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Please note Dr. Mullet standing with no weapon in the middle. He should fit right in!

Previously! We open with our group approaching the gate at Alexandria, which opens for them. Carl sees a young girl watching them from one of the damage houses at the entrance. Love interest, spotted! Also spotted: opossum in the trashcan, which Daryl quickly puts down, telling the guys at the gate, “We brought dinner.” Ahahaha.

They have to turn over their weapons to stay. Yeah, that’s not gonna fly just yet, so they’re going to go talk to “Deanna” about this whole thing to figure it all out. Sasha takes out a shambling Walker before the gate closes, prompting Rick to say, “Good thing we’re here.”

Hmm. I like the idea of our group maybe being perceived as the bad guys, the Danger.

He meets with Deanna—a former congresswoman with the squared shoulders and jaw and silver-tongue to prove it—who asks if she can film this. (Uh, with what resources?) She believes in transparency. Her place is clean, tidy. Practically normal. It’s hard for Rick to settle in. She wants to know what he used to do before… all of this. Rick doesn’t think still matters.

“Oh, I know it does,” she replies. And… I like this. I like her. (Which means I’m going to get bit in the ass, doesn’t it?) She explains that this place they’re in was a gated community meant to be eco-groovy. Sanitation, solar-power grid, grey-water recycling, all of it designed to be self-sufficient, and for the low, low cost of just under a million dollars a home! (Great commentary on our present society and how it takes a significant amount of money to be self-sufficient.)

She and her family have been there since the beginning, and everyone had an important job Before, and it mattered. Rick’s group is the first they’ve ever considered adding, because they need people who know what it’s like outside. (Remember this, because we learn potential Carl Love Interest was from Outside, as well.)

“You should keep your gates closed,” Rick says. Why? “Because it’s all about survival now. People are looking for an angle, looking to prey on your weakness.” He’s not wrong. (And my hinky meter is going off, sorry.) He assumes they want him to use them.

“Sounds like I’d want to be a part of your family,” she says. She admits to exiling people who didn’t contribute, and they both know that means a death sentence. (They can’t all be Carol Peletier.) She wants him to help them survive. She knows he’s the kind of man who can do that. Because she’s exceptionally good at reading people. I’m guessing she had a lot of lobby money in her SuperPac.

He tells her he once was a sheriff.

“Yeah. I knew it was something like that.”

Everyone hands over their weapons, Deanna reassuring them that they still belong to them, it’s just a safety issue. A librarian-type collects them all with a grin, telling Carol (after she unloads three or four weapons), “Should have brought another bin.”

Walking Dead Carol McBride,Melissa McBride Walking Dead,Carol Peletier Walking Dead

Look at this woman! Oh gosh! How do I get this silly ol’ thing off my shoulder, tee hee?!

Carol’s giggle at that is everything I’m living for, okay? Carol is really playing down her badassness, and if you have forgotten, Carol is the best. Deanna’s good at reading people? Imma just put out there that I think Carol is better.

Ay-Ay-ron shows them to their two large houses, fully furnished with the best from Restoration Hardware, and he and Carl don’t know quite what to do with the running water. Wait, SHOWER TIME! Rain-shower heads, too, damn! Those are super wasteful!

Walking Dead Rick shaving,Rick showering shaving beard,Lincoln Walking Dead

Steam! Steamy mirror in the apocalypse! I say it’s just in anticipation of how hot Lincoln’s gonna look. Don’t make this weird. (I promise I’m not a creep.)


Rick does some much needed manscaping, and my lands, WHO IS THAT HANDSOME DEVIL? Sheriff Rick, that’s who! Mmm, I’ve missed season 1 sexy Sheriff, lemme tell you.

A pretty lady who works at The Pantry, Jesse, shows up with some goods and a little eyebrow waggle for freshly shaven, sexy Rick. She offers to cut his hair, which is pretty damn smooth, lady.

Rick: Electricity, shower, hair cuts… I never thought I’d see that again.
Jesse: Yeah, clearly. [eyes the massive pile of cut hair at her feet]

It’s a lot to take in, this stability, this normalcy.

