Glee 4.04 – The Break Up


(No exclamation today. And previously on Glee, here.)  This is when I wish we were still doing the Glee drinking game. Guys? Y’all know that the #1 Priority at Hey, Don’t Judge Me is that we don’t go Comic the Insult Dog on things. This show isn’t here “for me to poop on.” This show is here because I have watched since the pilot episode. I was excited by the buzz about the show and set my DVR up three months before the show even started airing.

I love the black humor, I love the broad humor. I love the self-deprecation for the entertainment industry, I love the heartfelt moments, and I love the characters. Certain characters in particular resonate with me because I either identify with their motivations or backgrounds, or because I can see where they’re going and that rings true for me as well.

And for the first time on this site, I am really upset. Ryan Murphy? You dropped a huge and important ball. Editors? You needed to push for clarification so the final product made sense. Fox Executives? Vague for rating’s sake is poor treatment of loyal and thoughtful fans such as myself. I think the actors did everything they could with what was given, the music was top-notch, and…the story fell apart (there wasn’t much to hold it together) for one couple in particular. Heavy sigh, guys; let’s talk.


Jake and Marley sit at a cafeteria table bonding over being poor as Blaine and Brittany watch them with heavy hearts, remembering what it felt like to be young and in love and excited. (Wow, jaded at 17/18?) Blaine comments on how he had so much hope and innocence back in the beginning with Kurt, and how every day was like Valentine’s Day. (Val-en-tine! BRB, sobbing.) Brittany says with a flash of brilliance, “We’re still young; shouldn’t we still be experiencing that?”

And you can see the wheel’s turning for young Mr. Anderson. (Don’t even think we’re not going to talk about his motivation at length, guys.)

In NYC, Rachel tells Kurt (who is making lunch) that she and Finn didn’t have sex – Kurt wore ear plugs just in case – and in fact, they didn’t even talk. They just laid there. Finn comes out and Corey Monteith? Camera Three. Hey. How you doon? Whatever you did this summer, never stop because I’ve always thought you were a handsome guy, but damn, son. You look amazing.

Kurt leaves to give them space, and Finn explains that he was in the army for 16 days and managed to shoot himself in the thigh with his gun, Rachel. (This is my rifle, this is my gun. This is for fighting, this is for fun.) He got a semi-honorable discharge and spent the next four months embarrassed and backpacking across Georgia. (Someone write the Honey Boo Boo crossover fanfic stat.)

Rachel is obviously frustrated with not knowing any of this, but she’s willing to make the best of things because he’s here now! In New York! And they can work together to make him a new dream. Finn, however, looks like he left his confidence in a moonshine still on Bleak Mountain.

Santana is home to do laundry (she built in a rule to only do it at home so she would have an excuse to see Brit.) and bitches about Kurt magically getting a job at from his WordPress blog linked to his Intagrammed outfits. I mean see-through rain coats? Cossack hats and capes? Whatevs.

I would like to applaud Ryan Murphy for his nod to continuity, though, because Brittany asks what I’ve been asking: Gloria Estephan (sans Miami Sound Machine) gave her money to live her dream in NYC. What gives with the college and the rah rah? Santana evidently likes cheering now more than dreaming. Well, she also likes how close she is to Brit. I suspect she also loves getting a proper education, knowing what we do about McKinley’s lack-luster attention to education. While she’s saying all of this, Brit is yawning. Turns out she’s joined a book club based solely on the Left Behind series of books, which is hilarious because those books are dreadful.

Kurt calls Blaine from work, and immediately has to put him on hold because he’s at work. Kurt? Camera Three. Honey, you are looking fabulous; whatever you’re doing with your hair, continue. Also, baby sugar angel love, don’t call people while you’re at work. Call when you’re on break. You can take a five minute break to text your boyfriend and say that you love him. Back to Camera Two.

Busy career boy. :( He looks so handsome throughout the whole episode, too.

Blaine is visibly upset and hurt that he can’t love all over his boyfriend on the phone, and we learn that Kurt seems to be missing phone dates (and we know from last week that it’s happening a lot) but for crying out loud. I know, Blaine’s a high schooler (grumble) and he’s needy. We’ve learned more about that this season, but that was all set in motion last year with Kurt saying he was proud of Blaine, and Blaine responding, “I want you to be” with his heart in his eyes, braced – as always – for rejection, his veneer of Dalton confidence gone completely.

He tells Kurt quickly that he misses him, he misses hugging him, messing around… Kurt misses it, too. And he doesn’t know when they’ll get to talk later, but Blaine will be there in two weeks, right? So…what, does Blaine hold his breath until then? Kurt doesn’t have an answer and he has to get back to the phones. He hangs up as Blaine tries to get out, “I love you.” Too late. Blaine? Camera Four. (This one is in my private office. It’s small, so come close. No, closer.) Honey sugar tight butt, this is reasonable. You have a perfectly good right hand, and you can deal with 14 days of no Skype sex, or whatever you boys are up to (I don’t want to judge).

I would like to remind everyone of Chandler-gate when it seemed that Blaine wasn’t putting out, and now he’s all Hands McDownYourPants. They must have had a good summer, wink.

Finn accompanies Rachel to her classes all day at NYADA and is happy for her. She’s clearly in her element, and this is what he wants for her. This is definitely not for him. The city is too big, moves too fast, and he doesn’t belong there. “I used to be the man of her dreams and now we’re not even in the same world.” Oh, FINNIGAN. Here, let me ease your heartache. Blaine? Move away from Camera Four, Finn needs me.

Finn and Blaine begin singing Duncan Sheik’s “Barely Breathing” and good lord, do their voices sound wonderful together! (Cory has been working hard on his vocals, is my guess, because he just sounds amazing, right?)Blaine tries calling Kurt again, and can’t get through. I want to point out that this is just later that same day. BLAINE: RIGHT HAND. Come on, there has to be a private place you can go. It’s like Blaine thinks Kurt is blowing him off? The lyrics of the song give that impression.

Which leads me to Ryan Murphy? Camera Five. (This is at a hip boutique, because he is going to buy me some fabulous shoes for putting me through this.) First, those weird booties give me cankles, and you cannot pull off a Mary Jane. Also? You cannot rely on the lyrics of the songs you pick to tell the story for you. You are not Sondheim. Also, you don’t do this consistently – ahem, Candles, ahem – and the lyrics to other people’s music don’t always fit. And I’ll take these Louboutins in teal.

NOW FOR THE HEARTACHE AND CONFUSION. Blaine, while Finn sings, takes himself to the empty choir room and pulls up Facebook. And some Lighthouse dude named Eli C. (C is for character assassination.) He pokes him. Eli texts back – look, just look at this.

YOUNG MAN I HAVE A BONE TO PICK WITH YOU (and do not let this Eli fool pick YOUR bone.)

Why. WHY? Why is this happening? Why are you doing this Blaine Warbler Anderson? What would Wes say? I have theories, but I do not LIKE having to come up with theories. This is weak writing. This is not weak acting, this is Ryan not giving them all the words to share with us.

In New York, the three amigos are ready to go out to a karaoke bar, even though Finn doesn’t think he should sing at all. A knock at the door and we see Blaine with apology flowers (I love flowers. I hate apology flowers.) Two dozen red roses and an overjoyed Kurt who is almost breathless with happiness that Blaine has surprised him two weeks early. Blaine just…really missed him. They kiss and Rachel plays piano and gets a hug in. (Will fandom ever forgive that piano? Probably not.)

At “Callbacks,” the karaoke bar, Kurt notices that Blaine seems off. Distracted. He just really missed Kurt, is all. Kurt says, “Your first night in New York! You’ll never forget this.” Hang on while I blow my nose, because Kurt? Neither will you.

Finn and Rachel bump into Body at the bar, and he’s clearly fishing for how their visit is going so far, and it’s pretty awesome to see that Finn knows what he’s doing, too. Rachel says that she wants to sing with Finn, but he pushes the job off onto Body. Rachel and Body climb up and sing a great version of Demi Lovato’s “Give Your Heart A Break.” Body? Stop with the breathless exclamations at the end of short bars. Otherwise, when you get to really sing, you sound wonderful! Finn sits, enamored with the talent that is Rachel Berry, but you can see the wheels turning there, too.

When they finish, Kurt declines a Sweeny Todd medly because he’s not warmed up, so Blaine says he’d like to sing something. Get ready for the most emotional song ever in the history of Glee, and that is saying something. (Okay, “I Dreamed A Dream” and TD are tied.) He sits at the piano and dedicates the song to Kurt, saying that this is the song he sang “the first time I ever met the love of my life.”

I just… Guess I don’t need my heart anymore because it is being ripped out of my chest. Blaine sings the Darren Criss version of “Teenage Dream” and it’s melancholy and wonderful and oh my god his voice is slipping and breaking all over the place because his emotions are just pouring out of him. Finn looks at the table, Rachel tries to give support by smiling, but she can’t keep it up, and Kurt sits stunned, not understanding what is happening. Oh my god, it is truly painful to see, and kudos, Darren Criss on a tremendously raw and honest performance.

I’m sorry, there appears to be an entire FOREST in my eye… BRB, SOBBING MORE.

He tries to not actually cry as he says the very last “Let you put your hands on me in my skin tight jeans.”

