Walking Dead 3.14 – Prey

I'm going to show her my O-face.

I’m going to show her my O-face.

Well, well, well, looks like someone learned how not to go Full Andrea.  Just when it’s too late.  Also, I would like to give her props for one of the best uses of a door in zombie apocalypse history.   Warning: this episode was dark and there were several overtures made regarding sexual abuse towards women, for those of you who need to know that going in.  Like, dark.


Girl talk!

Girl talk!

Holy Moley, we have a flashback to Andrea and Michonne when they only had each other to keep themselves warm on those lonely winter nights.  Well, and the two armless, jawless pets.  Speaking of, Andrea never did hear their story.

That’s because Michonne doesn’t want to talk about it, officially breaking Girls Night Rule #2: always share deep and intimate stories. (Rule #1: murder a clown to gain entrance. It used to be #3, but we all decided to switch “pillow fights in our panties” with the clown thing.  Girl time!)

We deduce the following from Michonne’s sad, morose staring: she knew the two dudes in life, and they were animals long before the plague hit.  Yeah, they did unspeakable things to her previously.  It’s good that they didn’t come out and say what, because our imaginations will fill in the blanks.  Ick.

Points to Andrea for not demanding answers – Michonne is clearly grateful, even though she walks off to gather herself.

There’s a great camera shot of the chains holding her pets that fades into a room where the Governor is stringing up two similar chains to fit around Michonne’s neck.  He wraps his arms around the ends and almost comes in his pants, he’s so excited.  Fifty Shades of Hey-Now, am I right, ladies?

In Woodbury’s town square, Martinez organizes a weapons cache loading, which makes Milton suspicious.  (Nice work, Einstein.)  “I thought there was a deal on the table?”  Uh huh.  Andrea shows up, blandly smiling in her confusion, too.  She asks the same thing, and Milton explains that it’s probably just a show of force.  Trying to convince yourself there, buddy?

The Gov, still in his little chamber, sets out some toys, and HOLY SHIT IS THAT A SPECULUM AND HOW FREAKING AWFUL IS THAT GOOD GOD.  Dudes?  That’s the cold duck bill of Pap Smear horror, in case you didn’t know.  That is not a lady’s friend.  That is creepy and awful and holy shit enema stuff, too?!  This dude be cray. (I learned that it wasn’t for enemas, it was for delivering fluids down the throat.  UH HUH. STILL CREEPY.)


Milton stares like a goob outside the door, watching, then turns away to sneak off after the Gov has already spotted him.  Hey, go on into Papa’s workshop, friend!  Milton just doesn’t understand how bone saws help actualize their five-year plan for Woodbury.  Is that weird syringe adding value?  Will that scalpel enrich the town’s petunias?  (Probably, blood  meal is-  Not important, sorry.)

Even though Milton isn’t sure if zombies still carry something of themselves inside (which is a ball the show dropped starting back with Morgan’s wife in Episode 1, harumph), it was still Penny inside that biter.  And for the Gov, that’s all that matters.

Well, this is certainly derailing Milton’s timeline for hitting their goal milestones, so he engages in some Knowledge Processing Output by explaining the current SNAFU to Andrea.  So now she knows about Michonne being on the table (figuratively, soon to be literally) and is taken into a high alcove over the torture chamber.

She’s ready to kill the Gov now.  (NOW?  Christ, woman. At least she’s finally seeing the picture.) Before she can leave to handle her mission critical task (i.e.: Kill the Gov), guess who walks in with more toys to torture with, whistling a happy tune? (I wish I knew what the song was!)

She and Milton can’t move to escape because the floor is creaky.  All the guy has to do it turn his head 20 degrees, and he’ll see her.  She pulls out her gun and prepares to take aim.  FINALLY. Just as she gets him in her sights, Milton pulls the gun away and I literally jumped up and shouted at my tv like a crazy person.

MOZAMBIQUE THAT MUH FUH, WOMAN!  DOUBLE-TAP!  Oh my goodness, I am running out of hair, guys.

Why the hell is Milton trying to protect this douchcanoe?  Well, it’s because Milton and Phillip were BFFs (probably only nodding neighbors, but Milton is lonely) before the plague, and he remembers how good and kind Phillip was when he edged their shared strip of grass on Saturday mornings. Also, he thinks it’s a moot point, because Martinez will just rise up to lead. The Gov is a hydra, basically.

