Game of Thrones 6.10 – The Winds of Winter

[Previously!] Jon was reborn through the Army-Vag, Sansa took care of business, Bolton died a fitting death, Dany and Yara eye-boned like the world wasn’t coming to an end, Cersei creeped closer to losing her gott-damn mind, and Arya got out of her promise to the House of Black and White. I think. Yeah? Yeah.

Loras Tyrell high Sept

The moment we’ve been waiting all season for! Well, kind of. We all kind of remember Loras, right? Erm…

AND NOW… [crams fists against mouth] JUST CLICK. (Remember: I AM UNSULLIED. NO BOOK TALK. I have also been waterboarded by Cersei’s wine glass it seems…)

The city of King’s Landing prepares for Loras’ trial. It’s gorgeously somber as all the players adorn themselves, then it cuts to Loras shivering in his own filth in his cell. Tommen doesn’t seem keen on going to the proceedings. Grand Maester Cat Piss gets a whispered message just before the trial, and I assume this will only screw things up in the end. By the way, FrankenMountain puts a stop to Tommen leaving his chambers. This… will be important.

Loras gives his confession for being gay and sundry other things, says he’ll renounce his title and name, never marry or have children if only to be forgiven. Cult Pope pets him like a good dog, then nods for the acolytes to carve a star in his head. Gah. Margaery’s long-con better be a good one. (CUE MY CRYING.)

Cersei doesn’t appear interested in going to her own trial and pours out some wine. Hahaha, that would be me, too. Lancel sees a Little Bird taking off from the Sept and goes to follow him into the bowels of the city, and Maester Cat Piss ends up meeting with Qyburn and a knife-wielding Little Bird. Several, in fact.

“Sometimes before we can usher in the new, the old must be put to rest.”

Fagin (Qyburn) watches with a bit of a smile as the most AMAZING MURDER EVER HAPPENS: a dozen children stab Cat Piss to death and it’s glorious. THEN! WAIT! Cue the Bach in D Minor for the organ because Lancel gets it next! And Lancel is in the cache of Wildfire, too, oho ho! It’s under the Sept! He has a torch burning and I really want Margaery to slip out of the building. She figured out why Cersei isn’t there and tries to explain this to Cult Pope, who scoffs. OF COURSE HE DOES. Margaery gets an arm around her brother, the crowd panics, and the acolytes block anyone from leaving.

HOLY SHIT. Holy fucking hell.

wildfire Cersei Kings Landing

Wildfire? More like unholy hellfire as it ruptures forth, spewing up in a geyser of death right in the center of the Sept, obliterating everyone in there.

wildfire Kings Landing Sept

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOW. OH MARGAERY!!! ALL MY CRIES, NO THIS IS TERRIBLE. I mean, yay for Cult Pope being gone, but christ.


One saving grace: the smug smile on Cersei’s face as she watches the opposite side of the city crumble into green flame, imploding. She sips her wine, and I guess we don’t have to worry about radioactive fallout in this world? Tommen looks like he’s going to throw up. I don’t blame him. But oh, Cersei’s just getting warmed up, it seems. Nun Ratchet is chained up in the cellar. Cersei waterboards her with some Bota Box Zinfandel (don’t waste the good stuff on people who won’t appreciate it, after all) demanding her confession.

HA. Turnabout = fair play.

“I do things because they feel good. I drink because it feels good.” Cersei dropping truth bombs like she’s my own personal Tony Robbins, not going to lie. “No thought has ever given me greater joy.”

Damn, Cersei. You are on. A Roll.

OH BUT WAIT. THERE’S MORE. SO MUCH MORE. She calls in Franken Mountain, who removes his helmet. “Your gods have forsaken you. This is your god now,” she tells a quivering Nun Ratchet after explaining, ha, oh, Nun Ratchet won’t die today! That won’t happen for weeks and weeks! She sarcastically calls out “Shame, shame,” as she leaves FrankenMountain to his dirty work.


Tommen watches the city crumble from his window, and I thought to myself, “He’s going to jump out of the fucking window.” YEP. Yep. Guys? Shit is hitting the gee damn fan. Oh my god. Tommen removes his crown, walks up to the window and swan dives like he’s Buffy, but there’s no Hellmouth being closed. The whole city is a Hellmouth, and built by his mother’s hand and even her last remaining child isn’t plug enough to stopper it.

Tommen Baratheon Lannister King

Jesus. There’s an opener for you. THIS WAS THE OPENING.

But now we head to The Twins and Lord Frey. Last time we spent time in his hall, everything was terrible. Pregnant women were stabbed, DIrewolves beheaded, and Catelyn Stark’s anguish war cry as she slit her enemies neck was quickly drowned by the sound of her death gurgle.

If it weren’t for Bronn’s bon mots to Jamie Lannister at the dinner table, I wouldn’t be able to recover from all the stuff before.

Potential famous last words, courtesy of Lord Walder Argus Filch Frey: “This came together rather well.”

Frey Jaime first convo

“And I told McGonagall that I never had problems with that Tom Riddle chap. Clean, orderly, followed the rules. Took a few lives, but that’ll happen in a school of magic from time to time…”

Frey is well into his cups, beaming like he just caught all the students out of bed and they all lost 500 points to their houses. He fancies himself Jaime’s equal (“We’re both Kingslayers”) and that people fearing them–

Jaime: They don’t fear the Frey’s though.
Frey: What was that?
Jaime: They don’t fear you. Why would they? They fear my family’s power. So are you going to make a habit of losing things and calling me and my family to save you? God, this is going to become tedious…
Frey: [Price is Right losing noise on repeat in his head]

Cersei makes Qyburn show her Tommen’s body, then says to burn him, burying the ashes under the rubble of the Sept. DAMN. Yep, she’s lost it wholly. What is there for her to live for now? Make another baby with Jaime?? Does that wine taste like ashes in your mouth, Cersei? Asking for a friend.

