Teen Wolf – 2.07 – Restraint

It’s the middle of the night in the Beacon Hills Wilderness Preserve, and a couple is arguing viciously inside their shitty trailer. Husband insists it’s not that bad, they’re only there for a few weeks and no one can technically call them trailer trash; wife disagrees and says it’s worse, because they’re too poor to afford to be in an actual trailer park.

She’s got a point, broseph.

what could possibly go wrong out here in the woods?

what could possibly go wrong out here in the woods?

As if to emphasize her argument, the lights flicker and die. Husband throws on his coat to grump on outside to check the generator. Wife snarls at him for a second and then breaks down in tears; she’s tired of this shitty life of theirs, and tired of being scared all the time. Hugs are had and reassurances given out, and Husband heads outside to fix the generator, leaving Wife to cry alone inside.

Wife suddenly hears a noise outside and sees Husband talking to someone in a dark hoodie outside, just beyond her earshot. Dark Hoodie points above them into the trees, and when Husband looks up, the Kanima’s tail reaches down and grabs him by the throat, yanking him upwards and out of sight. Wife, predictably, freaks.

As she watches, Dark Hoodie reaches out and points directly at her, as if to say YOU’RE NEXT, LADY. Wife huddles down away from the window, and when she turns back to look outside, everyone is gone. She fumbles around in the trailer, presumably looking for a weapon, but it’s too late – Husband’s mangled corpse is thrown through the window and lands on the table. Wife screams her goddamn head off, and Husband’s body is yanked back outside.

The Kanima enters the trailer through the broken window and slowly approaches Wife, who shivers in horror. As the Kanima leans over her, preparing to rip her to shreds, we see that she’s hugely pregnant. The Kanima sniffs inquisitively at her belly, and then attacks.


Scott and Stiles are in the Sheriff’s office alone that night, talking to Allison on speakerphone. Allison thinks that since Jackson has no idea that he’s the Kanima, then he probably can’t tell them who is controlling him. Stiles wonders if it’s the same situation as with Lydia when she ran away from the hospital, where he just can’t remember anything. Maybe Jackson is operating in some kind of fugue state?

At home, Jackson is sitting at the foot of his bed, dazed and covered in blood. His hands are still wickedly clawed. He showers away the blood, without seeming to realize what he’s doing.

Thus far their only clue is the missing segment of the video – they assume that whoever edited the video is the one that’s controlling Jackson. Allison asks again if they’re sure that Jackson has no idea what’s going on, and Stiles confirms that Jackson still thinks he’s reacting to the bite from Derek, and that he’s acquired some kind of immunity from Lydia. Despite all the kidnapping and madness of the past few days, Stiles is nevertheless still sure that they’ll be able to talk to Jackson and find out what, if anything, he knows.

However, it seems Jackson and Mr Whittemore have other plans in motion. Sheriff Stilinski informs Scott and Stiles that the restraining order Mr Whittemore has had placed on them means that they can’t go within 50 feet of him at any time, nor can they speak to him or approach him.

In the background, Melissa McCall is glaring the most unholy of murderous mom glares at both Scott and Stiles.

Stiles tries to put on an innocent little face (and fails completely) and asks his dad what they’re supposed to do about school. The Sheriff looks incredibly long-suffering and tells them to do their best to stay away from Jackson while attending classes normally.

most innocent of all faces, surely

most innocent of all faces, surely

The meeting ends with the Sheriff dragging Stiles out of the room almost by his ear. The Sheriff wants Stiles to realize how lucky they are that Mr Whittemore has chosen not to press charges, and Stiles sticks to his story that it was all just a silly joke between friends. His dad is just not buying it in the least.