Allow me to extrapolate here, guys. First, Ryan? This is when you can let lyrics tell the story. But not the whole story. So we have Blaine all episode up to this point remembering Kurt (we’re told) in the beginning when they were first dating. And he sang a hugely flirty song to Kurt. Clearly. With nothing intended behind it (or he learned why Kurt was at Dalton and backed off flirting.) Then, Blaine sings another suggestive and flirty song to Jeremiah. We know that Blaine is needy, we know that when he’s overly emotional he wants physical affection.

And this is not uncommon for someone with maybe an abusive background? (I don’t think Mr. Anderson is a violent person like fandom does. I think the whole “He wanted to rebuild a car with me so I’d stop being gay” lends to an emotionally distant relationship, which is a form of abuse.) So Blaine needs physical reassurance that he’s okay. Kurt is who got past the walls of perfectionism that Blaine uses to survive, and now Blaine is exposed and no Kurt to help hold him together. He’s still a kid. And Blaine turns to physical affection and uses sex as love. (Not always, but it’s there.) At Scandals he’s super flirty and immediately wanted to have sex with Kurt right then. He lets Sebastian flirt with him, and doesn’t see it as a problem (because he needs to feel valued physically).

But when Chandler flirted with Kurt last season, that was too far. That was cheating. That was heartbreaking. I think he never got over that fear. I think he believes in an ugly, fearful place in his heart that will never really leave him that Kurt is going to be swept away by some amazing New York man and leave Blaine. Kurt has given no indication of this, but the mind plays tricks on you when you’re stressed and a little broken. And Blaine is a little broken.

“Let you put your hands on me.” Not want, not need, but let. This makes me really, really sad.

So the song ends, they’re walking back to the apartment, and Finn tells Rachel he’s not cut out for New York. “I’m not meant for this.” Finn wants to know if she had sex with Body, and no. They kissed, she’s honest about that, but she wanted him. Finn thinks she’d be better off with Body, not him

In the background, we see Blaine and Kurt walking and not talking. Then Kurt finally speaks up.

Something is rotten in Denmark.

Kurt: That was…moving. I’m kinda wondering why that was?

Blaine: I really missed you.

Kurt: But you’re emotional and weirdly sad. Please stop pretending that there’s nothing wrong.

Blaine: …I was with someone.

Kurt: (utter betrayal on his face) It was Sebastian, wasn’t it? (oh my heart, oh KURT.)

Blaine: No! But it didn’t mean anything. (YES IT DOES. Because as Burt Hummel said, you matter. What you’re doing to yourself matters.) It was just a hook-up, okay?

Kurt: Who was it? (he is just barely holding himself together at this point)

Blaine: It doesn’t matter who. I was by myself and I needed you! And you weren’t there. And I was lonely. (He crumples in on himself.) And I’m sorry.

Kurt: You don’t think I’ve been lonely? You don’t think that I’ve had temptations? But I didn’t act on it because I knew what it meant. It meant something horrible and awful… (he starts crying in earnest and walks off, devastated.)

And there goes the last piece of my heart, because what on earth is even happening? Clearly Blaine trying to put the blame on Kurt is his fear response kicking in and blame is the shortest way to deflect. It’s wrong, it’s unfair, but he’s a 17/18 year old kid, and given the lack of parental presence, he seems totally on his own. Well buddy, if you weren’t before, you will be now. (Oh my sweet baboo, what have you done?)

Finn starts singing “Don’t Speak” as the couples drift apart. Blaine sings “I really feel like I’m losing my best friend,” and let’s take that in: Kurt is his best friend. And the Hudmels come with Kurt. Blaine has just thrown all of that away for a hand-job (or who knows, my assumption is that “hook up” means orgasm).

The song continues, the four of them prepare for bed and climb in next to their once-partner, everyone looking devastated for individual reasons, they turn their backs on each other and go to sleep. In the morning, Finn tries to sneak out before Rachel wakes, but Kurt is sitting there, waiting for Blaine to come talk to him. “I kind of feel like I’m going to die,” Kurt says. Oh my god, get in my hug right now, baby angel boy! (ha) They hug, there’s not much to say, and at least that relationship is still something. Brothers! (BIOTA feels, omg. D:)

Time for some levity, and I really don’t want it. Me. I love levity. Levity is my middle name (which was awkward growing up). But mostly I just don’t care about Kitty and Jake and Marley, because I need to understand why after two flippin’ weeks Blaine hooks up with Craiglist. But the show hates me, so we have a Left Behind party where Kitty is awful (but The Book of Revelations predicting “Twitter, MSNBC, and unexplainable weather anomalies” is funny. Also, her calling Marley Tiny Boobies made me laugh.)

Dottie, the assistant to Mean Tina, isn’t sure she buys into this whole Rapture thing, gets tricked into going to the bathroom, and Kitty initiates the plan to have everyone lay out clothes like they are taken up to heaven and only Dottie, Brittany and Santana are left. Santana is all over this prank, even though she’s above that stuff now.) Dottie freaks out, Kitty points and “HA HA!’s” her, and Marley thinks it’s awful. Jake makes excuses and I don’t care, who is ELI C?!

Brittany points to a hyperventilating Dottie and tells Santana that that is what it felt like when Santana left her behind. Ouch.

Finn is back in Lima and stops in to see Will. In a nice nod back to Season One (there are several, and almost all are painful) he collapses against Will crying, overcome with the cards life has handed him. Sometimes Mr. Schue is a good teacher, and this is one of those times. He lets Finn stay and hang out in the choir room.

Blaine comes in (wearing an awesome sweater. I can’t help it, okay?) and Finn asks in a quiet and hurt voice, “Why’d you do that to him?” Just as softly but with even more pain, Blaine responds, “I…don’t know. I just– There’s no excuse. He won’t talk to me, and I don’t even know if we’re broken up.” Oh, boys. :(

All of the old guard is happy to see Finn, though, and aww, Sam! They’re cool bros. Will sets them all to thinking of what musical they should do that fall, and Finn comes up with the great idea of “Grease,” because everyone likes Grease! And it turns out he’s right.

Will goes home, happy to share with Emma that he got accepted to the Blue Ribbon Panel of Keeping Music and Stuff In Schools. I can’t remember the title. So…how about she pulls up stakes and joins him in DC for a few months? He throws out the reasonable, “it’s a sabbatical, you have tenure, you won’t lose your job.”

Which is all well and good, but Emma is amazing in this moment and says that she doesn’t want to sit in a hotel room all day while he lives out his dreams. And if Will thought she’d follow him around like an obedient puppy, then what the hell, Will? Good for you, Emma! I love that you are your own person, and you stand up for yourself. Will wants to talk about it.

“We just did. You just didn’t like what I had to say.” Emma? Camera Three. Even in that ridiculous flamingo pin you are a magnificent beast. Well said.

Things are a little upside down and topsy-turvy at where a stressed out Kurt is on the phone, staring at a bouquet of roses. And they’re the roses. The yellow and red roses he gave Blaine last year. (No sign of a Filbert spray, I noted.) There’s a card where Blaine has drawn himself into a dog house.

“Kurt, I’m so sorry. Please forgive me. XO XO XO Blaine.”

A coworker notices the flowers. “Flirt or apology?” Apology. “Is he cute?” The cutest. And Kurt drops the card into the trash bin. Just like I believe that Connor showed up at Armageddon to fight at his father, Angel’s side (Angel the Series, and that is one of the greatest shows ever), I believe with all of my heart that Kurt fished that card out before it could be carted away. And he smoothed it with his hand, and his tears fell on it, and he was mad and sad and he put it away in the back of a picture frame where the Dalton school picture of Blaine resides. And here come the water works again. :(

The girls in happier times. :(

But the real crying was saved for this scene, guys. Santana surprises Brittany at school and sings “Mine” to her. Brittany gets choked up at “She is the best thing that’s ever been mine” and so did I, and Heather Morris? Camera ME. (I’m patting my lap.) Your lip wobble hurt my soul. This was your finest acting for the whole season. Santana’s crying, I’m crying, and Brit says, “Sad songs make me feel really sad. I don’t want to feel sad.”

Santana is a thing of beauty here. She loves Brit. She’s also quite mature about the state of things. They can’t see each other all the time. Things are never going to be like they were. (She’s not wrong.) And she doesn’t want them to hang on for the sake of hanging on. “Both people aren’t getting what they need. Especially at our age.” And Brittany starts crying in earnest. “This sounds a lot like a break up to me.”

“You know I will always love you the most,” Santana says, barely holding it together. She gives Brit a peck on the lips and they hold each other, and Brittany absolutely loses it and I am teared up just writing this. I hope y’all appreciate that I have to watch these things multiple times so we can talk about it. YOU’RE WELCOME. I accept thanks in the form of kitten blankets and chocolate hot tubs, because that is what I need to deal, here.

Blah blah Marley, Jake, and Kitty and Kitty is awful and terrible and Jake – who just said that Kitty makes him feel awesome and he doesn’t get made fun of, so Marley can shut it – defends Marley and her mom and says Kitty better cut it out, or he’ll break up with her.

Kitty: I’m like a bad Carrie Underwood song when–

Jake: THEN JESUS, TAKE THE WHEEL. [Bails out of that ship]

And no one really cared, because it’s just been twenty minutes over a month, you know? MEANWHILE I HAVE ACTUAL CONCERNS, MR. MURPHY.