Daryl has his filmed-interview with Deanna, and he’s like a toddler, touching everything, unable to settle. [Why does he have his cross bow? They’re only taking guns? I mean, they all have their knives, which means the folks at Alexandria are pretty dumb, imo. These are seasoned warriors.] He admits Carl and Judith deserve normalcy, but he’d rather be gutting that possum on the porch, thanks.

Walking Dead Rick Carl,Rick Carl Season Five,episode 12 Remember Rick

How sad is it that they look so nervous just looking inside an empty house being offered to them?

Carl and Carol check out the other house, marveling at them just being given away. Rick, Daryl and Carol note that while they’re being given a place, they don’t like being split up, so they’ll all stay together that first night.

Carl, still in house #2, hears thumping upstairs. He draws his knife and investigates, finding an unfinished room that looked like a cool teen hang. [WHAT WAS THE BUMPING, THEN? Did I miss something?]

Everyone crashes at Rick’s place, all of them sitting at the windows keeping watch. Michonne took a twenty minute bathroom break, marveling at how good it felt, then smiling at Rick’s clean-shaven face, which she’s never seen. She also maintains her good feeling about Alexandria.

Deanna drops by, notes them all staying together. “Family. That’s what you said.” She’s gonna work out jobs for everyone. (That is, if they stay.)

Rick wakes up in the middle of the night when everyone’s asleep, makes sure they’re all covered, and grabs a kitchen knife for a nighttime stroll. Just checking the perimeter, I guess.

Michonne’s recorded interview is shown, as she grabs a copy of Crime and Punishment (oho! A novel that focuses on proving that some murder is justified, all from the POV of a protagonist who refuses outside help, whaaaat?) and tells Deanna “We’re all ready for this.”

The next morning, the group joins in with the locals to explore the area, but Daryl hangs back (and looking like he hasn’t showered). He doesn’t play well with others. Rick loses sight of his kids, panics and runs off to look for them only to run into Jesse, who knows where they are. Everyone apparently is really excited to see a baby, it seems. (Built in babysitters!)

Carl meets her son, Ron, who informs him that there’s school in the Walker Apocalypse (sorry, bro!). But there’s also Xbox, comic books and a girl, so. Apparently Enid is from the outside, too. Turns out that cool hang Carl found is their hideout. (And Enid is a closed-off hardcase. She’s not interested in the boys. Good for you, Enid!) Carl doesn’t quite now how to deal with all of this; Enid gets it, though. When you’ve had nothing and are suddenly given everything, it’s a lot to take in, it’s hard to take in. Can he trust it? Poor kid.

Carl’s interview with Judith in his lap features him telling Deanna that he had to kill his mom. And how this place was everything his mom wanted for them. But Carl understands that the people living here are weak. And he doesn’t want to be weakened by the comfort. Innnnnteresting. Goddammit, Carl. Look at you being wise. GET IN THE HOUSE, CORL. THERE’S XBOX, CORL. THEY GOT SNOOKER TABLES, CORL.

Michonne and Rick have a late night chat while everyone sleeps; she wants to stay, he’s still not sure and wants to know why she’s so sure. And why she’s up in the middle of the night. (She just is, I guess.) He takes a walk and meets Jesse’s husband smoking on his porch. He welcomes Rick, but it sure doesn’t sound like a welcome. Jealousy? Or something else? (My money is on jealousy.)

Carol’s recorded interview: she says all the jobs she had before where she makes it sound like she was a just a silly ol’ housewife, and she talks about missing Ed every day (calling him a stupid, wonderful man whom she misses daily. OH REALLY). She’s totally disarming them with the whole “den mother” act and I love her for it. Also, Melissa McBride has amazing shoulders. When asked what job would be best fitted to her skill sets, she says she thinks she’d best fit in with Junior League. Ahahahahaha. I assume they don’t have a Knife Skill: Expert Level course she could teach. But yeah, How To Add M&Ms To Sugar Cookies is good, too.

