Game of Thrones 6.7 – The Broken Man

Edmure Tully Blackfish Frey


[Previously!] Hey there! We’re jumping straight into it, both the recap and the show, evidently, so there’s your warning. Also: NO INTRO?!? Instead of my familiar sweeping game board, it’s Ian McShane (!!) leading the construction of… who knows this early but HOLD THE DAMN PHONE. THE HOUND ISN’T DEAD?! The Hound? HE IS ALIVE.

Okay, this season is throwing out the old playbook. Instead of the characters we’re most interested in dying, SOME OF THEM ARE TURNING UP ALIVE. Glory Be! And oh, okay, there’s my intro, and it’s almost anti-climactic after that shocker. (But I clapped and hummed along, because of course I did. Are you new?!  Wait…are you?)

HI, NEW PEOPLE. I am Unsullied. We take it seriously here. No book talk. You literally have everywhere else, but this place is Show Only because you guys get to laugh at how emotional I get. WHEE!  (No seriously, it’s fun. I get super emotional; it’s totally ridiculous.)

The Hound is hearty and hale and full of sass, seemingly fueled by his frustration over being “bested” by Arya. (ETA: Bested in battle by Brienne, but left to die by Arya.) Still? Well, the guy does know how to hold a grudge. That’s practically been his raison d’être from childhood, grudge holding. And, I should add, with good reason.) He’s kept going all this time because he’s full of hate. Same, Sandor, saaaaaame. Turns out that hate is a great motivator for building a church! (I’ll let that sink in.)

Sandor Clegane The Hound

“Another day alive, another chance for people to disappoint me. At least there’s chicken.” [Off camera: “We ate all the chickens!”] “Ooooooof course you did.”

Ian McShane is evidently clergy, but for which God? Eh. He wears the 7-Point Star but he doesn’t care what you call the gods or The God. He just believes in something bigger than Man, and I can get behind that. I do love the brief hope on Sandor’s face when he’s told that he’s already been punished by the gods so now it’s time to get on with living Clean.

Speaking of a dude who just wants to have a church built (but with a much larger appetite for the power that comes with it), we turn to Cult Pope and Queen Margaery. Margaery is continuing her long-con of “I have seeeeeeeen the light, hallelujah and pass the peas!” She has the hands held pious and everything. Lord, butter wouldn’t melt on her tongue, she’s so damn cool when talking to Cult Pope.

Everything you need to know about Cult Pope:

CP: Your Grace, why haven’t you made like a Madonna and laid with your pubescent husband to become swollen with his righteous and mighty seed?
QM: Eww? And, well. I’m pious now. I don’t have “desires.” Isn’t that what you guys are always preaching to us lady-kind?
CP: Well, yes, but you’re married now. Your husband wants to use you. I mean, make a baby, a gods-given right. The country and the gods demand you spread your legs and let him have it. Slut it up, but in the name of Jesus and for country and King, Your Grace!
QM: [looks at camera like Jim on The Office]
CP: Now! Let’s have you fix up Lady Olenna to be as pious as you’ve become.
QM: Fake leader says what?
CP: What?

No, they don’t, but Nun Ratchet has to attend all meetings with Margaery, and Olenna is pissed about this intrusion until Margaery manages to slip her a note. It’s… a drawing of a rose. I assume this means something given the smile on Olenna’s face? Like, House Tyrell will vanquish? As they (a.k.a. Margaery and hopefully Loras) are “Growing Strong?” Yes, that seems more likely.

Margaery Tyrell Game Thrones

MUCH PIOUS. VERY HOLY. SUCH GOOD. (Also, those are some niiiiiiiice togs for an acolyte, amirite? I bet you’re happy, Nun Ratchet.)

North of Winterfell, Jon and the Wildlings parlay to decide if they’ll join him and Sansa in taking Winterfell back. God, I want Brienne to hear Gjördkr the Bær Fuçkër’s (aka Tormund’s) braw speech about Wildlings not being cowards and honor and how if they don’t do this, they deserve to be the last of the Free Folk. Then WunWun stands and sides with Jon, and that’s all the others need to hear, I guess. Hahaha. I love it. Manly handshakes all around with Ser Davos feeling young and excited again to have someone he can admire leading once more.

Tormund Wildlings Jon Snow

I LOVE THIS MAN. I love his BEARD I love his HUMOR I love his love of Chîcken Eåting and most of all I love his TRUE HEART.

One of the greatest moments in the history of this show, maybe: Cersei takes an audience with Lady Olenna, who then lists all of Cersei’s faults. 27 minutes later (hahahaha) she says that knowing how alone and desperate Cersei now finds herself is the one ounce of joy in Olenna’s life.

Lady Olenna Cersei Lannister

I don’t like you. Children don’t like you. Pigeons believe their shit to be too good to drop on you. Amoeba are more complex in their thinking than you. I don’t want to say that you’re worthless, because burning your corpse could warm fourteen hobos for a solid ten minutes, and I don’t want to diminish their comfort. But ultimately: piss off.

Cersei literally stands there swallowing the dust from grinding her own teeth.

Jaime, banished, now leads a massive army (like, have we seen an army of this size? Is it just them going Sandpeople-style, aka, single file to hide their numbers? #nerd) with Bronn (hey!) at his side, on their way to RiverRun. Once there, they find the Frey wonks already there, threatening the gates with Edmure on a rope, added bonus of a knife to his throat..

Lothar, of the Hill People Twins: Yield, or the wimp gets it!
Blackfish: …get on with the throat cutting. [shrugs]
Lothar: Shit. That’s a hard man, that. [shoves Edmure away]
Edmure: Oh, thank god. Nothing has gone like I’ve thought it would!
Jaime: So! You must be Frey men. No wonder you all stink.
Lothar 2: Uh. I resemble that remark!
Bronn: You resemble… Ah, christ, he beat me to it.
Jaime: Nice job on not following through with the threat, Lothar. What if I threatened to backhand you?
Lothar: I don’t car—
Jaime: MAY I REMIND YOU ALL THAT MY HAND IS MADE OF SOLID GOLD. [batter-batter-SA-WING-batter across the chops]

Jaime should have that place whipped into shape in no time.

