The Walking Dead 3.16 – Welcome to the Tombs

I'm still shipping this pretty damn hard.

I’m still shipping this pretty damn hard.

Well.  That one thing I won’t put outside a cut was certainly shocking.  Totally didn’t see that coming. Also, Dear AMC: I would like 22 full one hour episodes of this show instead of only 16.  You got the coin, come on.  Pony up. Love, Me.

And I am kissing my fingers at the delicious evil that is The Governor. What a fantastic character to squirm over all season.


Speaking of the Gov, he’s presently turning Milton’s face into hamburger.  It, uh, took a minute to figure out that was Milton.  Sans glasses and an unblemished face, he’s hard to recognize.  The Gov is punishing him for burning the Walkers and knowing that Andrea was escaping.  That’s not how neighbors treat each other, Milton.

Milton goes for the throat with, “What would your daughter think” about who he’s become?  Silly Milton, Gov has no humanity left!  He knows his daughter would be afraid of him.  But she’d be alive, so…  [scale hands]  See where he’s coming from, buddy ol’ pal?  No?  Probably because he’s smashed your eye in.

Gov drags Milton into where Andrea is tied up (and we can tell some type of torture has been done because her arms are jacked up where she’s handcuffed, but she’s still dressed? Yeesh.), and lets Milton know that in this world you kill or you die.

Or…you die and then you kill.  So get to one or the other with Andrea here [hands him a knife from a spilled tool box – a pair of pliers left behind oHo!] because you’re going to do one or the other.  Laters!  He leaves and locks the two up together.  DAMN.  That’s cold, and I did not see that coming.

I remember when this used to mean something...

I remember when this used to mean something…

It looks like the folks at the prison are going to bug out.  They’re packing up all of their things in tupperware and duffel bags and Carl hands down wins this round of “Who’s More Grizzled” when he pulls out a picture of his folks, then his dad’s sheriff’s badge, chuckles at how naive he once was back when he was in grade school, and heads out to keep on living.  Damn, son, you’re hard for 13. He doesn’t even want a shoulder pat from his dad.  That’s something soft kids get, and he ain’t soft.

Daryl puts on his poncho of solitude, loads up his motorcycle, and Rick turns to see Lori one last time.  She’s stroking her belly so I’m guessing this means Rick is claiming Judith is his baby and not Shane’s.  We still need to see how that kid’s ears turn out before we can be sure, says I.  (Seriously.  Shane had some sound equipment, yo.)

One last trip through the prison to see if anyone left important stuff behind, and there’s a great moment with Michonne and Rick.  She’s pragmatic, is Michonne.  She gets that he had to think about that offer from the Gov, she really does.  And she’s really super glad he didn’t go along with it.  Rick says it was all on Carl, so he’s the one that should be getting thanks.  They stand proud and strong, eyeing each other, and the sexual tension here is so thick you can cut it with a katana blade.  (Just me?  I just like bad ass people hooking up, I think.)

In Woodbury, errbody in the town gettin’ riled up and ready to fight.  Tyreese and Sascha show they have brains (and hearts) and bow out. “So…we don’t actually believe in killing people?  We’re going to stay here and protect the women and children while y’all play shoot ’em up, okay?  And we fully recognize that you might come back and kill us.  Please don’t?”

We’re reminded that the Gov got into his political position for a reason by clapping Tyreese on the shoulder and thanking him for his selfless act.  (And Tyreese and Sascha take a deep breath and start planning their own escape.  OR THEY SHOULD BE.)

Tyreese: We're screwed? Sascha: Yup.

Tyreese: We’re screwed?
Sascha: Yup.

Time for the Prisoners to go down in a Blaze of Glory: Woodburians roll up with .50 cal guns and a freaking bazooka, and unload a stupid amount of ammo on Walkers, the gates, the towers…  Guys?  The world has ended.  That stuff isn’t being manufactured anymore, and I don’t want to hear it about reloads.  Yeah, they can make those, but they’re not as good.

Whatever, they’re clearing out the Walker yard, which is a bonus.  The Gov hops out, has his goons rip the fences open to get inside, and find that Cell Block C ain’t exactly locked down.  The door’s partially open, actually.

They push inside (and WATCH YOUR CLOCK, people!  You don’t walk into a cavernous room without a plan for people to be at 12, 3, 6 and 9 COME ON.) and it’s empty.  That’s because they left, dummies, and so much for your spies, Gov.

