Walking Dead 4.5 – Internment

Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep. If I die before I wake, I pray a friend my brain will stake. Amen.

Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep. If I die before I wake, I pray a friend my brain will stake. Amen.

Previously! This episode was slow to build, but then I could barely catch my breath. Let’s get started.

Rick speeds back to the jail, pissed. He glances down at the shitty Seiko watch Carol gave him. Yeah, as far as goodbye presents go, that one sucked. (But then, so was the one he gave her: a foot in the keister.) He whizzes down the highway, past a half eaten Walker some dogs are going to town on. 1) Dogs! 2) Did we know they’d eat rotten Walker meat? 3) I guess we do, now. 4) Why don’t they have any dogs at the jail? They’d be great for alerting them to Raiders, I’d think. (Unless they’d bark all the damn time at the Walkers, in which yeah. Not so helpful.)

Hershel is the only Doc on call in the Internment Camp, I mean, the makeshift hospital, and he’s starting to wear out. He has Sasha and Glenn making rounds with him, and they can barely stand on two legs, but they give it their all. One guy is choking on his own blood, so they intubate him and will all take turns squeezing the respirator.

Okay, ugly time. Look. I get it, we want all the people to live, blah blah, niceties, but come the hell on. Sometimes you’ve got the thin the herd. One person knows this, but we’re not there in the show yet. But come on! Sasha and Glenn are barely holding on. Which is when Hershel decides to have a council meeting, to push some legislation through: they will now have Spaghetti Tuesdays and Wednesdays (and wet t-shirt Thursdays), and okay, that was a good one, Hershel.

They put Sasha on squeeze duty as he and Glenn move on to check on the others. It’s bad. One man has died, and Hershel insists on loading him onto a gurney so they can give the man his Final Death, aka, blunt force trauma to the cranial region, away from the others. Hershel can’t bring himself to do it, so Glenn handles it. Hershel: you’re in a Zombie Apocalypse. Your hands are going to need to get dirty at some point. (Question: I can’t remember from the start of Season Three when they’re on the move: did he really never kill a Walker? Or did they just mean any of their own who have turned there at the prison?)

A lot of energy is expended to keep GenPop relaxed and comfortable and unaware of what happens if you die in the prison: blunt force trauma to the cranial region. Really? These people are living in End Times, I think they’re all aware. (Yeah, yeah, hope is important, but come on. Let’s not wear Glenn out to literal death to keep Lizzie from getting scared. Also, get your ass back in your cell, Lizzie.)

Maggie comes to the visitation window to talk to her dad through the glass. Glenn was supposed to be there, but the Doc put him to rest after a hard day. He controls the conversation well to keep Maggie from panicking over Glenn, which is sweet. But it quickly becomes apparent that her fears are well placed when we get a look at Glenn, who is hiding behind the door. Wow, he is looking terrible. DO NOT KILL GLENN, SHOW. DO NOT.

Maggie keeps occupied by clearing the fence.

twd that fence aint gonna hold


Rick pulls in, she gestures towards the fence, like “Buddy? These crow bars and wishes ain’t cuttin’ it,” and says they need to do more than prop up a two-by-four against it. Also, where the hell is Carol? To Rick’s credit (because I wasn’t sure if he would) he tells Maggie straight up: “Carol killed Karen and David, she thought she was doing the right thing, I sent her off with supplies.” He then says not to say anything to anyone because he wants to talk to Hershel himself.

When asked if she would have done the same, Maggie says yes. She thinks it was the right thing to do, but she doesn’t know if she would be able to do it. Hmm. That’s a bit of a wussy answer, Maggs. She goes back to head-stabbing Walkers, so, you know. She’s not so much of a wuss.

Rick heads off looking for Carl, makes sure he didn’t kill any kids who were trying to surrender, then hands over the fresh fruit and veggies from his run. He wants Carl and the others to stay put a while longer, which is smart, because they’ve not gotten medicine to anyone yet.

WHICH BRINGS ME TO AN IMPORTANT PART: he and Carol found medicine. He has it. It’s in his bag. Why isn’t he rushing straight to the hospital to deliver it? Side note, it’s pretty safe to say that Carl seems to be immune to this Eye Bleeds thang, as he was there with Rick (who along with Daryl also appears to not be getting sick) when shit went down, and is not sick. Immunity, he has it.