Jaime Lannister horses Frey


Jon and Sansa arrive at Bear Island, House Mormont, and it’s like a fantasy version of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater House. (So awesome, right?!) Sansa starts out on the wrong foot by approaching the princess? Lady? Of the house, a young girl who is maybe 10, by complimenting her looks. Should have brought Brienne with you, Sansa…

This kid (Lady Mormont) is tough, man. She’s smart, she’s up on the local gossip, the political intrigue, and doesn’t quite ken why she should put any of her people’s lives at stake for another person’s war. LORD I LOVE THIS CHILD. Ser Davos steps forward.

“This isn’t someone else’s war. It’s our war. […] The real war isn’t between a few squabbling houses. It’s between the living and the dead.”

If you don’t love Ser Davos, then you’re living life in an incorrect manner.

Then this beauty of a Mormont child says, “House Mormont has kept faith with House Stark for 1,000 years. We will not break faith today.”

Can I get an amen?

While Jon and Sansa are shocked to hear they’re only acquiring 62 men, Ser Davos rightly says that if they’re half as ferocious as Lady Mormont, the Boltons are doomed. And she PREENS, and I had to roll around on the carpet in a ball like a pill bug to keep from flying into the ether it was so precious. Ser Davos should have been a dad, that’s all I’m saying. HE SHOULD HAVE RUN AWAY WITH SHIREEN AND LEARNED HOW TO READ BEDTIME STORIES AND BRAID SHIREEN’S HAIR AND sob sob sob…

Speaking of ferocious, Jaime, cleaned up and the camp now properly kitted out, approaches the gate with hopes of parlay. And let’s just say this: RiverRun is a hell of a house. That’s a fortress, that is. Blackfish meets him and it’s instantly snarky and hilarious.

Blackfist Lord Tully Frey


Blackfish: You have my nieces?
Jaime: Ha. No. That was several seasons ago.
Blackfish: You going back into captivity?
Jaime: Now that they have me cleaned up? Hardly. The war is over. Surrender.
Blackfish: As long as I’m standing, the war is not over. This is my home. I’m ready to die in it. Ever hear of Doomsday Prep? We did. MREs out the wazoo.
Jaime: Then what was the point of this?
Blackfish: I get bored. You.. didn’t really cure me of that. Sigh. Later, kid.

House Glover gives Jon a hard NO on joining forces because of the Wildlings. Sansa gets yet another lesson in diplomacy when she tries to appeal to his sense of honor, but as far as Lord Glover is concerned, House Stark is dead. Ouch.

Theon and Yara hit Honcho Dori and everyone partakes in pleasures of the flesh (hey-o, Yara with her lady friend! CRAP THAT MEANS THEY’LL KILL YARA, NOOOOOO #SaveTheLesbians) while Theon has to stare and not get his non-existent rocks off. Ugh, some PTSD for him happening here.

Yara Greyjoy Theon Greyjoy


Theon Greyjoy Yara Greyjoy


It’s really hard for him to let loose and not be constantly on guard–being tortured for a while will do that to you. Yara’s method of getting him to be better is to get him drunk and say that he escaped and he can get revenge. Hmm. I… really want him, not Sansa, to be the one who kills Ramsay. Sansa can watch, but Theon needs to have that. (God, this show has made me so bloodthirsty.)

“If you’re so broken that there’s no coming back, cut your wrists and end it. But I need you. We’re going to sail to Meereen and make a pact with this dragon queen and take back the Iron Islands. Are you with me?”

yara greyjoy lesbians sailors

Yara is doing the best she can with her broken brother and the poor tools inherited from her father.

Theon looks up, eyes burning, and nods. FIRST OF MANY IMPORTANT STEPS, THEON. I AM ROOTING FOR YOU.

Sansa, growing frustrated with the (small) size of their army, takes it upon herself to send a raven. Oh, Sansa. Be smart. She signs it with her name. Shit. I said BE SMART, dangit.

Back wherever Sandor is, Ian gives a casual lesson to the crowd about shame for all the killing he did. It’s the old, “I can’t undo the bad I did, just try and do better” spiel.  The “It’s never too late to come back” sermon.

But. Are you there, 7 Gods? It’s me, Sandor is happening, and I am here for it.

Three men approach on horseback and Sandor is immediately on guard. They want to know what they’re doing here. Just living, you know. (Hmm.) The three horsemen realize there isn’t anything to take and ride off. It’s ominous, though, and Sandor knows it. The night is dark and full of terrors, after all.

Sandor knows there’s being pious and then there’s surviving when bad shit keeps showing up at your door. I… feel pretty confident in which direction Sandor leans.

Arya Stark Waif death

ENJOY THIS WHILE WE CAN. Arya Stark, ready to go home.

We have an Arya sighting! She approaches a Westerosi man to book passage home in two days. Nah, son, she wants to leave at dawn. Oh snap, I love her and I’m hoping she gets out. PLEASE BE SMART. HA. Ha. Universe is all, SCREW YOU, LAURA as an old woman approaches and oh shit, oh SHIT SHE STABS ARYA OVER AND OVER NO.

The Waif Arya Stark

The Waif stabbing Arya

Arya manages to get out of A Waif’s embrace and flings herself over the wall into the water and hopefully to safety??



She staggers about the city looking for help. Can she trust anyone? No. SHE CAN’T!! Oh my god. Arya, you fucked up. YOU FUCKED UP.

Sandor continues his diligent work in the woods cutting down trees when he hears people screaming. Let me guess. The three horsemen come back? God damn, they did, and they killed everyone. GOD. WHY. WHY? He finds Ian McShane hanging in his unfinished chapel because of course.

The day is dark and full of terrors, too.

Sandor grabs an ax and walks off. Oh, shit, y’all fucked up. YOU FUCKED UP.

