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Sorry, Venkman, I'm terrified beyond the capacity for rational thought.

Sorry, Venkman, I’m terrified beyond the capacity for rational thought.
(Get it? Because Ray [Rick] has gone bye bye.)

Boy, this season is not disappointing me in the slightest.  In this episode: Rick takes a trip from E Block over to Section 8, Andrea continues to be a Mad Libs of everything women should quit doing, Carol continues to become everything right with women, and I still love Daryl Dixon.

And the funniest thing said on this show ever is uttered by Merle in regards to why he won’t help strangers: “They ain’t never felicitated my piece, it’s my policy!”  

Rick takes a break from making a blind on the catwalk with wooden pallets to survey yon prison yard with binoculars.  Michonne climbs out of a prison transport with sword, check, a few Walkers in the background, roger that, and a ghostly apparition stands at the graveyard.  It’s the Woman in White, Lori, the most common ghost story of them all, a woman killed in tragedy, usually from being betrayed.  (See, the twist here is that she was the betrayer!)  Also: a Woman in White is like a banshee – a harbinger of death.  So this episode won’t end well.

He goes to see her, but surprise!  She’s not there! She’s outside the gates, which means Rick should totally go follow her just to see how she’s doing, how she manages to wander around in white satin (the most unforgiving material in the world) without so much as a smudge mark.  Oh, and he runs through the two security gates, leaving them wide open and unlocked.

Michonne (and I) are not amused.  Rick?  CAMERA TWO.

Rick, honey, first you are really sweaty and I’m concerned about your electrolytes.  I don’t mind honest sweat, that’s nice, actually, but you are at that sour filth level of sweat that needs addressing.  Second, there’s the whole pointing at people with your gun issue that you need to cut the hell out, and third, you don’t leave your perimeter breached, dummy.

In Woodbury we see that new people have been recruited to the wall.  I have to say, truck tires are a smart idea.  Also, they should run some concrete poles down through them to make sure someone with a truck couldn’t drive through. Ahem.

Andrea is sulking in her room, not thinking things through because she clearly doesn’t know how to think, when the Gov drops by.  It’s really obvious that she doesn’t want to see him, but when has Andrea ever acted wisely?  She lets him in to “talk.”  Gosh, I’m a naughty fella, he says, trying to say what a darn fine job she did with her whole “But they’ll never take…our…FREEDOM!” speech from the other day. She asks Daddy if she can go see her friends, and they’re not going to do anything bad, just listen to music and talk and do each other’s hair, but Gov redirects the whole conversation like the slimy politician he is.

Said the Alligator King to his An-dre-a, “I’m feeling might down. It’s clever of me to build you up so you will wear my crown.  Take my crown, it’s yours, my girl. I hope you don’t mind the dents.  I got it off a dead man that I brutally killed AND THEN PUT HIS ROTTING FACE INTO A FISH TANK DID YOU FORGET ABOUT THAT WOMAN?”  Sorry for ruining your Sesame Street memories there.  But come the fuck on, lady.  FISH TANK HEADS.

Daryl and Merle continue walking through the woods to get to who the hell knows.  (Daryl does, even though Merle tries to make it seem like Daryl is an idiot.)  As they bicker, I realized that Daryl has actual survivor skills.  He could make it work.  He’s the ant to his brother’s grasshopper.  Merle only knows how to scavenge off people, he doesn’t actually know how to buckle down and live.  He’s the guy that thinks Daryl’s idea of raiding an empty house is weak sauce, because his idea is to take heavy artillery and murder people to take their things, like a man.

Merle also makes no bones about his belief that the Gov is already at the prison, killing everyone Daryl likes, so neener.  You’re stuck, baby bro.

Merle is totally the "stop hitting yourself!" brother. And then punches you twice for flinching.

Merle is totally the “stop hitting yourself!” brother. And then punches you twice for flinching.

Michonne also believes this is what’s about to happen, and agrees to help Glenn assassinate him.  Glenn is all bowed up and rowdy, looking for blood, which freaks Hershel out.  Hershel knows what it is to lead, knows what it is to have lives under his protection.  He also knows that Glenn is making a huge mistake.  Why don’t they all just leave?  Why put themselves in danger?

