Glee! 4.03 – The Makeover


Here’s what you missed on Glee!  This week was a much better game of chess where the players were moved over the board in ways that are really setting up what’s to come this season.  And we had the delightful bonus of Sarah Jessica Parker added to the cast, and let me just tell you that SJP and I have been down since I dreamed of having her body in Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. “I love to dance!” Aww, she’s a cutie.

If you don’t know that movie, I weep for you.  Bonus Shannon Doherty dancing with doors, come on, people! It’s a sleepover classic.

First, though, we encounter Blaine Anderson determined to make this senior year the best year.  How?  By joining every single extracurricular club he can (he’ll probably need them to pad his college apps now that he doesn’t have the golden goose egg of Dalton to push him to the top).

Everyone here should know by now that I adore Darren Criss.  And I love Blaine Anderson.  They are two different beings (with the obvious exception that one is real and one is in The Matrix). There were…some lines blurred here.  I thought the choices for clubs that Blaine joined were much more likely for a Starkid than a Warbler, personally.  Although getting to see Blaine in both Robin and Catwoman gear was worth it.

Holy geek squad, Batman!

And can we all agree that it’s a little…strange that THIS club exists (The Superhero Sidekicks Appreciation Club – and hahaha, in your face, Alpha Gay! This makes Kurt the god damned Batman.) at McKinley, and they’re not beaten the hell up?  Because it’s a bunch of dudes literally leaping around in tights.

I’m just saying.

Meanwhile, we see all of these clubs as Blaine sings Tears For Fears’ “Everybody Wants To Rule The World,” which is a really  difficult song to pull off because Roland Orzibal (and Curt Smith) have super unique voices that add loads of depth.  And it’s just Blaine.  He does a good job, it should be said.  It’s just really tough to get me to want this version over the original. (Pfft, I’ll buy it, please.)

I digress.

Blaine tells us via V.O. that he’s trying to fill up all of his time because he misses Kurt.  Aww.  I mean, come on, cutest boyfriend, what?  Bonus moment was the Skype Date they had to hate-watch Treme (a show that I can’t stand, sorry) and the timed handing over the bowl of popcorn as Kurt – on the other end – picks up a piece was too cute for words.  I love that they’re in constant communication, even though it’s not the same.

Blaine decides to run for class President – talk about a time filler!  Brittany is not amused.  (Watch out, Blaine. Lord Tubbington is in a gang, and he’ll jump you one of these nights.)

Back in NYC, Kurt – looking devastatingly handsome in a charcoal tuxedo jacket, crisp shirt and patterned slacks – heads off to an interview with and The Isabelle Wright, iconoclast and paragon of What Is Awesome.  And it’s Sarah Jessica Parker!  And she is adorable.

She’s no dragon lady, she’s an artist with a heart of gold from Columbus, Ohio – and the mention of food poisoning at Breadstix was pretty damn funny.  She loved his application, loves loves loves his wardrobe gallery, and hey – is that a mounted hippo head on a brooch?  Kid, you’re hired.

Really?  YAY!  He hugs her, and I swear, this moment had to be unscripted: she reacts to the pin, says, “That thing should come with a warning.”  Kurt replies, “Oh! It did.”  Hahaha.

There’s more to this Miss Isabelle than meets the confident natty-dressed eye.  She’s floundering a bit.  It could go one of two ways: she’ll steal all of Kurt’s ideas and claim them as her own, or she’ll remember her small town heart of gold by virtue of Kurt’s awesomeness.  I think (and hope) they’re going for the second one.

Over at McKinley, Brittany asks Artie (who she still believes is part robot) to be her running mate because it will look amazing on his college apps.  Um, Artie’s awesomeness will look great on his college apps, thanks.  But…winning could get him an in with Sugar, so he’s down.

Two funny moments here: Brittany not remembering they dated (and hey, she took Artie’s virginity) and Artie saying, “I can be the Cheney to your Bush.”

“I prefer a landing strip.”

Not gonna lie, I choked on my drink in the good way.