The Governor is not a happy camper.

What has two thumbs and is dying!

Who has two thumbs and is dying?

So Milton is dying.  It’s pretty clear he doesn’t have much fight in him left, because he didn’t have much fight in him to begin with. (You know what?  Never a big fan.  I didn’t hate the guy, I just didn’t care.  Which is worse, honestly.)  Milton points out to Andrea that there are pliers behind her and she should be able to reach them with her feet and free herself.  Then she’s going to find something and stab him in the head.

Good plan!  And raise your hand if you immediately practiced picking things up with your toes?  Or squirmed in your seat like you could help her reach them?  Just me?  Come on, you know you did a little bit.

In the prison, the Gov’s peeps move deeper into the catacombs to try and figure out how they got bamboozled when they’re assaulted by smoke bombs, Walkers, and Loud Noises. (Alarms going off.)  It’s mass hysteria because the Gov’s people are grocers and office admins with M-16s and don’t know how to deal with this stuff.  They all run out out to the yard where they’re beset upon by Glenn and Maggie in full riot gear because THEY ARE THE BEST OF ALL OF US.

That’s how you throw an engagement party, people.

They’re up in the protected walkways with automatic rifles laying out good covering fire.  The Woodbury people panic, get in their vehicles and race off.  (They leave the first truck that got its tires popped by Michonne’s traps.  Nice.)

We see that the rest of our group has been hiding in the woods watching.  Carl, Hershel, Beth and Judith hang back when Rick, Daryl and Carol check things out.  A young teen boy with blue, blue eyes filled with terror (or manic desire?  WHO KNOWS?) approaches.  Carl pulls his gun and the boy is ordered to drop his weapon.

NOW LET’S HAVE A CONVERSATION, GUYS.  The kid has a shot gun and he’s got it pointed up.  I don’t know about y’all, but my mom raised me to point the barrel to the ground when approaching strangers.  Overly mannered?  Possibly.

Hershel and his dime eyes must not have noticed that bit.  Carl ends up shooting the kid as the kid moves closer, and I think he made the right decision.  How the hell is he supposed to trust someone with manic eyes pointing a gun at their shoulders?  He isn’t, that’s what.  So Doc Hershel needs to remember they’re in End of Times and clam up.

The Governor’s caravan is forced to stop when the Gov pulls up in front of them and orders them out of their vehicles.  They’re going back, okay?  they’re going back and wiping out those dirty rotten good for nothing–

“That was a slaughter!” Karen (aka Ms. Melissa McCall) cries out.  No it wasn’t.  But this is!  WHAAAAAAAAAAT?!??!? THE GOV PULLS IRON ON HIS PEOPLE. He mows everyone down that isn’t Martinez and Black Guy (hey, even Yvette Brown called him that, and that is a SHAME – what is your name, excellent actor man?).  Although, good job on shooting Alan, Gov, even though he was defending you.  That was pretty awesome because I did not like that guy. Karen hides under a dead body as the Gov empties his clip.  Whew, out of bullets before he can make sure she’s dead!

Where is your asthmatic son now, lady?

Where is your asthmatic son now, lady?

Martinez is rethinking his life’s choices and that maybe he should have kept hanging with good ol’ Daryl Dixon, but instead he hops in the truck with the Gov and they go for a little ride.  And it ain’t straight back to Woodbury.  (Where do they go, do you think?  Hiding out to watch the prison?  I would, if I were them.)

Hershel is still hanging on to the lessons he learned from his prayer last week and tells Rick that his boy kilt a youngin in cold blood.  He gunned that sweet boy with the shotgun pointed at Hershel’s shoulder down like a mangy mutt.  Why that blue-eyed newcomer was probably going to knock a tree branch away with the tip of his gun!

Rick is obviously worried and goes to talk to Carl about it.

“Uh, I couldn’t take the chance that he’d shoot us?  Steal the baby?  Steal Beth?  IDK, Dad, I’m being responsible, god.”  All that was missing was the old ’90s PSA “I learned it from you, Dad!  I learned it from you!” shout.

Let’s check in on Andrea.  She’s got her shoes off and is working that pair of pliers slowly but surely closer as Milton’s breaths become more labored.  And then they sort of stop.  But then they start up again.  And Andrea: stop watching Milton and get the damn pliers.