Rachel has evidently flown out to Ohio, and how are these poor kids affording all of these plane tickets at the last minute? That shit is expensive, yo. She finds Finn on the stage, mentions that it was where they first met, they first kissed, and where Finn proposed. It’s their Jerusalem – war-torn and filled with painful history.

And by the way, Finnigan? She hated you for the whole train station thing. But she realized that it must have been incredibly hard on him to do that. And…that’s what a man does. And how a man loves. But sneaking out to go back to high school? Uh… Not so much. And in another awesome moment of female power, she says the following:

“I don’t need you to give me my freedom. I am a grown woman! I don’t need you to hide from me. No matter how famous, rich and successful I become–” Let’s point out how awesome it is that she knows she is going to make it. “–with you I’m always going to be that moon-eyed girl. You were the first boy that made me feel loved, and sexy, and visible.” 

Rachel Berry, you just summed up first love in the most wonderful, perfect, and painful way. That is just what it is. Also, those thigh-high sex kitten boots make your legs look CRAY-MAYZING. Sorry, off track.

“You are my first love! And I want – more than anything – for you to be my last. But I can’t do this. Now now. We’re done.”

Ryan? Camera Twenty (this is at a bar where we’re on our second bottle of wine, and I might be getting a little sloppy.) I believe in my heart of hearts that you are a Finchel and Klaine endgamer. I do not want to trust you, not after the cheap shot and character assassination you forced on Darren/Blaine. But hombre, you better prove the haters wrong. Because you can really pull it out at times, and this was one of those times. This and Britanna. And you’re picking up the tab. And I’m ordering another bottle of Rothschild.

She leaves Finn with encouragement to find his own path, because she still believes in him, and Finn begins to sing Coldplay’s “The Scientist” with Blaine and then Santana coming in. Soon, we have all four couples that mattered singing along (Wemma, Klaine, Britanna, Finchel) and I’m doing okay, everyone sounds lovely and I remembered how much I love Emma and Will’s voices together and they just have to put the knife in deeper.

Flashback to Rachel and Finn’s first kiss on that very stage, and how young they look and then WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME with the Dalton slow-mo run through an empty hall where everything in Kurt’s life changed with the touch of a hand, and even Will and Emma’s first kiss resonates and I’m just a mess, guys.

I can deal with break ups, I think it’s realistic for people this age. I do. I can buy Kurt and Blaine breaking up because long distance is hard. (I’m living this, so you know, and have for 8 years now. It is hard.) But the cheating…I’m having to squint and bend and twist things, and that is not my job as a viewer to do the heavy lifting. The other break ups made sense. (I don’t think Wemma is done, so you know. They’re just in a fight.) But Finn and Rachel? I think it’s a good thing. Same with Brittany and Santana, even though that one really hurts.


But. Guys, talk to me. What do you think? Let’s not bash, let’s definitely not bash on characters, let’s try and figure this out. What’s going on in your mind?

(And a reminder that I am/many of our readers are SPOILER FREE for what’s to come, so let’s leave things as speculation, okay?  Thank you for respecting that. )

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  • Katrijn

    wow that was a really good recap, I shared like all your emotions :) I was wondering, you are unspoiled right (kuddos to you, I wish I could do it), don’t you wish you knew a Klaine break-up (we don’t even know if they are) was really coming and that Blaine cheated? It is just something I wanted to know because I think I would die from all the emotions if I watched that episode unspoiled…
    I really think the writers made some weird choices here, I would never consider Blaine a cheater (Kurt neither but you know..).
    What I do kind of appreciate is that we don’t get a definite end like Finchel and Brittana got. That means we will come back and talk about it and find out what Blaine actually did because that’s just a huge question for me.

    • Thank you *hugs* – and as for wanting to know spoilers… You know, I personally don’t. I don’t flip to the last page of books, either. I’m an escapist, I guess you’d call it, and I like to be fully immersed in what I’m reading/watching/experiencing. The bad surprises and the good ones get my heart pumping, my blood racing. It’s an honest feeling of being alive, I suppose, and I wouldn’t trade that for anything, even when it hurts. I soak up emotional experiences, though, and have since I was young and performing on stage. Basically, I’m odd. :)

      As for the writers… Ryan Murphy is the only one credited (I’m almost positive they didn’t add anyone in the end credits, but I could be wrong there) and this was a case off too much too soon. Kurt left in 4.01, and three weeks later Blaine can’t take it? I mean, high school aside, that’s forced. And I think it was done simply to accommodate a story line to end on a cliffhanger before hiatus, which is shoddy.

      I am INCREDIBLY GLAD that we still need to see more happen with them, because I always want those characters on my screen. But there needed to be at least an episode in between 4.1 and 4.4 to make this make SENSE. Because now, it doesn’t. Blaine cheating after three weeks? That’s hard for me to buy, period. I could see it after a while, quite honestly, even if I don’t want that to ever happen. But honestly, the distance could have been enough for them to break up. It’s REASONABLE. This extra monkey wrench…it’s hard.

      So what do you think will happen after hiatus? *tucks blanket around you* ;)

      • Unless there is evidence otherwise, I am assuming timing on the show is a little wonky and there has been a larger amount of time passed than the three weeks we have seen… (or at least that is what I am telling myself…)

      • “Kurt left in 4.01, and three weeks later Blaine can’t take it? I mean, high school aside, that’s forced. And I think it was done simply to accommodate a story line to end on a cliffhanger before hiatus, which is shoddy.”

        Unless there is evidence otherwise, I am assuming timing on the show is a little wonky and there has been a larger amount of time passed than the three weeks we have seen… (or at least that is what I am telling myself…)

        [GRAH HTML!]

        • You know, up until now, the show has been “this is the time frame, what you are experiencing at home.” So unless they explicitly say more time has passed, I have to assume it hasn’t. (And I’m still going to need filler to understand the motivation behind Blaine’s decision – he said “I love you” and then hours later hooked up with someone, and we know this by virtue of his wardrobe as well as Finn’s.)

          …that sounds like I’m jumping on you, and I don’t intend to. I’m frustrated by a season that has had stellar writing and an episode that dropped a MAJOR ball.

          • No no! Not a problem – completely sympathise and empathise with the frustrations! It’s… yeah still new and I am trying to process stuff still :/

      • Katrijn

        I totally am a person to go to the last page of a book, I mean, I start reading The Hungergames series and I just go to the last book to read the last page so you know ;) The only book recently I haven’t done it with was The Land Of Stories since I was pretty sure it would end happy :)
        As for what I think will happen after the hiatus, I would really like to answer but I have read some spoilers and whether they are correct or not, what I answer will definitely reflect what I’ve read so far so yeah…
        But you know, since I had known what would happen in episode 4 that was also my big concern. In the first one Blaine is all supportive and only 3 weeks later he cheats? That’s just really unbelieveable I think. I would’ve bought it more had there been more time in between.. But like you said, it was a great cliffhanger.
        The spoilers said there would be a cliffhanger in the episode and I just knew that we wouldn’t know what happened with Klaine.. Ah well, at least I still get to say my OTP is still together, because as long as I don’t hear the words we’re done, it’s not over for me :D

        • Your thoughts on Blaine are my thoughts on it, too. My hope is that a few more episodes in, we all see things clearly. (Even though that sucks.) And ha – I don’t think you’re alone with that sentiment that they’re not REALLY broken up. I don’t know that I agree. I just need more show to figure things out. :(

  • Lisa

    Admittedly, I tend to watch Glee casually and more to snark than to amaze-love, but I enjoyed the episode. More than usual actually.

    And, in a rarity, I didn’t hate anyone (except the girl pimping the “Left Behind” claptrap, but in that case I’m intended to hate. So it’s all good.)

    • Like Kurt and Blaine hate-watch Treme? ;)

      I thought this was a successful episode on many fronts, BARRING THE BLAINE ASSASSINATION. Well, that might be too strong, but right now it doesn’t feel that way. I don’t hate Kitty, and I think she can be funny, but that was 7 minutes devoted to a storyline that didn’t matter that would have been better served if given to the main characters. =/

      • Lisa

        I think it may be that as a casual viewer (I’ve actually forgotten what night it was on this season), I’m less aware of the time frames involved. I didn’t know how long Blaine and Kurt had been separated until I read it here. I was floating along with the thematic thing about the problems of distance relationships and the post-high school relationship problems that crop up when kids start college.

        I can see that if you really love a couple and are actually keeping track, it plays as quite rushed, painful, and problematic, though.

        • Well, as I mentioned in an above comment, we have Blaine in the early part of the day saying I love you, I miss holding you, etc., and then just hours later, after trying to call Kurt again to get across that same sentiment, takes it upon himself to hook up with some guy.

          I mean, that was the time frame for this episode. Which…is weird.

          And the whole point of this site is that we (the writers) are, well, not rabid fangirls, but truly dedicated (and unashamed) fangirls. So.

          • Lisa

            I’m betting that in the end Blaine goes to the same school as Rachel, so that the Blaine/Kurt pairing isn’t done-done, just on hiatus.

            • From your lips (and fandom’s, too) to God’s ears. (AKA Mr. Murphy.)