Will Schuester is back to Season One Will: he’s unfulfilled.  And why?  Because he’s fulfilled!  What else can he achieve?  Oh, I don’t know, maintain good leadership for more than an episode?  Just me?  No, I know, it’s all about the agenda of the script, but still. He’s trying to come up with ways to make Sectionals a Breakfast Cereal theme, or maybe the glory of hats?  Hmm. He’s tapped.

Brittany isn’t interested in any of this, however, because she wants to announce Artie as her running mate, which offends Blaine.  (With Puck gone, Artie was the remaining ‘shipper!)  It’s key that she has him, as it will lock in the all-important vending machine vote. (This should also reduce any hanging CHADs.)  Um, this isn’t about popularity, okay?  This is about ideas!

Oh, Blaine.  Sweet, innocent, rose-tinted glasses Blaine.  School government is nothing but popularity. And there’s Sam, sad facing in the middle row because he thought he and Brit were besties now?

Will, unfulfilled and growing restless by the minute, finds Sue to whine about how teaching kind of sucks.  Well what did he expect from a job that gives you three months off and you can’t be fired after two years?  Prepare for the Mrs. Garrett-ing (Garroting?) of your life.  The rejects are going to move in and they’ll have to start a bakery.  (Kurt would be Blair, Blaine is obviously Tootie, Puck is Jo, and Santana is Natalie.)  GiiIiiIiiIIirls!

When Sam confronts Brit about not being selected, she reminds him about Sarah Palin and her grandfather no longer being friends. Her hands were tied, Sam! But hey, he should pair up with Blaine!

Blaine: Uh, how about I pick for myself?

Brit: Hahaha. That’s funny.  Bye!

Sam: Look, I’m straight and poor – I’ll pick up the votes you can’t, Richie Rich. Also? My impressions (does Dubya) are hilarious 100% of the time.

AHAHAHA. I love Sam’s impressions, I won’t lie.  Aww, these two dorks belong together.  BLAM FOR PRESIDENT!

Now to prepare for the debate.  Dun dun duuuuun!

Kurt attends his first staff meeting and sees that Isabelle isn’t really the maverick she’s touted as.

Isabelle: Leather! But unexpected!

Staff: Belts! No, no belts!

Staff: Leather glasses! No, leather cups! No, leather feminine napkins!

Kurt: [faints]

Isabelle goes all Don Music (“Oh, I’ll never get it, nevah!” *head piano*) because she can’t tell people their ideas suck! And she’s trapped.  Trapped like a well-heeled poodle in a drunken Paris Hilton embrace.

Great moment: Kurt saying “Unexpected Leather sounds like something on the back of the Village Voice.”  Oh do tell, Mr. Hummel!  Isabelle used to be somebody, she used to be a contender, and now it’s all work, work, work, and the creativity is gone! Cry. “I lucked into a job I don’t deserve!”  I really love that, because I think everyone goes through a period of self doubt like that in their lives.

Artie wants to help Brittany with the Verbal Portion of her debate, because her “brain exists in a magical other dimension where anything is possible.”  Aw.  It’s true. Blaine also wants to help Sam (hey-o, makeover I get it!) smarten up and this leads to the Sam and Brittany singing Hole’s “Make Me Over.”

I am the exact opposite of a Courtney Love fan, let me say. So I’m lukewarm on the song, but it’s cute to see them mugging for the camera like a couple of blonde badasses with good teeth and mutli-vitamins in their bloodstream.  Hard core punk!

Also, bonus continuity points to Glee for having Blaine not 100% on Sam in the first place (I can’t be bought!) because Blaine Warbler only sings about sex if there’s a foam party involved, thank you very much.

Will attends his first Show Choir Committee meeting and it’s as exciting as it sounds.  *snooze* What’s happening here?  He’s gotten everything he wanted and he’s not happy!  It looks like the kids of McKinley high will be The Giving Tree until there is nothing left but a stump for him to bitch about.  But wait!  There’s a government committee that should be even more awesome than the show choir committee!  MOAR COMMITTEES! He’ll see what he can do about getting on that one, get more funding for the arts, and I’m just saying a lot of trouble could be avoided if he just contacted a certain World’s Greatest Father and Congressman that we all know and love.

