Walking Dead 4.16 – A

Let's talk about this kid and the amazing growth he's shown from Season 1.

Let’s talk about this kid and the amazing growth he’s shown from Season 1.

[Previously] GUYS. Guys. GUYS. I’m not going to say I told you so, but we all know I did.  Hahaha, like what Terminus was wasn’t telegraphed a mile away. Also, we’ve all read/seen The Road, and played Fallout (or you SHOULD HAVE.) Wow, there was a lot of channeling of The Road in this episode. Also, I think overall this ep worked. Maybe not the way the writers/final edit wanted in some places, but come on, let’s get to it. 

Rick, Maggie and Glenn come back to the prison after a run, because we’re dealing with flashbacks and HEY, THERE’S OL’ DOC RAISIN EYES, Hershel! Aww. Everyone’s happy, everything seems well in hand.

And then we cut to now, a shot of Rick’s hands, covered in blood and shaking. So…everything’s NOT well in hand. I would just like to congratulate the crew on that awesome shot and transition. *slow clap*

We’re flashing back a bit before the scene above to find the Richonne’s Family setting up a fire in their safety net of tin cans on strings, off to check their snares.  Rick wants to teach Carl all he can, and my serious question is which came first, Cormac McCarthy’s The Boy and The Man or The Walking Dead’s Rick and Carl? (Remember, I’m NOT a comic book reader, so I genuinely don’t know. Also, no spoilers, omg.)

Carl wonders what they’ll tell the folks at Terminus about them, about what they’ve done. About what they’ve had to do. Rick, a steely glint in his eye and a tick in his jaw says, “We’ll tell them ho we are.” Which I took to mean name, rank and serial number. No more, no less.

Rick shares a protip with the boy on how to make a slip knot snare:

Oil up your rope/string so it won't snag on itself, allowing your prey to slip away.

Oil up your rope/string so it won’t snag on itself, allowing your prey to slip away before you catch it.

-when they hear a man screaming for help over the din of Walkers. Rick knows they can’t help him, which upsets Carl (seriously, you’ve all read The Road, correct?) and they watch in grim horror as the man’s face falls victim to the gaping maw of the undead. They try to slip away without detection, but one Walker sees them, which leads to all the Walkers following.

Rick is still injured, so they can’t take off at a run. And anyway, they find more Walkers feasting on someone just ahead on the tracks. Time to start killing.

FLASHBACK: to the Dagobah System Prison where Hershel tells Rick to come, come, my home this is. When Luke Rick makes to grab his lightsaber pistol, he’s told “Your weapons; you will not need them.”

Rick rolls his eyes and straps it on anyway, because he’s about to be confronted with his greatest fear: weeding. [cue Darth Vader breathing]

NOW: They’re on the run, they find an abandoned car, a Flat Cat Walker, and they can hole up inside for some sleep (Carl) and planning (Rick/Michonne). Michonne, because she’s the best of all of us, wonders if Terminus is another Woodbury. (IT’S SOMETHING, OKAY, AND I DON’T LIKE IT.) Rick hears something in the woods, but disregards it for WHY I DO NOT KNOW because NOW JOE HAS THE DROP ON THEM. They’re freaking surrounded, gun to Rick’s temple and Michonne’s skull, and a fucking creeper with a knife gets Carl and THINK OF A HAPPY PLACE.

Joe’s all, “Your day of reckoning has come, boy!” and starts a count down to killing when DARYL MOTHER TRUCKING DIXON comes out of the woods and says, “Oh, hell naw. That’s my family, and they’re good folk, and maybe you could get your pound of flesh from me.”

To which Joe’s all, “I’ll take more than a pound. Time to beat you to death until you die from it!” And Michonne goes, “That’s a bit redundant,” to which Joe yells, “Okay, new plan. Daryl: you’re getting the boots, well done. That pretty kid in there with the real pretty mouth is getting the Deliverance Squeal Like A Pig treatment, followed by some more Lady Raping because goodness knows there’s not enough of that in the world. Dad here’s gonna watch, and then I’ll consider my pound of flesh paid in full.”


Rick has had it up to HERE (points to Joe’s jugular) and head butts Joe, causing his gun to discharge right by Rick’s ear. He loses it, in every sense of the word. He then BITES OUT JOE’S THROAT. (Sorry, but this all requires capslock.) He’s all, “You wanna see a monster? RAWR!” He took a page out of the Walker book and ended that mo fo. (And according to The Talking Dead, it does taste like chicken!)