OKAY. I need the show to ease the hell up off the gas pedal for a second, because I am holding the “oh shit” bar and freaking out.

ARYA. Guys, I had tears in my eyes and hit pause and stared into nothingness for about five minutes, not sure what I’d just watched. My daughter came out, took one look at me and said, “Uh oh, who died?” HOPEFULLY NO ONE. Then I hit rewind and watched it again, and Arya has to make it. NO, HEAR ME OUT, SHE HAS TO. Because she’s the kind of spunky kid who Ser Davos would love and there’s still Gendry and she needs to see JON and get a HUG and I just need that, okay?


…so who was the broken man? Theon? Jon? …Arya? The Hound? I feel like it could be anyone, really. I assume on the surface it’s Ian McShane but Metaphor and Literary stuff and I drank a lot of wine and had a freak out about Arya and my hands were shaking when I typed this.

And I need Dany to fall in love with Yara so that Yara stays safe. I just have a lot of feelings right now? This was one of those episodes that shouldn’t be as exciting as I’m reacting, but it laid a LOT of groundwork. GUYS. Guys. Arya’s spleen is jacked.It is straight up jacked. Wait, that was her liver. Bowels? You don’t mess with innards, and her innards are MESSED UP.


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  • Zack

    The rose Margaery slips QoT is the sigil of House Tyrell, like the Starks’ direwolf or the Lannister lion. She’s signaling that she is playing a role, but her loyalties are unchanged. So hopefully Olenna gets to Highgarden where it’s safe :)

    also this is my favorite season, god, these past few episodes <3

    I am shipping Dany and Yara too, the ladies on this show are fkn fierce and I love it. ….whiiiiiiich, I mean………Arya is a badass and I know she just got what Robb's wife did at the Wedding, but if she dies and all her training was just so she could die alone in some foreign land that would be just the worst

    lastly, Ian McShane and the Hound, what a pairing! If only it could have lasted more than one episode. grr

    • “The rose Margaery slips QoT is the sigil of House Tyrell” I… assume you skimmed the recap/that paragraph? ;)

      This season has been AMAZING. Just awesome. The payoff for all the buildup is coming fast and furious–and I’m with you. Arya’s story won’t end like this. It just can’t. I don’t think people would ever forgive GRRM if that’s how she goes out.

      • Zack

        My favorite way to look at that scene is that perhaps the waif is wearing an Arya disguise to lure her out, and that old woman was not the waif, but Arya. The old switcheroo.

        But I like it because it would mean that her training resulted in her mastering awesome faceswapping skills.

        Also I forgot to mention the absolute glee I felt with that Sansa/Davos/Lady Mormont chat. That girl was impressive as hell!

        I must have misread your comment about Margaery’s rose, which I do, from time to time. I was relieved to see it, even though I had been fairly certain of things. I fear Tommen may not survive the season though. I kind of expect him to die by a smashing from FrankenGregor. Since, y’know, he’s newly pious and allied with the High Sparrow. I think there could be a battle where Gregor doesn’t understand that when Cersei wants him to kill those zealots, she doesn’t include Tommen in her death list.

        • OH MY GOD THOUGH!? I like that theory!!!!!!

          • Moon Hippo

            I have a really really bad feeling that they are going to make it unclear who’s who, and in episode 10 pull a Locke and we find out that Arya is dead and its No One wearing her face. I have bad vibes about the whole thing….

        • Andy Street

          Thats a good idea – the typical ‘evil genie grants wishes that backfire through being taken literally’ plot. Cersei orders him to go and kill ‘the High Sparrow and all his allies’ or something, and he takes that to include Tommen…

  • Andy Street

    Remember Davos WAS a father. His son got burned to death by wildfire on the Blackwater.

    They are really throwing out the ‘high profile character actors in minor but memorable roles’ this season. I am gutted that the Hound didn’t get to spend more time at peace in his little religious commune before it inevitably went horribly wrong and he has to go on a Hitman-style rampage of revenge. I wonder whether the gods do have some purpose for him? Stopping his unstoppable zombie brother, possibly. He will need to go and murder a whole bunch of Brotherhood without Banners types first. And didn’t THEY lose touch with their original mission statement?

    I think Margaery was basically just tipping a wink to her grandmother that she’s got things under control and she needs to gtf out of dodge.

    I can’t believe we only have three episodes to go. Traditionally this part of the season is a bit of a lull as they prepare for the climax and it has kind of been like that, but they still keep throwing so much new stuff at us. I think it’s only going to get more crazy from here – there is so much to resolve!

    • DAVOS NEEDS TO BE THE FATHER OF A LITTLE GIRL. (But you’re right, I forgot about his son. Bit of a non-entity on the show, that guy.)

      I almost feel like the show is setting up that ONLY the Hound can kill FrankenMountain? Like, only his living blood or something could undo the magic?

      The season has just been on 9000RPMs and I can’t believe where we are, too! AHHHH, I’m scared! :D

      • mrspidey80

        1000% confirmed!
        Get HYPE!

        Ahem, don’t worry, that’s just a popular meme about that theory that you just came up with.
        Nothing is actually confirmed (unfortunately).
        But many think the way you do.

    • Byron Abrahams

      The Hound in a Charles Bronson remake of Death Wish, Westerosi style.

    • Lyanna Mormont

      The BWB really, REALLY lost their way. They’re now dark and full of terrors, it seems. Has Beric continued to lose a little bit of himself with each death and resurrection, until there’s nothing left of who he once was, or is something else going on? It sure looked like the Hound was going after them, so I guess we may find out…

      • Deceptively Calm Scientist

        “Man with axe kills 128 bandits. Police baffled”

  • MA

    A) The idea of AshaYara seducing Dany is hilarious and I must have it. Daario won’t know what to do with himself.

    B) I need a spin-off alternate reality where Shireen lived, and she and Lyanna Mormont become the ultimate BFFs, and Davos frequently makes them French toast.

    • PorkPie

      So much YES!!

    • Lyanna Mormont

      Shireen, Lyanna Mormont, and Arya.