In the hospital, Hershel checks on Doctor Caleb, who is doing really poorly. He doesn’t even want Hershel to examine him, because it’s a waste of time. He dispenses some really wise advice, which is something that just about everyone has tried to get across to Hershel since we met him in Season Two: this is the End Times, buddy. Shit is bad, and you need to take into account the fact that we are living in limited resources times and dole out meds and supplies accordingly. This dying doctor [Caleb points to himself] isn’t who should be getting attention. He’s hit the point of no return. Hershel is spreading himself too thin and it’s going to bite him in the butt. Hopefully it’s not a Walker who bites him in the butt.

Caleb points to his shotgun and handful of shells. He’s willing to take himself out when [not if] it comes to that. “No,” Hershel soothes, “you’re going to be…holy crap, you have the Eye Bleeds.”

“Yeah, dummy, that’s what I’ve been saying,” Caleb says, coughing up blood.

Doc moves through the ward, cell by cell, smartly shutting doors as people settle in, when someone staggers out, coughing up blood and clearly dying. GO GET THAT SHOTGUN, RAISIN EYES, AND PUT THEM DOWN. Everyone watches to see what Hershel will do: nothing. Sasha staggers out to help load the body on a gurney so Doc can dispose of the body properly and away from prying (and soon to be bleeding) eyes.

The fabulous song Oats in the Water by Ben Howard] starts playing and Hershel finds that he has to cover the body with a sheet in order to administer the Walker Death Blow. (Hershel, you’re getting on my nerves a bit. I need you to take this shit more seriously.)

Rick goes to the visitation window to chat with Hershel, and I’m seriously scratching my head at the lack of urgency with these folks. Time is of the essence, y’all! RICK WHERE ARE THE EXPIRED MEDS. Hershel goes on and on about how every life is sacred, he wants everyone cozy and happy in the Apocalypse, this is all God’s will (ugh) and I’m seriously getting itchy.

One good thing comes out of this conversation, even if it’s just lip service (more on this later): they’re going to have to be harder, more strict. There will need to be harsher protocols that they all abide by. They got cushy, got soft. This ain’t Tenpenny Towers in Woodbury where they can have ice cream socials and square dancing. Oh, yeah, also, Rick kicked Carol out. BYEEEEEEE.

Cut to Doc Hershel staggering back on his rounds, looking worn out. He’s locking people in their cells and it looks like Sasha has either passed out or died. Nooooooo! He rushes past an open cell with a clearly dead person, and for the love of Mike. This is how entire cell blocks go bad, people. And of course, the body turns into a Walker as Doc gets down and gives Sasha First Aid.

Maggie and Rick shore up the fence with poles from freshly cut saplings. This isn’t how you should do this, people. Question: Why aren’t they going to hardware stores and finding cement and new poles? Put someone on post hole digging duty, another on mixing it in wheelbarrows, and a few more on lining up new poles. Instead of every fifteen feet like it appears, put new steel every three or four feet. It’s not like it needs to look pretty, it needs to last.

A Walker grabs Rick’s ankle, Maggie chops off the Walker’s hand, and we see how important it is not to do this job alone.

Protip: A dry moat filled with spikes could come in handy here. Every so often you distract the Walkers and send a crew out on clean out duty to keep the bodies from piling up, Maybe come in every now and then with a Daisy Air rifle and pop one or twenty into those ripe melons? Anything to defend your walls should be done. (Also, shore up the sides of your dry moat with 1/4” Coreten Steel with angle iron cross members every 4′ with drainage holes for maximum stability.)

Sasha comes to with the Doc holding an IV bag over her head. She was sure she was going to die (and that he was, too). “I don’t believe in magic or luck. I do the math. I don’t gamble. But I don’t know if I’d be here if you weren’t so stupid,” she teases, and please tell me y’all heard that Walker groan when she said the word “luck?” Raise your hand if you thought Hershel was going to die right then and there. Now put your hand down, because I can’t see it, come on, now.

Glenn is on respirator duty with the intubated guy when he realizes the guy has stopped breathing. Uh oh. He does CPR and we hear raspy breath, but it sounds like Walker breathing to me, not “I’m drowning on my own fluids.” And of course, this is when it all hits and Glenn collapses, unable to get enough breath to call out for help.

