Glee! 3.22 – Goodbye

I guess Mike wasn't here for picture day?

Continuity for some looooong arcs were acknowledged tonight, which I appreciated, and I’ll just be open about this: I sobbed to the point of realizing I was about to hit the Ugly Cry and pulled it back just a touch. I did not achieve Russel Crowe in Gladiator—you know, how he had the spit with snot? I’m happy to report that.

But it came close.

Open on Will walking to the choir room and hearing the Original Five (Tina, Artie, Mercedes, Rachel, and Kurt) singing “Sit Down You’re Rocking The Boat,” the first song from the first episode, which should have been your first clue that this show was going to be wrong in all the right ways. (The boy in the wheelchair being told to sit down? Still funny in the oh my god way.) We have our first flashback to them all as babies with newly hatched voices singing and bouncing, and this is when the tears started.

What’s the name of the website? RIGHT. DO NOT JUDGE ME.

Will gives them their last assignment for the year, GOODBYE. Songs from Seniors that express their thanks and such, and songs from the juniors to send off the graduates. And to start it off, he pulls out his guitar, Quinn asks if he’s about to rap, and he nods solemnly. It’s an “Unplugged” and emotional rendition of Notorious B.I.G.’s “Big Poppa,” his voice breaking as he softly croons, “I love it when you call me Big Poppa.” Sugar closes her eyes and sways at, “I see some women tonight that should be havin’ my babybaby.”

It’s pretty tender. I’m still not sure how it’s a good-bye. Maybe because Biggie was killed and people still have a hard time saying good-bye to him? That’s pretty deep, Will.

Kurt moves through the hallways reflecting on how much he’s changed over the years. He’s gone from closeted and nervous to a winner who not only gets high fives from jocks (no more dumpster tossing!) but gets “thank you” looks from boys he refers to as tadpole gays in the hallway. People are becoming more open, and that’s pretty awesome, Kurt Hummel.

He meets his dad in the auditorium for his graduation present (no, not Elaine Stritch). His dad starts in on how they were close when Kurt was little, then Kurt began to change and Burt didn’t know how to connect any longer. But they’ve built an amazing relationship that they’re both proud of, and there was one significant moment that led to where they are today.

HIT IT, LADIES. Brit and Tina come out in black unitards, Kurt gasps in horror, “Oh, GodDad, no!”

Burt Hummel says, “Sit down and accept your present,” puts on a suh-queened glove, and begins the “Single Ladies” dance.  And is pretty good, I have to say. Kurt starts cracking up when his dad misses a few steps, and it’s so damn cute, I can’t even. I have lost the ability to even.

Kurt and Blaine walk into class as Kurt says it’s the best graduation gift ever.

“What about those monogrammed towels I got for you?” How cute are these boys? And how much do you want to bet that Blaine thought about having one made with his initials on it, too? Because they are going to end up married on a mountaintop with herbs and flowers and birdsong, and I will not hear otherwise.

Blaine says that it’s time for them to have The Talk. He’s clearly expecting Kurt to break up with him (all of the sadfaces) because they’ve seen The Notebook. Um, so has Kurt, and here is his idea for how the end of his life is going to go:

Kurt’s Last Days of Living, By Kurt Hummel, Written by Kurt Hummel, Set Design by Kurt Hummel, and Costuming by Kurt Hummel and Sons. (I have a dream, okay?)

Center Stage: Kurt stands, a dreaming smile on his face as he tells the story of his high school love, his first love, and all of the little things that meant so much to him: a staircase, a hand reaching out, a text of “Courage,” a sympathetic ear, a friend, a kiss, and an “I love you.”

Enter Stage Right: Blaine pushes in on his walker (all of that leaping on furniture finally blew out his hip, not to mention his sciatica) and tells Kurt to keep it down. The chickadees have heard this story a million times (they’re on Pavarotti XIX) and “Ke$ha: An American Legend” is on the Biography Channel. Plus, it’s almost pudding o’clock.

Center stage, single spotlight: Kurt smiles, lets one bird take a ride on his hair (perfectly silver, still lush) as he moves to exit Stage Right where he will sit under a flannel blanket in the Rec Room, trading bites of pudding off one another’s spoon.

