Glee! 3.14 – On My Way


Glee girls/Bridesmaids. I needed a sweet-funny something to counterbalance the serious.

I use the exclamation point in the title with absolute irony. I had a cocktail for this episode – here’s how that works. I’m spoiler free. I get an idea of what the episode is about from the promos and make up a drink. I feel that playing the drinking game is wholly inappropriate for this show, much like “Funeral” from season two. There were some extremely touchy subjects tonight (suicidal thoughts/actions) so there’s a warning. But god.damn, when this show wants to tell something, it does, and it does it in an almost breathtaking fashion.

Long story short, this was amazing television. If you hurt, they did it right.


Rachel and Kurt sort through wedding magazines, Rachel excited for her upcoming wedding to Finn. She points out a gown, telling Kurt, “This is timeless!”

Kurt picks at his nails. “Wanna test that? By say, waiting ten years?”

And then Sebastian shows up at the Lima Bean, because he’s secretly put a beacon on all of them. Kurt is beyond disgusted at the sight of him, as well he should be. Sebastian has the balls to ask about “Gay Cyclops.” Guys? Hold me back. He hands Rachel a crudely photoshopped picture of Finn, naked, with the threat of releasing it on the Internet if New Directions – Rachel in particular – doesn’t drop out of the competition.

Kurt pinches his nostrils – the smell of desperation is just wafting off Sebastian. Whatever, Seb says, you dress like the Parade Marshall at a Puerto Rican Gay Pride. Kurt shakes his head, “Sorry, I was ignoring you by virtue of the hypnotic trance I fell in due to your enormous horse teeth.”

Sebastian says 24 hours, blah blah, I’m horrible and should be put in jail.

Finn hears about this and threatens to kill him. Artie points out all the rules he’s breaking when Blaine helpfully points out that nothing was done when he was almost blinded, so… (Oh, my poor sweet Baboo!) Rachel tells them all to suck it up, because she’s not bargaining with terrorists. The kid stays in the picture, er, competition. Well, that’s just great. Finn gets to be humiliated so she can put something else on her NYADA application. (Uh oh, trouble in paradise!)

Meanwhile, Sue calls Quinn in to tell her that she is With Child. She’s on some touchy bovine hormones to keep the embryo implanted, isn’t that a kick? Quinn tries to share some helpful hints, but Sue isn’t really interested, she just wanted to spread the news. Oh, and to tell Quinn that she’s a quitter, so there’s no way she’s getting back on the Cheerios. Aaaaand that’s the smell of a grease trap, so pear-donay-you, Sue needs to blow chunks.

Kurt finds Blaine on stage, upset. He doesn’t want to talk about any of this Sebastian stuff, he wants Kurt’s opinion on a number he’s working on for Regionals. Kurt takes a seat and one of the most moving montages on the show starts. As Blaine sings “Cough Syrup” by Young the Giant (horrible name, outstanding song) we see Karofsky at his new school’s weight room. He walks in slow motion, proud, smiling, nodding at his teammates who are not returning his smiles.

Blaine (Darren) sounds wonderful, belting out the song about life being too short, wanting to break out of an oppressive society, and longing. A cry for help, if you will. And as Dave walks farther into the room, his smile fades from his face as a crowd forms behind him. Someone has spray painted the F word in pink on his locker. The crowd begins jeering, shoving him into lockers, threatening him. He’s absolutely shocked and crying as he leaves.

As Blaine continues to sing his frustrations, we then see Dave laying out a suit and testing the strength of a belt. Oh, Dave. He logs on to his computer to find his Facebook wall covered in slurs and taunts and just hate. He dresses himself, drags a chair to the closet, crying, and we see him step on the chair. This is such a delicate subject for me, I just can’t even begin. Max Adler (Dave Karofsky) did an outstanding job showing his absolute desolation. Emmy nom time, truly.

Cut to Figgins’ office where Beiste, Emma, Will, and Sue all sit with somber faces. We’re told (thankfully) that it was a failed attempt, but they need to be careful in how they tell the school about it. Sue sits across from everyone crying. She tries to blame the hormones, but really, it’s that she feels like she could have done more. She knew there was something wrong with Dave last year.

Will interjects with how they all were too worried he was going to hurt Kurt to look too closely at why he was bullying Kurt. Sue, choked up, says she just can’t get the image of Paul, Dave’s father, finding him. (Cut to a scene of Paul kneeling by Dave, shaking him and screaming and yep, there go my tears again.)

There’s an emergency meeting of the God Squad with the intention of having a prayer for Dave. Quinn interjects with his family deserving the prayers, not Dave. She’s mad at him for being so selfish, that he wanted to hurt others. No, no he didn’t, Quinn, he wanted to stop hurting and he didn’t THINK.

Kurt happens to be in the doorway and tells her as much, and that she doesn’t understand. Oh, but Quinn got pregnant in Season One she– “Let me stop you right there,” Kurt says. No one stopped loving her (except her dad). She didn’t have the same kind of self-loathing and despair that Dave felt. She starts to say that she can’t imagine doing the same, and that’s kind of Kurt’s point. Have some compassion. For god’s sake, there are still messages of hate being put on Dave’s Facebook after his attempt.

Kurt starts crying; he feels responsible. Dave had called him a few times after Valentine’s Day, and Kurt ignored the calls. (We see that there were nine of them.) If only he’d answered. If only he’d…

Finn and Rachel hug in the hallway, Finn quick to reassure Rachel that he’d never do that. They both decide that Rachel will stay in the competition, Finn won’t care about the pictures, and hey, life is too short, they should get married on Saturday after Regionals. (Oh, no. No, you shouldn’t.)

Sebastian sits alone at the Lima Bean when Santana, Brittany, Kurt, and Blaine show up en masse. Santana is about to grab a blade from her hair when Sebastian asks them to sit down, looking shaken up. He first apologizes to Blaine (who couldn’t care less, pleasing Kurt) and then saying that he has no excuses for his behavior. Consider the blackmail off.