Meanwhile, Sam, Gilly and Baby Morsel make it to the Citadel, and again, Bethesda loves these books, and the show loves Elder Scrolls, and it’s all so marvelous. The receptionist at the Citadel is the pissiest shit, and you know this jerk has a side quest offering to steal some Special Ingredients from someone in a neighboring town, the type of quest that negatively affects your relationship with the NPCs and turns you into a Vampire, locking you out of the main quest. I DON’T TRUST HIM.

Sam gets a day pass to the library until this is all sorted out, and he’s like a kid in a candy store. Or a Belle in a library. *cough*

Samwell Tarley CItadel library

“Look there he goes that boy is so peculiar… I wonder if he’s feels gnarly?
With a dreamy, far-off look, and his nose stuck in a book…
What a puzzle to the rest of us: Tarley.”

It’s so freaking beautiful in there…. Knowledge! Learning! History! And Sam can read ANYTHING THERE! [single perfect tear rolls down my cheek]

In Winterfell (Stark banner!!) Jon reminisces with Fire Crotch Mage just as Ser Davos comes storming in, tossing the carved stag at her like a hot set of keys. SHIT. IS GOING. DOWN. Davos demands she tell Jon the story about Little Newt, aka, Princess Shireen Baratheon. Well, short of it: she burned a wee sweet child to death because the Lord of Light told her to.

“If he commands you to burn little children, your Lord is evil.” SAY IT AGAIN FOR THE EXTREMISTS IN THE BACK. [clapback emojis]

I just want to say that Ser Davos huffing in a breath as he sobs and yells about loving little Newt like she was his own is breaking my heart? How do I have heart left? BUT I DO AND IT HURTS. SHE WAS A GOOD. He loved her!!

“How many died because you were wrong?” he asks, and it’s a damn fine question. He also wants permission to kill her for murder. But she’s pretty sure the LoL (hahaha, never over the pun that acronym makes) isn’t done with her yet.

OH. ARE YOU SURE? No chance you could be… wrong?

Jon tells her to leave. If she comes back, she’ll be hanged. Hmm. I’m surprised, actually — the show has pulled no punches so far, you know? Sansa joins him in watching her leave, and Jon admits that he’s alive because of Sansa and her thinking. She apologizes for not telling him about Lord Aryyn, but let me say this again: no one had any regard for Sansa and what she knew. No one included her in planning the battle. No one gave this girl any credit, not from the start. That goes for many fans, too. But she won that battle. She did. And Jon knows it.

They also both know they have to trust each other now, so no more secrets. I love it. LOVE IT.

And that white bird we saw when they had the wide shot of Winterfell was a raven, we learn. A white raven from the Citadel, and it’s official: Winter is no longer coming, it’s here. Ned got something right…

OH HEY, PALATE CLEANSER in the form of Lady Olenna (oh my god, don’t think about her finding out about Margaery, just don’t) sassing the gee damn Sand Snakes for speaking instead of shutting their yaps. Olenna is there to talk to Whatshername, Martell’s side piece who murdered Prince Doran, and didn’t come to hear young upstarts smart off, thanks ever so. But the woman whose name escapes me as I’m watching/writing has a treat for Olenna: MOTHER TRUCKING VARYS, WHAT!?

THAT is where Varys went!?

Down in Meereen, Dany tells Daario that he’ll babysit Meereen with the Second Sons to keep the city on the right path while she wages war. He just wants to be with her, though, but his first mistake is thinking a person in her power can keep a lover for sentimental reasons (just ask Tyrion how that turned out). Son, she has alliances to make, jollies to get off, and a world to conquer. SORRY, DAARIO.

(And somewhere, a slowly dying Jorah Mormont feels his heart grow lighter and doesn’t know why… YEAH, SHE CRIED OVER JORAH LEAVING HER SIDE, DAARIO. [picks at nails] Just saying.)

Daenerys Targaryen Tyrion Lannister

The best brotp around. I want them to have frat-style adventures.

I do love that she renames “Slaver’s Bay” to “Bay of Dragons.” And that Tyrion praises her for her action. The whole conversation with Tyrion and Dany about belief and the future is touching and funny, and I love that if Dany can’t have Jorah, she has Tyrion. She officially names him Hand of the Queen, and it wasn’t his by default or in jest, but because Dany values him. Lump in my throat…

How about some whiplash, because we’re back at the Twins where Walder Frey is eating his four-and-twenty blackbirds baked in a pie and being gross to the serving woman, demanding his sons join him.

“Oh, but they’re here, m’lord.” She points to the pie, of which he’s already eaten a large portion. Here. “They weren’t easy to carve,” she says. “Especially Black Walder.”




Arya Stark Walder Frey

OUR BABY ASSASSIN IS ALL GROWN UP! And back to her list, it seems…

Guys. Is this happening? This is happening. THIS IS HAPPENING!?

Littlefinger finds Sansa at the Godswood tree and gives her the “WWSD” (What would Sansa Do?) pick up line to make her realize that he’s earned her love, because that’s how it works. Right? …right? This d-bag believes he will win the Iron Throne and her love, and he’s a freaking lunatic. She makes sure he knows she isn’t picking up what he’s putting down. Good girl.

At another Godswood tree (which is bleeding) is Bran and Meera, Uncle Benjen can’t come with them beyond the Wall because of the magic carved in the Wall’s foundation. But can Bran? Will that mean the Night King will be able to go past the Wall if Bran does, too?

Bran Wargs into the tree to find out the rest of the Ned story at the Tower of Joy. Ned finds his sister Lyanna, covered in blood. What’s happened? Did they cut a baby out of her? Tortured her?

Young Ned: How you doing, little mama?
Lyanna: Let me whisper in your ear…

(Not even sorry for that. YOU TAKE THESE MOMENTS WHEN THEY COME.)

