Walking Dead 6.5 – Now

  • Remember: don’t ever be sorry.
  • How the harvest gets here.
  • Good or lucky, doesn’t matter. ┬áJust keep doing what you’re doing.
Walking Dead Glenn Maggie

BASICALLY HOW I FEEL ABOUT THIS SHOW. Mostly about Glenn. And Maggie.

  • Sheriff blue Eyes getting a little.
  • Deanna going bananas.
  • MAGGIE IS HAVING PIZZA DELIVERY BABIES. Guys. What are we thinking? I know I’m losing my damn mind. YOU??
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  • Chris

    I saw Deanna making plans for farming, and I was kind of shocked. Have they really been living only on scavenged items all this time? Are there no farmers on the east coast who would have asked to plant food?

    I feel like Deanna is finally breaking though that in-denial phase she seemed to be in and is hitting her learning curve.

    Maggie!!!!!!! She just made a friend for life of A-a-ron, and I think she’s going to need that. :( *cries*

    I’m finally catching up with the show (baseball trumped zombies during Morgan’s episode–Go Royals, let’s party like it’s 1985)!