He wants to dedicate their performances to raising money for Lady Gaga’s Born This Way foundation in Dave’s name. (Kurt is more than a little upset with Sebastian doing this.) We flash to Dave approaching Sebastian at a club, trying to flirt clumsily, when Sebastian shuts him down brutally.

“You’re fat, stop waxing your brows, and do us all a favor: stay in the closet.”

Oh, Dave!

The gang is on the stage with Will, who is holding a jar of peanut butter. He explains that Rory has never had it before, and hands him a spoon. The point being that there are still things in life you’ve not done that you can look forward to. It can be something simple or something grand. Even Will thought of suicide when he was their age.

Kurt looks shocked, worried that this is a clumsy attempt of Schuester’s to teach a lesson. Unfortunately, no. Flashback scenes are intercut with Will explaining about his day that he thought (then) was the worst ever. He walked up to the roof, prepared to jump to his death. But something kept him from doing it, and he’s glad. His whole life has been filled with meaningful relationships, including all of them.

He asks them all to go around the circle and say what they have to look forward to (and if I may, Will Schuester became an excellent teacher in this moment.)

  • Sam: buy my parents a house
  • Mercedes: meet Rachel’s children
  • Artie: watch my kids walk
  • Sugar: duh, Sex In The City 3 (haha)
  • Puck: he actually wants to graduate high school
  • Finn: petition the army to change his dad’s record from dishonorable to honorable discharge (aww)
  • Quinn: Valedictorian of Yale
  • Santana: for mi abuela to not hate me any more (oh, Santana!!)
  • Brittany: for Lord Tubbington to kick his ecstasy addiction (hahaha)
  • Blaine: marriage equality in all 50 states (Kurt beams at this)
  • Mike: my first dance performance at Carnegie
  • Tina: um, to get a song? (ha!)
  • Kurt: to see how amazing my dad is going to be as a Congressman
  • Rachel: to be friends with everyone forever (really?)
  • Rory: winning at Regionals

Way to bring it around to the next scene, kid. (A little clumsy, writers.)

Speaking of, we’re introduced to our judges, a respectable looking woman, Melba Jackson-Wright, the President of the Plumber’s Union Hall Beindorf (ha) and then the stunt casting, Sven Goobles, the wanna-be Elvira host of the local Late Night Horror Show. (Finn gasps in excitement at this, ha!)

We see that the writers have noticed the lack of parental support and have the Berrys and Hudson-Hummels in attendance. Aww!

The Warblers are first up, and let me get this out here right now: Grant Gustin, while cute and a terrific dancer when given the chance, cannot carry a solo performance. He’s just lackluster. They start singing “Stand” by Lenny Kravitz. I’m sorry, but Lenny Kravitz. Things that made me happy about this performance: Blaine begrudgingly smiling at his friends. Trent “Chubby Warbler and keeper of my heart” Nixon doing his smirky head dance and sliding across the stage like the groove thang he is, Beatbox still in school (they’re failing him to keep at Dalton).

Finn stands, clapping, encouraging everyone else to stand up and detract from the meh performance on stage, even though he’s really just trying to be supportive. When the song ends, Sebastian announces to everyone to look for the Dalton baskets being passed around, because he’s awesome and thoughtful and Kurt narrows his eyes at him because Kurt is awesome.

The next song they sing is “Glad You Came,” and again, meh. You can’t even hear the other Warblers, it’s all Grant on ADR. They do a slo-mo dance so a Warbler with a receding hairline can front, not-David can flex (Oh, David. I miss your cute grin.) and Trent “seriously, he’s adorable” Nixon can slide and shimmy his way into our hearts. Oh, too late. (Love that kid.)

Next to perform is the Golden Goblets from My Lady of Perpetual Sorrows, all dressed in RenFaire gowns. And then they perform “She Walks In Beauty” by Lord Byron in true Renaissance fashion. Uh…

Cut to Puck freaking out, because he admires all singers, really, and Will tells them all to get in a show circle and calm down. They are going to win this thing! (Seriously, not a lot of competish, gang.) Finn tells everyone that after they perform, Rachel and he are heading to the JP to get married, and they’d like everyone to come. Rachel looks pointedly at Quinn and Kurt, hoping they’ll still come. And they’re doing it because “Life’s too short, right Mr. Schue?” Uh… And hey, y’all decided to do that before Will talked about peanut butter, huh?

Rachel takes center stage to sing a mash up of “Fly/I Believe I Can Fly” by Nicki Minaj and R. Kelly, sounding lovely as per usual. The rest of the group joins in, Santana hits a “yo,” Blaine raps (oh, um… Darren? You’re not actually gangsta. I love you still, don’t worry.), and the Fathers Berry are beside themselves with joy and pride at their little girl. We also see Sue sneak in, smiling. (What the hell are in those hormones?)

Their second song is performed by the TroubleTones, Kelly Clarkson’s “What Doesn’t Kill You (Makes You Stronger)” and laws, do I love Kelly Clarkson’s voice. The trade off of leads with Mercedes and Santana is outstanding, and even Brit gets a few lines. Well done, ladies.

Their final number is Halestorms’s “Here’s To Us” with Rachel again on lead. I wasn’t sure about this song, it sounded a little countrified, but Lea opened up halfway through and I didn’t have to worry about her rich and complex voice going to waste. Daddy Hyrum (Jeff Goldbum) goes bananas, crying in wonder at his child. (Don’t they sing together every day? He’s just the emotional father, isn’t he?) Most of the guys appear on the balconies to bring the backup for the ladies and it’s nice. I’m not wowed, but it’s nice. Finn and Rachel are clearly singing to each other, totally in love. Aww.

Please don’t get married.