(Their grandkids are coming over tomorrow, you see.)


[wait for applause and roses tossed on stage]

Blaine looks visibly relieved and asks, “We’re going to be all right?” Yes. Yes you are, beautiful boys. I will not hear of anything other than no regrets, just love.

Kurt sings to the men of New Directions, specifically to thank them for “never [seeing] me for the things that made us different. You only saw me for the way that we’re the same. Because in this room it doesn’t matter if you’re gay or straight. What matters is that we’re friends.” I’m sorry for the tear waterfall on my face…

He sings Madonna’s “I’ll Remember” and it’s very sweet when he sings to Blaine, “I’ll remember the love that you gave me,” and Blaine looks like he might start crying. Cute moment: “No, I’ve never been afraid to cry”ha! But he had reasons last season, come on.

Later, Rachel, Finn, and Kurt make a pact at their lockers to open up their acceptance letters together because Rachel wants to be with her “two most important people.” Aww. And poor Daddies Berry!

Santana interrupts an impromptu celebration with Mercedes (remember her?) and Sam; they’re celebrating an impending recording contract Mercedes has in the pipeline after a music exec saw the video of her singing disco that Sam posted to YouTube. Santana’s happy for her, and when she hears Mike say that he’s gotten a scholarship to Joffrey in Chicago, she’s happy for him. She’s just confused about herself.

Why? Because she’s talented, too. (Hell yeah.) She wants to perform and not as a cheerleader. She needs to talk to her momshe’ll help her figure this out. Cut to dinner with Brit, Santana, and her madre, Gloria Estephan (sans Miami Sound Machine). She tells her mom that she wants to go to NYC, not Kentucky. Well, go to college first, then go to NYC. It’s not going anywhere, after all. Hmm.

Brittany isn’t going to college or to chicken plucking University, either. Oh, that’s because she’s failing. Probably that whole never went to class, turned in homework, took a test thing is responsible for her 0.0 GPA. Silver lining: she gets to have a second senior year, whoo! Santana now wonders if maybe she should stay in Lima, if Brittany’s going to be there, too. Uh oh.

Next day in class, Finn tells the seated juniors (no sophomores?) that this is now their Glee Club and to take care of it, a one, a two, a one two three YAY! New Radicas “You Get What You Give” gets rocked out by the seniors and there are several sweet moments between the couples who are being split up due to graduation. Mike and Tina, Puck and Sam, Brittany and Santana… It sucks sometimes, growing up and moving on?

The seniors grab the juniors and pull them up to dance (Kurt reels in Blaine, ha) and essentially pass the torch on as they sit and look at the juniors as the song ends. (The sad sigh Kurt gives to Blaine before sitting had me clutching my heart all over again.)

Rachel tries to decide which chairs she wants for their (stupid) wedding, and Finn reminds her that they’re high school students without jobs or money or plans and that maybe Rachel isn’t wanting to marry Finn after all? Maybe she’s settling. “Since when did you become the one I was settling for?” Good point, Rachel. But you two shouldn’t get married. Stay together, but don’t get married.

Finn walks tall through the hallways, proud of his accomplishments: State title in football, National champions in Glee, didn’t impregnate anyone, never went to jail… He’s the living embodiment of an American Midwest Hero! He feels pretty strongly that he nailed his audition with James Lipton (haha) so life is presently a bowl of cherries.

He heads into Will’s office for his yearbook, but Will couldn’t write anything meaningful because there aren’t any rap songs about graduating. Also, he kept veering towards Christopher Cross lyrics, but he’s saving those for his wedding. (That and “The Whisper Song”he’s going to rap that as Emma walks down the aisle.)

The camera closes in on a newspaper clipping (Priority #1HELP THE KIDS) as Will finally confesses to creeping on Finn as he showered and sang, and how Will planted weed on him to blackmail him into joining Glee Club. Finn looks positively freaked, and the show wants us to think Finn thought he was a cool teacher for the weed stuff, but I know better. They also did this, I think, to set the stage for a number the Juniors will sing later.