I disagree.  I think Martinez is a guy that needs to be told what to do, and does it. And I think he’d eventually talk with Daryl again (because I bet the prison team would come and make peace with Woodbury) and they’d just go about business.  Nah, Martinez needs to kill on the regular, now.  He gots hisself a taste for the High Meat.

Milton won’t leave, he’s staying.  She’s not, and tells him that he can’t pretend he doesn’t know what’s really going on anymore. She kisses him on the cheek (why? He’s always been creepy with her!) and bids him farewell.

She walks right into where Martinez is collecting everyone’s weapons.  Even hers.  She balks, but eventually turns it over.  She smarts off to prevent him from getting her secret knife, though.  Raise your hand if you thought she had a hidden piece in her jacket?  (Now put your hand down, because I can’t see you, come on.)

She then bumps into the Gov who smiles and pretends to care about her, is all “I don’t want you to get your hands dirty, m’lady!” She blandly smiles at him. He does want her to go with him to the “big meeting” in case Rick tries anything, however. HEY, RED FLAG.  (Oh, right. She’s already on board the Kill Gov Train.  I’m just so used to yelling at her, I don’t know how to turn it off.) She smarms her way out of there.

Tyreese and Sasha are practicing shooting on one end of the wall, and can I just say that no one (except for Daryl) knows how to hold a gun on this show?  You don’t jam a rifle into your armpit and fire.  They just don’t hold them high enough.  And hey, lookee there, it take five tries for Tyreese to get one.

Whee!  Look at 'em bullets ping off the street!

Whee! Look at ’em bullets ping off the street!

Andrea runs up on them with a lie to distract them.  They don’t fall for it.  Eh, fuck it, she says and climbs up, ready to jump over.  They stop her, and she explains how this place is bad.  It’s poison. They’re all gonna die in there.  Well not, her, nosirree!  Once she pulls her knife (at least she has a weapon) they decide it’s smarter to let her go.  She hops over the fence and pulls a Forrest Gump, planning on running all the way to the prison, apparently.

(“I musta killed 15 of them bitin’ Walkers.”)

Tyreese and Sasha then rat her out to the Governor, because they don’t know who to trust.  Oooh, the Gov is so slick.  He’s all “thank goodness you weren’t hurt!” and then spins some yarn about Andrea having been all alone all winter with nothing but biters to keep her company.  That’ll be a great lie to disprove if they ever get to talk to Michonne or Andrea.

Gov tries to find out if Andrea mentioned anything like where she was going, what she planned on doing, but there’s nada. Tyreese is worried they’ll be kicked out for this insurrection; shucks, no! They just need to go on a special project with Martinez to make up for things.

The Gov finds Milton who all but admits that he knew Andrea was leaving, that she would be going to the prison, and that she knows about the trap for Michonne and everyone else.  The Gov is furious. Milton is terrified, as he should be. The Gov isn’t going to be your boyfriend, Milton, as if.

Alan – the two dimensional dickwad – picks a fight with Tyreese because he’s an idiot.  Backstory: his wife was saved by Tyreese and she had a hero worship thing going, which made Alan feel emasculated.  And that’s Tyreese’s fault, how? Basically, Alan has drunk the Woodbury Koolaid, and is a puling, whiny idiot.

Andrea “I jus’ like rud-ing…” is tearing it up down the highway.  Two things: the woman is fit as hale, and those are mighty tight and clean jeans for the apocalypse. She hears a truck coming up behind her, so she cuts into the woods to hide.

Bad choice. (It was the only choice, though).  A Walker grabs her through some trees, pinning her, as two hippie chick Walkers come at her from the front.  Guess who’s no longer Vegan, Andrea?  (No one stays Vegan.) Because Andrea has finally gotten with the program (and she was trained by Daryl and Shane), she takes all three out. Way to go!  She then takes off running again.

Tyreese and his group are now at the Sarlaac zombie pits, and the type of people they’re dealing with is becoming clear.  Tyreese is not having no feeding babies and ladies to Biters, thanks, which pisses Alan off because of course he thinks it’s awesome. Because he is dreadful. They get into a tussle  which is stupid because Tyreese has about 70 pounds on him.

