Walking Dead 5.3 – Four Walls And A Roof

Why is this grizzled man so damn sexy to me? IS IT BECAUSE I HAVE EYES? Probably.

Why is this grizzled man so damn sexy to me? IS IT BECAUSE I HAVE EYES? Probably.

Previously! Oooh, there was some awesome resolution in this episode, and a cliffhanger that has me itchy with need. Also, I hope you know how unhappy with myself I am for not managing a Bob’s Burger joke last week. (And that show is gold, Bob’s Burger. Pure D-Gold.)

Let’s get straight to a beautiful bit of symbolism.

We have an opening shot of Walkers, gummy eyed and hungry, gasping and biting at a window as Gareth and his group gnaw off some more of that Medic Bob slow-smoked meat. Finger-licking good! Gareth’s face reflects in the glass as he puts his hand up to match one of theirs, and this reflection puts him square in the middle of the Walkers.

“The glass is going to break. Sooner or later.”

He’s going to be them, in other words. There’s just that thin membrane—see-through and fragile—that separates the two groups. [kisses fingers]

Gareth falls victim to Evil Super-villain Shortcoming #2: he has to tell Bob everything. The marks on the trees? Directional so they can get back to Terminus, and even he realizes how how silly that is. Get back to what? And hey, they started off by giving people a choice, the old “you have to put your oxygen mask on before you can help your kid” mantra, except instead of oxygen masks it was eating your kid like starving bears do, but you feel him. You get it. You can always make another cub. A tender, veal-like cub. With a molasses and pomegranate glaze, mmm.

TWD gif for Gareth's sob story

Gareth then goes off on how delicious women are, that subcutaneous layer of fat, right? See, ladies? Cellulite is natural and flavor-enhancing! We now know that he knows Carol and Daryl drove off, so there goes that smorgasbord, but hey, there’s still Sasha! Now, now, don’t get pissed, Bob, because at least Gareth is talking to you, okay? How many chefs talk to their porterhouse steaks, hmm? Oh, Bob wasn’t crying, Gareth. He was building up laughter. And how freaking vindicated do we feel, guys? Because he yells out, “You idiots.” He pulls his sleeve off his shoulder. “I’ve been bitten, you stupid pricks!” OH SNAP!

Bob's meat brings all the ebola to the yard.

Bob’s meat brings all the ebola to the yard.

They start making themselves puke. Gareth says we cooked him, so it’s okay. Is it?? We’ll see. Side note: horror movie writers/directors? We all read Stephen King. We all know the whole “crying turns to hysterical laughter” trope, and I hate it. Why? Because no one does that. At least not as often as the genre would have us believe. Is this just me? Like, that always bugs me. It’s such a movie thing. Anyhoodle…

Sasha is looking for Bob, sees the horizontal mark on the tree. She has a night scope, sees someone slink off—one of Gareth’s group—and gets caught by two Walkers, but takes them out as Rick and Ty check on her. Now they all know Daryl and Carol are gone.

Back at the church, they question Gabriel. They’re being watched, people are missing… He’s to blame. He has to be, right? Has to be in cahoots somehow! He says he’s innocent, she pulls a knife.

Sasha: Who’s out there? WHERE ARE OUR PEOPLE?
Gabriel: [breaks into cold sweat, trembles]
Rick: You think I’m stupid? What, I look like a clown to you?
Gabriel: I mean, a little? That beard is getting ridiculous–
Gabriel: Jesus! Oops, sorry. [crosses self] So I kept all the food to myself and locked my congregation out? I could hear everyone dying, that was pretty awful, then I started reciting all the scriptures about the dead arising, but when it was all clear, I’d bury the dead bodies? So… that’s my story?
Me: Bull shit. There’s more! Also, he buried the bodies?? [You moved the headstones but you left the bodies!] Does this mean we’re going to have a rainstorm loosening up the dirt and dead bodies are going to arise from the ground all around the church? Like when the Governor went to attack the prison?! Because I’m telling you right now, this is going to happen. Every scripture in the background alludes to this. YOU WATCH. Oh my gosh, I am so excited, I want this to be true.