Rick bit a guy! It jumped up a notch...

It jumped up a notch…

Rick bit a guy! Rick, I’ve been meaning to talk to you about that. You should find yourself a safehouse or a relative close by. Lay low for a while, because you’re probably wanted for murder.

Daryl is able to get away from a hellacious beating, Michonne shoots most everyone in the head, and then Daddy Rick has had it, okay? It’s just been enough. So how about he calls up that knife stabbing monster he has living inside of him and gets medieval on ol’ Mr. Hillbilly Rapist there by repeatedly stabbing the guy for daring to threaten his son? Just over and over and over and Carl can’t look away and he really, really wants to.



FLASHBACK: Doc Hershel is explaining that humanity is all around us, it binds us. Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter [points to Walkers].

Well, Daryl’s headed off for a run, and he needs Rick’s help. Who knows what could happen if Rick isn’t there?

Doc: [squints] Difficult to see. Always in motion, is the future. If you leave now, help them you could; but you would destroy all for which they have fought, and suffered.

Rick: [blinks, waves at the ground] It’s just some fucking radishes. I’ll be back, jeez.

Doc: [leaning on cane] A Jedi farmer must have the deepest commitment, the most serious mind. This one a long time have I watched. All his life has he looked away… to the future, to the horizon. Never his mind on where he was. Hmm? What he was doing. Hmph. Adventure. Heh. Excitement. Heh. A Jedi farmer craves not these things. You are reckless. [looks at Carl] Never mind. There is another.


NOW: Rick is against the car, hands shaking and bloody and Carl is awake inside, scared of his dad as Michonne holds him. Daryl shows up, gives Rick some water to clean up because he’s got a little [rubs at face] Joe on your cheek. Daryl is clearly feeling guilty for being with that group, but please. Like he could have known just how bad they were. (And there goes my theory that he was trying to find out about Beth.)

You could almost think this was a scene from a buddy cop movie. Almost. You know, ignoring the people in Rick's beard.

You could almost think this was a scene from a buddy cop movie. Almost. You know, if you could ignore the bits of people in Rick’s beard.

Rick tells him to can that stinkin’ thinkin’, and then gives him the Highest of Bro Fives: “You’re my brother.” Rick >>>>>>Merle, so Daryl’s all red-eared and bashful. N’awwww, those two!

Rick’s got something primal in him, but it’s centered around keeping his loved ones alive, it’s not meanness like it was with Merle. Michonne gets it. She makes a point of telling Carl later that they all have monsters inside them, even her. And he’s not scared of her, is he? Because her dad and Andrea brought her back. That’s why it’s important to stay together, to keep each other safe in every sense of the word. (Michonne is the better Yoda.)

Carl says that his dad wouldn’t like him, wouldn’t think he’s any good if he only knew the thoughts he had. (Son, you’re in a ZA. Everyone’s having Really Dark Thoughts. Just don’t act on them. And the fact that you’re WORRIED means you’re not lost.)

They all push on, getting off the road for Terminus to do RECON, because they’re smart. (But it won’t matter. I called the hidden snipers/spotters.) Rick buries a bag of guns – including his Colt Python – in a shallow ditch outside the fence. They scale it, drop down, and the camera angle changes, letting us know they’re being watched. Shit.

They sneak into the building where an old woman is broadcasting, “Terminus. Those who arrive, survive,” and several hipsters are making signs for that band you’ve probably never heard of, pfft.  They’re all clean faced and healthy and smiling and WHOOOP WHOOOP KLAXON OF WARNING BECAUSE IT’S THE APOCALYPSE and these people are making signs for their Hide-N-Seek League and their Harpiscord Jam Band-Off, and they’re so hip and with it that they’ve moved BEYOND Vegan, HINT.

I mean, hey, let’s just check you for hidden weapons, thaaaaaanks. And they give the group BACK their weapons, making nice faces about how cool it is to have more people involved in crafting hour, and are they down with artisinal knitting? Because that’s a thing that maybe Rick’s folks could be into, no pressure, just follow us to meet Mary where she can fix you a plate, because you guys look like you might have The Hunger.