She whispers something to Ned that we can’t hear, but she says for Ned to protect Robert from “finding out”, making him promise. Ned’s the man who will keep a promise. And then a baby is handed to Ned, and is this baby Jon? Is this!?

YEP. WE CALLED IT, GUYS. WE CALLED IT. Jon is Lyanna’s son.

Jon, meanwhile, is trying to get everyone in Winterfell on the same page. Convincing people that the Boogeyman is real is going to be a challenge. But hey, no big, because weetiny fierce-nugget Lady Mormont throws hard core shade to all the Lords who refused the call to stand with the Starks against the Boltons, and I couldn’t love this kid more if I tried.

Sansa beaming at her as she calls out all of these a-holes, saying, “I don’t care if he’s a bastard. Ned Stark’s blood runs through his veins. He’s my king from this day to his last day,” and YEP, THERE GOES MY TEAR TRIGGER ONCE MORE.

Lyanna Mormont Sansa Stark


Even better, all these old crotchety Lords say she’s right and they’ll stand with Jon. They call him White Wolf and the King in the North. This is amazing. THIS IS WONDERFUL. EVERYTHING IS COMING UP MILLHOUSE, I MEAN JON SNOW. Suck it, Littlefinger. SUCK ON IT.

Sansa, however, wisely keeps an eye on Baelish, because someone needs to. Put a bell on that fucker, ASAP.

Jaime and the Lannisters arrive back at a smoking and partially ruined King’s Landing, just in time for Tommen’s funeral, I guess? No, not the funeral (well, in a manner of speaking) but to witness Cersei becoming Queen of the Seven Kingdoms.

Cersei Lannister Queen Westeros

HOLY DIVER. WHAT IS HAPPEN. Also, this is a hell of a look.

Wow. Whoa. Qyburn, her Hand and Maester, crowns her and she sits, bitter, on the throne. She sees Jaime as the crowd chants, “Long may she reign.” Yeah, I don’t think it’s for long.

Not with Yara and Theon getting ready to set sail with their armada. And damn, their ships are bad ass with dragons and kraken intermingled., Dany on the lead ship as her babies fly overhead. AHHHHH, IT’S ALL SO MARVELOUS I CAN’T STAND IT.

Daenerys Targaryen Yara Greyjoy

GOD DAMN THIS IS ALSO A LOOK and I like it even more, who is your tailor, gorl?

GUYS I AM DYING. This is so freaking amazing, everything is. EVERYTHING. I will hear not one negative word. NONE. AHHH, LEAVE ME HERE TO DIE IN MY HAPPINESS.

THIS IS HOW YOU DO A SEASON FINALE. I can’t stop capslocking. Well, I just did. OKAY NO NOPE IT’S BACK.

Dear sweet little eight pound baby Jesus. Lord, I ask of thee to give Jon the North from Winterfell on, let Dany have the southern lands, and let them both come together to destroy the White Walkers. May Lady Mormont grow all the more fierce, may Brienne fall in love with Tormund, may Tyrion find himself sparring with people from the Citadel with love of wine, and maybe Littlefinger be slowly digested in the belly of a Sarlaac. Amen.

NO BOOK TALK. NONE. ZIP. Show only. Go!

(And if I may, a few of you have offered to donate to a patreon—what on earth??–to fund me reading the books when the show finally ends, and did you know that you can DONATE RIGHT NOW to keep the site going? Because that’s always been a thing. Just saying. Hahaha. Ahem. [points to the right])

HOW ABOUT THAT SHOW ENDER, EH?! And now comes the long wait until next season…

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  • Colleen

    Omg!! BEST. SHOW. EVER. Thanks for getting this up so quickly, I totally needed someone to geek out with!

    Did you notice there were Dornish and Tyrell sails mixed into Dany’s armada? She frigging ROCKED those #squadgoals.

    Also, I truly laughed out loud at the put a bell on Baelish… I hope that next season sees him tied to a chair, with hungry dogs and an annoyed looking Sansa.

    Thanks for a great season of recaps Laura!!

    • Johan Kristian Milde

      The addition of the banners of Martell and Tyrell in Dany’s fleet was a really nice touch – both cementing the alliance and putting to rest any questions about how she got hold of even more ships.

      • ars_belli

        On paper, Dany looks like a winner now. I’m not complaining…but what happens if she gets the same treatment as every other woman in the narrative and turns into her father, the road to hell being paved with good intentions and all that?

        And it’s all very well for the ladies to declare war, but will their peasant militia actually fight? Is it a not-implausible outcome for the peasantry to tell the nobility to sod off, now there’s no clear feudal heirarchy?


      And I say Baelish should be strapped to the open Moon Door for the birds to peck out his eyes, his restraints slowly fraying until he falls to his death.

      THANK YOU for that!!

  • Anthony Gitto

    There’s just soo much in this episode. I can’t say it’s one of my favorites, but DAMN they got a ton done!

    I’ve been waiting for the Jon Targaryen reveal for years and it was sweet. It’ll be even sweeter when Dany and the Realm find out! Lets hope for a Targ wedding AuntNephew wedding shall we? Him being King in the North seems a bit off for me however, but I can see how it works to streamline the story. If Sansa ends up with Tyrion again (or marries into another house) then Bran gets Winterfell (hopefully with Meera or Lyanna as a wife!) I can live with that.

    The Kingslanding event happened as a lot of people guessed… though an actual King “landing” on Kings Landing was an interesting twist! I do wish that Marg got out, but the rest of them meh, whatever! Lannister officially on the throne now (as opposed to Lannister posing as Baratheon) is refreshing… but who’s the heir to Baratheon house now? Who is the High lord over the Stormlands? GENDRY is the heir to Baratheon if we can find him! Otherwise the only Stormlander we know is Brienne of Tarth.

