Hannibal 1.05: Coquilles


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NOTE: I will try my best to get episode 1.04 recapped when it’s available in its entirety. Until then, go check out the webisodes if you haven’t already!

PREVIOUSLY: The PREVIOUSLY is mostly from the unaired episode, but you can watch this actual episode without having seen that one. It’s a little more procedural than the previous episodes, so there’s not a lot of continuity wrangling to do.

FUN FACT: I’ve got a fever and have been pounding cough syrup like someone who pounds cough syrup recreationally. This is, honestly, the best fucking way to watch this show that I can think of. Highly recommended!!!

Nighttime. Will wanders, barefoot and not in any way dressed for the weather and being stalked by his giant deerbird, down a darkened country road.

makin my way downtown/walkin slow/my balls are cold/should have put on paaaaants

makin my way downtown/walkin slow/my balls are cold/should have put on paaaaants

Will stops in the middle of the road, staring but unseeing. The deer nudges at his arm. Will is awoken by an approaching police car with its lights on as it pulls up in front of him. Two cops get out, looking suspicious. I know, right? I’ve never found anyone as hot as Will Graham wandering the backroads of Virginia in all my years of trawling the backroads of Virginia, looking for someone to make me their mountain bride.

The cops ask if he knows where he is, and Will, disgusted, says no. He tells them he’s from Wolf Trap, and the cop he’s talking to tells him that’s good–he’s still in Wolf Trap. The cop says “Is that yours?” and gestures downward, and we see that Winston has followed him!

omg bro you don't even know how many hillbilly cannibals i had to fight off for you

yo daddy i got your back but this is gonna cost you like 19 hams

BEFORE YOU SAY I AM CAP THIS SOLELY FOR WILL’S MILKY THIGHS, LET ME EXPLAIN YOU A THING. You are totally correct, but look at Winston’s hilarious face also.

Will asks if he can sit, because his feet are sore. The officer puts him in a blanket and sticks him and Winston in the back of the cruiser for a ride home instead. He ascertains that Will isn’t high and only had two fingers of whiskey (I used to think that a “finger” of liquor was measured with a vertical finger, but after learning what it actually means, I’m way less drunk and have proudly not tried to fight a treehouse for over 3 mon weeks). When he asks if Will has a history of sleepwalking, Will frustratedly says he’s not even sure if he’s awake now.


Will awkwardly watches Hannibal wear a cute bathrobe and pour him coffee from a…thing. I googled “hannibal lecter’s fancy-ass coffee joint” but got nothing, so I assume it’s some kind of mutant French press. But I also don’t know what a French press is. What a tangled web we weave when we first practice to deceive like we know what we’re talking about despite only drinking coffee that tastes like it’s gone through four truckers already.

(Apparently, it’s this thing.)

“Although I may be, is it safe to assume you’re not sleepwalking now?” Hannibal says. Will apologizes for showing up so early, but Hannibal says “Never apologize for coming to me. Office hours are for patients, my kitchen is always open for friends.” I bet it is.

Hannibal tells Will that the onset of sleepwalking is less common in adults than it is in children. Will asks if it could be seizures, and Hannibal counters with post-traumatic stress. “Jack Crawford has gotten your hands very dirty.”

“I wasn’t forced back into the field.” Will says.

“I wouldn’t say forced. Manipulated would be the word I’d choose.”

Hannibal, after assuring Will that his sleepwalking is a control/aggression issue, keeps driving the JACK IS THE ENEMY thing home, even referring to Will’s situation as having made a “Devil’s bargain” with Jack. Will’s like “OKAY crazy but he’s not actually the devil??” Hannibal says with the way Jack has treated Will, he’s “certainly no saint.”

"Is it me or did it just get really ironic in here?"

“Is it me or did it just get really ironic in here?”


