Hannibal 1.09: Trou Normand


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PREVIOUSLY: Will’s looking at dead people and is spiralling further into a destructive ibuprofen addiction; Will and Alana kissed but SOMEBODY had to go be mature and responsible about the whole thing (not naming any names, Dr. Alana Bloom of Quantico); Abigail shanked the brother of Hannibal’s first I LOVE U WILL GRAHAM macaroni art victim and Hannibal helped her hide the body; and Jack was suspicious of Abigail and whether she helped Garrett Jacob Hobbs commit his murders.


I couldn't get a better cap than this, but the other side of the hat has a feather I think.

Some men get a fedora pass, and Laurence Fishburne is one of those men.

Does West Virginia even have a beach? Maybe it’s a lake. Who knows. Also, this episode was directed by Guillermo Navarro, the amazing cinematographer who works with Guillermo del Toro a lot and is really awesome.

Will pops some pills, and literally sighs as they approach our beach kabuki: a 20-foot tower of dismembered body parts, artfully arranged and beautifully constructed and probably surrounded by an unholy stank miasma.

"Hello, yes, Skymall? I would like to order 15 of your Stunning Elegant Body Towers for my yard. 236 million dollars? Sounds reasonable."

“Hello, yes, Skymall? I would like to order 15 of your Stunning Elegant Body Towers for my yard. 236 million dollars? Sounds reasonable.”*

CONFESSION: I actually already made a Skymall reference to this episode on Twitter last week, but. There are exactly three things that will always make me laugh, and those things are:

1. animals farting and being startled by it (“fartled animals”)
2. boys racking their nuts while trying to do stupid things, then laying facedown on the ground and shrieking
3. skymall


“World’s sickest jigsaw puzzle,” Fuckin Zeller says, snapping a photo.

“Where are the corners?” Price asks. Fuckin Zeller’s like “Corners? I’ve never completed a puzzle with more than 9 pieces so this ancient and common knowledge is BEYOND MY COMPREHENSION.”

Price explains that you build a jigsaw puzzle with the corner pieces first, and Fuckin Zeller’s like “IDK is it the skulls?” Katz says there are way too many heads for the seven bodies this tower is supposed to be constructed of. I’ve had a few sailors say that about me, if you know what I mean. (I don’t even know what I mean.)

“The head piece appears to be the only recent victim. The rest are years, even decades old. And we know that seven of the bodies were buried out here.” Jack says, pointing around at the circle of empty graves surrounding the body tower. God, his outfit is cute. Will’s is cute too, but Jack’s is super chic and adorable.

Jack says the killer defiled the victims’ graves, but Will says it was just an exposure, not a defilement. Speaking of exposure, I think I see some visible naked boobs on this thing. I saw a full boob in the first episode too. Out of respect for the victims (and laziness), I will leave the titties for you to find. Like a magical pervert adventure for bad people.

Will stares silently up at the tower, and Jack clears everyone out. Will walks a little ways away from the tower, then turns around. He goes into his mind palace.

I planned this moment, this monument, with precision. Collected all my raw materials in advance. I position the bodies carefully, according each its rightful place. Peace, in the pieces disassembled.

Muffled noises come from offscreen. A dude is tied up on the sand.

My latest victim, I save for last. I want him to watch me work. I want him to know my design.

Will steps over him, kneeling down, and sticks a knife into his heart.

This is my resume. This is my body of work. This is my legacy.

"Regretfully, Taco Bell is not hiring at this time. We will keep your resume on file until we stop screaming. Thank you for your interest in the company, Mr. Graham. Live Más!"

“Regretfully, Taco Bell is not hiring at this time. We will keep your resume on file until we stop screaming. Thank you for your interest in the company, Mr. Graham. Live Más!”

Will stares up at the tower, and a droplet of blood falls onto his cheek, knocking him out of his mind palace and into Hannibal’s waiting room. He’s disoriented, jumping when Hannibal comes out of his office and greets him with some surprise. Then Hannibal sees his face.

"Yay, Will's out of his mind! TIME TO FUCK SHIT UP."

“Yay, Will’s out of his mind! TIME TO FUCK SHIT UP.”

Will paces around Hannibal’s office like a cornered animal, half-yelling, very close to the kind of horrified frustration crying that starts when your brain betrays you. Will, it’s all right. One time I started drinking on the couch and then woke up six hours later in the kitchen, eating some watermelon. You’ll be okay.

“I don’t know how I got here.” Will says.

“Your car is outside, so we know you drove.” Hannibal assures him.

“I was on a beach in Grafton, West Virginia. I blinked, and then I was waking up in your waiting room. But I wasn’t asleep!”

Hannibal tells Will that he’s disassociating. “It’s a desperate survival mechanism for a psyche that has endured repeated abuse.” Hannibal explains.

“No, no, I am not abused!” Will yells, panicked. Oh, honey, yes you are. And the following nonsense just proves it.

“You have an empathy disorder. What you feel is overwhelming you, yet you choose to ignore it.”

“I know, I know, I know,” Will says, putting his hands over his face. Hannibal says that’s the abuse he’s referring to.

“What, you think I should quit?” Will asks.

Hannibal points out that Jack offered Will a chance to quit, but Will said no. Hannibal asks why, and Will says it’s because he saves lives.

“And that feels good?”

“Generally speaking, yeah.” Will answers quietly.

“What about your life?” Hannibal asks. “I’m your friend, Will. I don’t care about the lives you save. I care about your life. And your life is separating from reality.”

Will, physically calmed but completely exhausted, sits down on the chaise. “I’ve been sleepwalking, experiencing hallucinations. Maybe I should get a brain scan.”

“Will.” Hannibal snaps. “Stop looking in the wrong corner for an answer to this.”

This bothers me worse than anything on the show so far. People in positions of power fucking around with others’ mental and physical health is the skeeziest, creepiest shit ever. I mean, sometimes a situation occurs where you HAVE to eat a guy. It happens. There’s no call for this kind of gaslighting, though. THIS IS ABUSE. IN ALL SERIOUSNESS, IT IS ABUSE. Unless the person is actually your medical doctor, nobody should try to talk you out of getting diagnostic procedures done.

Hannibal asks Will to tell him about the crime scene, since that’s where he disassociated. Will says it was a “totem pole of bodies,” and disagrees with Hannibal’s assessment that it may have been about shame. He thinks it was a celebration of his achievements.

“When faced with this killer’s achievements, your mind needed to escape, and you lost time.” Hannibal says.

“Yes.” Will answers quietly, then looks down.

“I’m worried about you, Will. You empathize so completely with the killers Jack Crawford has your mind wrapped around that you lose yourself to them. What if you lose time and hurt yourself? Or someone else? I don’t want you to wake up and see a totem of your own making.”

"Actually, that might be great. Keep on keepin' on, little buddy."

“Actually, that might be great. Keep on keepin’ on, little buddy.”



She’s in group therapy with seven other girls. She tells them about how she hears her father’s voice every day when she wakes up, like he’s next to her bed, telling her what he told her before he died–that he killed the other girls so he wouldn’t have to kill her. She says she wishes he was still alive, because wants to know what was wrong with her that made him want to kill her.

“He should have killed you,” one of the girls says. “So he wouldn’t have killed me.” All of the girls have turned into Hobbs’s victims, pale and bleeding from their antler wounds. They repeat “So he wouldn’t have killed me” until Abigail covers her ears, horrified. She looks back up and the girls are gone, leaving only Cassie Boyle’s brother sitting across from her.

