Hoarders 8.8 – Peggy, Connie and Ed

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  • callmestory

    I don’t think that Connie’s comparing her hoarding to Ed’s cancer is entirely fair. I mean, I get that both of them have a condition that they haven’t necessarily chosen. But to me, Connie saying that she shouldn’t be pressured to change her habits would be more like Ed saying “I have cancer, but I’m not going to go to doctors and get medicine and surgery or whatever, you can just take care of me.” I thought it was very manipulative of her, and I was a little surprised that nobody called her on it.

  • Vicky King

    The way peggy slapped at her daughters little dog who did nothing but look at her, shows me all I need to know about her. She is a animal abuser and a waste of oxygen. No we didn’t see animals suffering in her story, they’ve already done their suffering, they’re dead. They died locked in cages. She makes me sick and if I were her family, she would not ever be allowed near an animal.

    • Vicky, she isn’t allowed to be around animals. That’s why this show is important. It finds these folks and alerts them to the proper authorities.

      Your anger and disgust are understandable, but not helpful here.

      • Vicky King

        Laura, she lives with her daughter that has a little dog that is obviously afraid of her. She was not punished in any way. She blamed the dogs deaths on rabies shots, what about the birds, did she get them rabies shots too. I’m not stupid. She should do jail time. Hitler was sick too and I don’t forgive him either. My anger is helpful, someone has to stick up for the abused animals. It sickens me to think they died locked in cages while this bitch watched.

        • You might need to avoid our site. You aren’t going to find whatever it is that you’re looking for.

          • Vicky King

            And what is it do you think I want other than to speak out against child and animal abuse? Maybe I shouldn’t have called her names but maybe you shouldn’t have stuck up for her behavior. When I saw the little dog skeleton lying in his bed that is identical to my dogs bed and imagined his suffering, I grabbed my dogs, hugged them and cried. It absolutely broke my heart. Then to hear her say she’s niot sorry, well I was infuriated. Sorry, I thought this was a public forum for people to voice their opinions, not your personal one where everyone has to agree with you.

            • This is my personal site, actually. I don’t expect people to agree with me, just display common decency and compassion.

              Please don’t bother coming back. There are other sites that will give you a space to use the language and tone you prefer.

              • Sarah Mason

                Name calling, and calling a human being a waste of oxygen are not respectful. But Vicky is correct, the lack of accountability for Peggy for what really appeared to be a criminal act of animal neglect (and possibility abuse) was disturbing. Peggy interaction with her daughter’s dog was also disturbing. It did feel alarming she was even allowed to be around the little dog. I appreciate what the show tried to do, and the progress she did make, but animal abuse is a serious and disturbing crime.

            • allthatca

              AMEN VICKY!!

  • allthatca

    No you won’t see animals suffering in this episode but you will see them all dead and how they DID suffer a slow and agonizing death.

  • allthatca

    That’s kind of weird that this episode stirs up some very strong emotions in people yet the owner of this website does not allow one to express their feelings about animal suffering, abuse and neglect. Thank you, I guess I won’t be welcome here, how sad ???? Please think twice about posting on this thread because if you have any kind of feelings or emotions you will be kicked off. I expect this comment will be removed. Tsk, tsk.

    • nice concern trolling/commenting. Reminder that it’s explicitly stated that comments that attack the hoarders or crew are not welcome.

      Also a reminder that this was my personal website where I write about shows so I can do what I’d like? You can also create your own website and put your thoughts and views there. Check the time stamp on this episode, as well. Little late to the game.

  • Gerald

    I just watched this episode & Peggy isnot agood person & imbeing nice about it!!! To see the dead animals in those cages made my blood boil, then to hear Peggy blame the vet made me more enraged. When Peggy prayed with her kids for these poor animals she didn’t shed a tear. I saw her be mean to her daughters dog & that just showed everyone how abusive she must of been to those poor animals. I wish her kids would of called aspca & maybe they could of saved those pets. I watch hoarders it’s good to see the houses get cleaned up, but really pisses me off to see animals abused, there is no excuse for mistreating any animals. Connie comparing Eds cancer to her hoarding is unbelievable. Eds son is right he needs to get a backbone, if I was one of the boys I would beg my aunt to come live with her.