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GUYS. I had jury duty, and they picked me. So sorry for the delay but an actual person’s LIFE WAS ON THE LINE. Who cares, let’s talk about cookies and buttons! [Previously!]

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We open with Sasha looking at some pictures of white people enjoying themselves. Seriously? They couldn’t do a sweep of empty houses and remove personal memorabilia? And were there no people of color in Alexandria? Welp, she can’t sleep, so she goes to the gun libraries (Republicans are probably salivating at that concept), checks out her sniper, promises Olivia that if she gets a boar (pfft, she’s hunting Walkers) she’ll make sure to send her prosciutto seeds (a leg)… 

Hahaha, Sasha sets up the family photos and practices killing them. WOW, anger issues much? We all heal in our own way, I suppose. But man, that’s a waste of bullets. I hope they know how to make reloads. (Even though you have a -20% DAM with reloads, and even with a Critical Hit perk, you’re still not getting as much out of your .556RLs as you would with proper munitions but whatever.)

I think this is supposed to be emotional, but it isn’t until she sits and says, “Come and get me,” that I even cared. Maybe I’m dead inside? IDK.

Rick, Carol and Daryl are at the abandoned house looking at those bodies Rick and CORL took out—people Deanna banished?—making plans about getting their guns out of the library, pretty sure they can do this because Alexandria is filled with lucky fools. Which makes me think it’s a red herring. (But someone  has to know about guns, because Rick’s is gone.) Daryl notices that one of the Walkers has a W carved in its head. For Walker? Or Wolves?

Walking Dead Walkers Zombie,Zombie Walkers Wolves Dead,Wolves Walkers Walking Dead

W! FOR WILLAMINA! [no Sesame Street kids? Just me?]

Michonne has made some alterations to her police jacket, cinching it up in the back because loose clothes can be grabbed and then you’re Walker-meat. She’s unhappy about needing to lose the katana, though. They both know Deanna can’t be dismissed as some kind of dummy, so they’re not quite sure why they’re being handed the keys to the police station. They’re both aware of needing to be cautious about this whole situation, at least.

Daryl knows he’s being tracked on the outside and finds Ay-ay-ron, who is shocked that Daryl can differentiate between Walkers and humans and wonders if Daryl can tell the difference between a good guy and a bad guy. After all, he’s just out there hunting rabbits, not tracking Daryl. (SORRY. I JUST CAN’T TRUST AY-AY-RON YET. I know this is probably a red herring, but I have been through a Red Wedding. Guys, I just can’t trust anymore. [sobs])

[That’s a lie. I think I do trust Ay-ay-ron by now. I don’t know. GAH.]

Deanna lays out the plan to Rick, Michonne and Maggie for the future of that town: they’re gonna be a grown up city one day, and they’ll be the ones on the walls in the fancy frames as Founders Of Civilization, how cool is that? Uh, that sounds awesome and all, but Rick is pretty sure Deanna isn’t aware that other humans are the danger? Maybe they need to focus on security measures that protect them from people and not the Walkers, who are basically less threatening than a pack of wild dogs. (Not really, but you feel me.)

They have a tower that would make a prime lookout but they’re not using it. WOMAN, WAKE UP. Sasha wants in as head looker. Deanna is more focused on this pretty sweet fundraiser, I mean, housewarming party she’s throwing to celebrate the N00Bs. This is… sketchy. We’re all worried, right? Especially when we see Carole trading cocoa lima bean recipes with the other Junior Leaguers? (Mostly I’m worried about cocoa powder, sweetener and mashed lima beans being something people eat. Willingly. Hooooark.)

The party tonight is a perfect way for Carol to slip out and steal some guns. She’s loving being invisible again—ah, nothing like being a woman where people don’t value how dangerous you really can be. Happy International Woman Day!