              I really do believe he’s an Endgamer, though, and I hope that they spend several episodes on the arc where they end up TOGETHER. But Blaine is going to have a LOT of work to do. (Which, as an actor would be awesome.)

  • teabee

    The main thing going on in my mind is that Darren Criss is such an underrated actor, and I hope this signals an actual metric ton of good stuff coming his way. Because he will knock it directly out of the park.

    To the other point – the cheating thing makes no sense unless there is a planned storyline of just what dark drama is going on in that boy’s brain. I sincerely hope they don’t drop the ball on that one.

    • Boy, Darren Criss ain’t underrated by me, that’s for sure. I think he’s wonderful. (Ditto Lea, Chris, Naya and this episode, Heather.) I want that kid to be the biggest success ever, because he’s just ridiculously talented. (And apparently a truly nice person, which is always lovely to hear.)

      My hope is that-like with Santana- they tell us what happened with all of that. It’s not going to make these next 4 weeks easy, but yeah. THEY REALLY NEED TO DO SOME ‘SPLAININ.

  • Katy

    Now, I’m not the biggest Finchel fan, but the scene on the stage? Crying. You go Rachel being all empowered and awesomesauce and this scene makes me love you more and wish you the best ever.

    I just want to shake Mr. Murphy shouting “characterization” and “continuity”.

    • I loved loved LOVED Rachel on that stage. Talk about character growth! That was a wonderfully empowering moment for young female viewers. <3

      Mr. Murphy fell right into the TELL part of SHOW, DON'T TELL. You have to put ALL OF THE WORDS on the page, sir. :(

  • First thoughts:
    – Blaine is still a good person underneath, just is going through some pretty serious mental health problems that helped leading him to make a very bad decision. I’m really hoping to see character development to help explain why this happened… AdamPascalFan has left IMO a very eloquent comment here that echoes a lot of my thoughts…
    – (Side note: I wonder where he met this guy?)
    – I really needed some more resolution, but I suspect it was a deliberate decision to leave it on a cliffhanger :(
    – I really loved Rachel in this episode; Lea’s acting was wonderful and that speech was so well done.
    – Speaking as a Brit – what does hookup actually mean? Could it be “just” kissing? Or does it definitely mean orgasms were involved?

    • Oh, AdamPascalFan is always good for some excellent thought in comments, right? <3

      We definitely need explanations for why the character made the choices that he did. I mean, I can squint and come up with my own reasons all day long, but in the end, I need the SHOW to explain it.

      WHERE DID HE MEET ELI? Eli is in Lima! Um… WHAT.

      Lea is just fabulous. She’s another person that makes me happy to know that I will watch her career get better and better with everything she does. I love what she’s bringing to Rachel this season, especially.

      Re: hook up. See, when I was a teen *mumble* years ago, that just meant making out. Gen Millennial? I think it means orgasms. =/ There’s another clarification that I could use, too.

  • mollie

    Wow. Just wow. I need to watch it again, because there was so much going on.

    Interesting what you said about Blaine and the ‘clues’ to his being abused.

    And I sure agree with you about Corey Monteith. He looks wonderful.

    Of all the breakups and possible breakups (I HOPE Blaine and Kurt can mend things and I loved Finn’s question to Blaine “Why’d you do that to him?” Brothers. Really brothers. And I agree with you about Emma and Will) the one that finally made me cry was Santana/Britt. So very well done. Heather Morris was sensational. (oh, and I like it that she has sung a couple of times this season already!) That lip wobble undid me, too.

    We have what, almost a whole month now, to let the dust settle and wonder how things are going to shake out? I am a Grease fan too – as far as the music is concerned, anyway, and I’m rather looking forward to the performance.

    As usual, Laura, as usual, you did a terrific job with your recap.

    I’m sniffling again, seeing Kurt’s eyes fill with tears.

    • Now, I’m obviously speculating on Blaine and any motivation behind him need to use physical affection as a vehicle for love (and he doesn’t do that all the time) but I’m having to think through hoops to make any of this make SENSE.

      Mr. Monteith. I mean. Rawr. And Heather Morris utterly shattered my heart with her emotions right there, so painful and real. When an actor can just get something so moving across, it just guts me. (In the best of ways, because oh how I love to be moved!)

      Oh, how fandom is going to flip out this hiatus… But I will stay stalwart and true! And I love that you’ll be here with me! <3 (Thank you, by the way.)

  • darkhawkhealer

    You know, I don’t know that I would call this character assassination. If we’re going on the premise that he’s a teenaged boy and that species as a whole tends to make questionable decisions AND that he’s used to being the center of attention/ the one that everybody loves?

    I can see it.

    I’m not condoning it, but I think that nobody really knows how they’re going to deal with fidelity until the first time it’s actually an issue instead of an abstract concept.

    I haven’t watched the show in a while (I’ve just been reading your recaps), and I hear that’s a good thing because from what I heard, Naya’s performance was just HEARTBREAKING, and she’s my favorite character and I’d have been in tears. *nodnodnod*

    This is why I make you do all the hard work. *nodnod*

    Also, according to my teenaged brother and the three friends who happen to be loitering at my house, a hook up means somebody had to shower afterwards. *nod* So if Blaine said “It was just a hook up,” he meant “It was just sex.”

    So there you go, FWIW. *G*

    • I call it character assassination with a touch of hyberbole. I think – if Ryan & Co. do their due diligence in the eps to come and explain it, I can buy it. If they do the work. Because in the time line of the show, it was hours after professing his love to Kurt, and Blaine is ultimately a pleaser, has perfectionism issues, and a strong need to get approval. That’s a huge step in such a short time. But that doesn’t mean I can’t buy it happening (if, say, he’s been chatting with this guy for a bit. If there was something this summer that left a feeling of resentment? Because right now things do not add up.)

      But I, as always, remain open-minded to where the writers want to go. It just needs to be SHOW and not a whole lot of TELL.

      Oh my god, Naya KILLED it. Heather KILLED ME. It was incredibly moving and tender and MATURE and heartbreaking.

      I figured hooking up mean someone climaxed, and most likely they both did. I would love for it to turn out to be Blaine kissing some guy and then having a realization that it’s wrong, yadda, but I’m not holding my breath on that one.

      (I’m not opposed to them breaking up, mind. I just have SERIOUS QUALMS about this motivation.)

  • ravelqueen

    I definitely agree with you that it was basically lazy writing and I hate that the writers are making us do the heavy work, making us work Blaine’s motivations out by ourselves right now.

    And I will, because I love Blaine and I want to continue loving him. And if I think about ways why he could have done it, I can come up with things (there are beautiful meta posts going around on tumblr, about Blaine and depression and isolation and his non-visibility at McKinley, particularily this one) but I shouldn’t have to

    What makes it even worse is that they had a conflict already established. I thought after watching makeover that they did that really well, the loneliness and insecurity (because I agree with you – I think Blaine always believed that Kurt would leave him after finding someone better).

    So I just don’t understand why they needed to shoe horn a cheating subplot in there. I don’t know if I can trust the glee writers to actually deal with it in a way that makes me understand that character decision, because I’ve seen what they’ve done to Quinn time and time again.

    As things stand, I think Blaine was hurting a lot more than Kurt understood and he didn’t have anyone to reach out to for help, because he is alone in Lima. And in this downward spiral, he believed, absolutely believed that Kurt would break up with him, that it is just a matter of when.

    So he reached out for physical contact, because he doesn’t have it anymore, there is nobody left to just touch him in any way, in the worst most self destructive way he could have. Not because he wanted sex, but just because he wanted to feel seen and not so alone.

    • We should not be piecing together so much information. I don’t need to be spoonfed – I love British television because it treats me like a thinking adult – but this is a LOT of work we’re expected to do – and no direction to work, you know? We don’t have all of the information to know how to think about this.

      I will love Blaine, too. (And in the interest of fairness and honesty, I *am* Blaine. I get his motivations for almost every action he’s had since we met him on the staircase. And I can get cheating, too. I just can’t understand the SPEED, the timing of it.) I’ve been avoiding Tumblr for so long because of spoilers that I don’t even know where to go anymore. I do worry that I’m going to stumble across hate, and I just can’t deal with that.

      I love this show. I love these characters. I want to keep loving them. I don’t want to excuse things, but I want to understand and come out on the other side every bit as happy that it’s Glee Night as I did before.

      And you and I are like minded here: there was a reason built in. One that is REAL and makes sense, even if it hurts for Klainers. the only thing I feel like I can contribute to allay your fears about Quinn-treatment is that Ryan loves Klaine. I don’t think he ever had a real emotional connection with Quinn to know what to do there. This is going to get attention. This is going to be the season’s overall arc, I think.

      Blaine was def. hurting more than Kurt knew. More than WE knew. =/ I don’t think it was about sex, either – it ties in with what Rachel said to Finn on stage: he wanted to be VISIBLE. He wanted to be sexy to someone. [points to texts] and he kept trying all day to get that from Kurt (not to mention the other times) and hey, there was Lighthouse ready to see him and validate him, if only for a short time. *chokes up all over again*

      • ravelqueen

        yes I mean why I love British television is because the implied things make sense not because it’s choose your own adventure.

        I was spoiled for the break up and I was actually in the minority of I don’t mind if they break up for a bit, because I liked the possibility of developing Blaine a bit more as a character in his own right.