As they argue, Melissa McCall is giving Scott his own come to jesus speech. She outlines all his weird behaviors and shitty school failings over the last few months, and Scott has absolutely nothing useful with which to defend himself. He actually didn’t even realize that he’d missed a chemistry test, and Melissa looks like she’s regretting every decision she made in her entire life that led up to this moment.

melissa mccall is tired of your crap

melissa mccall is tired of your crap

Melissa decides to ground Scott, possibly forever, and Scott points out that he still needs to go to work – fine, he can go to work! But no TV, and no computer. Alas, the TV is broken and Scott needs the computer for school. Melissa decides to hit him where it will actually hurt, and tells Scott he can’t have any more Stiles. Stiles and Scott both wail piteously over this cruel edict, but Melissa is firm. She also revokes Scott’s car privileges and demands he return the keys immediately. Scott looks like a cowed little sad puppy of sadness, but the great big eyes are not having their usual effect.

Melissa fumbles to get the car key off his keyring, getting more and more upset as it fails to work. Scott holds her hands carefully and calms her down, and she finally looks at him and asks him what the heck is really going on. Scott pauses for a moment and asks her quietly if she really wants to know. Of course she wants to know, Scott! In the background, Stiles is shaking his head super vehemently; Scott absolutely cannot tell his mom all their insane woffly secrets!

Melissa takes Scott’s silence in the worst possible way and assumes that all of Scott’s behavioral problems lately are due to his absent jerkface father. Scott is horrified, and he’s about to correct her, but Stiles crazyfaces at him to let her continue assuming the worst.

Melissa’s incredibly upset and leaves to get the car. Scott and Stiles stay behind to watch Mr Whittemore yelling angrily at Sheriff Stilinski. Across the hall, Jackson watches them watching and smiles a nasty little smile.


Derek and Isaac and Erica are wandering through their shitty abandoned subway station hideout, discussing their plans to get rid of the Kanima. Derek tells them that they’re going to have to work with Scott and Stiles on this, because they ended up having more useful information than anyone else. He says they’ll have to get close to one of them and lure them into helping out the pack; it doesn’t really matter which one, either.

Isaac kind of sniffily reminds Derek that the full moon is coming up, and Derek tells him he already knows that, thanks. It turns out that Isaac is really just more than a little bit worried and nervous about everything, since Derek still hasn’t taught them how to control their full moon changes. It only gets worse when Derek opens up an old chest and removes a bunch of chains and restraints and what actually appear to be medieval torture devices. Isaac comes right out and states his primary fear: if all three betas are chained up for their own safety during the full moon, then Derek will be all alone against the Argents.

Derek’s not too worried, since the Argents still haven’t found their seekrit hideout. Isaac suggests that they concentrate on the Argents and forget about the Kanima for now, which Derek finds outrageous. He’s sure there’s something they’re overlooking about the Kanima, and it worries him, especially with the way that Gerard Argent was looking at the Kanima.

TBH it sounds like Derek is worried about Gerard’s potential bestial lusts, and it is hilarious.


The next day at school, Allison sneakily meets up with Scott and Stiles in the library stacks. She hands over the tablet with the bestiary information on it, complete with all of Lydia’s translations. Lydia, naturally, was extremely confused by the entire situation, and Allison potentially made it worse by claiming that they were all part of an online gaming community that battles mythical creatures. Naturally, this is totally true already for Stiles.

Unfortunately, they still have no idea how to find out who is controlling the Kanima, although it turns out that Stiles was correct about the hunting murderers part – the bestiary calls the Kanima a “weapon of vengeance”. Also, the Kanima is technically supposed to be a werewolf, but it’s a genetic mutation, and it can’t change into one until it resolves something mysterious in its past.

Translation – Jackson really needs therapy.

Allison wonders if maybe it’s something to do with his parents. Lydia might know, but no one really wants to ask her. Since Jackson has no restraining order against Allison, she volunteers to try talking to him about it instead. Scott’s a little nervous about this, but Allison insists that he go to his make-up chemistry exam instead of accompanying her. Scott tells her to be careful, and they hold hands while staring at one another super mushily. Scott’s still worried, and makes Allison promise to run if Jackson does anything weird, or bizarre. Stiles is more concerned about Jackson doing something EVIL.