Gabriel knows he’s damned for this, and the Lord has sent Rick for his Day of Reckoning. I just… how can you still be religious in the face of this apocalypse? I just don’t get it, and guys, I grew up Fundamentalist, okay? (I mean, clearly I got better. But still.)

Outside, someone is lying out in the grass: BOB. Some Walkers creep up on him, are quickly dispatched, then Bob is brought inside. Did you guys see the A in blood on the wall of the church? TRAIN CAR A?? Why? No, really. Why the A?

Bob catches them up, says Gareth’s group—about six total—are at a sort of school eating his leg. (That is not on the approved school menu, Gareth.)

PROTIP: Protein consumption: how much is enough? The average sedentary person should consume about 50g of protein a day, slightly less for smaller-framed women. Note the “sedentary.” The more active you are, the more you need. But! Protein heavy diets (anything 35% of your daily caloric intake) will boost your metabolism and cause weight loss, reducing your daily caloric intake. This is a double-edged sword. You eat more Bob, you lose more weight. You get hungry, so you eat more Bob. More Bob can lead to kidney issues (thanks for the Kidney stone and renal failure, BOB.) which leads to more needs for fresh water, which puts you in open areas of collection, which puts you in danger of attack. Which means you’re going to fight, which means burning off that Bob you ate, hitting your fat stores (and if you’re a lady, makes you DELICIOUS) leaving you a wizened piece of jerky needing more Bob to keep going. Never ending cycle of finding, killing, cooking, and eating Bobs. [rainbow hand: the more you know!]

Sasha gets a look at Bob’s bite. Well, there goes Bob. Ty carries him into Gabriel’s office to slowly die. Yeesh.

Rick gets the intel on how close the school is, but Abraham just wants to head off to DC while the getting’s good.

Abraham: I’ll fight you on this!

Glenn gets in between them, telling Abraham it’s dumb to leave in the middle of the night. A big group is smarter, safer. Tara wants one day more, but will go with Abraham no matter what.

Eugene: Well, they [points to Tara and Rick] have a—
Abraham: [growls]
Eugene: Okay.
Glenn: Uh, you’re both idiots. We’ll figure this out in the morning.

Bob, under the Last Supper carving—oooh, sick burn on Bob!—with Sasha tries to play his “silver linings” game for the last time. She’s not interested anymore.

Bob: You could humor me a little bit.


Sasha asks why he didn’t tell her, and he says, “I knew it would be all about the end. And I really liked the middle.” I really like this, and he’s right. Now everyone is fixated on him dying. Um, but that’s because he’s going to turn into a flesh eater, so… They both have valid points.

Rick has a risky plan (we don’t know what it is yet) but everyone is in on it. Sasha puts on her game face, tells Ty to put Bob down quickly if it happens while she’s gone. Girl knows what’s at stake, and I like it.

Our group marches out in the night—Maggie, Glenn, Michonne, Sasha, Rick—ready for bloodshed. Gabriel watches, slinks into the shadows, locks the door, because he always locks the door at night. Carl has a side arm, sitting with those remaining: Ty, Rosita, Judith, Eugene. Um.

The walkers claw at the glass at the school, just a thin barrier, remember. (Side note: what’s inside the courtyard keeping their attention? You’ll see why I’m asking in a minute.)

An arrow points at St. Sarah’s Church where our group has melted into the darkness, headed off to the school. Six people creep out of the woods on the other side of the street, loaded for bear. (ha.) It’s Gareth and his men. They have all of their gear on, quietly get to the church, break in. Carl’s ready, though. Gabriel prays, which is LITERALLY the least he can do in this situation. Literally.

Gareth calls out calmly. “We’re armed. So there’s really no point in hiding any more. We’ve been watching you. We know who’s here. There’s Bob… Eugene, Rosita, Tyrese, Carl, Judith.” They know Rick left with guns. WHAT. ABOUT. ABRAHAM YOU BIG DUMMIES.

Eugene sees a placard with “Stupidity is also a gift of God, but one mustn’t misuse it.” Hahaha.