      • Olive

        No – Shireen, Lyanna and Rickon!

      • moata

        And they fight crime and are cartoons and Powerpuff Girls, yo.

    • Don’t you think Yara would totally make that happen? Or attempt it. I think Yara is Dany’s type, honestly. :D

      I NEED THIS FRENCH TOAST TUESDAY NIGHT ABC FAMILY SHOW PRONTO. There can be a Ver Special Episode where Shireen is getting bullied in school, Lyanna kicks butt, and we have a “Daddy’s very proud of you but I have to pretend you shouldn’t fight, but make sure you hold you hand like this when you swing, now let’s go have more French toast” episode. I NEED THIS.

      • MA

        “Now, you shouldn’t fight but when you do, don’t take the first swing. Take the last one. Now pass the powdered sugar.”

  • debijl

    The reason for the opening scene with the reveal of Sandor BEFORE the credits is that Rory McCann’s name would appear in the opening credits, thus spoiling the surprise. Smart.

    • Oh, of course. Big ruiner, that would have been. Remember, I write these as I watch. :)

  • house threepwood

    I don’t know why,but the opening reminded me of Hercules the Legendary Journies hahah..but seriously,I love having the Hound back!Hide your chickens you filthy bastards!Arya won’t die like this,I’m sure of it,the Blackfish was in complete badass mode,Edmure needs to say SOMETHING at some point ,but all in all solid episode,great recap as always:)

    • Anthony Gitto

      You are sooo right regarding the HerculesXena feel! I didn’t catch that until I read this!


      And thank you! Yeah, Edmure needs to, you know, participate. hahaha.

    • Lyanna Mormont

      If Edmure’s been locked in a dungeon since season 3, his vocal chords may be a bit rusty. He just needs to do some vocal exercises…

  • Original-S

    This episode…..I don’t know, to me, it was kind of a let down. Especially coupled with last week’s episode. I mean, I know it can’t be all action, all the time, and I know they need to start bringing things together, but it was just so lackluster for so many parts. I was glad to see the Hound, but I feel his scenes were too drawn out. Plus, how the hell far away was he from the settlement? He was in yelling distance, at least, because he heard a yell, ran, and got there after things were over? I dunno, it just sits wrong with me. At the end of the episode, I caught myself saying “That’s it? That’s the whole episode? That is what they are ending on? I am barely invested in those recently slaughtered people and they think this is a strong ending?” I just really love this show, so I think that is why I was so let down.

    I feel like this week was a lot of people being lulled into false senses of security, for the most part. The Hound finds peace? Nope, stabby massacre instead! Jamie is going to easily take Riverrun? Not if Blackfish can help it. Arya is getting her swag on and going home? KER-STABBED! Think again, Miss No Longer No One! Jon is a confident and battle tested leader and Sansa has grown into her BAMFness after going through all the shit? Haha, no, you get schooled by a (admittedly awesome) 10 year old! (Also, NOOO, do not send that letter, Sansa! You fucked up enough things in the first few seasons, you should have leeaaarrrrned!)

    On the plus side, Margaery continues to be Queen of My Heart and her grandmother’s fiesty, give-no-fucks attitude warms my cockles. Those two play the game so well and were the shining stars of this episode for me. Well, and Davros. And the Blackfish. OK, so there were a few awesome people.

    But not the bad Pope. He is terrible and his whole “Sex doesn’t require desire on the women’s part, just patience” made me want to hurl……a large brick at his head.

    • Anthony Gitto

      Personally… if ANY episode makes me sit up at the end and say, “it’s over already?” is a GOOD episode!

      Yeah, that High Sparrow Quote made me wince for sure

      • Original-S

        I usually feel the same way, but this episode, my “That’s it?” moment was more because I felt like they hadn’t told enough story and I was waiting for the really good part. Too much of it felt mediocre to me so I was stunned when they ended on, what I felt, was a weak note.

    • I get those feelings of… is that all? BOY DO I. I feel like this season in particular will benefit from a rewatch in episode groups of 2 or 3, in which case, I bet you’ll come away feeling differently than you do now. (I try to rewatch the previous episode then go straight into the new one, so that affects my engagement, honestly. In a good way!) Plus, this was a short one by a few minutes, and this season hasn’t had a minute wasted. 5 extra could have been a LOT.

      The bar has been set PRETTY high this season, too. I mean, this has been a doozy of a past few eps!

  • JCDavis

    I think the best thing you wrote was actually the theme of the show this week. “YOU FUCKED UP”. Everyone did it, every story line. Does it matter if the person(s) in question fucked up and it comes back and take off their silly little arses? Or that it was just a general “you fucked up”. One that we know is going to cause big problems for the big picture? I suppose we could count the, “YOU FUCKED UP’S”. Would that be fun? It would tickle me, Elmo.

    Leaving the opening, who didn’t love seeing our favorite singed Doberman ne St. Bernard returning to our little silver screen? *I swear I almost heard the Lassie themed song whistling* That is a “watch for it fuck up”. Next we get to a “FINALLY FUCKED UP” Cult Pope. Mini Mel-argarey bluff off. We see that he loses and my own personal Avenger Queen of Thornes is put in the right direction, but not before….Let me list all your fucked ups” with vintage Mia Farrow who has no defense against Emma Peel.

    Now to a rare, didn’t fuck up at all, Ser Davos! Love that guy. Jon and Sansa just gave us a “useless fuck up”. But Wun Wun will have no fuck ups around him. Go ahead and deal with the “Snow”, dare ya, double dog dare ya. Wildlings totally understimated fuck up in progress. Edmure, what a useless fuck up you are and Blackfish what a bad ass, gonna fuck your shit up you are. Then to Yokohama Mama (got it, see?) basically warned little bro not to fuck this shit up and may have inadvertently fucked her own shit up..tits and wine, easy distraction.

    Arya’s, I don’t get it, but why the major HUGE fuck up here? Showrunners fucked me up with that one. And finally Chow in St. Bernards clothing. BwoB most certainly fucked up here.

