then don’t tell me how to do mine. LICENSE AND REGISTRATION.” The guy hands it over. “See? It’s that simple.” Meanwhile, Tang takes a call, looks at John, and replies, “I’ll let him know.” Uh oh.

Sammy and Ben are leaving for the night, with Sammy bragging about how good he got Ben. Then he opens his car and a flock of pigeons flap their way out, scaring the hell out of Sammy. Ben, by the way, has his phone out and is recording it while laughing. I still say Sammy won.

Lydia and Reuben (who have been the ones summarizing the point of the show for the past few episodes) are calling it a day, as well. Lydia just doesn’t understand when it became an option to off your child. Reuben says, “It’s not exactly new.” But there could have been therapies, or meds, or–

“He knew deep down it wouldn’t help,” Reuben says. “I wouldn’t [do it] but I can kind of understand it. Your children are a reflection of who you are. Your successes, your failures… People deal with that burden differently.” And then he tries to get her to admit she’s pregnant once again with a wink. Nope, Miss Lydia is not here to get personal, okay?

Everyone on John’s shift is at the bar swapping stories of crazy cop capers. Tang gets everyone to cheer Coop. He’s grateful, but it’s been a long day; he’s out. Dewey pulls him into a bear hug. “It’s been a pleasure.”

Um…Cooper is just going home, right? Coop thanks him, calls him an asshole (lovingly), and heads home. Jessica follows after him. He thanks her for the night and she says forebodingly, “It’s important to celebrate people while they’re still here, you know?”

I swear to the God of your choice, if they kill Officer John Cooper…

She tells him that earlier that day, Mike found someone to let him out of his restraints and he flung himself from the 14th floor of the hospital. John knew; it was on the radio as they drove to the bar. And of course he’s upset that another gay kid killed themselves because of bullying, but he did his part. (Boy, and how!)

He can’t take every sorrow home with him; he wouldn’t have made it 22 years if he had. And he’s a good cop, he’s the guy you want on the streets. If he has to compartmentalize like that to survive, then more power to him. He smiles and heads off. Jessica hollers after him, “I really hope you make it to 30.”

“And a day!” he says.

“And a day.”

She goes back inside where Dewey challenges the crowd to come up with a better Cooper story than he has. John lingers by the door as “Everybody Wants To (Rule The World)” starts to play.

(“Say that you’ll never never never leave it, one headline, why believe it?” I DON’T JOHN, I DON’T BELIEVE IT.) Guys, I may need a Xanax next week.


Show Discussion

First off, legacies. The LAPD has pretty much painted themselves in a corner (hell, the opening titles show how they’ve been corrupt since the beginning) and their legacy is set. Is it? Also, I think for the viewer Ben is John’s legacy. That was his last Boot, and Ben is turning into a decent cop with good instincts. As for Mr. Rogers and his potential serial killing son… What if Jeffrey Dahmer’s dad had done the same thing? I’m not advocating for vigilante actions, but it’s good food for thought.

And the teaser at the intro where it’s about John just hanging on, well that’s the whole getting to 30 + 1 goal, isn’t it? Head down, day by day, look up and you’re there.

Mostly I’m just terrified that this has all been a set up to show how amazing John is so they can off him. Let’s not get into spoilers, nothing beyond what was shown in the promo: John, bleeding at the neck. (And Lydia on the ground, clutching her stomach, in a patrol uniform.) Thoughts?

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  • Nathan

    I was getting foreboding vibes all over this episode, but I really don’t think they’d be dumb enough to get rid of their strongest actor/character (my opinion of course but I know a lot of people who feel the same). I mean, John Cooper is Southland for me and Michael Cudlitz loves being on it. If they want to injure him a bit then fair enough (maybe he and Ben will actually get to talk as a result!) but no death please. Unacceptable!

    • I really REALLY hope they don’t lose Cudlitz. I think John Cooper is one of the most fascinating characters on the current TV landscape, and it would just gut me. Then again, they got rid of Nate, and he was a main character (even though I feel like the trio of Ben, Lydia and John are the “leads.”)

      My husband said last night that he would go “apeshit” if they killed John. Ha.

      I have my hopes set on a Ben-John reconciliation, too. I feel like the show is slowing building to them getting to a place where they will be able to meet as equals, where Ben will no longer be the little brother/Boot. FINGERS CROSSED.

      • Nathan

        I agree. Cooper is the one I always want to know more about. There’s so much story there that it would be a total waste. Plus, they wouldn’t give away a death in a promo would they??

        Also Kevin Alejandro had signed up for True Blood and couldn’t do both so he chose to go. A good sign I think??

        • I love how the character of Cooper could be so many single things: the drug addicted cop, the cop that’s the moral center, the cop that has Seen Too Many Things, the Gay cop – and he’s ALL of them. But mostly he’s just Coop with these qualities, and that is outstanding.