Fun fact: I threw a pen, a pencil and my husband’s reading glasses (sorry, honey) on the floor and picked all three of them up with first my right foot, and then my left in the amount of time it took Andrea to pick up one thing.

Protip: practice picking shit up with your feet ASAP. Clearly we need all the skill sets, folks.

Aaaaaaaand there goes Milton with the death mouth.  He’s a Walker. She gets one hand free and then…well.  We don’t know, but it sounds bad.

Karen manages to meet up with Rick, Michonne and Daryl.  She gets them back to Woodbury where Tyreese is manning the wall and apparently is a good shot now?  Well, she convinces Tyreese to stop shooting, says that the Gov is a bad bad man, and they sneak inside to look for Andrea.  Rick explains how she never made it to the prison, so.  Put two and two together, buddy with the gun.

They head to the torture chambers (Easter Egg on the Woodbury map – you have to press the Merle Zombie button at the same time as Andrea blandly smiling image) and sure enough, they find her.  She’s alive and Milton is dead. Both ways.  But…her collar is pulled back and we can see a huge bite in her neck.  Michonne is beside herself, and if you didn’t get choked up at Michonne’s reaction, then you might actually be dead which means someone needs to double tap/Mozambique you.



She asks if everyone in the prison group survived, they did.  She asks for a gun.  She has to do this herself because she doesn’t want to burden anyone with her death in the end, and that was really nice of you, Andrea.  Good for you.  She tries one last time to explain why she sucked at helping (she didn’t want anyone to die and lookee there, Andrea – ALL THE PEOPLE DIED.  Well, like 40 of them) and then blandly smiles her way towards the final steps to the afterlife.

The men leave the room and it’s incredibly tense as we all wait to hear the gunshot.  Damn.  That was actually hard to watch.

As the sun rises on the field outside the prison, a new caravan approaches.  It’s Rick and his band plus the remaining folks of Woodbury.  Great, more mouths to feed.  But hey, more bodies to sweep out the catacombs and patch up that other side of the building!

I hope someone in this group knows how to unclog a toilet.

I hope someone in this group knows how to unclog a toilet.

Rick looks up to get approval from spectral Lori, but she’s not there anymore.  And we can’t tell if Rick is pleased or sad about it.  Time to cowboy up, Sheriff and get back to herding cats, err, the old folks and kids you picked up.

I liked that this went out on a slightly hopeful note, I have to say.  We still don’t know where the Governor is or what he’s planning, the Andrea Situation played out nicely and I did NOT see Milton being the cause of her death coming at all.  Nice.  I like being surprised.

I just hate that we have to wait until October for more.  =/  It feels unresolved, but I think it’s just because there’s still so much story left to tell, and I’m greedy.

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  • Cat Purcell

    Omg! Hilarious about the engagement party! Lol way more bad ass than mine was! I had to actually share that one with my husband. Too funny!

    Soooo glad Andrea is finally gone, but damn, poor Michonne. How can anyone doubt that Michonne loved that girl more than as beasties. Aw.

    A lot of people complaint in on twitter about how it was a bad season finale and I think that’s ridiculous! I loved it! The Andrea/Milton thing was tense, the Gov is batshit and now everyone knows, got some good character development with Carl and Rick even though it was a shoot’em up episode and I really like that the non crazy people moved in with them to the prison. Andrea kinda got her wish, aw! The Daryl and Carol hand holding was so cute. But come on! Would it not have been so easy for those last two guys to put The Gov out once he got int the car? I’m pretty sure everyone agrees that’s what’s best now.

    Also, did Norman Reedus not look adorable in his Mr. Rogers outfit on The Talking Dead? :-)

    • Shooting at your enemies is maybe the best idea for an engagement party ever. Especially if there was cake at the end. Red velvet, natch!

      Michonne was just DEVASTATED. Oh my heart!

      I think people didn’t like that it wasn’t a cliffhanger or something like it was with S2 where all of a sudden there’s a prison, and what now? I like that everyone got to take a breath for once. It’s been a crazy intense season and we finally got to drop our shoulders some!

      OMG, Norman Reedus is the cutest thing ever, and Yvette Brown is my 2nd most favorite fangirl (behind Aisha Tyler). SO MUCH LOVE.

  • cindergal

    Dude. The Caryl. I SHIP IT VERY HARD. I will live all summer on that little hand hold, LOL! And Daryl held on until the last possible moment, awe.