    Sorry for *cough cough* fucking up your comment section, but this week it seemed warranted. Until next time, keep that freak flag flyin’.

    • Let me love you for knowing Hunky-dory/piratical fun times. LET ME.

      I almost tore myself in two a la Rumplestiltskin when Arya got shivved prison-style.

  • Rillion

    I’m pretty sure The Hound was referring to being bested by Brienne not Arya.

    • Lisa

      That was my thought as well. Arya walked off, going ‘speak to the hand’ over his plea to off him. But it was Brienne who had the knock down drag out with him that sent him over a cliff. And now both Hound and Brienne will be in the Riverlands…

    • Well, I meant the little girl leaving him to die and not finishing him off? After all they’d been through? That’s a grudge to hold. Brienne? That was a battle, fair and square.

  • Noely Contreras Varela

    #SaveTheLesbians, I lost my shit here, I love your reviews :)


  • magnusk_98

    Okay, guys. Is the theme for this season “We are bringing back all the old generation of awesome characters”? If yes, please resurrect Tywin. :p Glad to see the Hound back, glad to see the Blackfish back, glad to see Bronn back. Let me be all man-guy for a second and say that it is nice to see all the cool dudes appear. :)

    As for Arya, ouch. Buuuut if we look at the HBO preview for next week, how the hell can she be jumping around with such a gut wound?

    Margaery is going to turn the tables so good on the High Hypocrite, I can just savor it. :)

    As for the north crew, more set-up, although it was good. The pay-off promises to be something, though.

    • Lyanna Mormont

      They did resurrect Tywin. He now goes by the name Randyll Tarly.

      • magnusk_98

        Seems like he left all the charm on the other side, then.

        • Lyanna Mormont

          … Tywin had charm?

          He’d have you killed for saying that.

          • magnusk_98

            He was quite charming in his own way with Arya. Otherwise, he had tons of charisma.

            • precisely! And it was that easy charm that made me feel even more that Arya was in peril. <3 God, I loved the Harrenhall moments…

              • Deceptively Calm Scientist

                Hah! Remember Littlefinger’s face when he spotted Arya as Tywin’s waitress?

            • Lyanna Mormont

              Oh, charisma, hell yes. Oodles of it. Charm? Nah.

    • Oooh, I didn’t watch the next week preview, so I didn’t see her jumping! THAT GIVES ME HOPE. Bless.

      I am so damn stoked for this upcoming pay off, holy jeez.

      • ars_belli

        Nah, I’ll bet it’s Meaner, Bigger Arya wearing her face. When did we ever get nice things on this show?

    • ars_belli

      Ha, yes, I’d go for resurrecting Tywin, if only to match him up against Cult Pope.

  • Byron Abrahams

    Man, I look forward to your recaps almost as much as the show itself.
    You are not alone in thinking this episode was deserving of a big reaction. It was perfectly paced, tense, and DAMN IT THE HOUND IS BACK!!
    Why should we care about anything else?
    Oh, yeah, WUN-WUN said “Snow!” Didja hear him? Didja?
    Okay, so I got carried away too. When the show keeps delivering like this, can you blame me?

    • Lyanna Mormont

      It really was almost a Very Special Episode featuring the Hound. “How to end the cycle of violence and become a force for good in the world” – nah, just kidding, this is Game of Thrones!

    • Aww, thanks, Byron! I appreciate that so much.

      WUNWUN SPEAKS! It’s the little things, you know? Then, you add in ALL THE BIG THINGS and it’s almost too much. YAY!!!

  • rayffis

    This was amazing episode! Thanks for the recap :)

  • PorkPie

    I was riding piggy-back on Sandor, waiting with bated breath for your review, and you did not disappoint!

    THE HOUND!!!! I squealed, I admit it. Bringing back my beloved Sandor helped fill a tiny bit of the enormous hole left by HODOR. I was SO freaking excited to see so many infamous faces again! I was hoping the Blackfish and Jamie would have a pissing match, but the fly-flicking and mouse-batting the Blackfish gave us instead was even better! Loved that earlier moment with Jamie’s arrival, too:
    Lothar: “I challenge you to a duel.”
    Jamie: “I accept”
    I’m hopeful that Arya will live, and feel like the show is just giving us a taste of the hiccups warriors often encounter before their glory. I like that it rippled through the Stark children (even wards – I SEE YOU IN THERE THEON!) and wrapped around to catch the Lannister brood too. I am curious to see where we go next.
    Join me on this piggy-back ride with Sandor as we sally forth!
    Hodor. <3

    • Aww, that makes me so happy, YAY.

      THE HOUND!! Can you stand it!? I had no clue. NONE! That’s a rare happy surprise from GoT!

      Jaime is so droll, it’s freaking wonderful. I LOVE HIM.

      I also love you wrapping Theon in with the Starks because HE NEEDS LOVE AND CARE.


  • chortles81

    Fun with context: as Edmure has not been confirmed to have conceived a child with his Frey wife Roslin, that leaves the Blackfish the new Lord Tully if Edmure gets killed… giving a bit of a glimpse into the Frey incompetence that cost them Riverrun to begin with.


      • chortles81

        In essence, Black Walder Rivers* threat consisted of “surrender the castle we’re unable to forcibly take/attrite or we’ll make you the new reigning Lord Tully!”

        … the Frey siege of Riverrun in a nutshell right there.

        (The Blackfish is in Stannis’ position, Stannis having claimed that Robert had no trueborn heirs while the Blackfish’s nephew Edmure is the last of Hoster Tully’s line.)

        * As per Sand and Snow, he’s old man Walder’s bastard.

  • Anthony Gitto

    This season is still KILLING IT!

    First, from your review:

    Swallowing the dust from grinding her own teeth? DAMN I LIKE it!

    and of Course Hill People and Tusken Raider references will be acknowledged and seconded!

    And now, My observations:
    Ian McShane for only 1 episode? OK I guess I’ll take what I can get! I enjoyed his man of the people approach to his religion. It is MUCH healthier than the Sparrow Cult.