        And I was so optimistic after “Makeover” that we’d get a realistic break up that the way they did it here just hurt me more. I don’t mind hurting because of dramatic story lines, I watch Supernatural for heavens sake, but hurting because unrealistic things happen completely out of left field? Yeah, I’m not prepared for that.

        I hear you re: Blaine, I identify with him a lot especially on the whole internalization. Even though my infidelity feelings in real life are very narrow, because I agree with what Blaine said (seriously writers do you even listen to yourself) in DWS: Before you cheat you on someone you should talk to them, the meta I linked made an excellent point: Blaine tried to tell someone, but he couldn’t get anyone to listen. And that just makes it hurt more.

        I really hope they make it a longer arc that goes into dealing with Blaine’s myriad emotional issues of inadequacy AND gets him to have an actual social life and acceptance in ND.

        Re:tumblr: I may only follow quality people, but my dash is about 2/5 quitting glee, because this is the last straw and the rest is complaining about lazy writing, but there is no character hate going on, only trying to find a way to fit it into Blaine’s character.

        Because, like it or not, this is canon now. If I read a fic where someone acts OOC or where a trop like criminal!klaine is explored I can enjoy that just fine. But because at the end of it I can go back to the actual Kurt and Blaine. And for better or worse (well for worse) this is Kurt and Blaine from now on.

        • “the implied things make sense not because it’s choose your own adventure.” I just made a ridiculously loud snort.

          I suspected this was coming, then when I saw the episode title I figured it would be both of the NYC couples, because it just reflects reality. I don’t mind hurting for stories, either. I actually love a good cry! But I want it to be earned.

          I noticed this season that my Glee reader #s were WAY down, and I figured a lot of people were quitting the show. I don’t see that happening for me. I think they’ll explore this more and it will be compelling television. I think there’s a huge part of fandom that really hates conflict and wants things to be happy and perfect all the time, but that makes for boring television. But you are 100% correct right that this is our canon now, and we have to add this to the characterization. I’m excited to see where Darren takes this (and Chris, too) though.

  • pyrofloss

    My tuppence for this, because I’ve already had my rant over on tumblr and I’m not emotionally up to a rehash is that I agree with you utterly about making us do all the heavy lifting and that it was totally unnecessary for a break-up to occur.

    For me, the way it came about felt very false. It felt contrived. I could see Blaine breaking up with Kurt because he thought that was the right thing, like he sent him off to New York in the first place. I could even see him cheating in a situation like we had with Sebastian last season, someone coming along when we were much further into him lonely and feeling young and left behind, someone making him feel wanted and noticed and important. Making him other than attention-starved. I’m just having a lot of problems with Blaine actively seeking someone out to do this. It just doesn’t fit for me.

    • I disagree on one point: I can buy them breaking up. I remember what it was like to have a boyfriend off in college and be back home. A few years down the road, I remember what it was like to have a boyfriend 5 hours away while I was in college. And…I did what Blaine did. (Obviously there’s more to that story that’s not for this site. :D) But there were reasons why I did it. And in Real Life, we know what’s in our own heads. On a TV show, we need to see why because we aren’t privy to their thoughts like we are our own. And that’s where RM dropped the ball, and in a hugely awful way.

      This doesn’t fit with what I thought I understood about the character, either, and I REALLY thought I got Blaine Anderson. There simply has to be an explanation to come. Otherwise the story has failed, and what’s the POINT of telling a story if you’re not going to tell ALL OF IT?

      • pyrofloss

        Sorry, bad word choice. I meant for *the* break up, not *a* break up. I can utterly see that. They both need to grow up a bit and learn about adult relationships and doing that apart can work as well as doing it together sometimes. I only know one couple who made it through Uni living apart and they just got married. Everyone else failed within a year. It is hard. I could see them trying to be friends til Blaine turns up in New York next year and then they can never just be friends (sorry, Buffy reference).

        I don’t understand why they thought the cheating was necessary. I don’t know why they thought it was okay to set it up that way. I don’t think it’s our job to do *that much* work. I’ve had a lot of problems with how they write Blaine for a while, it feels sometimes like you have to reassess him in every separate episode.

        • Fandom means never having to say you’re sorry. Wait, no, that’s Twilight. ;D

          I think the focus on any interaction between them needs to be their friendship. First and foremost, that is going to be HARD, because they were best friends before they dated. Oh, how horrible this all is! (Which makes for amazing television, if they get to tell their story.)

          Don’t apologize for Buffy references in a post where I throw out Angel/Connor mentions! :D YOU ARE WITH FAMILY HERE.

          This is honestly the first time I’ve struggled with Blaine and how he’s being written. I mean that honestly. I’ve bought everything up until this (and again, I want to reiterate that I think the actors did an amazing job with what they were given. I just don’t 100% love what they were given.)

          • pyrofloss

            I agree. I think they’ve lost a lot of what made them so close, what made them best friends. I think they need to remember why they were so close in the first places (y’know, when they talked about everything). They need to learn how to share their lives in this new set up again. To deal with quite how broken Blaine really is and his issues (maybe we could remember all the crap he’s supposed to have been through?) and start to heal.

            (Then I say to you: Occasionally, I’m callous and strange)

            I think that could have been drama enough. I think with this cheating thing, there needs to be an awful lot more done to get past it. I think if they don’t really resolve the trust issues that are bound to come out of this and if they don’t give us a damn good reason why he did it, I’m going to have a real problem. I think the actors do incredible work, but I think that also only goes so far. If this were a something I was proofing for someone there would be serious words about characterisation and consistency.

            • Ha, this definitely got me to yell out my Beta-Critique of “TELL ALL THE WORDS.”

              I think they’re setting us up for the rest of the season. I think it’s going to take multiple episodes to get all of this out there, so I’m okay with that. I just want them to get all of the story out there.

              • pyrofloss

                Seriously. I would never, ever beta for the Glee writers. Unless they would actually listen in which case I totally would.

                I think they are setting it up. I’m just not sure I’m going to go along with it? I’m reserving judgement at the moment (I did only see the thing about 3 hours ago) but I’m really not interested in the new characters and I think I’m going to give it a few weeks to see how people I trust like your lovely self think they’re doing with dealing with this fallout before I watch it. To see if they actually are and they’re not just making another one of their PSA-style eps that are never followed up.

                This is supposed to be fun and if it’s making me angry instead then I think it’s time to stop and go frolick solely in fic. For sanity and stuff.

                (I am attempting to be rational, is it working?)

                • (hahaha! You’re almost there on the 100% rational train! Hold me a seat. ;D)

  • wowbright

    I wasn’t expecting Blaine to cheat, but it didn’t shock me, either. He has read to me as clinically depressed with intimacy issues for a while (that’s from the show, not Blangsty fanfic) – like, at least a season. He doesn’t believe he deserves or can have good things. So it makes me believe that he would do something desperate (1) out of the belief that Kurt couldn’t possibly really love him and

    • I’m not going to get into any medical diagnoses because Glee doesn’t do that well (and armchair psychiatry is my Hoarders day job. :D I kid, I kid.)

      I think Blaine is a perfectionist. I think he has a need for approval and to please, and I hope we get some more back story on why that is. Meeting Cooper was a great insight into why he does what he does.

      It’s also important to remember that he’s a senior in high school. They’re not generally known for making smart or healthy decisions.

      (I think you got cut off there?)

    • wowbright

      (2) to prove to himself that Kurt shouldn’t.

      So I am comfortable with what happened in the sense that it doesn’t ruin the character for me, and makes clearer things that I suspected. But wow, did I ever sob through that episode and afterward.

      • The character isn’t ruined for me, either. I’m frustrated with the lack of focus on telling a complete story. There should have been an episode (or more before the Blaine/Finn song) building up the tension.

        Oh, did I cry! (And surprisingly it was more for Brittany crying in the choir room than anything else!)

        • wowbright

          For my needs, I didn’t need any more tension built up. Last week’s episode did that all for me. Not being spoiled, I finished that episode all, “Oh, no, Blaine’s gonna do something stupid to push away Kurt, isn’t he?” So I guess we all watch the show a little differently.

          My psychology teacher used to say I was free to do armchair psychiatry, but only on fictional characters. So I just run with it ;D

          And YES. So much of what was going on with Kurt and Blaine last week and this has made me go, “Wow. They are so young.”

  • Karen

    So glad to have found your blog and your fics! I agree with all that you’ve said and it has made me feel better after being so upset about the character assassination of Blaine. One of my fears is that in the next episodes, Blaine comes back and acts at school as if nothing is wrong…just happily singing with ND and working on the musical. How many times have we seen that happen with Quinn and Santana (after her coming out) because the writers won’t take time to really delve into reasons behind characters’ actions or show how events can affect them for more than a few hours? Sometimes I get the feeling that in the process of shifting each episode to a different writer, they all just put forth the new plot for the week without considering previous events.
    Anyhow… Don’t want to completely dwell on the negative so I’ll say that I loved most of the songs in this episode. Don’t Speak and Teenage Dream are just haunting me and it’s a dreary, rainy day here so it’s hard to escape the sadness from last night! Gonna find a happy movie and enjoy a good glass of wine to wash out the bad Glee taste in my mouth. Or maybe put on “Original Songs” and pretend that last night didn’t happen!