A huge crypt is rolled out to reveal Sven the Vampire. Check the face on Burt and Carole, so over this. Ha! He does a Dracula thing and announces that the Golden Goblets are third (duh) and the Warblers are second (double duh) meaning McKinley is off to Nationals. YAY! We knew it was coming, but still. Yay Nationals! And then Blaine Anderson, the most dapper of gentlemen, steps across the stage to shake Sebastian’s hand. Good kid.

Quinn goes to Sue’s office after the performance at Sue’s behest. Sue doesn’t know what’s up with her, if it’s the Dave thing or her hormones, but she’s proud of Quinn. In fact, she admires her and thinks she’s pretty amazing for all of her non-Sueness. And Sue wants her back on the Cheerios to take them to Nationals. Quinn is all over that!

She gets in her uniform, sashays down the hall past Kurt and Blaine (who are holding hands, aww) when Blaine says, “Hey, Fabray, looking good!” Ha ha! Love it. She then sees Rachel and tells her that she can tell Rachel and Finn are happy (and apparently these two are besties now) and she’ll be there for Rachel’s wedding. Aww!

Kurt goes to the hospital to see Dave (I assume this is in between Regionals and the JP Office.) He has flowers and asks Dave if it’s okay to come in. Dave, his voice broken (oh, I can’t stand to think why) says that he’s not on 72-hour watch anymore, so he gets to go home soon.

Kurt, tearing up, tells him that’s great. And then he lets it out. “I’m really happy you’re alive, David. I should have returned your calls!”

Why, when Dave treated him the way he did? Dave knew that he’d made Kurt’s life miserable. He couldn’t handle it for a week. “I lost my supposed best friend. My mom tells me I have a disease,” he chokes out, crying openly.

Kurt tells him to go to another school. It’s going to suck, but there are people who love him and will care for him. Kurt’s one of them. “You’ll get through this.” He takes Dave’s hand, and I’m just a sobbing mess at the goodness and kind soul that is Kurt Hummel. (When not confronted with fashion horrors or vocal atrocities, of course. He’s only human.)

But Kurt is a good kid with a kind heart, and it makes sense that the kid who forgave his tormentor would come to the hospital after a suicide attempt.

He tells Dave to think of the future, of what he has to look forward to. Dave can’t, so Kurt helps him. It’s 10 years from now, he’s got an amazing office in the city of his dreams as a sports agent. His handsome partner brings their son to the office – they’re taking him to his first football game. Dave is so grateful for Kurt’s friendship. They hold hands and I am absolutely touched.

(To you folks who think this means Kurt is in love with David, um… No. He is being a good person, that’s what that is.)

Sue sends her congratulations to Will, who shockingly accepts it. She then tells him to congratulate her, because she’s pregnant. (I’m still holding out that this is her craziness.) Will hugs her, and they make a pact to get the Gleeks to win Nationals with Sue’s help – she knows a thing or two about winning, after all. Yep, there is something crazy in those bovine hormones she’s taking.

We close out at the JP’s Office where Burt is freaking out, trying to figure out how to stop this. Hyrum’s on board with any cockamamie plan they can cook up. (Hyrum and LeRoy both point out that the only person who can stop this now is Barbra. But she’s shopping in her private, underground mall. Ha.)

Unfortunately, Rachel and Finn are ready to go, Rachel in a simple white gown, Finn marveling at his luck. She gets a text from Quinn saying that she had to race home for her dress, she’ll be right there. Quinn, I should note, is texting while driving. This cannot end well.

Everyone looks a little glum (minus the bride and groom) as “Going To The Chapel” plays. They’re waiting for Quinn, but impatiently. Finn tells them that they have to go now or lose their slot. Rachel frantically texts Quinn, “Where are you??” to which Quinn begins to answer. Not looking. When a huge truck barrels into the driver’s side door.

Good lord.


We have to wait until April 10th to find out what happens, and let me just say two things:

One: NO SPOILERS. Speculation and current show talk is fine. NO SPOILERS.

Two: NO HATING. This whole site is about fannish love for a show. If you hate Glee, go somewhere else, please. You can be unhappy about something, but if you find that you’re dedicating a 1000 word comment to how much you hate Finchel (or whatever) this isn’t the place for you, either.

I thought this was very good storytelling, I thought Max Adler was outstanding (and Chris Colfer owns me heart and soul. Oh, that kid!), and even Will had some amazing moments as an educator.

So let’s talk. I promise to hold your hand if you need it. (As long as you promise to hold mine.)

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  • Brittany

    Can I give you crazy props as a fellow Trent Nixon lover? I’m head over heels for that boy, and have been since “this is a kangaroo court!” which was the first episode I watched with the Warblers because I jumped into season 3 and became a hardcore Klaine shipper in, like, five seconds. (Also, was he the one in “Silly Love Songs” that patted Kurt on the back when Blaine said he was in love?) Sadly, I’m half convinced he’s gay (because that’s what Glee does. They give you these boys that you want to hug and love and cuddle and makes them gay) BUT to comfort myself over this I now have this whole headcanon in which Dave transfers to Dalton and he and Trent fall madly in love and Trent and the no-bullying policy go a long way towards making things better for Dave, who loves Trent and his kickass one-liners and his adorable dancing. It’s canon until RIB proves me wrong, dammit. Both my boys need some love, and since I can’t give it, I’ll just put them together.

    Also, so with you on the Finchel thing. And Chris Colfer, who is pretty much the picture you see if you look up the term “amazing” in the dictionary. (He’s also more of a reason than Albus Dumbledore to love gay men, as is Kurt.)