Jackson wanders into an empty science classroom and looks around, glancing at the messages on his phone. He walks over to the animal tanks and is suddenly mesmerized by the tank containing a large snake. Jackson opens the tank and takes the snake out, kind of fondling it creepily. It squirms up around his neck and slithers down his throat, and it’s all really just super grotendous.


Scott is alone in Mr Harris’ classroom, taking his make-up exam. He looks nervous but determined. Mr Harris just stares at him with his cold, dead fish eyes, and presumably wishes he was dead.


At home, Melissa goes into Scott’s room to grab his gross stinky boy laundry, and looks at his disaster of a room in dismay. She almost successfully talks herself out of tidying up but eventually can’t help herself. The tidying turns into determined snooping as Melissa looks for any kind of evidence that could explain Scott’s bizarre behavior lately, but she’s unable to find anything suspicious, and sits down with a disappointed sigh.

That’s when she notices the jumbo box of condoms sitting on his desk. There’s only one left of the 12-pack.


Scott’s plowing through his chemistry exam with perhaps more determination than actual skill. The relentless ticking of the clock is pestering his sharp wolfy senses but he resolutely ignores it.


Jackson is downstairs by the locker room, wandering sort of aimlessly, when he senses something amiss. He glances around but sees nothing, and continues slowly on his way. Allison peeks out at him from around the corner – she’s carrying her shoes so her footsteps don’t give her away.

o hai

o hai

Allison walks up to the boys locker room and reaches over to open the door, and is totally surprised to have it open in her face instead. It’s Matt, and he seems just as startled as she is. Allison can’t quite come up with a good excuse for why she’s lurking creepily outside the boys locker room, but luckily Matt is so entranced by her smile that he doesn’t seem to notice. Instead, he compliments her on the shoes she’s still carrying. She says that her feet were hurting her, and completely misses his cute little joke about how they hurt his feet too, which is why he never wears them. Bless.

Matt forges on ahead in this halfassed conversation, and sort of awkwardly invites Allison to go with him to a rave that weekend. Allison’s desperate to get rid of Matt so she can stalk Jackson, so she immediately agrees to his offer, once again completely startling him.

Allison doesn’t really realize that she’s made a date with Matt until after he walks away, and by then it’s too late, because she hears Jackson making horrible pained gasping noises in the locker room. She barges in, not even once thinking the perfectly logical thought that he might actually just be masturbating feverishly.


Stiles corners Lydia after class and tries to find out what she knows about Jackson’s real parents. She tells him she’s not supposed to discuss it with anyone, and wants to know why he wants to know in the first place. Stiles says that he can’t tell her that, and she rolls not just her eyes but her entire face at him, refusing to tell him anything at all.

Erica, having eavesdropped on their entire conversation, smiles after them, and follows.


Allison walks into the locker room calling Jackson’s name. He responds to her call, even though he’s naked in the shower. Allison gets an eyeful of his wet naked glorious everything and is frankly not nearly as appreciative as I would be.

Allison flinches back and tells him off for not warning her of his glorious nakedness. Jackson counters that she’s the one who walked into a boys locker room. As she turns to leave, saying they can talk later, he corners her, still gloriously naked and wet, and tells her they can talk NOW.


Stiles is pursuing Lydia through the halls, trying to get her to spill the details on Jackson’s real parents. As she strolls away, Erica throws Stiles up against the wall and demands to know why he’s asking about Jackson’s parents. Stiles stays calm and points out that she probably shouldn’t be wolfclawing all over the place in front of Gerard’s security cameras. Erica’s forced to pull away, and Stiles strolls off triumphantly.

Erica does actually have some useful information for him, though – she tells him that Jackson’s parents are just a few miles away, if he’s looking for them. And they’re not likely to be going anywhere any time soon, since they’re in the cemetery.


Allison tries to get away from Jackson, but he’s got her boxed in up against the wall. He doesn’t really care that she’s late for class, because he has naked menacing on his mind. He tells her that she has perfect grades, and she can miss one lousy class. Allison’s trying really hard not to freak out and panic, and Jackson asks her with mock concern if she’s okay, since he can hear her rapid heartbeat. Jackson’s acting like it’s totally normal and not creepy for him to be leaning naked over her in the locker room. Like, isn’t this how all friends hang out and chat?