Please note that instead of turning people to look at the flowers, she's just wearing them. "I AM THE DANGER." (I said this last night on Twitter)

Please note that instead of turning people to look at the flowers, she’s just wearing them. “I AM THE DANGER.” (I said this last night on Twitter)

Daryl and Ay-ay-ron come across a wild horse, one Ay-ay-ron has been trying to catch for months. Daryl takes the rope and goes to make friends with the POHNEE. “The longer they’re out there, the more they become what they really are.” BE-WINGED ANGELS WITH A CROSS BOW AND BROKEN HEART JUST NEEDING LOVE? Oh, he means the horse. The capture is ruined by a group of Walkers scaring it off, though. BOO.

Carol manages to use a moment where two dudes come in for some nonfiction books (rifles) to unlatch a window and be flirted with by one of the guys, Tobin. Everyone is so damn trusting. I AM STILL SUSPICIOUS. It’s too easy. Daryl and Ay-ay-ron continuing hunting wabbits with Ay-ay-ron making a parallel with his being gay to Daryl’s being, what, poor and angry? I mean, I get it, people judge because they don’t understand. And Daryl lets him say his piece, then points out that the world is full of bad people doing bad things, and he doesn’t have anything to prove to anyone.

The NPR Membership Drive is in full swing with some Zinfandel being poured out (at least it’s not some oaky-ass Chardonnay) and everyone in their pearls and sweater-sets. It’s… really weird. Deanna is so excited for her vision of what Alexandria is going to become and it’s just so politician-y I automatically hate it. So does Abraham and Rosita who look really uncomfortable upon arrival.

Abraham: I don’t know about this.

Rosita: They have beer.

Abraham: I’m gonna try.


We meet Deanna’s husband who downplays their achievement with the town by stressing how amazing Rick is, and yeah, he is, but this is so flipping K-Street lobbyist centric that I just don’t trust those two. I mean, I’m not a Libertarian, but I think we all can agree that we probably couldn’t believe a damn word out of a politician’s mouth, right?

WHO THINKS THE HOOTCH IS SPIKED? That was my first thought when the husband Reg insisted Rick has some whiskey. (I always think the glasses are poisoned or something.) He’s too busy watching pretty Hair Cut Lady Jessie come in.

Walking Dead Sasha Rick,Rick Grimes Sasha Walkers


Daryl and Ay-ay-ron are missing the party, still looking for the horse and almost getting killed by Walkers. Well, Daryl doesn’t. A really nice camera shot: Ay-ay-ron shooting a Walker in the brain and the splatter hitting the camera lens.


Ay-ay-ron doesn’t understand how the horse could get caught because “he always ran.”

Daryl: You were trying to help him.

Ay-ay-ron: I know you’re trying to make me stop working you over, but a) have you seen you? And b) I have a job to do.

They get back, Daryl watches the party from outside until he runs into Ay-ay-ron who invites him to join his partner Eric and him for Spaghetti. IS IT TUESDAY? [Hershel ‘Raisin Eyes’ Greene Moment of Tenderness]

Back at the party, Jessie introduces Rick to her husband, who has an A on his hand? He’s also a doctor and insists on getting Rick a refill. HMM. Jessie has a pretty positive outlook on the ZA World: we lost a lot of bullshit and met up with people who became family. Hooray! Rick watches Carl having fun with the other kids, and it’s pretty terrific to see him acting like a teen.

Rick doesn’t have a stamp, so one of Jessie’s kids stamps an “A” on his hand, to match his daddy. OH REALLY NOW. WHERE ELSE DOES RICK MATCH? Not the pants, amirite? [I apologize. I’m a terrible person.] She says, “Now you’re one of us,” and Rick thinks about how he can spread her out on his new bed from Pottery Barn and make her family. I’M JUST SAYING, THAT STUBBLE WOULD BE GREAT, wait, what were we talking about?

Sasha finally turns up and Deanna’s son Spencer flirts until she gets grossed out and leaves. Ha! Daryl charms Eric and Ay-ay-ron by his noodle slurping, and yeah, I know just how that sounds, and I meant it. Pretty nice little dinner party, too. I mean, they have a nice Merlot, hopefully full bodied and a little spicy to match the sauce. They do have a sweet motorcycle that needs fixing in the garage, though, and they hope he’ll fix it, take it for a spin and bring back a nice Chianti and pasta maker?

