Glee! 3.17 mini-recap

How have we never seen this combination before? In three years? REALLY?

Guys, I’m at NYADA auditioning (No I’m not. I’m selling perfume on street corners for college money.) so the full recap will come on Saturday. BUT WE HAVE TO ADDRESS THIS EPISODE BEFORE THEN.

OKAY. Let me just put to the public that I am (duh) a fan of Klaine. I adore both characters, I adore both actors. Ditto with Brittana, but they were rock solid, so they don’t need my hand wringing. (And I loved all of their hand holding and joyfulness with each other. Oh, Santana and Brittany—you’re the cutest.)

1. I found the Whitney memorials in their lockers to be creepy. I know, I know they’re trying to tie it in to the overall theme, but whatever, this is Glee, where Artie magically sings himself to the top of the stairs. Still. I can’t believe Whitney had that much of an impact on all four of them. Whatever.

2. Let’s all acknowledge that this was the very first time anyone ever flirted with Kurt Hummel with the intent of something happening. That’s heady. Hang on, I’m not finished. I am glad that Kurt had someone show interest in him in a positive way.

3. That doesn’t mean he should have taken Chandler’s phone number.

4. Blaine finding the text messages about broke my damn heart.

5. Everyone siding with Blaine as he sang his anger/heartbreak song to Kurt made me upset. Yes, Kurt was stupid, but it was teenager “I’ve never had anyone INTERESTED IN ME FROM THE START BEFORE” stupid.

6. When Kurt sang to Blaine and was all “Oh, don’t even THINK of looking away while I pour my heart out to you!” and Blaine was moved and sad and hurt and Mike turned over to give Blaine the, “Ooh, you messed up!” face, made the previous joining Blaine’s side better. Almost.

7. Kurt had a point, re: Sebastian.

8. Couples therapy in Miss Pilsbury’s office was hilarious (and really, really poignant and sad and wonderful and achy) when Blaine asks if she’s actually qualified, and points out how she actually isn’t.

9. I enjoyed Mr. Schuester here. He loves these kids. In an appropriate way!

10. Burt. Freaking. Hummel.

11. Sam was hilarious here.

12. Um, Jesus Joe needs to hold me and sing to me, because damn.

13. Quinn! Actual character development! I bet Miss Agron was happy to have Quinn get a good story line.

14. Dear writers: Tina and Mike just glancing at each other isn’t enough. We fans love them. They’re about to be broken up. Show us what’s happening with them, please.

Yes, this isn’t a proper recap, but let’s just start the conversation about all of this, shall we? Because oh my god, it made me cry; I ache and I loved it. Remember: I don’t want any character bashing here (if someone is inappropriate, you can criticize, but you can’t hate on anyone, please. That’s not what we’re here for.) but I’d love everyone to start talking about how they are leaving in 42 days.

I’m not ready. (I know, they’ll be back in some capacity, but still.)

Whatcha thinking about it?

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  • D.L. Singer

    Burt. Freaking. Hummel.

    Pretty much sums up all my feelings. OMG THAT MAN HOW CAN HE BE SO AWESOME.

  • Steph

    The moment with Burt…I teared up. It hit a teeny bit too close to home, with the conversation I had with my mother before I moved away for college.

    I can see your point about having all of the Glee kids ganging up against Kurt, but it made sense to me. In high school, as soon as you hear that X cheated on Y, X deserves a smack-down, regardless of the circumstances. And since Blaine basically got up in front of the classroom and told everyone that Kurt cheated on him, that’s pretty much all they got – it probably wasn’t until later that they got more details about what happened.

    The opening number. The four of them singing a cappela (I always misspell that word, I swear, but you read what I meant) was just gorgeous.

    In short, I want to see how they tie things up, I’m excited to meet the new kids next year, but I don’t want to let these guys go yet.

  • Phinney28

    This ep nearly killed me.
    I squealed “My babies!” like 1000x, nearly strangled a pillow and cried my eyes out.
    Klaine are my babies and goodness me they broke my hearts.
    I actually really like the storyline though even though it made me so sad. Kurt is my boy though so I was somewhat, a little, tiny bit more on his side. I don’t think what he did was right but I do see where he was coming from and as you said the whole someone finally hitting on him (how this hasn’t happened before shocks and appalls me given the whole HE IS FREAKING GORGEOUS thing but I digress) was nice. Still I adore Blaine almost as much as I love Kurt and he killed me so much this ep. (Also I love Darren more than air and he was amazing in this ep and Darren crying makes me want to just find a way to make the world a place where he will never have to cry again. [Yeah…I think this ep may have dissolved what was left of my sanity…sorry.])
    Also I’m just a bit sad cause I really liked Chandler. I wish they could have just been pals and avoided all the crushing of the heart of my precious Blainers. (I love Klaine so much it hurts. I think I might be more depressed than Blaine when Kurt leaves.)
    Anyways I should stop talking about Klaine before I start crying again.
    But Burt also made me cry. He is perfect and I love him.