    Overall, I found this episode somewhat anticlimactic given the intensity of last week, but there was still lots of great character stuff in there.

    Carl Grimes. Man. I think he was right to shoot blue eyes too, actually – when you are told to drop your weapon by a scary kid wearing a Sherriff’s hat, YOU DROP YOUR WEAPON – but yeah, he’s scary. Poor Carl.

    Goodbye, Andrea, I never really liked you. I wonder if this was planned for all along, or was a result of the unpopularity of the character? I feel for the comic fans, where I gather she is quite popular (I haven’t read them).

    P.S. I didn’t really get sexual tension with Rick and Michonne, but you and Norman Reedus did, so it must be true! ;-) (He IS the cutest thing ever.)

    • Caryl!! That hand hold! The comfort they have with each other! THE TRUST THEY HAVE IN EACH OTHER. I ship it freaking HARD.

      I was just saying to my husband that I think everyone was so ramped up and then it ended on the note it did and we’re left hanging, wondering what’s next? But not in an edge of our seat way. I am still not sure how I feel about that, honestly. (As a viewer.)

      Carl was TOTALLY right to shoot that kid. Tuco Rule of Shooting: When you have to shoot, shoot – don’t talk. I have a feeling that Andrea’s death was planned a long time ago. I don’t see this show as the type that would cater to fans in that way (even though some people thought that was the case with Lori).

      I’ve not read the comics, either. I’m waiting for a bit more to air before I dive in (knowing I’ll spoil all sorts of stuff to come). The Michonne/Rick thing is me being silly. Mostly. Except for how Norman is totally on my team there. Ha!

      • cindergal

        Oh, and I forgot to mention – when the guys are waiting outside the room where Andrea and Michonne are, and the gun goes off and none of them even flinches. Tear my heart out, show.

        • RIGHT?! Daryl just kept looking down, because you know the death of Merle still has him numb. One more death, one more day. (Which is why he needs the love of a good woman, one particularly named Carol.)

  • Danielle

    Now that I have delurked, you might not be able to shut me up, especially about THIS show.

    I was left a little more uneasy with the ending this year because it was so peaceful. You’re kept in this tense state all season long and then when it’s a soft ending, it’s a little unnerving. Like the calm before the storm. I loved the look on (the characters name is Shumpert played by Travis Love) and Martinez faces when the Governor was all like ‘are you coming’ after he just took out everyone else. I’m with whoever said how that *had* to be the most uncomfortable road trip. Michonne killed me, as did Rick and Daryl regarding Andrea’s death. I have to agree, Carl was the biggest shock. Although I can sort of see his rationale, but you know that Rick has to be freaking about who his kid is becoming. It sets it up for conflict down the line. I love that Daryl hasn’t shut down….yet, love his interaction with Carol and what he says to Andrea. Quite honestly, there wasn’t much I don’t love about this show.

    I think I enjoyed the Talking Dead just as much as the finale, Norman is completely adorkable. Is it October yet????

    • ABSOLUTELY THIS – “you’re kept in this tense state all season long and then when it’s a soft ending, it’s a little unnerving.” I think you’re absolutely right on the money. Now we have all of these new people in the group, people who have been living under the governor with the idea that things are soft and lovely (and the weekend Zombie fights for entertainment) and they’re in the grey, dank prison now? That can’t be a good thing.

      SHUMPERT! From now on, all glory unto Shumpert and his calm, creepy menacing glare.

      What I like about Carl is how his “growing up to be a hard man” is paralleling the usual “growing up and becoming a man” story for all teen boys. He’s just living in a different world, so yeah, the man he’s going to become is going to be different. And what was his mom’s last words to him? Be good. Ooooh, his story is just going to get better and better.

      The Talking Dead is such an integral part of my watching process! I LOVE IT. Especially when they get amazing fans like Yvette Brown on there. NORMAN. He’s such a freaking gem of an actor, I swear. <3

  • Aaron L

    AHHH the Bland smile reign is OVEEER… Woohooo!! Now lets hope she didnt go “Full Andrea”once again, and mess that up too, by accidently shooting Michone…. I was yelling at her again. While shes just sitting there talking to Milton, and not trying to get the pliers too. I mean C’MON girl.

    Totally agree on the whole Carl subject too. I can see if the kid dropped the gun then Carl popped him one, but he still had it aimed too close for comfort. Carl said drop it, then You’d better F-ing drop it. Love the Tuco the Rat quote too.. So True.