    Kurt, this episode, just ripped my heart to shreds. I knew (or rather, kind of figured, since Max Adler’s response to a “you’ll kill [the episode]!” tweet was “be careful what you wish for”) that Dave would either try to kill himself or that he’d get jumped over being outed by this Nick guy, who is NOT allowed to share a name with a Warbler, RIB, stop it. But still, all through the second half of “Cough Syrup,” I was torn between thinking “Oh, Dave, you poor baby, no, honey, don’t. Honey, sweetie, no!” (because I’m Southern and cannot deal with a crisis without pet names, leave me alone) and “This is going to tear Kurt to pieces.” Kurt is just such a good person, so forgiving, and so is Blaine, like we see with him shaking Sebastian’s hand (and man am I glad we saw a different side of Sebastian this episode, that plotline was getting really boring, because when NEITHER of the other members of your love triangle want you there, it’s time to call it unrequited love, eat some chocolate, and try to move on with your life).

    Did anyone else want to hug Santana and never let go? “I’m waiting for the day my abuela loves me again.” I think that’s why Brittany made her L.T. crack, to make Santana smile. That girl is no where near as dumb as the fandom makes her out to be.

    Overall, it was a wonderful episode and I’ll end this novel by saying that I want to put Dave’s mom and Burt Hummell alone in a room together for ten minutes.

    (Also, pssst, N.D. started out with “Fly/I Believe I Can Fly,” not “Glad You Came.” Typos are totally understandable, this was an intense episode.)

    • Thanks for catching that type-o, got that fixed!

      I’ve made a point of pointing out all the times they’ve used Dominique Barnes (aka Trent) throughout the show! I live that kid. He’s been in every season, too.

      I love the idea of Karofsky and Trent! Fanficcers? To the fic mobile!! Kurt and Dave absolutely ripped my heart out this episode. Just heartfelt performances on both their parts. (And I’m Southern, everyone’s a sugar booger or darling’ to me, too.)

      Ihave missed silly Brit and was so happy to have her feature, if only briefly. I think Burt would like to write a bill where all parents of gay kids had to meet with him regularly. That’s some legislation I could get behind!

      • Brittany

        What? When was he in Season one? *To Netflix!* His tweets make me smile a lot. (Dominic’s, sadly Fox hasn’t set up a character Twitter for Trent. He needs one, though, because I’d love to see some back and forth between “Trent” and “Blaine,” whose Twitter I suspect is at least partially controlled by Darren Criss, since I don’t think it’s actual canon for Blaine to be a massive Harry Potter nerd … is it? Maybe I’m blocking that particular bit of show canon because I can’t handle Blaine being any more my ideal guy than he already is.)

        Trent/Karofsky started out as a joke last episode when a friend pointed out that they have the same sadface after we re-watched Michael (Trent’s sadface when Sebastian takes the slushy that I think Trent was actually legitimately just drinking and threw it at Santana was almost as adorably sad as pirate!Blaine), but it exploded in my head and now no one can take their love away from me.

        Glee Brittany is a fictional character I’m proud to share a name with.

        That law would make my heart explode with love for Burt. Which happens, oh, every episode he’s in. (How cute was him following and agreeing with LeRoy’s plan tonight? It further enforces my idea that LeRoy and Hyrum being Kurt and Blaine in, like, 25 years, because Burt understands their crazy schemes. Burt speaks Klaine, which is the same language as HyRoy.)

        • Type “Chubby Warbler” in our Search Box. He’ll come up. :D (He’s been in the hallways, in Spanish class…) One of our Drinking Game Bingo squares is: Burt Hummel: Greatest Dad. :D

    • Oh, Trent and Dave would be the sweetest thing ever. Love!

  • I loved this episode, even though it gave me a sinus headache from crying. The end.

    • OMG, I had to stop and press the heels of my hands to my eyes to pull myself together more than a few times. Max Adler: I would like to hug you (if only to make sure Dave is okay.)

      • I’m just really happy we only have to wait until April (instead of say, the Fall) to continue the storyline. I’m pretty sure my eyes/head/sinuses will have recovered by then.

        And Dave… poor Dave. I hope his dad has a different attitude than his mother about being “cured”. Because, speaking as a mother, my solution would be to feed all those kids (Dave, Kurt, Blaine, Santana) cookies, while I go out on a Maternal Protective Instinct Rampage of Doom. Scorched Earth policy, I’m just sayin’.

        Also, Kurt not trusting Sebastian’s sudden change of heart = Brilliant. It was just too easy.

        • I am SO GLAD that Kurt was suspicious and irritated by Sebastian. That is Kurt Hummel, he’s no fool.

          And your solution is my solution, too. <3

  • MP

    Sigh. We were so, so wrong about That Nick Dude. I… would have been happier with the writing if he in particular hadn’t been the reason for this episode’s events, because wow, telegraphed bad guy, and way to make me feel stupid for hoping the plot was cleverer than that.

    But regardless of that, I loved everyone’s performance this week, and dammit, Dave, just dammit.

    I know some folks I love dearly have problems with the episode’s presentation of (or rather, the lack of acknowledgement of) the mental illness side of suicide, and I’d never deny that their reactions are valid.

    But I’ve been in that Dave place too, the absolutely miserable, lonely scared kid place where I wasn’t clinically depressed (unlike, ironically, now, when I’m thankfully medicated for it) , I was miserable due to internal loathing brought on by external circumstances, and convinced no one would ever love me or think I was worth anything, and if that was really true, then what was the point of hoping it would change when it never did? And … the kind of things that Schue and the kids did and talked about in this episode were the kind of things I needed at that point. So while I understand that it doesn’t work for everyone, and agree that it doesn’t address all situations with suicidal issues, the writing worked for me with this situation, and worked well.

    • I think we saw that Nick guy with our Slash-goggles, M. :( I’m taking that you found the plot to be dumb? We’ll just hold hands and skip that one then, because I thought it was incredibly important and – unfortunately – accurate for a lot of kids, still.

      Dave Karofsky: let’s just all be glad Max has taken such care to build such a believable (and surprisingly sympathetic) character. And honestly, I think there are (obvious) mental illness aspects of suicide, but – unfortunately again – not always, as you’ve said. I think the point of this episode is to care and pay attention, honestly. (And the underlying message of stop hating people in the first place.)