And Rick checks out their gear, and it’s not that he has any issues with slogan tees and scarves in summer, it’s that it’s a familiar scarf. And…Glenn’s riot gear. Daryl’s fucking poncho? Hmm, maybe that’s a common thing, they ARE hipsters, after all. WAIT JESUS JUMPED UP JOSEPH THAT IS HERSHEL’S POCKET WATCH. NOPE. Rick pulls his gun on one of the leaders (there goes the only guy who knew how to brew PBR).

FLASHBACK: Back at prison, we see Patrick playing with Legos, Legos Rick got for Carl, who is cleaning and maintaining his sidearm like a gee dee MAYUN.

Patrick "Sniffles" VonIBD. Natural Selection should take care of this.

Patrick “Sniffles” VonIBD. Natural Selection’ll take care of this.

Patrick: [sniffs, rubs eyes] “Sometimes the bricks pinch my fingers and it gives me such an ache.”

Rick gets Carl to come out and weed the damn radishes with him, giving him the Yoda “your weapons… you will not need them” talk.


The Hipsters are all, “Yeah, we’re so Vegan that we’re anti-vegan? You’ve probably never heard of that before. Look drop your weapons, you’re surrounded.”

Rick wants to know where the others are, and Gareth (Of course the Lead Hipster’s name is Gareth, of course.) gives a signal and gunfire breaks out.

The group takes off running, but the snipers on the roof shoot at their feet, driving them to where they want, wearing our group down. They run past a tarp that is important to note.

THAT IS JUST BEGGING FOR E.COLI. I mean, would a little cleanliness hurt you?

THAT IS JUST BEGGING FOR E.COLI. I mean, would a little cleanliness hurt you?

They run past a train car (with the letter A on it) and hear people begging for help. Sorry, too busy running for our lives right now! Then, they duck into a building and come across some Buffalo Bill-level creepy shit.

The question I would be asking: WHAT GETS YOUR NAME ON THE FLOOR?  D:

The question I would be asking: WHAT GETS YOUR NAME ON THE FLOOR? D:

Written on the walls: NEVER TRUST. WE FIRST, ALWAYS. Okay! Wish I could stay… They bolt out of there and are immediately overwhelmed by camo’d troops in the bushes, some snipers on the roof, and they’re fucked.

Gareth directs them to drop their weapons, line up in order of Ring Leader (Rick), Archer (Daryl), Samurai (Michonne) and finally, the Kid, making sure everyone knows who’s boss: Gareth. They’re forced into the train car and realize they’re not alone.


twd Look whos in the train!

FLASHBACK: Hershel smiling benevolently at his fucking radishes. “It can be like this all the time.” Can it? Can it, Herhsel?? Because Hershel has been wrong A LOT. We’ll talk about that in a second.

NOW: Rick’s grit floats to the top. He had something ancient and necessary rise up in him out on the road, and it’s not backing down now, not after all he’s lost, not after all he’s found (his family! He found Daryl! And Maggie! And Glenn!). He gives them a call to arms: “They’re fucking with the wrong people.” (That’s what he meant to say.)

So let’s talk about Yoda-Hershel. I know the show (and the actors!) loves Hershel. He’s the moral compass, the tether to their humanity. Guess what? It’s a different world now, and he was wrong about people being rehabilitated once bitten. He was wrong about the barn. He was wrong about good people in the world. He was wrong about taking Rick away from his hyper-vigilance. He was wrong about the prison being forever. (I love Hershel. I get what he is. I’m just saying that they’re in a VERY UNIQUE WORLD, NOW.)

And it’s high time the Ricktatorship came back. That’s what keeps you alive. We need him on that wall, we WANT him on that wall, and we’re about to see these fucking Cannibal Hipsters get what’s coming to them.

Well, in October. I hope.  So while that last two minutes felt a little flat for me, it still got me really excited. It didn’t feel so dire, and I’ve come to expect a dire ending. And…I like it.

Also, I’m feeling pretty vindicated about saying the paintings in the house that Michonne found were foreshadowing. MY THEORY: someone got away from Terminus, and they painted those pictures because they couldn’t speak about the horrors they saw. IDK, I like it.