    So Tyrells bring the Reach into the Targ alliance, Ellaria and the Sand Sisters bring Dorne, Yara brings the Iron Islands… that leaves the Westerlands, Stormlands, Riverlands still in the Lannister Alliance (some not so willingly.) If Dany lands her army in Dorne and comes up the Reach via the Tyrells… splits forces to take the Westerlands and the Stormlands while the Greyjoys take Dragonstone to block off the Blackwater bay… and if we assume The Riverlands rise up behind the BwB because of the Fall of the Freys (Thanks Arya!), then the CrownlandsKingsLanding is surrounded.

    Sorry… went down a tangent there! HOW CLOSE DID JAMIE COME TO BEING KILLED BY ARYA!?!?! and now virtually every badass woman (Sans Sansa and Brienne and Cersei has NO CHANCE) is on Dany’s side!

    • hikerbj

      I think Gendry rowed right past King’s Landing…maybe he’ll run into Dany’s armada?

      • chortles81

        As darkly amusing as this is to imagine, it’s possible!

    • txvoodoo

      If Frey’s dead, the Riverlands go back to Edmure, right? He’ll be with Jon.

      • Lyanna Mormont

        But are all the Freys dead? Two sons were mentioned specifically, and Old Walder is gone, but there were so many of them! But maybe Arya sneaks Edmure out of his cell, and gets his wife and son to him so they can’t be used as hostages…

        • But were there a lot of sons? Or just waaaaaay too many daughters? I feel like he didn’t have many sons on the show. IDK.

          • Lyanna Mormont

            Daughters can inherit, too!

          • chortles81

            Season 1 has a seeming first-in-line son who hasn’t appeared since his one scene, so if Arya ONLY killed Walder and the two sons mentioned in the Season 6 finale then that dude simply became the new Lord Frey, unless he died offscreen already.

        • Anthony Gitto

          A valid point that I was not thinking of last night, he was supposed to have a HUGE brood of children and grandchildren. lets hope Arya got em all or the show is asking us to forget all that now!

          • Rebekah Fletcher

            I don’t think Arya is up for mass slaughter of women and children. I do think she would want to kill all the men who participated in the Red Wedding. If she can now take faces herself, the perfect disguise would be to take Walder Frey’s face now that she has so neatly slit his throat with no witnesses. Systematically kill the men, disinherit the other heirs, and dismantle house Frey. She might also use Walder’s face to get close to King Cersei, if Jaime doesn’t take her out first.

            • Anthony Gitto

              YIKES that’s deliciously evil

    • Lyanna Mormont

      It’s funny – for a given value of funny – how both the people who said “Cersei will be the one who gets Tommen killed when she burns down KL” and the people who said “Cersei will never burn down a whole city if Tommen’s in it!” were right.
      As for Jon/Dany, I tend to think at least one of them will fall in the final battle, in which case any arrangement between them will be temporary. And I’m not at all sure there will even BE an Iron Throne to sit on afterwards – I think the Seven Kingdoms will splinter into seven separate kingdoms. If Jon survives, he may remain as KitN, with Sansa as his Hand (OMG yes!), if not, she’ll be the QitN after him.
      Yes to the alliance of powerful women behind Dany. Makes sense that anyone who’s been denied power because of their sex would pull together behind someone about to throw that idiocy out the window. (In different circumstances, Cersei might have been with them, too.)

  • Josie Morin

    Your Belle in the library is AMAZEBALLS hahahahahahahahahaahahahahah

    Loved this episode. I agree that Cersei looked so unhappy to finally get that throne she’s always wanted. Not like this. NOT LIKE THIS.

    I just want Tyrion to find tru luv 4evr. He loves Dany. LOVES.


    • I think he loves Dany in a “THERE… GOES… MY… HERO! Watch her as she goes!” way, not in a Shae way. BUT THAT IS JUST ME.

      • rtavi

        I’d actually be interested in seeing what Tyrion and Sansa would make of each other now. They did get along for those few episodes before Joffrey got himself murdered.

        The Hand of the Queen and the sister of the King in the North would make for a politically smart marriage.

        • Josie Morin

          I would like to see both Sansa and Tyrion happy and if they are happy together then even better <3
          I forgot they were married!

  • Lyanna Mormont

    Burn them all! Fire and Blood! Frey pie! Promise me, Ned! The King in the North!

    Yeah, that was packed with Stuff. You know they’re going full tilt ahead when they START with KL exploding. And holy shit, Cersei’s own actions led directly to her last remaining child killing himself. He lost Margaery, he lost his Faith, and he saw the lengths his mother will go to, and he couldn’t live with that.

    Seriously, the list of people who died here right off the bat! Pycelle, Lancel, the High Sparrow, Margaery, Loras, Mace, Kevan, Tommen… All wiped out. Gone. And while Cersei may have felt triumphant until she found out about Tommen, I think it’s safe to say that the only one still happy with the outcome is Qyburn. (Did hou see the Hand pin on him, holy crap that’s a horrible idea.) Well, maybe FrankenGregor. He’s got a new toy now. Gaaah.

    Jaime is not a fan of Walder Frey. “What use are you to us?” indeed. And Arya is definitely not a fan of the Freys either! She may have been eyeing Jaime earlier, but she let him go – he’s not on her list. Walder Frey is. Was. (OMG Frey pie, Frey pie!)

    Dorne and Olenna, Yara and Theon, the Unsullied and the Dothraki, Tyrion and the dragons. That’s quite the backing Dany has. And now that winter has officially come, we’ll just have to switch our catchphrase to Dany Is Coming.

    My heart. That scene between Jon and Sansa. “We have to trust each other.” “I’m not a Stark.” “You are to me.” Creepyfinger can try go come between them all he wants but it won’t work – Sansa was SMILING when Jon was proclaimed King in the North. (I bet she and my namesake planned that together.)