Glenn isn’t going back on the road, not when they have walls, not when they’ve spilled blood for said walls.  He’ll take Carl on a run to the tombs, find all of the breaches (and how bad they actually are) and report back.  I like that Carl is trustworthy enough now to be a second on a mission like that.  Good for you, Carl.  Maggie isn’t on board with any of this, and she leaves without a word. Things aren’t good between those two.

Back in Woodbury, the Gov sneaks up on Milton and has the conversational equivalent of sharpening a knife menacingly by asking Milton if they’re friends.  “Um, yes?”  Huh.  Hope you mean that, Milton, because Merle was the Gov’s friend, and look how that turned out. Sufficiently pissed yourself?  Excellent.  Keep an eye on Andrea because she might not be a “friend” anymore, either.  Milton thinks to himself, “Dammit, Gov, I’m a doctor, not a lackey!”  Um, yeah you are, Milton.  And your shirt’s looking a little red, I have to say.

Andrea looks around Woodbury for the Gov and finds that one of the new people on the wall is Karen McCall.  (Noo!)  Karen is all shifty about Martinez going missing and won’t give Andrea any straight answers.  (You know what would have been cool?  For them to have worked in a black spot/mark on Andrea’s hand.  Pirates, anyone?  Just me?)

Andrea huffs away and finds Milton, who is all squirrelly and evasive about answering to the Gov’s whereabouts.  Just that he’s “gone on a run.”  Uh huh.  The man is at/on his way to the prison, lady face.  It’s not just me, right?  She totally looks like she doesn’t understand? Come the hell on, Andrea.  Use your grey matter.  (Or donate it to the cause, aka, the hungry folk outside the wall.)

Glenn and Carl come banging back into the secure portion of the prison, covered in blood.  Walkers are all over the place down there, and they couldn’t get to where the breach was.  Who knows if it’s just this bunch, if it’s a herd moving through, or what?  Yikes.

Glenn, your heart is in the right place, but your head is firmly up your kiester.

Glenn, your heart is in the right place, but your head is firmly up your kiester.

He goes off in search of Maggie, wanting her to ride with him to the front of the prison and do a little recon that way.  But she’s quite over you, Glenn, you and your posturing and mansplaining.  You think you’re bad ass?  Well let Miss Maggie explain what bad ass means.  She listened to Merle beating the ever loving shizz out of you, then had the choice of taking off her shirt or let Merle take off your hand.  Guess what she chose?

She describes in detail that squicky scene of non-rape, and what, that’s what’s important?  That she wasn’t raped?  “You go away!” she hisses at him when he looks relieved at that.  “Go away!”  She’s dealt with it, but his constant peacocking like her vagina is what’s important and not, say HER, has got her to her limit, Glenn.  Grow up.  (He leaves, tail sufficiently tucked between his legs.)

Carol and Yosemite Sam finish up Rick’s job of making a blind along the catwalk for strategic purposes as Yosemite tells his story.  “I used a gun from Acme that only shot water to hold up a store, and this ornery varmint done caught me.   Found my brother’s gun and said it was mine, and here I am.  Don’t reckon I know how to use one of them thangs, no how.”

Carol whips off the safety to her handgun, pops out the magazine, shows that it’s a fully loaded clip, slaps it in place, locks and loads.  “Fully loaded, and let’s hope it stays that way.

Yosemite has stars in his eyes as he looks at her and thinks she’s mighty pretty. SHE BELONGS TO DARYL, BUDDY.  (Sorry, but he’s always been creepy to me.  What with the “Hey, little lady!” stuff to Beth.)

Speaking of Daryl, he and Merle continue to trek through the woods (Daryl is all sneaky and leading them in the right direction). Daryl’s pretty sure they’re almost to Yellow Jacket creek, but that’s stupid, stupid-face. Merle knows better by virtue of being older and also you’re stupid and a pussy and you have feelings like a girl. (Merle is the worst.)

They hear a baby cry (Naw, them’s some ‘coons getting freaky deaky) when Daryl sees a small group of people trapped on a bridge by Walkers.  Two men are screaming “Ayudame!” (help!) as a woman is trapped in a car holding a crying baby as a Walker tries to climb through the back and eat a tasty bit of veal.  Daryl, using his two magic arrows, takes out most of the Walkers, the two strangers getting enough wind to finally pitch in.  Why, even Merle shoots one to help his brother.

