Walking Dead 4.14 – The Grove

Oooh, look at this foreshadowing from four episodes back!

Oooh, look at this foreshadowing from four episodes back!

Previously! Here is my dark, dark show that I love. There’s a part of me that feels bad that I don’t feel worse? Does that make sense? But then I saw Melissa McBride on Talking Dead and she was still so shaken up that now I feel bad for not feeling worse. Can we all just agree that she’s a phenomenal talent, an amazing woman, and beautiful inside and out?

Also, I got really upset with some botanical inaccuracies. Lol. But you’re going to learn more than you ever needed about Pine sap. LET’S START.

The episode begins with a little nod to Fallout 3 (You can’t convince me otherwise, and I almost started humming, “I don’t want to set the world on fire/I just want to staaaaaart a flame in your heart!”) with some old timey romantic music, the kind you want to dance cheek to cheek to with your honey pie.  A tea kettle is on a stove (that house must be on propane for the gas appliances to still work).  The camera cuts to the window where we see two girls playing tag. Oh, it’s Mika and Lizzie!

…wait. Just as the tea kettle begins shrieking we see that it’s Lizzie playing keep away with a Walker as Carol runs out to her. What in tarnation!?

Before this happens, we have our Worst Group Ever (because babies + crazy kids = Tyrese and Carol need to “accidentally on purpose” get separated) camped out at the train trestle where they found the sign for Terminus.  Lizzie relives the past few weeks for Carol, going so far as to say that she saved Ty’s life by killing a person. She’s, uh, a little too proud and excited of her kills.

Worst. Apocalypse Team. Ever. (Poor Carol and Ty.)

Worst. Apocalypse Team. Ever. (Poor Carol and Ty.)

This leads to talk about Sophia where Carol says, “She didn’t have a mean bone in her body.

“Is that why she isn’t here?” Lizzie asks honestly.  And hell if that isn’t a good point. And…Carol agrees.

The next day, and here’s where I spent about two hours researching my old botany books/websites, Lizzie finds sap in the crack of a tree (it looked like a pine tree, but pine tree sap is YELLOW. Maybe pink come August. But mostly yellow. You know what sap is blood red? Sangre de Drago, which is in the Amazon. MORE ON THIS IN A BIT.) so Carol fishes some out on the tip of her knife and slathers it onto Tyrese’s wound to heal it.

PROTIP: fresh pine sap can be used as a poultice to draw out poisons, etc. and in the manner shown. But it is amber in color, hence the whole “fly trapped in amber” thing. You’re going to want to cover the poultice with a bandage, as Carol did, because there’s not much in this world as sticky as pine sap and you’re going to have all sorts of things stick to your wound: dirt, leaves, small rodents.

Carol and Tyrese have a private conversation about Lizzie being “special,” aka, she’s thick-headed and doesn’t believe Walkers aren’t just people, but differently abled. WHAT ON EARTH WITH THIS CHILD. As for Mika, well, how about a little foreshadowing? “She doesn’t have a mean bone in her body.”  Nope, just tender, veal-like bones, mmmm.

As they all walk on, Mika laughs and points out at the end of a conversation about Tom Sawyer that Lizzie is just like Huck because “you’re not even grossed out by dead rabbits,” BUM BUM BUM but neither of the adults put two and two together here.

They can smell a big fire and see a column of smoke in the distance (Daryl and Beth’s fire! They’re so close to each other, OMG) and pull over to rest. Ty sees a Walker on the train tracks ahead, who falls between slats and gets stuck. Before he can kill it, Lizzie has a hand on his arm. “Stop Hammer Time,” she implores. [Punctuation: it’s important.]

Protip: For the millionth time, if you can put down a Walker, PUT IT DOWN. One less gawping maw in the world.

Carol has a little convo with Mika about how Mika needs to toughen the hell up and cut that whole “I’m a sweetie!” shit she’s got going on, because that’s how people get killed.  Mika’s all, “Nope! Gonna stay sweet in the Apocalypse! Killing people is wrong! I don’t see how this could go wrong in the slightest.”

With a private little eye roll, Carol mutters, “Then you’re going to die, dummy.” Oh wait, that was me.

Mika skips ahead to a house she’s spied in the woods. “Everything works out the way it’s supposed to!” rings the Foreshadowing Gong.