    On a more ominous note, there’s Uncle Benjen’s words to Bran. “While the Wall stands, the dead can’t pass.” Yeah, that thing’s coming down next season…

    • chortles81

      There were at least some cousins to Tywin around in Season 2 (see Tywin chastising one of his relatives at Harrenhal for wanting sleep) so the Lannister name outside of King’s Landing isn’t dead… but HOLY MOLY YES SO MUCH DYING. As for how terrible the idea of Qyburn as Hand is, well… I can’t reply to that properly without spoilers I’m afraid, since the Histories & Lore counts as such here here despite being show canon.

    • I know there’s the fan theory (god I hope that’s all it is and it’s not book talk) of The Wall coming down, but I don’t know about that. I think it’s too expected. They’ve hammered on about the magic so much that I wonder.

      • EvilDragon

        It’s nothing from the book but more a thing of narrative weight. How big of a threat are the White Walkers if they have to stay North and no main characters will go there anymore (Bran could be South already)?

        • I don’t think it’s clear that they CAN’T follow Bran, though. And he’s still North! Benjen established that. He’s still warging in the tree, narratively speaking.

          NO TALK OF MacGuffins/BOOKS from this point on please please and thank you! Not even a HINT of what you meant. BEGGING OF YOU.

          • EvilDragon

            Sorry, I edited it out immediately after I posted it but it nonetheless appeared for everyone who already loaded the site and I’m very sorry for that as I should not have hit post in the first place.

      • Lisa

        It’s fan theory.

      • Lyanna Mormont

        Not a book thing, just – Chekhov’s Wall, you know? And then Benjen goes and says “As long as the Wall stands, the dead can’t pass” and it just seems very on the nose.

        • smacky

          Haha, Chekhov’s Wall, yes!

    • Lyanna Mormont

      Additional thoughts that got left out the first time around:

      OMG Oldtown. That first view of the city, with the Hightower, and the white ravens flying. Breathtaking.

      We haven’t seen the last of Melisandre. Nope.

      Seeing Olenna “Not now!” the Sand Snakes may make Dorne watchable.

      Arya’s face when she killed Walder Frey was borderline orgasmic. This disturbs me.

      Varys went from Meereen, to Dorne, and back to Meereen, just to turn around and head back to Westeros AGAIN. Is he aiming for frequent sailor miles or something?

      Cersei’s posture on the throne was proud, but her eyes were devastated. Lena Headey does fantastic face acting.

      We went so long without a Lyanna, and now we got two in the same episode! Bets on whether that name will make top twenty names for baby girls in any English-speaking country in the next few years?

  • menomegirl

    That was one hell of a season finale! I’ve watched it twice but I feel the need to view it a few more times because I feel as if I missed things because so much went on & it all went on by very very quickly.

    • Olive

      I honestly did! I swear my heart almost stopped when Jon leaned in! And then he went for the FOREHEAD. Meh.

      • menomegirl

        I know! me too! And I was like NOOOOOO! but then he only kissed her forehead and I was all phewww! that was close. *relief*

    • Lyanna Mormont

      No, I didn’t, nor would I want him to. They’re brother and sister in every way that matters. Let’s leave that to Jaime and Cersei.

      • menomegirl

        I actually agree with you. :)

        I think it’s the way they’re filming them in scenes that gives it a romantic vibe and it’s really sort of icky.


      • menomegirl

        Flowers in the Attic, LOL!

  • house threepwood

    Allright,can we all agree that Miguel Sapochnik shoul direct EVERY fucking episode?Good..Awesome finale,I was a little dissapointed by Frankengregor’s face,but that’s just nitpicking..Jon’s parentage reveal,was by no means a shock at this point,but it was tied really well to his “coronation” scene.Hah,the king in the north..we all remember how well the last time went down..which leads me to the most important conclusion:SANSA,DON’T SCREW THIS UP!
    Great review as always,Laura I’ve come to really looking forward for these,so until next year,cheers from Greece!

    • Agreed on the director. He is knocking them out of the park.

      Thank you so much for reading along! Cheers from Texas!

  • Johan Kristian Milde

    The look on Jaqen’s face last time we saw him and the fact that Arya now wore a faceless mask, makes me suspect he actually allowed her to leave with a souvenir – or that face might have been the original inhabitant of the shelf now occupied by the Waif.

    Poor Tommen – hopefully Ser Pounce is smart enough to get out of the Red Keep before Cercei begins her rule of almost-guaranteed madness. I couldn’t help to notice how stone-faced the noble crowd was at the coronation, however. A lot of unnamed nobles were killed at the Sept, and these are almost all certain to be related to at least someone there. It probably won’t come up in the show, but as both Queen Margaery and Cult Pope were quite popular among the populace, I don’t think Cercei will have the will of neither the people nor the mighty at her side when the two-sided war with Dany and the Starks comes her way.

    • Olive

      Uh huh. The noble families of Westeros are NOT gonna be here for this. Even if it isn’t commonly known that Cersei’s responsible for the destruction of the Sept, it’s only been a year (or less? The pacing of this show is a constant source of confusion) since her shame walk. It’s hard to bow down to someone you’ve seen naked and covered in shit.

      • Lyanna Mormont

        Yeah, I figure the people in the throne room were:
        a) forced there by those men in Lannister armor
        b) hoping to gain power and status they haven’t had before by siding with someone who has very few allies
        c) playing nice while secretly plotting against her
        d) all of the above

      • Genevieve

        Hair grows 1/2 an inch per month. Cersei’s hair looks like 5 inches at the most. So less than 3 months ago. Unless, of course, the long seasons also affect hair growth!

        • Rebekah Fletcher

          I like that the final scene with Dany’s armada showed Missandei, at least, with noticeably longer hair. Since Cersei’s coup, it has been at least long enough for word of the explosion to reach Olenna, Olenna to travel to Dorne, Varys to sail back to Meereen with the Dornish and Tyrell ships, and the Dothraki to learn to sail ships, with pauses and meetings in between. In all that time, how much havoc could Cersei have wreaked?

  • Mike Brown

    Thanks for another season of recaps! I enjoy them so much!