Rachel heads into dance class with a headband and a hot pink top like some kind of dorky jerkfaced virgin, so the Black Swans (ha) mock her for it.  I mean, honestly, who wears shirts and headbands? (That…was a little forced. ) Kurt decides to give her a makeover, too, and they head off to the secret Couture Vault at, tripping all kinds of security settings and getting Isabelle there with security guards.

But, come on.  Makeover?  She’s in!  Cue the mash-up of “The Way You Look Tonight” with “You’re Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile” from Annie, which was SJP’s first big Broadway production, and that’s nice.  I love that they’re acknowledging her successful Broadway career. (Once upon A Mattress!)

Ah, the lovely Boylen Sisters! (You’re never fully dressed, UH! You’re never fully dressed, UH! You’re never fully dressed without a smile!)

They all sound lovely, Rachel gets gussied up, and I guess they’re filming this to make something awesome for the website, get Kurt a leg up, get Rachel a boost of confidence, and Isabelle gets to remember that she actually loves clothes.  Fun all around, and seriously, their voices sound wonderful together.  I hope there are more numbers coming with those three.

(And I know Creepers are all en vogue right now, but I just can’t stand that footwear.  It takes me to the bad place of bike shorts under baby doll dresses and early Sub-Pop music – well, that’s fine, I love Sub Pop – but still.  Bad fashion.)

Kurt gets Blaine on Skype to tell him all about it, Blaine thinks it’s wonderful because he thinks everything Kurt does is wonderful (except for tanner in his hand cream and snapping at waiters) but Kurt is on such a high with his new life that he doesn’t focus on Blaine at all. Blaine is the saddest face in Mudville, hurt, and feeling left behind. Woe is Blaine!

Will talks to Emma about this Newer! Better! Committee that could possibly leave him fulfilled, and she says to go for it, because that’s what awesome supportive partners do.  Live your dream! We can postpone our wedding! That gives me more time to plan, actually, she’s thinking.

But now it’s time for the debate! Blaine nervously ties his bow tie, and Sam says to lose it so he doesn’t look so uptight.  And…hey, it’s like Clark Kent without his glasses!  Thanks, Sam!

Sue introduces everyone, she points out that it’s inexcusable that all of the candidates are Gleeks, and points out the inexplicable addition of Vice Presidents, but who cares, really?  No one?  Okay, let’s start this.  Artie?


Sam: Uh…what he said, I wasn’t listening.

Sue: Rebuttal?

Sam: HOW ABOUT THESE ABS? *un-tiss un-tiss un-tiss!*

You make a compelling argument, Mr. Vice President.

Blaine, earnest, darling Blaine says that Brittany was tyrannical and ineffective, and her ban last year on hair gel was unprecedented.  What’s next? Banning Hair? Kittens? Mandatory penguin slaughterhouses?  THIS WILL NOT STAND. VOTE BLAM! *peace signs in the air with both hands*

Sue: Rebuttal, Brit?

Brit: I love you. I love school. I love lamp.

Sue: Do you really love lamp, or are you just saying that because you see it?

Brit: I…I love lamp. And I love being here. No more weekends, holidays, it will be all school, all of us, all together ALL THE TIME. Yay!

Artie: aaaaaaaand there goes the election.

GREAT moment: Becky sulking at Sue stopping her xylophone rock-out, and not giving her a flourish when asked.  Jane Lynch is awesome with her stead-fast grin.  “No?  Not feeling it? Okay.” Ha.

Kurt is called into Isabelle’s office for a stressful 10 seconds of “did I lose my job?” Nope! Anna Wintour sent an effusive, gushing praise-filled email for the video! [Cut to computer screen: “great”] They’re going to reshoot the whole thing, but you get credit, Kurt!  Hooray! He’s on his way!