“He should have killed you. So that you wouldn’t have killed me.” he says. Ugh. Shut the fuck up, Dead Brother. She wouldn’t have killed you if you hadn’t had the brilliant idea of grabbing a traumatized and psychologically damaged teenage girl and slamming her into a wall to prevent her from running away. Fight or flight, stupid. You blocked her flight, so she fought.

Abigail sits up in bed, hyperventilating and crying.


Will steps uncomfortably into Jack’s office and apologizes for whatever happened at the crime scene yesterday. Jack asks what he’s apologizing for, and Will says he was feeling like he wasn’t himself.

Jack, kindly: “Well, not feeling like yourself–that’s kind of what you do, isn’t it?”

"How does a smile work again??? Show every single tooth I have? Grow more teeth for extra smile?? WIDEN MOUTH UNTIL MY JAW UNHINGES AND THE TOP OF MY HEAD FALLS OFF?!!? OK." Also, Vladimir Cubrt (who plays Garrett Jacob Hobbs) has the best name, even though I alternately pronounce his surname as Q*bert and Cupboard.

“How does a smile work again??? Show every single tooth I have? Grow more teeth for extra smile?? WIDEN MOUTH UNTIL MY JAW UNHINGES AND THE TOP OF MY HEAD FALLS OFF?!!? OK.”

Also, Vladimir Cubrt (who plays Garrett Jacob Hobbs) has the best name, even though I alternately pronounce his surname as Q*bert and Cupboard.

Jack asks if there’s anything Will wants to tell him, and when Will hurriedly says there isn’t, Jack’s like “Well clearly there’s something that you don’t want to tell me.”

“I just got a little lost yesterday, is all.” Will answers.

“And where are you today?”

“Well, it got to me. All those bodies got to me, and I thought it was a little more obvious than it was.”

Jack sighs. “If there’s a problem, you need to tell me.” Will nods. “Is there a problem, Will?”

Will chimp-smiles again and says “It’s fine.”

“All right.” Jack says. Will turns and leaves. I’d like to know what actually happened. Haha, what if later Jack’s telling Bella about his day and is all “And then Will CLIMBED THE PEOPLE TOWER and put his hat on the last victim’s head and then climbed down and tried to arm wrestle Katz but lost and then he punched Zeller in the heart and started trying to herd Price into the water, yelling about how he was a precious baby sea turtle that needed help reaching the ocean.”


Abigail comes back into her room and shuts the door behind her, saying she sold her parents’ house. Apparently, murder houses don’t fetch big money these days. Hello, next season of American Horror Story!

“Not that you’ll get any of it.” Freddie says. “The families of your father’s victims filed wrongful death suits. That means that they get everything, Abigail. Every penny. What you have here is all you have.” Oh no D:

Abigail sits on her bed and says, sadly, “Let them take all his money. I don’t want any of it.”

“You can make your own money.” Freddie tells her. And you know what? Freddie is an awful human being, but I don’t think she actively sets out to destroy people’s lives, unless they provoke her (or are Will Graham. But writing mean shit about him on the internet isn’t the same as using your weight as a medical professional and telling him not to get a brain scan when he’s clearly deteriorating, you know what I mean?). She’d probably do the best by Abigail out of anybody on the show, except maybe Alana–Abigail needs money, Freddie needs Abigail’s story, and I’m sure Freddie wouldn’t fuck her over financially. It’s a symbiotic relationship, and I think Freddie would hold up her end–she’s not interested in the technical truth, as revealed later, but in Abigail’s truth, and she’d tell it the way Abigail wanted.

Hey, if people can humanize Hannibal fucking Lecter, I’m sure as fuck gonna extrapolate on Freddie’s relative humanity.

Abigail asks how much she would make if Freddie told her story, and Freddie tells her “Plenty.” She tells Abigail she’s the one to help Abigail tell her story, since nobody knows more about Garrett Jacob Hobbs than Freddie does.

“Not even Will Graham?” Abigail asks.

Freddie says Will’s a part of the story, not the one to help Abigail tell it.

“He avoids me because I make him feel like my father.”

“Well, feeling like your father makes him feel like a killer.” Freddie says.

Abigail looks immeasurably sad for a moment. “People think I helped my dad kill those girls.”

Freddie tells her they can change that, and Abigail agrees to tell her story.


Will walks into the lab, taking a moment to visibly compose himself, and says “How many bodies?”

“17 total,” Price answers. “Meet our freshest one–Joel Summers, forty years old, runs a cell phone store in Knoxville, Tennessee. Or, did.” Joel Summers has been missing for three days, and was killed by a single knife wound to the chest. All of the other injuries that turned him into a horrible pretzel were postmortem. Also, his eyes are white–that makes sense for this body, but a few of the other corpses on this show have had white eyes, too, and I learned that this is from particles getting into the eyes and scratching the corneas, since dead people can’t blink or tear up to get the particles out. Nobody’s eyes are going to turn white unless they’re exposed to the elements or have been lying somewhere for a while. THE MORE U KNOW (ABOUT DEAD BODIES).

“He was special to him, somehow. He held a place of honor.” Will intones.

Price tells Will that the grave dirt matches seven of the exhumed bodies, but the rest were collected from all around West Virginia. Katz says that there were no violent crimes connected to the bodies not buried at the beach. “Accidental deaths.” she says.

“They’re all murders.” Will answers, and walks away.


Will shows slides of the ten extra bodies on the tower, explaining the seemingly innocuous ways they died–car crash, suicide, heart attack, carbon monoxide poisoning, etc.

“Every death is different. Made to look like something else. No sadism, no torture. The method of these murders was less important to the killer than the simple fact that these people died.”

Will tells the class that “This killer’s design was to remain unknown, a ghost. That is what excited him. Until now.”

“Will?” Alana says from the doorway. “I don’t want to interrupt if you’re rehearsing.”

Will’s classroom is empty. He’s gesticulating to unoccupied seats. His projector isn’t even on. My stomach actually dropped a little bit–good job, show!

Will, terrified, tells her she’s not interrupting and to come in. She’s wearing another super cute wrap dress. He promises not to try and kiss her again, and she’s not like WTF so it wasn’t a hallucination. Now that I see how it’s playing out, it’s better this way (they might kiss some more in the future yay).

his sad lil pigeon toes omg

his sad lil pigeon toes omg

He asks semi-hopefully if she’s stopped taking her own advice.

“A doctor who treats herself has a fool for a patient.” Alana says. “I regretted leaving your house the other night.”

Semantics are the bane of Will’s life, so he asks if she’s using regretted to mean she no longer regrets it or if it is a continuing state of regret. She’s just like “Baby, it’s both.”

There's no real reason for this cap. Caroline Dhavernas is a babe and I love Alana's wardrobe.

There’s no real reason for this cap. Caroline Dhavernas is a babe and I love Alana’s wardrobe.

She said she has one foot planted on either side of the regret-not regret line, when really SHE SHOULD HAVE ONE KNEE PLANTED ON EITHER SIDE OF WILL’S HEAD.

wait what

who said that

“Are you telling me that to confuse me?” Will asks, still terrified, now unhappy, and with kinda a boner, but it’s a really sad boner. As all of his boners usually are.

Alana assures him she’s not trying to confuse him, just be honest with him. “I don’t want to mislead you, but I don’t want to lie to you, either.”

“I won’t lie if you won’t.” Will says.

“I have feelings for you.” she admits. “But I can’t just have an affair with you. It would be…reckless.”

“Why? Why?” Will asks. Even his sad smile/laugh is miserable. MY HEART IS BREAKING ALL THE WAY IN HALF. “And it is not because you have a professional curiosity about me.”