    Last season I was somewhat pessimistic and joined Team Wight Walkers. This season my spirits are a little higher.

    My new fantasy is that the ice zombies break down the Wall while everyone is squabbling over King’s Landing. The Walkers start pouring through the Wall only to find Lyanna Mormont sitting alone on her horse, and she stares at them so hard the entire army just shatters. I feel like that would be satisfying enough.

    • Lyanna Mormont

      A stare like dragonglass!

    • Thank YOU, Mike! I appreciate you guys reading along!

      And hahaha, if anyone could accomplish that, it would be weetiny fierce-nugget Lady Mormont!

  • Johan Kristian Milde

    Wait – STOP THE PRESSES – I just realised something:

    Arya released her direwolf Nymeria somewhere in the Riverlands in season 1, it is known. Arya is now back in the Riverlands, a place she has ben before with the Hound, but this time there’s an important difference: last time she had to hide her identity as a Stark, now she boldly proclaims it. The actual-direwolf-as-symbol-of-Stark-identity has been used before, for example when Summer had to die when Bran became the Three-Eyed Raven. Could we finally see an Arya-Nymeria reunion?

    Also, the Hound is in the Riverlands.

  • magnusk_98

    Phew. This was intense as fuck. The King in the North! Also known as Geralt of Rivia, I guess (see: The Witcher).

    I thought that Cersei was going to explode herself with everybody, but the way she went about it is even better.

    So, I guess Jon/Geralt is the only male king left in Westeros (including his cousin Dany)? The ladies rule in Dorne, Highgarden, Kings Landing aaaaand after that there is no other king until we get to Jon-Geralt. Well, there’s the Nights King, but he’s behind the wall. Yet.

    So, predictions for next season:

    – Arya will reunite with her family OR she will go to Kings Landing. She’ll also reunite with the Hound and he will be the muscle to her fledgling assassin operation.

    – Littlefinger will fuck things up for Jon-Geralt Targaryen of Rivia-Winterfell, the Witcher King in the North.

    – Tyrion will ride a dragon. No, not Dany. ^^ Probably Viserion.

    – Lady Mormont will discover the cure to grayscale and magically cure Jorah Mormont. Okay, that is a bit of wishful thinking there…

    I think that are enough predictions, lest I get too far out there. :p

    It was great reading your reviews again this year and I am so very much looking forward to next season and returning here. Many thanks for your funny and insightful reviews. :)

  • moata

    I stood and clapped and cheered at two points during this episode – for the return of the direwolf sigil to Winterfell in the opening credits and when Arya served Walder Frey some humble son pie. That was so excellent how it harked back to episode whatever-it-was, when Bran tells the story about the man who murdered a guest in his home and then he ends up being eaten, or something? The details are fuzzy, being some years ago now, but I remember thinking that this was the kind of gruesome theme that would surely be picked up on again. THAT SCENE WAS SO EXCELLENT I WATCHED IT TWICE.

    And finally we got to see little bebe Jon Snow and that woman of mystery Lyanna. No great shock there for those of us who’ve been on the interwebs but still good to have it confirmed.

    Regarding the “Jon as the King in the North” scene, did no one else see what I saw? Namely that Sansa smiled when Lyanna Mormont mentioned that there was no true king in the north but that named STARK. And that the smile twitched ever so slightly when Jon was then referred to. SHE THOUGHT SHE WAS GOING TO BE QUEEN IN THE NORTH BECAUSE SHE’S THE ONLY STARK IN THE ROOM. But then, because she’s had lots of practice doing this before, she plasters a smile on like she thinks this is the best news ever.
    Then she looks right at Littlefinger because he is the only one in the room who knows what she’s actually thinking…

    Littlefinger is looking to drive a wedge between Sansa and Jon, and now there is small but definite crack for him to work with.

    Also, the irony of the true heir of Winterfell (as far as anyone knows) being overlooked in favour of a dude (who was literally saved from disaster by said heir only last episode), and the instigator of this being a young girl ruler is just too exquisite. Bravo writers. You do that twisted shit well.

    Also Tyrion is clearly in love with Dany, right? Poor guy…

    • Lyanna Mormont

      I saw Sansa’s smile very differently – I think she and Lyanna plotted this together, and she was smiling because it was working, then her smile faltered when she met LF’s eyes.
      LF specifically told her people would either gather behind her or behind Jon. She knows they can’t afford to be divided. She told Jon HE should have the lord’s chamber, and that he was a Stark in her eyes. Also, Lyanna Mormont is a ruling lady in a man’s world – I find it hard to believe she of all people who so easily pass over Sansa in favor of Jon… unless Sansa and she had discussed it beforehand.
      I think we’re going to see Jon as KitN and Sansa as his Hand. He’s the noble warrior-leader, she’s the politically savvy one.

      • moata

        These are all excellent points. I may be way off here. I certainly hope I am…

    • Oooh, I saw the Sansa smile totally differently than you did, but I find it interesting, this idea you’ve put forward! But I think Sansa is overcome with happiness that they’re where they are and that they’ve found this amazing child who supports them so fully. I can’t imagine her sharing anything, not even a knowing look, with Baelish.

      • I thought her face looked strong through the coronation. She is comfortable with King Jon becase she is the power behind him. The player. I saw Sansa’s later look (after littlefinger was staring at her) as an “oh Gods, what have I done by refusing him?” look. That LF will now connive to undermine Jon so he can get Sansa. Just my 2 cents.

        • that was my thought, too, the “DON’T YOU TOUCH MY BROTHER” look.

    • Anthony Gitto

      The story you are thinking of is the Rat Cook! Here’s the quote from Bran retelling the story he heard from Nan “It wasn’t for murder the gods cursed the Rat Cook, or for serving the King’s son in a pie… he killed a guest beneath his roof… that’s something the gods can’t forgive.”

      • Lyanna Mormont

        And Arya grew up listening to Old Nan’s stories, too…

      • moata

        Yes, that’s the one. I had a vague feeling rats were involved somehow.

