Teen Wolf – 2.10 – Fury

FLASHBACK! Jackson and Matt are having their scene on Jackson’s front steps again where Matt hands over the video camera so Jackson can “document his history”. But instead of driving away as we’d assumed, Matt has actually hooked the camera up to his phone and is monitoring Jackson’s weird foray into personal programming. Matt, we need to have a talk about how creepy you are. I am just saying.



As Matt watches Jackson laying in bed in his panties, he witnesses firsthand Jackson’s first ooky transformation into the Kanima, followed by Jackson’s abrupt disappearance from his bedroom. Matt nervously realizes that maybe hanging around wasn’t such a good idea after all, especially when he sees in his rearview mirror the Kanima lurking behind his car.

Kanima!Jackson approaches the driver’s side window of Matt’s car and very slowly and carefully places his palm on the window. After a bit of deep breathing and panic-suppressing, Matt places his hand up against the window, right over Jackson’s. Matt and Jackson look at one another and seem to make some sort of mystical connection, and Matt briefly envisions the messy death of Mr Lahey. He smiles a tiny little evil smile.


Stiles and Scott have brought their “evidence” to ex-Sheriff Stilinski, who is not very inclined to believe that the innocent flopsy-haired smiley-faced Matt Daehler is the town’s newest mass murderer. He specifically doesn’t want to tie everything together to Mr Harris’ class because Kara was never in that class in the first place. Wait, what happened to the whole swim team revelation from the other day? Is everyone in Beacon Hills just incredibly high all the time? Have they failed to mention that Beacon Hills is located in Humbolt County? ARGH.

Ex-Sheriff Stilinski asks Scott if he believes Stiles’ ridiculous theory, and Scott turns on the puppy eyes and explains that they can’t really explain HOW they know all this, but that it’s all true. Stiles proposes that Matt stole Mr Harris’ car and used it for all the murders to throw suspicion onto Mr Harris instead of himself.

Mr Stilinski still can’t figure out what Matt’s motive could possibly be, and is not amused by Stiles’ explanation that it’s because the swim team really sucks. Stiles is forced to admit he has no idea what Matt’s motive is. Scott and Stiles want to see all the evidence again, which means that ex-Sheriff Stilinski is going to have to help them get into the police station and root through it all.


Our Scooby-Doo-ish trio arrives at the police station to find the same cute deputy on duty that Derek flirted with a few episodes back. She looks suspicious but lets them in nevertheless.

They start by scrolling through the security camera footage at the hospital the night that Jessica was smothered in her bed, hoping to find a shot of Matt in the hallway near her room. Scott spots a back shot of Matt walking down Jessica’s corridor, and even though both Scott and Stiles insist that it’s definitely Matt, the Sheriff says they need to find a face shot of him. A moment later, they catch another back shot of Matt, and this time he stops to talk to someone – Scott’s mom.

Scott gets Melissa on the phone, who isn’t really confident that she’ll remember talking to one specific kid on a crowded night at the hospital over a week ago. Scott sends her a photo of Matt, and Melissa positively identifies him, as she remembers talking to Matt about tracking mud down the halls.

Sheriff Stilinski realizes that there were footprints taken from the mud beside Sean and Jessica’s trailer in the woods; add this to the credit card receipt signed by Matt at the auto mechanic’s garage, and this puts him at the scene of all 4 murders. He tells Scott to get Melissa down to the station to make an official ID, and sends Stiles out to the front desk to let them know she’ll be arriving soon.

When Stiles gets out into the reception area, the cute deputy is dead on the floor, her entire chest torn open and bloody. Stiles backs away slowly, glancing around for the culprit, and when he turns around, Matt is holding a gun to his head.


How do I even describe this scene? I CANNOT, IT MUST BE DONE IN GLORIOUS IMAGE FORMAT.

i love this show so much you guys

i love this show so much you guys

Derek is sort of floating around in a fever dream, naked and sweaty and his manly bosom is heaving and I just love this show so much, I can’t even.

Derek hears some annoyed shouting on the edges of his consciousness, but it’s not until he hears a horrible piercing sound that anything actually wakes him up. He’s been passed out on the floor of his old house for who knows how long, and Dr Deaton has come to find him, waking him up with a dog whistle, because Deaton has a glorious sense of humor. Peter and Lydia are long gone.