“No. It’s because I think you’re unstable.” BOOM. Look, I see people talking about how Alana treats Will with kid gloves and how that’s disrespectful somehow, but she’s never been anything but honest and open with him in her protectiveness of him. This proves it. Being protective of somebody doesn’t mean you’re trying to somehow remove their ability to be their own person. Actually, the characters on the show who don’t treat Will like an equal are Jack and Hannibal, and since Jack literally is Will’s boss, there’s an excuse for him (his alarming managerial style is another story). Alana wants to help Will. Jack wants to help victims/potential victims. Hannibal wants to help himself. These are really important distinctions to make.

“And until that changes, I can only be your friend.” Alana adds, despite Will’s horrible shudder of complete existential anguish.

“Thank you for not lying.” Will says eventually.

“Do you feel unstable?” Alana asks.

Will doesn’t say anything, just smiles briefly and nods. She hugs him, and he shuts his eyes and relaxes.

motion for will to strap on an adult-size baby bjorn and just carry alana around for constant hugs when things get scary

motion for will to strap on an adult-size baby bjorn and just carry alana around for constant hugs when things get scary


Hannibal is poking around a plant while Will tells Abigail that he’s being “understated” when he says that her book with Freddie is a bad idea. “Freddie Lounds is dangerous,” Hannibal adds. SHUT UP DUDE I’M SO NOT OKAY WITH YOU RIGHT NOW.

Will tells her that everything she’s feeling right now will pass. “Things are changing for me, too. I’ve been doing some counting of what’s important in my life, and what isn’t. You are important, Abigail.” he says.

“Just because you killed my dad doesn’t mean you get to be him.” Abigail says coolly.

Will thinks about the I LOVE U ABIGAIL LETS GO FISHING TOGETHER LOVE, FALSE DAD macaroni art he left in the car. Hannibal’s like “Listen to your mother. You’been through a traumatic event, and no one is more traumatized than you, but we went through it together. What you write, you write about all of us.”

She stands up and says she doesn’t need their permission.

“And you don’t need our approval. But I would hope it means something.”

She breaks down slightly, and wonders why she can’t tell everyone that they’re wrong about her. Which: valid. Will tells her she has nothing to apologize for.

“Yet.” Hannibal adds. “But if you open this door, Abigail, you won’t control what comes through. Are you ready for that?”


Apparently she fucking is, because she digs up Cassie Boyle’s brother.


Will establishes that the tower of bodies works like a totem pole, telling the story of a life or an event. The top body is somehow connected to the bottom body, and Katz says that the bottom body was a victim that was beaten to death in Grafton forty years previous, exhumed five days ago. They haven’t found a connection between the two bodies yet.

Jack walks in and says he needs Will in his office.

“Nicholas Boyle turned up in Minnesota. Dead. His body was found in the woods, frozen. They thawed him out pretty quickly, but they can’t tell if he died a week ago, six weeks ago, or the night he disappeared.” Jack says.

“How did he die?” Alana asks. Hannibal flashes back to the Hobbs residence.

“Knife wound. He was gutted.”

Jack wants to get a positive ID on the body from Abigail. Alana and Will object, Alana saying she’d like to go on record as saying this is a VERY BAD IDEA, and Alana looks to Hannibal for help. Hannibal…does not help, just says that Jack has the look of a man who won’t be swayed. Jack tells Alana he wants her to assist and refuses to let Will come along, and they go to collect Abigail and take her to the body.

Will says that being in the room with Boyle’s body could do Abigail irreparable damage, and Hannibal’s like “Maybe she’s stronger than we think.” YEAH BUT THAT DOESN’T NEED TO BE CONSTANTLY TESTED, HANNIBAL.


Alana and Abigail approach Jack and the body on the table. Jack gets Abigail to ID Boyle, then asks her if she’s seen him since the night he attacked her. She answers in the negative, visibly shaken, and asks for the body to be covered up before Jack continues with his interrogation. Alana tries to cover it, but Jack stops her. It’s super shitty, and I know Jack’s just doing his job (and his instincts are correct, nobody can fault him on that), but it’s difficult to watch due to our affection for Abigail and Alana’s increasing anger and helplessness.

Jack asks where Abigail goes when she climbs the walls. We know it’s Hannibal’s place, but she tells Jack she goes into the city, sometimes into the woods. Mostly just out, so she can think. She’s never met Nicholas Boyle on any of her jaunts, she didn’t know him before he attacked her, and her father didn’t know him. None of this is convincing Jack. He says that Boyle was gutted with a hunting knife–“You know how to do that,” he adds.

“I will not be a party to this.” Alana snaps.

Jack tells her she’s there as a courtesy, and she can leave. She stays where she is, stewing.

Abigail eventually gets angry, saying that her only contact with Nicholas Boyle was when he tried to kill her.

“And when he was trying to kill me, all I could think was that I was going to die in that house after all. But I didn’t. I survived. Dr. Bloom and Dr. Lecter saved my life. They saved me from him.”

“And you haven’t seen him since.” Jack says.

“Only in my nightmares.”

Abigail and Alana make the best angry faces:



Jack doesn’t buy any of it, even the true parts. “Are we done?” Alana asks. She turns Abigail away from the body and toward the doors before Jack says anything, then falls behind and says she’ll meet Abigail outside.

She stalks back to Jack, furious.

“You believe her?” Jack asks.

“I think Abigail Hobbs is damaged. There is something she’s using every ounce of that strength to keep buried, but it is not the murder of Nicholas Boyle!”

“What makes you so sure?” Jack demands, voice raised at her for the first time ever.

She handles it better than Will did. “Because any reservations I have about Abigail don’t extend to Hannibal! He has no reason to lie about any of this!”

Jack doesn’t say anything, and she leaves.


Cut directly to Hannibal’s lying-ass face.

“It can be a comfort to see the broken, bloated corpse of a monster, and know it can never come back.” Hannibal says.

“Nick Boyle wasn’t a monster.” Abigail answers sadly.

“Were you? Is that why you uncovered his body? Would this be a chapter in your book, Abigail?”

“No,” Abigail says angrily. “Neither would killing Nick Boyle or you helping me hide the body.”

“There’s always an addendum.”

Abigail says the FBI asked their questions, and she passed.

“With the attention of Jack Crawford.” Hannibal reminds her.

She doesn’t care. She did it because Hannibal was right–she couldn’t control what came through the door, but she could control when. She’s not afraid of anyone finding Boyle’s body anymore, because it was already found.

Hannibal tells her she betrayed his trust, and put both their lives in danger. He says he needs to be able to trust her again. “What if I can’t?” he asks. I sort of can’t wait until she gets sick of his shit, honestly.


Katz reveals that Joel Summers was the son of Fletcher Marshall, the first victim, but he was adopted, so there’s no genetic match. Summers’s mom died in a car accident, but wasn’t on the totem pole, meaning she either wasn’t murdered, or was murdered, and the killer just loved her too much to “disgrace her that way.”

Will asks if there were any suspects four decades ago. Katz says that a Lawrence Wells was question twice for the Marshall murder in 1973, but nothing came of it.

“Fletcher Marshall was a crime of passion. It had something the other murders didn’t have.”

“Motive.” Jack answers, after thinking for a moment.


Lawrence Wells is played by Lance Henriksen! HARD TARGET MOTHERFUCKERS. (Here is a cool bit of background information that will be interesting to trivia buffs.)

Jack and Will go into the house–the door is open partially, and the house is packed into boxes as well. Wells is sitting calmly in a chair, and basically tells him he knew they were coming, because he killed Joel Summers. He’s not repentant at all, and is really taunting about the murders, saying he likes talking to women whose husbands he murdered and the “ball of silence” at funerals, knowing he was the one responsible for the deceased. When Jack mentions prison, Wells is fine with it, because he knows he “secured his legacy.”