    Ohh boy the Hound is back to kick some ass and eat some f’n chicken…. and the Brotherhood stole all the chickens!

    Shout out to Lyanna Mormont! She’s a little badass! She even came with her men? I’m impressed! and Davos knows how to talk to intelligent children!

    I love everything in Riverrun this week… INCLUDING seeing it on the Intro! (I mean really, everyone loves the intro and we ALL pay attn to it every week!)

    Glover calling Sansa out on what her last name is! LOL. I HATE that this pushed her to send a Raven!

    Greyjoy at the Long Bridge in Volantis! Yass!!! Get to Meereen ASAP! Though them being there ALREADY means it’s been a WHILE between episodes for them!

    Arya! You start throwing around that coin, you get attention! and Daggers apparently.

    • Cyrano Thebirdsareback

      It was crazy seeing the Greyjoy Kracken sails being furled with the Long Bridge at Volantis in the background. To get to Mereen they have to sail past The Doom of Valyria, right?

      I know it isn’t the end of Arya, but what the hell is the plan? And how could she “fake” getting gut-stabbed repeatedly and bleeding all over the cobblestones of Braavos?

      • Anthony Gitto

        They don’t have to go through like Jorah did, but definitely around it to get to Slavers bay

      • Lyanna Mormont

        Maybe there’s a really good healer somewhere in Braavos? (And of course, only death can pay for life, so in exchange for her life Arya will have to go kill someone.)

        • (What if Arya dies and a Red Woman raises her too???)

          • Cyrano Thebirdsareback


            Uh oh…
            Getting stabbed and resurrected becomes a Stark rite-of-passage.

            • Lyanna Mormont

              Bran’s already had his rite of passage when he fell from the tower and spent an episode or two in a coma. But this may be the way to save Rickon!

              Uh-oh. What’s next for Sansa?

    • ANTHONY I THANK YOU FOR LAUGHING AT MY JOKES. (And rare is the person who remembers Lothar, of the Hill People, whose wife like long walks, although Lothar likes to walk quickly and then becomes tired.)

      I love “Davos knows how to talk to intelligent children.” EXCUSE ME WHILE I HAVE HEART EYES.

      Oh, is that where the Greyjoys are? I didn’t pick up on it being Volantis, just a port. THEY ARE SO CLOSE.

      • Anthony Gitto

        Not know LOTHAR? of the Hill People? Ohh She Beast, why not grab my leg and pull it from my pelvis?!? I tell you, that ties a knot in my pelt! No slacks shall be cut for them!

  • Lyanna Mormont

    The Hound lives!

    That was Lyanna Mormont, and she’s awesome!

    Arya! Arya! please be OK!

    Yeah. Let’s take this a little more in-depth. First – they had to do that as a cold open, or we would’ve been spoiled by Rory McCann’s name in the credits. It was SO GOOD to see him again! And heh “How many men did it take to beat you?” “Just one.” “He must’ve been a monster.” “He was a woman.” That’s Brienne, ladies and gents. A monster of a woman, when fighting.

    “The Broken Man” is from a speech in the book, about what war does to people. They did a version of it with the Ian McShane character talking about his past in the army, but left out the (IMO) best parts, including the actual title quote. But yeah, the Hound is definitely a broken man, so’s Theon, and – arguably – Jon, since his resurrection.

    And while it looked like the Hound had found some measure of peace, and was ready to start to try to bring some good into the world, just a little bit – that’s over now. He’s after revenge, and hate has him again.

    And man, the Brotherhood Without Banners has gone dark.

    Oh, Marg, so very convincing as the demure, devout queen the Faith so badly want her to be. And the High Sparrow, so predictable with his “congress does not require desire on the woman’s part.” Easy for you to say. Who cares what a woman wants, right? As long as she “does her duty” what else matters?

    Okay, so Marg slips her grandmother a note to let her know the conversion is fake and she’s still a Tyrell at heart, which is enough to convince Olenna to leave KL. But LORAS! I thought the whole point of Marg faking this was to get her brother out! She’d better have a plan that’s better than “he can live out the rest of his life as a penitent” or I’ll be very cross with her, Very cross!

    Oh, Jaime. Nice to see you putting the Freys in their place, but you can’t sweet talk the Blackfish that easily. He’s old, he’s seen it all before. Also, the mention of nieces – does that mean the Blackfish might be willing to help Sansa when Brienne gets there? Or is he determined to die defending Riverrun?

    Sansa and Jon, looking forr support from the Northern houses with a wildling horde on their heels. No wonder it’s difficult – it’s the same reason Jon got murdered in the first place, and he still keeps trying. I’m just surprised nobody questioned why Jon wasn’t at the Wall – unless they know he got killed and resurrected (which I don’t see them buying that easily) they’d consider him a deserter, and deserters get executed. We’ve known that since the very first episode.

    The Iron Fleet is at Volantis! (And later, in Braavos, we hear people discussing rumors of the Iron Fleet being in Slaver’s Bay. Word travels fast, but rarely completely accurately.) Yay for lesbian Yara! Yay for big sister Yara! Okay, maybe not with the “slit your wrists” part, but she’s trying her best to get the real Theon to please stand up, so I’ll give her a bit of a pass.

    And of course, Braavos. Not sure I’m ready to deal with that one yet. Oh, Arya. So close. The moment that “old lady” came up behind her, there was a voice in my mind shouting “that’s a fake face, that’s the Waif” – but Arya didn’t hear me. She’d better make it! There has to be some point to the Waif walking off assuming her to be dead, while Arya crawls back on shore still alive. There has to be some point to that! (But a gut wound… not good.) Please be OK, Arya! Pleasepleaseplease be OK!

    • Anthony Gitto

      SUCH A GOOD POINT regarding the northern houses seeing Jon as a deserter.

    • Lyanna Mormont

      Also – the last time Theon was in the company of two women fondling each other, was just before Ramsay gelded him. No kidding about the PTSD.