  • Katy

    Let me preface whats coming by saying I love my dad. (We had a strained relationship when I was a teen.)

    But I kind of want to relive my teens with Burt Hummel as my dad.

    Klaine! I wanna hug them and squeeze them and make it all better!

    I have all the feelings! Someone hold me.

    • Britt

      There there. *Gives you a hug and Margaret Thatcher Dog to cuddle with, after Blaine is done with her, of course.*

      Also, my dad basically is Burt Hummel. Only gruffer about the whole deal until I start crying. Which, honestly, is a lot, so…

  • mrmonkeybottoms

    “I don’t know, Joe’s really pretty but I *heard* she doesn’t shave her armpits.”

    Best. Line. Of. The. Episode.

    The part about Kurt putting bronzer in Blaine’s moisturizer and Blaine exclaiming, “I only use lotion on my hands, it looks weird if a person has *tanned hands*!” and Miss Pilsbury saying, “Okay, Kurt, wouldn’t you love Blaine just as much if he didn’t have tanned hands?” and later sliding her “Say Sorry With a Song” brochure under her blotter was pretty darn hilarious too!

  • Shosh

    All the hearts to Burt Hummel forever.

    The opening number? /swoon Why haven’t they used that quartet before now??? And thank you for putting Ms. Santana is something hot again (that salmon jumpsuit was so, so wrong on so, so many levels).

    I found Shu creepy and jerkfaced as ever. I get it, you love these kids and you’re sad to see them go, but that doesn’t make going all groomzilla on your fiancée okay. (The KOA, Will? Reallllly??)

    Last thought: Taking Chandler’s digits was not the problem, here. Exchanging risqué texts was. Hey, Blaine, I met this really fun, quirky, flamingly gay kid at the music store and I was thinking we could all hang out… That is perfectly fab. And I get it, honey, you’re a bullied minority in a small town who’s only ever had one person show romantic interest in you before and flirting makes you feel good and you don’t really understand how inappropriate it is. But no. If for no other reason than Blaine’s puupydog eyes totally killed me.

  • Many rainbows

    I freaking LOVED that scene with Burt. I was in foster care before i left for college. What did my foster mom have to say to me? “I’ll miss you”? “You are a great daughter”? ANYTHING like that? nope. ‘When you come visit we will find a bed for you.’ about summed it up, and while I was in college she told the girl who was like, my ONLY friend to ‘keep an eye’ on me when she visits because I am not a good kid. She flipped out when I considered seeing my BIRTH FATHER for Thanksgiving, and insisted I get my crap out of the house ASAP and no one would give me any help. then after I moved several states away had the audacity to call me and say ‘the door is always open if you want to come back!’
    As for what my dad said when i went to college? zip. Nothing. So I want to re-write history so I have Burt Hummel for my father because he is the awesomest dad EVER!

    And yes, the Klaine story line broke my freaking heart. That sad puppy dog look from Blaine made we want to hug him and make him feel all better, and much as I love Kurt, I wanted to smack him upside the head and tell him “HELLO! your boyfriend is SAD because you are leaving, talk about nothing BUT leaving, and he is going to MISS YOU! talk to him!” (and then hug him until he smooshes because again, I love Kurt!)

  • Fabrisse

    I agree that Kurt had a valid point re: Sebastian. I also think that Kurt should have grokked his little Chandler buzz was not all right when Rachel was able to make the connection. I get why he didn’t, but he’s usually much smarter than that. I love that he flung himself at Blaine’s feet vocally for his apology.

    Burt for the win as always. I loved the “made men of both of us” line. It was also nice to see him in Congressman drag.

    I’m not a huge Joe fan over all, but I like what they’re giving him with Quinn and the way that relationship may be evolving. It was really lovely, and I can see myself becoming a Joe fan. *G*

  • mollie

    Holding to the ages for the story line and yes, it is not exactly a huge steaming metropolis, the business between Blaine and Kurt (I REFUSE to use Klaine, I think it’s dumb, just like I think Brangelina is dumb) was pretty much the way it is between teenagers. It WAS wrong for Kurt to do that, and my heart broke when Blaine found the text messages. Why should Blaine understand about Kurt’s response? He’s YOUNGER than Kurt.

    Burt Hummell is wonderful. Period.

    And who mentioned Jesus Joe? OMG he is gorgeous. Even that vein that pops out between his eyebrows when he sings is cute. Still. Quinn. Honestly. We’ve seen her fall in love so many times….