Whoo hoo, the place is covered in pecan trees! Plenty of kindling for fire, and pecans are great nuts.

Protip: Pecans fall in the late fall (November) and this is clearly summertime. Do not eat any nuts that have cracked open. They’re fine if the shell is intact, but if it’s open, that’s rotten and you can get sick. Pecans are super high in protein and fat, very light weight, have no cholesterol, and make excellent survival food.

Fun fact! I used to own the 5th largest pecan tree in the state of Texas before we moved. HUNDREDS of pecans fell on our property and our neighbors’. Boy, do I love ’em. And ground up fine, they make awesome flour! You know, in case anyone with gluten intolerance survives, you can make them cookies, etc.

Outside, Lizzie has Judith – I’m all itchy with distrust – with Mika when a Walker shows up. Mika manages to shoot it, upsetting Lizzie because she’s crazy. That was her new friend! She just wanted to play! With your brains, you idiot child. Mika goes so far as to apologize to her sister for doing it, too. NOPE.

Later inside that night while cracking nuts, Lizzie says that she’s trying to understand about Walkers. Mm hmm, that’s some lip service right there. Meanwhile they’re snug and safe with a clean well on the property, White Tail in the woods, available food, and sturdy walls. Could be a great place to stay…

Protip: Make simple candles with Pine resin. Gather up those yellow blobs off the tree, work them in your fingers to soften them up, and wrap them around a bit of yarn, an old shoelace, and set that in a jar lid, plastic thread spool, something like that, and light the tip. To keep your flame going, just pack on more nubbins of pine sap. Also: mix this with cotton balls, dryer lint, and you have yet another perfect fire starter. It’s seriously waterproof. You can throw that in a glass of water and it will keep lit.

The next day we’re at the kettle scene. Tea kettle shrieking, lady Walker grabbing and moaning, Lizzie laughing like a crazy person. Carol races out to kill the Walker, which sends Lizzie over the edge. “You don’t understand! She was my friend, and you killed her. You killed her! WHAT IF I KILLED YOU?”

And that, my friends, is when I’d send Lizzie on a long walk off a short pier, if you catch my drift. I totally took that as a threat, didn’t you? I also got the impression that Carol was thinking that it’s about time to cut bait.

Later, Mika and Carol are hunting deer, having fun science lessons about smoke, and learning that Mika needs to get bloodthirsty. Seriously. Like, start by shooting Bambi over there. Nope, Mika can’t do it. GUYS. COME ON. Come on. Carl would have. Beth would have. I have a note: FUCK THESE KIDS, there’s no veganism in the Apocalypse!

Ty has been thinking about staying as a good idea, and I swear, it looked like Carol was a little itchy about it. “I can’t offload the kids onto other people here,” is what I imagined she was thinking. I really, really think that Carol is over the whole Mother thing. It’s dangerous, they’re not Sophia, and being with Mika and Lizzie continually is just cementing that for her. She’s the Lone Wanderer, or should be. This whole episode for me is about Carol coming to terms with this – she is no longer a mother, she is a survivor.

Lizzie has a little living amuse bouche for our train tracks Walker, a squirming mouse, telling Mika that she can hear them [Walkers] calling to her; they want her to be like them. She sticks her hand out to its mouth. Go for it, kid, make this decision easier on everyone! Before that happens, charcoal Walkers pour out of the woods and come after them. AWESOME.

AHHH!!!!  Also, mad props to the FX department on this amazing makeup. I mean, seriously, it's astounding what they accomplish.

AHHH!!!! Also, mad props to the FX department on this amazing makeup. I mean, seriously, it’s astounding what they accomplish.

The girls run back to the house, Mika gets stuck on the barbed wire [ouch] but Carol pops the brain box of the nearest Walker before they can get to her.  More keep coming, the girls draw their weapons, too, and even Lizzie gets in on the shooting gallery. Except Lizzie, later that day, is trying to convince herself that it was the right thing to do. Carol notes this.

After the girls go to sleep, Ty and Carol have a conversation about staying, about not being ready to be around strangers yet, about Ty’s nightmares about Karen. He says the world is haunted.  Raise your hand if you thought Carol was about to admit that she killed Karen and David right there? (And keep your hand up if you think Ty would have leapt across the table and gotten her in a chokehold? Yeesh.)

