The Bachelor; Season Ben; The Final Rose

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  • Clint Eastwood’s Rubber Ducky

    AGH WHAT A MORON!!!!!!!!!!

    Do you think Courtney was sincere, or that the whole thing was a plot to climb to the top of the heap and then put on the ‘pool ol me’ act?

    This is maybe my favorite review yet, and might I add, I freaking LOVED the juxtoposition of the ‘incredible’ blah blah quotes right underneath the press shots of the three of em looking so polished, bland, and.. supa all american. (also, I hadn’t seen Ben before the photo and am kind of struck by the fact that he looks like Donkey from Shrek)

    How awful for Lindzi though that she dump out a metric shit ton of her innermost thoughts and feelings (maybe I am giving too much benefit of the doubt to someone on a reality show) only to get the ‘yeah thanks for playing’ yanked off the stage w a cane deal. Why would anyone WANT to be on this show, on either side of the rose giving schlock?

    My day has started with teh awesome thanks to your review!! can’t wait to read the next one and see if the golden couple is hitched or has restraining orders out against each other.

    and does anyone know what happened to ryan and trista, aka the only happy couple that has resulted from this trainwreck? Last I saw at the supermarket checkout (about 500 years ago), they had a few kids?

    • I admit it. I warmed up to Plan C. I did. I think she was a total bitch throughout the season, but I know I would have been worse had I been in her shoes. Now, I don’t feel sorry for them and the flack they’re getting. I’m not really sure what they expected…you ARE DATING ON A REALITY TV SHOW. C’mon!

      And regarding Lindzi: I think she was a genuinely sweet girl, but you don’t go on a show like this without risking heartbreak. You just don’t. And if that was her biggest fear, then she’s a bit of a moron. There was a 1/25 chance she would get chosen…those are great odds for the lottery, but not so much on The Bachelor.

  • Clint Eastwood’s Rubber Ducky

    p.s. sorry for spelling mistakes, only on first cup of coffee!

  • Fun recap! It was probably one of the most bland and unromantic proposals ever in my opinion. The only thing that saved it was the backdrop. I was so hoping that Courtney would either look at the camera and either shout, “winning!” or “check out my bling, bitches!” But alas, they either edited that out or she swallowed her tongue and decided she’d done enough damage to her rep. Too bad. Would have made for an awesome ending ;)