Hannibal Recap Hiatus

Hey, everybody, let’s huddle in and take a knee for a second.

When Laura first started this website, her goal was the systematic and devastating mind-control takeover of the human race to provide a place for people to write and talk about their favorite shows and movies, and for people who enjoyed things to come and enjoy them freely, without having to worry about writers who hated what they were writing about, or fighting with other fans. Positivity was the main goal, here, and I think she’s succeeded. This is a great place full of great, thoughtful people who really love the things they love.

This is, unfortunately, why I have to take a bit of a break from recapping Hannibal. There was going to be a slight delay on the recaps for episodes 5 and 6 anyway, as I’ll be away for a week and a half. However, I haven’t been able to make a dent in the “Takiawase” recap, either. Every time I try to write, there’s nothing I can think of that isn’t mean or bitter. That’s not in the spirit of the site, for one, and for two–recapping Hannibal, watching it and writing about it and talking about it with other fans, is a labor of love. Writing about it is work, but I enjoyed it and I enjoyed sharing it with you all, so it was honestly a nice little creative break from the stress of the rest of my life.

After “Takiawase,” I was uncomfortable with the position Beverly Katz was left in, and that discomfort started to build on itself the more I thought about it. When I learned about what was going to happen in this Friday’s episode, I was angry, and in the course of discussions that I participated in and observed, a really aggressively unpleasant response from fans who didn’t see the problem with the circumstances of Katz’s death exacerbated the issues. Bryan Fuller’s summary dismissal of criticism and sudden inability to engage with unhappy viewers (after a year of fairly open communication between himself and the fans), plus his tacit approval of fans who had no problem with the circumstances of Katz’s death directly attacking the fans who were upset, really left a nasty taste in my mouth. Fuller has spoken before about how appreciative he is of the fact that women are the driving force behind Hannibal‘s success, how he identifies with the energy female viewers bring to the table, how he’s tried to incorporate more women into the very male universe he’s created out of Harris’s original one.

I believed him for a long time. I compartmentalized a lot of very blatant evidence that the show we were getting was not the show Fuller claimed to be trying to make, because so much of it was my total jam. A dark, imaginative, semi-gothic fever dream with a talented cast and artistic gore? FINALLY. Oh, okay, another beautifully-displayed female corpse. And another one. Full sequences of women being assaulted and brutalized while the violence done to guys is mainly in the abstract, or glossed over, or only seen after the fact. Georgia Madchen dies horribly. Abigail dies ambiguously but also horribly. Fuller said that the murders were equal-opportunity, and maybe the numbers check out. Maybe there’s technically an equal amount of dead men as there are dead women, or even more male victims. But the vast difference between the way most of the male victims are handled and the way most of the female victims are handled is undeniable.

I put up with it until the details of Katz’s exit came out, and it threw everything that came before it back into the light. I’ve gone into detail elsewhere and I’ll go into more if you’d like to talk about it, but essentially it boils down to: I have to figure out if I’m willing to keep putting my time and energy into a show that brutally, needlessly, nonsensically slaughters the only woman of color with a regular role (and my favorite character) in order to bring two men closer together, after a long string of brutally slaughtered women have been paraded in front of us already. It would be different if viewers hadn’t been encouraged by the showrunners to think of the show as progressive, groundbreaking, and female-friendly. It’s not really any of these things, not right now.

There is a lot about the show I love, which is why this is a hiatus instead of a full-on abandonment. Maybe when this isn’t so raw for me and I can take a step back, I’ll be able to come in and finish out the season, at least. Maybe Fuller will snap out of his Offended Baby funk and see what people are saying, and work on himself and his priorities with regards to female characters and characters of color. Maybe maybe maybe.

Hettienne Park herself has written a thoughtful post about this situation that deserves a read. She disagrees with the criticism but doesn’t say it’s wrong, which I really appreciate. I hope she gets into something awesome ASAP, because she’s so talented and fun to watch.

But as it stands, I’m just tired. I appreciate all of the support and the overwhelmingly kind response to my previous recaps, and I hope you can understand this decision!

I’ll leave you with this–still extremely relevant–couple of paragraphs I wrote way back in the recap for episode six (and I think I might have expressed some dismay at the amount of dead women as early as episode one or two):


NOT HOW IT WORKS. NOT EVEN IN NORMAL HOSPITALS. Even if the nurse was a big burly dude, they would not have left even a restrained and unconscious killer alone with him (especially when they ALREADY SENT THREE ARMED GUARDS AND TWO MALE ORDERLIES JUST TO RETRIEVE THE PATIENT), but it would almost be narratively justifiable. This is just dumb, and the kind of thing that is so far removed from reality that it isn’t an acceptable oversight, even within the framework of a show about cannibals being BFFS with FBI agents.

All the more reason to STOP KILLING WOMEN AND START KILLING BIG BURLY DUDES INSTEAD JESUS CHRIST BRYAN FULLER. I have a sneaking suspicion (since the show doesn’t seem to be run by violent misogynists) that all the writers assume Female Victim=More Sympathy. But that backfires a little bit when most of the audience’s sympathy is going toward all the women who have horrible violence done to them in real life. I watch television to avoid thinking about the fact that some crazy dude could just decide “Hm, today is the day I want to murder a woman,” and that said woman could be me or someone I love, and there’d be no way to stop it from happening. It’s fucked up! And the writers going out of their way to ignore all logic and realism to make sure a woman is killed this way is a huge pain in the ass.

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  • Jazz

    The events of this episode are still raw in my mind too so I can’t add anything meaningful right now, but I thought you might be interested in Hettienne Park’s essay on the subject:


    • Sam H.

      Right after I posted, I remembered this and went back to edit it in! It’s a great essay, and I’m glad she got a chance and felt comfortable enough to talk about it. She has a lot of great points, and I know she’s correct about it not being all Fuller’s fault/that he’s kind of an easy face to put on the greater problem of racism and sexism on the television landscape. I’m still really upset, though, and Fuller’s behavior hasn’t really helped. :(

      Thank you for commenting!