Carole unpacks Finn’s graduation gown (with extra-long sleeves) as Finn says that he feels like he didn’t do enough for his dad. He should have worked harder to get his dad an honorable discharge from the Army (cut to a picture of a man holding a baby while wearing a Marine uniform, ahem). We get a nice bit of history about Papa Hudson and how he pulled two men from a burning truck and saved their lives. Finn is starting to think that maybe becoming an actor isn’t a way to really show his paternal pride, or honor the memory of his father.


In school, the Juniors say they want to honor Finn and his sacrifices (um, I get it, I do, but you set this against the backdrop of a soldier? Not your best writing, Glee) for deigning to be friends with the Gleeks. I get where they’re going, I do, but it’s… Well. I think we all know that Finn opened his eyes (and mind) and realized how awesome the Gleeks were. Artie says, “You’re something I never thought possible when I rolled down these halls. You’re my friend. You had a lot to lose […] we wanted to thank you.”

They sing “In My Life” by the Beatles, and if you didn’t get choked up at all of the realization that it was ending that happened all over the place, then you might be a robot. Heartbroken Blaine where he couldn’t sing for a moment! Quinn choked up and looking over at Puck! Tina and Mike emotional! And then they all hug, save Puck who sits in the corner, sad and alone.

Quinn walks through the hallways, musing on how she had a kick-ass high school career, all things considered, and isn’t feeling emotional. Probably because all of her friends have exciting things about to happen to match her exciting things to come. Well, all but one friend: Puck. It’s time to give back. (Huh? Just… Glee logic is unique, sometimes I forget that. Just let go, and let Glee.)

She finds Rachel and gives her a schpiel about how great change is (it is!) and that if she hadn’t changed, she and Rachel wouldn’t have become friends. Speaking of, here’s a multi-pass to come see Quinn in New Haven, and she has a matching one to NYC so they can actually stay in touch. Aww, that’s nice. Also, Quinn’s happy that Finnchel is still happening, just…maybe don’t get married. Rachel glosses over that and says that she always liked seeing Quinn and Puck together. (Did you, Rachel? O…kay.)

Cut to: Quinn and Puck in her bedroom as she tries to help him cram for his re-take test. He thinks he can’t do it and she interrupts with “I love you.” Huh? Well, they bonded with the whole “had a baby that we gave up” thing, plus he took her V-card. And she never would have given it to a Lima Loser (except she called him that, which was why she was with Finn) and she wants him to remember how bad ass he used to be.

And in a nod to Season One that I love, she says that he’s the guy who caught the winning TD in the only game McKinley won that year. That was a heartbreaking moment where he scored the points, looked over and saw Quinn congratulating Finn. She did see, after all. They kiss, he gets his swagger back, and compares the right kiss with the right girl as “CPR with tongues.” He struts into class, ready to pass that test.

Roz and Sue trade barbs (the best being Sue’s pregnancy with a one thousand-year-old vampire) and realize that they can respect each other. Also, maybe they should join forces next year to oust Figgins? Given the massive security flaws in the school, not to mention the accountability in the teaching staff, I’d say that might be a good idea.

Quinn comes in with her uniform, but Sue says she’s retiring it. There’s never going to be another Q, after all, and gosh darn it, Sue admires the hell out of her. In a really touching moment, they hug, Sue’s voice breaks, and they do really love each other in their own twisted way.

The gang stands outside Puck’s class, waiting to see if he passed or not. The teacher comes out with the freshly graded paper: a C-minus! That’s as good as an A-plus in Puckerman! They all cheer and the scene cuts to the actual graduation, which I have to say I really liked.

Think about how many damn graduation ceremonies you’ve seen over the years on television. You’ve never seen one like that where the students perform a song and the graduates join like a choir of “Hallelujah, we did it!” I really liked the whole thing, even though I hate Bruce Springsteen’s music. (Sorry. He doesn’t speak to me at all.) Puck and Finn lead off with “Glory Days” as the graduates are announced and walk to get their diplomas.