Protip: Always retrieve what is the ultimate weapon, apparently, in the apocalypse: magic arrows.  These are ones that can be used over and over, shot through rotting bone time and again, and never bend nor warp.

(I mean, it’s been a YEAR of the same arrows. Hmm. Not a loss to those fletchings in all this time?)

Daryl even takes care of the hatchback Walker by popping his skull like a bloody grape tomato with the door.  So squishy…  Now that things have settled down, Merle thinks this is a perfect time to remind everyone of how truly awful he is.  He pulls a gun on the strangers (who don’t speak English), gets off some racist crap, and starts ransacking their car as the mother and baby continue crying in the front seat.

He is truly the worst.

He is truly the worst.

But hey now, Daryl pulls his crossbow on Merle, orders the strangers to leave, and gets Merle out of the way.  Daryl storms off – walking past a sign that indicates they’re standing over the Yellow Jacket Creek.  Merle gets up in his grill, yelling like he has a right, when Daryl shuts him down.

He went back for Merle in Atlanta, but guess who wasn’t there?  Merle cut off his own hand, Daryl didn’t do that.  “You lost your hand ’cause you’re a simpleminded piece of shit!”  Daryl?  I love you. Oh, does that piss Merle off, though. He starts shoving and hitting Daryl, to the point where he knocks Daryl to his knees and rips the shirt off his back.

And laws, are there some horrible looking scars there.  Daryl had the shit whipped out of him as a kid, it seems, and literally. Merle’s anger fades rapidly at that.  “I… didn’t know he did that to–”

“Yeah. Same to you. It’s why you left first,” Daryl says, pulling himself back together.  He’s reasonably angry at Merle for leaving him to more beatings (and not taking Daryl with him). Daryl’s all, “Screw this, I’m going home,” which means back to Sheriff Rick (and Carol?) and Merle can’t come.  It’s his own damn fault, too.

Merle: I can’t go there! I almost killed that Chinese kid!
Daryl: HE’S KOREAN. [leaves]
Merle: ….damn. [follows, filled with guilt]

Back at the prison, Hershel and his button-eyes try to implore Glenn to chill the hell out with this whole rage vendetta thing.  This is a world where shit happens to well-intentioned people, and they have to be smart about things.  Engaging in warfare just to do so is stupid.  Glenn is so convinced that being in charge (what with Rick outside looking for the Lady of the Lake) means he has to avenge everyone ever that he can’t be reasoned with.

Hershel asks him what he’s trying to prove.  There’s no answer, just Glenn driving off to check the prison’s front by himself.  Carl is Johnny on the spot with locking the gates behind him, I’m happy to see.

Rick, meanwhile, is going cuckoo outside, and looking like there is nobody home upstairs in ze ol’ think boxer. Hershel calls him over, trying to talk him into coming back into the prison where he’ll be safe.  What the hell is he even doing out there, anyway?

“…stuff?”  (Things, Lori. Things.)  Rick is falling apart before our eyes.  Rick gets a little boy-lost look on his face and says that he’s seeing Lori.  He knows it’s not her, not really, but maybe it could be?  He just needs to find her to make sure.  “I think in time it will make sense?”

Honey?  Sugar booger?  You’re seeing your dead wife in her wedding dress.  You need a lie down and maybe fourteen gallons of Gatorade.  This man is broken, and it’s going to take some guerrilla glue (hurr) to put him back together.

Meanwhile, Yosemite and Carol are out in the yard (read: the open) shooting the breeze (read: Yosemite trying to flirt his skinny ass off) when Yosemite’s head explodes.  IT’S CALLED DUCK SEASON, FOOL. Get the hell down! Too late, his brain matter sprays all over poor Carol’s face. Michonne, in the middle section, takes cover behind her prison transport as bullets come her way.  Rick, outside, gets his rifle up, Carl and Beth hunker down and try to get out of the open.

And we see One-Eyed Gov lower his scope.

That’s, uh, an amazing shot.  Through two fences, several hundred yards off, and while standing?  I gotta call bullshit on that.  But this is TV, I get it.

Martinez pops up in the tree line and takes aim at Rick (raise your hand if you wanted a Walker to come shambling out of the trees to bite Martinez?), who has to run low across the bridge and dive for cover. Doc Hershel, still at the gate where he watched Rick mournfully, drops to the ground in the tall grass, eaten up by chiggers, no doubt.