    • Welcome aboard!! As for Blaine acting tra la la in future episodes, one thing I believe firmly in is that Darren Criss takes acting and character building seriously. This is a part of the Blaine makeup, and he isn’t going to pretend that it isn’t, even if the script isn’t screaming things at us. He’s a wonderfully subtle physical actor, and gives a lot of cues to the character with his eyes, how he carries himself, and so on. I have faith! Trust Snape! Blaine! (Not to mention that Ryan is in love with Klaine and will want to play more with those actors.)

      I think you bring up a great point about shifting directors and writers, and how things fall through the cracks. This director has been in charge of a few episodes that didn’t ring emotionally true for a lot of fans.

      And the music? *kisses fingers* I thought it was all amazing. Every song. And was so happy to hear Blaine and Finn sing together – they sound fantastic as a duet.

      I will join you with the wine, but I think I’m going to re-read some old fanfic favorites. :D

  • Fabrisse

    Everybody looked wonderful. Everyone broke my heart.

    And if Ryan Murphy doesn’t fix it after the mini-break, I will be getting in the line to bitch-slap him. *sigh*

  • Many Rainbows

    Yes, even I, the one with a heart of stone, nearly cried at this ep (i have only TRULY cried for one episode- where Quinn has her baby- but for personal reasons). I love my Klaine too much to see them break up for realsies :(

    I really didn’t like the “Blaine cheated because Kurt wasn’t there for him”, not because it was unrealistic that it would happen, just, like you said, it happened so FAST. I mean, we already knew Blaine was feeling alone (after his realization last episode I think it was, that he only came to McKinley because of Kurt). If we could have gotten a little more of him just feeling alone, I don’t know, maybe posting to his Facebook about “What is going on? Why am I still here? I did all this for Kurt and he doesn’t seem to appreciate me” type stuff and seeing this Eli comforting him in the comments.. basically, a bit more lead up, rather than going from him trying to tell Kurt “I love you” and suddenly he is running off to this Eli guy. THEN I would believe it more. Oh well :\

    And Darren Criss wrote a real sweet note to his fans on facebook yesterday.

    I thought this was real sweet and touching and one reason why I love him- he really does love his fans and think of himself as “one of us” rather than being above us, and AUGH! I ? him!!!

    • I tell you what, that Darren Criss is a class act. Nothing more awesome than another fan making it. I love that he gets fannish-culture.

      And yep – I still think the time line in this episode is all wrong. not enough information to go on AT ALL. I think that’s why people are so frustrated. I think most people can buy a break up happening, much as that’s hard for two beloved characters, but the speed and reasoning don’t add up.

  • Kathy

    Not gonna lie, my face hurt from the sad. Discouraged, disappointed, disgusted (fake rapture, really?) and then Hemo crying? Truly the
    Most depressing ep, EVER! Darren was beyond emotional, and I think his Facebook remarks (holy out of character, Batman) tell us a little bit about how he reacted to it all. I feel bereft, and this truly just ran me over. If you are old enough to remember, this is how I felt when ER’s Dr Mark Greene died. It’s exhausting to love a TV character this much. AND we still need more than 10 second reaction from Kurt. It will be a LONG hiatus.

    • My face and HEART hurt from the sad! (I’m sure it’s the same for you, too.) I have a few TV moments that brought me to absolute body-wracking sobs. When Hawkeye (M*A*S*H) remembers that it *wasn’t* a rooster he told that woman to silence (oh my god, I could choke up just thinking of that). When Starbuck’s (BSG) ship blows up. (Oh my GOD I jumped to my feet and screamed.) And when Jane Lynch said, “I love my sister” in 2.21, Funeral. The look on Heather Morris’ face (and Chris Colfer’s face as he takes in what was just said to him) are ranking on the list, now.

      I was trying to explain to a non-fannish friend why people get so emotional about TV characters. We invite these “people” into our homes every single week. We share their lives with them, their stories, triumphs, failures, laughing when they laugh, crying when they cry. We talk about their experiences to each other at work, online, chatting at the grocery store. It’s an intimate relationship, whereas with movies, it’s not in our house. It’s not every Tuesday we’re spending time with this family/person/cast.

      When things happen like in 4.04, it feels like WE’VE been betrayed. We’ve been privy to their hearts and thoughts. We ask the same questions Kurt does: how could you do this?

      But we don’t have next episode’s script to explain it to us. :( It’s incredibly draining to care about characters so much. (And gosh, when Sherlock Holmes was killed off by Sir Conan Doyle in “The Final Solution,” the public was OUTRAGED. He finally brought him back to life 8 years later! So see, we’re just upholding a long-standing tradition of caring. :D)

  • STONEY once again, you are a voice of reason in this messed up fandom. I’m interested re: your exposition of Blaine. You have identified things that the fandom has been musing on for a few weeks now, and then, post-episode hysteria, it’s taken a while for us to talk about.

    Blaine’s the product of an abusive family. Granted, not physical, but emotional. (Doesn’t ‘Cough Syrup’ make much more sense, now?). Blaine craves love. He craves feeling wanted. And Kurt wasn’t giving him that. So he reached out. He made a mistake. And I think he’s got a lot of learning to do (about himself, and what he wants from a relationship). BUT I also think KURT has a lot of learning to do, too.

    He’s been so focussed on getting out of Lima. We’ve had this brewing since ‘Dance With Somebody’ and, even though we had resolution to it then, we’re still not done. Kurt needs to learn that it takes work, and he can’t just be going ignoring signs that his boyfriend is suffering.

    There’s meta going around; Blaine’s depressed. Or he’s got some sort of depression. Or something. I wish Glee had the balls to do *that* kind of storyline, and it would make things a lot easier to swallow, because really, I don’t know if I *like* that cheating!Blaine is now canon…we can’t fix this. We can’t click the ‘x’ in the corner of our screens and resolve it with some fluff. We can’t say “well, that’s your interpretation of Blaine, who am I to judge?” because *this has actually happened*. Cheating!Blaine is canon. And I just *know* that there is a whooooooooole faction of the fandom (fyi: nastiness in the Glee fandom isn’t just confined to Tumblr…have you ever *seen* ontd_glee on LJ???) who are L O V I N G that Blaine has fucked up. They want him to fuck up so badly and then not be on the show. But he is. He’s made a mistake, and he needs to resolve.

    You’re a genius, Stoney <3333

    (Also, just a polite note – the character is 'Brody' not 'Body'…unless you're intentionally calling him 'THE BODY MY GOD' or something…)

    • (Hahaha, of COURSE I am calling him Body! That’s been the joke since the start of the season because damn – he’s well fit. See? That’s why you should read every week. ;D) <3

      Both of them are so young. We forget how young because a) the actors aren't and b) they've had to be more mature than their counterparts for their own survival. But this is the first real relationship for the both of them. They've had the one big fight (that we're privy to) and learning how to communicate your hurts is one of the most important parts of a relationship. But that takes both time an, well, experience working on that.

      I've had people come here to talk about Blaine being clinically depressed and attaching a medical definition to his actions is very strange to me. I don't know if it's ballsy for them to go there (I mean, they've touched on major mental health issues with Karofsky and fandom was HORRIBLY AFFRONTED because how dare the show play so fast and loose with something so important? I think it could be seen as a copout to say to just chalk this up to depression. Because then it becomes "Whoops, you just needed meds" and that's really offensive to me. And damn, I don't GET offended. I'm reacting strongly to that concept because I just have major issues with people "diagnosing" others. That's me, though, so knock your socks off wherever else this is happening. I'm just not interested in that sort of discussion at all. (Now, if that's a part of his makeup, that's one thing. To take this entire discussion to "He did this because he's depressed" is over-simplification and smacks of attempting to justify what he did to me. *shrug*)

      Oh, I don't follow ontd_glee for SPECIFICALLY that reason. There are so few places I have to talk about fandom, it's pathetic. Why do you think this site exists?! :D I know people love that sort of fannish interaction, but I just don't get it. I don't hate-watch Treme; I just don't watch it. Lol.

      I still love the character. I still love the show. I just haven't been given too many reasons from Ryan Murphy to trust him to tell all the words. He's wonderful at that with Rachel and with Kurt. And because this affects Kurt, (and because he has a crush on Darren Criss - but then, don't we all?) I'm hoping that his plan all along has been to get to the WHY of this. I just hate that for the next month, we're all in stasis, not knowing where this is going. That's a lousy emotional swamp we're stuck in (and why I think fandom at large is reacting with the level of flailing that we are.)

      • (Ah, I get it! I need to go back and re-read your caps of the last few episodes…even though I have sads that there’s no drinking game)

        I have talked about this with others; we read *so* much fanfiction, and we have built Blaine up to be someone that he’s probably not. If we were to *just* watch the show, like a casual viewer…would we have a different opinion of Blaine? Would we be accepting of this storyline more? (I’d say no to the second, because timing and pacing of the decision to cheat were waaay off).

        I probably do not believe he is depressed. I believe there are some issues there, though, that need addressing. Dad issues, brother issues (even though we kinda got that resolved a little in Big Brother). Maybe it’s not depression. Maybe he’s just a regular, messed-up gay teen who is dealing with the fact he moved schools, lost his friends (who then turned on him) and then his boyfriend leaves (at his insistence, mind you!) and now he’s regretting most of those decisions? Maybe it’s just that. Blaine’s always been heart on his sleeve, and a little bit oblivious sometimes.