Walking Dead Carol Daryl,Daryl Dixon Carol Peletier,Walking Dead Season Five, Episode 12 remember walking dead

And a fandom goes wild. But seriously. Take a damn shower, Dixon.

She dresses up in the best PTO/Junior League clothes she can find, which cracks Daryl up (who finally admits he hasn’t showered yet), and she goes off to mingle. Man, she’s smart. Disarming them, learning their weaknesses, boy I love me some Carol Peletier.

Glenn’s interview is him saying this needs to work, because “we were almost out there too long.” I think a break is a good thing for everyone, yes, but man, the locals are really complacent.

Rick takes a trip out of the gates—which I guess means he got to check out his six shooter from the lie-berry?—checking their walls and security first hand, while Carl sees Enid scaling the wall to escape. He follows her over the wall, but loses her in the woods.

Tara, Noah and Glenn get picked by Deanna’s son Aiden—head of scavenging, I guess—for a “dry run” to test their mettle, and it’s laughable how hardcore the Alexandria peeps think they are.

Rick, out in the clear with a gun, realizes he doesn’t need to kill the Walker that approaches him, and walks to the house where he hid the gun last episode. Which isn’t there. …shit. And more Walkers approach. …double shit. He puts his six shooter away, grabs his knife, and goes old school—

PROTIP: When infiltrating a potential stronghold, alerting the residents of danger by gunfire isn’t recommended. Using a knife, flag pole, other silent weapon is highly recommended to maintain your cover.

—Carl showing up and pitching in. Aww, father and son time! They’re not soft, we’re reminded.

We also learn that Alexandria has established a 53 mile diameter of safety so far, to answer that “how far away was our group when they were tracked?” question we had last week. And Deanna’s son, Aiden is a dickbag. He says he knows he is, (ugh, with that douchey frat boy false self-effacing crap) but he doesn’t really know just how douchey he is. He thinks he’s hard, but he’s had hot showers and walls since this all went down. Yeah, he had some ROTC training, but Abraham has chunks in his stool that are bigger than Aiden’s ROTC training, so….

These dummies are making noise and attracting Walkers on purpose, then get mad when Tara and Glenn protect themselves.

Walking Dead Glenn Tara,Glenn Rhee Season Five,Walking Dead Season Five

I thought the Walker was going to lose its arms. But skin? Skin was cool, by which I mean disgusting. Also, what is Backpack doing? These people are dangerously stupid.

They get back to Alexandria:

Aiden: So you guys are a bunch of jerkwads who can’t follow directions
Glenn: piece of shit leader says what?
Aiden: What?
Tara: [gigglesnorts]
Aiden: How about I shove you?
Glenn: [is shoved, sighs] No one is impressed by you, white boy.
Glenn: Wow dude
Aiden: [throws a shitty punch that Glenn easily dodges]
Glenn: [handles this shit easily with a solid hook]

Walking Dead Glenn Rhee, Glenn Yeun Walking Dead


Deanna: Yeah, so they’re who we really need, Aiden. So quit being a dick, son. Turn in your weapons, everyone, and Aiden: you’re grounded.

She then asks Rick to be their constable. “That’s what you were, that’s what you are. And you, too,” she says to Michonne. “Will you accept?” They both agree. Daryl isn’t happy. He’s too wild for these small town shenanigans, you know?

Cut to Voice Over of Rick saying how rotten people are, how they’re using each other for survival at any cost as he comes downstairs in their house dressed like a cop. Everyone sits up and notices (I love Carol in her cardigan sitting calmly in the background). Daryl still doesn’t like it, but he supports Rick because they’re bros for life. Rick tells Carol that they can settle in, even though she knows they’ll become weak. Rick doesn’t think so, though. It’s not in them anymore.

They’ll make it work, and they’ll remember. If the others can’t make it, then they’ll just take this place. Daryl likes that—that makes sense to someone like him. He’s not carrying no candy-ass upper class white folks around, not any more.

And I love that my first thought of our guys being the “bad guys” is coming true. (Even though we know it isn’t true. …or is it?)