Rundown: Mike Chang, and his parents are over the moon. Mercedes, who has no parents visibly in attendance. Puck walking to receive his diploma with his guitar strapped on, and the little sincere “Thank you” that he gives Emma was especially lovely.

Santana Lopez with a shimmy and a hug for Brittany. Kurt enters with a high kick, has his beetle brooch on his shoulder, Blaine passes him a handkerchief and motions to pat his cheeks (how freaking adorable?) and a huge “That’s my boy!” from Burt. Finn’s next, has a thank you for Emma as well, and Carole cries and cheers in the audience. And then Rachel Berry (um, alphabet?) comes out to a loud cheer (no Daddies Berry) and gets a huge kiss from Finn.

Toss their caps, and they’re all done with McKinley! (Insert copious tears here.)

Rachel, Kurt, and Finn go to the empty choir room to open their letters, all of them nervous and sick to their stomachs with worry. Finn opens his: he…didn’t get in. (Well, it was a hell of a long shot, after all.) He’s devastated.

Kurt opens his: he….didn’t get in. Oh, my sweet Baboo! He was just a finalist, the competition is fierce, but oh, Kurt! He’s understandably upset. What is his backup plan? (Be near Blaine until they both can go to NYC next year?) Rachel opens hers: she….got in.

Uh oh. (The boys are torn between their own sorrow and happiness for her.)

Rachel muses later that her senior year ended perfectly, except for how it didn’t for her friends. Well, she’s going to defer going to NYADA for a year so she can be there with Finn and Kurt and help them get to NYC. After all, going to New York without Kurt would be like remaking Beaches without Bette Midler’s character. (And I have imagined Kurt singing “I’ve Still Got My Health” from that movie for ages, so you know.)

Santana clears out her locker when her mom joins her. So, about that college thing…. Her mother hands over an envelope of money, and it’s evidently a huge amount. It was all of the money saved to pay for college, but then Santana got a scholarship and now it’s just hers. Santana tries to give it back, but her mother wants Santana to keep it. Live out her dreams in NYC, maybe, who knows. The point is that Santana is an adult now and it’s up to her to decide.

“I trust you,” her mother says. “I trust your talent. And I pity anyone who tries to get in your way.” They hug, and Gloria Estephan (sans Miami Sound Machine)? I like you. (I cannot say her name without the name of her band, sorry.)

Finn picks up Rachel to go to their wedding. She’s super excited, but Finn isn’t. He drives to a train station, instead. Um, what? Look, Finn has grown up a lot these past few weeks and he knows one thing for certain: Rachel Berry is a star, and she is going to NYC. The Daddies Berry are there waiting for her, and they’ll work on getting her an apartment, etc. because she’s going to NYADA. She’s not waiting around.

She starts crying, and if you didn’t know how amazing Lea Michele is as both a comedic and dramatic actor, here’s your reminder. She starts crying and says, “Wait a minute. Wait a minute, waitare you breaking up with me?”

Finn: I’m setting you free. Do you know how hard this is for me?

Rachel: I’ll stay here! I’ll go where ever you’re going

Finn: Ft. Benning, Georgia?

Rachel looks as shocked as I am and has to cover her mouth as she sobs. Finn explains that he has to redeem his father, and she loses it at the thought of him joining the army.

Finn: You’re going to New York, and you’re going to be a star. That’s how much I love you. (And he’s right, you guys.)

He tells her that he loves her, and that if they’re meant to be, it’ll happen. And this is the most mature we’ve seen Finn Hudson and I applaud his fortitude because it’s the right decision. She gets out and they sing “Roots Before Branches” by Room for Two, and their voices are amazing on this track. Cory Monteith has been knocking it out of the park vocally for the past several episodes, and this is no exception.

They walk past all of the Gleeks, each giving Rachel a hug and support (Blaine is wearing a cardigan with lobsters on it, I’d like to point out) and Will is there with a huge and supportive hug for her as she boards the train. Finn runs alongside the train for a moment until the train pulls on and she’s left crying.

Cut to her coming out of a subway station and looking around at the city, the beginnings of an excited smile blooming on her face. (Little note: I would swear that she walked past the poster outside of the theater where Seminar showed, starring Jeff Goldblum. Nice little bit of meta, if so.) She’s there in New York!