Did someone order hell breaking loose? BECAUSE IT IS BEING DELIVERED. Doc starts checking on everyone, and one guy says his cell mate buddy is just “sleeping” and to leave him be. UH HUH. He shuts himself in with the sleeping guy, and for the love of pizza, why aren’t they actually locking these cell doors?

The woman who we saw turn before Sasha was resuscitated now shambles out all bloody and awful-


You got a little something just there...*points at face*

You got a little something just there…*points at face*

-and grabs Hershel. Well, it happened later than I suspected. Man from the sleeper cell (hurr) comes out with a gun (WHERE DID HE GET THAT AND MEET ME IN THE PROTOCOL BLURB IN A MINUTE) and aims to shoot the Walker. Some blonde woman gets out of her cell and starts beating off the Walker to save Hershel when OHO, I WAS JUST SLEEPING WALKER comes out and bites his Gun Buddy on the arm making the gun go off and shoot the Blonde Lady in the brain. And now Gun man is meat for Sleepy Walker’s undead gullet, way to go. [Slow clap]

Protocol: We do NOT give handguns to the general populace, people. We do not. That shit should be tagged and tracked, and definitely not hidden under some newbie’s pillow in a death cell, COME ON.

I am so angry right now, you guys, but I don’t have time to be angry because Maggie hears the shot, Rick tells her to go check it out, and he runs to grab Carl to finish the fence job. Hershel recovers, somewhat, sees that Lizzie is trying to lure Intubated Walker away from Glenn like it’s a damn puppy. She’s calling him Henry, like it’s still Henry inside (it isn’t) and of course is walking backwards which means she trips and ol’ intubation bro is on her like a shot.

Rule 736 In Zombie Apocalypse: DO NOT WALK BACKWARDS.

Rule #736 in a Zombie Apocalypse: DO NOT WALK BACKWARDS.

Um, so I totally thought that because he still has the intubation tube in his throat that he couldn’t actually bite her, but still: DRAMA ENSUES. Hershel gets him off her, tosses the dude over the railing to land on a fenced catwalk/net sort of thing (to prevent suicides a la Oz is my guess) and okay, Hershel. You may be a bleeding heart, but you are a bad ass.

Hershel shoves her into a cell with another kid and tells her to stay put and it’s official: she is the “GET IN THE HOUSE, CARL” of Season Four. My “Goddammit Carl” tag is now “Goddammit Lizzie.” Oh, and Maggie is now taking her ax to the door protecting everyone healthy from the hoard of Walkers inside the hospital. MAGGIE: COME WITH ME.

Protip: Let’s have another lesson in protocol. Now, I know American TV loves the lone hero that bucks the rules and is a Saves The Day and all that jazz. But this is how good people get killed. Is it nice to be hard and firm with rules? No. But while “no man left behind” is a lovely thought, when you’re leaving that one man behind because that one man wants to EAT YOU AND EVERYONE YOU LOVE, you’re not being a bad person. If you have isolated potential risks, you have to follow the rules, even when they’re hard. This is what Doctor Caleb was trying to say. Pfft, Americans. (of which I am, but still! ‘Yippie ki yay, mother fucker’ is the last thing you say before being EATEN.)

Maggie is going nuts with her ax on the door, and it breaks off in the gap between the frame, fortunately. WHAT DO, MAGGIE? You do nothing, that’s what you SHOULD do. (Yeah, yeah, love etc. That’s for TV, okay? Remember that you can’t do this in real life. I’m here to save lives, people. Spock would agree with me.) Hershel is grabbed by Caleb, who is now a Walker. TIME TO KILL HIM AND GET HIS GUN. Oh, say, he does! Good job, Hershel. Now lock and load.

Carl and Rick take a moment to have father-son time, just bonding over shoring up a fence with the undead lusting after their tasty, living flesh a few inches away, and if they were girls, I’d think this was a douche/not so fresh feeling commercial. It’s that tender. Aaaaaand then the poles start breaking and maybe if you just took better care of your lady box, Carl, they wouldn’t be so angry and hungry. IF ONLY YOU SMELLED OF FAKE FLOWERS.

Shit, this is bad. The Walkers are pouring through the gap in the fence, father and son are separated momentarily, but they manage to get into the guard tower and into the inner ring of the prison yard. And of course this fence is also being pushed over, and this is PRECISELY WHY we kill every Walker we come in contact with. One less body on that fence, people, why am I having to shout this all the time?  I am about to go into cardiac arrest over here, my laws.