But… the real reason they’re giving him the bike is so he’ll be the one showing up all clean and “hey! Have you ever wondered where you came from and where you’re going?” speech to new recruitments. Because, as Ay-ay-ron says, “You do know the difference between good people and bad people.” And excuse me while my chest aches as I watch Daryl struggle to accept praise of any kind. He agrees, and says he’ll bring some rabbits, too.

Michonne looks at the tiny plastic sword stuck in a meatball. Is she now the meatball? Are they just serving themselves up? Do they come with a Stroganoff glaze? Wait. Abraham appears at her elbow and knows what she’s going through. It’s the warrior’s life: pray you don’t need a weapon/training, pray you don’t get too dependent on it, pray you never lose the skill with it. Also, he’s drunk. But he’s also right.

Walking Dead cookies Carol,Carol cookies Walking Dead, cookies Walking Dead Carol

AHAHAHAHAH. [Courtesy of LeRageShirts.com]

Carol uses the party to break in, get her square of chocolate, and then load up on guns, when she’s surprised by that kid wanting cookies.

Kid: What are you doing?


Kid: [pees pants]

Carol: Here, have a snickerdoodle! [gentle smile]

Uh, abused-woman has come forth, WOW.

Jessie comes over to Rick holding Judith, and wow, Rick has some “I really like being a husband” feelings seeing that, some stirring in his stuff and THANGS, and when he takes Judith from her, can’t help but lean in and press a gentle kiss to Jessie’s cheek, and are all of our panties on fire? Just me? Well, me and Jessie, because she’s Very Confused by these strange feelings (Jessie: they’re called feelings of lust. You’ve been married to a Yuppie Doctor, so I get why you’re not familiar with them).

Walking Dead Jessie Rick, Rick Jessie Walking Dead,Rick Jessie Kiss

[Mis pantalones es en fuego]

Is it just me or does she have a lot of tattoos for a doctor’s wife?

Sasha tries to mingle but has a minor freakout seeing Tyrese and people eating Bob’s foot until one of the nice ladies asks her what her favorite meal is. BITCH PEOPLE ARE DYING AND THEIR FEET ARE GETTING EATEN SO MAYBE STOP ASKING ME ABOUT BECHAMEL SAUCE. Um, you are ruining the ambiance of this shindig, Sasha.

Our trio of Scary has slipped out and are collecting the guns Carol stole the night before. Daryl has bought into whatever Eric and Aaron are selling. Carol’s still thinking like a survivor, and Rick is thinking about how long its been since he’s know the touch of a woman. [But he still takes a gun.] Michonne, back at home, hangs up her katana like a decoration. It’s not easy for her to do, but she does it.

Back inside the walls, Jessie and her husband wave at Rick, showing their “A’s”, and Rick, eyes only for Blonde Hair Cut, smiles back, and then reaches for his gun, gaze cutting to her husband. WOW, RICK. I don’t think you’ll need to take Doctor Flaccid out to hit it with Jessie, just a hunch. Or do you think he was going to rid himself of the gun because he wants to stay? (My money’s on the hit.)

Walking Dead Rick Grimes

Please notice that the grass is greener where the Walker is. PLEASE NOTE THAT.

He keeps his hand at the ready, running to the wall with an AMAZING overhead shot of a Walker on the otherside, Rick right there with his hand out, almost like he’s reminiscing about the Good Old Days. And it ain’t getting poon in the back of a ’78 Camaro. [Hint: it’s killing the hell out of some Walkers. Or safety. You decide.]

Mm, reminds me of the touch of my wife, cold, and her gaze, steely.

Mm, reminds me of the touch of my wife, cold, and her gaze, steely.

The song about “where are the girls/it is dead” overlays this and oh, Rick. You need a release. May I suggest you flirt with Michonne? Because I believe she could be down and she’s hot as hell. Just me?

And we all notice the parallels with Shane/Rick in season 2, right? Rick is now Shane (or is he?) and Michonne is Rick? IS UP, IN FACT, DOWN? Talk at me.

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  • KatyHart

    ALL THE LOVE FOR DARYL (poor Pookie needs some loving. Preferably from Carol.)


