Hoarders: Family Secrets 1.9 – Doris, T’Resa

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  • Karen

    This was another hard episode to watch. I kept wanting to see the moment that both those women had the light bulb moment when they realized that they had chosen “stuff” over their own children. And really neither one got there in the end. Not all the way. I felt so sorry for Jace and Cynthia – my heart broke for both of them. I was betting that Doris would do better than T’Resa though, and I was right. T’Resa was just soooooooo broken. I don’t really have hopes that anything can fix her at this moment. Yes, her husband was an @ss and a waste of otherwise good carbon, but she had a loving brother and son, which is more than some people get.
    I hope we get a follow up on these two in a couple of years. And yes, I loved Celeste as well, and hope she has a lifetime of love and happiness and hula dancing.

  • atlantaloves

    Boy, this was a killer for me too, I cried like a baby….those children were so wonderful….so forgiving….the hoarders…not so much. Cory rules! I would like to get a uterine transplant to bear his children if I wasn’t so old! He and Matt are my MAIN MEN!!! I love these guys. Very sad episode, but still totally great. Thanks again for you wonderful and thoughtful recap.

    Suz in Atlanta


    I’ve never struggled to hold back tears as much as when watching this episode! Such a wonderful display of love and support for both of those ladies. As always, great job with your reviews, and please keep ’em coming!

  • PDXGRL73

    T’resa is obviously on WAY too much medication. She passed me off, flat out. She needs to be institutionalized, and taken off what ever makes her slur her words.