They walk past a miraculously set up and unused arsenal (yes, I know, bullets are gold in the end times as a finite resource), Carl gets a quick lesson in loading and using a fully automatic M-4 (damn, son), and they get to clearing out the horde tout de suite. Mozambique those Walkers, fellas. Rick is out, can’t get to a magazine, so Carl steps in with a safety shot and a fresh mag for Pops. Carl? You have become awesome.

It’s just as bad inside. Hershel tries to lure some of the quickly turning Walkers away from the sick and weak, Maggie goes to the visitation window and shoots it out (see: protocol rant above, because what if you got eaten, Maggie? You’ve just made a breach in the protective wall for everyone else.), and finds her Dad with a shotgun and a mess of Walkers.

She clears out ol’ Gun Walker, Glenn starts coughing up blood, clearly unable to breathe on his own, and she and Hershel realize that he needs to be intubated, STAT. Problem: only one intubation tube, and it’s in the Walker trapped on the chain link hammock. Hershel jumps over the rail to get it, Maggie shoots the Walker dead from underneath.

It's a damn good thing this man doesn't have a peg leg right now.

It’s a damn good thing this man doesn’t have a peg leg right now.

If you look closely, you’ll see that Hershel has rubbing alcohol or some other sterilizing fluid before he intubates Glenn. I thought for sure Glenn was dead because it sounded like they were gearing up to play Samuel Barber’s Adagio for Strings, but no, just not struggling to breathe anymore. WHEW. But still, I’m angry with you, Maggie. That was too close. Great television, not great in real life. Just making sure we’re all on the same page, there.

Lizzie comes out, because she’s the new young Carl who won’t stay put, and plays around in the muck on the floor with her boot. Yeah, let’s stop worrying about ruining these kids’ “innocence,” Doc. CAROL WAS RIGHT, GUYS. Teach them how to survive, stop wrapping them up in cotton.

Outside, Rick and Carl have actually killed every damn Walker and are going through the battlefield with a bayonet to the cranium for any Walker still chomping. Smart – saving bullets. A car races towards the prison, and it’s Daryl’s group! Yeehaw! Ty immediately wants to know about his sister, but they can’t say. He rushes to her side and finds her still living, whew number two.

Army Medic Bob starts administering drugs, Glenn first (membership has its privileges), and Maggie sends Doc Hershel to rest. You did good, buddy. The Ben Howard song starts playing again, and man, the music this season has been on point.

Hershel goes to Doc Caleb’s cell and takes out his Bible. (Where is your God now?) Instead of being able to read an inspiring passage, like the one about bashing your son’s brains in with a rock if they offend you or any of the other inspiring passages of the Old Testament, he bursts into sobs. Oh. Well, now I feel like an ass. I would actually like to see Hershel throw his Bible across the room one of these days.

It’s a new day, a new pod of peas for Rick and Carl to share, and new Walker bodies to load and burn. Michonne has that under lock, has a trailer loaded up with bodies like a cord of wood and asks Hershel if he’d like to come help. “Hell, yeah!”

Daryl (who Rick is avoiding) smirks and says, “You’re a tough summbitch.” Doc nods and moseys off, “Yep. I am.” Yes. You are. You’re a one-legged salty pirate, Hershel, and I like you, even if you’re too focused on Jesus saving everyone.

Daryl asks about Carol, and Hershel says she’s alive, but he needs to talk to Rick. UM, YES. YOU DO. But we don’t get to see this, this episode, boo. Michonne and Hershel pull out to make a rotten long pig bonfire away from the prison, Rick and Carl marvel over peas, and HOLY SHIT THE GOVERNOR IS IN THE WOODS WATCHING THEM.

twd gov wants speaghetti tuesday

Guys. My mind: blown. Okay, so, here are my theories and I have no idea if this is true, but here goes. The Governor is feeding the rats to the Walkers, luring more and more of them there to break in and weaken the defenses so he can take over. Carol is going to come back and take part (or all the parts) in killing the Gov, and this will put her back in everyone’s good graces and then she and Daryl will reunite and get married on a mountaintop with garlands of flowers and herbs and flutes playing and they’ll all live happily ever after.