A dude who kind of looks like a white Richard Ramirez gets ice out of the ice box. NO SHIT one time I found an egg in one of those. Just a straight up egg. Florida! He’s obviously uncomfortable or nervous about something as he watches a family of three go into their room. The next people he sees, a couple, have heads that are completely on fire. The flames reflect in the ice bucket. I feel like White Richard Ramirez is not that concerned for their safety, but he looks perturbed nonetheless.


TRENTON, NEW JERSEY, where SOME RANDOM MOTEL SOMEWHERE IS. Of course it’s Jersey. Jersey is the Florida of the Northeast, but way less charming.

Will gets out of an SUV and meets up with Jack at the motel. The crime scene was a room rented out to a John Smith.

Will: “An appalling failure of imagination.”

Way harsh, Tai. So yeah whenever you’re a serial killer renting out a room in a motel, come up with a totally memorable and unique false name. Really draw a ton of attention to yourself. I call dibs on CORNELIUS GIGANTE.

The victims are the Andersons, and they were mutilated and displayed. Jack at first assumed it was the Chesapeake Ripper, but there were no surgical trophies taken. “I’m gonna need you to prepare yourself for this one,” Jack says.

“I’m prepared.” Will answers.

“Yeah, well, prepare yourself some more. It’s soup in there.”

“Soup isn’t good for the soul?”

"You know, Will, if you didn't remind me of a baby chicken napping next to a fat bunny in a basket, I'd be way meaner to you."

“You know, Will, if you didn’t remind me of a baby duck and a baby turtle napping together, I’d be way meaner to you.”

Jack asks where Will’s head is. “On my pillow. I didn’t sleep.” Will explains, pulling off his glasses.

“Got just the thing to wake you up.”

Will goes into the room to find unspeakable horror waiting for him. To protect the fainthearted, I edited a little bit of the gore out of this image.

I couldn't find any angel wings on Blingee so I did this instead.

Will: “Okay, I’m awake.”

The killer put hooks in the ceiling and used fishing line to hold the two bodies upright. Katz–HI BABY WE MISSED YOU LAST WEEK–says “At least we know he’s a fisherman.”

Will’s like Oh no I have some fishing line too what if I sleepwalked to New Jersey!

“And/or a Viking.” Schmidt adds. He explains the Blood Eagle to all those gathered (open the back, break the ribs, rest the lungs outside the body like putting a blanket on a sleeping baby). Will decides that this isn’t a mockery, like the Vikings’ intent–it’s a transformation.

Katz goes to the bed and says that the killer slept there, and he’s a sweaty fuck. Will’s like I’M A SWEATY FUCK OH MY GOD OH NO. Katz then dips her (gloved, at least) finger into a pile of barf on the bedside table and leans into it to smell it and pronounce it vomit. OH MY GOD. Look okay I learned from an actual investigator that if you must smell evidence, you waft it, because if you get too close to something you can’t identify visually and inhale like a goober there might be two piles of vomit on the crime scene. But this is the brilliant team that brought us such hits as Lean Over Dead Mushroom Guys Without Facial Protection and Let Will Graham Leave His Coffee On An Occupied Examination Table so what else would you expect.

Jack thinks the sweat and the barf are because of nervousness, but Will says no, it’s righteousness. Will steps toward the bed, his left hand moving nervously (holy shit, Hugh Dancy is phenomenal), and miserably requests a plastic sheet. Hey, buddy, it’s okay. We’ve all been there.

Will lays back on the bed, shuts his eyes, and goes into his mind palace.

This is not who you are. This is my gift to you. I allow you to become angels. And now…I lay me down to sleep.


Lecter’s place. Oh my god his dining room is so amazing. As is the plate, a “masterpiece foie gras au torchon, with a late harvest of Vidal sauce, with tripe and fresh figs.”

I don't eat foie gras for moral reasons (I'm morally opposed to gross nonsense food).

I don’t eat foie gras for moral reasons (I’m morally opposed to gross nonsense food). I can get 250 chicken nuggets for the price of one lobe of foie gras liver. Suck it, rich people.