And yep, Tyreese dangles Alan over the pits and is finally brought back to his senses.  Martinez sends them back home because he has a job to do, and it ain’t babysitting those fools.

And now we get to some seriously intense and menacing chasing, guys.  Andrea walks across a field, trying to catch her breath, when she hears the truck coming.  She drops to her belly, but it’s too late. (Story of her life.)  The truck comes tearing down the hill, she takes off running and hits an old factory.  There are about a million hiding places in here, I would like to mention.

She creeps through, passing loads of potential weapons and hiding places, with the Gov hot on her heels. (Why not climb onto those boxes?)  He goes the creepy “I still love you, baby” Ike Turner route and says how the town needs her, she can’t go, blah blah.  It’s very “Wendy? Darling? Light of my life?  I’m not going to hurt you. I’m going to bash your fucking brains in.”

Fortunately she isn’t swayed and continues to creep through the building as the Gov takes a shovel and starts smashing all the glass.  Well, that just draws out some Walkers, and we get an awesome shot of the Gov smacking one in the face then using said transfer shovel to redistribute the Walker’s brains all over the floor. Gross! (Awesome) There’s also some Freddy Krueger stuff with him dragging the shovel along the fences to freak her out.

Andrea runs for a door, a Walker comes for her, and she shoves him onto a waiting meat hook.  (Can I just say that the meat hook scene in the original – and only one to ever watch – Texas Chainsaw Massacre is one of the most frightening visuals of all time to me?  It’s right after the guy getting conked on the head by a ball peen hammer and jerking to death in that pile of feathers.  That’s a great movie.  I digress.)

She finally makes it to the door, opens it, and is confronted with all of those former factory workers lined up on the stairs.  There are loads.  Shit.  She slams the door, turns around, and there’s the Gov with a smile.  “Time to go home, Andrea.”

And she opens the door, hiding herself behind it as all of those Walkers pour out, ready to attack the Gov.  I stood up and cheered, it was awesome.  Seriously, how clever in the clutch was that?  She slams the door shut and watches him fight for a moment before taking off.

Consider that a divorce.

Consider that a divorce.

She races off; we hear gunshots, the Gov screaming, and then…no more gun shots.  The yelling stops.  Holy shitballs, if she just managed to put him down, that would be awesome.  Right?  Hold that thought.

A darkly cloaked someone arrives at the pits, pours gasoline over the trailer and the remaining zombies bumping around, and sets them all on fire.  Freaking. Awesome.

Protip Reminder: fire doesn’t kill zombies, unless it melts their brains.  Most of the time you’ll just make flaming zombies that can kill you in even more painful ways.

Fire Marshall Zed wants to show you something...

Fire Marshall Zed wants to show you something…

Andrea evidently walked all night long and arrives at the outskirts of the prison, exhausted.  Rick is on the tower on watch (really?  The guy that sees dead people?) and just as he starts to notice her as she waves to him, the Gov pops out and grabs her, pinning her to the ground with his hand over her mouth.  “Gotcha.”  AHH. Andrea!  You were right there!  :(

Martinez’s crew find the burned pits.  The Gov drives back into Woodbury and barely lowers his window to tell Martinez that nope, he didn’t find Andrea (pff, she’s trussed up next to him, I bet). He also finds out about the burned pits and that there was an altercation with the new group the day before.  Huh. Is that right…

He goes to where Tyreese’s group has been sequestered.  Tyreese says that it’s cool to have a beef with Rick, but he can’t be feeding no babies to no biters, uh uh.  No, no, they have it all wrong, the Gov soothes.  Why, they only use them as a scare tactic.  Jesus please us, people, open your eyes.

Tyreese apologizes for smarting off the day before, because they all really want to stay.  They’ll be good, promise.  The Gov agrees and then asks, “Where did you get the gasoline?”  When Tyreese looks totally confused, the Gov puts the pieces together.  Milton! [Say that like “Newman!”]

Milton shuffles by just then and asks in a sweet, “Why don’t you love me?” voice if the Gov is okay.  He also says what a shame it is about the pits.  Oho, so you know about the pits, eh?  Milton finally shows a little spine and says, “I hope you find out who did it.”

“I already have,” the Gov replies in his best evil villain voice.  They stare at each other until Milton walks off.  Oooh, it is going to be on like Red Dawn.