Okay, I definitely don’t believe that last part. But a girl can dream…

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  • Karen

    Problem is, is that even IF Carol killed The Gov, it won’t erase the fact that she killed 2 people in cold blood. That sort of thing is unforgiveable to the average American tv viewer, who won’t ever forget that. She can’t come back from that. Ever. There will be no mountain top wedding. No hearts and flowers. No forgiveness. She’s marked with the Mark of Cain. And forever ruined.

    But don’t worry – Daryl has several nubile young ladies to fall in love with, Michonne, Sasha and Beth amoung them. So all is good. I’m sure the writers will follow the comics and Carol won’t be a problem to anyone anymore. Maggie and Glenn can raise Lizzie and Mika and be one happy family.

    Glad that the entire Greene family are the heroic saints of the story. Editor note: THIS FELT SPOILERY TO ME, SO INVISIO TEXT IT GOES! (CTRL + A t read, but be aware!)

    Question – how would the Gov manage to get inside the fence to feed the rats to the walkers? And where did he find and trap the rats anyways? So many questions.

    • Eh, I don’t share your view on Carol never being able to redeem herself. I think that’s a big part of the show, letting people come back from darkness. They even gave Merle some of that redemption goodness. I def. think it’ll happen for Carol.


      I bet the Gov could find a way in – as far as we can see, they still haven’t addressed the other side of the prison where there were massive breaches i the fence. Maybe he’s exploited something there? WHO KNOWS. Or – as I’ve seen elsewhere – maybe Medic Bob is his spy!

      • Karen

        Well, my vote would be for Carol to take her lovely self someplace safe and green and lovely, with high walls of stone, and live by herself and have fun adventures and kill lots of walkers and live to a ripe old age. And that’s going to be my head canon, because I’m sure it’ll be a lot nicer than what the writers have planned. And yes, I’m bitter and jaded that the Greene family got the Saints stamp and Carol was regulated to the Sinners side. I just wanted Carol to be awesome.

    • Actually, it seems like most of the people I’ve seen discussing the show are solidly Team Carol.

  • MP

    Carol is going to come back and take part (or all the parts) in killing the Gov, and this will put her back in everyone’s good graces and then she and Daryl will reunite and get married on a mountaintop with garlands of flowers and herbs and flutes playing and they’ll all live happily ever after.

    Headcanon: accepted. (Though I vote for Carol, Michonne, and Maggie getting to chop him up into little bits in an exquisitely-choreographed 3-way orgy of well-deserved vengeance.)

    • Carol hobbles him, gives him the Michonne-Pet treatment to make sure he can’t grab her/etc. Maggie cuts off his weenis, tosses the katana to Michonne, who relieves him of his head.

      :D *Toyota Leap*

      • Karen

        I had a sobering thought about Carol and redemption, thinking back on all the characters we’ve seen who’ve needed redemption. Lori? Got redemption via her speech to Carl, then dies in order that her baby can live. Andrea? Got redemption via her speech about wanting everyone to live, then dies. Merle? Got redemption by letting Michonne go and killing a bunch of The Gov’s men, then dies. Milton? Got redemption by standing up to The Gov, then dies.

        Carol? Gets redemption, then dies? I hope not!

        • Me, too! I don’t think they’re going there with Carol, but you never know. (I really think they’re not, though. I’m a half-full kind of gal.)

  • Katy

    If you’re dreaming about that last part, can I come and dream too? TEAM CARYL FOREVER.

    Seriously, where was my angry Daryl? At least I got a scene of him asking about Carol.

    Thank you for bringing up the meds that Rick and Carol rounded up. At first I thought they might be in that bag he didn’t toss to Carl but then we didn’t see it again. The show is usually so much better about continuity.

    And I’ll just conclude with “Get back in your cell, Lizzie!”

    • Yes, you can come to my dream world, IT IS A GLORIOUS PLACE.

      I actually like that we’re getting a Daryl reaction down the road, because it makes the decision to have her gone and the weight of Rick doing this all the more potent. It helps to not have it be a one and done, you know? /$.02

      COME ON, CONTINUITY! That stuff’s way more important than blood splatters or box placement! :D

  • Amy J.

    Okay, clearly I suck, because what I took from this whole thing was, “Wait! Sasha is Tyrell’s SISTER?” LOL! Yeah, I never realized that this whole time. I just figured they were friends or whatever.

    • HAHAHA, I had that same reaction when he was dating Karen and I was all, “Whaaaaaaaat?” She says something like being born first made her the boss of him, or something and had that pointed out to me, too. YEAH, IT WASN’T CLEAR.