Jack asks if Wells had an affair with Eleanor Marshall, Joel Summers’s mom. Wells doesn’t answer, so Jack takes that as a yes. Will busts out with the information that Joel was actually Wells’s biological child–that Eleanor must have seen who Wells really was, despite his pride in being able to hide his monstrousness, because she chose to raise Joel as Marshall’s kid.

“Your only act as a father was to murder your son.” Will says. Wells hits the arm of his chair slowly, twice. “Way to go, asshole.” Will doesn’t say.

Man, I understand why the episode was constructed this way, but the crime and the reveal were a little rushed. Maybe this (relatively elaborate) crime might have done better in an episode without so much going on? I’m not sure, the jumps from the Wells stuff to the main stuff were a little choppier than I’m used to with this show. It’s okay though! It works fine.


Will sleeps fitfully, flashing back to his conversation with Abigail in the greenhouse.

I’m worried about nightmares.” Abigail said.

We’ll help you with the nightmares.” Hannibal answered.

Will wakes up, both literally and figuratively. FUCKING UH OH.


Will stands at the foot of Nicholas Boyle’s body, and enters his mind palace. Boyle sits up and hops off of the bed, wearing the clothes he was in the night he was killed. Will, stonefaced, stabs Boyle when he approaches. Boyle turns into Abigail, who in turn stabs Will, looking as horrified as she did when she stabbed Boyle on the night of his death.

WHICH, I STILL MAINTAIN: SHE MAY HAVE WANTED TO MURDER BOYLE. SHE MAY HAVE GUTTED BOYLE. IT MAY HAVE BEEN OVERKILL. IT WAS MANSLAUGHTER AT THE ABSOLUTE WORST. And I think you’d be hard-pressed to find a jury that would even call it that. Jack may have been convinced she was a killer, and Hannibal may have been able to manipulate her into thinking she was, but the fact remains that Boyle would still be alive if he hadn’t threatened her. It’s not murder any more than Will’s killing of Hobbs was murder, at least in the eyes of the law (his personal feelings about the killing of Hobbs add an extra layer to the killing, but his personal feelings are not the same as Abigail’s situation).


Hannibal sketches at his desk while he listens to a recording of “O Euchari” by Saint Hildegard of Bingen, who is fascinating as hell and you should read up on if you’re not familiar with her. I wrote a nine-page paper on her in high school when the limit was six pages, and if you know me and my attitude about schoolwork (work in general), you know that extra-effort shit is UNUSUAL AT BEST.

Obviously the relevance of the lyrics are up for interpretation, but here are the English lyrics of this song–I know all of the musical choices on a show are chosen carefully, but this one is actually pretty amazing:

you walked blithely when you stayed
with the Son of God,
touching him, watching
his miracle-working.

You loved him with a perfect love
when terror fell on your friends —
who being human had no
strength to bear the brightness
of the good.

But you — in the blaze of utmost love —
drew him to your heart
when you gathered the sheaves
of his precepts.

when the Word of God possessed you
in the blaze of the dove,
when the sun rose in your spirit,
you founded a church in your bliss.

Daylight shimmers in your heart
where three tabernacles stand
on a marble pillar
in the city of God.

In your preaching Ecclesia
savors old wine with new —
a chalice twice hallowed.

And in your teaching Ecclesia
argued with such force
that her shout rang over the mountains,
that the hills and the woods might bow
to suck her breasts.

Pray for this company now,
pray with resounding voice
that we forsake not Christ
in his sacred rites,
but become before his altar
a living sacrifice.


Will comes into the office.

“Abigail Hobbs killed Nick Boyle.” he announces.

“Yes. I know.” Hannibal answers.

Will nods, then is like “Tell me why you know?”

Hannibal admits to helping Abigail hide the body.

“Evidently not well enough.” Will spits out, stepping forward.

Hannibal asks if Will has told Jack, and Will says he hasn’t, because he was hoping it wasn’t true. Hannibal puts his pencil down, ghosts his fingers over the scalpel on his desk, and leaves it there when he stands up. I think we’re supposed to take this as an indication that he’s not going to kill Will, but like: Hannibal strangled Miriam. I don’t trust this bitch half as far as I could throw him, and this show isn’t called WILL.

Hannibal says “Abigail’s only crime was to defend herself, and I lied about it.”

“Why?” Will asks.

Hannibal scoffs gently. “You know why. Because Jack Crawford would hang her for what her father’s done, and the world would burn her in his place.” That’s what Freddie would write about.

Will goes to the window, and Hannibal pulls his hand out of his pocket and brushes it on his pants leg as he approaches will slightly too quickly. MAYBE TO ASSURE THAT IT’S DRY FOR THE IMMINENT STRANGULATION? Hannibal stops a few feet away from Will, and says that Abigail isn’t to blame, not any more than Will is for Hobbs or Hannibal is for Tobias. The dramatic irony!

Will argues that it’s not for them to decide.

"I don't think you understand this psychotic codependence I'm trying to foster in you. OF COURSE IT'S FOR US TO DECIDE! WHO KNOWS HER BETTER THAN US?"

“I don’t think you understand this psychotic codependence I’m trying to foster in you. OF COURSE IT’S FOR US TO DECIDE! WHO KNOWS HER BETTER THAN US?”

Hannibal: “We are her fathers now. We have to serve her better than Garrett Jacob Hobbs. If you go to Jack, then you murder Abigail’s future.”

Will, still staring blankly out the window: I am living in a fucking Lifetime movie.


Will remains silent. Hannibal asks “Do I need to call my lawyer, Will?” like he would actually call his lawyer instead of rip his tie off and garotte Will with it right there.

Will turns to him and silently shakes his head no.

Hannibal warns “We can tell no one.” Will looks despondently through the window again, like the world’s most appropriately dressed gothic novel heroine (yo, it’s easier to run across the misty darkened moors from the man who is trying to murderbang you in flannel and boots than a long white nightgown and bedroom slippers). Hannibal puts a hand on his shoulder, squeezing slightly as he says “What we are doing here is the right thing. In time, this will be the only story any of us cares to tell.”

The series makes so much sense if you look at it like a magical realism fantasy horror gothic novel Lifetime movie fusion like I do.

The series makes so much sense if you look at it like a magical realism fantasy horror gothic novel Lifetime movie fusion like I do.

Will is still silent when Hannibal walks away.


“I feel terrible, Ms. Lounds. It never entered into my head that you might be a vegetarian. A lapse on my behalf.” Hannibal says, coming into the dining room with a plate.

This is that plate.

Haha, what the fuck is this? Clockwise from the yellow circles: Yellow circles, white circles with holes in them, more circles with red lines on them, cucumber, three unity candles, lettuce with flowers.

Haha, what the fuck is this? Clockwise from the yellow circles: Yellow circles, white circles with holes in them, more circles with red lines on them, cucumber, three unity candles, lettuce with flowers.

me @ that salad.

me @ that salad.

Here is food stylist Janice Poon’s writeup of this episode’s food–it’s very interesting, and explains what all the circles are. I love this blog.

Freddie says “Research always delivers benefits.”

“If it contradicts a good story, hell, tell it anyway.” Will grumbles.

“Are you still angry I called you insane?” Freddie asks bluntly. Haha, this is the most uncomfortable dinner ever.

They argue about libel for a second while Hannibal drinks and Abigail looks awkward. Freddie then says she’s there because she wants to tell Abigail’s version of the truth.

“See that you do.” Will concedes quietly.