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  • JP

    Somewhere along the way I found myself trusting Alexandria completely, probably because they’re doing everything I would do if I ran a community in zombie apocalypse scenario…if more soft. The moment where I shifted was when they brought out a cart, then tagged and collected in the guns. Whenever I talk about such a world, this is a rule that I think would be necessary that never comes up in these sort of stories. This a law out of the Old West, where the world outside of the towns were dangerous, but you had to turn over your gun when you got to town so people don’t go crazy and shoot each other. Contrary to popular culture, these towns weren’t constantly shot up…we remember the OK Corral because it was so rare that something like that would happen because the guns were under lock and key. Same thing happened in the Serenity movie. Leaving them their melee weapons makes sense with the possible unexpected zombie scare or to establish a level of trust while preventing mass chaos…though i could see how it was interpreted as weakness.

    All of that is to say that I fell for Deeana and her spiel immediately. I felt hope and happiness as I could see our crew giving this community the slight tweaks necessary to harden them up to defend against the world. And that’s why at the end of the episode I switched my allegiance from the group I’ve been following for years and was so mad at Rick for his last line. Help these people, but don’t break them. Dammit Rick. Why must everything that’s good turn horrible?

    • WhovianChick

      On the one hand, the whole idea of giving up guns seemed like a very bad idea to me…Z-Nation didn’t have a lot going for it, but it illustrated perfectly what happens when you keep ALL weapons locked up within a closed environment. That means if something DOES happen …a zombie gets in, someone dies in their sleep and becomes a zombie, that you have no ability to handle it.

      However, seeing that they were allowed their melee, or ranged, non-gun weapons allayed that somewhat for me. They weren’t defenseless, and frankly our team is almost more deadly with those implements than guns; because guns run out of bullets, sharp pointy objects don’t.

      So…when I realized that, I thought it was actually an okay balance between caution and safety.

      Rick’s parting words shocked me, but I think they were supposed to…and I really don’t think our guys will go full dark, nor do I think Rick has any intention of literally taking it from them, as in a violent takeover. I just think they are prepared to defend that place, even if it’s from the stupidity of the folks already there, who have been immensely lucky that they’ve really only contended with the dead at their walls (as far as we know anyway)

      • JP

        Oh, I definitely agree. Having melee weapons is obviously necessary in case anyone dies of a heart attack and needs to be put down. But no one is walking around my town with guns…it’s too unpredictable.

        Of course if I was in charge of Alexandria, only Rick would have been allowed in fully armed to get a look around while still being under watch. Once he has deemed it is acceptable and has turned his weapons over, the rest can then come in to do the same. Trust is a two way street. Everyone would also be getting checked out by a male or female doctor/observer to make sure there’s no bites and so they can report any potentially fatal medical conditions that could turn them into a zombie. But, I’ve been enjoying zombie stuff forever and presumably this world has not.

        • WhovianChick

          I think at that point Deanna was …rather desperate for them to actually want to stay. And I think it might have been a deal breaker for the group if they were disarmed before they could even have a look around. I get what you’re saying though – and I think it’s a very hard thing…and I can see both sides of it.

          But really…once they opened the gate, at all, with the group that close, if they wanted to attack there’s very little the Alexandrians could have done, and I think that’s pretty much what Deanna banked on.

          The biggest risk was opening the gate to an armed group…letting them remain inside armed until everyone felt comfortable enough to disarm was a formality at that point.

          It’s a good thing Daryl doesn’t normally use guns…I think they’d have had to pry his main weapon out of his cold, dead hands *laughs*

        • CHECKED FOR BITES. Yes yes yes.

    • JP

      Oh, and this is kind of apropos of nothing, but the little we know about Deeana’s back-story reminds me a little of Richard Nixon’s. Nixon never intended to go into Congress, but was tapped by the California GOP to run a longshot campaign. Nixon used his poker winnings from his time in the Navy and as a lawyer in California to fund his Congressional campaign. The dude was apparently a poker prodigy which given how his career went makes a lot of sense.

      • I didn’t know that! And ha, yeah, it explains quite a lot, doesn’t it?