        I’ve been onto ontd_glee a few times. And it HURT to read it. Actually hurt. I can take character criticism in a formulated, well thought out manner. But that? It’s character bashing for the hell, AND it’s actor-bashing too (when really, I cannot think of a SINGLE flaw that Mr Criss has…seriously, try to think? He’s literally perfect). That place is toxic. Like gleeme, too. Toxic and nasty. I follow good people on Tumblr, who are always constructive with meta and reasoned in opinions. I rarely stray from my dashboard, because the wider world of Tumblr is a scary place. (Also, I don’t know what Treme is…lol, Atlantic Ocean).

        I just need Ryan to come true. He’s said stuff on his Twitter that gives me hope, and I just hope he really does deliver. Because he redeemed himself this summer break, and I don’t want to have to go back to disliking him.

        • I was feeling like an alcoholic being the only one that was doing the drinking game, lol. OH WELL, IT WAS FUN (for me) WHILE IT LASTED. ;)

          I think you’re closer to what the issue is with Blaine by listing all of the things he’s lost than just a diagnosis. He has put everything into Kurt, Kurt’s gone. His family appears non-existent (he doesn’t talk about them) the Warblers are gone (and they betrayed him) and even his Maria (Rachel) is gone. I believe him when he says brokenly how lonely he is. And I could believe that’s enough (if he was lonely for more than just two or three weeks.) But we just need more data.

          I refuse to participate in that type of fandom like ontd_glee. It’s weird to me. I get that they probably think I’m weird, too. (And oh, have I picked up my haters for some reason.) I love analysis and critique in an academic setting. LOVE. Bashing and acting like you know what you’re talking about because you knew a “bitch just like them” in 9th grade makes that person look like a moron, to me.

          (Treme is a, well, terrible show on HBO about post-Katrina New Orleans, and I can’t stand the show, personally.)

          I don’t even follow these guys on twitter because I’m so worried about being spoiled. I don’t know how they deal with all of the hate they get thrown at them. (And you know, I bet I would like Ryan in real life. I loooove dry humor, and he looks dehydrated he’s so dry. But then, I’ve never “hated” him, so.)

  • Brunettepet

    Blaine’s heart hurting song actually had me tearing up and I didn’t even know what he’d done. I feel just as blindsided as Kurt. Three weeks, Blaine? You were going to visit Kurt in only two weeks.

    Your explanation of what was going through this teenager’s head makes sense but it doesn’t make it hurt any less. I hope Eli C. is going to be there to pick up the pieces, Blaine, because if you thought you were alone before I can’t imagine what it’s going to be like now.

    I thought other than this break up, the others were handled pretty well. Rachel and Finn had been teetering on the edge for months. Santana and Brittany, too. There was absolutely no emotional weight to the Jake and Kitty breakup because they’d been together three minutes.

    It’s really easy to forget how young everyone is in this. They are teenagers and these are their first loves. First love is rarely forever even though it feels like it could be when you’re in it.

    Darren Criss and Chris Colfer were magnificent in this episode.

    • I want to be mad at Blaine, but I think about how ALONE he is now and just feel sad. Last season during Dance With Somebody, when he sang his song and everyone backed him up, leaving Kurt floundering until he was able to explain himself and apologize? It’s going to be tenfold in return, I think. At least Kurt has family. Waaaaaah!

      I just don’t care a lick about Jake and Kitty. Not enough time, not enough character development, blah. It’s a retread and they’ve not given me anything interesting to care about yet. (As for remembering first loves, oh man have I been going down Memory Lane with these past two seasons! And it’s just as ugly in places, because that’s life.)

      Darren, Chris, Cory, Naya, Heather, and Lea blew me AWAY. The sheer amount of talent in this cast is staggering.

  • Lele

    You said everything I wanted to say, but I will add a bit if I may.

    Heather’s crying was the best acting I have seen from her. I thought the song choice of “Mine” was a little weird for the situation, but Santana sang it so well that I can’t even complain.

    I am so happy to see Rachel and Emma develop some backbone. I believe the Rachel/Finn scene on that stage was one of the best scenes Glee has ever had. Lea killed it and me.

    I don’t want this to be taken as bashing or hating on the show, but I don’t like the new people. Imho, the best characters on Glee are the ones that have flaws that are precariously balanced with their redeeming qualities. The new characters lack that. Marley is boring and safe. She is poor and her mom is obese, but those aren’t her personal flaws. Jake had potential with his badboy! introduction and background, but then the writers killed that this episode with his rushed decision to ditch the popular cheerleader Kitty. It took most of the characters 3 seasons to be willing to tell someone like that to shove all their popularity up their poop chutes, and even they wouldn’t do it over something has relatively trivial (in Glee standards) as the Marley/Kitty spat. On the subject of Kitty, she suffers from the opposite of Marley. She is all evil all the time with no redeeming qualities. I am sure that the writers are getting around to all this, but it seems insane for them to give these characters scenes without any intention of fleshing them out.

    On to Klaine. My babies. Wtf? You covered my emotions about the whole Eli thing quiet well, so I will leave that be. However, I want to point out something I noticed in regards to the Finn/Blaine scene back in the choir room. They seemed to be having “a moment”, and I don’t mean romantically, where Blaine started to break down. That all changed the moment Sam and the others walked into the room. Blaine may as well have been put on mute and turned into a ghost that Finn walked right through to show Sam some brotherly love. They shot a close up of Blaine’s face as Finn walks by and disregards him. I fully believe this is the first of Blaine’s realizations concerning the long reaching consequences of cheating. Seriously, watch it again. I don’t think that the writers are going to gloss over the whole thing. Then again, I have been wrong when trying to predict what the writers of this show will do.

    Btw, I would kill someone for some fic where Burt finds out what happened and/or comes face to face with Blaine for the first time after he finds out. *dies* That was the first thing my mind jumped to after the Finn/Blaine scene.

    • “Mine” definitely didn’t work as a break up song, but then, Santana kept stressing that it wasn’t. (Even though it was.) Heather broke my HEART in that scene. We finally saw how much range she’s capable of! Rachel and Emma standing firm as individuals that happen to love men was OUTSTANDING. Just the sort of pro-woman sentiment the show has failed at in the past. FINALLY! I loved both moments.

      No, I don’t see it as bashing for you to say that you’re not connecting with the new people. I’m not either. There’s SO MUCH STORY with the other established characters. And it’s frustrating to have re-treads of Finn/Quinn/Puck/Rachel from S1 with the new kids when I really need answers to Klaine. I hope they’re redeemed later, but for now, I just don’t have ANY connection to them at all.

      Oh, I absolutely agree with you that Blaine is going to be on the outs with everyone and he’s going to be far more lonely than he imagined. (I talked about that in a comment just above yours, pointing out how everyone got behind him on the Chandler thing, and that was just texting. It’s going to be AWFUL for him, I believe.)

      I don’t know that my heart could take Burt’s disappointment in Blaine. (I don’t think Blaine could take it either.) WAAAH! D:

  • whisperyvoices

    I am so glad waited a day to read your recap. Was a total mess when I watched it y’day. Still a mess today, but at least I can appreciate your wonderful wit and LOL away, despite the tears.

    A couple of points I want to make/ agree w/ :
    a. Rachel’s auditorium scene was *amazing*. I was wtf-ing all over the place w/ Finn tricking, abandoning and stealing her power to make decisions at the train station – so thank you Glee for coming back to this and telling us that that sucked. And the “I DONT NEED YOU TO GIVE ME MY FREEDOM” – PRAISE!! I could keep going – just wanted to fist-wave my approval at that scene.

    b. The Britanna break up – as break ups go, that may have been the most beautiful break up. The maturity, the love, the care. Naya killed it with that song. Both of them really acted so painfully well. Stunning stuff. This is the mature sort of break up i hoped for Klaine. Sigh. I know not many people think of Britanna as endgame…but I really wish they find a way back to each other.

    c. The Scientist – I loved it, as much as you can love something when your heart is thumping it’s last breaths on the floor, in a pool of blood from betrayal and pain. All the ‘couples’ on stage, all so ALONE. :'(

    d. Cory IS looking good, AND sounding better. That said, I can NOT believe you chased Blaine out your closet to make room for Cory. Well..your loss is my gain…. ;p

    e. I actually cared about Wemma in this ep. This is quite an achievement, Glee. And Emma – you telling Will off? *bows down* . That was SO DAMN GREAT.

    f. Kitty: I’m like a bad Carrie Underwood song when– ; Jake: THEN JESUS, TAKE THE WHEEL. [Bails out of that ship] : ROTFLMAO!!!