Gareth leads them deeper into the church, to the door where they’re all hiding. And they’ve reconfigured the scripture board—there were two last week, one on either side of the archway. Now all the scriptures are on one of them, and we have a better layout of the one I couldn’t figure out (I fixed it in last week’s recap):

ROM 6:4 “Therefore we are buried with him by baptism into death: that like as Christ was raised up from the dead […] even so we also should walk in newness of life.”

EZE 37:7 “So I prophesied […] there was a noise, and behold a shaking, and the bones came together, bone to his bone.” I AM TELLING YOU, I AM RIGHT ABOUT THE BODIES OUTSIDE.

MA 27:52 “And the graves were opened and many bodies of the saints which slept arose” SEE?

RE 9:6 “And in those days shall men seek death, and shall not find it; and shall desire to die, and death shall flee from them.”

LU 24:5 “Why seek ye the living among the dead?” Because they’re hungry, Luke. Gareth is starving.

Gareth tries to coax everyone out, offering amnesty to Gabriel. “Just open the door and you can go. You can take the baby with you.” Judith starts crying. SHIT. BABIES ARE RUINERS WHO RUIN THINGS.

“I don’t know,” Gareth smirks—he’s totally the guy who smirks, “maybe we’ll keep the kid!” he says, turning to the correct door where they’re all hidden. On menu tonight: bear cub by the name of Judith!

They’re about to hit the hinges, when two of the six get head-tapped. SILENCERS! Gareth turns in shock, because YEAH, YOUR RECON WAS INFERIOR, MUH FUH, BECAUSE THAT WAS RICK.

He tells them to put their guns on the floor, Gareth runs his mouth, RICK SHOOTS HIS GEE DEE FINGERS OFF, tells DTB to put his gun on floor and kneel.


They all comply. Martin, aka DTB won’t. Says he still has a choice. Abraham creeps up on him.

Abraham: [creeping up like a total ginger-ninja] Wanna bet?

Dibs on post-punk band Ginger Ninja! When the Ginge try to get at you, drop it like it’s hot! Drop it like it’s hot!

Rick has a massive silencer on his Colt. Oh, he’s not going to shoot, because bullets are precious, Gareth gets it, right?

Gareth goes on about them having saved people, but things change, yadda. “You don’t know what it is to be hungry,” Gareth says. ORLY? “We can walk away. We will never cross paths again.”

But… you’ll cross SOMEONE’S path. You’ll do this to anyone. Besides, Rick already made you a promise. AND THEN MACHETE TO HEAD, THEY GET TO KILLING CANNIBALS, WOW, RICK, ABRAHAM, SASHA, MICHONNE! (Maggie and Tara look on)

TWD 1 Rick kills gareth TWD 2 Michonne kills Termite

Ty peeks out, disturbed. Nut up, cowboy, sheesh! It’s the End Of Days, Ty.

Michonne finds her katana, pulls it out shuddering. Me, too, Michonne. Mmm, you get that sword out. (I’m sorry, but she’s my Apocalypse bride. I love her.)

“This is the Lord’s house,” Gabriel cries.

“No,” Maggie replies. “It’s just four walls and a roof.” Again I ask, how can you believe in a god in this world?

The next morning, everyone pays their respects to Bob, who says, “Nightmares end. They shouldn’t end who you are. And that is just this dead man’s opinion.” Well, enough with the making me finally like people when they die, show. ANDREA FLASHBACK.

Sasha sits with him as he smiles, coming out of a sleep where he was dreaming about her smiling at him. The good coming out of this bad, the silver lining, she asks? And nothing. No answer. Because there isn’t anything. He’s dead. See how pointless that game is in the end? DO YOU SEE? [knuckles tears]

She steels herself, pulls her blade, but Ty comes in and takes it from her. “Give it here.” She kisses his hand and leaves. (WHAT IS THE PAINTING IN THAT ROOM? People huddled around a dead body, and I know it’s significant, but I can’t for the life of me remember which one it is. Anyone?) Ty puts his knife to Bob’s temple, pushes it in, shaking and trembling. Well, there’s no question he followed through here. Angel of death, angel of mercy.