Hannibal says they just want what’s best for Abigail, and Freddie reassures him. Will and Abigail are silently not-staring at each other for the entire conversation, and Abigail totally knows that Will knows about what she and Hannibal did. Freddie compliments the salad. “Shame to ruin it with all that meat.” she says. I’m delighted by the fact that Freddie’s the only one Hannibal hasn’t managed to feed humans to. There wasn’t even like a blood-blood orange vinaigrette on there. HAHA.

Hannibal and Abigail are doing dishes in the next scene. I can’t help imagining that Freddie and Will are just furiously staring each other down in total silence back in the dining room, though I know they probably went home.

“Will knows, doesn’t he.” Abigail not-asks.

“He knows you killed Nicholas Boyle, yes.” Hannibal answers.

Abigail breaks down a little bit. “What am I gonna do?”

“He will keep our secret.” Hannibal assures her.

“You don’t know that.”

“He will keep it, because otherwise, the one good thing in his life is tainted.” Ugh, this is pretty hideous. “And he will lie to Jack Crawford about you, just as he has lied to himself. You’re free, Abigail. No one will know what you did.” Abigail puts the cup she’s drying down. “And no one will know the truth you are trying to avoid. The one you cannot admit, even to yourself.”

“I helped him.” she whispers, shakily.

“I can’t hear you.” Hannibal says firmly.

She repeats herself, louder, still about to cry. “I knew what my father was, I knew what he did. I knew. I was the one who…met the girls. Talked to them. Laughed, and joked. Found out where they lived, where they were going, when they’d be alone. Girls that looked just like me. They could have been my friends. I-I couldn’t say no to him, I knew–I knew it was them or me.”

She turns slightly, and Hannibal’s there to wrap his arms around her and stroke her hair while she cries into his shirt.

abigail baby ;_;

oh no

“I wondered when you would tell me.” Hannibal says.

“I’m a monster.” Abigail answers.

look, i have no maternal instincts for people whatsoever, but in this moment i want to be abigail's mom real damn bad.

look, i have no maternal instincts for people whatsoever, but in this moment i want to be abigail’s mom real damn bad.

“No,” Hannibal chuckles. “I know what monsters are. You’re a victim. And Will and I? We’re going to protect you.”


Abigail sits across from her father as people come onto the train. Hobbs spots Elise Nichols, and without exchanging a word, Abigail (clearly extremely upset), makes her way back to the seat next to Elise and strikes up a conversation while Hobbs looks on.

It’s objectively the fucking worst.


(again, don’t feel the need to stick to these)

+Was there ever any doubt Abigail had something to do with the murders? I’m glad the show is so textually and narratively sympathetic to her as a victim also, because she definitely is. In abusive and dangerous situations, the things people do to survive are very complicated. I’m happy the show acknowledges that.

+How fucking phenomenal is Kacey Rohl? Oh my god!


+How did you feel about the plot-to-second-plot ratio for this episode? It felt pretty uneven to me, and I only remark on it because every other episode has felt more well-balanced

+Is Freddie genuinely interested in helping Abigail get her story out (please note that Freddie Genuine is a different scale than Normal Person Genuine, and mainly involves not actively trying to dick somebody over after they trust her), or do you think she’s going to screw Abigail somehow?

+Could you eat somebody if you had to? What if they were prepared really well?


See you guys next week!

*First photo of the corpse tower is from here!

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  • Sarah

    I am IN LOVE with your Hannibal recaps. I am very happy I stumbled upon them.

    • Sam H.

      Thank you so much! I’m happy you did too!

  • Phoebis

    I interpreted Freddie’s vegetarianism & the fact that Hannibal wasn’t able to feed her human meat as being symbolic for how she’s also the sole character who hasn’t come under Hannibal’s sway & influence.

    She’s also probably the only one who isn’t predisposed to unquestioningly swallow (sorry) Hannibal’s benevolent psychiatrist image due to how they first met – she was clearly disturbed & creeped out by his demeanor during that scene.

    Anyway, great recap, as usual. In particular, I appreciate your balanced assessment of Alana & Freddie, and non-romanticized take of what’s going on between Will & Hannibal.

    • Sam H.

      Yep, exactly. I love the idea of Freddie as the only one who doesn’t end up in his vortex of bullshit!

      Thank you!

    • socky

      she was clearly disturbed & creeped out by his demeanor during that scene.

      And we still don’t know how that scene ended, do we? Hmm.

  • Maggie

    Did anyone else notice, during the dinner scene, there was a moment when Abigail was chewing that this kind of “oh SH*T” look came over her face? Remember, Abigail has been fed human flesh before…could it be she recognized the flavor???

    • Rae

      I noticed that too and was equal parts grossed out and over-the-moon happy with this show’s thoughtfulness and subtlety. Which I imagine is how Will feels when he’s empathing.

    • Sam H.


  • ninjapenguin

    To me, the scariest moment of the night was when Hannibal put his hand on Will’s shoulder. I mean, it’s just a simple, non-threatening gesture and I was quivering on the edge of my seat, that is the implicit threat of violence and menace that Hannibal carries with him. (Although people on tumblr have pointed out that when Hannibal hugs Abigail, he looks up and STRAIGHT INTO THE CAMERA for a moment as he talks about protecting her, which is pretty damn terrifying, because he is implicitly threatening the audience.)

    God, poor Will this episode. I just want him to go to a real doctor, like, yesterday. That classroom hallucination completely took me by surprise.

    Also, this: “And then Will CLIMBED THE PEOPLE TOWER and put his hat on the last victim’s head and then climbed down and tried to arm wrestle Katz but lost and then he punched Zeller in the heart and started trying to herd Price into the water, yelling about how he was a precious baby sea turtle that needed help reaching the ocean.”

    Is fucking hilarious and made me snicker madly. So kudos to you, ma’am.

    • moses

      I just went back and watched the very last scene after reading your comment, and you’re right. he looks into the camera ever-so-slightly. if I weren’t belly-flat on my floor I would have fallen off of my bed.

      this show is just so amazingly thought-out.

    • Sam H.

      Ugh, right? Spatial politics on this show are fascinating, and putting your hands on somebody is a fairly surefire manipulation technique (all those crappy Cosmo-type magazines with tips about, like, gently touching a man’s elbow to get him to focus on you and build a connection are definitely not lying). Plus, we know what happens when Hannibal touches other people, so it’s extra creepy.


  • Jen

    Nick Boyle was buried, I would assume, somewhere in Minnesota. He was killed in the Hobbs’ house, and I can’t think of any advantage to transporting his corpse. Am I wrong? And if I’m correct, did Abigail take the world’s fastest Greyhound bus from Baltimore back to Minnesota to dig up his body?
    Okay, I went to check the Hannibal tag on tumblr, and I’m not the only person to notice. See, they try to have a serial killer that doesn’t operate in the mid-atlantic region, and there’s nothing but logistical nightmares. Oh well. It’s just a dumb plot hole, like the implausibly untraceable call Hannibal made from the work trailer in Apertif, and I should really just relax.

    • Sam H.

      I believe that the weird distance/ignoring of the time it takes to get to places issues in this show are intentional, to kind of keep us subconsciously off-balance and questioning the veracity of everything we’re seeing.

      HOWEVER I could see the benefit of transporting Boyle’s body away from the crime scene–if Hannibal and Abigail had snuck the body out through the back and into whatever car Hannibal used to take Abigail home in (I think they went back to Maryland together), it would have meant that Boyle would be harder to find, and any search parties the FBI sent to look for Boyle (who had escaped after assaulting three people and murdering Marissa, as far as they knew) wouldn’t have stumbled on the body. But I don’t know!