Deaton tells Derek that he’ll probably still be weak for several hours, and that he shouldn’t worry, because he is still technically an Alpha, although still a pretty awful one. Derek grumpily asks Deaton what he’s doing there, and why he’s helping at all. Deaton explains that helping the Hale family is something he’s always done, and helping Derek specifically is a promise that Deaton made to Derek’s mother before she died.

At the mention of his family and his mother, Derek makes the most tragic little puppy face ever.

most precious of puppies

most precious of puppies

Derek also seems far more inclined to actually listen to Deaton for a change, as he realizes that this is what Laura told him about before she died – Deaton was their family’s spooky mystical adviser of sorts. Deaton explains that Peter’s reanimation spell will have cost him his physical strength, so Peter will have to rely on his sneaky clever cunning schemes instead. He tells Derek not to trust Peter, no matter what he says, predicting that Peter will say that Derek will only be able to stop Gerard with his help.

Derek laughs a little at that, because he doesn’t trust anyone. Deaton tells him that there is absolutely one person he should be trusting, and that person doesn’t trust Derek at all – Derek knows immediately that this must be Scott. Deaton somehow already knows that Scott is with Stiles right now, and that Derek needs to find them ASAP. He also tells Derek that he’s known Gerard for a very long time, and that Gerard always has a backup plan, and that this kind of chaos means that Gerard’s plan is probably working out just as he wants it to.


Scott gets off the phone with Melissa and tells the Sheriff that she’s on her way. The Sheriff barely hears this information, as moments later, Matt shoves Stiles into the room at gunpoint. The Sheriff tries to talk Matt down from his crazyface mania by telling him that he really doesn’t want to hurt anyone, does he? Oh Sheriff, how badly you have misjudged Matt. Matt wants to hurt a whole lot of people, actually, and the three of them have just been added to that very long list, especially since he’s just noticed Scott trying to sneakily dial his phone inside his pocket.

Matt makes them all hand over their phones and has Stiles cuff his dad to the wall in the holding area. As they head back to the front of the station, Scott stops, horrified by the sight of all the station’s deputies, bloodily slaughtered in the hallway. Matt has had Jackson kill everyone in the station.




Allison is sitting on her bed, totally miserable and really not in the mood to talk to creeper Gerard, who is noticeably unmoved by the tragic events of the evening. He won’t leave Allison alone, even when she specifically asks him to, because he is a horrible creeper. Gerard tells her that he has something to give her from her mother, but that it can wait, seeing as she wants him to just go away.

Ugh, this is so grotendous. You are a 75 year old man, stop acting like a passive-aggressive middle school kid, you creepy creeper.

Creeperface makes Allison beg and insist that she wants to see whatever her mom left for her. Gerard tells her that aside from the regular suicide letter that Victoria left for the police, she also left a second note only for Allison. He gives it to Allison on the condition that she burn it immediately after reading it, presumably because there are sensitive psycho hunter secrets within.

Gerard also tells Allison that Victoria asked him to read it first, and Gerard didn’t want to, because he thought it was private and should just be between Allison and her mom, but Victoria insisted.

Oh my god, could this be the biggest lie anyone has ever told? I THINK IT PROBABLY IS. Why would anyone, especially Allison, ever believe that this horrible man would tell her the truth about anything ever?

Gerard rambles on and on about how he and his mother were never close and just reading Victoria’s beautiful tragic letter to Allison made him weep manly tears of pain and regret, blah blah blah lying liarface who lies all day lie lie lielielie.

Allison falls for it completely, wholly internalizing Gerard’s sick twisted genocidal vendetta against Derek and his pack. When he finally hands over the letter, she is perfectly primed to read whatever bullshit he presumably wrote in it himself.


As Matt supervises, waving his gun, Scott shreds all the paper evidence showing Matt as the killer, and Stiles deletes the computer files. Stiles can’t resist snarking at Matt, even in the face of potential crazyface murdering death, because he still really wants to know what Matt meant when he said that all the victims deserved to die because they killed him first – particularly as Matt is sitting right in front of them, demonstrably alive.

A car pulls into the parking lot, and Scott, assuming his mom has just arrived, begs Matt to leave her alone, telling him that he’ll ask her to leave immediately instead. Matt says that if Scott doesn’t go get his mom immediately, he’ll kill Stiles instead.

Yeah, this is pretty much Scott’s idea of hell.

do not want

do not want

Matt leads Scott and Stiles to the reception area door, and directs Scott to open the door. Scott does, but it’s not his mom waiting outside, it’s Derek. Scott is incredibly relieved for about 5 seconds, until Derek collapses in front of them, paralyzed by the Kanima’s venom. Jackson, half lizarded, is lurking directly behind Derek, and Matt smiles an almost loving smile at his scaly accomplice.