MOST IMPORTANTLY THOUGH WE ARE INTRODUCED TO PHYLLIS “BELLA” CRAWFORD, JACK’S WIFE (AND LAURENCE FISHBURNE’S IRL WIFE, DELIGHTFULLY). Hannibal sits down after serving both of them and says “Mrs. Crawford. Your husband introduced you as Bella. Are you an Isabel or an Annabel?”

“I’m a Phyllis. But Jack only calls me Phyllis when we disagree.” Bella says, in that sort of fond-exasperated way when you love somebody but are being weird about them for whatever reason.

“So, named Bella for your beauty.” Hannibal says.

Jack explains that they were both stationed in Italy when they met (Jack with the Army, Bella with NATO), and all the Italian dudes kept calling her bella. He wanted her to be his bella. Aw. ;_;

Bella asks if she’d be rude for skipping the first course.

“Too rich?” Hannibal asks.

“Too cruel.” she counters.

Jack’s like omg don’t embarrass me in front of my cool friend but Hannibal takes it in stride, assuring her that he employs an “ethical butcher” and that he CANNOT ABIDE CRUELTY TO ANIMALS, which is the first and worst sign of sociopathy. He says that human emotion is a holdover from our animal ancestors, but cruelty is our thing. Except dolphins are like thrill-killing dillholes so THERE GOES YOUR THEORY.

He gets up to pour more wine, and smells Bella while he’s standing over her. He remarks that her perfume smells “similar to the air just after a lightning strike,” and asks if it’s (I think) Dior JAR (thanks, commenter Emz!). Bella’s amazed that he got it correct. (Jack: “Isn’t he charming?” JESUS CHRIST JACK CALM YOURSELF BELLA IS RIGHT THERE.)

Hannibal pours more wine for Jack, and says he first knew he was a supersmeller when he was a child, and smelled his teacher’s stomach cancer before his teacher was even diagnosed. He gives Bella a pointed look. OH NO.

He goes off to get the next course, which is roasted pork shank. “Which I assure you, Bella, came from a very supercilious pig.”

Hannibal, you’re fucking odd.


Katz: “Death makes angels of us all, and gives us wings where we had shoulders, smooth as ravens’ claws.

Zeller: “Robert Frost.”

Will: “Jim Morrison, toolbox.”

I want Will and Katz to get drunk and talk emotionally about all the Doors posters they had in their rooms at age 15.

Zeller reveals that the free serotonin levels and the free histamine levels are something something medical whatever I don’t know. POINT IS, THE LADY WAS ALIVE FOR AT LEAST 15 MINUTES AFTER HER WINGFLAPS WERE FLAPPED. There was a paralytic agent in her scotch and soda.

“Kneeling in supplication at the feet of G-slash-d,” Zeller says.

“Supplication is the most common form of prayer. Gimme gimme gimme.” Price adds.

“They weren’t praying to him. They were praying for him.” Will corrects ominously. Zeller and Price stare at him, but Katz keeps poking away at the body. Will realizes the killer is afraid.

“What is somebody who could do something like this afraid of?” Katz asks.

“What’s in his vomit?” Will asks.

It’s dexamethasone [for tumors], Keppra [for epilepsy], and gamma 4 radiation [for Hulk powers]. The killer has a brain tumor. “He’s afraid of dying in his sleep. He’s making angels to watch over him.” Will says. I mean, like: there are some flaws in this plan, but the foundation is clearly solid.


Hannibal opens the door, and seems momentarily surprised to find Bella waiting there. He invites her in, and they sit down across from each other. Now, the conversation is initially framed to make it seem like an affair (“How often do you see him?”), but it becomes apparent pretty quickly that it isn’t. IT’S ABOUT CANCER, AND HOW BELLA HAS IT AND IS NOT TELLING JACK BECAUSE SHE DOESN’T THINK HE’S GOT TIME TO WORRY ABOUT HER OH MY FUCKING GOD. It is, legitimately, the worst thing in the series so far, because it’s real. I didn’t find out until four years after cancer killed my mom that she was never fully in remission, she just never told anyone but my grandma. This is actual horror we’ll all probably experience at some point, with all the pain and the fear and the death associated with it.

everyone is beautiful and i am cryin

everyone is beautiful and i am cryin

I appreciate that this isn’t sympathy fodder for anyone, either. Bella is given a life and given motivations of her own, so that she’s a character with cancer instead of a cancer character. I hate most cancer narratives, because it feels like nobody on the writing staff gets it, at least not in a way they can put on paper. This doesn’t seem like it’s going to have that problem.