Cut to a cross being fashioned out of sticks and random rope—

Protip: always scavenge and salvage jute rope! In a pinch it can be firestarter, only an inch is needed.

—as Sasha says her final goodbye to Army Medic Red Shirt Bob. Abraham gives Rick the ol’ We’re Seeing Eye To Eye, Man Style look as he gives Rick a map with their future DC destination drawn out. And… Glenn and Maggie leave with Abraham, Rosita and Eugene. WHAAAAAAAT. WHAT ABOUT BETH? MAGGIE. Have you forgotten about your sister?! Trick question. Of course she has.

"It's a quiz. Do you like me? Check Y/N. omgpleasecheckY."

“It’s a quiz. Do you like me? Check Y/N. omgpleasecheckY.”

(In the map: Abraham has written: sorry I was an asshole. The new world is gonna need Rick Grimes.” Aww, these boys making up!)

Rick helps Ty dig another grave for all the Terminus dweebs, realizing he never asked Ty how is was for him getting to Terminus.

Ty: It killed me
Rick: No, it didn’t
Ty: Okay, not literally, jeez. I’m a poet at heart, Sheriff.

Michonne keeps watch that night with her katana.

Gabriel: I can’t sleep. Saying what happened before, out loud, I see it all over again. I hear them—
Michonne: [envisions her child, her former pets] Yeah, that won’t stop. Suck it up, Rev.

They hear rustling. She’s immediately on guard with her katana drawn, creeping closer to the noise. HONEY YOU HAVE A SWORD THEY COULD HAVE A GUN GET SOME COVER OR SERPENTINE.

Daryl comes out. Alone.

TWD last shot Daryl

This is the face of a man perpetually in pain. Baby, I got what you need. (Don’t make this weird, guys. It’s just my maternal streak. *cough*)

“Where’s Carol?”

He grimaces, pauses. “Come out.”


Next week looks like it’s all about BETH. OMG.

Stuff I wanna talk about:

Who the hell is with Daryl? Okay, if it was Carol, she’d just come out. She wouldn’t need to wait for Daryl to clear things for her. If it was Beth, he’d say something to prepare Michonne. He doesn’t know Morgan. So who the hell is it? OOOH. What if it’s Carol with a child or something? Why is there this pause for Michonne to see? What do you think?

Also, I wanna talk about another parallel and that I still don’t trust Gabriel. Gabriel said earlier, “I always lock the doors at night.” It’s because of the dead arising. Now, isn’t this a neat little parallel with Morgan in the very first episode with Morgan’s wife at the door, trying to open the locked knob??

I am telling you here and now, there is going to be a bursting forth of Walkers from the ground.

Reminder to any new folks: I am spoiler-free. I don’t read the comics, I have no idea what’s coming, and that’s what makes it fun. Don’t talk about spoilers or the comics here, please please. That’s just a jerky thing to do.

Click here for Episode 4: SLABTOWN

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  • Colleen

    WHO IS WITH DARYL?!?! OMG how are we going to make it until next week and then possibly beyond without knowing that?! It’s not Carol, because Carol runs the world and doesn’t have to hide in the bushes. OMG, then where is Carol? What are you doing to me show?!

    Awesome recap! Wow was this episode gruesome. I like that Rick’s a man that keeps his promises. The red handled machete, Gareth! I’m really glad that creepy eating people storyline wrapped up quickly.

    You are 100% correct, Gabriel, not to be trusted. His wussery will mess things up for our crew again, he looks like he would even be a tattle tail. Assuming there’s someone left to tattle to. I love that you’re not lazy like me and looked up those scriptures, soooo much cooler knowing what they are. I bet you’re right about those graves too!

    How are we going to get through until next week?!

    • I am 100% certain that Carol is NOT with Daryl. Unless she’s been bitten (no!!) and turned (NO!!!!!) and on a chain or something. NOPE. It’s someone new, I think.

      I love the patterns/returns that keep happening this season, too. MACHETE! Although I, too, am shocked that he had such a short arc on the show. I truly thought they’d draw that story out more. Huh. Which just means we’re headed to much bigger things…

      I am of the camp that nothing in a show/movie is accidental. When something is put on a set, it has a meaning. EVERYTHING. So those scriptures we’ve been subliminally bombarded with for the past two episodes mean something. ALWAYS GO DEEPER!