Scott is still trying to finish his chemistry exam, when he notices something amiss. He hears a rapid heartbeat off in the distance and realizes that it’s Allison’s, and that she’s frightened.


Stiles chases Erica down the hall, demanding more information about the death of Jackson’s parents. Erica agrees to tell him how they died if Stiles will tell her why she’s so interested. Erica suddenly stops in the middle of the hallway, having apparently just realized that Jackson is the Kanima. This is wildly confusing to me – she was THERE at Scott’s house when everyone saw him crawl away! Are they really all that stupid? ARGH.

Instead of giving Stiles any more of her precious time, Erica swans off to presumably tell Derek all about Jackson and his lizardy ways.


Scott hands in his chemistry exam and tries to flee to save Allison. Mr Harris calls him back, since at least half the answers aren’t filled in. Scott grabs a pencil and fills in a row at random, and rushes off for his ladylove.


Jackson stalks Allison across the locker room, menacing her nakedly. So nakedly. CAMERA WHY CAN YOU NOT GO JUST A LITTLE BIT LOWER PLZ CAMERA.


Allison is near tears by now, too scared to confront him and too scared to actually run away. Jackson, sticking to his fake friendliness, asks her if she’s having problems with Scott, because she looks really stressed.


Jackson gets all up in her face, super crazypants and insane and vicious, mocking Allison for her stupid, hopeless romance with Scott, telling her how everyone she loves is going to end up killed because of it. He snaps out his lizardy claws and grabs her by the throat, telling her that he hopes her dad has been teaching her some tricks to protect herself.

oh my

oh my

Actually, Chris has been showing her a thing or two. Allison throws Jackson off her, and almost manages to get away. He’s too fast for her, unfortunately, and throws her onto the floor.

As soon as they’re down there, Jackson seems to come back to his actual self, and is shocked and confused to find himself naked on the floor on top of Allison, who is obviously terrified and near tears.

It is of course at this precise moment that Scott walks into the room and takes in the scene on the floor. Jackson hurriedly pulls on a pair of shorts, to my extreme dismay. Allison tries to stop Scott from attacking Jackson now that she’s realized that Jackson has no idea what’s going on half the time, but it’s too late. Scott throws Jackson across the room, smashing over a row of lockers.

While Jackson’s crazyface douchebag personality is temporarily on hiatus, his regular douchebag personality is right there waiting to pick up the slack. Despite the fact that he’s clearly been nakedly menacing Scott’s girlfriend, Jackson snarls at Scott “I HAVE A RESTRAINING ORDER!”

grumpy lizard is grumpy

grumpy lizard is grumpy

Yes, Jackson, that is clearly the most important aspect of this situation.

Crazy werewolf/lizard brawl follows, of course. I must reiterate my displeasure at Jackson’s beshortedness in this scene. Who doesn’t love a naked brawl? No one, that’s who. NO ONE.

To make matters worse, Scott and Jackson take the fight into the showers. Why isn’t there any more wet nakedness? Teen Wolf I am disappoint.

Instead, they trash the hell out of the entire locker room. I suppose that will have to be good enough.


Stiles is still chasing Erica down the hall, trying to convince her not to tell Derek about Jackson’s Kanima-ness. He insists that there’s a lot more to the situation that she and Derek won’t understand, and now that she’s got her super werewolf makeover she can’t just go around hurting people.

This finally catches her attention, because Erica thinks that everyone else has always hurt her whenever possible. She tells Stiles that she had a massive crush on her when they were younger, and he never once noticed her. Stiles isn’t even actually noticing her right now, because he’s noticing the water spilling out from under the locker room door.

Why doesn’t Erica hear the sounds of a crazy brawl with her awesome werewolf powers? Why does she always have to be the one who can’t wofl right? SO ANNOYING.