“It’s hard enough dealing with how I feel about all this,” Bella says firmly. “I don’t need to deal with how Jack feels about it.”



Hannibal tries to help Will sort out the “Angelmaker.” He tosses a book down to him from the second floor. Will’s finding it difficult to profile someone with “an anomaly in their head, changing the way they think.” Hannibal says that a brain tumor can cause hallucinations and changes in behavior, but they’re not the motivation behind the killer’s desire to “create heaven on earth.”

Will says the killer feels abandoned, and Hannibal considers him for a moment before asking if he feels abandoned by Jack.


Hannibal says it would be more like how gods abandon their creations, and suggests it might be why Will is sleepwalking. Will does the most amazing eye-roll-teeth-bared-derisive-chuckle combo in history and is like “GO ON THEN.”

Hannibal says that Jack promised to protect Will’s mind, then let him get too close. Will, twigging that something’s up, says “Are you trying to alienate me from Jack Crawford?” Hannibal, predictably, is like “NO LOL I’M JUST TRYING TO GET YOU TO THINK ABOUT HOW THIS MIGHT BE EFFECTING YOUR MENTAL WELLBEING but also yes definitely.”

Will asks Hannibal to just focus on helping him find the killer. Hannibal suggests there might be a way to trap the killer, to lure him out or make him hurt himself, but Will thinks if he was self-destructive, he would have hurt himself already. Hannibal says he might just be careful with his self-destructive tendencies.


Jack is waiting for Bella to come to bed. He asks her if she purposely waits until she thinks he’s asleep to go to bed, and she says it just works out that way, because she’s overwhelmed with her job and has some things to sort through. Jack says he’s very good at sorting through things, and if she’d like to be “underwhelmed while you’re overwhelmed,” he can do that, too. Hee. She says he’s never been able to underwhelm her. Double hee. He asks if there’s anything–romantic, physical, or spiritual–he can do to help her, but she says no. She does say he can ask her questions if he wants, but he only obliquely asks if she’s been cheating on him. JACK. COME ON. He tells her he loves her.

rolling around sobbing in traffic

rolling around sobbing in traffic


White Richard Ramirez stalks around until he sees a security guard with his head on fire. I gotta tell you, guys, the illness chills are settling in, and that immolation thing seems like a pretty good idea right about now.


Will stares up at yet another angel, tied up two stories in the air. Jack approaches from behind. “Why angels?” he asks.

Will deduces that he’s not going off Scripture, which doesn’t have flying angels. It has spooky angels with a thousand eyes and that are like big flaming wheels or whatever. NOT PRECIOUS MOMENTS ANGEL BABIES LIKE WILL GRAHAM. Zeller calls Jack’s attention to something. Price says “Are those–what are those?”

Zeller: “Somebody got an orchiectomy real cheap.”




Zeller is kneeling next to a pair of balls on a mattress. Katz points her light at the angel, and noticing his blood-free pants, says it probably wasn’t him. They’re the killer’s.

Not relevant, but please note how ill-fitting and bulgy Will's jacket is. The only explanation is that he is smuggling his dogs onto crime scenes.

Not relevant, but please note how ill-fitting and bulgy Will’s jacket is. The only explanation is that he is smuggling his dogs onto crime scenes.

Will says he’s given up making angels, and is now preparing to become one, as “angels don’t have genitalia.”