Isabelle makes the compelling argument that while Kurt wants to go to NYADA, he really has an eye for fashion.  And maybe he should focus on that instead? She adores him and even brings him in to their next meeting and takes him to lunch. Things are looking up for Kurt Hummel, gang.

Rachel, looking hot with an off-the-shoulder dance top and curled hair (wow, what a difference. I’m being sarcastic. She’s always hot.) is warming up when Body comes in to flirt. She flirt sings with him to the really meh song of “A Change Will Do You Good,” and I say that because you can’t really hear the lyrics when Sheryl Crowe sings it.  When these two do, you hear how wonky the lyrics are.  It’s not that they can’t sing it, they can; it’s just a cheesy tune.

To match it, they flirt run and giggle through the streets of NYC with ice creams and dreams and daring touches and an almost kiss.  Le scandale! She invites him over to cook dinner, which we all know is code for: we’ll make out. (I do want to give Lea props for running in those high-heeled boots on cobbled streets.  That was seriously impressive.)

At McKinley  Blaine and Sam win the election, hooray! They celebrate at Breadstix where Blaine is congratulated by Artie.  “What did Kurt say?”  Blaine fidgets, makes up something about how over the moon Kurt is about the results, then tries to call him again where the phone rings and rings.

Kurt, meanwhile, is chatting with his boss and new team at the office and has to decline the call. I mean, it’s reasonable.  That’s what happens in those settings.  (But he should have paid attention beforehand, I’m just saying.) Also, please note that the image for Blaine’s caller ID is from the future.  As in, they’re wearing the outfits you’ll see in the promo for the next week.  Ahem.

Blaine, sad at the Breadstix, talks over the Klaine piano (noo! not the Klaine song!) about how he came to McKinley for Kurt. And Kurt’s not there anymore. He’s all alone, no Warblers, no Rachel, no Kurt…  “I did all of this for him. And now he’s not here.”  Oh, honey.  You really shouldn’t have transferred from Dalton.  Your parents are idiots for letting you.

Sam chucks him on the shoulder because they’re Gaybros now, and isn’t that something cool? They’re like Wolverine and Cyclops!  And Blaine is obviously Cyclops because of the hair.  He’d never let it get blown out like Wolverine.

Rachel tries to cook duck, because that’s reasonable, and almost burns the damn kitchen down. She puts it out with a little Prosecco and whines at it being ruined when Body shows up.  Hey oh, she’s smoking!  No, that’s just the duck.  No, you’re wearing thigh-high boots, Rachel.  That’s…pretty obvious that you’re looking for a little touch.

They flirt-talk and flirt-eat and flirt-sip and flirt-share secrets which prompts Body to say “Hey, I’m just your friend, I get it,” which is code for “Prove me wrong.”  So she does.  SHE KISSES HIM and the cheesiest music is playing, and that is the universe telling you that this is wrong, missy! (From a show’s perspective.   I think anyone offered should bang that bro like a hammer on a nail.)

There’s a knock at the door, and it’s probably that silly boots Kurt, what with him leaving his key all the time!  Hair-ear-tuck giggle to the door and OH. MY. GOD.

Of course.  It’s Finn.  He sees her and smiles.  He sees Body in the background and stops.  Her face falls.

WHAT WILL HAPPEN, GUYS.  *popcorn via Skype*

Next week: The Break Up! Oh, that’s what happens.  BUT WHO?  I know everyone thinks it’s Klaine given the promo, but my money is on Will and Emma having a massive falling out.  (hahaha.)  COME ON, IT’S FINCHEL. Remember, no spoilers for upcoming shows, only this show, okay?

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  • mollie

    Well…the cheesy music WAS Moon River, I thought it was kind of a salute to Audrey Hepburn/Holly GoLightly.

    But as always, your usual excellent job, and thank you!

    • Oh, it was Moon River, but it was piped in loud and proud right at The Big Moment, so that’s why it was inauthentic. But! It was meant to be (in my opinion) so we’re all hand-flappy and WHAT?RACHELNO!WHAT? to make it an even bigger deal when Finn arrived.