  • Your description of THAT SALAD made me laugh for like 5 minutes straight. My boyfriend kept looking over at me and going, “what? WHAT?” And I couldn’t think of how to explain why all the circles were so funny. But seriously I’m vegan, I know from salads, and that thing was just weird. Abstract Art Salad.

    I agree that the plot balance seemed a little off. The Tower of Power really seemed like the kind of thing that should get more attention – it was FUCKED UP, but it seemed to be solved and dismissed really quickly. Hey old guy, nice game of People Jenga! You go to jail now. NEXT.

    Hannibal’s behavior toward Will is getting so, so creepy. I mean, he eats people, he is pretty inherently creepy, but when he was all, “LOL BRAIN SCANZ? STOP IT YOU” to Will, I just could not. Will breaks my heart and to see him twisted around by Hannibal is just painful. He’s so unstable and sad. The classroom scene made me gasp, it was genuinely really shocking. Alana is a precious angel of compassion and reason and wrap dresses and I want her to swoop in and save him and then they make out again. CREDITS.

    And really, poor Abigail. I don’t think there was ever any doubt that she was involved somehow, but making her scout the victims? Nice, DAD. And then Hannibal manipulates this already damaged girl into thinking she’s a murderer… ugh. Precious angel Alana can maybe save her too after she gets done mending Will’s battered psyche with the enthusiastic dispensation of sexual favors.

    • Sam H.


      I didn’t even like the old guy as a villain (his motivation was too lame for the elaborateness of his actual crime, and Lance Henriksen was WAAAAY underused), but I’d have liked to see a LITTLE more of what was going on there.

      I’m so disgruntled by Hannibal all the time. STOP DOING THIS. WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS. SOMETHING TERRIBLE COULD HAPPEN.

      Wah I feel so bad for Abigail all the time. ALANA CAN RESCUE EVERYBODY. SHE CAN FIREMAN-CARRY WILL AND ABIGAIL TO SAFETY. I’m so sad they’re not just constantly banging. i mean sex therapy has to be a thing right.

  • Amber

    You called it from the get-go when Will first insisted Abigail wasn’t involved. Obviously she had something to do with this. I wasn’t surprised she was the bait (I mean, her dad was way too creepy to approach these girls himself) but it was really uncomfortable to see how scared she was of her father.
    Will’s crazy moments are getting genuinely distressing, not just because they’re jarring to watch but because you can see how terrified he is.
    I really wish I was rooting more for the good guys, but I’m very pleased with how Hannibal’s murder family is coming along. I can’t wait to see how far he manages to drag them into the dark and what it takes to snap them out again. Hopefully it involves Beverly singing a song about friendship while Price and Zeller perform an interpretive dance.

    • Sam H.

      That was the most horrific situation, especially in light of how happy she seemed to be with him in the first episode (pre-knifing). But that’s authentic with regards to how abusive relationships are–sometimes they’re not hurting you, and sometimes they’re genuinely good to you, and that’s why it’s so hard to extricate yourself, physically and psychologically. I’m very happy with Abigail’s storyline.

      OH GOD I KNOW. You can see the deterioration, it’s awful.

      I literally cannot think of how this scenario could be improved. F IS FOR FREAKS WHO KILL DUDES TOGETHER, U IS FOR UGH GOD NOOOO etc etc

  • socky

    *raises hand* I was almost certain that Abigail knew about her father’s activities only in a subconscious sort of way – or maybe I just wanted to believe that. Have to rewatch all the things now!

    Of course Freddie is a vegetarian! She’s a walking catalogue of everything designed to get up Hannibal’s nose. And so appears to be the only character thus far to avoid getting sucked into the Hades allusions/becoming-a-part-of-Hannibal’s-underworld thing. Hmm.

    Also I freaked out at the Miriam parallels in the embrace at the end – he’s even wearing the same tie! He even TILTS HIS HEAD the same way. There is some creepy-weird paternalism going on there. Hannibal is the worst.

    (Your recaps are the best.)

    • Sam H.

      I had solid feeling, and I’m never right about ANYTHING so it was pretty rad.

      I think this is half the reason I love Freddie. She’s such an outlier compared to everyone else, and it’ll be a shame if she and Hannibal don’t butt heads some more.

      UGH OMG FOR REAL. The hair stroking!


  • IvyB

    – I think the thing that clued me in to Abigail having a hand in the murders was her dream in episode 3- when the doe turns into a girl. I don’t know if I immediately thought of it, but later I started to wonder. It was a bit contradicted by Abigail seeming so disturbed by the human hair in the pillow, but I figured she may have been repressing those memories.

    I’m still wondering how Jack just knew– already in episode 2 he was wondering if Abigail was helping GJ Hobbs. My mom said that Jack was working the case longer than Will (8 months) so he probably had a lot of time to think about how Hobbs could find these girls and kill them/transport them.

    I liked that we were sympathetic towards Abigail- because she’s also a victim in all this. I don’t think she ever wanted to kill these girls or help her father, but on some level she knew it was either them or her- now I know that’s inadmissible as self defense, but it’s a terrible “decision” to place on a 17-18 year old, especially with the father she loves putting her in this position. I wonder if this is the end of her story, or are we going to see Abigail again…

    -Kacey Rohl was incredible, truly phenomenal and has been throughout her episodes.

    -I need more Katz, would be happy with more Jimmy but I don’t care about fucking Zeller until he stops being a dick for no reason.

    -The killer of the week was interesting and way too rushed- it reminds me of the one in episode 4 (we never found out her name, what happened to her family, why she started taking kids and making them kill their original families, etc. Both episodes were Abigail-heavy as well). I think the balance was off and Lance Henriksen deserved more than 5 minutes of screentime (a very good 5 minutes, but still).

    I definitely think you could have done this episode without the killer of the week plot.

    -Freddie wants to help herself and helping Abigail gets her what she wants, it’s a win-win. She was going to help that detective get work privately, so I’d like to think that she’ll keep her word to Abigail, if for no other reason than the fact that she’d want more people in the future to turn to her in order to tell their story- if she screws Abigail over, people would be wary of trusting her. So as long as it’s in her best interests- she’ll help you and keep her word.
    Freddie gets an exclusive, she doesn’t actually care about the truth and who knows- maybe she gets a rush from controlling the narrative and shaping public opinion? That’s some power trip.

    – I’m a vegetarian (go Freddie!) so…. I dunno if I’d eat a person, to be honest. Are we talking like “Alive” with a plane crashing in the Andes and it’s either eat dead people or die, or are we talking kill and eat someone? I think if I had to eat meat to survive I would, I’d stop being a vegetarian in life and death situation, but I’m not sure if I’d be able to stomach the meat if it were people- it’s the contrast between your mind and your body. I need to eat, but I wouldn’t be able to look at it as just meat, it would be people to me and it would mess me up, if I could even keep it down.

    I can’t believe I just thought of that question, this show…

    -I don’t know what Skymall is? I don’t think we have them in Israel.

    -Hannibal is the worst! For many reasons, but what he’s doing to Will is so disturbing, because Will needs to get that MRI and I don’t know if you’re up to date on press releases- but the one for episode 10 is pretty revealing. Hannibal obviously wants Will to quit- if he’s not chasing him with the Feds, Hannibal has a better chance of never getting caught. I love Hannibal, but God what he’s doing with Will and Abigail is breaking my brain a bit.

    -Jack is a bastard. I know he’s absolutely right on the money, but he’s a world class dick and if he was wrong- he just traumatized an already traumatized 18 year old for life. I’m glad you don’t have kids, Jack.