The camera then pans to a red door (for danger! for blood!) and through the winding halls of one of the abandoned warehouses.  The final turn through a locked door reveals Andrea, cuffed to the torture chair, a gag duct-taped over her mouth, her eyes frantic.



Okay. I want Michonne to save her and the two of them kill the Gov.  I hope I get my wish.  (And for Daryl to kill Martinez and be sad about it, because they coulda been friends in another time…)  Also, I want to applaud the show for having the best damn music for several episodes now.  It has been absolutely on point with ratcheting up the tension.  [kisses fingers]

Only two more to go!!

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  • Cat Purcell

    I was just as pissed when she didn’t kill him! She totally should have, that’d be the best place to do it too! No one in that whole stinking town would have every figured it out unless Milton blabbed. And I agree with you, I really don’t think Martinez would step up. Not at all. And if he did, it certainly wouldn’t be to that level of crazy.

    And yes, I here to be half as hot as the actress who plays Andrea when I’m her age, but seriously, the amount of skinny jeans in this show is ridiculous. Everyone knows you can’t run in skinny jeans. It’s next to impossible. Why are they all wearing them then? If the costume people want to show of these girls legs, just do leggings, that makes way more sense.

    Andrea being chased through the field and the factory thing had me on the edge of my seat the whole time! But all I could think the whole scene was “just run outside and steal his truck!” But yeah, the whole opening the door for the zombies to get him almost made up for it. Gosh but then catching her RIGHT AS SHE GOT TO THE PRISON! Not cool!!!!

    Oh this was a good episode! I need for there to be more than two episode left, like so bad!

    • I was shocked at how well she ran in those jeans! They had to have some stretch to them. Yeesh, to peel those off at the end of the day must require a team.

      The music during the chase/stalking scenes was so intense. It made an already stressful moment that much more so. (Yay!)

      I’m still beaming with pride at her for the door trick. OUTSTANDING.

      HOW ARE THERE ONLY TWO LEFT?! I just… I’m all gimmie hands, man.

      • Cat Purcell

        Peeling any kind of clothes off in the zombie apocalypse would be disgusting. I don’t even want to think about peeling off skinny jeans then! As soon as it zombie apocalypse hits, I’m burning my skinny jeans for warmth and busting out my Boy Scout pants and camps!

        The music this season is incredible! And I love that the guy who does the music is named Bear. I see it and smile every opening credit montage! :-)

        And I’m going to apologize for my terrible spelling and blame it on my new keyboard I haven’t got the hang of yet. ;-) I promise I know English.

        • Bear McCreary did the music for Buffy and Battlestar Gallactica, too! He’s AWESOME. (Pff, like correct grammar matters in the APOCALYPSE, come on! ;D)

  • cindergal

    Finally Andrea does me proud, but I almost don’t care anymore. But I do want Michonne to save her!

    I watched the “making of this episode” video on the AMC site, and David Morrissey came up with the creepy whistle (it’s actually the same song he sang to Penny in an earlier episode). Loved that.

    Can hardly wait for next week – there’s going to be lots of Daryl, I think (and Merle! How did I come to love Merle all of a sudden?) But how are there only two episodes left???

    • I haven’t wanted to be so over Andrea (and I was about 7000% done with her) but this episode, she FINALLY got to shine. Is it too little, too late? Man, I…actually hope not. I would like to see Michonne get her friend back. Michonne deserves nice things!

      Oh, that’s so great to know about the whistle, thank you! (I watch the Talking Dead routinely, but don’t usually have time to get to the AMC sight for more investigative watching. :D)

      Merle finally showing how much he cared for Daryl last week had me waving a truce flag for him, too. (I mean, I love the character, and love to hate him. But it’s awesome to have those lovely character arcs where they grow and change.)


