Hoarders 8.3 – Jackie, Richard

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  • AmyJhnsn

    I felt so, so sad for Richard in particular. He seemed so detached from all emotion. Like, he could say “the right” things like “I’m sick in my head” (which I think is true if simplistic; he’s an alcoholic and a hoarder) but he didn’t seem capable of FEELING it. It seemed like he was just holding everything in behind a careful wall that he didn’t have very good control of. I hope he is getting some quality mental health care. I am so relieved for him and for his family that he is in assisted living.

    • It was probably incredibly painful to feel anything, so he’d trained himself for years NOT to. :( I, too, am so, so happy to know he’s in a facility where he can be looked after and cared for. He needs it.

  • Karen

    Yeah – I can finally access this blog again! Oh, how I’ve missed it.
    And so far the first 4 episodes of Hoarders has filled me with sadness for all the people involved. But I’m so glad they’re showing that the hoarders have more than just hoarding as a problem. So many of them have other issues as well, which makes it hard to treat just the hoarding. I really feel for friends and families dealing with this problem. You can’t do anything unless the person is a danger to himself or others. And even then you really don’t want them to move in with you and start a hoard in your house.
    That was a huge house that Jackie was living in – she must have been really good at her job. And there must have been a lot more that we didn’t get informed of, if her employer gave her a million dollar severance. And now it’s all gone – nothing for the kids to use to get her the help she needs. If she can even be helped at this point. The delusions and paranoia are strong.
    Richard just seemed like he was killing himself a day at a time, with the junk and the mold and the drinking. So sad. Hopefully his assisted-care facility has some mental health professionals to help him.

    • I’m happy you’re back!

      What I think is so important that they’re really hammering away at this season is that hoarding isn’t about “cleaning the house”. It’s about a mental illness. And sometimes, as we saw with Jackie,there are several things at play.

      I assumed from the size of the severance package Jackie got that she was pretty dang good at her job, haha! I love that she had that in her life, and can only assume that losing something so important contributed to her depression.

      I was so, so relieved to see that Richard is getting the medical (both physical and mental) attention that he needs.

      • FOL

        The million dollar severance is absolutely indicative of a financial settlement, in order to avoid a legal battle/lawsuit. The story behind that specific situation is likely to be a major contributor to Jackie’s depression, especially when it was combined with the overall loss of her career and illness. The show likely did not discuss the separation due to the non-disclosure agreement (NDA) that inevitably comes with a severance package of that magnitude. I’ve worked at Fortune 500 companies where this has occurred, and have a friend who agreed to a similar package. While Jackie may have been an effective employee, that generous severance was not simply because “she was pretty dang good at her job”.

        Since an NDA creates a confidential relationship between the parties, if Jackie disclosed the severance information she would suffer “indirect, special or consequential losses”. The employer is entitled to “claim special damages if the confidentiality provisions are breached”. While the NDA is done to protect the company/employer, the severance is meant to compensate Jackie for loss or damage. The situation could’ve been anything from a lack of proper credit (like a patent) to sexual harassment or racial discrimination.

        I enjoy your posts!

  • David Tolin

    Hi– David Tolin here. First time posting to this terrific blog but I really enjoy the discussion! I’ll tell you, I don’t think Matt and I have ever agonized over a case the way we did with this one. What they don’t show you is Matt and me up late at night, talking it through and making phone calls to try to help Richard. We both felt terrible for him– it was clear as soon as we got there that he had some very serious psychiatric issues, and that he and his family just weren’t equipped to deal with them. After a day or so of cleanup, Matt and I looked at each other like, “what the hell are we doing here?” We knew that we were there to film a TV show, but I’m glad that we decided to put Richard’s needs first. I have to give real credit to Matt here for helping me see the situation clearly– Matt and all of the organizing/cleaning experts on Hoarders are such great sounding boards and partners. Cory called it right in episode 1 with Judy, and Matt called it right with Richard.

    • Hello, Dr. Tolin! So glad you could make it. :D

      I’ll have you know that since you’ve come on board, we’ve had commenters bring up how much they’ve appreciated the care you give the hoarders and their families. You’re a terrific addition.

      Nothing about this situation looked easy. I had a lot of admiration for Connie to take her father’s anger (which was his defense mechanism) and keep coming back. What the show does in showing how families are affected is immeasurable.

      The first thing I say to people who might be on the fence about this show is that first and foremost, the cast and crew CARE about these people. This isn’t some toss off of a reality show for ratings or promo, this is the real deal. And anyone who watches can see just how much each of you care.

      Love it. Thanks for all you do, and we’ll keep watching!

      • atlantaloves

        I am so in love with Dr. Tolin and of course Matt, who is my fantasy husband. You guys made the right choices, and kudos to you both. So sad sad sad these cases. I worry for both these very ill people. They need help….especially the teddy bear lady….oh man. This lady needs serious medication. Damn.

  • Standolyn

    Hi Laura, thank you for your thoughtful observations. The producers give a lot of thought and consideration when matching the experts with the client. For me, no matter what’s happening during the filming, I have nothing but respect for anyone that allows us into their home and are willing to do the hard work with other watching. It’s not easy.

    Look forward to your post.

    • I’m so happy to see you come by! You’re very popular in our home. ;)

      One thing I keep pointing out to our readers and social media is that respect should absolutely be given to folks who put themselves out there in such a way. It can’t be easy. And if there are kids involved, it’s so, so brave to let their lives be shown and have to get on with the business of living. The least we can do is to give them our attention and respect for trying.

      Thank you again for always being so compassionate and positive with your clients!

      • Standolyn

        You are welcome. Thank for your support and gentle words.

    • Miranda Prince

      Standolyn, I honestly don’t have favorites among the organizers — you’re all wonderful. But I always enjoy your compassion and kindness. Thank you for everything you do!

  • Miranda Prince

    Another heartbreaking episode. I have nothing but admiration for Mark, David, Standolyn and Matt, and for the families. And nothing but love and good wishes for Jackie and Richard. I hope Jackie gets the help she needs. <3