Jack asks what the killer’s doing now, if he’s accepting his fate or what. Will, annoyed and tired and Hannibal-ed, gets increasingly sharp with Jack until he snaps “You’re the head of the behavioral science unit, Jack! Why don’t you come up with your own answers if you don’t like mine.”

Jack steps forward, and with a voice like the actual wrath of God says “I DID NOT HEAR THAT, DID I.” I instinctively kinda shrank back. That’s how terrifying it was. Katz, Price, and Zeller literally run away like the kids who aren’t in trouble yet, and Will pulls his glasses off and apologizes, defeated. Everyone, angel included, is in silhouette as Jack leaves Will in the alley.


QUANTICO SCIENCE BASEMENT, which actually might be the field office in NEWARK, NEW JERSEY because it is CLOSER TO TRENTON THAN QUANTICO.

Will stares down at the first set of angel bodies as Katz comes up and tells him he’s crazy for talking to Jack that way (LIKE AN EQUAL I guess is the hidden meaning here). “My ears were ringing like the first time I heard my mom use the F-word.” Will laughs a little bit. I LOVE THEM TOGETHER SO MUCH. She treats him like a person instead of a tool and doesn’t walk on eggshells around him, which is exactly what he needs. Consequently, he gets more comfortable with her every time they’re together.

She asks if he’s okay (even though she knows that people in their line of work can never really be considered okay). He asks her if he seems different, and she’s like “You’ve always been a little different.”



“Brilliant strategy. That way no one ever knows if something’s up with you.” Katz says.

“How would I know if something was up with you?” Will asks.

“You wouldn’t. But I would tell you if you asked me. Return the favor?” BABES PLEASE. Go get drunk and make out until you cannot tell whose tears are on whose face.

Price interrupts them by bringing over some Important Findings. The first murdered couple were fugitives–he liked to rape/murder, she liked to watch–and the security guard wasn’t a guard at all, but a convicted felon. Will wonders how the Angelmaker knew that. Katz suggests he’s a vigilante, but Will points out that vigilantes are “pragmatic. They don’t sleep under their crimes. He thought he was doing God’s work.”

Katz is like “Yeah, vigilante?” Will says there are other advantages to playing God, like always being alone, and that the killer didn’t have to know the people he killed were bad. He just had to believe it.

HANNIBAL’S SEX OFFICE, BALTIMORE, MARYLAND. Bella is there for another appointment. Gina Torres kills this scene (all scenes, but this one especially).

Bella knows that Jack knows she’s hiding something. She says she’s not angry at Jack, and she’s not angry at the cancer, because there’s no point. But she is angry–“I am slowly shrinking, while this tiny thing grows larger every day. And yet, I feel fine.”

Hannibal accedes. “You will feel fine. Up until the precise moment you don’t.”

Bella smiles grimly. “It’s really very dull story, isn’t it? The ending is always the same, and that same is that it ends.”

“So. You pull away from your husband, the man who strolled along the keys of Livorno, Italy and called you bella.”

Bella says nothing.


Will is trying to sleep. He keep rolling over and seeing different, progressively later times on his clock. He finally drifts off, but wakes up to the sounds of dogs barking. He’s standing on the roof over his porch, and his dogs are freaking out in the window.



Also: thighs. Also also: I love that Will wears the same (tiny! tight!) things to bed every night, though they’re probably terrible and gross from being sweated through a hundred thousand times.


Will, in an adorable fishing vest, pops a couple of pills in Hannibal’s office. He’s been dreaming more lately. This is a problem, because previously his only physically safe place was his dreams. Now he’s got nothing. He’s drawn, subconsciously, to the statue of the stag in Hannibal’s office. He frowns at it while he talks to Hannibal about the Angelmaker. Hannibal thinks the Angelmaker just wants peace, and that’s what he’s striving for. Will is derisive of the idea.

Hannibal slowly makes his way around to Will, who’s still distracted by the stag, and takes this opportunity to sniff him. Will’s like WHAT THE HOLY CHRIST??!!!? “Did you just smell me?” he demands.