    • I just want to say you were marvelous in this episode. ;)

      I’m holding out for a Red Woman healing Arya, releasing her from life just to bring her back so Jaqen’s debt will be satisfied.

      • Lyanna Mormont

        Why, thank you, ma’am.

        (She’s awesome and I love her so much.)

  • SaintsGrrl

    Was that actually Arya? She had no scars, different clothes. Where’d all the money come from? She steal it off screen? (I don’t buy that). Remember, we’re dealing with the house of a lot of faces. That could have been Jaqen testing the waif. Too little intel in that scene to add up.

    • Anthony Gitto

      Hmmm I think that’s just wishful thinking. I am curious how she amassed all that coin so quickly, but Jaqen as Arya would be viable if he STOPPED the stabbing, I doubt that he would take a gut wound to test the waif.

      Now a convoluted plot by Arya to flamboyantly get the waif to attempt to kill her, then stagger through a crowd of people obviously bleeding in order to get the faceless men off her back? THAT I could see!

    • Cyrano Thebirdsareback

      It was Arya’s face, so it was Arya.
      She may have the ability to “wear” the face of others (but I assume she would have to steal one of the treated ones from the HoB+W), but no one else can wear an Arya-face because Arya isn’t dead yet. Jaqen was literally cutting a face off of a corpse last episode, so they must be dead already for the Faceless Men to wear them.

      • caycos

        What if she *is* dead already and it was was Jaqen testing the waif? (I hope this is so very wrong).

        • Cyrano Thebirdsareback

          Boo! Boooo!

    • I assume Arya hid money-traded a coin–stole it. She’s been training to be anything and everything for some time, after all?

  • Deceptively Calm Scientist

    Yay Hound!
    Yay Blackfish! (didn’t you just love their terse little greeting? “Kingslayer”. “Blackfish”
    Dammit Arya!

    I’d comment further but you have pretty much already said everything I wanted to say, you scary mind-reader you. However, I will go on record with a prediction (which will no doubt be wildly inaccurate but indulge me): Jaqen is NOT going to be happy with the Waif, as he specifically said “no suffering”, and twisting a knife in someone’s gut does rather seem to violate that instruction. So my prediction is: Jaqen fixes up Arya and gives her a do-over with the Waif.
    Cue the showrunners smiling indulgently at my prediction.

    So when Brienne shows up at Riverrun next episode (as revealed in the “Next Episode” bit), and she asks Blackfish for all his troops, he may say, with some justification, “Um, I kind of need them here”.

    And I have no idea what Margaery is playing at. She’s clearly faking it but I don’t know what the endgame is. It had better be good!

    And finally, Yay Tim McInnerny as Glover! Happy memories of Percy the Fop and Major Darling…

    Dammit, only three episodes left and about 12 major cliffhangers to resolve…

    • Oh, how I love your idea about Jaqen being angry about the suffering! I just want Arya to come out of this alive, even if it means she has to be dead for a little bit to get there. EVEN IF.

      This season has been a doozy from start to (I suspect) the finish. I AM A VERY HAPPY FAN.

    • Lyanna Mormont

      On the other hand… A cry for help from one of his nieces may be a way for the Blackfish to save all those lives Jaime talked about without having to surrender to the Freys and Lannisters.

      • Deceptively Calm Scientist

        Good point! But would the Freys allow the Blackfish to leave with all those troops? Troops that would be marching past the Frey stronghold at the Twins?

      • ars_belli

        Does Jaime have enough Tywin in him to realise that permitting this is a really good plan? With a Stark victory, Jaime can go debt collecting; with a Bolton victory, the Lannisters are a better option (cue Ramsey in the position he put Stannis in S5, ha). Alas, the writers seem determined to make Jaime an idiot, so all bets are off.

  • KSena

    I just have one thought / theory really. (And I’m on my phone and swedish so I apologise for spelling – grammar and everything else.)

    Would Arya really be such an idiot as to walk around the streets in broad daylight with tons of money? After all that training? Makes no sense to me at all. I doubt it’s really her.

    I didn’t think I had missed The Hound, but apparently I had. :-) Was actually glad to see him.

    Yara and Theon rocks. I’m actually rotting for them. Never thought I’d say it, but I do. Lovely brother / sister moment there with some tough love. Also, lesbians! I should have known….

    Ladies of House Tyrell rocks, that is all. So does the Blackfish and Lady Mormont. So much sass!

    Rest of them I think had a competition in who could fuck up the worst.

    First comment here. I hope I win your approval. Keep rocking hard. *bows out*

    • Cyrano Thebirdsareback

      “Would Arya really be such an idiot as to walk around the streets in broad daylight with tons of money? After all that training?”
      It seems very unlikely. I think there is some plan in place, otherwise Arya’s actions make no sense.

      • KSena

        Agreed. At first I was ‘OH NO! Not Arya to!’. But then I sat back and thought about it for a second, and yeah. Not making much sense. *tilts head* Gonna be interesting to see if I’m right next week.

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  • Did anyone else notice the title sequence ended in Meereen, but the show never went there?

    Speaking of places, where are Theon & Yara? Some bridge somewhere…?

    I have a feeling Sansa sent that raven to Littlefinger. Hence the ominous music. This cannot be good. Never tell someone your secrets after you tell them to fuck off.

    I love the lesson about what pacifism gets you: dead. If liberals would figure this out, we wouldn’t need conservatives any more. It’s the only think they’ve ever been right about.

    Cersei certainly has become more thoughtful after her nekkid stroll. She’s decided to try thinking before acting for the first time in her life, but she’s not very good at it. As far as I’m concerned, Cersei/Lena was 50% of the value in this show for the first 5 years. I’m still loving this season but we need someone to hate and they aren’t really supplying it. What is going on with Rickon & Creepy Ramsey?

    • I assume the Meereen place on the map was to signal Yara/Theon almost there? On their way at the Bridge of Volantis? (I didn’t catch that they were at Volantis either until someone pointed it out) But good eye!!