      That being said, I actually like the song (and love Holly Golightly). :D

      Thank YOU for reading! I appreciate you coming back each week!

  • Justa_Reader

    Based on last night’s show, I’m pretty sure I’d totally be on board for the Hummelberry-Klaine spinoff. They are my very favorite three. The hate-watching of Treme (why isn’t there more zydeco?) via Skype seriously was one of the cutest things EVER (with the popcorn sharing and Kurt propped on a pillow and Blaine’s pajamas…) and I loved seeing those two navigate their lives without the other one there. (Although suspension of disbelief moment: Kurt and Rachel can afford HBO but not a kitchen table?)

    I grinned like a fool during the entire Blaine opening. I would have traded seeing him in the wizard costume (BTDT) for a nice shot of him in McKinley’s boxing club… but then cat!Robin happened, so all is forgiven.

    I had a serious meta moment reading your recap about the post-meeting Isabelle/Kurt scene and her quote “I lucked into a job I don’t deserve!” Realizing that, damn, that’s exactly me and my job. And the thing is I watched that scene and totally didn’t like what they were having SJP’s character do, but it’s honestly something I think almost every day. My worklife seems to be all: “Here’s more responsibility” and I’m all: “No, no, no. I don’t WANT to be a grownup.” But I digress.

    The Rachel makeover was a bit anticlimactic for me. But mostly because we’ve all SEEN Lea out of character and know how hot she is. Though, I, too, was incredibly impressed by her cobblestone-street running. And really, everything the writers were doing here to set up the characters in their new realities was pretty well done, I think.

    There wasn’t much of anything I didn’t like about this episode. I laughed out loud a few times, I cheered internally for Kurt a lot (and Sam’s speech at the end — even though no way would I cover up Blaine’s eyes with Cyclops’ visor, so we’d HAVE to talk him into the Wolverine blowout) and I cried. Oh, how I cried for two boys who were so far apart from each other.

    • How awesome would a Kurt/Rachel show be? They’d be the NYC version of Laverne and Shirley! Throw in Blaine, and I will get tattoos on my children’s faces to show my support. (Not mine, please.) OMG, the Skype!! So, so cute. I can see them finding that adorable, the fake popcorn share a few nights back, smiling and beaming and maybe laughing a little sadly, then making it happen every time they get back online together. <3 (Who says Kurt was watching it on HBO? He might be naughty and pirating it!)

      OMG, McKinley's Fight Club was a seriously missed opportunity for me to stare at his arms. I mean, for him to show that he's still a Fighter. *cough*

      I really loved the honesty SJP brought to Isabelle. I can totally buy a small town girl getting caught up in the whirlwind of the Big City and her Dreams and it running away from her. (And maybe some foreshadowing for Kurt? IDK yet.) I identify with that sentiment, "I'm in over my head, and I shouldn't be here!" too. I think every adult goes through that at some point, though. *hugs you*

      Can we talk about Lea in those boots JUMPING OFF A BENCH ONTO THE STREET? Because that was impressive to me. Even though it was all very “Catch me, Richard, catch me!” but I get WHY it’s there. There were loads of throwbacks to 60s era romcoms/musicals with the giddy excitement of a new city and new life. (But pfft. Rachel had animal sweaters over a banging bod, please.)

      I really enjoyed this, too. Then again, I’ve enjoyed the season so far, and HATE that we’ll have a forced hiatus (stupid baseball!) after next week’s episode because it’s picking up so much steam!

  • justusunicorns

    For the record, I went to Florida and I never encountered any hung Chads. Ba-dum-dum. I never thought I’d get to recycle *that* joke.
    Oh, and wonderful recap as always, stoney.
    p.s. Already stockpiling my meds and fanfictions for next week.

    • BWAH! Chads never are hung, right? I mean, typically in the wallet, but that’s about it. =/

      I AM GOING TO NEED EVERYONE TO HOLD MY HAND NEXT WEEK. (I think it’s building to not what fandom is expecting, personally, but still. Them hurting = me hurting.) :(

  • Econruth

    Did anyone else think that Brit lost the election on purpose with her “school should last forever” speech? I got the impression when she pretty much forced Sam on Blaine as his VP that she knew she would lose and just wanted to make Sam happy. Her speech was just to make sure it happened.