  • smacky

    Haha, yes, I also immediately thought of Belle and her library when Sam walked in to the Citadel. And when they did the Lyanna/Jon reveal, I CRIED. Well, not before yelling “fuck YOU,assholes!” at the screen when she started WHISPERING…and then I cried. Motherless bastard my foot, Littlefinger! Damn, Sansa/Arya/Anyone needs to kill that guy.

    What an episode. Thank you for getting your recap up so quickly!

    • Lyanna Mormont

      Sam’s FACE when he walked into that library! (OMG I want to read ALL THE BOOKS there!) All his dreams coming true.

    • I’ve been sprinkling “female protagonist” references in every recap all season, and it’s incredibly satisfying to see all the females who get the jokes/references. :D And it’s even more satisfying that the show is going that way, too, with women rising up and taking power for themselves.

      I LOVE IT.

      • smacky

        I think what I love best about the “sisters are doin it for themselves” mode is, there’s so much breadth of character type. We have Cersei who has gone fully megalomaniac and vicious, bitter and empowered, completely isolated in her grief and selfishness; we have Sansa who is learning to calculate and stand up to be counted, but is still not 100% sure of herself and those around her; we have Dany who finally recognizes the value of good counsel and who realizes that she must start behaving like a queen; we have Yara,who is willing to consider redefining everything that makes her people who they are, if it means they can keep control of their home.

        There isn’t just one type or trope here. These are realistic people making good and bad decisions. They are women learning how to manipulate the circumstances to their advantage.

        This is clearly the start of our third act, and all these women are being transformed by their journey. It is marvelous to see.

        PS- that moment at the end of the episode when it hits you : Cersei was deliberately dressing for her CORONATION. OMFG. That costume alone deserves a design Emmy – speaking of amazing women,the costume and jewellery designers outdid themselves.

        • IT’S ALMOST LIKE WOMEN ARE DIVERSE CREATURES…. Nah, that can’t be it. :D

          I keep telling people who gave up on the show that the show is PAYING US BACK. It has actually earned all the horrible moments, all the horrible acts that made so many of us weary. Often the women get raped, killed, tortured for the show to explore how this affects men, but now it’s giving us the FEMALE narrative post-act, and it’s fucking glorious.

          And the clothing/costumes are outstanding. The armor, the dresses, the jewelry, all of it. A-MA-ZING.

          • smacky

            Crazy, right?! Women as actualised beings. Shut the front door.

            Too true about payback, and about time! And also, the theme of payback/redemption is strong across all plots and genders, which I like. The idea that Theon gets promised revenge by his sister; that Davos gets to tell Mel to never darken his doorstep again or he’ll kill her (although how *perfect* that she has another appearance that none of them know anything about, hmmmm?); that Jaime has to reconcile love for Cersei with her becoming the very thing he broke an oath to prevent; that Jon gets to rule at Winterfell in his father’s place, with honour, as the King in the North. Again, these men are all different, diverse creatures, something else I appreciate. Messy characters make messy and interesting choices.

            In short: I LIKE WHERE THIS IS GOING! *grabs books, starts obsessively re-reading for 9 months*

            • Rebekah Fletcher

              Ooh, I hadn’t considered that Mel might take off her choker, change clothes (the cold doesn’t bother her anyway), turn around, and come back to keep an eye on her Prince in the guise of a random old woman.

              • smacky

                Yeah, it’s one of those things that immediately leapt to mind when Jon told her to go south. Because the writers showed Old Mel to us, but never to any other characters. Verrrrry suspicious, writers!

                Also, I wish I could give you double upvotes for the Frozen reference. Now I’m imagining Mel singing LET IT GO! at some keep south of Winterfell, and I can’t stop smiling.

          • ars_belli

            I want to say, yes, A++ feminist narrative, we’re finally getting all of the good things…

            And yet GoT it pays its debts in deliberately uncomfortable ways. There is no straightforward revenge narrative for any of the women, regardless of their character. So in some ways the men are still winning: they get the “easy” revenge with a clean moral streak, but then screw it all up later down the line. Whereas the women are required to perform huge sacrifices, but hopefully make things work by the end. It’s just a question of what’s left of them by that point and whether we actually want them in power. Or is the long-term change to matriarchy (is democracy too naive a hope?) worth the short-term violence?

            And yes the costumes and music are AMAZING worldbuilding. They even make up for the occasionally awful writing.

            • Awful writing?

              I think you’re watching a different show then. This is Game of Thrones, one of the better TV shows in 30 years? You must be confusing it with something on local cable. Or NBC. ;)

              • ars_belli

                Oh, the writing is usually outstanding. It just has its terribly dull or ridiculous moments too. Maybe it’s just a case of high-quality standard making the ordinary stuff seem far worse?

                It rankles me when certain people have a Hades Helmet and teleport at the speed of the plot. LF always has a chronic case, but in this episode we also had Varys and Olenna. (Which admittedly is more about the screenwriters arrangement of scenes, than their content…but it certainly dampens the impact of the writing.)

        • Aveline Winter

          I thought the same thing when Cersei put on that outfit. And if I recall correctly, she started putting it on while Tommen was still alive. So did she expect him to die? She didn’t seem particularly upset when she saw his body.

          • smacky

            Yes, that’s the creepiest part. Regardless of the fact that she deliberately sought to keep Tommen alive, she saw herself in the position of power. And dressed the part.

            Let’s assume she assumed Tommen would still be alive: she was still looking to put herself in the position of chief advisor to the King, given that Kevan, Pycelle, the Sparrow, and EVERYONE was at the Sept. I don’t think she expected him to die. I think when he did, she fully accepted the result and stepped bitterly in to the powerful role that she always coveted but would never have wanted in this way.