  • Viki

    I respect your decision. That said – I strongly recommend reading the article posted by Jazz.
    I’m a feminist. I strongly believe the media representation of women, LGBT people and people of color should be greatly improved. With that in mind, I must say I am absolutly horrified over the vitriolic attack on one person who, throughout his entire career, fought to improve the aforementioned representation; who faced with the prospect of running a show with 7 recurring male characters genderbent 3 of them and added one brand new female character (not to mention greatly expanded the roles of 3 characters who were barely mentioned in the books).
    As Hetienne mentioned in her wonderful post, Bryan’s power over his cast is not unlimited. He’s bound by the budget and the decisions made by the producers. And the Hannibal budget /is/ very limited – one of the producers gave up her job just so they would have enough money to hire Kacey Rohl. In the second season 3 new recurring characters were added – Kade Prurnell, Margot & Mason Verger (possibly more) and so 3 of the old characters had to go. And in the previous articles both Bryan and his staff expressed the grief and being forced to let go of them (Bryan mentioned that he cried while he wrote the death scene and had to cheer himself up watching dog pictures on the Internet).
    As Hetienne wrote, the issue of representation is extremely important, but:
    “I’m not sure the people who are directing their anger at Fuller or HANNIBAL aren’t really angry at the old-fashioned ideas cultivated by our society about women and people of color. Let’s talk about it with civility and dignity. I don’t see how attacking anyone to the point where nobody wants to listen to any possibly valid points you’re making is going to lead to any solutions. And at least for me, I just end up feeling even worse. ”
    Hetienne is a true highlight of the fandom for me – she was always present during the livetweeting and her sense of joy was infectious. I feel very sad that her fandom experience was tainted by the bucketfuls of vitriol tossed in the entirely wrong direction.

    > This is just dumb
    Yes! It was Chilton’s decision – about every single decision he’s ever made was extremely dumb.

    GJH, Stammet’s victims, Cassie’s brother, the unfortunate organ donors and all of the guys served at Hannibal’s party, the cello guy, 2 policemen killed by Tobias, Franklin, Tobias, Gideon’s guards and the driver, 2 psychiatrists with the Colombian necktie, Dr.Sutcliffe about half of the Muralists’s victims and the Muralist himself, most of Lawrence Well’s victims, 2 men in Takiawase…

  • Christian

    Aw damn, I saw that coming from a mile away. You will be sorely missed, hope you find your way back soon. Until then, our IT department will be puzzled to find out that the odd spike in bandwidth usage from my tuesday morning refresh button mashing stopped appearing before the end of the 13-weeks cycle that could be observed last year.

    • Sam H.

      Haha, thank you. :D LEAVE THEM A NOTE.

      • Christian

        Nah, they’re well-paid specialists. They can figure it out.

  • Ingrid

    Dangit, I only just discovered these Hannibal recaps a couple of weeks ago & freaking I love reading them.


    Oh well, ya gotta do what ya gotta do I guess *shrugs*

    • Sam H.

      Aw, thank you. If it makes this any better, I can promise that this decision is motivated by the fact that anything I would be writing now would be drastically different and way less pleasant or fun to read than anything that I’ve written previously.

  • LottieB

    I strongly disagree with you. I’m a woman of from an ethnic minority (I hate the term person of colour) and as a kid I wanted to be an actress, and I can’t tell you how heart broken I was when someone pointed out to be a I couldn’t play any of the parts I wanted because they were all either dudes or pretty white girls. And yeah some of those characters died tragically, because that is actually quite a cool thing to play for an actor.

    Why have more women major characters than men died in Hannibal? Because all the the secondary characters the audience cares about are female. If someone has to be killed off that the audience is gonna care about and it can’t be a lead, it has to be a secondary character. Katz’s role could well have gone to a white dude, it’s true. But then we’d have had another white dude dominating our screens, being sympathetic and heroic while again the women and the non white people are consigned to play wallpaper. I can understand objections to the field kabuki lady because her purpose was to be an eerily pretty corpse and gender probably was a factor there. But Beverly didn’t die because she was a woman, she died because she was an FBI agent who was smart enough to track Hannibal down to his lair and brave/foolish enough to take the risk of grabbing evidence. Is it realistic she would go to his basement – no, but this is something people do pretty constantly on this show, and it’s a horror trope (why on earth did Will, seeing blood on the door of the neurologist’s office, go inside? Why did he get down on the floor with Georgia instead of running a mile?) . What’s more it builds on Beverly’s curiousity, enthusiasm for the chase and fearlessness which is something we’ve seen from her again and again (remember her driving out to Georgia’s house and standing around in the dark with increasingly unstable Will and a murderer running around?).

    As far as I can see the alternative to not killing women off is either for Hannibal not to be a serial killer/horror show or for less women and non white people to take the interesting secondary character roles. Hopefully Fuller will get the rights to Clarice Starling and we’ll get a woman in the core cast – the show does need it – but I find the ‘don’t kill off women and people of colour, and don’t treat their deaths in the way deaths are typically treated in this show’ to be patronising at best,and at worse dangerous. What’s to stop TPTB from taking home the message ‘people get mad if you kill minorities, so go with a nice safe white male for this part from now on’. Beverly already got robbed of her fight scene with Hannibal due to that logic.

    Anyway sorry to rant. I do respect your decision to stop recapping if it is no longer fun for you, though I will miss ’em. As I said I disagree with your feelings about Beverly but I respect that you don’t continue to recap while angry, affectionate parodies are always more fun to read than rage.

    • Sam H.

      Thank you, for commenting, I appreciate it. (Full disclosure: I’m white-looking enough that I benefit from a lot of privilege, but am from mixed Puerto Rican and white descent, and I care about ethnic minority representation as much as I care about representation of women).

      And I do agree with a lot of your points in general, particularly your final one about TPTB misinterpreting the audience anger and taking away what little we have gotten. I can admit that a lot of my motivation here is about my expectations of the show not being met because they were maybe too high–if I hadn’t gone in with these expectations, I likely would be able to let Katz’s death roll off my back. That’s why my decision to pull away for a little while is based on my own feelings, and I don’t fault anyone for being confused or annoyed by it, or continuing to watch and enjoy the show. Like I said, there’s still a lot about it I love, but this is a big stumbling block for me. I could throw out representation statistics and whatnot, but it all comes down to me being uncomfortable and not feeling able to provide a good, enjoyable recap about this.

      I’d actually thought about Katz going to see Will in the woods as potentially justifying her actions in this episode, but at the same time: she was going to see a friend who needed help, not sneak around the house of a man she increasingly believed to be a dangerous murderer to collect unusable evidence. I find it difficult to believe that someone as brilliant and practical as Katz wouldn’t also leave a note or something, as she was going to go talk to Jack anyway–he just wasn’t there. Almost more than anything, this is an issue of the writing going through a lot of hoops to put Katz in this position, hoops that Katz herself as a character would not have gone through. There are a lot of ways this storyline could have gone without her dying four episodes in to the second season, for the explicit purpose of bringing Will and Hannibal together.

      Again, thank you for commenting and reading and caring enough to share your viewpoint with me. I honestly am sorry if I’ve disappointed you, because you’ve always been very great to talk to about this show!

      • Christian

        I must admit, I’m usually not one to engage in online discussion about matters that are as sensitive as this one – I try to avoid stepping on strangers’ toes (“strangers” in this case being people I don’t know personally) when I can. But since I’ve been enjoying your recaps a lot for quite some time now – some google search for something Hannibal landed me here early in season one – I feel compelled to offer my tuppence as well.