…now what?

(Oh, how I longed for Mercedes to sing “Neither One Of Us” at a gleek bon voyage party…  And a Kliss.  But there were loads of wonderful things and lots of set up for Season 4. I am ready for that to start right away, m’kay?)

It’s been non-stop Glee for me on HDJM since July of 2011not for me personally, just writing about itand as much as I love Glee, and I do, I’m excited to take some time off and let things simmer.  I do love writing these recaps, and hope you’ll join me for Season Four.

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  • mollie

    oh, thank you. I, too, was sobbing audibly and got up with fat eyes this morning. Gloria Estefan (sans Miami Sound Machine) was good, and it was nice to see her.

    The episode was wonderful and unexpected and yet…so much more. I didn’t think either one of ‘the boys’ was going to make it, I was pretty sure Rachel was and “Are you breaking up with me?” made me laugh despite the tears, too. I really don’t like the idea of Finn in the army….

    Well, in any case. I didn’t have a TV for the last of last season and the first of this one so you recaps kept me up on the show. You do such a wonderful job, I truly do appreciate you and your hard work. Thank you (even if you don’t like Bruce Springsteen!) so much for everything, including your thoughtful comments to me.

    • I remember hearing a romor that Gloria Estephan (sans Miami Sound Machine) was going to guest star, but had forgotten about it until she showed up and loved that Santana actually has a parent. (Oh, Mercedes. And Artie. And Brittany. And Tina. The poor orphans… ;D)

      I was totally sure that Rachel would get it, especially after the build up in “Nationals.” I mean, they telegraphed that pretty hard (which is why I’m shocked at the people shocked she got in.). I struggle with Finn being in the army, because I do appreciate the people who go into the military (my dad was in the Army, my FiL was as well) and think that it can be a fine choice for a lot of people.

      But I don’t want Finn there, because I want him running Hummel & Sons Tire & Lube, personally. :)

      And how sweet are you to say that?! Thank you so much. I really enjoy finding other people that just want to enjoy something. I think we’re a rare breed.

      (And about Bruce…I can’t help it, I’m not from Jersey or the East Coast. I’m a Neil Young kind of gal. I think it’s a regional/shared cultural experience kind of thing.) BUT I LIKED IT LAST NIGHT. I surprisingly did!

  • Katy

    I almost got to the Ugly Cry, it was a close thing.

    Burt Hummel is the BEST. DAD. EVER. I laughed so hard and loud at his present to Kurt that I woke my 3yo from her nap. I hope we get more of Burt in season 4. Really I do.

    For some reason I thought Sam was a senior, but it’s good we get Trouty Mouth for another year at least.

    And even though I don’t like Finchel as a couple, the scene in the car at the train station nearly broke me. It was good to see Rachel in NYC.

    • How adorable was Mike O’Mally? Oh, I love that guy. (Loved him as a jerk on Parks and Rec, too.) I think the show realizes what a gem they have in him (of only for his relationship with Kurt and how it mirrors Ryan Murphy’s relationship with his own father) so I have high hopes.

      I had no idea what Sam was, but wonder if his being homeless/out of school/a stripper means he was held back? WHO KNOWS. Glee Logic = unimportant. ;)

      I do like them as a couple, and wouldn’t mind them not. I like the characters and want them to stay true to who they were in the beginning, so I think it’s wonderful that Rachel is going to NYC. (And love that Finn helped her come to that realization. That rounds out his character growth this year nicely.)

      Lea Michele’s crying in that passenger seat in the car had me crying all over again the second time I watched it. She’s such a star, that one.

  • Sue

    She starts crying, and if you didn’t know how amazing Lea Michele is as both a comedic and dramatic actor, here’s your reminder. I was floored by that scene. And by floored, I mean a teary mess. When this show is good, it’s great. Nay, fantastic.

    There were other lovely moments and a few, as you pointed out, “Um, ok?” moments, but that scene just sold me on everything I love about this show. And agreed on Cory — he’s been phenomenal lately, too.