  • Aaron L

    FINALY!!! Non-Full-Andrea “moments”, and I use that word loosely because I think after last weeks ep I totally gave up on her, as I was YELLING at the tv ” GET THE HELL OUT OF THERE YOU STUPID B*&^H. THEY DONT WANT YOU IN THEIR MEETING” and “OHHH YOU DUMB C*&T” when Gov asked Rick about the baby. (of course I woke up my wife and kids, so I had to Tone it down) I did see on Talking Dead that Miss Holden said she didnt tell the gov, but I have no one else to think of but Miss FULL ANDREA herself . She HAD to be the idiot. It also seemed like Miss Holden was VERY defensive about her Andrea character which leads me to believe that she must be getting Alot of (well deserved) backlash.
    “Lemme-tell-you-somethin” Laughed out loud at the Fire Marshal Zed pic. Dead on ;)
    Im not going to go into the rest of theep because like always you nailed it. I just want to say I am very worried about some key characters these next 2 weeks I’s got a very bad feelin.

    • Totally thought of you when Andrea got her shit together, bro. *fist bump*

      Oh, Laurie Holden, so beautiful, so earnest, so defensive of her character (and I can understand why) but I think she’s so into being Andrea that she can’t see the forest for the bad, dumb, stupid decisions she makes.

      I’m so happy someone remembers Fire Marshal Bill! HAHAHAHA. Yay. And DUDE. These next two eps are going to be nail biters. They have successfully amped up the tension for the past three or four eps, and it’s building to a MASSIVE crescendo and good lord, am I wishing they had more than 16 eps this season.

    • Jackie

      To be fair, when Merle captured Maggie and Glenn, they had an assload of baby supplies. The Gov. was undoubtedly informed of this, and was probably toying with Rick/feeling him out. Tyreese’s group could have also told him.

      • Oooh, such a good point about the baby supplies! Definitely a clue to lead the Gov where he went.

        Not to mention that the Gov clearly has all sorts of spies on the prison, what with him knowing about their haul from Morgan’s. (Which makes me worry about Morgan and if they went after him!)

  • Beth


    Let’s just say…. you’re covered in gasoline because you’re a mob of zombies and all of a sudden BLAM! YOU’RE A BLAZE OF DECOMPOSING FIREBALLS!! This could be dangerous!

    I love this episode. I love this recap. I laffed lots.

    I have to say, I totally called it that Andrea would be in those chains by the end of the episode. Now, I don’t WANT her to be there, even if I want her to die. But I want her to die in a stupid way, like a rake to the forehead or her arms suddenly lose control, like they’re on ball-bearings, and she flails so hard when she turns (Whaddup, SMG!) that she thumb-stabs herself in the eye. You know, something stupid. But not the PAP. Please dear God, no one suffer that.

    Also, anyone who whistles slowly rules the school. The Gov rocks.

    • I totally knew you would be a lock on getting the Fire Marshall Bill joke. <3

      I'm honestly surprised I haven't seen more OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD and shock over the Duck Bill of Torment and Pain on the internet. I mean, that shit freaked me the hell out when I saw that, and I had to pause the screen and march around the room, tearing at my hair for a bit.

      The Gov is SUCH a fantastic villain. (I mean, he's no The Mayor, but he's up there.)

  • mrmonkeybottoms

    I know I should’ve seen it coming that the Gov was waiting for her at the prison (cause if you don’t SEE them die then they probably lived) but damn I jumped about a mile and my heart broke for poor, exhausted Andrea. It was so nice to root for her again!

    This was a great episode. Totes sad there’s only 2 eps left :(:(:(

    • RIGHT?!?! You ALWAYS stick around for the final death knell! I mean, she had that nice, strong door to stand behind! It would have been so satisfying, too. But now we’ll get to see (I hope) her and Michonne get a little of their own in, and that will make for a tougher, more adept at handling the damn apocalypse, this isn’t a boardroom for a non-profit, Andrea – Andrea.

      ONE CAN HOPE. (Dude, only 2 more?! HOW IS THIS HAPPEN.)

  • Aaron L

    LOL *fist bump* Right back at you sister. Although I lost some cred after having to take my fist down from the computer screen, since you know, you cant see me and all ;)

    I hate to beat a dead horse with the whole “I hate Andrea Club” but I SO agree with Beth. No way do I want her death to be that dramatic. She doesnt deserve it. I Love the rake death scene, Im picturing it now. Michonne, just saving Andrea from Gov’s couple therapy (where he REALLY gets to look inside you, and see what makes you tick) start running away, Michonne is practically dragging Andrea away because you know she thinks Woodbury might need her still. Then all of a sudden she sees Gov starting to smile at her, and Andrea breaks away from Michonne and starts running back, trying to figure out if just maybe theres still a little good left in him. You never know, you know. Shes running back to him( looking all confused arms flailing) and just as Gov with a BIG smile on his face is about to shoot her between the eyes BAAAM!!! rake handle obstructs his aim Andrea goes down The End… HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!
    This was still an AWESOME ep im not complaing one bit. I was on the edge of my seat. Just had to Andrea vent.
    2 Episodes, 2 Episodes, 2 Episodes AHHHHHHHH What the hell am I going to do!!! Thank goodness for Game of Thrones coming back(perfect timing).

