Real Housewives of Beverly Hills 3.6 – She’s Gone Too Far

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  • christy

    I just want to go hang out with Brandi. She is my people.

    • You sure as hell could let your hair down with her. I like that in a hang-bud.

  • Kate

    The guesses are that after Adrienne shared her war stories about giving birth, Brandi told everyone that Adrienne and Paul used a surrogate. Which might mean the kids may be Paul’s biologically, but not Adrienne’s, unless they used a gestational surrogate. Would make custody battles interesting. Today Brandi and Paul are tweeting that they kissed and made up, so who knows?

    • Oooh, is that actually what happened with Paul and Adrienne? I’m a firm believer in the people that raised the child are the parent of the child (having two children that were legally adopted by my husband) but still. That’s SERIOUSLY personal if that’s what she said. Eesh.