    • Was that not so freaking emotional?? And she was full on sobbing with puffy eyes and everything, that wasn’t Vicks Vapo Rub under her lashes to force the tears.

      I have to remember that the “huh?” moments are just part and parcel with the show. It’s a waste of time to try and make sense of everything, so eh. Cory’s voice has been the best yet lately. That’s not something I thought I’d ever get excited about, honestly. Not that he’s bad, just not electric (like, oh, Darren Criss. :D)

  • Laina

    Finn did the right thing, no doubt. I was so proud of him for setting her free because she never would have gone otherwise. I was sad that they were breaking up (I married my high school sweetheart, although we waited until we were in our mid-twenties to marry) but also really, really relieved that Rachel would have nothing holding her back.
    Also, Puck gave rachel “heart-hands” when she left on the train. That’s all that registered for me. :o)

    • I read somewhere that high school sweethearts that marry a few years after HS have much more successful marriages than those who marry right at graduation/around that time. Sounds like you did it right! ;D (I have friends that met in high school and got married after college and they have six kids and still make goo goo eyes at each other after all of these years.) <3

      Oh, Puck. How awesome has his character become over the seasons? I would have LOVED a series of flashbacks for his arc. SIGH. Maybe they'll have a special extra on the DVD set...

  • anachan87

    I liked how they left some things opened (like… what happens with Kurt? I might have an idea, but I don’t know how your “don’t spoil me” theory works in this case, because it has something to do with two characters that were announced last week for S4, as well as the theme of an episode Ryan Murphy confirmed in a recent interview. So, I’m keeping my mouth shut for now…) because this is how I’m used to seasons ending, they are supposed to make me feel “Holy shit, what happens now?” and not with an episode that explains everything.

    Anyway, focusing on the good! Klaine!! As much as I missed a Kliss, they are still adorable and so endgame that I don’t even know how else to explain them if not with a “they leave me in a melted puddle of adorableness!!” Also, the graduation scene? Have you noticed the two old ladies near Blaine who were watching them? I bet they are a fan of Klaine since they saw them in the Christmas episode! Also, totally my headcanon that when Burt dances to SL, Blaine is the one pressing play. And if Blaine will be the one proposing to Kurt in the future, I bet he will do it with a SL dance as well! Seriously, they are just adorable and they will be like that forever and they will have kids who will have the best family holidays ever because their grandpa will be Burt Hummel, and their uncle will be Cooper Anderson! I’m so jealous!

    • I KNOW NOTHING. I want to revel in this season for a bit before I move on – and I love going in fresh with no expectations whatsoever. (I think that’s what disappoints most people: they think something is going to happen and then are disappointed when it doesn’t.) But thank you so much for checking, that was really thoughtful.

      Kurt and Blaine were so sweet this episode, right? Chris and Darren do such a great job of playing two boys in love and who happen to be best friends, and it’s just a delight to see these characters they’ve so carefully created.

      Hahaha at your theory on those women watching the Christmas Special! That’s awesome.

  • Oh god, the ugly cry, the sinus headache… TOTALLY WORTH IT. I loved Burt’s present to (Kurt. I can’t help but believe that those were Chris’ actual reactions.)

    While I’m not sure about Sugar, I do know that both Rory and Joe are supposed to be sophomores.

    Not much else to add, just that I love how it’s not all pixie-dust covered perfection, but it’s all pretty positive.

    In other news, I’m moving in a couple weeks. 600 miles and a whole new state. (Thank goodness websites and Twitter aren’t physical locations.) Thanks for the many fantastic recaps, and I’ll see you back here in the Fall.

    • Oh, I bet those were Chris’ actual reactions! I think when Burt (Mike) missed the turn, they just kept filming, thinking it was cuter and more in character than if he nailed it. And if that IS that case, then I just love them all even more.

      I do love that it’s not all perfect, as well. It’s not supposed to be! This show was set up as a dark comedy in the Pilot, and I think a lot of people forget that. It’s supposed to be about struggle, not perfection. In fact, it’s supposed to be about things NOT being perfect and going on anyway, which is where I see Kurt’s story headed.