Carol, though, continues to give Daryl a run for his “worst back story ever” money, by having to pull dead Yosemite over her own body to hide from gun fire, just as Yosemite’s body is riddled with bullets.  Good god.  She’s trapped in the open.  Beth drags Carl off to some cover as one of the Gov’s men makes an appearance in the guard tower, trying to pick them all off.


I'd like to see the Gov and her mano a mano again. I think we know who would win.

I’d like to see the Gov and her mano a mano again. I think we know who would win.

Michonne whips around the back of her truck to shoot at the Gov, but can’t get a clear shot off.  The Gov randomly shoots up in the air like Tugg Speedman trying to get the money shot for the trailer. (I love you if you know what I’m talking about. And you better. “I call him…Half Squat.”)

Maggie races out carrying two loaded guns, calls for Beth and tosses one, then barely gets behind some cover to take aim at the tower bro to enable Carol a chance to get to safety. Maggie? You are so bad ass, I can’t even begin.  Tough, does what she has to do, and is still human and good at the end of the day.

Michonne takes aim at the Gov, who simply leans back and avoids a volley of gunshot. ARE YOU KIDDING ME.  I get that he’s supposed to be bad ass, but he reminds me too much of a beaten down junior high science teacher.  Physically,  I mean.  Mentally he’s Lieutenant Colonel Bill Kilgore all the way, bordering on  Colonel Kurtz.  But crazier.

Everyone goes still when they hear an engine racing towards the clearing.  Glenn?  NOPE.  A big delivery truck that comes crashing through the outer and then the inner gate (Guess they don’t want to reuse the prison?) and pulls a donut in the yard, idling.  Da fuq?

The back gate drops and a dozen or so Walkers come streaming out.  Right by Doc Hershel.  Oh, shit.  The driver, in full SWAT armor, comes out shooting, and my money is on that being Karen. Rick is out of ammo, Gov shoots a Walker that shambles up behind him without breaking a sweat, and Maggie takes out the tower shooter like a freaking boss. (Carol also gets her hands on a semi-auto and goes to work.)

The Gov looks on his works with a smarmy smile, wastes more bullets in the air like it’s New Year’s in Juarez, and drives off with his men, passing Glenn in his truck as he races back.  Maggie starts shooting the Walkers in the yard, Michonne following with her sword, mowing them down left and right like the awesome fighter she is.

Rick is trapped outside by two Walkers, and he’s out of bullets. He’s literally holding them back with his arms, screaming, when one of them is arrowed.  DARYL! Merle runs up and spears the other in the head as Rick takes out a third that’s come to join the party.  Rick and Daryl share bro nods.  Merle gets nothing. Ha.



Michonne and Glenn get Doc Hershel and drive into the interior of the prison yard and get the gate locked behind them. Daryl, Rick and Merle are trapped on the outside, a few Walkers shambling.  In between the groups are more Walkers.

Next Week! Carl tells his dad, “That’ll do, Pig.”  Andrea tells the Gov that she’s going out with her friends, and there’s nothing he can do about it (except ground her, take away her car, and probably kill her).  Carol and Daryl have a heartfelt reunion filled with wistful gazing and stiff upper lips.  They might even shyly smile at one another before looking off at the wasteland that is their lives. So romantic!

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  • cindergal

    Oh man, the women are SO AWESOME this season. And poor Rick. What did Glenn say? Wandering through crazy town? So true. That scene with Hershel through the fence was heartbreaking.

    Daryl and Michonne continue to be the baddest badasses ever. Love them so much.

    But… why so dumb, Andrea?

    • The women are just OWNING this post-apocalypse world! I’m a big fan of that.

      Hershel is just lost without Rick. Hershel was broken when that barn door opened, and he’s been leaning pretty heavy on the Sheriff ever since. And now he just has his rusty ol’ crutches…

      I do NOT understand Andrea. Like, I genuinely do not understand her. I’m a writer. I should be able to create a backstory for her to explain her behavior, and I cannot. She has me stumped, and not in the fun baby goat prancing on top of the stump way.

  • Amy J.