He also tells her while they hunt for deer the next day that she did right by everyone, not really knowing what he’s saying, but is totally accurate, nonetheless. AND THEN THINGS GO HORRIBLY, HORRIBLY WRONG.

They walk up to the worst tableau ever: Judith on the ground by herself, Lizzie standing with a calm smile and bloody hands, and holy sheep shears, Mika at her sister’s feet, covered in blood. And I mean that Lizzie’s hands are DRIPPING with blood.


SHOOT HER. SHOOT HER NOW. DO IT. Wait, grab Judith first then SHOOT HER.

SHOOT HER. SHOOT HER NOW. DO IT. Wait, grab Judith first then SHOOT HER.

Carol goes for her knife but Lizzie pulls a gun. She just wants them to wait and see, she’ll show them! It’ll be fine!  Sure, sure, Carol agrees because she’s awesome in a pinch, and says to just hand over the gun and they’ll all wait. Maybe whip up some pecan patties until Mika joins them, how about that? (She gets the gun from Lizzie.) Lizzie tells her that Baby Judith was about to go that same way, but y’all came back, so…

CAN YOU IMAGINE. They’re going to eventually find Rick, I believe this, and how do they say, “Oh, Ty saved Judith only to have her stabbed to death by Lizzie. Remember her? Little girl I adopted?”

Carol uses the idea that she’ll put a tether on Mika to “keep her from wandering off” which pleases Lizzie, so she goes with Ty inside for snack time as Carol breaks down with sobs.  She goes to Ty later to learn that he put her in a weaponless room. Yeah, I don’t want to live with a child whom I’m afraid of, sorry. He learns that Lizzie was who had been feeding the Walkers at the prison.

Carol offers to leave with Lizzie, leave Ty with Judith to push on or stay, whatever. Ty thinks therapy might help?  REALLY, TY? DO YOU REALLY? Carol has to explain that sometimes there’s broke that just don’t get fixed.

Protip: How to fix things that are broken! (Not people) Gather up the goopy clumps of pine resin on the side of the tree and either gently heat it over a candle or between your hands. It makes an excellent patch that is waterproof, too.  Heat it back to liquid in a pan and paint it over items to act as a glue – pine tar/pitch is used in boats, that’s how awesome it is.

Carol and Lizzie go for a little walk, and this has me flashing back to my dad taking our old dog “to the farm.” Lizzie thinks Carol is mad at her. She’s awfully sorry about pulling that gun on Carol – not for killing her sister, but for the gun. Well, that cinches it, Carol. “I love you,” Carol says. “Everything works out the way it’s supposed to. Just look at the flowers,” she says, hearkening back to when they had to kill Lizzie’s father in the prison.

She pulls a gun. She pulls the trigger as Lizzie stands with her back to Carol, crying. WOW. Wow. Carol staggers back to the house (Ty has been watching from the window) and spies a deer. Yeah, she’s done enough killing for the day. The girls get buried in the makeshift grave at the edge of the grove.

If you don't think Melissa McBride is outstanding, I don't know that I can be friends with you anymore.

If you don’t think Melissa McBride is outstanding, I don’t know that I can be friends with you anymore.

That night there isn’t much to say. Well, except for Carol saying (after she hands Ty her gun) “I killed Karen and David. Do what you have to.”  Ty grips the gun, really clutches it, then lets it go.

After asking if Karen suffered, if she knew what was happening (it was past that point, and it was quick) he tells Carol that she’s going to live with it – she already is, and it’s taking a toll. He forgives her, but he’s not going to forget it. “You feel it. I know you do.”

She nods, accepts what he’s saying. (This is why she is awesome. She is decisive, she is realistic, and she’s accepting.) They can’t stay there. The next morning, with Judith papoosed on Ty’s back and bags filled with provisions, they head out along the train tracks, leaving the train track Walker still chomping. (WHY.)

Guys, promise me that if you see a Walker – even if it’s trapped – you will put it down. Things have a way of becoming UN-trapped, you feel me?

But look at some of the awesome parallels Ty and Carol have to deal with. Lizzie bears a resemblance to Sophia, and while Sophia was turned into a monster, and Carol couldn’t kill her, Lizzie already IS a monster.  And now she understands how hard it was for Rick to do what he did. (Both Sophia and Lizzie are little whisps of girls, both on the cusp of puberty yet still holding onto their innocence in a way.)  Here’s Carol’s final acceptance of losing her daughter. For me, I think she’s done. She’s going to be like Michonne and distance herself from children.