          Honestly, I think it’s a Red Herring (I’m clinging tenaciously to this) and it’s actually going to be that Lydia loses the pregnancy (her on the road, clutching her abdomen.)

          I couldn’t remember if Kevin Alejandro signed up for True Blood before or after the story line was revealed. I like your plan – it’s a sign! Maybe now I won’t chew my nails to the nub.

      • billie

        Hi Laura
        Would you please post a link to the promo you are talking about? I seem to be the only one who cannot find it and I am hoping that Coop isn’t leaving us because he’s like the “patriarch” of the show for me. I would hate to have anyone else go, Nate broke my heart. Any feelings as to if Lydia baby daddy is her old partners son? The show sure leaves a lot of questions without absolute answers, like life i guess, but I am nosey and wanna know so many things. Thanks for taking the time

        • Here’s a link: (Also, if you happen to be on Facebook, they sometimes post clips on theirs:

          I think the father of Lydia’s baby is someone we haven’t met yet. A lot of time has passed since Ocala found out about Lydia and her son, and Lydia strikes me as the type of person that puts her partner above everything else. Meaning, she broke up with him. Just my two cents, though.

  • tjjor

    I know I’m in the minority, and but I have a very hard time with any “Cooper” accolades after the less than professional, ethical, responsible or remotely acceptable behavior he exhibited for at least a year with Ben and maybe to lesser degrees (or the same) with other trainees before. I’m all for a fair shake, but I can’t see someone lauded as a hero or credited with heroic behavior who compromised his trainee, and made a conscious choice to do so, putting his ego and what mattered more to him over the person he was paid to train and support and the people he was paid and trusted with protecting and serving. He’s lucky there wasn’t greater loss of life before he was forced to accept responsibility and deal with his behavior and face his fears. He didn’t make the choice because the terms were dictated. As a 20+ year veteran, he also knows he’s arrested countless people who’ve spent years in prison for less offenses than what he committed regularly. It was obvious that no one in that bar had any idea of the truth.

    • Well, he’s kind of the hero of the show and represents the “Every Man” that is the viewer, so this may not be the show for you, truthfully. His fall and subsequent redemption is one of the major arcs of the entire series, let alone this season.

      Also, this is a site that I’ve built that is dedicated to enjoying various shows, etc. We don’t bash and hate (if I don’t like something, it just won’t be on the site.) We might be at an impasse here – I love the show and the characters and while I’m not oblivious to their flaws, I don’t hold anyone in contempt, and really don’t want contemptuous dialog here. (I don’t even hate Dewey, who I sort of love for keeping true to who he says he is.)

      So. Maybe talk about the other characters since you despise Cooper?

    • Sally R

      It’s actually the fact that Cooper is so flawed that makes me love him so much as a character. I really applaud the writers for giving us a character who feels like a real person. So I think you’re right that there’s a lot of things in his behavior that should not be lauded, but I think we’ve also seen some moments when he’s just amazing in how he relates to people. He seems to genuinely care about what he’s doing much of the time. And he listens to people, which I love. I think it’s really interesting to see him paired with Jessica this year because it’s definitely a different dynamic but one that clearly is working for both of them.

  • Sally R

    I like what you said above to someone else about how Coop isn’t the gay cop or the drug addicted cop, etc. But he’s ALL of that. In the end, he’s just a cop. I freaking love that he’s a gay character whose role isn’t defined by him being gay. I want more of that on TV, please. Chris and I were just catching up on some s4 Leverage and there’s an episode with a female cop and Elliot asks her to coffee to sort of sweeten the connection and she says her coworkers would buy it better if the invitation was from Sophie. Just this one little throwaway that says she’s a lesbian, because the important part is that she’s a cop. With Cooper we get a cop, who just happens to be gay. I haven’t watched this week’s ep yet, but I’m glad to see a moment where it does play directly into his interaction with a citizen for a change. I’m also glad though, that it isn’t the storyline every week because that would annoy me. A lot.

    I’m looking forward to watching the Reuben/Lydia moments this week. Their dynamic cracks me up. Definitely a good partnership there. As to partnerships… I’m loving the combo of Coop and Jessica too. Ben and Sammy is frustrating me though — I’m waiting for it to come crashing down in a bad way. I just don’t see it being good for Ben.

    • If we’re ever going to get post-racial/post-sexual, we need to have THIS sort of character (and people that appreciate the character for all of their differences.) I don’t want Superman, I want Batman, you know? Someone with flaws and differences that make them human, not some perfect no-flaw having perfecto of boringness.