Before either one of them can react, the door bursts open and Scott flies out onto his ass, with Jackson following right behind him. Stiles and Erica pull them apart before they can savage each other or make out passionately, and Allison scampers out of the locker room.

gratuitous shirtless jackson pic

i like to imagine that gage intentionally flubbed this scene a dozen times in order to film it again and again and again

Mr Harris overhears the commotion and storms up to give them all detention. Matt, having wandered by, sees the tablet containing the Kanima section of the bestiary on the floor, where it fell out of Allison’s discarded school bag. He stops to pick it up and scrolls through it interestedly for a second and then emails the entire document to himself. Unfortunately this moment of distraction gets him roped into detention as well.


Victoria Argent is sitting in the principal’s office, creepily monitoring the security cameras for any evidence of her daughter having fun and enjoying life. Melissa McCall walks in and says hi, kind of nervously. Victoria assumes that she’s there to pick up Scott, and goes to have him called into the office, but Melissa’s actually there to talk to her instead. Oh yes, I’m sure this will end well.


Lydia is at her locker, talking with Guidance Kid again. He asks her what she’s doing after school, because he wants to show her something. She seems a lot more interested in him than she has in the past, and agrees to meet up with him. He reminds her to bring the flower he gave her earlier in the week.


Everyone turns up for detention in the library that afternoon. Jackson tells Mr Harris that he can’t be in detention with them because he has his precious restraining order. Since it’s only against Stiles and Scott, Mr Harris just seats them at different tables and tells them to deal with it. Jackson feels totally violated at the sad lack of Mr Harris’ usual egregious favoritism towards him. Poor little lizard baby.

Scott glares angrily over at where Jackson is seated next to Allison and grumbles about wanting to kill him. Stiles, previously the strongest member of the Let’s Kill Jackson Team, is now arguing against, telling Scott that they’re going to find out who is controlling Jackson, and then save him. Scott hates this plan.

Matt is scrolling through the bestiary on his own tablet, and mutters “kanima” to himself absentmindedly. Allison overhears him and stares at him in poorly concealed shock. Matt catches her looking at him and feigns innocence, awkwardly.


Victoria is not at all happy about what Melissa is telling her. She was under the impression that Scott and Allison had broken up a while back, but Melissa is pretty sure it’s not the case. Victoria asks how she’s so sure that it’s not some other girl with incredibly low standards. Melissa gives her a bit of the stinkeye at this bitchy little comment about her son, but insists that it’s true.


In the library, Stiles is testing out a new theory – what if the person controlling the Kanima is Matt? Maybe he pretended to “find” the missing footage from Jackson’s video in order to throw suspicion off himself? They can’t figure out why Matt would make Jackson kill Isaac’s dad, or the mechanic from the garage, though. Stiles thinks maybe it’s because Matt is EEEVIL.

Scott glances over to the table where EEEVIL is munching goofily on a bag of chips, offering them around to everyone companionably. Hm. Scott is unconvinced by this theory, and Stiles admits that he just doesn’t like Matt for some inexplicable reason.



Jackson suddenly starts feeling really unwell. He’s pale and clutching at his head, and gets up to go to the bathroom. Mr Harris regains his swoony schoolgirl crush on Jackson and follows to make sure he’s okay.

As soon as Mr Harris is gone, Scott and Stiles leap over to Erica’s table and demand to hear what she knows about Jackson’s parents and their death. It turns out that Erica’s dad was the insurance investigator into the car accident that killed Jackson’s parents. Apparently Jackson will receive a huge settlement when he turns 18.

Erica opens her laptop and volunteers to try and find the accident report in her dad’s inbox. As she gets started, Victoria’s voice comes over the loudspeaker, calling Scott to the principal’s office.


In the bathroom, Jackson is freaking out like whoa. The snake that he swallowed earlier bursts DISGUSTINGLY out of his eyeball and slithers down the sink drain in a spurt of blood. Jackson watches it disappear and then looks back at his reflection in the mirror – there’s no blood, and his eye is fine. Somehow this seems to scare Jackson even more.