    • I love the point you made about the Old West. You’re precisely right about those towns not looking like the Hollywood Shoot ‘Em Ups. Hell, most cowboys/vaqueros didn’t carry a gun at all!

      But fair enough on your rebuttal re: melee. I just wondered specifically about the cross bow–any thoughts on why that would be allowed? I can get behind leaving knives (I can’t remember the rule at the prison, anyone?) but a cross bow?

      I love that you switched allegiances!! I think that’s what we’re supposed to do (in Greg Nicotero’s mind, at least) and I love how upsetting it is to me that I did as well. Hmm, momentarily, that is. Because I’d walk through fire for Michonne.

      • JP

        Perhaps it was too much of a bother to try and get Daryl to turn it over, and deemed a safer or slower weapon to allow through. And I suppose it could be handwaved in that if Daryl killed someone with his crossbow it would be pretty clear who the culprit is to be punished. No one else has access to such a weapon.

        • Ha, I definitely wouldn’t want to be the person to request to have it handed over!

  • WhovianChick

    I don’t think our guys are the “bad guys”, per se – and I don’t think Rick’s final words should necessarily be interpreted as “We’ll kick them out and keep it for ourselves”. These people are delusional…because they’ve been lucky. They haven’t had to face any real threats obviously. They get to make these forays out into the “wild” and yes, they’ve lost people, but they get to return to a very soft lifestyle once that is done. A life that is very much like the one before it all went to hell.

    They do need Rick’s group, especially with the type of survivors that are out there…it’s only a matter of time before they come knocking on the door. And it’s obvious in Alexandria that not everyone is equipped to handle a threat, they have “away” teams that go take care of dangerous stuff, but the average citizen has a job that never puts them near it. Therefore, if a hardcore group like Rick’s with way more sinister motives were to roll up? Even if they didn’t let them in, they would be in for a world of hurt. Especially since they’ve sort of…cleared so much area around them, which means the actual zombie threat is more minimal in some areas.

    Do I hope that Rick and crew will try and TURN this place into a place that is better equipped to defend itself from living threats? Yes, I don’t want to see them turn into the people they’ve encountered…not at all; and honestly I don’t think they would. And if – big if – Deanna is on the up and up about what she wants from them, and giving Rick and Michonne authority isn’t a ploy to lure them into a false sense of security, then I think they can do it without actually having to do a hostile takeover where people will die (I hope any death comes from outside sources, or is unavoidable).

    But compared to our group, these Alexandria folks are children; and I don’t think our group should completely let their guard down because they do know exactly what is lurking outside. And they have also seen what happens even to successful communities. As resources continue to dwindle, it won’t take desperate survivors long to sniff out the bastions of “light” still left, such as Alexandria (assuming they are on the up and up). And Alexandria prior to our group arriving is in zero position to actually know how to combat that.

    Deanna has totally let in some dangerous elements in with her sheep, and let’s just hope they are sheep dogs and not wolves. But I have enough faith in the remaining humanity of our group that they won’t totally abuse that.

    Also – I could not love Carol more, she is the best and smartest of us all. Her being all shucks nearly had me rolling.

    And Daryl..I get it, I get the attitude, and what’s bothering him – but could he please be disgruntled and still use the shower? I mean…surely he showered before the ZA. However, that part aside, I completely get it. Daryl pre-ZA would not have been comfortable in this setting; and …the ZA actually helped make Daryl into the person he was supposed to be. It saved his life, it gave him purpose. He now has to figure out what his purpose will be and how to fit in with these soft people that mostly don’t know jack about hard living and surviving. I am glad though that his bond with Rick (and the others) doesn’t have him misplacing that aggression onto his “family though”

    I won’t lie…I facepalmed when Carl went after Enid without telling anyone; and I was frankly surprised Rick didn’t comment on him being outside of the wall.

    A few things: what the devil IS Enid up to? But I guess…if you’re so used to life out there, the walls could seem rather cloying…but my concern is what is she running off to? Is she a plant? Is she reporting back to another group? Though you’d think a few months would be a long time for any to move against the folks from Alexandria. Also, just a note: the thumping was whoever was up there leaving. If you looked closely, there was a knotted rope going out of the window that they were likely using to access the house without anyone seeing.