    Between the way he pushes and uses Will and how he treated Abigail… Like, I love that he’s a complex character and not just “the boss”- but wow. He didn’t even notice anything wrong with Will? How about Will clearly two seconds away from a hysterical (not ha-ha) nervous breakdown in his office, clearly screaming for Jack to notice something it wrong and help him? Jack isn’t stupid, he can see what all this is doing to Will (and that’s why he dreamt of dead-Will) and feels guilty, but he’s willing to dealing with guilt later, as long as he gets results now. Miriam, Will, Clarice later- he’ll sacrifice the best and brightest in order to catch killers, even if it destroys his agents in the process.

    • Hokuto

      I think that with Abigail being shocked by the pillow hair, she knew her dad was killing the girls but maybe she hadn’t really connected the dots when it came to how he was disposing of the bodies, so it wasn’t until after he was killed and she could really see what her father was doing without fear for her own life being a factor that she consciously realized where the girls’ bodies had gone.

    • Sam H.

      I agree with Hokuto re: the pillow hair–I think she just didn’t realize how ingrained her father’s crimes were in their everyday life (meals, pillows, etc).

      Your mom’s theory makes sense! I also think Jack is a genuinely brilliant profiler in his own right (he’s head of the whole BAU, after all), and would probably even be on a level with Will if Will didn’t have his empathy disorder.

      It’s legally inadmissible, but it’s so, so hard to fault her. (IMO, anyway, obviously everybody is coming into the show with different baggage and backgrounds!) I think we’ll definitely see more of her in coming seasons (fingers crossed).

      UGH MAN FUCKIN ZELLER. The worst thing is I agree with him re: 75% of the shit he says BUT HE SAYS IT IN THE WORST WAYS.

      Yeah, the killer himself wasn’t THAT interesting to me (past Lance Henriksen), but his tableau was neat and I think it should have been given a little more attention. But past the dad-themes, it didn’t have enough to do with the main plot to make a completely cohesive episode–not that I’m trashing it, even when this show messes up it’s clearly still excellent–but it could have been handled a little more smoothly, I think.

      Exactly. I feel like Freddie is MOSTLY really fair, within her own set of ethics. She’ll do right by people who have something to offer. Telling that detective she could get him work was really the best indicator of that.


      Oh man, Skymall is THE BEST/WORST THING. It’s a magazine on airplanes here that’s full of tacky, overpriced, useless bullshit, and it’s endlessly entertaining.

      Hannibal’s such a fascinating character! There are a lot of levels on which he’s completely repulsive, but also totally not. That’s the best kind of monster. But this shit with Will and Abigail is not on, and makes me so uncomfortable. Which is good.

      JACK IS ALSO A FASCINATING CHARACTER. I think he definitely noticed something was wrong with Will, but he also knew that Will would be ashamed enough of it to give him an out and let him keep Will in the field, trying to save lives, so he took it (Jack is, after all, a great profiler). He sees his agents as tools–he might care about them, and it might suck to lose them, but he’ll find others if he has to. He can attach himself to them emotionally (I think he truly does care about them) but can also detach really easily if he has to. He’s so scary and so wonderful.

      (I look forward to your comments every week! <3)

      • IvyB

        But this shit with Will and Abigail is not on, and makes me so uncomfortable. Which is good.

        I really hope we’ll get more Abigail in later seasons (and that she won’t be killed any time soon)- I think she’d be a fascinating character to follow and to see her relationship with Will and Hannibal.

        Yeah and it’s only going to get worse for poor Will. Hannibal is the worse friend ever and while I’m fascinated by him and his dynamic with Will, I just want to yell at Will to run away! He’s going to need massive amounts of therapy for his therapy- but after Hannibal, I doubt he’d ever let another shrink (that isn’t Alana) within two feet of him. Poor Will.

        He sees his agents as tools–he might care about them, and it might suck to lose them, but he’ll find others if he has to. He can attach himself to them emotionally (I think he truly does care about them) but can also detach really easily if he has to. He’s so scary and so wonderful.

        That’s exactly why I think Jack is a brilliant character, even when I want to slap him and get Will as far away from him as possible. He’s not your typical “boss” character- he’s complicated, manipulative, but not uncaring- he’s guilt ridden by what he does to his agents, but it’s a guilt he’s willing to live with for the greater good.

        (I look forward to your comments every week! <3)

        Awww, thanks. I look forward to your recaps every week!

  • First off; I know very little about Hildegard of Bingen, but I know OF her, and I love that you love her so much!

    * I won’t say that I was certain from the get go that Abigail was co-operating with her father – but I acknowledged the possibility, since that would definitely make the plot more interesting. Showing that’s she’s far more sinned against than sinner is crucial; I love how this show does that. Kacey Rohl is simply fabulous!!!

    * The SCIENCE TEAM OF AWESOME also needs less clunky dialogue. Seriously, that whole bit about the jigsaw had me cringing and thinking “Really? REALLY?”

    * The murders always seem to take second stage to the psyches of the main characters, I find. That being said, yeah, I agree that this story line felt even even. Henriksen’s character just shows up at the end, and whoops! he killed his own son. Why should we care? If he’d had a few more scenes, it probably would have been more effective.

    * Ooo, Freddie. This is hard for me to say, because I at least do think she genuinely sympathizes with Abigail and does want to help – but, she’s trying to make a profit here. I do hope Abigail doesn’t end up regretting their deal, although there is the possibility that she well might. Perhaps she’ll start out vaguely sincere, and then not be able to resist the potential of a story this big?

    +Could you eat somebody if you had to? What if they were prepared really well?

    * Ah, the cannibalism question. Knew we’d get to that sooner or later. I suppose it depends where the meat came from, and what situation I was in – although, taking ‘if you had to’ into account, I’m probably stuck half way up a mountain, stranded on a desert island or at the mercy of a crazy serial killer who’s telling me to eat up. So, if it was from someone who’s died in an accident – say in the plane crash or boat wreck or knocked down in a hit and run, I might be able to eat it, so long as my brain couldn’t make the connection that it was human. If it was from someone who’d been murdered, that would be much harder, and if it was someone I knew, it would probably be impossible.

    Then we get around to the possibility of whether it was someone that I’D killed…

    * I have no idea what a Skymall is. :D


    See you guys next week!

    • Also; two quick queries about Freddie persuading Abigail; one, I know the families are within their rights to sue Hobbs, but are they allowed to sue Hobbs’s family? Abigail hasn’t been convicted of any crime, so is what’s happened to her entirely legal?


      • CC

        Minor point that is not intended to be taken as definitive legal advice: in a wrongful death suit (a civil suit for monetary damages), you are not suing the dead person, you are suing their estate. Hobbs’ estate would have gone to Abigail as his only living immediate relative (given his wife died before he did, if only by minutes). So, wrongful death suits won by the families would have been paid out of the residue of Hobbs’ estate, which probably wasn’t much. Harsh, but perfectly legal and above-board.

    • Sam H.


      Agreed! There are lots of ways to go about that, and I’m glad they didn’t go with the tired wolf-in-sheep’s-clothing trope here. She might still be a scary wolf, but she’s not trying to hide. She’s scared and traumatized and fighting very hard to get her own back.

      UGH AGREED. Some of the dialogue is great, but then some of it highlights how the team as a whole (not Katz on her own) is the Designated Comic Relief.

      I actually really like that about the show, and also how the crimes tie in with, like, Will or Abigail or Jack’s damage–the problem is that this one didn’t, not really. There was the theme of fathers, but it wasn’t cohesive with the rest of the episode because there wasn’t any solid connective tissue to weave the storylines together, and the specific ideas behind the themes were pretty different.