        I cannot really comment on the most problematic part of the situation, namely the fact that Fuller apparently created a female asian character just for the purpose of killing her off for shock value both in-universe and towards the audience – he outright admitted to that. Fact is, though, that I didn’t see the shitstorm coming until it actually hit, because when I saw Bev being killed off, I wasn’t concerned with her race or gender at all, but far more with her character and her place in the story. That doesn’t mean that I can’t rationally understand the issue in hindsight, namely that with that act, the show torpedoed the very diversity it tried so hard to introduce in the first place. Why Fuller, who should be way more aware of these thing than I am didn’t see that coming on the other hand IS baffling.

        Race and gender issues left aside though, I liked this episode a lot. I agree with a lot of points made be LottieB above – which is why I replied to this comment. The decision to have Hannibal murder Beverly Katz instead of, say, Fuckin’ Zeller felt inevitable – she has always been front and center on the forensic team, and she was the one who struck up the friendship with Will back in season one. I can’t picture Zeller going into that cellar because he wouldn’t even bother to listen to Crazy Will, much less actually following up on his wild theories about Hannibal. Having someone else die in that basement would’ve meant to give Bev’s awesome qualities to another character. At this point in the story you’re either one of the great characters who can actually get close to Hannibal’s secret and get murdered for your trouble, or you stay in the background as comic relief like Price and Zeller and survive. As for the ‘stupid’ decisions made by Katz in this episode, I think it’s still falling within the boundaries of willing suspension of disbelief. She is a naturally curious person, she has demonstrated a willingness to take unorthodox action just prior in talking to Will about cases, and she was on the fence about the whole breaking into Hannibal’s house anyway; she probably would’ve waited for Jack to return if she hadn’t learned of the opportunity to snoop around the place undisturbed that very moment. Add in the fact that Jack just gave her the Miriam Lass treatment of “do what you think you must do but I can’t know of this” and that Will just gave her the emotional blackmail thing like Jack did to him (investigate more or I won’t help you save lifes) and the whole thing is still a mistake, but a mistake that I can believe Katz could’ve made.

        I personally would’ve been ok with seeing the fight, and Bev pistol-whipping the Doc in the face and him trying to explain away his big black eye to Jack contributing to the suspicions against him would’ve been nice, but in the end that’s a detail I can live without.

        As for how she will be displayed, I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and assume she’ll be set up as a dead friend of Will’s, not as a dead woman – tomorrow’s episode will tell. And if I was an actor on Hannibal, that’s pretty much how I would wanna leave the show: In a gory crime scene and an awesome dinner table designed by Janice Poon.

        I realize that due to Fuller’s comments on the set-up of Beverly as a tool to make people – and characters on the show – feel awful make most of the positive points i made above go out the window. But if we’re all lucky it’ll be a one-time slip up and the show’s creators will be more mindful of the impact their choices make on the fans next time.

        Anyway, enough with the rambling. Just hope the show manages to earn back your appreciation. The recaps are one of the two good things to look forward to in a week that has a Hannibal episode.

  • Hokuto

    I will deeply miss your recaps (I was really looking forward to posting my deep denial alternate ending to “Takiawase” where Beverly shot Hannibal in the fucking head and everyone threw Will a big party with ice cream and cake and puppies after being released), but I respect your decision. I hope that episode 5 isn’t as awful as it sounds from the AV Club walkthrough for 4 (which I wish I hadn’t read, honestly), and that the season overall improves and kills more dudes (NOT JACK THOUGH, I REALLY REALLY HOPE DDDDDDD: SOME OTHER DUDES).

    • Sam H.

      DEFINITELY FEEL FREE TO POST IT ANYWAY. my secret daydream of her sitting outside his cell and playing WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS on her phone for 45 minutes every day is still pretty front and center in my mind.

      • Hokuto

        Yours is also a great daydream and I support it 900 percent.



  • Saltydonnie

    I’m going to chime in as a “straight, evil white male” that frequents this site and laughs his ass off at the hilarious and insightful commentary. The sarcasm and intelligent, sharp humor is a rarity among today’s hubris-dripping snark. It’s a favorite of mine, and to quote the good Doctor, ” I think it would be quite something to know you in private life.”

    Red Dragon and Manhunter are the book/movie that got me interested in law enforcement, psychology and law, and are the main reason I’m a lawyer now. I’ve waited for years for Will Graham to be properly portrayed on screen (aside from William Petersen, who was brilliant) and the series is fantastic. I’ve hooked friend after friend on the book, movie, series, doing my part for ratings, etc.

    As said “evil white male”, I can attest that when I watch Hannibal I don’t sit there with a clip board checklist of genders, races, sexual orientations, heights, weights, ages etc. which I check off each episode to ensure some university “affirmative action quota” is reached – I just watch the damn show. I don’t roll around in sweaty sheets ala Graham agonizing over the death of the white guy character, even if the motive is explicitly cause he’s white. I don’t care – I’m not so race or gender-obsessed that it colors my every thought. In fact, I was raised NOT to see gender or race first and foremost. Ya know, equal treatment? Non-bias?

    I did notice there are a lot of women on the show, and that the murders of the women tend to be non-sexual, which is the exact opposite of the reality of such serial murders, which are primarily motivated by said reasoning – see Francis Dolarhyde – anger/rage/sadism/sexual frustration with women. Fuller has tippy-toed around all that thus far.

    In fact, the series has dispatched a LOT of men, white men, I might add, in really nasty ways. The hero of the series, Will Graham, was systematically mind-f*cked for a whole season, forced to eat people and framed for murder. I mean, DUDE. Perhaps I should whip together some protest signs? What if Katz was the heroine of the show and had that happen to her? Fuller would never hear the end of it.

    I mean, no one cares about ANY of the other deaths, at ALL, because they aren’t a “protected class” of some sort. It’s like one woman bitching about her apartment fire, when, like, everyone else in the building ALSO lost their possessions, but they don’t rate, because, hey, I’m a woman!

    Was there outrage when the awesome Tobias Birch (who happened to be black) was beat down by Lecter? Being the only black killer on the show? Killed by a rich white snob? No – they saw a serial killer showdown, and the result was dictated by canon – Lecter had to win.

    Remember, this series is based off a book that was written in the early 80’s by a white guy (Thomas Harris) about the early Investigative Support Unit at the FBI which was dominated by pasty white guys (John Douglas, Robert K. Riessler). That’s why Silence of the Lambs was a big deal at the time, because the FBI liked the movie (and Starling) as an ad campaign to attract more women to the Bureau.

    This book occurred years before Silence and was written years before Silence. As a result, it skews heavily toward white males (although I don’t recall if Crawford was explicitly stated to be white, as I really didn’t care). It was set in the 80’s, and has a plot dependent on now outdated technology (rolls of home movies) which will also have to be updated. In the book, Katz is (I believe) ethnic Jewish, and in “Manhunter” was played by a black female. Price is an old, straight white guy. Lounds is a sleazy male tabloid reporter (and I wonder how Fuller is gonna get roasted when now female Lounds gets, er, roasted. Naked, I might add).