    • Eddie H

      Have they got captives who know where Beth is? That’s my guess.

  • Alison

    I totally called it last week RE Michonne’s sword.
    My gut says it’s Morgan with Daryl.
    My theory:
    He’s been tailing them. Morgan knows Rick is with the group. (He also kinda-sorta knows Michonne and Carl too, though he was crazy when they met). He knows what happened to Beth (because Morgan is a lurker), and now Carol stayed behind to keep watch over her location.
    I don’t think Abraham and his group will stay separated from Rick’s for long.

    GREAT episode! Hipsters don’t survive the ZA. Let this be a warning and yet another reason why one should never aspire to be a hipster.


      But how would Daryl know who Morgan is? He's had no interaction of any kind. IDK. I mean, I want Morgan to show up sooner rather than later, but I just don't KNOOOOOW. I am excited to find out, though! (And I love thinking readers. GIMMIE ALL YOUR THEORIES!)

      I don't think Abraham/Dr. Mudflap/Etc will stay away for long, either. I mean, those are main characters! Well, we had three episodes of them all together at least...

      LOL at your hipsters don't make it comment. AHAHAHA. <3

    • cindergal

      Hey, look at us with the same theory about Morgan and Daryl and Carol. :-)

  • cindergal

    I think (hope) it is Morgan with Daryl, especially since it’s Michonne, and she, Rick and Carl are the only ones who know Morgan – and the last time she saw him he wasn’t exactly sane and kind of dangerous, so a good reason for him to be reluctant to show himself, maybe. Maybe Carol stayed behind to keep and eye on Beth or got captured by the same people who are holding Beth. Looks like from the preview that Beth is in Atlanta, though? It’s all very confusing.

    I hope you’re right about the buried bodies because that would be cool.

    I’m never going to get my email, am I? ;-)

    • Alison (just above your comment) thinks it’s Morgan, too. I am ready for him to show up, but I’m still sceptical. BUT I AM EXCITED TO FIND OUT WHO!

      I like your idea of Carol staying behind to watch Beth, wherever that is. Like, Daryl has figured out where she went, Carol is clearly the best warrior to stand guard and Daryl can be the fastest person back to Rick & Co to get more firepower/alert Maggie of her SISTER MAGGIE WHY HAVE YOU FORGOTTEN HER?

      I have your LJ post AND a draft open on my laptop. I just suck majorly at writing out all the stuff that’s been going on behind the scenes. BUT I WILL GET LUNCH, AND REPLY because I miss our chats and camaraderie!! <3

      • cindergal

        Yes, why does Maggie keep forgetting about Beth? It’s very annoying and OOC, especially as we see her mourning for her dad (holding the bible, etc.) I was really surprised that she and Glenn left with Abraham, but hopefully they’ll all reunite within a few episodes.

        And thanks, I miss you too and I look forward to your email (but no worries if it’s too much to write out. I get it)! xoxo

  • Alison

    Laura, I think you’re wrong about the buried bodies at the church.
    For one, Gabriel said they were “bones” he buried. Their bodies were so decimated, there was not much left of them to bury. For two, remember the episode last season, when The Gov’s pseudo-Penny replacement was digging in the mud, and the walker was unearthed and got her? It didn’t get her until she dug away some of the weight. Dirt is heavy. So even if any of the St. Sarah congregation reanimated post-burial, odds are they can’t get through the weight of the earth the Rev put on top of them.

    • I’m sticking to the bodies being buried (he also uses the word bodies) BECAUSE of the scripture Eze 37: 7, where sinew is laid upon the bones, and flesh draws to them, and the bodies arose. WHO KNOWS, THOUGH.

      AND. If you remember last week when Bob was attacked in the Food Pantry, it was by a body that wasn’t much more than a skeleton itself.

      AND # 2, that’s why I wondered if there could be a rainstorm, washing away some of that earth. *shrugs* It’s just speculation, I’m not a writer on the show.