What are your thoughts? Remember to not be a hater and DO NOT SPOIL US FOR WHAT’S TO COME, omg.  And if you’re a fan of Game of Thrones, I’ll be back recapping that show next week. Otherwise, it’s been a pleasure talking shop with you for this season, and I’ll see you in October! <3

[Click here for Season Five’s Premiere: NO SANCTUARY]

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  • Johnny Samurai-Archer-Ringleader

    I read this not having seen this episode. The cable is off. Fuck!
    Anyway, I knew you’d do it justice and write it like I’d see it.
    I’m going to watch your GoT recaps, to stay in that, too.
    This show gives us what we want. They play us like harps and we get comfy, like Cinderella’s Birkenstocks…then BAM!
    I love this show and the words you write on it.

    • JOHNNY, YOU CAN COME WATCH WITH US! OMG, lol at Cinderella’s Birkenstocks… She has surprisingly hairy toes. Eww. I MISS YOU, J!

  • Tiffany

    The emotions..
    I roared like a crazed animal when Rick went all “I’m-gonna-do-what-I-gotta-do-even-if-its-with-ma-teeth”…and I teared up like 5 mins later when Rick says “Your my brother..” I was seriously expected a fckin A or something from Daryl (seeing as I’m from MA sometimes thats the only phrase that fits the situation..and thats happens A LOT)!
    Did the guards outside of Terminus see Rick bury his weapons outside the fence?
    I don’t think that Terminus group is ready for the business..cuz thats what they are about to get – the business end of the Prison group.
    Than poor Carl who is like…I got evil inside me…and the fact that he’s worried means he’s got his humanity BUT he’s gonna be BAD AZZZZZ next season..OMG OMG.
    Where is Carol, Tyrese and Judith?
    And why did Abraham sound like he wasn’t going to try and fight his way out? Cuz my first thought was “Well this chicken will take a couple of pecks before I go down..”
    And seeing how I use to watch the Shield and they reguarly swore on that TV show, they should have let Rick say “they are fckin with the wrong group”…
    Can it just be official? Can Rick and Michonne and Carl just be a family already?
    Are the other people trapped in the cattle cars, just random people or other people from the Prison?? And did the guy with glasses, who’s eye got chomped escape from Terminus..he was just randomly by himself but looked moderately clean, yaknow!
    Also do you think the reason that family killed itself (the one Michonne found with the creeepy picture, in the creepy house, with the creepy backroom) was because they discovered Terminus? Wonder if that picture was of the Mary BBQ queen and not Lizzie the creepy girl?

    THANK YOU THANK YOU for coming back and continuing to write about the TWD..And I will be here with bells on for the Game of Thrones..Winter is Coming and since I’m in MA, it never really left..literally, winter is sprinkling vile white filth on the ground as I type…(shaking my fist at the sky) DAMM YOU OLD MAN…

    • I lol’d at your expectations of a “Fucking A,” after the “You’re my brother” line. AHAHA! Daryl is going to need a bit to take that in, because that’s never been anything good up until Rick came into his life! <3

      I'll have to watch again, but I thought the people in the car were Glenn's group? If not, MAYBE IT'S BETH AND OTHER LADIES. O_O

      That painting was TOTALLY Mary at the BBQ (I put that to y'all last week, wondering if you thought that, as well!). Maybe someone escaped Terminus, that family took them in, the person told them what was down the road, and they all went, "Yep. Humanity's over. Let's get out on our own terms." Because I COULD BELIEVE THAT.

      (I really hope the spotters didn't see Rick bury that bag. BUT. IF THEY DID. They'll bring it inside, giving Rick a chance to get his Colt Python back and fill Gareth up with lead!!)

      Thank YOU for sticking with me through the Apocalypse!! And I'll see you next week for Winter. (OMG, it needs to go the hell away.) <3

  • Karen

    I enjoyed the finale, but hated that Carol and Tyreese didn’t meet up with anybody. And I have an awful feeling that maybe they got there first, and it was Tibia of Ty and Carol Shortribs, with a side of baby fricasee, that was being served to our group. Which would suck donkey balls.

    At least we know Beth is safe from the cannibals, as they’re not to type to go out seeking their food – they entice their prey into the snare and trap them. Beth is probably snuggled up to some he-man hero who saved her from the redneck, singing her little heart out to him.

    Why, oh why, didn’t Rick leave one of their own out there just in case it was bad news? I know the camo group outside probably would have got them anyways, but at least there would be the hope of someone coming to the rescue.

