Touch 1.09 – Music of the Spheres

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  • Brunettepet

    I’m with you on loving how Kiefer plays off the young actors on this show. He’s nurturing and supportive and you feel that he sincerely cares about these kids. The actor playing Elliot would invoke those feelings in anyone that isn’t Sheri. He was terrific.

    I like that Jake was more proactive in this episode, too. He gave Andre his tablet (and I thought he enabled the writing app, though I’m probably wrong there) and he hid in the hallway so they could find a way to help Elliot out. Finding the diamond and touching Abraham were also tells that he’s in this world not just healing it.

    The Yarah/Felipe story line was a bit forced, though I loved the music. The actor playing Felipe was Louis Ferreira who I’ve never seen play such a light, likable character. He was super creepy in “Durham County” and I really liked his breeziness here.

    I recognized the janitor as Weevil (Francis Capra) from “Veronica Mars,” so I knew he’d show up somewhere down the story line
    (I obviously watch way too much television!).

    Abraham was lots of fun. His best friend’s possibly been murdered, could he be any cheerier? It’s sorta hilarious.

    One thing I didn’t like in this episode was the way Martin kept letting Jake fall behind on the city streets. He was striding off willy nilly, and by now he knows what a slippery sidler Jake is (sidle is such a great word, thanks for that), he needs to keep that boy in his sights at all times! This week Jake got a gun! Who knows what he’ll pick up next week.

    • I hear what you’re saying, though I kind of wish there was any inkling, just a tiny hint, that Jake sometimes does things because he likes them or wants them and not as part of a master design. I feel like his contact with Abraham was meant to convey something significant, and he hid in the hall because it was fated/necessary for the destined quest of the week. However, I really did like him giving Andre the tablet! It’s nice to think he understands Andre needs it in some way more than him.

      Abraham, you know, it’s all water off a duck’s back to him! People live, people die, diamonds disappear, and they stopped making that lovely soup down at the corner deli, eh, what can you do?

      Haha, SAME as to Martin letting Jake slip off wherever! If Jake were my kid, given his propensity to run away, we’d be walking in step as close as possible as we could get without him freaking out.