  • Eddie H

    I like that Gareth’s attempt at breaking down Rick’s psyche with scare tactics were so fruitless. It’s cause he’s already been broken down as far as a man can go. Now Rick is reborn into the ultimate survivor. The leader that this world needs to help it start over.

    • Alison

      There is a lot of “Shane” in this version of Rick. I like this “no bullshit” Rick the best.

      • Eddie H

        If Shane was stable. Rick is smarter than Shane.

    • ” he’s already been broken down as far as a man can go”

      YEP. That’s it precisely, Eddie. Anything loose and unnecessary has been rubbed away from Rick’s self, leaving the hardened man we have today, that’s for sure.

  • Kiki

    REAL TALK I FELT SO PLAYED BY THIS EPISODE and I will explain why.

    When the trailer for season 5 came out (with Brennisteinn by sigur ros BLARING which is perfect because it’s about the apocalypse.) it was edited to look like Gareth was gonna end up on team Rick and go with them. Like, if you watch it, it edits the parts where Gareth and the Hunters are around the fire with Bob with the parts where Abraham is talking about going to Washington. so I was like ‘Oh so he’s gonna live. he must have a really big redeeming trait, or maybe he’s like…a medic or something’. And then Rick machete’d him to death and I was like ‘YOU PLAYED ME SO GOOD AMC I’M ALMOST INSULTED BY HOW PLAYED I FEEL.’

    real talk: I liked Gareth kinda, like not as a person, but I thought the actor was killing it so I was kinda hoping he’d come back. also I really liked his face and I feel bad for saying those words in regards to a horrible cannibal.

    ALSO YEAH Carol can’t be with Daryl. like. can’t be. They’d show it if she was there, it wouldn’t be a surprise. and I feel like it’s not even Beth, because the previews make it seem TOO OBVIOUS so I am really curious and distrustful. I want to knooooow.

    also Bob did the thing I was hoping he’d do because it’s LITERALLY MY FAVOURITE THING. but I also do wanna know if the Hunters would have turned? these are questions I need answered.

    • WOW, KIKI. You know, I absolutely for one millisecond never got the impression of Gareth joining Rick and his team? That’s fascinating that you read it that way! i’ll have to go back and find it on YouTube and see how I feel about it knowing what I do now. I am SO SORRY you were so shocked and flabbergasted!! <3

      The actor was doing a fantastic job, to be sure. I never emotionally connected with him (because I never felt like I should, if that makes sense? Like, he's the bad guy, and he's the worst kind, the office manager with X amount of power, abusing it to horrific levels and NOW I WANT DWIGHT SCHRUTE QUOTES OVER GARETH SCREEN SHOTS, and ho ho, Gareth is the original "Dwight" character in the UK, HAVE WE JUST UNLOCKED A GREAT MYSTERY?!)

      ...I got carried away there, apologies. :D And I wanna know if TAINTED MEEEEEAAAAAAT!!! means they would have turned, too!! Hmm, maybe we'll find out eventually?

      • Anthony Stark of Winterfell

        Good GOD The Schrute quotes with Gareth images is BRILLIANT! I have a few I want to see…

        “In the wild, there is no healthcare. Healthcare is “Oh, I broke my leg!” A lion comes and eats you, you’re dead. Well, I’m not dead, I’m the lion, you’re dead!”

        “The principle is sound. To avoid illness, expose yourself to germs, enabling your immune system to develop antibodies. I don’t know why everyone doesn’t do this… Maybe they have something against living forever.”

        “You couldn’t handle my undivided attention.”

        • Dwight crying over his brother Alex. “Oh, Alex, I miss him so much! FALSE.”

          “Why did you write that down, Rick? Is it because you know I love Count Chocula?”

          “…I have to do something to his eyes.”


    • Eddie H

      I wanted to know about the outcome from eating the tainted meat too. I’ve wondered ever since they decided not to risk it with Daryl’s deer in season 1.

      • Oooh, great point, I’d forgotten about that deer!