      • Karen

        I was spoiled, so I knew she was his sister from the first. But yeah. Especially as the actors don’t look anything like each other, they really should have done some exposition to let people know they were related, because I’ve seen a whole heck of a lot of people that thought they were boyfriend/girlfriend.

  • jcb

    Actually, I sort of thought Lizzie was the one leaving the rats at the fence just because of her whole zombies are people too craziness. Also, being the Carl of this season you know she doesn’t stay put at night!

    • Lizzie has been my go to for the rat feeding up until my husband RUINED EVERYTHING by planting that seed of doubt and saying it could be the Gov. Let’s all scowl at him. (My husband. Well, we should scowl at the Gov, too.)


  • Josie Morin

    “Rick heads off looking for Carl, makes sure he didn’t kill any kids who were trying to surrender”


    “I heard about spaghetti Tuesday”

    OMG I am DYING

    • Rick can’t help but see an itchy trigger finger when he looks at his boy. :D “Hey, son. How was your day?” Fine! “Why? DID YOU KILL SOMEONE?”


  • cindergal

    Loved this episode! Especially since I was convinced going in that someone (probably Hershel) was going to die, and became more and more certain he would as the episode went on. And then I thought they pulled a fast one and were going to kill off Glenn instead (and death by flu would have been an awful way for Glenn to go). But they all lived! Hershel is a tough summbitch, indeed. “Yes I am,” LOL! Loved that moment between Daryl and Hershel.

    Can’t say I agree with you about Maggie. I mean, if she had just let them die in there, we all would have hated that. And that wouldn’t have been Maggie. Of course, Carol is doing stuff that isn’t Carol, so… :-p (I am somewhere between you and Karen on the bitter about Carol scale. *g* Last season’s Carol would have saved them like Maggie did. This season’s would have watched them die through the window.)

    I love how Rick is avoiding Daryl. “Do you have to talk to him right now?” “Um, no – lets’ go check the peas!” Can’t say I blame you, Rick.

    BTW, Greg Nicotero wanted a moat! But when they went to dig it they found actual quicksand a few feet down, so they couldn’t do it and ended up with those awesome gates instead. But really, if you had a moat, wouldn’t all those bodies just pile up and eventually create a bridge for the walkers to, uh, walk over? With the numbers they’ve been getting and all concentrated rather than spread out, don’t know if they could clear it out fast enough.

    Obviously, Daryl needs to go out and find some kind of structural engineer in the woods because as Rick and Maggie were putting up those flimsy pieces of wood to shore up the fence, my 14 year old said, “that is never going to work.”

    Carl has become so awesome, though! I’m loving these father and son moments between them this season. I was afraid they were going to go the other way with his characterization, so I’m very glad they didn’t.

    • I 100% believed going in that Hershel was going to die, too!! I’m glad he didn’t, and not just for that hilarious moment with him and Daryl at the end. :)

      Oh, I’m very glad Maggie got in there because it means more Glenn and Hershel. I’m just saying that in REAL LIFE, this is a terrible plan. TERRIBLE. But it makes for good television! But if you are in my bunker in the End Times and you pull that shit…. Hahaha. I promise I’m not bitter at all. I’m just sticking to my role as Apocalypse Survival Guide as we watch the show. :D

      HOW DID I NOT KNOW THAT ABOUT GREG NICOTERIO/THE MOAT?! This is why he is my favorite. And huh, quicksand! That’s one of my childhood terrors (I blame Tarzan watching) that seemed unfounded. AND NOW I LEARN IT’S A LEGIT ISSUE IN GEORGIA. Ack!

      But as for your question about bodies piling up, that’s why I mentioned that every so often you lure Walkers to another place so a crew can get out there on clean up duty. *taps temple* I try to think of everything! The moat should be a minimum of eight feet wide – longer than a human is tall, and preferably double that. If they added the spiked posts like they have at the gate, that would pile bodies up away from the fence line. If THAT built up, they’d fall a long ways down into a hole.

      The Rick/Carl scenes have been really touching, which is a surprise given how I felt about Carl in the beginning. You always have to let characters grow in this world – never make snap judgments. Unless they’re Andrea. I KID, I KID. (no I’m not)

      Tell your 14 year old I think he’s a smart cookie, because clearly he is.