      Haha, I just don’t want to believe the worst of Freddie, because the characters–women especially–are so amazing on this show. I love the idea of her as this unrepentant snake, because we never get unrepentant snake women that aren’t immediately punished for their ~transgressions~. But I also love that she can be an unrepentant snake while also being very fair (like offering to get that detective from the second episode a new job). She breaks laws and hurts people to report about people who break laws and hurt people! Like what the hell!! Chaotic neutral always makes for an interesting character.

      Haha, I considered not putting “if you had to” in there, but I figured most people would be like NO and I wanted to know everyone’s secret cannibal desires. I couldn’t eat somebody I knew, I totally agree with you there.


  • Liz

    This bothers me worse than anything on the show so far. People in positions of power fucking around with others’ mental and physical health is the skeeziest, creepiest shit ever.



    IS IT


    • Sam H.


  • Liz

    ALSO the salad: white holey thing is lotus root, red and white thing is maybe taro? white sticks are grotendous white asparagus, vile nasty things.

    • Sam H.

      white asparagus sounds like the worst

  • WertherEffekt

    Was there ever any doubt Abigail had something to do with the murders?
    To me, no, because we were encouraged to invest so much emotion in her as a character that there had to be a lot of story there. Kacey is very good in her role, doing amazing things with the smallest shift in expression. Her wide eyes at the dinner table when she tasted the meat and almost certainly recognized that it was human? What an expertly conveyed emotional shift!

    How did you feel about the plot-to-second-plot ratio for this episode?
    It felt as if the plot was filler for a relationship episode, and that Lance Henrickson was criminally under-used.

    Is Freddie genuinely interested in helping Abigail get her story out, or do you think she’s going to screw Abigail somehow?
    I think it’s likely to be both in that in pursuit of her ‘helpful’ story, Freddie is as likely as other characters to manipulate Abigail into cooperating more than is good for her, and it will have really bad consequences.

    Could you eat somebody if you had to? What if they were prepared really well?
    It’s certainly nothing I would pursue under normal circumstances, but I would do it if it were a matter of survival. The possibly harder question to me is, what if someone fed you human meat and you didn’t find out until later? Would you be able to rationalize it or would it be so horrifying that it would cause you emotional damage?

    • Sam H.

      I agree completely! I trust this show to do what I want so thoroughly that I knew she had to be involved, and was interested in finding out how. Kacey is fantastic.

      Also agreed. You’ve got Lance Henriksen’s voice and he only gets like 5 lines? NO.

      I’m so excited to find out how this plays out/what the consequences will be!

      Hmmm, I would probably be able to rationalize it easier if someone fed it to me, honestly–it would be something that was done TO me, not something I did. I’m essentially lazy, so any time I can shift the blame onto someone else works out for me. I’d be more angry than sad/guilty, I think. What about you?

  • Rae

    Good lord, that scene in Jack’s office…my reaction watching it and my reaction now seeing screencaps is horrified, uncomfortable laughter. Painfully well done by all involved.

    Hannibal’s “concern” for Will’s fragile psyche has me worried that Hannibal’s going to make a totem for him instead of waiting around. Gaslighting (a word I just learned the meaning of, thanks show!) is probably the scariest thing about this show to me. That kind of crazy bullshit in insidious enough when one is psychologically sound.

    I’m thrilled that the women on this show are so complex and wonderful. Like you said about Abigail, her situation is complicated and she herself is sympathetic and horrifying. I shudder to think what her family life was like even outside of the murdering young girls thing. And I’m in love with the fact that Alana is so reasonable, even if it means fewer makeout sessions. I think it’s rare to find a grown-ass woman (or man, for that matter) on TV who’s managing her business.

    • Sam H.

      YES SERIOUSLY OMG. So cringeworthy and upsetting.

      Yep! I think the gaslighting/fucking with mental and physical health is the scariest part because it’s waaaaay more likely that you’ll find someone who wants to destroy you in that way than feed you humans/feed you to other humans. It happens all the time. It’s probably happened on a small scale to every single woman I know, and many dudes. It’s frightening.

      OH MAN I WISH THEY’D HAVE SHOWN MORE OF HER LIFE WITH HER FAMILY. She seemed happy with GJH right up until he tried to kill her, then we found out more and everything we saw got tainted. And agreed on Alana. I will sacrifice makeouts for a woman fully in control of her own life and interested in helping people control their own.

  • miwome

    Will, it’s all right. One time I started drinking on the couch and then woke up six hours later in the kitchen, eating some watermelon.

    You, miss, are my kind of lady.

    IN OTHER NEWS: yes hello I am late, but I am super into the way they’ve handled Abigail and I’m SUPER DUPER into how basically the overarching theme of this whole episode was controlling your own narratives, and that the focus of that theme was on Abigail? telling her story! choosing when Boyle’s body would come to light! choosing to reveal her involvement in her father’s crimes of her own volition! YAAAAAAAS.

    Basically I agree with you that it feels like the case (and by extension Team Science) got short shrift, but it was worth it for the two thematic elements: one being control and even celebration of narrative and self-narrative, and the other being the question of fatherhood, and fatherhood as both creation and, potentially, destruction. We have Wells, performative destructive father extraordinaire; we have Garret Jacob Hobbs himself (which, seriously, at some point is anyone going to relax and lose the middle name?); we have Abigail’s new surrogate father figures, each of whom is destructive toward her in their own way and for very VERY different reasons. That “your one act as a father” line of Will’s, and the satisfaction he drew from delivering it, is super important to him acquiescing to keeping Abigail’s secret after Hannibal says that to reveal it would be to destroy her future.

    I also feel like it helps that they had the killer explicitly say that he was deliberately trying to lead the feds to him–makes it easier to swallow how simple the solution was. I would have liked just a smidge more time spent on the case, though. Slash, I sort of miss the amazing horrific amazingness of the first couple of killers we had, and I want another one!!!! I feel like Wells could have been that if he’d had more time on the show, but again, I get it for the sake of the thematic points they were driving at.

    • Sam H.

      BACK AT YOU!

      YES EXACTLY. She had to work on asserting herself within some very strict and difficult parameters, and she succeeded. That’s impressive as hell.

      I definitely am with you on the control and self-narrative themes, but the fatherhood themes didn’t really sync up for me for whatever reason. I think (for me) it’s because we didn’t get enough of the Wells stuff for it to really mesh with the main plot in any meaningful way. The skeleton of a connection was there, but it wasn’t fleshed out on Wells’s end. Fingers crossed for some deleted scenes or something, because the way you saw it is fascinating, but I couldn’t get it to come through like that for me.


      I agree with you oh man I want some more scary killers! That’s why I’m pretty sad Tobias only got one episode.

  • JT

    Hahaha at – Me at that salad. Best.

    I was left lacking by the easy wrap up of the totem case :( And criminal underuse of Lance.

    Love the recaps :)

  • ladymalchav

    1. I love you for using that Max and Ruby meme. I used to take care of kids for a living and I fucking love that show!

    2. Did you notice the first girl to blame Abigail for her death in the dream was her friend Marissa?

    3. Abigail totally knows Hannibal is feeding her people. I don’t imagine it’s a taste you forget (no matter how it’s prepared).

    4. these recaps are the best ilu

  • ladymalchav

    Also: I would totally eat someone as long as I could be assured against the possibility of prion disease (mad cow, CJD, kuru, etc), and as long as the person it came from wasn’t killed (or was killed but gave consent).

  • LLM

    The gaslighting is the WORST, says someone who experienced a few too many times.

    But your descriptions of Will’s Chimp Smile are the best?

    • LLM

      Ugh, should’ve been an exclamation point at the end…