Hannibal saves the situation by being like “Difficult to avoid. I really must introduce you to a finer aftershave. That smells like something with a ship on the bottle.” I see Hannibal has gone to the PUA School of Seduction and is expertly applying the Negging technique on an unsuspecting Will Graham.



Will (defensively but also a little ashamedly, hello, perfect nuanced moment about what growing up poor is like for you later in life), says he keeps getting it for Christmas.

Hannibal asks the THOROUGHLY EMBARRASSED OH MY GOD SOUP AND BLOWIES NEEDED STAT Will if his headaches have been getting worse, and when Will says they have, Hannibal’s like “It’s your stankass aftershave. BOOM. NAILED IT.” Hannibal, you’re supposed to start with a positive comment, go with a negative comment, and then follow the negative comment up with another positive one later, you handsome evil brilliant piece of shit.


The science team has managed to find out who the killer is: Elliot Budish. Jack and Will have a meeting with Budish’s estranged wife, a pretty but tired lady who does a really good job with how sad and guilty the character is. She left Elliot with her sons after he got sick and crazy, just to protect herself and the children. She explains how Elliot pulled away from her, and Jack suddenly realizes what’s happening with Bella as Emma Budish details all the parallels. He sits down behind his desk, silent but wet-eyed, and leaves Will to conduct the rest of the interview. She says that Elliot was never religious or violent, but that he was angry.

Jack eventually gets himself together and tells her kindly that they just want to find him before he hurts himself or anyone else. She says he suffocated once, during a fire at his childhood home, and that the fireman who pulled him out said he must have had a guardian angel. Will and Jack get the location, and they’re off.


Elliot Budish is, predictably, there, but he’s also already dead. He angelified himself and strung himself up on the rafters EVEN THOUGH EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS SEEMS IMPOSSIBLE BUT WHATEVER I’LL JUST ASSUME HANNIBAL HELPED HIM.

Will says he got to make his choice, despite not having a lot of options. He then tells Jack he’s not sure how much longer he can keep doing this.

Jack’s like “My wife doesn’t talk to me, I don’t need that shit from you, too. ADIOS.” Will says it’s getting harder and harder for him to make himself look, and appeals to Jack’s sympathy for how difficult the job is. Jack, not really caring, says that if Will wants to go back to teaching, that’s fine–but his lecture halls are going to be tainted with each kill Will doesn’t prevent. Holy shit, Jack.

Will’s like “Yeah, maybe. I’ll find a job as a diesel mechanic in a boatyard.”

Jack: “You wanna quit? Quit.” Jack walks out of the barn, leaving Will alone with FUCKIN BUDISH WHO IS ALIVE AND ON THE GROUND. Actually, it’s just a hallucination, but I freaked out nonetheless.

Will puts his hand on his gun but doesn’t draw it. Elliot says he can see what Will is, and we get a shot of Will’s head on fire. Elliot offers to dig the evil out of Will, and give him his “becoming.” He falls over, dead, except he’s still hung up on the rafters. ICK.


Jack waits for Hannibal to finish Bella’s session. Hannibal offers them use of his office for the talk they need to have. AND THEY HAVE IT. OH GOD DO THEY HAVE IT. Jack’s voice breaks as he asks her if it’s treatable, and she calmly says “It’s Stage 4, and we both know there is no Stage 5.” They sit together on the settee, Bella keeping herself carefully constrained, and talk. She doesn’t want to do chemotherapy, and no, Jack has no say in it. He tries to comfort her, but it’s impossible, and she tells him so, tells him flat out that her comfort would really be more about his comfort. He lets her know it’s her fight but he’s in her corner. She shakily takes his hand and finally lets herself cry in front of him when she says she didn’t tell him because she didn’t want things to change–but she didn’t count on changing so much.

I’m literally shaking and crying over here because my temperature’s 103 and this is DESTROYING MY LIFE EVEN MORE THAN THE FEVER IS NO CRAWFORDSSSSS NO.