      I think with Sammy and Ben it’s going to come to a head with the whole, “You need to marry, settle down, plug into the system,” thing. John just wanted Ben to be his best, whatever that was. (Well, be the best cop he could be – John didn’t care about his personal life.)

      I think Jessica and John make an outstanding team, I’m just loving their banter and ease with one another, ditto with Reuben and Lydia.

  • billir

    I feel kinda dumb asking a question that it seems, I am the only one who doesn’t know the answer but I am hoping you can tell me which promo everyone is referring to . I looked over every one I could find but was unable to find the promo with Coop bleeding at neck and Lydia clutching belly. An answer to the questions about Nate, I read that he was afraid SouthLAnd was going to be cancelled and he was doing both it, and True Blood but was getting major burnout so he chose to leave SouthLAnd and go to True Blood and asked the writers to help him. I hope he is happy, but I know I, surely miss him terribly. Nates death scene makes my stomach ache. I feel Shawn Hatosey , Sammy, has shown the world what a real leading man he is. I feel like a crazy fan because, the thought of this amazing show not being around is painful to me in such a strong way that it feels personal. This show, in my opinion, is best on TV and so realistic.The fools who don’t watch, don’t know what they are missing. I only found the show in the middle of season 2, by accident and had to purchase the prior episodes on amazon, money well spent, I don’t think the network promoted the show enough. I have been married to a cop for over 12 years and this show is the only one that shows the reality of how it is not just a job, but rather a way of life for the officers and anyone who loves them. Fantastic show!! Amazing characters!! Phenominal actors with realistic story lines that actually make me, the viewer, tense and raw with concern!! Bravo to all involved and I want to say “thanks” to the people involved with the show who cared enough about it to make less money by staying with something with so much quality. Thank you from a very loyal fan

    • Hi there! Well, the promo was shown at the end of this week’s episode, so that would make it episode 6 where it looks like something has happened to Cooper – he’s on the ground, Tang standing over him and pressing his hand to his neck. will have the clip, for sure.

      Oh, you are in excellent company for loving the show, don’t worry. It truly is one of the television greats, like NYPD Blue, The Wire, etc. I start my drumbeat of “WELL? ARE YOU GOING TO WATCH?” on Sunday and carry it through the week, ha. I did the same as you, picked it up at the start of Season 2 and watched all the reruns they aired. NBC really shot themselves in the foot losing this show, but TNT seems to be letting them have the program they want, so I’m happy about that!

      You are welcome, from another loyal fan! ;) See you next week!

  • Billie

    This is the only show that makes me scared for the characters while I watch. So real. I have been looking around the web a lot trying to find that promo that I was asking you about, still haven’t found even with your link, thanks for that and no I am not on facebook, believe it or not, I’m not on computer all that much, I’m sure you can tell by my, less than professional writings, and this is my first and only site that I have ever been involved in, but back to what I was saying, I found that we aren’t the only ones impressed by the attention to detail they use, there is actually a site written by actual cops talking about the show and how they get all the details so correct. That says a lot, cops aren’t the most easily impressed bunch. Just wanted to say that I chose your site to get involved with because I really enjoy your writing style, I tried to go back and read what you said season one and two but couldn’t locate. Am I really that computer illiterate or did you start this later? I enjoy reading that I’m not the only “weirdo” that enjoys the fact that our speedy Sammy kept it real and showed us, more than once this season, how beautiful he looks without the uniform on. Glad I’m not the only one loving everything about this show and just a tid bit for you, this year is the first critics choice tv awards and Shawn Hatosey was nominated, but lost (bummer), for best supporting actor. Happy to see him recognized and thought you may be too. Hope my writing not too unorganized and still makes some sense. Have a great weekend, see you Tuesday.

    • I’m glad we got you out of the shadows, then! (The promo is on that site, maybe you have certain things blocked. Keep your TV on TNT; they’re showing the promo multiple times a night.) I’ve seen some of the Cop-centric sites that love the show – if that isn’t a ringing endorsement, then I don’t know what is! And thank you for the compliment; I’m glad you’re enjoying the recaps and discussions here!

      This site is less than a year old, so we didn’t recap the earlier seasons. I might go back this summer and do a rewatch so we have everything here, but you’re not missing a hidden room, or anything. :)

  • Billie

    hey i love my little avatar, mine is kinda cool, im glad i dont look too angry, was wondering if you could change my email from aol to yahoo? thanks i get notified of yahoo messages imm on my phone and only check my old aol for days at a time, was unaware i had the old address there. if its a biggie just leave it and ill check aol more often, love my little avatar dude and didnt wanna lose him
    thanks again

    • I can change the email, but that won’t change your log-in. Changing the email will def. change your avatar. Sorry!

  • Oh, his back! Please don’t pop a staple, John
    I had forgotten about that! I’m so nervous for Lydia and John in the next episode!