    *now the pain*

    g. I am really disturbed by Blaine’s face when he’s FB-ing Eli C. ; he seems so… numb? un-troubled? i don’t know how to describe it. it made me feel really ill [even if then i refused to believe he actually would go through with anything]. Also, if it’s appearing in his Notifications, that means Eli C. was writing on Blaine’s wall!? And not PM-ing him? Oh gawd.

    h. I keep thinking about Burt. I can’t imagine how hurt Burt will be. It kills me to know that Blaine has/may have lost his *home*, the Hudson-Hummels. I want Burt at some point to tell Blaine he matters. I … I just want Burt to be around. I want Burt to reach into fandom and give ME and the rest of us a hug. :'(

    g. Darren’s performance on TD.. *wow*. Absolutely stunning. In the moments when I’m not dying from the sheer pain of it, I’m so, SO impressed with how he/Glee has done two drastically different takes on TD and turned it into such a powerful statement. Like u, parts of soul died when he choked out ‘let you put your hands on me’, and the last ‘tonight’ – oh gawd. oh gawd. Kurt’s face falling apart as he watches this ….[Chris Colfer, let me love you].

    h. I loathe apology flowers too. While I love continuity, I kinda hate that he sent *that* bouquet. Don’t do that, Blaine… don’t take something that is so special to the both of you, and use that to try and get forgiveness here. Sigh.

    i. Kurt looked so handsome through the ep, but he looked especially STUNNING in the bedroom / Don’t Speak scenes.

    j. Where’s Wes, Laura? Can Wes come back ? Blaine needs a friend. He needs a gavel to end whatever insane self-talk he has going on. He needs a voice of reason. Bring Wes back… :(

    k. Part of me refuses to believe Blaine went through with anything. I don’t think this part makes a lot of sense, because everything in canon tells us he did, but i… [ i can’t find the words for my argument. sigh].

    l. I can’t remember who pointed out [probably @Letters from Titan] that the lighthouse [Eli C.] symbolizes danger, but you don’t go *towards* the lighthouse – because then you’ll smash into it. Glee’s phones can sometimes be silly [i.e.future pic], but this attention to detail – i like.

    m. What do you make of Kurt focusing on the “who” and Blaine on the “why” [although he was not so ‘explanatory’ as he was ‘accusatory’ …oh Blaine… no…] ?

    n. Kurt looked so *small* here, esp during The Scientist.

    o. The flashback scenes ; DaltonSpy Kurt and Running Down The Hallway – my heart can’t take it. It just can’t. How did we move from so much innocence and hope and earnestness to PAIN in such a short span of time?

    Okay, i’m coming quite far down the alphabet, so i’m going to stop here. My heart has been punched repeatedly, my soul torn up …and I *need* to understand why Blaine did what he did. But I’ll still say, I think this is one of Glee’s best episodes.

    Now can I please get a hug? *goes off to watch Mine & Teenage Dream, and cry more buckets* :(

    @–{—– flower for you, not the apology kind.

    Let’s go eat some soul food together, and think happy thoughts.

  • whisperyvoices

    Point from Tumblr Folk re the timeline [yes, in my pain & desperation, i timidly went back to Tumblr – thank God I’ve not stumbled across spoilers yet. Will be escaping before that happens]:

    “In ep 2 or 3, Rachel said it had been 2 months since she’d heard from Finn. In ep 4, she said it had been 4 months. So, at least 2 months have passed since Kurt moved to NY”.

    And sorry my previous comment was so long!!

    • Don’t be sorry about engaging in discussion! That’s the whole point of the comments here existing!

      You know, unless they explicitly say that it has been months since Kurt left Lima, I can’t buy the time line you mentioned. (With no ugliness meant to you, I hope you know.) Rachel left after graduation. June, July, August, September, first of October = four months. SHE has been there exactly the amount of time that the episodes aired, so I have to honor that timeline. Kurt has only been there since school has been in session, mid-September, so it’s been two-three weeks.

      This has been an incredibly frustrating episode for so many of us in fandom. And again, I buy them splitting up (for the time being) and anticipated this happening (without reading spoilers) because it’s what HAPPENS when people are apart. I think it could have been nice to have them stay together and show what THAT is like, but I think the actors (Chris especially) were weary of the same ol’ same ol’ as actors. Which…fair enough. But I really wish there had been a bit more time devoted to them to show the reasoning behind Blaine’s actions, because they still – days later – just don’t make sense to me. I’m hoping the next several eps clear things up, or I’m going to be very squinty and frowny-faced.

  • justa_reader

    First of all, brava for picking your heart up off the floor to write this recap. Somehow you managed to create a recap that is honest and funny, and critical in a way that absolutely makes sense for the situation, and still is laced with all your wonderful attention to detail (filbert spray? let me hug you a thousand times, then tuck some snowdrops into my bouquet for you). And if I can quote one of your own comments back to you … When things happen like in 4.04, it feels like WE’VE been betrayed. We’ve been privy to their hearts and thoughts. We ask the same questions Kurt does: how could you do this? Because yes, that is exactly it. That is exactly how I felt afterward. How? Why? Haven’t I loved you enough?

    I had a chance today to watch the episode for a second time (because, yeah, sometimes it takes nine days to again find quiet solo TV time), and it turns out, the episode left me feeling just as hollowed out the second time around. I’ve had time to “accept” that this is what Blaine the character did, but unlike the season 3 “I’m a junior” fandom-rocking revelation, this isn’t just a character attribute the writers chose, it’s something they had a character do. It’s defining (and changing) and I didn’t buy it the way it was presented, and I’m still a bit pissed about it, truthfully. And I have to admit, after the first watching I assumed the hookup happened prior to the Facebook poking, and that the “hi sexy; want to come over” comment actually jarred Blaine into realizing what he was doing and inspired him to buy a last-minute ticket to NY. Because in that moment I couldn’t believe Blaine would cheat so deliberately (and in that moment we didn’t know that he had/would).

    I’m with you on the general awesomeness of the acting and the songs in this episode. Heather Morris and Lea killed their big scenes. Killed them. (I cried.) And Darren singing TD…and Kurt in the park. Wow, I cried A LOT. And just thinking of the flashback of them slow-mo running in the Dalton hallway still brings me to tears (not to mention the Don’t Speak line: I’m losing my best friend. Could this really be the end?)

    So, lots of tears all around, which I suppose speaks for how well built these characters have been — that they’ve crawled into my heart and taken up residence. But damn, am I ever anxious about how this will play out.

    • Aww, you are very sweet to me, thank you. This was just tough, because it involves characters that are beloved hurting. We totally are left feeling whiplashed, just like Kurt. The more distance I get from this episode, the more I am still trying to figure out the point of leaving so much unanswered. We usually get answers on the show, specifically about the character Kurt. And now we…don’t. I love a director that can leave me guessing – Christopher Nolan, Jonathan Demme, etc. – but that isn’t what this show was set up to BE. I still think there were some scenes missing to make the guessing more than just “WHAAAA?”

      I mean, I accept that this is the story, and I accept that this is who the characters are now, because…that’s who the characters are now. I just hope they’ll explain the motivation better in the episodes to come. This show means a lot to many people, many young people in particular watch the characters as a guide in their own lives (for better or worse) and it will just backlash in the worst of ways if the Powers That Be don’t write a compelling story to finish out this arc.

      Having said all of that, boy, did the actors bring it all to the table this ’round. If we’re still talking with our emotions so raw after a week and change, they did something right. (But then, we’ve always known how incredibly talented this cast is!)

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  • Natalie

    This is the best recap of the episode I’ve seen. It’s taken me this long to read it, because that episode really ripped out my heart/my soul/my everything and made me feel as though I’d been through a breakup (or three..) myself.

    I do wish the writers had given us more explanation about Blaine’s thought process in this whole thing. Yes, we knew he was missing Kurt, we could see that he was struggling with the long distance over the past two episodes, but for the fourth episode of the season, when we haven’t really had a chance to see them much yet this year, it needed more explanation and not just a few missed phone calls and songs about abandonment.

    Although Kurt and Blaine are my main couple, I didn’t really cry at their scenes. I felt sad and shocked, but the shock was too much for me to actively cry. I cried at Brittany and Santana, because that whole song and the speech and Santana talking about waiting for Brittany to smile at her in the choir was all so emotional and it really resonated with me and simultaneously broke my heart. I wish Kurt and Blaine had been given something like that; something that said ‘look, I really love you, but I just can’t do this right now. I can’t have you be mine and know that I can’t really have you at all, it’s just breaking my heart’, but instead we got what we were given. I’ll wait with interest to see what happens next, how this is explained and how/if it gets resolved.

    So much for Glee being my happy place. I think telling the stories of 4 (5 if we count Kitty and Jake) couples having difficulties in the same episode is a tad too heavy, but maybe that’s just me.

  • out_there

    That was a lovely recap, and given how heartbreaking some of those scenes were, I appreciate the effort of re-watching. *hands you kittens and hot chocolate*

    The Finchel and Brittana break ups felt warranted and right, and the Wemma argument was a thing of beauty (there were, I have to say, a few speeches from female characters that were awesome in this episode) but I still have issues with the cheating. Right now, I could believe more in Blaine getting roofied than choosing to cheat on Kurt — and when melodramic badfic plots feel more plausible than canon, there’s been some lazy writing happening.

    But at least everyone looked fantastic in this episode. Really fantastic.

    • I needed a robe of kittens to wear for weeks after that!

      I still feel very disconnected from the character right now, which I do not like at all, and hope that a few more episodes will enlighten me as to WHY WHY WHY? Harumph.

      And yes, this is just a ridiculously attractive cast, right?

      • out_there

        The plots may not always make sense, the continuity can be unreliable and the characterisation can be strange, but they always look so good. Ridiculously attractive people in interesting and inspiring fashions.