Will walks through the hallway toward Jack’s office, steeling himself before going in. Jack is staring into space, either thoughtful or just totally dead inside.

Jack asks what he wants. Will sits gingerly in the chair next to him, and answers “I’m gonna sit here until you’re ready to talk. You don’t have to say a word until you’re ready, but I’m not going anywhere until you do.”

Intergalactic archaeologists find them like this 318,000 Space Years later.

Intergalactic archaeologists find them like this 318,000 Space Years later.


+If I give Hannibal Lecter my lungs, will he give me ones that aren’t filled with fluid in return?

+Should there be a sort of Batsignal for when Will Graham needs soup and blowies?


+abigail where did u go

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  • Emz

    Hannibal sniffing Will–I had to uncross then re-cross my legs. Oh My.

    • Emz

      Oh and the thing about getting Old Spice for xmas? In Red Dragon, that’s how Lecter figures out that Will has a kid/stepson. I saw that micro-pause from Hannibal tonight. I wonder what that’ll mean for Will/family/abandonment Issues (he says he doesn’t have) in this retelling.

      • Sam H.

        Haha, I wish he had been like “Will you smell like 100 dogs.” But that’s good to know! I wondered who would be getting him the Old Spice, since he has no family and there’s no Molly yet.

  • lamu

    thiz awesome gurl

    • Sam H.

      thank yooou

  • I echo Emz – when Hannibal sniffed Will in the trailers: OH MY.

    I liked the running theme with Will as china – as with last episode, a smashed cup is going to be very important.

    Ah, the scene in the alley. One, Crawford’s voice was hella scary. Two, angels are actually described as having wings in the Bible. Yep. Isaiah 6:2, and Revelation 4:8. Why do I know this? I have no clue.

    I love your recaps. They are brilliant and you show what you were thinking so well, and they are so damn funny!

    • Sam H.

      SNIFFING IS GOOD. And all of the themes that run through this season are also amazing.

      Yep. Isaiah 6:2, and Revelation 4:8. Why do I know this? I have no clue.

      Maybe…MAYBE YOU WERE SECRETLY AN ANGEL. Hey, it happens in YA all the time.

      Thank you so much!

  • cowsharky

    I’m very amused that this is the ep they showed instead of ep 4.

    “Hey, we can’t show the bombing ep, what should we do?”
    “I got it, we’ll show the blood eagle ep!”

    • cowsharky

      Also, I spotted the show making another error–the cruelty of foie gras isn’t in the killing, but in the gavage (force-feeding until the poor thing nearly bursts) that comes before.

      • Sam H.

        I assumed that’s the cruelty they were referring to! But who knows. I don’t trust anything anymore after Bryan Fuller called the pulled episode CEUF instead of ŒUF.

    • Sam H.

      The ep they pulled was actually about children murdering other children, so I can sort of understand why certain sensitive issues might be more difficult than something as totally removed from everyday experience as “flaying criminals to make angels,” but YMMV.

      • cowshark

        Huh, for some reason I thought it was about bombs ‘cuz of the Boston Marathon thing. In my defense, I’ve had a nasty cold this last week and my brain is crunchy.

  • Emz

    There’s a chance that Bella’s perfume is by JAR (which kind of sounded like what Hannibal said). They have one called “Bolt of Lightning.” JAR perfumes are incredibly expensive ($400/oz and up), so it figures that the refined aesthete Hannibal would know it. It reminds me of that bit in Hannibal (the book? not sure if it’s in the movie), when he goes to Santa Maria Novella (amazing fragrant stuff shop in Florence, using very old recipes, housed in a church) and buys almond soap for Clarice.

    • Sam H.

      !! Thank you! I’ll go change that now.

      Good to know my dismal track record with comprehending Scandinavian pronunciation continues untarnished by hearing something properly!

  • IvyB

    OK, I’ve been reading your recaps and I absolutely love them, so I just thought you should know. Gina was beyond awesome this episode and Bella and Jack broke my heart.