    To bash Fuller, an openly gay feminist producer who fought to have roles and characters changed in gender and race to have the “required rainbow”, I have to guffaw at how he’s now persona non grata because he allegedly “Alex DeWitt-ed” Katz. The guy can’t win for losing.

    In that first documented fridging, Green Lantern Kyle Rayner, a Peter Parker rip off, had a girlfriend (Alex) created apparently solely so Ron Marz (the writer) would kill her off viciously so Rayner had a “defining tragedy” ala Gwen Stacy (or Uncle Ben) & Spider-Man, Batman and the Waynes/Jason Todd, Superman the the Jor and Lara-El etc. The fact that it was a woman, and rather gruesome, is what sparked the feminist outrage. In Rayner’s case, it was just shallow and really out of nowhere. Much like Marz’s reboot of Green Lantern, but I digress.

    Like it or not, the series’ leads are Graham, Lecter and Crawford. This is not a classic soap opera ensemble. The secondary characters are ‘secondary” – they serve different roles in the series/story – exposition, a sounding board to elaborate on the main characters’ motives/development, etc. If a character gains enough substance or popularity they can be promoted (Frasier Crane), but they are still background/supporting players. Even classic ensemble shows like Cheers still had Sam, Diane and Rebecca as the primaries. Homicide still had Pembleton and Bayliss, etc.

    This show has, like, no budget, so you are not gonna see Price’s off duty lawsuit against his landlord, or Katz’s aerobic class and her on and off flirtation with the instructor, because they are not primary characters. This is not “Beverly Katz, CSI” – it’s “Hannibal” (actually, it should be “Will Graham”, but Lecter has the marquee power). A series about an absolute monster who is devilishly brilliant, and the FBI agent that is trying to catch him at great personal cost. We have 13 episodes a season, limited budget, and three main leads to pay on a critically acclaimed show that’s desperate for viewers. But no, let’s heap all this other arm flailing drama on top of it, let’s really ensure the series dies because Fuller didn’t do a poll Tumblr before he took a piss.

    The main beef is the belief that Katz was created solely to die, as “fuel” to motivate Graham. Even if that’s the case, that plot was part of the season – it could have been Price, or Zeller, but Graham didn’t have the relation to him he had to Katz. In order to establish that, they’d have to bump Katz for, say, Price, but then if Price dies, it’s cause he was fridged for being gay, and Fuller is still criticized for minimizing the Asian actress, etc. Can’t win for losing. The only way for Fuller to get out of this is to have the whole cast one race, or make a rule that any non-white male character is protected from harm. Right now, Crawford, Lecter and Graham are protected because they are the canon story leads, not because they are white, Danish or black. People want Katz Mary Sue-d BECAUSE of her race or gender.

    Don’t be so obsessed with a fictional story. You’re missing the forest for the trees – the reality is that Fuller went out of his way to actually hire, in real life, real people of varying genders/races/etc. to get paid to perform their art, demonstrate their talent, get exposure and generate a fan base that supports them. THAT’S the win, the real life result, not the academic, arm-flailing feelings-based college womyns’ study ranting over the death of a fictional female character. I thought Park’s own response brilliantly summed that up, and flipped a subtle middle finger to those that don’t see that reality.

    As far as I’m concerned, Katz was a cool character who just happened to be Asian, female, etc. But her death has weight in the story, it’s not a random Law & Order car accident or a LA Law fall down an elevator shaft. And also, keep in mind this is only episode 4 – even if Katz is dead, she may have left clues as to her fate (bullet hole in the floor, her comment to Zeller about “Lecter being at the hospital”), which will help seal the deal on Lecter. I admit, her going downstairs was a bad idea, but if you listen, you can hear the breathing of ANOTHER person in the basement, likely a woman (Abigail? Lass?) and Katz couldn’t just leave her in that situation. Keep in mind, Katz was no more stupid than Starling was in going to Jame Gumb’s house by herself to save Catherine Martin, which the Katz scene is a clear homage to. And recall that Starling’s take-down of Gumb was celebrated as grrrl power! (only because she survived her stupidity!). And, frankly, no more stupid that Petersen’s Will Graham jumping through a window to save Reba from Dolarhyde in “Manhunter”.

    • [Editor/Owner here]: I’m chiming in to point out that Sam’s entire MO in taking a step back is because she’s feeling unhappy about her immediate reaction to the source material, and we here at HDJM want to be happily excited about our fannishness. She isn’t, she’s very bravely opened up as to why, and has – of course – been exposed to some pretty ugly reactions on the internet. (I’m not saying your response is one of them, just that I have been monitoring the comments here and elsewhere.)

      Since she’s the writer (unpaid, I want to mention – she does this because she wants to talk about something she loves), her opinion and take is what’s important. There is LITERALLY no where else on the internet where women can talk about things we care about in a safe way. You might need to re-read that sentence. Whether or not you see her opinion as valid is moot – she isn’t telling you your opinion is wrong, that you’re an Evil White Male, but that her enjoyment of the show has been damaged because of a trope called Refrigerating (an actual academic term).

      So your weekly article that you don’t pay for (unless you’ve made a thoughtful donation, in which: thank you!) is going to be delayed because she isn’t enjoying the show for her reasons. You can continue to enjoy it as you see fit. The wonderful thing about opinions is that everyone gets to have one.

      As for “Don’t be so obsessed with a fictional story” – buddy, that’s what fandom is all about? And it smacks as a little condescending and hypocritical given the length of your comment. Please remember that Sam, a woman of color, is unhappy and bravely put that here where anyone can read. Shaking a finger at her will only serve to make her feel all the more uncomfortable in sharing her love of a show in public, ending your free article.

      Remember that our motto here is “WE REALLY LOVE TV.” Love is key, unhappiness ruins it.

      • Saltydonnie

        Jesus, who’s shaking a finger at her? Prosecution-complex much? So much for responding to someone’s opinion in anything other than full conformity. Apparently there’s a lot of that “Offended Baby funk” she mentions going around. That’s the thing about the “offended” game – everyone can play it, and it gets ya nowhere.

        Also, don’t apply motives that aren’t there to create a persecution where there is none – I never said her opinion was invalid, I instead pointed out other opinions, views, thoughts, facts or contexts that may cause people to RE-EVALUATE their gut-reaction opinions. An opinion isn’t stated and simply dominant over all others like a commandment – the point of any opinion is to spark debate and discussion, not to chill it based on hurt feelings. If you don’t like comments, don’t have a comment feature. An opinion based on fact has more weight and credibility than one based on gut reaction or solely on emotion – I could be pissed at the sticker shock of a new car, until the invoice is itemized and explained, and then I realize “oh, all things considered, it’s cheaper than the average”. That’s no reason to attribute ill will to Chevy.