    • Oh, that’s a fun theory! I don’t know if I agree with that – Brit really likes to win – but that’s an interesting thought!

  • harmonyfb

    Everybody Wants to Rule the World

    I dunno…I thought Blaine did a pretty good job, but I felt like the producers maybe misunderstood the song. (Hint: It’s not a happy ‘I’m a winner’ number; I’m just saying.)

    • The songs were vehicles to segue into new scenes and didn’t have any emotional resonance for me at all. They sounded nice on the surface, and that was it. Nutshell: agreed. ;)

  • whisperyvoices

    So I had so much Sad after this ep [even though it started off Really well!, but then AchyBlaine breaks me], but your post perked up my spirits a bit, so yay! I’ll stop moping for a bit – [I seem to only mope on poor Muse’s reaction post!].


    I’m really happy Sugar was in this ep! I think she’s FANTASTIC – her little Expressions [in the choir room after Brittany announces she’s running for president – GREAT!]. She’s really underrated. I miss that girl when she isn’t there.

    “Makeovered” Brittany in the blue dress looks a bit like the Random French Teacher at Dalton [Uptown Girls – gosh that dreadful song], don’t u think??

    Body has Wisdom, yo – inside beauty catching up with the outside and all that? My my. …but um, keep my machine well oiled? Right. I love how Rachel suggest they… waggle waggle *sing*, because that would be totally novel and out of character. Hehe

    So, I am hunting down Sam if Blaine loses his bow ties for good [yes, I will irrationally blame Sam for this; u don’t expect me to hunt down Blaine for BAD reasons now do u?] – but in the meantime, I’m going to enjoy every other little exposed bit of Blaine. *dreamy smile* [YAY TO WARDROBE for all the D.C. ARMS!]

    THANK YOU for pointing out the Becky-Sue scene! Jane Lynch is just faaaaan-tastic!

    I love that random-student’s chuckle at sweet Blaine going on about Tyranny and Burning People. Haha ; about that scene, SMASH YOU ROSTRUM – Blaine’s wearing those fabulous maroon pants, isn’t he? Why you block!? [overall, that was a very Handsome outfit. Mm!]

    I LIKE DAPHNE! I’m a fan of one-expression, stoned-ish, side characters.

    Fashion!Kurt – very nice. This is good. Especially since NYADA seems to offer only one class [I’m not counting the Round Room here…].

    Rachel running on cobbled streets with those high heeled boots – YES, my goodness, i was so sure she’d fall and crack her ankles. Urgh. As fabulous as that looked, I was scared. I only trust Carrie Bradshaw to pull that off w/o ever falling [unless it’s on a runway in knickers…].

    I’m 100% sure Britt thinks Blaine’s last name is Warbler.

    And finally, if Rachel is going to set something on fire in the first apartment she and Kurt are sharing in NYC, then I fully expect Captain Anderson to show up.

    Okay. Will stop rambling. *BIG HUG* ! Thanks for making me smile!!!

    • Ack, I let this comment slide past my radar! I have to point out something here that made me laugh, because I totally agree with you: Brittany DEFINITELY thinks Blaine’s last name is Warbler! I can see her getting confused at them lining up alphabetically and Blaine’s up front. But she’s write it off as them using her non-secret language, or something.

      I am glad you laughed! I am SO EXCITED for tomorrow night’s episode. Let’s all hold hands and get the tissues. I DON’T KNOW WHY, BUT JUST IN CASE.

  • Brunettepet

    You picked my three favorite moments for a shout out: Bonus moment was the Skype Date they had to watch Treme (which I can’t stand, sorry) and the timed handing over the bowl of popcorn as Kurt – on the other end – picks up a piece was too cute for words. I love that they’re in constant communication, even though it’s not the same. That was actually my favorite moment of all. The bit was inspired and made Kurt’s later inattentiveness even more poignant. Plus hate watching Treme! It’s the only way to do it.