    All I know for sure, is if Carol dies, I quit watching the show.

    • Well, I’m not surprised that you’re unhappy about a lack of Carol this ep, ha! But there was SO much in it and so little to be cut from a narrative stand point! We got more Carol this back half than Rick, and one of them’s the star of the show…

      I wonder if Carol/Ty/Baby Appetizer are in another of those trucks? Or the timeline is off – they spent a good amount of time at the pecan farm. I didn’t see any of their things being worn by America Apparel, so I think they’re safe.

      • Karen

        Oh, I know there wasn’t much that could have been cut in order to show Carol and Ty. They should have done a 2 hour finale. But I do have to dispute you as to screen time on the back half. Carol was shown for 15 minutes in one episode, and she and Ty had another episode to themselves.

        Rick, Carl and Michonne got all of After to themselves. Then he was shown in the episode we met the Claimers. Then he was in the last 2 episodes. So I imagine if you added it up, their screen time would be similar, if not Rick actually on screen more.

        I’m hoping that Carol and Ty don’t get anywhere near Terminus, as they’d be sitting ducks with a baby to protect.

        I’m hoping you get more commentors now, with TWoP shutting down. I’ve told the peeps in TWD forum that you had great recaps, so I’m hoping they might wander over this way for Season 5.

        • Well, dispute all you want! I mean, I have no horse in this race. Rick’s the star, Carol’s supporting, and the PTB are going to push for Rick over Carol, I’m sure. (I mean, I like Carol, too! I’m just looking at the show from a production stand point.) It’s just not important to me to focus on that sort of thing when there was so much going on in this episode to discuss. No grumping at my end, only excitement for what I have!

          I’m not hugely invested in picking up people from TWoP since we’re sort of the anti-hate watching vibe here. I really don’t want negativity over here – there’s enough in life, I don’t want it bleeding into my escape! <3

          Cool thinking people who are excited about TV, that's who I want! (And THANK YOU very much for pimping out the site. You don't have to do that, so it's really thoughtful of you to make a point of doing so. <3 <3 <3)

          • Karen

            Oh, don’t worry – there’s a lot of folk over at that site who are HUGE fans of the show, and very excited about it. Those are the ones I’m hoping find their way here, not the nitpickers.

            And I apologize for my constant worrying about Carol. It’s just that I really like MMB’s acting style and am a massive fan for older females on tv shows, as I get tired of all the nubile young bodies that are constantly on screen. I know they’ll kill Carol off sooner or later, and I’m just trying to send massive thought-waves to TPTB to make it later, as MMB is at that age where she’ll have a hard time finding a new job. It just worries me, though I know I have no control over any of it.

            I’m really excited for Game of Thrones to start the new season as well. I try not to get attached to the characters on that show though – they all die faster than even TWD characters. Heh.

            • Oh, I know how much you love MMB, and for good reason! SHE IS AMAZING. Goodness, what a gem for the show to find. (And as an older woman myself, I am VERY HAPPY to see someone who looks like me on TV once again!)

              I don’t think they’re going to kill her off – she adds a lot to the story, an element they need. CHEER UP!!! :D I’m a glass half full sort of gal. (Also, story wise, she’s important, so she’s not going anywhere.)

  • Katy

    When we had the flashback at the beginning and Maggie said “Daddy”, I was like “NO” (insert picture of Grumpy Cat here), then they showed us Hershel and I was calling the writers all kinds of names. This went on in my head for pretty much the rest of the episode.

    While I am glad most of the prison gang is reunited, I am left wondering about the rest. I know they want to keep things for the next season, but it’s slightly frustrating. I’m kind of glad that Game is coming next week, then True Blood. So there will be plenty of distraction through at least September.

    Thought from Hubby regarding the possibility of cannibalism in Terminus. We all know you can get Mad Cow from eating diseased cattle. If everyone in the ZA is already infected, does that mean you could become a zombie just by eating human flesh? Or become one faster?

    • Oooh, I love the way your husband thinks!! I was wondering something similar, but in regards to Rick eating Joe, but it follows with what your husband was saying. Oooh. I bet not, because there’s a lot of story left (if you’re going by the giant stack of comics in my son’s room, which I am) and Rick is The Star. He doesn’t have the stink of Sean Bean on him, at least, I don’t think. :D

      And the time for turn-around into Walkers has been getting faster and faster, so maybe it WILL affect you if you just eat people? Maybe it has to be thoroughly cooked, hence the whole BBQ smoke pit.