    I loved this episode overall but I have mixed feelings about the beginning of it, mostly because I felt confused about how much time had passed between the previous episode (Suicide King) and this one. It seemed pretty clear that *some* time had passed, but I couldn’t tell how much. I mean, at the end of Suicide King, Michonne was sleeping inside the prison and Herschel had said she needed rest and he thought she had a concussion, but then at the beginning of Home Michonne was out in the yard. And if Rick had been acting the way he had immediately after the end of Suicide King, I feel like someone would have done… something. I don’t know what, but… he was clearly Not Right In The Head, and they’re just letting him wander around, armed, half out of his mind? I felt cheated out of getting to see what happened immediately after Suicide King.

    But it seems petty to complain about any of that because Carol was so awesome, and the Daryl and Merle stuff (STUFF) was SO GOOD, including the whole scene with the family and baby in the car and Daryl rushing in like a white knight to save them, and not letting Merle loot their car.

    I wonder if the Governor’s guy in the guard tower snuck in through an open gate that Rick left open? What was Michonne doing allllll that time between when Rick left the yard (and she did shut the gate, but I don’t know that she locked it) and when the shooting started? Just sort of hanging out in the yard? I guess if she was then the Governor’s Tower Henchman couldn’t have snuck in.

    I have a lot of thoughts.

    • That’s a good point about the time frame, now that you mention it. My guess was this was the next day (or later that day) given how far Daryl and Merle were. A reaction to Rick shouting up at nothing would have been good (but then that would have derailed this episode’s scenes with him following her, I think).

      CAROL. She’s the Carl of the female characters for me. I didn’t like her in S1 because she wasn’t anything interesting, but OH how she has grown and flourished and I love it. LOVE. (Carl sure as hell grew up this season, too. Poor dear.)

      LOL at Stuff. THINGS, AMY. THINGS.

      Merle is ALMOST too much of a caricature of a bad person at times, but they let him have moments of depth that are wonderful. I love the dynamic between he and Daryl so much. (I love how Norman Reedus acts with everyone, honestly. He’s quality, Norman.)

      OOOH, if that Gov dude got in because of Rick’s open gate… GAH. I think Michonne was sleeping in the transport van, honestly. She needs to heal, and was moving pretty slow in the beginning.


  • Katy

    Oh this episode!

    I was chair dancing with all the female (minus Andrea) awesomeness. I saw Carol handle that gun with such ease and I had a huge smile on my face!

    When the walker came up to the Govenor, my hubby was hoping he’d get bit. I said he wasn’t dying until at least the season finale.

    DARYL. *hugs him* Well at least all the fanfics got something right about the Dixon brother’s past. Not that this particular fact wasn’t hard to speculate about.

    • I say we make it a rule to not count Andrea? Like tossing out the lowest and highest grades for the class curve. (But we’re not throwing out Michonne!) I love how strong and sure Carol has become. What a great message: dump the hubris and the shit keeping you down (Ed) and let yourself rise to your authentic self. (I’m trying this thing where I channel Oprah.)

      Oh, I had hoped the same as your husband! GRR. And you’re probably right about him hanging on to the bitter end of the season. That’s fitting.

      Oooh, I’ve never read any TWD fanfic, but yeah, I went there, too. It seems fitting, given their behavior and triggers. (Plus, how the show is setting up Carol and Daryl as the female/male mirror to each other.)

  • Aaron L

    Hilarious review. Loved the Tasty bit of veal comment. LOL once again, at the hole review.. And GRRR Andrea once again.. WAKE UP get a clue PELASE!!

    I aint never been worth a nothing in this life, but I want you to know something. You are my…you are my Sister…. You are my sister. You are my… you are my. Im sorry can we cut ;)

    • (Goodbye, Mama. Now you can have ice cream in heaven. I’ll see you again tonight in my head movies. But these head movies make my eyes rain…) GREATEST MOVIE, and RDJ was ROBBED for an Oscar. I digress.

      So happy you laughed! And SERIOUSLY with Andrea. Seriously. I watched a bit of the Talking Dead, knowing Robert Kirkman was going to be on, and he kept going on about how the Gov is into Andrea because she’s important and strong and his equal in a way, and I decided that either the actress is getting HORRIBLE direction, or he is still thinking of the comics? (I haven’t read the comics in effort to stay spoiler free, so IDK.) I want her to take a slow stroll through Section 8 and weed out the Walkers for Rick.

  • Jackie

    I’m gonna be totally not P.C. here, and just go with it:

    “Andrea. Girl. Everyone knows you never go full retard.”