    Becky pushing back always makes me happy and so does Kurt acknowledging that he is reading the Village Voice back page. He’s all about learning new things in the big city and it’s all exciting and time consuming and fun! Poor Blaine is being back burnered and he doesn’t deserve it but that’s what happens in long distance relationships.

    SJP was wonderful and I love how Kurt has become her immediate Midwest bestie. I’m also glad she’s being so sweet and enthusiastic. Kurt landed on his feet in that gig.

    I am really curious to see how the Finn/Kurt brothers by marriage relationship interferes with the Rachel/Kurt dynamic if Rachel chooses Body. Kurt is sure to be devastated on behalf of Finn and then might start wondering about this long distance thing with Blaine. Rachel and Finn were about to get married and now Rachel’s playing house with someone else…

    The song selection in this episode left me cold. I love Simply Red and Darren did a nice job but that song didn’t work for me. None of the songs were real winners. Oh, well, maybe next episode.

    Sorry for the hiatus, but I love baseball so we’re all about grilling hot dogs and cracking peanuts and swilling beer until the end of the World Series. Go team (I’m not saying who I’m rooting for because that always jinxes it.

    • Jane Lynch’s persistent smile as she waits for Becky to fall in line was my favorite part of that whole moment. I just watched Best In Show the other night and was reminded all over again how funny she is.

      I loooooove SJP and Kurt as BFF! He feeds a reminder of self to her, she brings him along with her ride to the top, and it’s just wonderful to see Kurt finally have awesome things happen to him. …even if it means Blaine is being put in the corner. (Nobody puts Blaine in the corner!)

      Oooh, I am looking forward to next week something fierce! (And I will not begrudge you your baseball happiness. But only because it’s you.)

  • Brunettepet

    As I’m watching the Rays/White Sox Game I realized I said Simply Red rather than Tears for Fears and I am so OCD I could not let that stand! Where is my 80’s brain? Oh, yeah, back in the 80’s!

    Of course you can’t judge my baseball fannishness! It’s TV, too.

    • Ha, I know you well enough (and my online bud) that I knew you had a slip of brain gears and didn’t want to call you out on that. :D I CANNOT JUDGE TV LOVES, IT IS TRUE!

      (Unless we’re talking Two and a Half Men or The Big Bang Theory. Then I judge.) ;D

  • justusunicorns

    I just noticed two things on a rewatch: First, Kurt refers to his dead aunt. I know that one aunt was originally going to be played by Anne Hathaway. Who was the protagonist in “The Devil Wears Prada”, to the Anna Wintour-based antagonist. If this is indeed the same aunt, I’m wondering if Ryan killed her off to give Anna Wintour a laugh – or a cackle.
    Second, during the Brochel make-out scene at the end they are playing “Moon River” in the background. You hear the lyrics “my huckleberry friend” . Just then our Huckleberry Finn knocks.
    Very clever, Glee, if these are intentional.

    • IDK about the first one, because if it’s not in the final edit, I don’t consider it canon. (Or saved as a Director’s Cut.) I know nothing about Devil Wears Prada, etc. so I can’t speak to that, but I DEF. think the Huckleberry Finn joke stands. :D

  • the other becki

    The beginning of the Sue/Becky scene is a recreation of a scene in Grease, isn’t it?

    • Well, Becky has notoriously gone off on a “xylophone jam” every time she gets to use it, and Sue shuts it down every time. THAT is definitely a recreation from Grease!

  • ComedyQuiche

    Argh, I am so behind on this season. I don’t have cable and have to watch online, so I read your reviews in the meantime, and honestly? Almost didn’t watch the eps. Your reviews are so fantastico, but the show seemed a bit lack luster, and indeed, had many cringe worthy moments. BUT! That said, I am glad I did watch, as it seems to be picking up speed as the eps go on.