    Other thing: the missing gun. Did someone happen to stumble across it? Or was Rick being watched even then? And if so, was it someone from Alexandria, or an unknown party? What reason would they have to steal a gun he left outside of the gates when they let them have them when they depart? One theory of mine is that it could be Enid who took it…obviously she routinely leaves…she had an ingenious way to get up that wall (but it also shows that others could use similar ways to get in). Could she have been out there that day? (Carl followed her to an area obviously near where Rick was) Could she have seen Rick do it and then headed back to get it? I know we saw her when the crew came inside, but there was enough of a lag between when he hid it and when we saw her that it’s plausible.

    Obviously people are allowed to leave – unless only CERTAIN people are – so what reason does Enid have for sneaking out, other than the fact she doesn’t WANT anyone knowing she left.

    Or hell, maybe she’s just a surly teenage girl version of Daryl…nothing more sinister than that.

    Some of the previews for next week are intriguing…it almost makes it seem like there’s a darker undercurrent to Alexandria that we’re going to get to see, that makes it seem like they aren’t on the up and up. I don’t necessarily trust this though because they’ve routinely shown us clips that mislead us as to what is going to happen…so I’ll just wait and see.

    Frankly though, I don’t think it should shock anyone in Rick’s group that folks might watch them closely; specifically Daryl. Daryl has the feel of a wild, feral animal atm…and to those that don’t know him, I’d be a bit worried about him acclimating too…but I also think Deanna is smart enough to know that if they tried to run him out, they’d likely lose most if not all of the group, or they wouldn’t put up with it without a fight.

  • suzgert .

    Carol’s giggle at that is everything I’m living for, okay? Carol is really playing down her badassness, and if you have forgotten, Carol is the best. Deanna’s good at reading people? Imma just put out there that I think Carol is better. BEST. Loved every bit of Carol. Cleaning the possum on the porch! Haha, I felt at home. Hope he pissed over the railing, too.

    • WhovianChick

      Carol totally wins the “reading people” contest…because Deanna obviously bought it; or at least pretended to buy it. Deanna isn’t an idiot.

  • Karen

    I have a feeling that our group, or at least Rick, Daryl and Carol, had a quick confab the night before they got to ASZ and set up their roles, while Aaron and Eric slept. Daryl is going to act feral enough to keep the townies’ eyes on him, while Rick and Carol go undercover. Rick is now in the position to know where the weapons are kept and who is adept at using them. Carol will have conversations with all the townies and learn the weak spots and skeletons in the closets. Who suspects the lunch lady, after all? I’m not sure that Deanna is buying the act, so we might get a good contest of subterfuge between the two.
    Laughed way too hard at Glenn’s punching Aiden. And while Carol’s Junior League outfit doesn’t look right on her, the blue of that cardigan was awesome. She should wear that color often.
    I also kinda laugh at Michonne’s reaction to ASZ. She reminds me of Andrea soooooooooo much, when they were at Woodbury. And Michonne couldn’t wait to get away from Woodbury.


      • Karen

        And now that I’ve thought about it some more, I think that Carol was deliberately over-playing her hand (I’m just a wittle woman with no skills who’s had to have everyone else protect me) so that Deanna focuses on her, trying to figure out what she’s up to, so that Rick can slide under the radar. Poker playing Deanna has her hands full with our group.

  • Eddie H

    I can’t stop thinking about the “wolves” or whoever it was that took out Noah’s town. I don’t know if the “Wolf Fight” comic that Carl picks up is supposed to keep this in the back of our mind, but it stood out to me. They remind me of a barbarian tribe that would get off by ransacking walled towns and leave them in ruins.
    My thoughts from the beginning of this episode was that the group has gotten to Alexandria just in time to defend them from the oncoming threat. Part of me thinks that Deanna may know of the existence of a specific threat. Maybe that’s why they chose now as the time to approach a very dangerous group and risk bringing them into their community. They know they don’t have another option. Either way some bad shit is coming.