      I am VERY MUCH looking forward to finding out about Rikkon. Hopefully we get to see Ramsay just before Theon kills him. [fingers crossed] A girl can dream…

      • I watched it again, and Yara said something about having a long way to go. I thought it looked like Volantis, but how did they get there so fast? That’s clear on the other side of the world from the Iron Islands. (I guess nobody tried going west in the sea).

        My guess now is that Stinkyfinger shows up to help Ramsay, totally screwing over Sansa, which means Sansa totally screwed over Jon, which means Jon totally screwed over the wildlings. In these stories I look for the path of most destruction.

        BTW I’m reading all your recaps starting from Season 1, love them!

        • if you get a call from a Texas lawyer, that’s just mine putting you in the Will as my sole heir. ;)

    • Lyanna Mormont

      The title sequence always has a place representing Dany, even when she doesn’t appear in the episode. Just like it always visits KL, Winterfell, and the Wall, even if we don’t get any scenes from there. It’s the other locations which vary. Dorne, Pyke, Riverrun, Moat Cailin, Braavos, the Eyrie…

  • menomegirl

    Loved the recap, as always!

    I must say that I’m having trouble reconciling an Arya purchasing space on a ship voyage home the way she did and walking around Bravvos with that much panache with the Arya hiding in the dark with her Needle in last week’s episode. Something is wonky.

    Related to nothing but my own geekyness: the brief exterior shot we had of Bear Island? I could swear that same view was used in season 5 of Xena, in an episode entitled “Chakram”. I’m not 100% on that but it looked like it was the same to me.

    • Thank you!

      I know the internet is postulating all sorts of theories about Arya not being Arya, bags of pigs blood, etc., but I have NO idea. Cannot wait until 6.8 to find out.

      NO CLUE. To me it was a fantastical version of Fallingwater House!

  • Carrie Pack

    OK, but like how cool was it that Yara is a butch lesbian? Like, she was all biting on some lady’s nips and it didn’t feel like it was totally for the male gaze. (I mean sure, there were tits this is GoT, but just one pair. It wasn’t like in S1 when Roz was fucking some other chick and it was like watching porn made for dudes to wank off to)

    • 100000% agree with this. I love Yara. I love that Yara is for Yara and her people and she’s just who she is. THE ORIGINAL POPEYE. If I may quote Jack Handy, “I bet one legend that keeps recurring throughout history, in every culture, is the story of Popeye.” CLEARLY.

      • Carrie Pack

        Also, I feel the need to add that maybe Yara is a butch bi lady, which is also 100% awesome. Either way I like the way it was presented and I wholeheartedly support your desire for her to hook up with Dany and rule as lady lovers.

  • Deceptively Calm Scientist

    This needs to be true.

  • Lyanna Mormont

    Risky, though. What if the Waif had gone for her throat, her eye, her heart – anywhere but the guts?

    I love this idea, but I’m wondering why she’d then go stumbling through the streets of Braavos afterwards. Is she trying to get the attention of Jaqen, so he’ll know the Waif didn’t follow orders to not make Arya suffer?

    • Dr Shiv

      She doesn’t know what other face the Waif can have, so she’s making sure to leave a trail of blood and witnesses so that the assassin can follow her without any trouble, preferably to the ambush site, where she’ll get a Needle through the skull. At least I hope so.

      Also, maybe the fake guts didn’t entirely stop the dagger so she might be a little hurt? I still hope she just wins through this by herself by being bad-ass, rather than having someone save her.

    • Dr Shiv

      She doesn’t know if the Waif has any other faces, so she’s leaving a trail of blood and witnesses to ensure she can easily be followed to the ambush site where she’ll hopefully stab the unsuspecting assassin with surprise Needle to the face.

      Also, in the preview where she’s jumping she’s not wearing the same clothes, so I think there’s a scene where she rips the bloody tunic off to reveal the deception for the viewer.

      (I know book spoilers are not allowed here, but I hope dicussing the previews is still kosher?)

    • Dr Shiv

      Also, I really hope Arya gets through this by being sneaky and badass and not getting saved by someone else. She’s grown alot as a character, let’s keep that going.

  • Elgin3b

    Someone may have already brought this up; if so, apologies.

    This season seems big on bringing people back. Davos put Gendry on that boat in S3. What if he got picked up by a bigger boat and is in Braavos?

  • moata

    Firstly, Ja’mie gif FTW! I shall be mispronouncing Jaime Lannister’s name this way in my head for weeks now.
    Was TOTALLY blindsided by The Hound turning up looking all tanned and healthy. Especially since there was a shot of someone working metal in that first bit and I was all OMG GENDRY. HE GOT OFF THE DINGHY FINALLY.
    But no. Sandor Clegane/Grizzly Adams it was which was even better.
    I do wonder exactly how he’s still alive though. I mean compound fractures don’t just fix themselves. I mean super glad he’s alive but still…
    As smug and annoying as the High Sparrow has been up to now, his steadfast adherence to his religion has been his saving grace. He might be a homophobe and pain in the ass but at least he was believeably pious, and somewhat justified in wanting to hold the 1% to account. But now that he’s in with the King and Margaery he’s making exceptions for them and advising Margaery on what duty is (she married Joffrey for chrissake, she KNOWS) and he’s revealed himself as just another power-hungry despot throwing his weight around. My feeling, or hope at least, is that Queen M will be instrumental in taking him down.
    As for Arya, that was brutal not the least because of all the callbacks to the Red Wedding in this episode. The emotional scars run deep for me on that one and her getting stabbed in the gut had added impact because of how that went that time (confession, I was about 4 months pregnant when the Red Wedding episode aired and I was EXTRA DEEPLY DISTURBED by it). But like everyone I believe she’s going to come out of this and make it back to Westeros.
    I loved that they finally, unequivocally had Yara definitely be into chicks to the degree of “fucking the tits off” them. Harsh for Theon, pretty great for everyone else, including the owner of the tits, I’m guessing.
    Also BRONN. YASS!
    Totally looking forward to the fact that the next 2 eps are extra long. Yay. THIS SEASON IS AMAZEBALLS.