Allison burns her mom’s note and stares around at her room with a grim look of barely suppressed rage. She soon begins throwing away all her things and generally destroying everything in sight. Then she rips off her clothes and stomps around in her underwear.


Finally she dresses herself in utilitarian hunter black and gets her crossbow ready with a variety of fancy arrowheads.


From his flopsy position on the floor, Derek glares up at Scott and Stiles grumpily, disgusted that the Kanima’s master turned out to be a dorky kid just like them. Matt sneers at him, saying that not everyone is lucky enough to be a werewolf, thus confirming that he does in fact know all about the many bizarre supernatural things that go on in Beacon Hills. Matt also laughs at Stiles for being the only actual human in their group of friends, and as soon as Stiles sasses him back, Jackson swipes at the back of his neck, paralyzing him as well.

Because Jeff Davis loves us and wants us to be happy, Stiles falls facedown directly on top of Derek.

And then of course Matt tells Derek that he and Stiles make “a pretty good pair”.

Scott’s mom finally arrives at the police station, and Matt tells Scott to do exactly as he’s told, and she won’t get hurt. Stiles yells at Scott not to trust Matt, but Scott doesn’t really have much choice. Matt has Jackson stay to watch Stiles and Derek while he and Scott go outside to meet Melissa.

The first thing she sees is Scott, with Matt standing behind him, gun to Scott’s head. Scott tells her that Matt won’t hurt her as long as she does whatever he tells her to do, which is techically true, as Matt shoots Scott in the stomach instead.

Back in the holding area, Sheriff Stilinski hears the gunshot and the screaming, and he starts yelling for Scott and Stiles. Melissa tries to run over to Scott to help him with his wound, and Matt chases her off, waving the gun. Matt screams at Scott to get up or he’ll shoot Melissa next.

Melissa ends up locked in the holding cell next to Sheriff Stilinski. She’s crying and begging Matt to let Scott go to the hospital before he bleeds to death, and Matt just laughs a crazyface maniac laugh at her. Scott insists that he’s okay, and Melissa tells him it’s just the adrenaline, and this is when Matt realizes that neither Melissa nor the Sheriff have any idea that everyone in their social circle is a werewolf. Matt flails and sweats like a complete maniac and tells Melissa to shut up or the next bullet is going in Scott’s head.


Matt and Scott are back in the Sheriff’s office, and Scott again tries to convince Matt to let them all go now that the evidence has been destroyed. Matt laughs at him sweatily, because he doesn’t care about the evidence anymore – he wants the entire bestiary. Scott wasn’t expecting this demand, and is completely confused. He claims not to have the entire bestiary, and tells Matt that Gerard has the entire thing. (I forget if this is true or not, but either way, I really like the idea of Scott quickly thinking to set Matt and Jackson on Gerard like that.)

What does Matt want the bestiary for anyway? Well. Matt wants answers to certain alarming questions that have developed. Like the crusty greenish-gray scales that have started covering his torso, for example. Stiles and Derek find this to be a very disturbing development.

ruh roh

ruh roh


Chris and Allison are arming themselves in their psychotic garage armory when Allison receives Scott’s text message asking for the bestiary. She shows it to her dad immediately, who passes it on to Gerard. Allison is sure that the message isn’t really from Scott, because he’d never ask her for the bestiary, nor would he have mentioned that Derek was with him at the police station. They assume that Jackson and the Kanima’s master are also down at the police station.

Chris pulls out a copy of the police station’s floorplan while he and Gerard try to figure out how many people will be on duty in the middle of the night. You know, so they can figure out how many completely innocent people they’re going to need to kill for no goddamn reason at all. Yeah. Chris dismisses the idea completely, assuming that if the Kanima is there, everyone else will either be dead or paralyzed already. Gerard handwaves away Chris’ perfectly sound logic, because he’s excited by the idea of killing more people, I guess.

Allison asks what their plan is going to be, and Gerard says that the decision should be left up to her, as the only Argent woman left alive. Chris doesn’t want to give her that kind of responsibility yet, but Gerard insists, knowing that he’s already completely brainwashed Allison into being just as crazily hateful and insane about werewolves as he himself is.

Gerard pressures Allison for an answer, and she whispers that she wants Derek dead. Chris asks about Scott, and Allison backtracks slightly, saying that Scott isn’t the one who forced Victoria to kill herself.