    • (Ha, I love when people laugh at my random-ass jokes like that.)

      I like your proposal for an Andrea death scene! Even shorter one, so we can get to the stories we care about: she blandly smiles at the Gov as he drags her to a different torture chamber; she slips on a banana peel, impaling her brain on an exposed pipe. Gov rolls his eyes, then gets into super ninja battle to the death scene with Michonne. (Then they don’t have to waste time with the “Don’t let her turn!” scene. Naturally a trombone needs to play a “Wah waaaaaaah!” sound when this happens.)

      Venting at a poorly designed character is a-okay with me! OH MY GOD GAME OF THRONES. (I recap that, too!) They’re on the same night, ahhhhhhh!! My geek-brain won’t be able to take it all in! I’ll need to double my booze intake.

  • Geeka

    I found a website that had two possibilities of the song he was whistling. The more likely is ‘Bye Baby Bunting’ it has a line about daddy’s gone a’hunting. Thanks for the recap!!

    • You bet! Someone in comments said that the actor made it up? (At least that’s what he said on AMC’s website.) It’s the same thing he whistled when he was brushing Penny’s hair, too!

  • Aaron L

    LMFAO Wah Waaaaaah. PERFECT ending for that character.. I love it.

    Not to change subject of this Wonderful show. Just curious though. I asked you on one of your last episodes reviews of GOT season 2 if you were going to read the books, one season at a time. Have you had a chance to read the first one yet? Or did fear your self control to rip through the rest if them.

    • How freaking DARE YOU misspell something on this website pf pure academia and judgment?! I want you to sit in the corner and think about what you’ve done, mister.

      Oh, right! You know, I have the hard copies sitting on the bookshelf right next to me at this very moment (and the first three on my Kindle, too). And still haven’t touched them. :D I think mot of the people that come to read the recaps like that I don’t know what to expect (and honestly, I do, too). I’m going to stay pure a little longer. Well, at least in something, HEY-NOW! (And yep – I knew I would lock myself in my room and read them all straight through in a week. And then go back and start over to pick up even more. I have no self control when it comes to book series that I’m into.)

  • Aaron L

    Sorry about spelling. Was on my phone.

  • Aaron L

    :D ok im done with my Christmas pie. What a good boy am I. Can i come out of the corner now??

    I totaly agree.. It is exactly why I dont read The Walking Dead books. I love that not knowing what to expect, sitting on the edge of my seat feeling every week. And for the most part, as much as I enjoy GOT the show, reading them has diluted that unexpected feeling for me. So stay strong. BUT you Have to read them sometime :)

    • Exactly! And screenplays (or teleplays) are such a different animal from the written word. There’s just no way around it. A book will have a huge cast of characters, but people can’t deal with trying to keep up with 20+ characters in an hour.

      I like to watch the series to its completion, and then read the source material. That way I can see what they didn’t use and enjoy the extra bits instead of being upset that things were cut out.

      (And sheeeeeeyit, I will be ALL OVER this series eventually. Fantasy world building? That’s my kryptonite!)

  • Allie aka “The Wife Norman Reedus Doesn’t Know He Has”

    Since I’m on pins and needles waiting for Laura to write up this week’s Walking Dead wrap-up, let me just reiterate again how unbelievably f*cking good this show is. The scene with Andrea being stalked by the Governor is just so perfectly creepy…. and then there’s the music, that deadly heart beat sound that makes me watch to clutch at my throat but I can’t because my hands are too busy covering my eyes because I. Just. Can’t. Take. It. Anymore.

    I am getting ready to go into mourning once the final episode airs.

    • This week is up!

      And seriously, that stalking scene was so damn deliciously creepy. I can only imagine how long it took Laurie Holden to come down off the emotional roller coaster her character went through. YIKES.