        If she’s upset over the death of a favorite character, hell, I sympathize – I liked Katz. Park is cool as hell and I suspect we’ll see her in other media very soon.

        But if she’s layering her own outside social justice motives or ideals on a fictional tv show (that frankly, is fighting for ratings), and expecting someone she never met to live up to them, even though they’re apparently operating from different definitions of those ideals, it’s time to disconnect and live some real life. Hence my comment on realizing that Fuller hires all colors, genders, etc. which is the real world benefit. And it seems all that good will is simply disregarded because someone is pissed over a story development in a fictional story, which in turn causes them to apply all sorts of nefarious, personal motives to a real person (Fuller) that they’ve never met. Instead of saying, “woo, damn, maybe he has a point, let me think on that”, I get tut-tutted for “wagging a finger”.

        Even in my post, the comments I made about the author and the site (which are glowing) were just skipped over so that what I disagreed with could be rebutted. “Obsession” isn’t interest – I’m interested in a series based on a book and movie that I liked and was formative to my upbringing. I have knowledge of it that causal viewers might not. Hell, if anyone should be railing at the slightest change to canon, it should be me, with sword and shield and keyboard! But I don’t – I take it for what it is, I marvel at how faithful it is and how Fuller remains true to the spirit of the book while make changes that improve upon it al while battling the execs, but I don’t cancel appointments to see the show, I don’t blog about it weekly, and I don’t take off work in depression or anger because something bad happened on it.

        If you can’t take enjoyment from a source of entertainment, that’s fine, no one is forced to watch what they disagree with or simply no longer like. I intentionally visit sites that I might not always agree with in order to broaden my understanding and my viewpoints so as to avoid living in an echo chamber. This is such a site.

        FYI – The “evil white male” is the joke title I always used, not anything directed to the site, hence the quotation marks. When I was in law school, “the white male” was the defacto bogeyman that was constantly accused of whatever wrongdoing was being addressed in the course, and if you didn’t toe the progressive line in any and all matters, whatever the motive and no matter the deviation, you were quickly relegated to that status. And yes, I was called that more than once for simply making a legal argument or “shudder” having my own opinion, so I adopted it as a badge of sarcastic honor. By the by, it was also was hurled at white female law students if the topic was race-based, so it wasn’t a male-only gripe. Hell, I toyed with using it as a Username ;)

        • Fair enough – we’ve gotten a lot of frankly ugly comments (with the smell of misogyny wafting from them) here, as well as Sam being personally attacked on her Tumblr. My job is to keep this place not only a happy and safe space for fans who want to enjoy their media with other people who enjoy it, but as a safe place for my writers to talk about the things they love.

          The whole point in Sam posting this was to let her regular readers know that she’s stepping back and regrouping, and listed her reasons why. It wasn’t up for debate, it wasn’t up for her mind to be changed by commenters, it was just her listing her reasoning for doing so. All I’m asking is that you accept or at least respect that without making something that was highly stressful for her anything but a statement of “I’m needing to regroup and rethink.” That’s all.

          • Saltydonnie

            Understood. Thank you for the kind reply. And I avoid Tumblr, so I am unaware of any bru-ha-ha on that end. I do know that there are some truly freaky fans of Hannibal out there that cause me to raise my brow and wonder if the show isn’t becoming a salt lick for the deranged.

            • OMG, salt lick for the deranged is totally going to be the name of my band. That’s freaking hilarious.

    • Sam H.

      Since you were really nice in the opening paragraph (thank you for the compliments, and I’m glad you read and enjoyed these recaps and honestly appreciate you taking the time to share your viewpoint with me), I’m going to assume you didn’t intend for this message to come off as condescending.

      I’m glad sexism and racism haven’t affected your life to the point where you need to immediately be conscious of them, but it’s something that effects my life and the lives of a lot of the people who are angry. And it’s not just that we’re angry about Katz dying–it’s the circumstances around it, the way it happens in relation to a lot of the other deaths, and the failures of coherent writing that had to come into play for it to happen.

      A murder doesn’t have to be explicitly sexual for it to be sexualized, and the image of a naked woman literally impaled on a stag’s head, or a teenager in her underwear also impaled on a stag’s head, or a shirtless woman impaled on a bunch of medical instruments, or what I can only assume is going to happen to Katz’s body, are not without context. I look at those things, and after a lifetime of brutalized women used as set dressing and motivational tools in television shows, I don’t just see “dead person.” It is a dead woman, and she is in some state of undress, and she is exposed to any and all observers–audience included. If this is something you don’t see when you look at it, great, but there’s literally no other way for me to react. Fuller might have tippy-toed around it so far (and I absolutely still give him credit that he’s never purposely written sexual violence against a woman, though I’m not sure how the Verger storyline is going to let him keep that promise), but when things like this build up, it shows a pattern of him favoring the artistry of a dead lady over any kind of awareness of what that might look like when the artistry is taken out of the equation. It’s worth mentioning also that I’m a fan of gory horror and if I’m uncomfortable with something, it’s either VERY bad, or is part of a really questionable trend.

      The nasty ways that men have been dispatched are not nasty in the way I’m complaining about. The only male victims ever found without their clothes on were the muralist’s (which also included women) and the mushroom guys–the mushroom guys were so gross that the nakedness was irrelevant, and the muralists’ use of naked bodies was the whole point, and actually was a good example of artistry without sexualization.

      I mean, no one cares about ANY of the other deaths, at ALL, because they aren’t a “protected class” of some sort. It’s like one woman bitching about her apartment fire, when, like, everyone else in the building ALSO lost their possessions, but they don’t rate, because, hey, I’m a woman!

      If you read the paragraph I copy into this post, I had a theory about that. Fuller didn’t write any of the male characters’ deaths to be sympathetic, because I think he believes that dead women are more emotionally effecting. Most of the male victims didn’t even get lines–they were just presented as part of the scene. Looking at, Joel, the main victim in the body tower episode, is far different for me than looking at Cassie Boyle’s death, though we knew the same amount of backstory about both of them. There were a few exceptions, though! Personally, I was sad about Umber dying, because we knew just enough about him to turn him into a person. It’s funny you mention it, but I was also bummed out about Tobias Budge, because he could have been an interesting b-plot adversary to keep around for a little while.

      But like you said–Budge was written from start to finish in such a way that the death made sense, and he took almost as much out of Lecter as Lecter took out of him. That’s different than what we’re getting from Katz’s death, since the writing that led to it was ridiculous and, as Park mentions in her essay, she’s not going to get any punches in because the network was concerned about showing Lecter beating a woman. (But not slaughtering and displaying one, apparently.)

      I’m fairly certain Fuller won’t get shit for Lounds’s death, considering it IS book-canon compliant and fits in to the plot. Also: Katz is still alive when Red Dragon rolls around.