      • MP

        Nooo, I found the plot to be great. I just disliked that it was That Nick Dude who outed Karofsky, rather than a) somebody who couldn’t possibly be a potential love interest – a teacher, a girl, etc. – seeing him with Kurt in Breadsticks, or b) the outing coming from some other incident.

        • MP

          (AKA yes, slash goggles, but I think in this case it’s less slash in the classic sense – “I want to see subtext!” and more “I really want to see Dave find someone who surprises him by loving him bc everybody deserves that, and he has some HUGE self-hate to get over.)

          • By slash-goggles I meant more that I’m always ready to waggle eyebrows, oho! When looking back on the scene with Nick, he gives Dave a far more sinister look which should have told me what to expect.

            But I am ready for Dave to get over his self-loathing, too. I loved the future that Kurt painted for him. So, so sweet.

  • Allyndra

    Okay, seriously? This hit me in the gut. I expected to be disappointed, possibly enraged by the treatment of the subject matter, but (for me) it was an excellent episode.

    I especially appreciated Kurt not accepting Quinn’s “Wow, how selfish” interpretation. I’ve been suicidal, and the rationalizing that I went through … I was certain my family would be better off. It wasn’t selfishness, it was a completely distorted point of view.

    The acting in this episode was amazing. AMAZING. Most of the songs were really good – “Cough Syrup” and “What Doesn’t Kill You (Makes You Stronger)” especially. (I object to Rachel solos in competition in principle.) I loved the “What do you have to look forward to” scene on the stage. It was a rare moment of true empathy from Mr. Schuester.

    Despite all the people I’ve seen upset about this topic being used as shock television, I really think they did it well.

    • I guess I’ll never understand the idea of coming in to a show expecting to be disappointed. (But then, I am the eternal optimist… ;D) I found all of the discussions to be thoughtful, if not rushed. There’s only so much time in an episode, etc, but the moment when Kurt explains to Quinn why she should be empathetic, and it’s more about how Kurt felt that way or was he talking about Dave? Oh, my aching heart!! And the songs you pointed out were the excellent ones, without a doubt. The others were well executed, but they just didn’t blow my skirt up.

      I don’t know how this was shock television, either. It was a natural progression, in my book. But again, see: I love this show. I’m coming with a bias, clearly. ;)

  • ghasedak

    God i love you its the first site that i visited and it was hate free thank you for that.
    i was spoiler free and well i freaked out specially when david’s dad was crying over his body just wow.
    can we give all the awards to chris colfer and max adler already?and kurt’s speech in hospital was chris colfer’s golden glob speech i love this boy he is just so amazing.
    cough syrup was amazing and the montage was just wow.

    • YOU ARE WELCOME. I mean, there has to be SOMEWHERE for us to just ironically love something, right? I was spoiler free (I’m a HUGE spoiler-phobe. I want to see it on my screen in full, not speculation or cut scenes out of context.) I don’t know if knowing ahead of time where this was going would have detracted from the emotions I felt, but that scene with Paul over Dave gutted me, too. Max and Chris were just outstanding in this episode. I mean, sure, I’ll watch Chris Colfer read a newspaper, but that’s because he’s just that good. ;)

  • out_there

    Blaine helpfully points out that nothing was done when he was almost blinded, so…. (Oh, my poor sweet Baboo!)

    How the hell does that happen? Or is this a direct result of Santana getting taped evidence and Kurt/ND deciding to take the “higher road” and not use the evidence to report Sebastian?

    I know this is Glee and morals tend to outweigh actual feelings, but at some point, I’d like it acknowledged that reporting evidence to authorities is not “revenge” — it’s actually an important part of getting a system that doesn’t support bullying and assualt.

    But, yes, in s2, the impression of Dalton was that no bullying was tolerated so just throwing the slushy should have been enough to have Sebastian punished. It makes no sense that the rules have changed.

    (Or maybe they haven’t. Maybe Dalton was always subtly elitist and only applied that rule to behaviour amongst Dalton students. Maybe no bullying was enforced within Dalton but how the students treat other teens isn’t considered as important.)

    Finn gasps in excitement at this, ha!)

    I loved that. Along with Sam, Sugar and Rory standing up to do monster claws at the host, and a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it shot of Blaine doing monster claws at Kurt and Rachel (who are either cringing in mock fear or begging him to stop — it’s too quick to be sure).

    Blaine raps (oh, um… Darren? You’re not actually gangsta. I love you still, don’t worry.)

    Hee! Yes, I agree. still love him, but… yeah, not great with the rapping. And yet, I noticed that as Blaine starts, that’s when the supportive noise from the crowd kicks up a gear so maybe… glee competition audiences in Ohio think that’s good rapping?

    I’m just a sobbing mess at the goodness and kind soul that is Kurt Hummel. (When not confronted with fashion horrors or vocal atrocities, of course. He’s only human.)

    I’m torn between awwww and hee for that aside. Torn, I tell you.

    Also, I’m with you on the Trent love. I mean, in the MJ episode he was the first to get onstage with ND and he’s always fun to watch in the group, and when Rachel sung the final song he had his hands clasped in front of him in an adorable manner. Trent is currently my favourite (without Wes and David, I’d thought it would be Thad but Trent totally snuck in there).

    • I guess Dalton never did anything because they never found out (and the Warblers didn’t turn Sebastian in for breaking their Honor Code. BOO!) I like that Kurt doesn’t want to “get even” and fight dirty, but – as you said – reporting crimes/handing over evidence isn’t underhanded. UM, NOT AT ALL.

      I like to think that Kurt was flashing on Red Cup and mentally preparing for a Serious Talk about Cheesy Behavior with Blaine after his monster claws. Oh, that dorky dapper dude, I love him. And he should leave the rapping to Sam, who shocked us all last week with his flow. (I’m still impressed by that!)