      I’m thinking the Carol-Ty group is still behind things (maybe they’ll find the gun bag?) because they spent a good amount of time at the pecan farm. TIME WILL TELL. But they’ll all get back together, I think. I mean, the show is dark, but they’re not STUPID, you know? Hmm.

      • Katy

        I think you are right about Carol and Tyresse. There is a theory floating out there that the smoke they saw came from Terminus, but I’m not sure I buy it.

        You could be right about the BBQ. Maybe we’ll find out next season. It’s going to be long wait until then. Thank god for other shows.

        • I don’t buy the smoke coming from Terminus, either. That was the cabin Beth and Daryl lit up. WAIT. But. Hmm. Daryl’s been with these bad guys for several days, it didn’t take long for Daryl/Rick’s group to get to Terminus so… Maybe? I’m still thinking Carol/Ty saw the fire from the cabin Beth and Daryl lit up. A time line would be REALLY HELPFUL. ;D

  • Sue

    I was surprised by the shock some people showed (online, Talking Dead) at the neck gnawin’. You KNOW that I am a weenie of the highest order, I am a pacifist/”Dead Meat” archetype and I don’t own guns, knives, ropes or any other Clue item.

    HOWEVER. If you are about to kill my two best friends (one of whom may be a future love interest) who are, to my knowledge, the only people I have left in this world and RAPE MY SON TO DEATH right in front of me, I will have my teeth and nails so deep in your throat that Msr. Thenardier will be pillaging my silver fillings out of your vocal chords days later.

    Maybe it’s a parent thing, maybe it’s a chick thing, but I while I can’t aim a rifle worth squat, I do have a WICKED oral fiction and I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers/sons/samurais.

    That said, this episode was engaging from the get-go, although I got spoiled for the “that’s a very tender subject” Terminus plotline.


      And yeah, you try and rape my child in front of me and I go all Kill Bill/Ironsides on that mufuh, TRUST. THIS.

      I think it’s both, a Mama Bear and Parent thing. I will take a bullet for my child, and I would be all “SAY RAPE AGAIN I DARE YOU” look at the bullet holes behind me, and then unload. (You are my favorite, Sue.)

      • Sue

        SUE, NO CANDLESTICKS?! <<~~~ why you're my favorite! Peas in a pod, Laura. Peas in a pod.

        • Lahk PEAS AYUND CARRUTS. /Forrest Gump voice

  • Brunettepet

    That confrontation with the Claimers had my heart in my throat and when that pig grabbed Carl and started in on him I could feel Rick focusing his anger outward. That explosion of violence was a horrible wonder to see. Wow. Couldn’t have happened to a more awful group of murderous cockroaches.

    I had a feeling Terminus was a trap but didn’t expect it to get sprung so quickly and effectively.

    Hershel was right in not wanting these people to lose their humanity, but vigilance and wariness are as human as love and trust and in the Zombie Apocalypse they’ll actually serve you better. These bad asses haven’t lost their humanity, they’ve learned to survive and no anti-vegan hipsters are going to take them down. I can’t wait to see these hipster heads roll!

    October is a long way away. Oh, well, at least baseball’s finally back :D

    • Yeah, I wanted to shout: YOU DON’T CALL DIBS ON KIDS, JACKASS. I had no problem with Rick over-stabbing. “A horrible wonder to see.” Oh, that is the most perfect response.

      I had no idea how Terminus would reveal itself to be what it was, but it really WAS efficient. They’ve been doing this, “Oh, since the beginning,” and they’ve got it down after a few years, huh? WOW. Creepy creepy creepy.

      I get what Hershel’s meant to represent, and I can agree with it – but we need soldiers, and we’re always GOING to need soldiers, because people like Joe’s Group/The Gov/Terminus exist, and they’re always going to.

      Jeez, I thought we’d come to a pretty dark place with The Gov, but I think we’ve not scratched the surface. Eeesh. These smiling Cannibals/Termites are about to show me the meaning of nasty, methinks.