No, sweetie, that was actually Gerard.

Chris says that Scott is just as bad, but Allison insists that Derek is the priority, and if the rest of the pack interferes, then they have to die too. Gerard looks just as pleased as can be.


Back at the police station, Derek and Stiles are having a whispered conversation on the floor while Jackson stares off into the lizardy distance. Stiles wants to know if Derek has any idea what’s happening to Matt, and Derek does actually have a few ideas. He thinks that Matt is going against the rules of the universe by using the Kanima to kill innocent people and by killing people himself. So maybe the universe is balancing itself back out by turning Matt into a Kanima in return.

Stiles realizes that Matt is definitely not going to believe them if they share this with him, and furthermore, he’s probably going to kill them all once he gets his hands on the bestiary. Instead of just laying there and waiting to die, Derek tries to trigger his wolfy healing process by digging his claws into his own thigh, messily.


Matt leads Scott into another part of the station to wait for Allison and the bestiary to arrive. He taunts Scott for worrying how he’s going to explain his magically healed bullet wound to Melissa, and Scott manages to turn the conversation towards how Matt ended up getting hurt enough to set off his vengeance scheme.

Matt rants on and on about how Mr Lahey let the swim team get drunk at his house after winning an important competition. Matt had gone over to Isaac’s house that same night to trade some comic books, but when he got there, everyone was wasted and partying and Isaac was nowhere to be found. One by one, the team started throwing each other into the pool as a joke, and then Isaac’s brother Camden threw Matt into the pool, even though Matt had shouted that he couldn’t swim.

No one jumped in to help Matt and as he felt himself drowning, he saw the rest of the people in the pool making out and laughing and having fun while he died. Eventually Mr Lahey dragged Matt out of the pool, and instead of asking if Matt was okay, in typical jerkface Mr Lahey fashion, he blamed Matt for not being able to swim, and shouted at him to never tell anyone that it happened.

Matt is incredibly enraged and bitter that no one ever apologized to him; the entire swim team would see him in school and look the other way. Matt also had nightmares for years about drowning, so badly that his parents thought he was asthmatic from the way he would wake up gasping. Since Scott McCall is the most huggy person in Beacon Hills, you can see that he really and truly feels bad for everything that Matt has been through.

And then Matt tells him that on the day of the Argent’s funeral, everything changed. Matt accidentally took a photo of Mr Lahey at the cemetery, and the sight of his face on the camera’s screen filled Matt with a wild and crazy rage, and he envisioned him dying horribly. The very next day, Mr Lahey died. His visible glee and excitement are draining away Scott’s sympathy and replacing it with horror. Matt decides to give Scott a lecture about Greek legends, comparing Jackson’s Kanima form to the Furies, dispensing vengeance and justice on all of Matt’s enemies.

Matt explains how he took photos of everyone who he wanted to see dead, and Jackson would make sure that they ended up dying horribly.

Jackson is going to need so much therapy.


Stiles and Derek are still mostly paralyzed on the floor, although the leg-stabbing has had a small effect: Derek can now wiggle his toes. Not as helpful as Stiles had hoped.

This is, of course, the moment that the Argents and their hunter gang choose to attack the police station. They cut the lights and start firing machine guns through the front windows.

In all the commotion, Scott is able to get away from Matt and hides under a desk. The hunters throw a canister of tear gas into the station, creating even more confusion. Jackson stares into the smoke, confused, and is thus taken by surprise when Scott comes barrelling out to knock him down.

Derek shouts at Scott to take Stiles and run, and Scott picks him up to flee, with Jackson following right behind them. Scott hilariously stops to lock a flimsy glass door between them and Jackson, which Jackson contemptuously kicks open.


On the opposite side of the station, Allison and Chris arrive to hear Sheriff Stilinski shouting, unable to free himself from the handcuffs. At the end of the hall, Jackson starts transforming completely into the Kanima.


Scott leaves Stiles barricaded somewhat safely inside an interrogation room and runs down the hall towards his mother. He’s stopped by Allison and her crossbow; she demands to know where Derek is. Scott can tell that something is seriously wrong with Allison, but she just points the crossbow at him and tells him to stay out of her way.