      I like that I made you feel torn! Sometimes I need a “hee” after sobbing. I just need one. Or a squee, and that would be my reaction to Dominique Barnes every time he came on screen. I just want to go groove at a dance club with him.

  • Suzanne

    Laura. I sobbed through most of this. I sobbed again through the recap. I’m not coherent, so I will say this: Yes, in that moment, Will became a great teacher, totally age appropriate and one hell of a mentor.

    And holy crap yes to the guy who plays Dave getting an Emmy nod.

    • This one was REALLY HARD for me to watch, ngl. Just broken hearted, utterly. I think it was important, though. I’m really upset by all of the talk I’m seeing online saying it was manipulative and cheap. NOPE. It was honest and real and IMPORTANT.

      Max Adler really REALLY needs an Emmy nom for this one.

  • Katy


    God, I was crying so hard. I wanted to hug Dave so HARD. And it is a HUGE credit to Max Adler that he took Karofsky from a character I despised to one I want to bring home and care for.

    Why can’t we have the Mr. Shue from this episode all the damn time? I really loved all of the kids scenarios.

    I’m kind of 50/50 about the ending though. I saw it coming from a mile away and was all “REALLY Glee writers?” i just don’t know how I feel about the whole Quinn was texting and got into an accident because of it thing. But I do love our show. *chinhands*

    • Everything you’ve said here, yes. EVERYTHING.

      Well, except for how I didn’t expect the Quinn story to play like it did until she was in the car. Then I knew she was a goner (so to speak.) Also: DO NOT TEXT AND DRIVE. I do think that’s relevant to mention, even though some people eye-rolled at her being hit. Well…that happens. All the time. As a mother of soon-to-be drivers, I’m totally fine with them showing the very real consequences of that, too.

      (And I love that you love our show!)

  • Fabrisse

    Kurt, tearing up, tells him that’s great. And then he lets it out. “I’m really happy you’re alive, David. I should have returned your calls!
    This really bothered me. I love that Kurt forgave him. I agree it doesn’t mean they’re going to do anything more than be friends, but as someone who has been stalked I thought the bit in bold was the worst thing Kurt could have said.

    Should he have helped Dave find support? Probably. Should they both have followed through on the PFLAG? Absolutely! And I really wish someone last night had mentioned therapy.

    Having said that, I thought Colfer and Adler hit it out of the park with their scenes. Criss hit his song into a totally different park (seriously, that was wonderful).

    I really hope Quinn’s okay.

    • You might be painting your viewing experience with your own life experiences here. I didn’t get the impression that Dave was stalking Kurt. He imagined himself to be infatuated. Kurt, feeling guilty for thinking it had been Blaine all along (therefore not shutting down the attention) only to be shocked to see it was Dave probably led to some embarrassment on his part. He’s never been pursued; it was a new experience for him.

      And there was only so much time in the episode to get it all in – that’s a problem, sure. But every commercial break at my end had a message for the Trevor Project, Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” Foundation, etc., so someone realized they needed to make sure there were alternative support messages out there. (IMO)

      I really hope Quinn’s okay, too. (I think she will be – they beat the drum about how strong and capable she is; I think they’re going to prove it in the episodes to come.)

      • I’m with you on the stalking/not stalking. There was a boy who liked me in high school. He showed up at my house and my summer camp unannounced with flowers. He called me at midnight. It was irritating to me and my entire family. But when I told him to stop, he stopped.

        He was a teenager. He thought he was being romantic. If he had been an adult, he should have known better and it would have been stalkerish. But he had no life experience and he sincerely thought this was the way to win over someone’s heart.

        I see Dave the same way. The Valentines would have been inappropriate if they were done by someone with more life experience. But he is a teenager, this may be his first crush, and he figures Kurt likes mystery and romance, so hey, he tries to do that. When Kurt gave a clear no, he left. That’s not stalking.

        Oh, and my headcanon is that Kurt and Dave did start that PFLAG chapter – they just didn’t show it on the show.

  • Fabrisse

    Just for clarity — I’m not referring to the GorillaGrams, etc. That was mostly acceptable Valentine’s Day pursuit, and Kurt handled it well (and Dave didn’t handle the rejection too badly until someone else saw him). I mean the implied (by the line itself) phone calls, whether they were before or after Valentine’s Day. Kurt has the right not to answer a call from someone who has bullied him or otherwise made him uncomfortable in the past. Some of Dave’s behavior in the second season was reprehensible — understandable in some way due to his age and situation — but awful behavior nonetheless.

    There are too many things in today’s world from Twilight on down that say the feelings of the infatuated person take precedence over the feelings of the person made uncomfortable or being pursued.

    As I said, I’ve been stalked. I’ve shared houses with people who’ve had to take out restraining orders against people who were infatuated. Kurt had the right not to answer those calls, and I hate that the show implied he had something to feel guilty about for not doing so.

    • Kurt wasn’t being stalked. We clearly disagree on this point – so be it. I don’t think the show took the viewpoint AT ALL that Kurt should have taken the calls. Kurt felt guilty because he realized what he could have (maybe) prevented. That’s natural. The viewer understands that Kurt was obviously not responsible for Dave’s life.

      KURT felt guilty, because that’s exactly who he is. But that wasn’t the message.

  • A different Laura

    OMG…I am still flailing from this episode.

    Sebastian is wonderfully horrible in the beginning of the episode…Grant Gustin can totally play douchebag to a T.
    Blaine finally mentions that nothing was done when Sebastian threw the tainted slushy at him.
    “Cough Syrup” – how I love this song. How I wanted to be the microphone Darren was singing into…how I want to know what happened between Kurt and Blaine after the song…
    This may be an unpopular opinion, but I wish the episode came with a warning. The Karofsky thing hit a little too close to home for me…I’m crying now just thinking about it. I still would have watched, but I might have been a little more prepared. His father finding him KILLED ME. SO many CREYS.
    Max Adler wins all the awards. He was amazing.