      Thank YOU for reading, and I’m so glad you’ll be back in the Fall when school starts. ;)

  • Steph

    Burt Hummel for Father of the Year, every year, forever. I had so much love for that scene and the fact that he was willing to make a complete fool of himself to prove his love for his son.

    Quite honestly, I get where Finn’s coming from. My dad was in the Air Force, and he passed away suddenly of a heart attack while on active duty. To this day, I still feel like I haven’t done enough to make him proud of me. When your dad is an honest-to-God hero, it’s REALLY hard to believe that you’ll ever be able to live up to his life. And, when you’re 18 and just finishing high school, it seems like it’s the perfect time to figure out how to make it happen.

    I was doing OK – not great, but OK – until the scene in the car with Rachel and Finn. Basically, as soon as Rachel started to realize what was going on, I lost it. There was Ugly Crying going on all over the place – the cats were concerned. :)

    Can I just say thank you for these recaps, and for this site? I love being able to come to a site where I don’t have to worry about reading a bunch of vitriol and hate. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    • I totally respect Finn’s decision to join the military. I think there’s a knee jerk reaction for a lot of people to be disdainful towards military service, which I find shameful. I have a lot of respect for people willing to put their lives on the line for a philosophy (since that’s ultimately the point) and I have a lot of respect for someone wanting to honor a parent.

      I had to laugh a little at your cats’ concern. Hee! It MUST have been some crying at your end to get the cats involved! (Oh, it was snotty-wailing at times in my house, too.)

      And thank YOU so so much for supporting us! I just want a place to love on things, and nothing makes me happier than connecting with other people that get it: we watch shows/movies/read books because we love them. Can we be critical? Sure. But I still love the source material and want to talk about the good things with others.

      Thank you so very much for coming back each week. <3

  • mollie

    I quite agree with your statement that I want to see Finn at Hummel and Sons Tire and Lube if he can’t be with Rachel (and James Lipton!) in NYC. A career in the Armed Forces is to be respected and admired. Maybe he’ll start a Marine Glee Club, hm? (for someone other than the students in the Academy, I mean.)

    I didn’t add that I totally agree with everyone here about Burt Hummel. He is an amazing father. Too bad he couldn’t have given my friend Frank’s dad a few lessons.

    And, yes, thank you very much for these recaps and this site. It really feels like a ‘safe’ place from the vitriol and hate. It must be exhausting to monitor that along with everything else you do.

    • How awesome would Finn be running that business? And let’s just get real: a good autoshop makes a hell of a lot of money. There are always cars, there will always be need for mechanics. It’s recession-proof! Oh, I love the idea of the Marine Glee Club! (They actually have one, right?)

      “It really feels like a ‘safe’ place from the vitriol and hate.” I’m not going to lie, I made an embarrassing sound and clutched at my chest reading that. :) Thank you so much for that!! The good thing about monitoring all of the comments for each post is that once I shut them down, they tend to not come back. WHEW. That leaves the party to the people that want to have fun. <3

      • mollie

        They do, actually, have one but my understanding is that it’s the Academy people who are in it. Finn isn’t going to the Naval Academy – (and despite what Marines will tell you, they ARE part of the Navy.)

        You are quite welcome, but you know I speak only the truth!

        • Ooooooh, I was married to a Marine and he’d get up in your grill about saying the Marine Corps is a part of the Navy. Only civilian leadership. The actual military structure is its own branch, and there are 7 branches of the military. Whew, I feel like my ex-husband won’t haunt me now. ;D

          <3 <3

  • Phinney28

    Burt doing the Single Ladies dance was just too adorable for words.
    But I cried so much about Kurt not getting in. He’s my all time fave character and I just want him to get everything he wants. Poor baby.
    But I’m glad Rachel got in.

    • The awesome thing about Kurt not getting in means there will be a TON of Kurt scenes in S4. I FULLY SUPPORT THAT. Also, Kurt is a fighter. He’s going to make it, and it will be even sweeter when he goes and Blaine is there with him. :)

      • Phinney28

        Yeah. What I look forward to the most for season 4 is finding out what they have up their sleeve for Kurt.