Chris is sneaking quietly through the station at the opposite end of the hall from Allison. They check various smashed open rooms and find nothing, until Chris gets a haircrawling sensation of something behind him – the Kanima. Jackson pounces on Chris and claws at him, and is only stopped from completely mauling him by the crossbow bolt that Allison shoots right into his forehead.

oh shit

oh shit

Kanima!Jackson stops and stares directly at Allison while slowly pulling the bolt out of his head, seemingly unharmed. He then takes off after Allison, who has the good sense to run like hell. She huddles down on the floor of the police garage with her knife at the ready, and peeks out from behind the desk to see that Jackson has snuck up on her. Jackson tries to corner her, but she’s ready, and leaps on top of him and stabs him in the chest.

This doesn’t have much more effect on him than the crossbow bolt did, alas. Jackson is about to eviscerate Allison when he suddenly stops and drops her to the floor. Allison lies on the floor, stunned, as Matt walks up to her, having stopped Jackson from killing her. Matt laughs crazily at her statement from Lydia’s party, shouting that if he can’t have her, no one can.

Matt hears a noise from the other side of the garage and takes Jackson to go investigate. The noise was obviously a diversion created by Chris, who slips up next to Allison and quietly helps her up.


Stiles has dragged himself down the hallway towards his father and Melissa. Sheriff Stilinski has just managed to rip the shackles off the holding cell wall when Matt sneaks up behind him and smashes him on the back of the head with his handgun.




Outside, Gerard is coughing from the tear gas and whatever his mysterious ailment is. He opens his pillbox and swallows down his usual handful of medicine. Across the parking lot, at the corner of the station, he sees a shadowy figure staring at him. It then walks away as he watches thoughtfully.


Melissa is desperately trying to talk Matt down from his crazy, begging him to let her save Scott from dying from his gunshot wound. Matt gets pissy with her for having no idea what’s actually going on with Scott, but he doesn’t have any time to explain himself, because Derek walks in, fully wolfed out.

Jackson leaps out from the shadows in his Kanima form, and the two of them have a wild & crazy supernatural creatures smashing stuff brawl. Melissa stares at them like she’s expecting to wake up from this dream at any moment, but everything stays stubbornly real. Matt runs away like a diaper baby for some bizarre reason.

Jackson knocks Derek out temporarily and then climbs up on the bars of Melissa’s cell to menace her with his scaly face and ghastly teeths.


Matt runs down the hall, looking frightened, and tries to find a way out of the police station.


Scott sneaks up behind Jackson and stabs him in the back with his claws – he’s also gone fully wolfyface. Derek jumps back into the fight and attack Jackson while Scott huddles on the floor in front of his mom. He doesn’t want to let her see his face, but she’s so panicked and so shocked to actually see him still alive that eventually he turns to face her. Melissa is completely horrified at the sight of her wolfy son, and backs away from him slowly.

Scott makes the saddest little tiny puppy face and runs away.

saddest puppy

saddest puppy

Scott has reverted to his normal human face, and just in time, because he almost crashes right into Gerard in the hallway. He doesn’t understand what Gerard is doing there, and this wasn’t part of their plan. Scott wails that he’s done everything Gerard asked him to do, like joining Derek’s pack and giving all the information about Matt controlling the Kanima, and getting some maps or something, idk. Breathe, Scott! You’re hysterical!

Gerard tells Scott to leave Jackson and Matt to the hunters, and get out with his friends and his mother while he still can. As they turn to leave, Gerard drops his pillbox, and Scott retrieves it from the floor for him. Gerard snatches it and shoos Scott off impatiently.

Just around the corner, unseen by both of them, Derek is lurking, and has overheard their entire conversation.

dramatic gasp!

dramatic gasp!


Matt flees out the back door of the station and discards his gun in the parking lot. As he runs towards the bridge, Gerard pulls out in his SUV and blinds Matt with the headlights. Matt is too startled to run the other way, and once Gerard gets a good grip on Matt’s shoulders, it’s all over.

Gerard drags Matt down under the bridge and drowns him in the stream. As he dies, Matt relives his first drowning incident again and again until it’s all finally over. The last thing he sees are Gerard’s nostrils, which is just unpleasant for everyone.

Gerard leaves Matt floating in the stream, and walks back up onto the banks. Up on the bridge, Peter Hale has been watching the entire time – I guess that’s who Gerard saw in the parking lot earlier?

As Peter watches, the Kanima comes out from his hiding spot under the bridge. Gerard addresses Jackson and tells him he doesn’t have to be afraid of anything anymore. Peter smiles, assuming that Gerard is about to be torn to screaming bloody pieces, but instead, Gerard removes his gloves and presses his palm against the Kanima’s outstretched hand.

So it looks like the Kanima has a new master? Peter decides that this would be the perfect time to flee into the shadows.

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