    The only thing I can think of to explain her behavior is that she and Dale actually shared a brain, and when Daryl shot him in the head, that was it for Andrea’s common sense.

    • She’s totally allowed herself to believe that it’s ok to be stupid and dumb. Moronical. An imbecile. Like the dumbest mother fucker that ever lived. (Seriously, that is the best damn movie.)

      I like your theory and feel that it has merit. If you happen to have a newsletter, I would like to subscribe. (I just don’t GET her actions at all. NONE of them. Ugh.)

  • Jackie

    Seriously, when you see your (awesome) former lover (we can dream) and your current (horrible, duplicitous, rapey, worse-than-trans-vaginal-ultrasounds) paramour fighting it out among the wreckage of the smashed tanks containing DECAPITATED, STILL-LIVE zombie heads, you don’t stick around to find out if there was a rational reason your BAT-SHIT insane cuddle-muffin was keeping the snappers around, you RUN.

  • Jackie

    Not really a spoiler, since it can’t happen now, but feel free to put invisio-text (I don’t know how) but in the comics, Andrea and Dale hook up. So I don’t see a way her relationship with the Gov. = her being strong, because it’s totally not canon.


      *tears face off in my grief*

  • Aaron L

    Youre making my eyes rain from laughing so much…

    I try to look at Andreas situation through her eyes. And I get her and Michonne must of had a hell of a winter, and Woodberry must have looked like heaven, but if the person who saved youre life who knows how many times tells you something stinks… YOU LISTEN !!! Not dig even deeper into that hell hole. Also, the group you survived the first part of the apocalypse with, who became like family, and people you know a hell of a lot better then the Woodberry clan starts attacking that “heaven”, then wouldnt it start to dawn on you that it stinks…. GRRR come on Annie Oakley be the sharp shooting bad ass bitch that i know you can be.. Snap out of it girl..

    I hope no one else on the show goes full Andrea, you NEVER go full Andrea !!

    • Amy J.

      I know I’m in the minority but I still have sympathy for Andrea (even though I admit she’s making terrible choices.) She lost her sister and Dale, she had a group of people she thought was like a family and they left her behind to die. I mean, sure, they didn’t *mean* to, and they genuinely thought she was dead, but from her POV it must have caused a lot of mistrust of people. As long as she continues to live like a nomad, moving around, her chances of being left behind (again) are high. On the road with Michonne, part of her must have always been waiting for that to happen again. In Woodbury, at least that wouldn’t happen. Her staying there is sort of changing up the game — hypothetically she could be the one to leave, but the whole town isn’t going to pack up and abandon her to the walkers. Putting down roots must seem like her only chance for safety.

      • I think her abandoning Michonne, who’d literally been with her through thick and thin, to the tune of 10 months (we were told), debunks the sticking around with people she can trust theory, personally. She’s become untrustworthy.

        I get what you’re saying, I just don’t know that I’m ready to put my money down on it. For someone we were fed as being so very strong-willed, she’s coming off like the little lady too scared to demand answers. She almost got that back with Milton, but was too … who knows what to press further.

        It’s that “who knows what” stuff that has me crazy. I think it’s an actress thing – her face is frozen perpetually in that bland smile that tells me nothing.

    • Look, I don’t know the name of the gun, okay? I only know the sound it makes when it takes a man’s life.

      I totally agree that after the hard winter Andrea and Michonne had (Andrea was close to dying, after all) that Woodbury/Tenpenny Towers looked like nirvana. But she’s seen too much now and heard too many whispers to stick around.

      AND FULL ANDREA IS THE NEW WAY OF SAYING IT, AHAHAHA *kisses you square on the mouth*

  • Aaron L

    BTW just ask Sean Penn, 2001, I Am Sam. Remember he went FULL ANDREA, and he went home empty handed.”
    Love that movie too. Had to watch it again today because it just kept playing over and over in my head.

    Oh and RDJ did get robbed. Damn Heath Ledger had to go and die.

    Thats what Im talkin bout ;-) Now if we can get Carol and Daryl to get to some good lovin all will be right in the world.

    • I plus one this comment. I plus TWO this comment.

      (Seriously, Roobert Downey Jr was playing Russell Crowe playing Louis Gossett Jr playing a Vietnam vet. THAT IS TALENT, PEOPLE.)

  • Aaron L

    LMAO!!! I couldnt have said it any better.. *bows to you*