      My issue with Fuller only became a real problem when he reacted badly to completely fair criticism of his choices and the awful writing. If he had taken the time to explain himself and why this was happening the way it was happening, I personally would still be disappointed, but it would be less about him and more about how networks operate and the television climate as a whole with regards to women. But he didn’t–he’s not obligated to, obviously. It’s his show. But I’m not obligated to still respect him or trust him to do right by anybody on the show but Will and Hannibal after finding out how he reacts to criticism.

      Katz’s death is about the fact that she’s a woman, and it’s gruesome, but it’s ALSO shallow and really out of nowhere. The events leading to Katz’s death do NOT line up with her previous characterization. But you know who’s made stupid decisions that have endangered a case before? Zeller. Give me an hour and I could write you a way to get Zeller into that basement. I’d need way longer to get Katz in there without backup and (presumably) without having left a note.

      The main beef is the belief that Katz was created solely to die, as “fuel” to motivate Graham. Even if that’s the case, that plot was part of the season

      It is the case. That is literally what Bryan Fuller has said, multiple times. Nobody wants Katz “mary-sued,” whatever that means. They wanted her to be developed as something other than a motivation for Will Graham, which is what it looked like was going to happen when she was suddenly extremely important in the first four episodes of this season. Fuller explicitly gave her more development in order to kill her off.

      Don’t be so obsessed with a fictional story. You’re missing the forest for the trees – the reality is that Fuller went out of his way to actually hire, in real life, real people of varying genders/races/etc. to get paid to perform their art, demonstrate their talent, get exposure and generate a fan base that supports them.

      I’m not saying this isn’t a win. I give Fuller a lot of credit for many of his choices even now, and I apparently gave him a lot more than was necessary before this happened. I’m glad we were introduced to Hettienne Park, and I’m glad she got to play a character that swiftly became my favorite on the show. I’m allowed to be angry about how things turn out, whether Bryan Fuller’s trying his best or not. If I try my best at my job and still fuck up, I get fired. He just has to deal with some people being upset on the internet. Just going by the reaction I’ve gotten for expressing my opinions in my own space, most people feel like you do, not like I do. Fuller’s gonna be just fine. He’s smart and his heart seems to be in the right place, and like I said, maybe he’ll figure out why this situation+his bad reaction has alienated so many people (people who really, truly trusted him, because he wanted people to trust him).

      Anyway, this is really long and got away from me. Thanks for commenting and remaining fairly civil. I’m sorry you’re disappointed, but this is something I feel strongly about and there’s not really anything that’ll change my mind, unless the show suddenly veers into supernatural horror and Katz comes back as a ghost to solve every crime and haunt the shit out of Lecter’s jail cell when he gets caught.

  • MHJ

    Wow, your opinion doesn’t have a single logical or unbiased idea. I enjoy your recaps so much because I thought you were better than this.

    • [Editor/Owner] This is rude, unproductive, and unacceptable on our site. We expect our readers to be better than this. Continue this negative, hateful behavior, and your IP will be blocked. We take this as a safe place to be happy very seriously.

    • Sam H.

      Actually, my opinion has a lot of logical and unbiased ideas, and I would be happy to talk to you about them if you were willing to bring something more interesting or constructive to the conversation than I’m so disappointed that people feel differently about stuff than me. Though I don’t know what you thought I was “better than.” Having an opinion you disagree with, I guess?

  • Rae

    Sorry to hear this, both selfishly because I love your recaps and think they’re hilarious and because it sucks that the show has left you so disappointed. I personally am not, but I definitely understand why so many people are feeling angry.

    Anyway, thanks for what you’ve given us over the last season-and-a-bit! I hope the recaps come back eventually (and that the show becomes enjoyable for you again), but if not, best of luck to you!

    • Sam H.

      Yeah, I know some people who aren’t as TOTALLY EMOTIONALLY DEVASTATED/FURIOUS as I am, and I get it! I have a few shows I watch where bad things happen and I’m just like, “oh this sucks” and that’s the end of it. But I accidentally got too emotionally attached to Hannibal and now everything is a bummer.

      Thank you so much!

  • Libbs

    I stumbled upon these recaps fairly recently, and I devoured them because you’re one hilarious woman – so many of them had me laughing out loud, thereby making my roommate think that I was crazy – and it is obvious that all mocking came from a place of love. I will miss the recaps during the hiatus but I understand the need to step back (and the feelings of bitterness and rage which prompted it).

    I do hope that you rediscover your love and happy feelings for the show, but if not, thanks for the recaps I did get a chance to read.

    • Sam H.

      Thank you! I’m so glad you liked them, and I appreciate all these nice words. :)

  • GeekaGriffis

    Thanks for all you do, Sam. I’ve been a long time site follower. I totally understand where you are coming from. Thanks to Laura for starting the site way back when and recapping Jersey Shore until she didn’t “love” it anymore. Time and content change feelings. *hugs* hope to see you recapping soon. I love the writers here. Many a time my co-workers have heard me laughing out loud… Mainly about Spartacus’ guitar riffs. Cue donation!!

    • Sam H.

      Thank you so much! (LAURA IS SO GREAT.) I’ll be doing Captain America within the next few weeks, hopefully, so if you’re interested in that!

  • Surprisingly Blank

    Last week hit me hard too, and I’m going to miss Beverly greatly. I wish that her managing to shoot Hannibal could have happened without it interfering with Jack finding x weeks down the story.

    I know Hannibal is ultimately a story about the villian coming out on top, we knew this going in, but that doesn’t mean things like this don’t hurt. One of the things I really enjoyed about the books was how smart, decent people like Barney and Clarice managed to survive the terribly entertaining monster.

    In many ways, Beverly was our Clarice, the person the women watching this show admired the most, perhaps identified with the most. A minority in a white male dominated field.

    Without realizing it, we started to put our hopes on this character, not because she was a minority, but because she was an INTERESTING, ENDEARING PERSON of minority.

    (For those who doubt how rare this is, I want you to start keeping a tally. One for the number white males who are in a film for more than 15 minutes screen time or in five episodes of a show. Now do one for white women. Now do one for everyone else. After seeing three movies or 15 various episodes of tv shows, see how many charcters you can remember by name or description. Compare tally marks. If we were doing this by rough US population ~30% of the tallies should be white male, ~30% white female, ~40% everyone else. (There are exceptions like war films on these numbers ) Even if you only watch films made in the last ten years there is still a huge disparity. It’s just not as soul crushingly bad as it was fifty years ago.)

    Perhaps we did put too much of our hopes and ourselves into this character. However, we did . After last week, the joy and excitement this show invoked in me is deadened. I’ll watch this Friday, hoping that the dark humor, beautiful imagery, and interactions of the remaining characters will bring the fun I have with this series back to the forefront.

    Maybe one or both of us will get engrossed in this series again. Maybe we won’t.

    I’m sorry that people are being rude or threatening you for deciding to put this project aside for now. You write these articles for fun, not because of a contract. (Not that the harressment would be any less horrible if you were.) I hope things are well with you and you have a bunch more people like Laura supporting you on the web and irl.

