Game of Thrones – A Thank You To Our Readers


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  • Christian

    Hey Laura :)

    Thanks for doing what you do, it’s always great coming back and finding another recap around here. And it’s true, people around this site are much more civil than elsewhere on the internet, which makes reading your entries and the following comments/discussions all the more fun. So, don’t let me keep you – I’ll be refreshing the site every few minutes to catch tonight’s recap once it’s up. Later!


    P.S.: Actually stone is the bastard name for bastards from the Vale, which would make it highly confusing if an actual ‘House Stone’ rose to prominence in Westeros.

    • Hahaha, the LAST thing I’d want to be is a part of the Vale when Lyssa’s there, so House Stone will be reserved for the very tiny world of this site. :D

      Recap’s up, I’m so thankful to you guys for keeping this place jumping with great discussion, and big, big hug to you, Christian! <3

  • Lyanna Mormont

    You have no idea how good it is to have this corner of the ‘net where people are respectful and can disagree without calling each other names. (Or maybe you do.) So thank you for that.

    • I do know that!! Oh my gosh, it’s what I’ve wanted since getting the idea for this place four years ago – somewhere we could all just happily talk about things we love without worrying about neckbeards, misogynists or Debbie Downers ruining the fun.

      I am so, so grateful to those of you who embrace that!! <3

  • Marilyn

    *hugs* to you and *hugs* to all the cool people here! it’s rare to find an intelligent and also safe place to geek out :)

    • There are SO MANY cool people who hang out here, it’s ridiculous! Such great conversation, such smart and funny people. It’s an embarrassment of riches from my POV.

      (And seriously, I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to know that you guys feel safe to geek out here. It’s just what I wanted for us all!!)

  • Colleen

    Laura! I loved this video! I also did NOT watch it in the bathroom at work like last week, because that would be weird and creepy. Thanks for sharing, it’s nice to put a face and voice to your recaps!

    • Hooray!! And well, I love my readers, so double hooray! <3

      Haha, I keep threatening to read all of the Odes and The Tales Of so that the voices come across properly to y'all. :D

  • Lee No

    Hey Laura :) Thank you too, I really appreciate the atmosphere here too (how did that happen? Is a hate-free place in the internet even real?). And as a book reader, I mean I can discuss the books with my friends who have read them, I appreciate that people can just discuss the show here. It makes the discussion more enjoyable imo, the spoiler thing (which is just horrible, some people do it intentionally and are the worst) aside. Show discussion among book readers too often devolves into “this is in the books and this isn’t” which isn’t much of a discussion. TV is its own medium where you can do awesome things you can’t do in a book, and vice versa, so they should both get the focused attention they deserve as pieces of art. Cheers and thanks to you for creating this place :)

    • “Is a hate-free place in the internet real?” IT IS! You’re soaking in it! :D

      And I’m pretty much slapping a gold star of YEP! to your entire comment about discussion/readers/newbs. Yes yes yes. Thank you for contributing to the awesome atmosphere here!