In her bedroom, Lydia is rooting through her handbag, trying to find the little purple flower that Guidance Kid gave her earlier in the week. It’s absolutely nowhere in her bag, or in her room. Eventually she gives up looking and goes outside to try and find another flower instead, but there aren’t any left on the trellis.

Lydia glances outside the garden gate into the randomly-appearing fog, and walks into it instead of fleeing like a sane person.


Jackson comes back into the library, looking sweaty and miserable and seriously unwell. Meanwhile, Erica has found the accident report in her dad’s email – Jackson’s parents arrived DOA at the hospital on June 14, 1995. Stiles realizes that since Jackson’s birthday is June 15th, this must mean he was literally cut out of his mother’s dead body.

Mr Harris loads up his briefcase and gets ready to leave. When everyone else gets their things together as well, he laughs a nasty little laugh at them and tells them that they have to stay behind and re-shelve all the books.

I will be really disappointed if he isn’t torn to screaming pieces next season, I am just saying.


Scott gets to the principal’s office, but his mom is already gone. Scott assumes that Gerard wanted to see him, but it was Victoria all along. She’s angry about the fight with Jackson, and angry that Allison ended up in detention with everyone because of Scott’s stupidity. A sink was ripped off the wall in the locker room, does Scott think people won’t notice that and wonder how it happened? He’s damn lucky Victoria is around to explain that to people in a way that won’t get everyone into massive trouble!

Throughout her rant, Victoria is viciously sharpening pencils in a noisy electric sharpener, all the way down to tiny nubs. I’m not sure why this is meant to be threatening unless your dick is literally pencil-sized. Scott, I think you need to work on your self-esteem.

Victoria then asks Scott point blank if he’s having sex with Allison, and savages another pencil. Scott carefully denies it, and Victoria waves the tiny pencil nub at him hilariously, telling him “I certainly hope not.”


Lydia is wandering barefoot through the foggy woods like a creepy fairy princess. Lydia, have you not learned your lesson?

princess lydia flowerbottom of the mushroom hill flowerbottoms

princess lydia flowerbottom of the mushroom hill flowerbottoms

She arrives at Guidance Kid’s house, but when she opens the door, the interior is abandoned and empty except for some scattered leaves and twigs. Lydia calls out but no one responds.


Mr Harris gets into his car to drive away, and as he pulls out, we see that he has an Einstein quote bumper sticker on his car. DRAMATIC GASP!


Back in the library, Stiles is explaining to Scott and Allison – because apparently he moonlights as a midwife – that Jackson must have been delivered by c-section after his mother’s death. In another aisle, Jackson is re-shelving books with Matt. Matt stops and sees that Jackson is still sweaty and shaking, and asks him if he’s okay. Jackson shrugs off his concern.

Scott and Stiles and Allison are still wondering over the accident report – maybe Jackson’s parents were murdered and it wasn’t an accident at all, and that’s why Jackson became the Kanima?

Jackson starts having some serious hallucinations – the books he’s re-shelving all seem to be talking to him, giving him orders, telling him to close his eyes.

Scott is completely worried about Jackson now, and hurries off to tell him what they’ve discovered, hoping that he’ll actually listen this time. But when Scott gets to the aisle where Jackson was with Matt, Jackson is gone, and Matt is unconscious on the floor.

Scott dives towards Matt to rescue him, and that’s when Kanima!Jackson leaps from his perch atop the bookshelves to attack, ripping open a large section of the ceiling in the process. He leaps right over Scott and pounces on Erica instead, paralyzing her with the venom.

Jackson throws Scott out of the way, and instead of rushing back to fight him, Scott huddles protectively in front of Stiles and Allison. PRECIOUS PUPPY.

They watch as Jackson twitches creepily in front of a nearby blackboard, half lizarded. Jackson writes “stay out of my way or i’ll kill you all” on the blackboard before jumping out the window.

Before any debates can be had about whether or not to follow Jackson, Stiles sees Erica on the floor – the venom has triggered a seizure. Meanwhile, Allison checks up on Matt and confirms that he’s paralyzed but alive. Erica tells them to take her to Derek instead of to the hospital, and I’m sorry but that is not what happens when you have a seizure.