Tyrese is confronted with smoking, charred Walkers, reminiscent of Karen and David. He finds out who killed Karen but after witnessing what happened with Mika ad Lizzie, I think he gets a little better how ugly this world is and that for people like Carol, the decision is awful, but she knows she has to do it for everyone else. After all, he did tell her that (before he knew), and he believed it then. I think by the end of this episode, he believes it now, too.

Carol? You did right by everyone.


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  • Katy

    OH GOD. I think I spent the last 20 minutes of that episode with my heart in my throat and my hands over my mouth in shock. All the props to Melissa for that episode.

    All the theories I’d been reading were correct, that it was Lizzie leaving the rats, but damn I was so NOT PREPARED for that scene. I was blown away.

    My husband also put forth the theory that Tyresse was okay with Carol doing what she had to (re: Karen and David) because the first time we saw him, he had to put down David’s wife as they were approaching the prison.

    I’m kind of anxious for the end of this season.

    • Melissa STILL seems shaken up over that episode, still emotional, still deep within character. I just admire the hell out of her.

      From a TV watcher standpoint, I wish they’d done it a little sooner. (I mean, I love the story and how it played out, I’m just explaining how I was shouting at my screen.) That should have been an easy decision, but it is for me, since I have the benefit of all the POVs. From an ACTOR’S standpoint, that had to be gut wrenching. Life is rare in this world, and to take someone’s life should have weight. It should have a reason. But that doesn’t make it easy, and given the nature of Lizzie (and that we, the viewer, have the benefit of seeing all the things the others hadn’t seen with the rabbits and the Walkers) and how young she is – that very tough decision of “can she be fixed?” would rest heavy on anyone’s shoulders, let alone a mother who had already lost a child.

      I’m happy to say that I’ve called Lizzie being the rat feeder from the beginning. :D

      Oh, I love your husband’s point about David’s wife! I’d forgotten about that. Also, I think enough time had passed since Karen died – and enough time spent one on one with Carol to see what she’s really made of – helped a lot. She offered to isolate herself with Lizzie to save her life, something I think Tyrese appreciated in the end, even if we all know that never would have gone well.

      TWO MORE EPISODES. *nail bites*

  • MP

    I on the other hand wasn’t expecting this so soon — I figured they’d get to Terminus and then have to deal with what Lizzie is while in the midst of strangers. Then again I was still laboring under the well-done red herring that Lizzie might be responsible for Karen and David (even Ty had the same thought as us), up until Carol and Ty’s conversation and hug. At that point I was going … huh, Carol actually did do it. Okay, then what are they building up to with Lizzie if she’s not already a murderer?


    And I say that even though I strongly suspected this storyline was paralleling a comics storyline that indeed it was. (No spoilers for the show’s future there; Lizzie and Mika who don’t exist in the comics replaced two characters who don’t exist in the show.) I’m really pleased with the changes that the show made: in the comics, it’s two brothers, and it’s Carl who has to do the deed. I love that they made this entire plotline about women, showing they can be both just as messed up, and just as brave. (Plus Carl already has plenty of chances to show off how badass he can be.)

    In conclusion, godDAMN, Carol/Melissa. Goddamn.

    • For me, if they’d made it to Terminus with Lizzie, it could have been brushed under the rug. She’d make friends, they’d all be getting to know each other, Carol could get some distance, and then WHAM, something would happen and maybe Carol and Ty would be in hot water for bringing her into their place? IDK. (Ha, I never thought Lizzie was responsible for Karen and David. Too heavy for that skinny thing to drag!)

      Oh, I think I heard somewhere that the girls were replacing brothers, and honestly, I think it hits harder with this horrible shit happening to two little girls. You never think that – the whole BS idea of “boys will be boys” and pulling legs off flies as a regular part of childhood, etc. is so ingrained in our culture that when you flip it and have a little girl cutting up rabbits and hand feeding mice to her Walker buddies, it amps the creepy factor up to 11.

      Totally agree that it was awesome to have this be female driven – equal opportunity psycho, hooray! Wait… :D

      I swear, anyone who doesn’t like Carol is just a head scratcher for me. HOW. HOW CAN YOU NOT ADMIRE/BE FASCINATED BY HER? She’s tougher than DARYL! Brava, Melissa.