    Quinn irritated me so much. Dave wasn’t thinking about hurting others or he would have gone on a shooting rampage at his school. He was thinking of stopping the pain he felt. Yes, pray for his family, but seriously, you’re going to omit him deliberately from your prayers…WWJD indeed!!
    I loved that Kurt asked Joe if he could come to the God Squad and Joe told him he could. You’d think Kurt would be able to share there and not have to defend himself, but alas… I see a budding Glee Project mandated Joe/Kurt friendship on the horizon (think of the makeover!)
    I felt so badly for Kurt blaming himself and can understand why, in retrospect, he is chastising himself for not answering the calls. That’s why hindsight is 20/20.
    Finn/Rachel, really? Get married before you graduate from high school…great plan. Who’s parent’s basement do you like better, because that is where you are going to end up for the rest of your lives…
    I could really do without the Finn/Rachel storyline…
    Sebastian apologizing. Wow. So well played. I think until now he had never seen his cruelty have repercussions and these were extreme repercussions. I think he was sincere…
    I loved the ‘share something you’re looking forward to’, and at the risk of sounding like a 12 year old, why weren’t Kurt and Blaine sitting with each other? It seems like a normal high school thing to sit next to your significant other…Finn and Rachel were practically on top of each other! I know, I expect too much…
    Sven Goobles killed me, because it was Ian Brennan who grew up here in the Chicago area. There was a host of a wacky horror movie hour that was exactly like him that played on the UHF channel. Oh, and Blaine making scary vampire faces at Kurt.
    Finally some parental involvement…although they all looked as if they had never seen their children perform. Ever.
    I love the Warblers (I’m a sucker for the blazer) and Trent is one of my faves. (I also enjoy playing spot the Riker since he is the only blonde Warbler which I think is kind of weird, but I digress)
    I loved that Kurt side eyed Blaine when Blaine got up…and then Kurt got up reluctantly.
    I was not blown away by New Directions songs…I did love Darren trying to go all gangsta, though.
    The Rachel singing to Finn on the balcony required multiple dental visits. I choose to believe we didn’t see Kurt and Blaine in their balcony because it was too hot for TV. Give me my dream!
    I can’t really figure out why Quinn had to immediately change into her uniform, but it did give us the cuteness of Kurt and Blaine swinging clasped hands. I’m pretty sure Kurt was dragging Blaine somewhere only they know.
    Kurt in the hospital with Dave. Creys time again. Dave looks so tiny in that hospital bed and so scared. And they’re letting him go home? Really? No inpatient therapy at all…not a good idea.
    Kurt was amazing to Dave. Something tells me he’s done the “imagine where I’ll be in 10 years” meditation a million times.
    Then Rachel waiting for Quinn. I loved that Kurt and Blaine were with the girls…the look on Kurt’s face cracked me up.
    And WHAMMO (literally) cliffhanger. and a valuable don’t text and drive lesson…
    I loved this episode. I think Chris Colfer and Max Adler were incredible. Looking forward to watching how this all plays out…

    • Em

      In regards to Rachel’s Dads, I just choose to believe that it’s just their normal reaction, which I don’t think is too crazy since the Berry household is based in dance. And we all heard Hiram’s crazy plans to stop the wedding.

      Besides, it would explain so much about Rachel

    • Brittany

      I’m actually with you in that I wish it had come with a warning. While they did a great job with multiple Trevor Project PSAs and those things, they overlooked those who might be just emotionally upset rather than triggered. I can’t stand it when dads cry, I can’t,even in Michael when Burt was doing the manly, proud, sniff!cry, I was welling up. Paul’s obvious anguish led to me having to refrain from calling my dad up and telling him how much I love him while sobbing like a baby because the last time I did that he called me like eight times within the hour, because I apparently scared him half to death.

      Quinn irritated me so much… I loved that Kurt asked Joe if he could come to the God Squad and Joe told him he could… I felt so badly for Kurt blaming himself…
      I think you’re me. Seriously, And as a very Joe-like Christian (love is love and love is good, so there you go) I was so PROUD of Quinn last episode for finally turning around all that silliness from season one and talking about something real to her faith, like the fact that no one listens to all of Leviticus so you don’t get to cherry pick and that Jesus never said a negative word about homosexuality (two things I will happily throw in the faces of homophobic relatives, because you don’t get to use something that I define as love to try to tell me I should hate someone, no ma’am Aunt Betty… okay, sorry, I’m back now.) And all of my creys were for Kurt. And Dave. And Paul. And some were for Blaine. And Sebastian. Don’t judge me, there were lots of creys. Also, I love the idea of Joe and Kurt becoming friends, because Joe needs real world exposure and Kurt needs more people in his life who believe in unconditional love.

      Wait, what, Blaine was making vampire faces at Kurt? How did I miss that? But, anyway, in defense of the parents, I think that the idea of attempted suicide as a result of gaybashing is very close to the hearts of both LeRoy and Hiram, as gay men themselves, and Burt, who sees all the hate through Kurt, and knowing the ND were dedicating their performance, so full of hope and “let’s toast, cause things got better” to Dave, was what made it such an emotional viewing experience. I got a little sniffy, no lie.

      I choose to believe we didn’t see Kurt and Blaine in their balcony because it was too hot for TV. Give me my dream!
      I can’t really figure out why Quinn had to immediately change into her uniform, but it did give us the cuteness of Kurt and Blaine swinging clasped hands. I’m pretty sure Kurt was dragging Blaine somewhere only they know.

      Okay, that settles it, you’re me. Hi, me! And yeah, I can totally see Kurt doing that meditation, only in his mind he and Blaine are taking their child to her/his first Broadway show. And Max Adler, Chris Colfer, and Darren Criss now share custody of ALL OF MY HEARTS. ALL OF THEM.