  • MP

    I know there’s something wrong with me, okay. You don’t need to tell me. I don’t care I don’t care I don’t care I literally said “Rick, you have never been sexier” out loud when he bit out that asshole’s throat.

    • MP

      (And then I squealed my second “EEE, BOYS!” squeal of the night at ‘you’re my brother’ – the first squeal having come during Once Upon A Time. This Sunday was a good night for BroTP love.)


  • Liz

    OK BUT FOR SERIOUS what I really want to know is why Terminus turned away Rapin’ Joe and his Gang-O-Rapists? I mean it was obvious to me from the second we saw them that they were the worst possible human beings left alive, because what other reason would they have for traveling with only other dudes unless they were a gang o rapists, but why would the hipster cannibals care? Them’s good eatin.

    • Oooh, I don’t think they’re good eating! All gristle and chewy with tobbaco and RAPE flavor, nope! They want those tender chillens, the plump Eugene – he’s practically veal. (You know his muscles have never been used!)

      I still think the Claimers are slavers – maybe they make trades with the Termites/Terminus Hipsters for safe passage, hank of Hank, that sort of thing?

      • Karen

        Tyreese has a lot of good chew on him as well, though you might have to stew him for a while ’til he’s nice and tender. Just sayin’….

        The rest of our prison gang don’t have a lot of meat on them, sad to say. Abe’s group is the best bet for eating. And if they get their hands on Judith, I bet that’s the bit that Gareth lays claim to. And I just creeped myself out.

        Wonder what wine goes best with Rick Rump Roast?

        • Hahaha, is there a red wine varietal named Grizzled? Or a nice Chianti *ff*ff*ff*ff /Hannibal sniffing

          • Karen

            But they’d have to serve it with fava beans, dontcha know.

            Let’s see… Rick Rump Roast. Carl Chops. Maggie Meatloaf. Tara T-bone. Mmmmmmmmmm….

      • Liz

        idk man some of those creepers had some chub on them i tell you what

        OMG AND ALSO that bone pile was so ridiculous, who on earth would go to the incredibly tedious and time consuming trouble of stripping the intercostal muscle meat from a ribcage instead of just GRILLIN UP A TASTY RACK OF RIBS

        • THAT IS A GOOD POINT. The Pedophile looked like he’d be marbled with fat. HEY LET ME JUST PUT HIM ON A SPIT FOR FUN.

          OMG, my husband and I were both horribly offended by the ribs left to rot in the sun. THOSE ARE THE BEST PART!!!

        • Allie “The Wife Norman Reedus Doesn’t Know He Has”

          Just wanted to tell you I spit out my morning coffee when I read your line: idk man some of those creepers had some chub on them i tell you what…

  • Josie Morin

    Rick rolls his eyes and straps it on anyway, because he’s about to be confronted with his greatest fear: weeding. [cue Darth Vader breathing]


    The whole fam-jam was watching this together and we all freaked the eft out when Rick tore Joe’s throat out. I actually paused it right afterwards because we were all screaming with self-righteous delight: “YES! That’s what you guys get, all you bunch of killers and kid rapists and woman rapists!” Then I yelled, “Ladies, if there’s ever a home invasion you know we’re all going ‘Full On Rick’ on their asses!” and we all agreed. Yes. Full On Rick. That’s what you have to do.

    And when they were all being herded around by the gunfire as they ran I was distraught, “They’re being led into a noose trap! Noooo guys noooo!” :'(

    God, when Rick said these guys are offing with the wrong people I about crapped my pants with joy. YES GODDAMMIT YES.

    And then all I could think about was your recap and what you’d point out. Love it! xxx ooo

    • Full On Rick should be in EVERYONE’S Safety Plan!! This is why you’re a good mother. :D (Not the nurturing and food/laundry shit, THE THROAT EATING.)

      I am SO EXCITED for this upcoming season!! It’ll be nice to be riled up to see people get their asses handed to them because they deserve it, instead of watching people get beaten down/killed for simply existing. It’s time the bad guys ate shit for once.


  • Kiki

    Oh man, my friend and I stayed up to watch the finale (despite the fact I have an 8.30 class Mondays and staying up so late is such a bad idea but whatever) and made brain cupcakes and stuff. BUT ANYWAY when Rick bit that guy’s throat out we literally screamed ‘HOLY FUCK’, and I started laughing because I’m so impressed and happy to see Papa Wolf Rick back in the game. Not that I’m complaining, I missed the ruthless, protective Rick.

