Supernatural 8.02 – What’s Up, Tiger Mommy?

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  • Sue

    this ain’t her first subcutaneous inscribing rodeo you have written many fine phrases in the past. This one goes in my top 10.

    I have more to say but…well, it involves a feathered boa and a theme to ‘A Summer Place’. I can’t discuss it here.

    • The question I’ve always had is… What color feather boa? Important stuff right there.

  • Katy

    Mrs. Tran is a badass. I wish we could have more of her because sadly the show has been lacking in badass women lately.

    this ain’t her first subcutaneous inscribing rodeo Here, have an internet for that phrase. *hands over*

    • Mrs. Tran was the hero of this ep in every way. It was great to have a strong woman around and a mother to boot. I love a strong, sincere mother character.

      Yay! I’m so glad that line seemed to work. I wasn’t sure about it.