      • MP

        Oh, I never thought Lizzie did the dragging – but way back when, we theorized that maybe she did the killing, and then a horrified Carol who felt responsible for ‘toughening her up’ did the dragging and took the fall with Rick.

        • Right, right, it WAS you who presented me with that theory! /gives credit

  • Brandy

    I look forward to your posts every week! Thank you for writing.

    • Thanks, Brandy! I’m glad you’re sticking with me! <3

  • Karen

    Man, this was an awesome episode. Everyone was just wonderful, but it was Melissa’s episode in the end. She owned it. And I agree – how could anyone not love either Melissa OR Carol? Carol has gone from the “meek little mouse, afraid of her own shadow”, to a woman who refused to vote on the death or life of a boy (Randall), to someone who isn’t afraid to make the tough choices – to face reality. And to own those choices, accepting either banishment or death as the price to be paid. She doesn’t try to pretend that everything is going to be roses and rainbows, like Beth (who I hope is going to come back a bit older and wiser after her little adventure). She, like Michonne and Sasha, is willing to see things for how they are. You won’t catch Carol playing farmer for a year.

    Also note that Carol and Ty didn’t feel the need to burn down a perfectly good shelter that someone else might use in the future.

    Ty knows that Carol is a good person. And now he sees and understands that she’s willing and able to make the hard choices and follow through. She didn’t kill Karen and David out of anger or cold-bloodedness. She gambled on trying to save the many by sacrificing the few. She didn’t win, but she was willing to try – she saw the bigger picture. And now that act will be part of both their lives – it will help form who they become in this new world. As Carol told Tyreese, the dead don’t haunt them – they teach them. Teach them how to survive and live. This won’t be the last hard choice either one of them will have to make, that’s for sure.

    • I think it’s interesting to note that Mika was who Beth USED to be. Beth still believes in goodness, yadda, but she’s willing to fight and she gets that people die. (Her boyfriends who dropped and she didn’t bat an eye, as Daryl pointed out a few eps back.) Could Mika have become like Beth, who then could become like Carol? IDK, and actually I don’t think so. I think Mika was fated from the moment she stepped foot off the Gov’s land.

      I think Carol could be a farmer, but she’d have an automatic strapped to her back, a knife at her side, and a side arm in her boot.

      One hundred percent agree with you about Ty’s final understanding of why Carol did what she did – and he HAD to see her put down Lizzie to get there, in my opinion. He still thought things could be fixed, too, and that was the last little bit of “No, sometimes they really can’t.”

      Melissa McBride deserves so many awards for last night, wow. She’s just a powerhouse.

      • Karen

        Well, to be fair, Mika as also getting to Beth’s current state, as she’s well able to shoot walkers. I’d like to think that soon enough she’d have been prepared to shoot a human who was trying to hurt Judith or Lizzie. She just never had the time to get there.

        Yeah, Carol could be a farmer, but she’d never be just a farmer.

        Poor Ty – the last little bit of his innocense is gone. It’s a hard lesson to learn, that sometimes things are too broke to fix. The Gov, Crazy Clara and Loopy Lizzie are just the first of many.

  • cindergal

    Melissa McBride wins all the things.

    I have never been more impressed with her, and my only disappointment is that we’ve seen so little of her this season.

    All the parallels with Sophia make it even more heartbreaking for Carol. And I totally agree with you about the reasons for Ty forgiving her. That last scene with the two of them was so intense. Really fine work from both of them.

    I do wonder how they can do such an amazing job on the walkers, but such a poor job on the fake baby in the homemade Baby Bjorn, though. ;-)

    • There just aren’t enough words to say how AMAZING and profound Melissa McBride’s acting is for me. I think about the slow arc she’s been on this entire time and I’m just flabbergasted by her skill. Ugh, love her so much. She needs a break from kids, and how.

      Ahaha, they really don’t spend a lot of time on fake babies on TV shows, do they? Eh, here’s an old baby doll from my kid’s closet. Slap a hat on it and shove it in. :D

  • Pol

    Holy craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap Melissa McBride.

    • RIIIIIIIIIIGHT?!?! She is amazing. I just want to hug her. Wait, no, I want a hug FROM her.

      • Karen

        I’ve heard from others who have met her that she gives THE best hugs ever.