  • Laura

    This, this, this, this, this, and this. We are of the same mind here. I was entranced from the beginning by Hannibal. It’s been my new favorite show almost the instant it hit the air. The whole book/movie series is one of my all-time favorite fandoms, and I had no clue that a network show about it could be so artfully and emotionally well-done.

    But I can’t with this Beverly stuff. Yes, it’s nice that all the case of the week murders have had a pretty equal division between male and female murders, but take a look at all the major protagonist deaths: female. The purpose of their deaths? Get to the boys.

    I definitely felt weird about it when it was Miriam, Georgia, and Abigail, but Beverly’s the straw that broke me camel’s back. She’s also been my favorite character, and if she had to die, I wish it had been like Park wanted: fighting tooth and nail, with more scenes of her throughout the season before she gets killed.

    But then Fuller had to go and describe her getting turned into a “Body Works Exhibit” that has the plus-side of motivating Will even more to go after Hannibal (THAT IS THE VERY DEFINITION OF FRIDGING, JESUS H.) I should think the very fact he’s passionate about his work would make Fuller hesitate to describe what should be a character very dear to his heart in those particular terms.

    Yet this damn show has got its hooks in me so bad that I’m not QUITE prepared to give up on it yet. So I too am taking a hiatus of sorts: like a big person, I’m making my sister and brother-in-law preview the next episode for me and let me know what they think. They’re just as big fans as I am, and I absolutely trust their judgment here and their judgment of what I’m comfortable seeing.

    Because that’s what it all comes down to in the end: what you’re comfortable watching. I’m not talking about surface “squick” discomfort (hell, I’d have never even STARTED watching the show if that was the case). I mean what makes a viewer EMOTIONALLY comfortable. And turning Beverly’s corpse into just one more freakshow exhibit, all just to torment Will, really pushes me so far out my comfort zone I can’t even see it anymore.

    So I’m with you 100%. I wouldn’t want to read your fabulous recaps if I knew you were uncomfortable about what you were seeing and and that you were not enjoying it. I honestly hope Fuller and some of the more sensitive/talented creative types can still do something marvelous to make me change my mind and we can both start watching again. Reading your recaps has become just as much a ritual with me as watching the show. I hope there’s a way I can get both back.

    But we’ll have to wait and see, and that’s perfectly all right. Thank you for your honesty and your passion.

  • Katie Howard

    The way I look at these things is that recapping is meant to be a fun experience, for a show that you enjoy. Or a book,movie whatever you want it to be. If it’s bringing you down, that’s counter-productive, and isn’t fun for you anymore.

    Honestly? I’ve got nothing in the terms of being constructive to offer, Sam. Only to say that while I’ve always enjoyed your recaps *I constantly re-read them shh* you do whatever YOU need too do. If a hiatus is what’s needed until you’re comfortable again, (or even never,that’s okay to) than, that’s alright. You do whatever it is you need to do.

    Wish you well! And good luck. :-)

    • Sam H.

      Yes! And I cancomplain all I want, and it might make me feel better, but I know for a fact that it’s terrible for other people to read and I’d feel pretty crappy for putting that out under the guise of a supposedly entertaining and lovingly fun-pokey recap.

      Thank you so much. :D

  • Brett Davidson

    Love your recaps of Hannibal – and Pacific Rim. If you can’t write for a while on Hannibal, I’d even love to see you recap the phone directory or a menu. I don’t always agree, but you raise damned good points that I should take notice of and always in the funniest way.

    I tend to side more with Hettienne Park’s article… but Hell, this was a shocking episode: a vision of Abigail, reminding us that she’s dead/might not be dead (I tilt toward the latter but either is disturbing), Bella’s distress and then Beverly being killed. Each one was a shock and each one hurt so much that the killer of the week was incidental. When we hitch up to a horror series, we really are in for a gut-wrenching ride.

    That said, I’m really, really, REALLY going to miss Beverly and look out for anything Hettienne Park does next.

    • Sam H.

      Haha, thank you so much! I’m actually gonna be doing Captain America within the next couple of weeks, if that’s a movie you’re planning on seeing?

      I agree with some of what she said, and I’m definitely glad she got to say it/that we got to read it. I’m still on the side of EVERYTHING IS GROSS NOW but having her viewpoint is really important (since it’s literally her job). Haha, yes, that’s exactly the problem, too–I was so emotionally invested in so much of this show that something not going right for me just blew up immediately. I’m not like that with anything else! This just hit pretty hard, for whatever reason.

      Same here! Do you watch Brooklyn 99? If I had any influence over anything, I’d put her on that in a heartbeat.

      • Brett Davidson

        No, I’, not aware of Brooklyn 99 – I must look it up. Thank you.

        Having just watched the latest episode… I can see that a bit of distance for a while will be good for one’s health.

        Whatever happens, I’m sure that Winston will through it all – hang on to that.

        • Brett Davidson

          “Winston will come through it all”, dammit.

      • Murphy

        She would be AMAZING on Brooklyn 99. This needs to happen!

  • Mister Jay

    I actually was on pins and needles to see your reaction to how Katz was handled. {Your reviews are the only reason I watch the show anymore honestly} But I understand your predicament. Ribbing Hannibal’s murderection, talking about skittles and fire, Winston being the ultimate serial killer on a quest to save Daddy Will is all well and good and hysterically hilarious.

    {I cannot remember the last time I laughed so hard at something that wasn’t your article I probably have but the closest thing was some fanfictions that people MSTed back when i was in high school that i read during class which got me in trouble for laughing so hard. But I digress} If I may there’s an article on Cracked.Com by Felix Clay.

    You can probably google Cracked.Com Garbage Pail Kids Pinocchio and find it. but in it he basically just starts going “This movie sucks because it sucks and is a sucky suck suck suck.” Except with more profanity. Alot of articles on that site are interesting and quite a few are funny but that one it just sounded like he either had Tourettes, an off day where he didn’t feel like writing, or both. So i’d rather have you not craft this episode.

    Heck if you got a DVR just tape Hannibal 5 and 6 and whatnot. Watch shows you enjoy where you know your favorite characters won’t be killed. Then come back…..And write episode 5 or 6 review.

    Yes that’s right. Skip the Review of Takiawase. If need be Just put up a picture of Winston and say “Winston ate the review of this episode” and skip to the next one in which I presume Katz is dead already. If the next episode is about dissecting Katz or something as painful for you to watch “Nope the hell out” as Youtuber Markiplier says. And pull the Winston perhaps in a new way. “Chilton confiscated my review”

    Also in your downtime watch Silence of the Lambs, Hannibal, Red Dragon. The Anthony Hopkins versions might help you feel better. And think about it this way. J.K. Rowling once said that Draco Malfoy was a grubby ugly little greasy weasel, Tom Felton was an attractive young man and thus young women were thinking Draco was handsome when that wasn’t her intention.