    • Eddie, you beautiful, majestic wildebeest, you. WOLF FIGHT. Oh my god, I think you’re onto something. (What if it’s these kids? What if they’re secretly a horrible, murdering cabal of teens? Hahaha, I’m always going to go to the Darkest Timeline, aren’t I?)

      I like the idea of the incoming threat and our group proving themselves (and weeding out the weak at Alexandria, maybe.)

    • Eddie, you beautiful, majestic wildebeest, you. WOLF FIGHT. Oh my god, I think you’re onto something. (What if it’s these kids? What if they’re secretly a horrible, murdering cabal of teens? Hahaha, I’m always going to go to the Darkest Timeline, aren’t I?)

      I like the idea of the incoming threat and our group proving themselves (and weeding out the weak at Alexandria, maybe.)

      • Eddie H

        Wow. You jumped straight to a Manson family scenario. Haha. That escalated quickly.


  • moata

    I loved Carol’s “awh shucks, I’m just a housewife” act. But I totally didn’t twig that’s what she was doing when handing over her arsenal. Man, she’s smart. Undercover badass. Yeah, lady. You work that.

    • Isn’t she amazing!? It’s so easy to underestimate a smiling, diminutive woman, hahaha. THAT’S HOW THEY GETCHA. ;)

  • Colleen

    Just popping in to say great recap! Aaaaannnnddd now back to crappy work.

    • COLLEEN!! We’ll be here when you’re done with crappy work. (Boo! Hiss!) <3

  • Posh66

    The last couple episodes were so demoralizing I was wondering if I could continue watching the show, but now I’m totally back on board. Yay for hope. /

    I loved this episode very much. The entire run of the series I’ve just wanted them to be safe and happy, and it never occurred to me that after the trauma and hell they’ve been through, they’d become incapable of living a normal, easy life. What an excellent plot twist!

    I think Michonne and Glenn (on Maggie’s behalf) knew that the group was at the end of their rope and if something didn’t give they were about one twisted ankle away from lying down and giving up. I don’t blame any of them for not trusting the too-good-to-be-true vibe of Alexandria, tho. Rick has it just right that the weak folk are welcome to stay, but damned if he’s going to let them screw it up for the group. The second they were allowed in, they became the alpha dogs…even if the townsfolk are too dumb to know it.

    I was also thrilled when Glenn decked that idiot, but Darryl jumping on the other dude, ready to kill him him in a split second, highlighted just how far away the two groups are from each other. This wasn’t a school yard fight for Darryl, yo.

    Watching Rick shower and shave was a (sensual) revelation. I think they were losing their humanity at the end, and that was an excellent metaphor for their human-ness coming back to the forefront. As is Darryl’s refusal to shower. He’s not quite prepared to be human again just yet. But man, he must smell so bad. LOL! I felt for him, because he’s built for zombieland. He’s important and competent there, unlike “normal” life. What would his job possibly be in Alexandria? Town bully? At least, I’m assuming that’s what he’s thinking to himself deep down in his little boy heart.

    And Carol as always is my hero. Her endless smiles and fake helplessness were the best, and we’ll see, but I think people are only too happy to believe that girls are useless and non-threatening. It would have been a much different interview if Carol has said on camera, “I saved this group single-handedly and also kill children and sick people if I feel it’s necessary. Now, about that junior league.”


      Oh my goodness, Rick being revealed under Hobo Beard was a stroke your throat and bite your lip moment, right? Hahaha. I’ve been a fan of Andrew Lincoln’s since he was Egg on This Life (oh my GOD, British TV is so wonderful) and he hasn’t lost any of his appeal, let me just tell you. He just gets better.

      DARYL TAKE A DAMN SHOWER. I mean, FFS, you cleaned a possum a few hours ago. CLEAN UP: AISLE YOU. I think you make an excellent point about Daryl not knowing how he’ll fit in this new place. But I can’t imagine Rick not having that figured out already, looking for a way to implement it. (My hope, at least.).

      AND WHY AREN’T YOU ON THE WRITING TEAM? That Carol bit is perfect. PERFECT.