    Yeah the ending wasnt as bad as Ive heard from other people. Because we KNOW the Gov. is still out there lurking. We KNOW hes not done with old Rick and friends. The tension in just knowing hes out there is enough a cliff hanger for me. I kinda like the breather the group gets to have before next season starts out.. 22 Episodes for sure PLEASE!!!!!

    K off to go read GOT review :) Great year

    • HOW COULD YOU FREAK ME OUT BY HINTING SHE MIGHT HAVE KILLED MICHONNE!? Or maybe Michonne killed herself so they can be Walkers together? LOL.

      (Once again, you make me happy by getting my old school references. TUCO. Come on. Shoot, or don’t yo.) I really liked what Danielle (points up) has to say about the ending. I think the argument could be made that this ending is creepier because we just don’t know what the hell is around the corner. (Well, it’s probably the Governor. Let’s just hope Martinez has his gun pointed at ol’ Phillip. I’d like to see an epic friendship with Martinez and Daryl – think of the squirrels they’d hunt!)

      22 EPISODES. What Senator do I have to petition for this!?

  • Beth

    “My mom taught me to point the barrel to the ground when approaching strangers.” Your mother taught you to bedazzle that barrel with rhinestones to match your flip-flops and you know it.

    When the governor mowed down his people (I, too, was all WTF?! YOU GONE CRAY!) and Martinez and Diggable Planets were cautiously approaching him, they had the most hilariously horrified faces. “Uh… you cool, man? We’re just gonna hop in this here truck. Nice an’ easy.” I bet the Governor took them for ice cream. “Naw, baby. I didn’t mean to kill all those people. You know how upset daddy gets. But you’re good boys, ain’t ya? Here, have some more pistachio mint. That’s your favorite, isn’t it, Martinez?”

    I’m on the fence about Carl. I see both sides. The boy could’ve been surrendering, in which case that makes Carl the gestapo to an open ditch of begging soldiers, or the boy could have been tricking him, and easily swiped Carl’s gun during the trade-off. His free arm was just as outstretched as his gun, making me think, “He’s gonna snatch up your gun, boy! Shoot!”

    Andrea and her feet: True story, I thought unto myself, “My sister would’ve had that shit in two seconds. She used to change the TV channels with her toes, just because she could. That bitch is taking WAY TOO FUCKING LONG QUIT LOOKING YOU ARE THE LADY IN HIGH HEELS RUNNING FROM A MONSTER AND CANNOT STOP LOOKING OVER HER SHOULDER AND OOPS! SHOE’S BROKEN. BUT IN THIS CASE IT’S YOU DROPPING PLIERS BECAUSE YOU ARE DUMB. Seriously, how long has she been at this game? How long has she known how quickly people turn after death? (I’d bring up her sister, but it seems silly to try and make sense out of her character.) Quit checking up on the milk sop and getcherass out of those handcuff’s what’s got your wrists all bedrangled.

    I felt (at the ending) like the roller coaster stopped at the top of the hill and we’re all waiting for a group of teenagers to figure out how to push the lever down all the way so we can fall in October. I wasn’t disappointed, I was just all, “…huh…welp, there you go.”

    Also, when Norman Reedus puts on his sarape, you know it’s because he is going to take the spirits of his fellow men away with violence, blessed by the eagle gods to give wind to his metal transport of savagery. He leads his people, for he already knows the way. No tears today. The water in his eyes has run dry for his brother, who finally did something good. The short-haired woman named Carol gives him strength, now. He need not cry.

    Not after the war.


    • Beth, you know my mother so well. It’s almost like we’re sisters. Almost. (I love that you knew I would have that foot shit DOWN. I don’t be ticklin’ or nuthin.)

      I still think Carl made the right choice. That kid had just been shooting at his people minutes before. Can’t truss this! *grabs leg and pumps*

      The more I think about the ending, the more I like it. I like your analogy for it – that’s it exactly. We’re about to speed down a hill into something even worse than we’ve seen, I feel.

      I like how Daryl is all about Indian lore in your head canon. I AM WAITING FOR A THREE WOLVES HOWLING TATTOO ON HIS TORSO NOW.

      • Beth

        Or a Three Grumpy Cat Merle-Faced Tattoo!

        Or a three egg omelet.

        Or a three hour tour.

        Any of these things, I will accept. So mote it be.