      • A different Laura

        I do believe you may be my long lost friend…could you move by me so I have someone to watch Glee with and flail about?? All my friends think I’m nuts….

        • Hey Brittany…I’ve added my website if you want to get in touch because, seriously, I have no one but internet friends to flail with and can always use more (and the fact that we may have been conjoined twins separated at birth just sweetens the deal)!!!

  • ComedyQuiche

    This episode was heavy, heavy heavy (also, awesome!)…and I think everyone said most of the things I feel, so I am gonna chime in with something different; Anyone else feel that vampire guy looked an astounding amount like Nick Cage? I’m just saying…

    • Nick Cage? HAHA!! Wait, did anyone keep an eye on the Declaration of Independence?!? (that’s how we’ll know for sure.)

  • Steph

    I’d written a whole long novel about my own personal experiences, and then remembered that no one comes here to read about me. So all I’ll say is thank you. Thank you to the writers for treating such a delicate subject with the respect and dignity it deserves, and thank you, HDJM, for giving us a place to hide from the cynical haters and just appreciate what they did right.

    Also, completely inappropriate, but during the scene where we see Dave in 10 years, did anyone else giggle at the fact that he had a bald spot? Because I TOTALLY did (between sobs, of course).

    • Brittany

      I did. I also groaned at the cop-out of blurring out his partner’s face at first, then decided I was happier not knowing because as long as I don’t know I can pretend it’s Trent Nixon.

      • HA! YES!

        I liked the blurring, as it made it a bit more open-ended for Dave. (Even though I imagined it to be a Latino baseball player that he fell in love with after recruiting him for the Texas Rangers. Diego was injured and now works with Dave to build his agency/empire/heart.) Haha.

        • lol and xox!

        • Brittany

          You make me the happiest, and I wanted you to know that.

          We need to come up with a name for Trent/Dave. Trave? Nixovsky?

    • Ha, Steph! And I’ll hold your hand and say Thank You to the writers and actors for putting so much heart into this story line, myself. (I can’t tell you how grateful I am to each and every reader that supports a place that fosters HAPPY FANNISH BEHAVIOR. It’s just…strange that we have to fight for that, right? To not have antagonistic rage?)

      And I TOTALLY giggled at his bald spot. I think Max is a pretty handsome guy and don’t mind it when men lose their hair, but how convenient for the crew to have him easily “age” 10 years. :)

  • Phinney28

    I thought this ep was great.
    I was sooooooooo impressed with Will. He was a GOOD TEACHER! (It’s also kinda sad that that’s so shocking and impressive…)
    I don’t like nice Sue…gotta be honest I want her to go back to being mean…also I really don’t want her to be pregnant.
    Dave: Well Max was wonderful. That storyline was done really well I thought.
    Kurt: I love that boy soooo much. He is such a wonderful person. I love the Kurtofsky friendship! It’s super cute.
    I hope Finchel doesn’t get married.
    The parents are wonderful I love them.
    I agree that Grant is not a good enough singer to hold a solo. He’s adorable and I love him but I don’t love his voice. I enjoyed the Warblers dancing though. They’re better at that then they used to be.
    Klaine holding hands made my heart explode. I love them so much.

    • It’s frustrating that one of the show notes is: wow, Will’s a good teacher! Poor Matt Morrison. I think he does his best with what he’s given, and the writers are too focused on the kids.

      (I don’t want Sue to be pregnant, either. It’s…weird.) Grant? Super cute. Plays his part well. Shouldn’t be a lead singer. I miss the Warblers. (And I’m glad I’m not alone on all of that!)

      • Phinney28

        Yeah I love Matt I just hate the character. I don’t think it’s that they focus too much on the kids I think it’s just that they don’t use him as a teacher enough. When Will has plot it’s to do with Emma or Sue or inappropriately asking Finn to be his best man. We don’t get to see him acting like a teacher much, and I think that’s the problem.
        I’ve found that in season three the eps that don’t have a lot of Will happen to be the ones I like most. Like Hold Onto Sixteen for ex. Those are the eps where Will is in it as a teacher and not having his own weird drama that I don’t care about. I dunno, that’s just what I’ve found this season.

  • I just wanted to say it’s so nice to have a place to come and not hear the hate. I trust the writers to tell the story they want to tell, even if it’s not the one I expected, and I love them for doing that.

    Also, I totally expected Rory to go into anaphylactic shock during the PB scene. Glad it didn’t happen, though.

    • You are most welcome. As a long-time member of various fandoms, I just want to avoid the snarky hate that comes from a lot of places, where it’s cool to hate things. This place is all about admitting you like something and finding out you’re not the only one. :)

      (But did you really think they’d harm Rory like that? Really?)

    • Brittany

      Oh God, me too with the Rory thing. (I’m stalking this particular recap without shame. None of my friends have seen it yet and I need someone to fangirl with. So now I have LOTS of someone to fangirl with.)

    • Phinney28

      I thought the EXACT same thing about Rory going into anaphylactic shock. I was soooo sure it was gonna happen. But I too am glad it did not.

    • A different Laura

      OMG I expected the Rory thing, too…I wonder what this means about us??

      • Brittany

        That a.) we’re seriously apparently long-lost twins and b.) we were on angst alert level red.

  • This episode, while fantastic, was very triggery on some of my issues. I started watching it Tuesday night when I got home from work, and it’s taken me this long to finish it.

    I love how honest they were about everything. It wasn’t a “throw it in your face” statement, but an honest portrayal of what actually happens.

    Too many of my thoughts are un-thinky. I try to stay away from that headspace these days, so I’m just going to stop here, with an I loved this episode, but I will probably never be able to watch it again.

    • Pretend I’m wrapping my arms around you (and that I’m a lot taller than I so I can hook my chin over your shoulder) and rocking you back and forth. You’re a pretty spectacular person, as lovely (and funny) as they come, and I’m glad you’re here.

      *hugs hugs hugs*