    Also Rick saying Daryl was his brother? MY HEART.

    AND YEAH FUCK TERMINUS HOLY SHIT. We both called they would be cannibals or SOMETHING but otherwise we didn’t know what to expect. I’ve read the comics, but the show has diverged so much in a lot of ways, that I had no idea what to think – and I don’t know what to expect for the new season at all! I have like a really vague idea, but it could really go anywhere at all ahhhhhh.

    But the ending got me so pumped for the new season, I’m excited to watch Rick and everyone raise some hell. Also, I feeeeel like Carol and Tyreese are gonna show up at Terminus and know it’s fucked up and help everyone captured? One can hope.

    Or maybe Beth’s kidnappers are actually pretty cool + hate Terminus and she rolls in with a bunch of awesome apocalypse people, ready to kick some ass. I’m sticking to this.

  • Allie “The Wife Norman Reedus Doesn’t Know He Has”

    Okay, I’m gonna say it. I’m a tad bit disappointed that when Daryl burst through the darkness as the Sons of Anarchy rejects started to get going, all we got was a couple of raised eyebrows and startled eye blinks from Rick, Michonne and Carl. I know, I know, there was a lot of stuff going on like gun nuzzles to the forehead and potential pedophile tendencies in the air, but still. A half-assed whisper of “Thank God” from someone, anyone, would’ve been nice.

    I relaxed a bit when the “You’re my brother” moment happened. I let myself drift away for a moment when I imagined Michonne walking down the aisle, Judith waving fake flowers around (not real ones, because DON’T LOOK AT THE FLOWERS), and Carl right behind with a blood-stained pillow and a set of wedding rings tied to a silk ribbon in his hands, while Rick borrowed back his sheriff’s hat and waits happily with Best Man Daryl right by his side. Oh hell, let me have that for a minute, okay?

    And then when from the depths of a storage container, we see Glen AND Maggie emerge (because really, Tara and Bob are just hangers on and who cares if those two live or die), and not even a smile from anyone? I know folks, you just ran past a room that looked so romantic except for the creepy candle factor, a tarp full of human BBQ leftovays, and stacked storage containers populated by screamers, but whatevs, you couldn’t hustle up anything beyond a wistful….”Rick?”

    Nonetheless. It is all coming together, people. Just wait, my little pretties. When October rolls around, we’re just gonna have a motherlode of crazy conspiracy theories ready and waiting.

    So… people’s thoughts on why Terminus was so wonderfully zombie-free? Did they have a special spray or something that kept zombies away for 17 feet?

  • Danielle

    I am so happy to have badass Rick back. Actually, he seems much more dangerous to enemies now than he ever did before. I know everyone is Daryl crazy, and I am too, but Rick?…claimed!

    How much did I love the recon? I knew I could count on Rick. Although I was disappointed that they did not sneak around a bit more before presenting themselves to the hipsters.

    I am hoping that Tyrese and Carol hear all the gunshots before they get in the sights if the termites and can enact a rescue plan.

    My hubby was unhappy with the cliffhanger, but I actually liked the ending because it got me really excited for what is to come next season.
    I love this show, and love your recaps! I hate to wish October here when that means winter will be coming, but I can’t help it!

  • Laura

    Guys, I cannot tell you how happy it makes me to read these recaps AND the comments, because I can see that you’re as much into this show as I am, you love it and actually understand the choices that the writers are making in terms of pace and character development.
    I’ve just spent the last few days arguing with everyone I know that watches the show, that TWD is *not* boring and is *not* too slow (ok, sometimes it kinda is, but whatever! Its high points are too high and awesome!). Needless to say, my friends are (mostly) 20-something hipsters. They are so frustrating. All I’m saying is, if all you want is a few hours of constant action and blood, go rent Resident Evil.

    • Laura, welcome home.

      One of my main grumps with fandom is that they don’t often contemplate the story-telling process. You simply can’t sustain a story that’s at 60MPH the whole time – you need those quiet moments, those bits of introspection, those times where the character sits and finally draws a breath and takes in the scope of their lives to make the 60MPH moment resonate.

      AND YES I AGREE – if you don’t like that, then play RE.