The group splits up – Allison says she’ll call an ambulance for Matt, and Scott needs to help Stiles take Erica to Derek. Scott doesn’t want to leave Allison, because of some random thought that it “doesn’t feel right,” and Allison thinks he’s being a ridiculous goofball. Fortunately there is no time for them to sloppily make out.

As they leave the library, the security camera follows Scott carrying Erica to the door. Someone – maybe Victoria, maybe Gerard – has been watching the entire time.


Lydia is wandering through Guidance Kid’s abandoned house. He finally shows up, and Lydia asks him, totally confused, if this is his house. He says that it was his house, and he’ll tell her all about it, but first he wants to see the flower. Lydia admits that she couldn’t find it, and he tells her it’s okay.

Even though she looks really nervous, Lydia ends up making out with him a whole lot. She glances over his shoulder and sees their reflection in the mirror of a nearby armoire, and suddenly realizes just how wrong everything truly is.

She’s making out with Peter Hale’s charred corpse, and they’re inside the burned-out shell of the Hale house.

Lydia backs away from Peter, absolutely horrified, and collapses in a small whimpery heap. Peter asks her if there’s something wrong, and Lydia just screams and screams.


Stiles and Scott carry Erica to the abandoned train hideout, where Derek’s idea of first aid is to break Erica’s arm. He explains that this should trigger the healing process and stop her seizure, but they’ll also need to get the venom out of her. To this end, he tears her arm open with his claws and wrings it out like a damp dishrag.


Erica screams really horribly but the seizure stops. She collapses into Stiles arms and tells him he’d make a good Batman.

Scott confronts Derek, asking him if he knows who the Kanima is. Derek nods and says that he knows it’s Jackson; Scott correctly deduces that he just wanted Erica to confirm his suspicions. Scott tells Derek that he’ll help stop the Kanima, as part of the pack, but they have to do it his way – they’re going to catch him and stop him, not kill him.

Oh man, Derek looks so puppy startled/pleased when Scott says he’ll be part of the pack. I DIE INSIDE.




At the hospital, Melissa is sitting with the pregnant woman from the beginning of the episode, Jessica. She’s just given birth, and is dazed and frightened. Melissa tries to calm her down, saying that the baby is fine, but Jessica insists that she’s in danger from whatever killed her husband. She says that the police don’t understand what is happening and can’t help. Just before she passes out, she says “it wants to be human.” Melissa dismisses this as the ramblings of a traumatized new mother and leaves the room.

As soon as Melissa is gone, the same hoodie-wearing shadowy figure from the forest enters the room and smothers Jessica as she lays helpless in her bed.


Peter sits down next to Lydia and apologizes to her, saying that everything must have been really confusing for her. But hey, at least now she knows she wasn’t actually crazy, right?

Peter, you are not being helpful here. Also you may want to look into a nice rejuvenating moisturizer.

peter hale why you so crazy

peter hale why you so crazy

Peter corrects himself, saying there may be some residual effects, maybe a few years of super disturbing nightmares, but Lydia’s a strong girl and he’s sure she’ll be fine! This is why I love him, tbh. SO CRAZY.

Lydia is starey and speechless throughout his entire explanation, only showing any sign of emotion when Peter creepily nuzzles up to her, telling her that her immunity to the bite has made her the perfect pawn in his eeeeeevil scheme.

When she fails to respond, he yells her name right in her ear, and suddenly she realizes the depths of her hallucinations. Every time she spoke to Guidance Kid, it was really just a hallucination of teenage Peter Hale, luring her in to his evil sexy clutches. Not one single moment of it was real.

Lydia finally awakens from her daze and finds herself alone in the Hale house, holding a purple wolfsbane flower. From the determined and loopy look on her face, it seems like she knows what Peter wants her to do.

Down beneath the floorboards of the house, Peter’s charred corpse is still buried in the dirt.

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