  • Danielle

    What an amazing episode! As soon as they settled into that house the first night and all seemed so happy I knew they were doomed.
    I have to say that I don’t think any children have a chance in this za with the adults leaving them alone all the time.
    I did not agree with Carol killing Karen and whatshisbucket, but Lizzie, yes. There is no fixing that kind of crazy.

    • “There’s no fixing that kind of crazy.” TRUTH.

      Yeah, this show has definitely conditioned us to believe that once people take a deep breath and start to smile, RUUUUUUUUN!!!

  • Marquise de Sark

    Hi *waves from NZ* Great to see the recaps back! I don’t often comment (sorry) but I do try to read the recaps as often as possible.

    TENSE! (Not in the grammar sense). I’m glad that Carol finally got it off her chest – I think like you said, if she had fessed up earlier things might’ve been very different (like Ty might’ve snapped her neck in a blind fit of rage), but after spending time with her he realises that she is coming from a good place; the place where you make real, hard decisions based on the greater good – and good point made earlier that he also had to do the same with David’s wife. Thanks, I had forgotten about that. Then they have a similar experience with Lizzie, but facing it together also brings them closer together (and I’m guessing that he is pretty damn glad not to be the one who had to put Lizzie down, because future serial killer or not, she was still a kid). OMG I’m so glad she is gone though – I kept thinking back to the scene a few weeks back with her holding the baby, and *crazy eyes* looking like she was going to feed her to the walkers *shudder*.

    With only a couple of episodes left I am thinking that we will be left hanging in a major way with lots of the storylines. SUCH a bad feeling about Terminus >> literally the end of the line. And WHO has taken Beth? Psycho hillbillies in want of a rape slave (like the ones that have Daryl) is where my mind totally went, but IDK. Is it next week yet?

    • One of my favorite Kiwis, cheers!

      OMG, I laughed out loud, literally, at your parenthetical for TENSE. I have such smart readers – I had totally forgotten about David’s wife, too! I think for Ty, he was realizing that he may NOT have been able to put Lizzie down because she’s a little girl. An adult who’s been bitten? Clear cut. A little girl obsessed with “joining” the Walkers and proving they’re A-OK? Yeah, that’s a scenario he never counted on. (Who would?)

      I totally thought Lizzie wanted to kill Judith, yep. Smother her, toss her to the Walkers – just like a nice, juicy coney/bunny, eh? How much more would they like her if she gave them such a treat? *SHUDDERS ALL OVER*

      I think we’re going to have our group walk into Terminus, Big Heavy Doors will clang shut, and the slave collars will go on – END SEASON. We’ll see how close I get. (Beth being taken and that creepy gang Daryl’s stuck with have me seriously worried.)


  • Marquise de Sark

    Awww shucks! (I’m actually an Aussie but don’t tell anyone ok?)

    Great point that Ty may NOT have been able to kill Lizzie when it came to it, and another nod towards how important Carol’s character is – imagine how things would’ve played out for him (and Judith) otherwise. Rick totally owes her a day spa voucher.

    I don’t know if anyone has already mentioned this, but I am wondering whether Terminus will be run by crazy religious types (like super creepy cult stuff). If you look at their tagline (what marketing types do in “Those who arrive, survive” but interpret “arrive” in a religious context.


    • Marquise de Sark

      *oops something got lost there. ^^ Should read “What marketing types do in the ZA.”

    • I think back on when Sophia staggered out of the barn. Even Shane’s trigger hand fell to his side, and Shane would kill anyone. Rick did it because he knew it simply HAD to be done, and I think that lesson sank in deep with Carol. But yeah, someone needs to give that woman a foot massage! ;)

      And I could believe that Terminus is a crazy religious-type cult! ABSOLUTELY. Instead of snake handlers they’re Walker handlers, they pray to a goopy skeleton hanging in the center of town claiming it’s Patient Zero or something. YEP. All bad things = believable to me.

      (Which…I don’t know what that says about me, other than YIKES. Ahahaha.)

  • Allie (the wife Daryl doesn’t know he has)

    Everyone step back. If Melissa McBride doesn’t win an Emmy for last night’s performance, THERE WILL BE BLOOD. And the writing and art direction? Superb.

    But now it’s nail-biting time. Two episodes left and how is my Daryl supposed to round everyone up when everyone is scattered all over Georgia and there are all these useless bad people who keep getting them all sidetracked?