    I’m really kind of curious at to where everything is going here and I’m excited at the same time. Just gimme more of this please.

    • OH MAN CAROL JUST GETS BETTER AND BETTER!! This episode definitely lit a fire in me, and I’m eagerly awaiting everything to unfold.

  • mrmonkeybottoms

    I’m LOVING Carol and her innocent smile and wide eyes. SUCKERS ALL OF YOU.

    Rick couldn’t be hotter. My pantaloons are aflame!

    BUTTONS!!!! NOOOOOOOOooooo!!!!!!!!

    • BUTTONS WAS REALLY HARD FOR ME, J. Really hard. D:

      Carol’s disarming smile is actually scarier than if she fixed people with a Dixon Death Glare, you know?

  • Colleen

    OH MY GOD! You closed with EXACTLY the same thought I had last night! Is Rick the new Shane? Going crazy, wanting to get with someone else’s wife, and possibly going to kill to do it?! Rick, STAHP I love you and you can’t turn into that! (But um, yes, panties en fuego for sure!)

    Carol and Daryl, I just love them more and more every episode, but for totally different reasons. Gather round youngsters of Alexandria, Auntie Carol is going to read you a nice bed time story… and Uncle Daryl is going to melt your heart with honest emotions. Seriously I have so much Carol love I don’t know what to do with it. She’s going to save them all, mark my words.

    Here’s my thing with Sasha… have none of these fancy yuppy doctors and politicians in Alexandria never heard of PTSD? Maybe send Dr. Porch Dick on a Barnes and Noble run to pick up a book or two? What they don’t have a Barnes and Noble complete with Starbucks inside their walls? Seems like people that throw cocktails parties during the apocalypse would have that.

    Also, I love everything Abraham has said and done in this half of the season! GREAT RECAP!!!

    • Carol is the physical embodiment of CONSTANT VIGILANCE. It is a thing of beauty! And I’m guessing since everyone in Alexandria seems to have gotten there straight away, they have NO IDEA what sorts of terrors the outsiders have been through. (Or that could be a Red Herring!)

      CAN YOU IMAGINE HOW AWESOME IT WOULD BE TO FIND A BOOKSTORE IN THE APOCALYPSE? All the things you could finally find time to read! All the copies of 50 Shades you could use as fire starter! Hahahahaha.

    • Eddie H

      EXACTLY! The last thing you want to do when talking to someone with PTSD is press. Sasha was demonstrating very clear signs of being in distress (solid acting job there btw) and recipe lady (acting in a manor that would freak me out) just escalates the situation by being more demanding as Sasha tries to evade the situation.

  • moata

    I love Carol but man, she freaked me out with that little nightmare tale to the little kid. Knowing what we know about her, it’s pretty frickin’ dark stuff and I can’t help thinking little Bobby (I have no idea if that’s his name, he looks like a Bobby) is NOT going to be keeping his trap shut. This stuff always comes out in the end.

    (as an aside, a few days ago I was feeding the toddler his dinner and, noticing he was interested in floral the table cloth, I found myself uttering the phrase “look at the flowers”… Ugh. Bad mother. Very, very, BAD.)

    And I totes agree that there was a very obvious Rick/Shane parallel going on at the end. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s wife, Rick. If I were the Doc I’d be keeping my eye on my oxen and chattels as well.

    Rick seemed almost deranged towards the end of that closing scene. I’m worried. This worries me. THIS IS WHAT I WORRY ABOUT, SASHA.

  • WhovianChick

    Okay first – I’m not talking about Buttons. At all. I got my tears and cursing out while watching and I’ll leave it at that.

    For the most part I adored this episode…but I’ve now changed my mind about thinking Deanna is fully on the up and up, just delusional (though I think she’s a bit of that as well). Mrs. “I’m a great judge of people” has totally misjudged Sasha…she’s like classic PTSD…and she’s handling her in the worst possible way. And I’m starting to think that my first inclination that they were giving them the illusion of power to win them over is correct.

    Or…they could just truly be a spoiled population that hasn’t had to deal with the real horror of the ZA – which is other people.