  • As much as I ever-lovin’ LOVE this season, wow did the Bob-goodbye take forever. However, the only gyp was that we might never know the zombie science about eating tainted meat. I hope you’re right and that we find out eventually.

    I think you really have something there with the quotes and the bodies exhuming themselves.

    My friends and I have been calling Abraham “GI GINGER”… but then you go and kick it up a notch with Ginger-Ninja. See how you are? How can I not adore you?!

    Just want you to know that my gang and I wait ever so patiently for your recaps and REALLY appreciate how fast you post. Oh- and we LOVE the survival protips. THANKS for being our Zombie Apocalypse Sherpa!

    • OMG, Bob’s dying was WAY too long for a side character.

      I am so full of belief in the bodies in the yard… Plus, how freaking amazing would that look if/when it happens?! Please, oh please, Powers That Be, let this come true…


  • Danni W

    Hi, Laura!!

    Third best part of it being Walking Dead season again are your recaps!! (1st would be..well, Walking Dead and 2nd would be Talking Dead) I came out of lurking mode once more to say I LITERALLY was mad and using very bad words when I saw Maggie get on the bus. We spent how many episodes last season with her tracking down Glenn? She knows her sister is alive, or was last time Daryl saw her. She has no more intel supporting whether Beth’s dead or alive than she did Glenn and, AND??? SHE’S YOUR SISTER, MAGGIE!!!1!!

    *deep breath* I’m better now, I think.

    So…was Gareth originally one of the parishioners that was locked out? ‘We marked our way there so we could find our way back?’ They took all this time to show the markings and to make everything seem so connected and then Gareth says that and then everyone who could answer that question is dead…except Gabriel and its like just hanging out there. To make me crazy, Laura, just to drive me crazy.

    Reading the other comments…I think I got the same impression from the trailers that Kiki did, that Gareth was going to be around for awhile.

    So, during our house post episode therapy session, we pondered WHO IS WITH DARYL?? We tried coming up with people we know who Daryl could have come in contact with (If its not Beth,Carol or Morgan). Our theory being he would not bring just anyone back to the camp unless Beth or Carol were being held as collateral. Barring that, it would have to be someone he was convinced wasn’t a threat to his group, in my opinion. So we went through a list of anyone they’ve come in contact with who isn’t, you know dead, and the only name we came up with is the Morales family from season 1. Or maybe one of the Vatos . Those are the only friendlies left on the list.

    I DON’T EVEN KNOW…its hard waiting until Sunday!!!

    • Alison

      OMG, I LOVE this theory!!!!! If Fr Gabriel had opened the doors to his church, not only would he have saved the lives of those outside, but the lives of those consumed by Gareth and his family AFTER they became cannibals!!!!


      Gabriel is one hundred kinds of damned.

      Maggie drives me crazy. It used to be Lori, then it was Andrea, now it’s Maggie. There’s always a female that makes stupid, horrible decisions. That annoys me. I’m annoyed that I’m annoyed.

      I still think Morgan is with Daryl. Morgan was following the marks on the trees as well. I think Morgan has been lurking for quite some time.

      • ” There’s always a female that makes stupid, horrible decisions.”

        That is square on the writers’ shoulders, never forget! The actors are giving their all. I wish they would give ALL the women rich, complex roles filled with continuity. Ahem.

    • I NEED MAGGIE TO JUST SAY THE NAME BETH. Just say it as you leave, Maggie, LET US KNOW YOU REMEMBER HER. (What the hell, writers?? Lauren Cohen will act the hell out of whatever you give her, but you need to GIVE THIS TO HER.)

      Oh, how much do I love the idea of Gareth, Alex and Mary being Gabriel’s parishioners?! That would work, given the location. Ooooh.

      And I love that you brought up the Morales family and the Vatos. I bet it’s not the Morales family, but circling back to the Vatos? Hmm, and with that spray painted wall in the opener, that gives me some of those S1/Vatos feels. I love it. LOVE IT.

      • Alison

        AND the cross in the tinted back window of the muscle car totally screams “VATOS.”
        (Yes, I’m stereotyping.)

        Agreed, I love Lauren Cohen and she plays Maggie so well. The writers need to step it up.