    Moving on, pretty much everyone has said everything I thought. WEll, except one thing, and it is something you skipped in your recap: Brit and Sam’s friendship. I really, really, really hope it just stays and awesome, blonde bonding friendship….but the scene at the party for Blaine, when Sam and Brit chat? That was really sweet and supportive…and we all know how much Brit misses having a best friend. Just look how that turned out with Santana. Anyone think maybe the break up is actually Brittana? :(

    • I think this season is gearing up nicely! I REALLY enjoy all of the NYC moments. I’m not emotionally invested in the new crowd yet, so that could be why. But the NYC scenes (and anything with Blaine, I mean, a tiger doesn’t change her stripes, ha) are so engaging and fun.

      I didn’t skip the friendship? It was pointed out that they’re new BFFs last episode, and this episode I mention how sad Sam was to be left out? But I do like them hanging out. I need more of that to happen to be meatier. (And I do think it could be Brittana. Which would make me SAD because that’s less of a chance for Naya on my screen, and that is WRONG.)

  • Sarah

    Sorry, I didn’t clarify. You absolutely did cover it in the last episode recap. I just meant that one scene in this episode recap.

    Oh! Something I wanteed to mention and forgot: My mom watches this show. She likes it for the musics. She is a sweet, conservative, 63 Christian lady who loves people but gets uncomfortable with some of the more progressive/liberal (to her view) topics, homosexuality inculded. It took her a while to get used to the fact that for a year, I had a gay man as a roommate and she loves Kurt but always says ‘Did they have to make him GAY?”
    Well, the last time I was home we startes talking about Glee and she mentioned how sad it was that it seems Kurt doesn’t have time for Blaine and what will it mean for the two of them? I nearly fell over in shock! “Mom? Are you ACTUALLY UPSET about the fact that a GAY COUPLE may BREAK UP?” She stammered and blushed but that is -huge- progress for her…and it is thanks to the characterization of this show.

    • Pfft, no need to clarify! Just making sure it was out there, is all.

      OMG, I love so very much that your mom watches!! That is adorable. As for her “did they have to make him GAY” comment, have you ever watched (the fabulous, awesome, wonderful) show on, 1Girl, 5Gays? Even those guys marvel at how “very gay” Kurt Hummel is and that it’s on network television. (not in a derogatory way, just in a “Wow, that’s never been done before without it being insulting.” way)

      AND NOW YOUR MOTHER IS A KLAINE SHIPPER. This is like, the sweetest thing I have heard ALL DAY, and I started my day off with kitten memes, so what does that tell you!? Holy smokes, this is the loveliest thing! <3 Big hugs to your mom from me.

    • whisperyvoices

      Oh man, I’m just going to squeeze in here and give you and your mum a GIANT HUG! Our boys have certainly worked their way into the hearts and minds of many, making us more accepting and open minded. I have an aunt in her 70s who sometimes watches Glee with me – I’ve noticed subtle changes in how she reacts to Kurt & Blaine’s relationship ; in the past on diff shows [or in conversations about homosexuality], she’d get uncomfortable or look a bit miffed. But now it’s a non-thing that Kurt & Blaine are gay; we even had a mini-“argument” about Kurt & Blaine’s reactions/behaviours in DWS [she thought Blaine overreacted! HMPH!].

      Aik! This was just suppose to be a hug! ((( :) ))) Cheers to you and your mum!

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  • out_there

    I’m just saying a lot of trouble could be avoided if he just contacted a certain World’s Greatest Father and Congressman that we all know and love.

    You know, that’s totally where I thought the script/episode was heading, and then it became Will’s Brand New Dream. Would have made far more sense for it to be Burt, since it’s something he made speeches about and all.

    Oh, honey. You really shouldn’t have transferred from Dalton. Your parents are idiots for letting you.

    OMG, yes! There is teen romance, and then there is being a good parent and setting limits on your kids. These two things do not go hand-in-hand, but a balance of both will lead to happier kids in the long run.

    • I hope they haven’t forgotten that they made Burt “Best Dad Ever” Hummel a senator based on his support for the arts in high school in all of this “Will is once again unfulfilled…” stuff.