    I 100% loved the scenes with Daryl/Aaron and then Daryl/Aaron/Eric – I joked about shipping them with a friend while watching, but in all seriousness…I kinda felt like Daryl got adopted lol Assuming it hits that point, and it’s not all some nefarious plan, I think they can do for Daryl within the walls of Alexandria what Rick did for him in general: make him realize he has worth and is a good person at his heart.

    Carol with that kid…bejeebus that was scary, but you know…I can’t blame her. I’d like to say I don’t think Carol would actually try to kill him if he’d tried to run off screaming, but I don’t know…given protecting HER family is the most important thing (which I get, but damn!)

    My biggest issue with this episode is honestly the Jessie/Rick stuff. I’m sorry, but I’m not buying this whole murderous jealousy thing with her and the implied threat towards her husband. Maybe it’s a red herring but it’s so…out of character for Rick. Not that he’d get murderous, we know he’s capable of that…but murderous over a woman he’s spoken to …what? … three times now? It’s just not sitting well with me.

    But I really think most of these things that make us squint are red herrings, I really do think the Alexandrians are on the up and up – if a bit naive and sheltered – and that the threat will come from outside of the settlement. I do think there is a very real chance that our group might have to do a mini-coup to get them to actually shape up and deal with that threat effectively though.

    Side note: I LOVE the looks Andrew Lincoln gives. The way he can convey so much without saying a word. Specifically when Deanna said the lookout isn’t manned – his eyes rolled so hard I heard it all the way in my living room.

    • Eddie H

      I really thought that Carol was gonna end up having to kill that kid. I seriously thought that’s where the scene was going when she turned around and he was there like “ain’t ya gonna make me some cookies lady?”.

      • WhovianChick

        That kid would have gotten elevated to badass if he had actually said that out loud *laughs* She might have just mentored him at that point

  • Karen

    I had to laugh at Carol putting the fear into poor Sam. If the worst thing that happens to that child during the za is having the snot scared out of him, he’s still better off than the millions of people who have actually been eaten alive. But all hell is going to break open if Sam ever tells anyone what Carol is really like. I fear for her. Banishment won’t be the worst thing they could do.
    And Daryl’s got new buddies. Wonder if they’re breaking up the old gang (Rick, Daryl and Carol)? If Daryl is hangin’ with The Outsiders and Rick is busy banging the blonde chick, what’s poor Carol going to do for fun?
    Speaking of blonde chicks, what’s so special about Jessie? She’s pretty enough, but I’m not seeing what Rick must be, because I just don’t see how he’s suddenly in lust with her. Maybe the fact that she takes regular showers? Doesn’t smell like the dead? Knows how to use a knife and fork at the table?
    Poor Sasha. I hope someone finds time to talk her down from her ledge. Now she’s going to see everyone crossing the street to avoid her, which isn’t good.
    Michonne, Carl, Maggie and Glenn are about the only ones who seem semi-comfortable in this town. Given enough beer I think Abe will settle in. I think the rest of them might eventually fit in, except for Carol. So what does that mean for her? Will she leave on her own because she feels more comfortable “out there”?

  • AmyJhnsn

    My thoughts when Buttons came on screen: Oh yay! A horse that will get to live for more than one episo… oh, dear. Maybe not.

  • Eddie H

    For some reason, I can’t shake the sad feeling that that was the last horse left on earth (except for the ones that can fly and are hiding in the mountains).
    So my big take from this episode was from watching Rick at the wall. This whole time he’s been cool, calm, and collected. Sizing up the situation, putting on the best possible face as he does what he has to do to make sure his family is safe; but in the end his biggest reservation is that he doesn’t know how to live in society anymore. Does this scare him? Obviously things are going to come to an ugly head at some point, and nothing causes the crazy to come out quite like adultery. Can Michonne keep Rick grounded? It looks like maybe she’ll be getting some help from Daryl. We’ll see. The whole situation makes me nervous, but come what may.

  • Christa

    The whole literal scarlet A’s for adultery thing seems a little on the nose for me. I’d hope that WD wouldn’t be quite so clunky with it’s symbolism. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me.