Walking Dead 6.4 – Here’s Not Here

How are we four eps in!?! It just started! Basically this is what I’ve been waiting for since EPISODE ONE. And that is Morgan. GUYS. Y’ALL KNOW I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR HIS STORY. And know I’ve had an entire bottle of wine BY MYSELF in honor of last week. And also know that just because I wanted more about Morgan I didn’t necessarily NEED THIS EPISODE RIGHT IN THIS PARTICULAR SEASONAL LOCATION nor did I NEED ninety minutes of it. =/

Morgan Walking Dead Black,

Things y’all should remember about me: I’ve been interested in Morgan since Ep 1, I love that he’s in the woods in a sneeze guard and a Mel Gibson William Wallace stab sticks circle of protection* (technical name I’ve chosen), because that’s basically the light armor/temporary shelter I would choose.

Amazing things: guy in kidnapper ties as a Walker, skater shin guards as bite-protection, Morgan being US in the ZA. Things I don’t buy: ultra-dad being able to overpower Morgan.  I mean, come on. He’s a DAD. SORRY, DADS.  BUT HE IS THE DADDEST DAD AND PROBABLY ASKS MORGAN TO PULL HIS FINGER IN BETWEEN MOMENTS OF PHILOSOPHY. That is a man who has a lot of short-sleeve button ups, is what I’m getting at.

Never forget: the real problem in the ZA isn’t the undead. It’s the raiders and other living people. Am I going to have to link you back to the pamphlet made by church I grew up in? Because it’s pretty solid info, if seriously zionist.

And know this about me times a million: if it’s the ZA and I don’t know you and can’t tell immediately your usefulness, you ain’t gonna be hosted by me. No offense, and I’d expect the same from you. (But I’m sad about the goat! WAAAAAH, BABY.)

On one hand, it’s nice to have the reminder of humanity. On the other, YEAH. WE KNOW. Let’s move on to where we are in the narrative. 90 min?  JFC.  There’s a lot I want to know about Morgan, but… for some reason this episode isn’t entirely it. Maybe because it’s Margine’s husband? Hmm.  (Please know this reference.) GOATS DYING MAKES ME SAD. So. Give me your thoughts.


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  • Tiffany

    I’m totally sucked into Preacher – I just liked his opening line to the young boy and if one of the many J-dubs (I was raised as a Jehovah’s Witness and my hubby calls them J-Dubs) in my life had said that to me, I would probably still be offering you the Watchtower and Awake! Was this a comic book series? Will you review it, if I watch? (and before you ask, YES I am trying to suck you back in)
    While my blood-thirst demands slaking, I find I’m having super mixed thoughts/feelings about Morgan’s episode. Did we need it? Yes. Did we need it now? Not sure. BUT in the episodes defense I will say this: The new Morgan we are seeing is not as Zen and Buddha-like as we would all believe. I get the sense, the writers were trying to show us that Morgan is one bad memory away from being the Ricktatorships’ vice-president, member and client.
    I AM glad that after getting his story out to the Wolf, Morgan had enough presence of mind to lock the gate (especially when folks start threatening to kill chil’rens, REALLY? Chil’rens??) and I was happy to see him have some reservations about “preserving life”!
    Also one last thing about Fargo-Dad-Yoda, I think he is all “preserve life” because of what he did to the man that killed his family. When he finally went to take his punishment, the world had gone to shyt – so he is forever atoning for this lapse in character he had BEFORE the ZA..if he never left that back woods place in almost 2 years, than it would make sense that he thinks that living zen-like is actually an option.
    Did you see the previews for next week? Is it safe to say without Reg, I’m not sure Senator lady is going to make it. Like she really can’t get past his death and function is what it appears…
    Anywhooooooo- thoughts?

  • Eddie H

    I new our vegetarian friend wasn’t long for this world from the moment he showed up on screen, because let’s be honest, these things are formulaic. What I don’t get is how he died. You were holding your staff and I’m told you’re very good with said staff. Why would you throw your body at that walker and not jab it straight in the forehead with the good distancing weapon in your possession? I just don’t understand. I just…