    If your wondering how that applies here i’ll explain. After watching Hannibal the movie with my sister and cousin they both said “I wish I had a man like Hannibal.” Even in the books Hannibal gets away with Clarice and lives happily ever after. Hannibal is a right evil bastard if you read the books and he wasn’t supposed to be super charming and romanticized like Anthony Hopkins played him. So with this reboot they make him less romanticized. Which is something to appreciate. Now if they could just work his sixth finger into the show and his incestual side that’d help you with some of your work. {In the books Hannibal attempted to hypnotize Clarice. First with her father’s corpse to give her “Closure” and then to turn her into his own sister but she was too strong willed}

    I know none of that will help ease the sting of Katz being killed. And it also wont ease the sting that the fight scene in episode 1 doesn’t necessarily mean Jack realizes Hannibal is a serial killing cannibal and instead could be completely related to Hannibal and Bella.

    Anyway I did not know you also did Walking Dead reviews. I might have to read them too.

  • AGM

    For what it’s worth, I also wouldn’t mind/think it would be a good idea if you missed out recapping episode 4 altogether, and potentially episode 5 if it really is as gruesome as we’ve heard it’s going to be. I mean, you’ve already laid out your thoughts on Katz, both here and elsewhere, and that’s all I’d wanted to read as soon as I’d finished the episode, tbh.

    I usually watch each episode twice, once with my dad and once on my own because my dad likes to talk all the way through everything, and I haven’t been able to this episode, because the whole thing got taken over by what happened in the last two minutes, so I can imagine how crap it would be to try and do a scene by scene recap where you pretend to care about bees.

    I have an essay long train of thought on Beverly’s death situation , but I think the worst thing for me was I just felt really daft afterwards. Like, right up until the last second I was sure he was going to subvert expectations – surely he’s not going to kill her off, this is a terrible idea, so many of the other women have already died or left.

    And then she did get killed off, and I read that thing about how she’s going to be found, and it was just like yeah, of course this would happen. It’s ran by a white dude with no concept of what it’s like to not be able to find good representation of people like him on television. How silly of me.

    Anyway, I loved all the recaps you’ve already done, they were always witty and hilarious, and I looked forward to them every time. :) Thanks!

    • Sam H.

      Yeah, I think the weird sense of…like, betrayal maybe? was the worst part. I expected so much and got nothing, got literally the opposite of what I wanted, and then I felt stupid for trusting the show. We’re in the same boat.

      Thank you! I really loved writing these, but there’s no way I can be funny about it anymore, not right now.

  • It’s completely understandable that you’re taking a step back from a show that’s ceased to be fun for you. I’m so glad you took the time to talk about why, particularly when it concerns the show runner’s suspect choices of showcasing the deaths of women characters and killing of characters of color. That whole love for the show is totally what the site is about, so good for you for making the right choice for yourself.

    • Sam H.

      Thank you! I was gonna slink away quietly into the shadows, never to return (it had been a garbage week), but Laura suggested I explain what was happening and I figured that would be a good idea. It’s just hard to even watch, now that even the things I loved before are kinda tainted by all the things I don’t.

  • Can someone point me in the direction of where Bryan Fuller has dismissed the fan response to this? I haven’t seen it anywhere and now I am curious. Thanks.

  • Christian P.

    Um, I don’t know if anyone has noticed, but maybe the reason all the episode titles for this season are Asian affiliated(?)(I couldn’t think of a better word, I’m sorry) is meant as a sort of homage/tribute to Katz? I don’t know if that’s accurate or not, but I’d like to think it is. One thing I do know, for sure, is that I will miss Ms. Beverly Katz, in all her glorious wittiness(?) Or is it witticism? Idk. But I love her, regardless of my grammatical impediments.

  • Briana

    Ugh. I fully get where you’re coming from here. I’m disappointed because I’ve only gotten into Hannibal in the past month, and I really enjoyed going through all your recaps while I did. They definitely greatly enhanced my enjoyment of the show!

    It’s just so incredibly maddening, though. It’s like, what’s the point of developing interesting female characters if you make it obvious that they’re the ones that are going to be first on the chopping block? It makes me feel so powerless and frustrated, like the element that I appreciated so much about Hannibal (its plentitude of female characters) is going to turn into something that I dislike about it because the show’s made it obvious that female=most expendable.

    I realize I’m being overly dramatic, but like you said, it’s hard not to be bitter, and I guess I’m sad my honeymoon period with this show came to such an abrupt end.

    Thanks for the recaps, anyway; they definitely made the honeymoon that much better. :)

  • Thleen

    Aww, Sam, I totally get it. And though I’ll be sorry to not get to read your amazing commentary in the immediate future, I totally feel you. Katz being killed off left a sour taste in my mouth, and though I agree with points of the actress’ response, the whole thing still makes me wince.

    That being said, I hope all is well with you, and know that your fans still adore you and are thinking of you!

  • KD

    I’ve been trying not to do this, but please, please, very pretty PLEASE come BAAAAAAACK! Many things have happened, and I need you to make the mind-fuckery funny. And my girl cat just slobbered on me. Feel free to use that. I have researched sending you Jim Beam and sushi, and it can be done. Come BAAAAAACK!

  • Ingrid

    Any chance you might come back to Hannibal? There’s been some cray-cray stuff goin’ down in Hanni Town (and all the other review sites pale in comparison to these hilarious recaps).

    I miss them dearly :'(

  • Ivo

    Can I add my voice to this request? I miss Beverley Katz too but damn…

  • Ingrid

    *mournfully plays the theremin* :(

  • addictedtohannibalrecaps

    AGH NO WHAT WHY? Sam! I had no interest in hannibal for 3 years, then one day I watched the pilot, though “..eh” and almost left it at that but I somehow stumbled on your recaps which were, in my opinion, so much more entertaining than the show that I would read your recaps simultaneous to the episodes (so they were more like a soundtrack to your essays) and it MADE MY DAYS. So all of a sudden I’ve hit your last recap and I’m devastated. Please come back. I find Hannibal roughly 136% more boring without your narration.

  • Julia Hutchins

    Sam, I have been a longtime reader of this site and a first time poster. I have read and re-read your recaps at least four times now. I know you had to take a break after what happened to Katz and I know I’m personally still sore from that fateful episode. But I ask you…please, PLEASE come back to do the Hannibal recaps. The third season premieres this Thursday and after seeing the teaser all I could think of was ‘murder boner’ and ‘macaroni art’. Your recaps bring light to this dark show and a humor that I can’t find with other people’s opinions regarding Hannibal. Aside from Laura’s recaps, your recaps make me break out in laughter at work and at home (much to the surprise and confusion of my coworkers and boyfriend). If doing these recaps is something you’ve decided to stop altogether, then I’ll respect your wishes. I’m just hoping that a year later, maybe you’ll reconsider?