    How the hell did the AngelMaker do the skin/ribs/wings things on himself? Seriously, how?

    Will doesn’t really seem to shave and I’m not that happy that they stole the “atrocious aftershave” line from Red Dragon, cause Hannibal remembers it from court and it’s how he knows Will has a step son. Are they leaving ANYTHING for Red Dragon?

    Am I the only one who’s freaking out cause I’ve convinced myself that Hannibal smells a tumor on Will (like he could on his teacher and Bella) and that’s why he’s been asking if the headaches are getting worse? Is that why he’s having hallucinations (now and later)? Don’t give my Will a tumor!!! He’ll have enough bad things in his life come S4 (and we ARE getting a S4 damnit!)

    • Sam H.

      Thank you! Gina was AMAZING.

      Oh god I have no idea. Like I can’t figure it out AT ALL. It’s not physically possible to do yourself!

      IDK, I’m interested in seeing how they change things around! As long as we get Molly I’m good.

      HAHA I HADN’T EVEN CONSIDERED THAT BUT THEN I SAW A FEW PEOPLE GETTING ANTSY ABOUT IT AND I WAS LIKE !!!! NO IT CANNOT BE. I don’t think they’ll do that to him, but still. Alarming.

      • IvyB

        IDK, I’m interested in seeing how they change things around! As long as we get Molly I’m good.

        I want Molly and for Will to be happy for even two minutes (or a year and two off screen obviously) before they break him further. Also I’ll cry if they give him the book ending, because how much can a guy take before he just says “screw this” and kills himself? I don’t know if Thomas Harris hated Will or Will did something terrible in a previous life to deserve his book fate.

        HAHA I HADN’T EVEN CONSIDERED THAT BUT THEN I SAW A FEW PEOPLE GETTING ANTSY ABOUT IT AND I WAS LIKE !!!! NO IT CANNOT BE. I don’t think they’ll do that to him, but still. Alarming.

        BUT NOW THIS IS ALL I CAN THINK OF!!! Especially because right after he sniffed him, he asked if the headaches increased- brain tumor!!! Would possibly explain his hallucinations and maybe even his empathy.

        Plus Bryan Fuller said we’d know what Hannibal smelled on Will in a future episode (probably episode 10) so it has meaning! My poor mongoose puppy, the universe needs to leave him alone for two seconds!!!

  • I love your recaps so much that in one of my dreams I used the phrase “soup and blowies”. Suffice to say that as long as Hannibal airs (which I pray/hope/beg will be for many seasons to come) I will be here after each episode, reading your recaps. I tip my imaginary hat to you.

    • Sam H.

      THE INCEPTION WORKED. Thank you so much! I really appreciate it <3

  • Heather

    The recaps are awesome, thank you. I cannot bear to watch, but I have to know! That said, I’m curious, are you providing the travel time estimates or is the show? Because I want to live in a world where it only takes an hour to get from Quantico to Baltimore.

    • Sam H.

      Thank you! Glad to be of service! HAHA IT IS ME (because it seemed like everyone was getting from place to place very quickly, and I just wanted to figure out how long it would actually take), I’ve just been google mapping them, but I got that one waaaay wrong for some reason. Fixed it!

  • Rhia

    I watched this episode after a night out with friends, so I can easily second that intoxicated is the best way to watch Hannibal. I think it may have even slightly lessened the emotional trauma of that final scene. Final two scenes? Anything even remotely involving the Crawfords. Very slightly lessened.

    Your reviews are the actual best. I can’t remember the last time I laughed this hard. Katz’s face is the best face.

  • LLM

    I got really excited when I saw your caps were from City which is the Canadian network which airs the show!

  • Lucy

    Sam, I love your recaps!!!! I’ve just gotten into the show and am catching up on amazon, so I just saw the episode they didn’t air – I hope you can come back and write it up. I found myself saying, I wonder what Sam will think of that!