    I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who thought of Lizzie Borden. Who had an axe, not a knife. But was just as cray cray.

    • Oh yeah, the Lizzie Borden jokes flew fast and frenetic here a few eps back (the bunnies in the log! OH THE BUNNIES!! D:) so you are definitely not alone there.

      I think a bunch of our group will reunite at Terminus (and I think it’s going to be bad stuff there) and I think others (Glenn’s group, maybe Daryl) will have to get them out. THIS MEANS DARYL WILL- once again- BE A HERO. <3

  • Kenneth Morrison

    Good recap! I agree with you on so many levels, and I love your pine sap lessons.

    • Welcome aboard, Kenneth, and thank you! Every episode recap is filled with survival tips/info like that. :D

      • Karen

        Yes, I forgot to thank you for the pro-tips. I’m totally a honey user for all my cuts and scrapes, but it’s good to know that if I’m out in the woods with no honey, pine sap works as well. I’m totally going to try out the flame-in-the-water thing though.

        • It’ll shock you when you see the pine sap flame stay lit. :D

          (NGL, the protips are my favorite part of recapping this show!)

  • Matt

    I thought Lizzie killed them too. She certainly seemed bloodthirsty enough. Then this.
    Way to wrap a storyline. For some reason I didn’t think this show would have Lizzie take one to the pumpkin from Carol like that. Left me speechless. I know, it’s a show about the ZA and after everything that’s happened I shouldn’t be surprised.
    But damn. Gotta love this show.
    I was on the fence about Carol, I admit it, but not anymore. Melissa McBride was off the scale. Without her that scene wouldn’t have hit me near as hard.
    Good stuff, and thx again for coming back!

    • *high fives you, Matt* Yeah, when we first met Lizzie and she was trying to explain how awesome the Walkers were and named them? BINGO.

      You didn’t think Carol would hit her brain box? Oh, but then she’d have to “kill” her twice once Lizzie turned. (And Lizzie shouldn’t be given the satisfaction of turning. It’s what she wanted, after all.) I see what’s going on here: you’re a softy with a lovable heart, aren’t you? :)

      I couldn’t stand Carol in S1. Totally own up to it. Then I started to see how she was slowly coming into her own, and wow, her story arc is without question my favorite on the show. Thanks for coming back to play in my ZA sandbox with me!

  • Christa

    I love your recaps and always look forward to them. They are awesome, insightful and hilarious. Never stop!

    • Aren’t you a sweetheart? AND I PROMISE. I WILL NEVER STOP. I’m working on an exoskeleton to keep me typing even after I die. :D


  • Kevin H

    Welcome back. Sorry that you felt your recaps were not meeting our needs, but you make Mondays more enjoyable with your recaps of Walking Dead and Game of Thrones. Please keep them coming.

    • I just want fellow fans to gush with! So glad you’re sticking with me here. Thank you for that!

  • Beth

    Man, this episode brought out a side of me that Chris wasn’t prepared for. Because I would have Nazi-style shot Lizzie eons ago. I TOTALLY called her for the psycho at the prison feeding rats and cutting open things and NAILING THEM TO A BOARD. Nailing. Think of that, guys. This isn’t a girl who doesn’t comprehend her situation. This is a girl who will one day be storing heads in her freezer. Or in a jar. Or on her bed. There is no room for psychos in the apocalypse! NO ROOM. Chris was very surprised by this.

    “Yes, I would have taken that girl out for hers and our sake long ago. The other one would be soon to follow. Human shield!” Okay, I was kidding about the last part. I wasn’t kidding about the last part. But in a you or me situation, it’s going to be me. IT IS ALWAYS GOING TO BE ME.

    Also, I got nostalgic for pecans when I saw the old school pecan shuckers or whatever they’re called. But none of them had black thumbs so they were doing it wrong.

    We’re slowly catching up. Just finished this episode last night. I felt like the deer represented Mika at the end there. The innocent creature. And Carol had sad face X1000. She’s awesome.

    And when Ty looked at all three of those women and a friggin’ baby, he HAS to be thinking, “Oh hell no. This is not my life. I am OUT. Here’s a gun, here’s some rope, and here’s my last high five. Lates.”

    This season has been up and down for me. This episode had me doffing my hat to a job well done. I’m excited to finish the series tonight!