            At any rate, the fact that the director showed us the ritual of dressing, and that the costume designer gave us the fantastic Tywin-throwback outfit for a Cersei-takeover …. just one of the many reasons this episode was both subtle and powerful. Without a word of dialogue, we know that Cersei was ready to take on the world and win, no matter the cost. She crossed a line, much like Tywin did when he orchestrated the sack of King’s Landing during Robert’s Rebellion. She embraced the worst part of her personality and drove it all the way home. And that outfit said it all.

          • moata

            They were actually different, though very similar outfits…

      • Lisa

        Buffy leaping from the tower. The Gift.

  • rtavi

    That was one truly satisfying hour of television. I could have done without the implied rape of Nurse Ratchett but other than that and Margary dying I pretty much squeed the whole way through.

    I loved the scene between Dany and Tyrion. I think this is the first time ever that somebody in power has shown him respect for his talents. And dammit but Dany has grown up, hasn’t she.

    And Arya Stark is back. Now make your way back home girl. Your brothers and sister are waiting for you.

    I think Littlefinger miscalculated when he tried to go for Sansa. Aside from it being creepy as heck, it just doesn’t ring true. All the time he “helped” Sansa before, he always told her that he did it because Caitlyn was his one true love and he wanted to protect her daughter. So after hearing that again and again and seeing how he manipulated Lysa Arryn there was no way that Sansa would swallow his declaration of love. If Littlefinger had told her that he wanted to have the Iron Throne and see Caitlyn’s daughter as the Queen of the North, that might have worked but not “I’m in love with you”.

    Can we find a way for Lyanna Mormont to marry into House Stark without it being creepy? She would make the perfect Queen of the North (sorry, Sansa) and she did basically give Jon his crown here. And how great was that scene with the opening theme playing in the background. So great. Also, Littlefinger was not happy.

    • I didn’t get the implied rape of Ratchet, but more, here, let me pull out a rib like a banjo string… NOT THAT IT’S MUCH BETTER.

      And I agree that Littlefinger SERIOUSLY underestimated Sansa. I think most people did, honestly. I WANT LADY MORMONT TO BE FAMILY TOOOOOOO. I love that kid. LOVE HER.

    • Lyanna Mormont

      Lyanna is not going to marry into House Stark. She might agree to Bran marrying into House Mormont.

  • Ana G

    I love how (almost) all the power players are ladies now! And about how cool Lady Mormont is, did you catch the look Tormund gave her during the speech, like “yes, you go girl”. Also Qyburn remains ride or die for Cersei, so he’s probably going to die during Cersei’s inevitable breakdown next season, no? And that line about the Wall, foreshadowing that’s it’s going to fall, right? My bet is it’ll be the next season finale.

    • I’m still on the fence (hurr) as to whether the story needs the Wall to fall or not. A breach? Highly likely. The Wall itself coming down? Damn. That’s… a lot of wall. I don’t know!!!

  • magnusk_98

    Hm, disqus ate my comment. I edited a Youtube link in for further explanation of a pun I was making and the entire comment was gone. Can you restore it, Laura? Pretty please? ^^

    • This one?

      Phew. This was intense as fuck. The King in the North! Also known as Geralt of Rivia, I guess (see: The Witcher).

      I thought that Cersei was going to explode herself with everybody, but the way she went about it is even better.

      So, I guess Jon/Geralt is the only male king left in Westeros (including his cousin Dany)? The ladies rule in Dorne, Highgarden, Kin gs Landing aaaaand after that there is no other king until we get to Jon-Geralt. Well, there’s the Nights King, but he’s behind the wall. Yet.

      So, predictions for next season:

      – Arya will reunite with her family OR she will go to Kings Landing. She’ll also reunite with the Hound and he will be the muscle to her fledgling assassin operation.

      – Littlefing er will fuck things up for Jon-Geralt Targaryen of Rivia-Winterfell, the Witcher King in the North.

      – Tyrion will ride a dragon. No, not Dany. ^^ Probably Viserion.

      – Lady Mormont will discover the cure to grayscale and magically cure Jorah Mormont. Okay, that is a bit of wishful thinking there…

      I think that are enough predictions, lest I get too far out there. :p

      It was great reading your reviews again this year and I am so very much looking forward to next season and returning here. Many thanks for your funny and insightful reviews. :)

      • (I can’t restore as I’m on my phone, sorry!) Feel free to just reply to a comment to make clarifications just in case Disqus eats another one!

      • magnusk_98

        Yes, this was the one. :) Thank you! And have anything in my comment you want to response to, I’d love to see it. ;)

        Damn, I loved this episode.

  • Julie Martin

    Gaaahhhh! I am trying to process this episode and it is a challenge, given all that happened. Always fun to see where predictions were on the money, and where not (I am DELIGHTED my fear for Davos was unfounded, at least for now). A few things are spinning in my head right now: Jamie’s face upon seeing his sister’s work/coronation. Dear gods. I think he may just say F it, and head out to find Brienne, because seriously this is NOT what he signed up for. Meanwhile, I wonder if Arya will keep to her assassin quest if/when she hears her family is at Winterfell? Part of me says she is too far gone on this mission to stop before it is complete, part of me says she is trying to reclaim her family mantle and how better to do it than by joining her siblings.

    Lastly, now that R+L=J is confirmed, I still don’t know what to do with it. I have never felt Jon would have any interest in being king (of more than the North). I am in the camp that thinks either he or Danywill die in the ice war. I have always leaned toward Jon dying, Dany ruling over the ashes. But perhaps it will go the other way round, and the woman who prepared for years to rule will insted sacrifice herself, and the weary man reluctant to rule will have to lead the rebuilding….

    • rtavi

      The thing is, even with R+L=J confirmed, Jon is still a Snow and not a Targaryen. After all Rhaegar was married to Elia Martell, so any child of Lyanna’S and his would still be a bastard.

      So that piece of news, if it ever gets any traction in Westeros might give Dany and Jon a reason to talk to each other before trying to kill each other but it doesn’t give Jon any more of a right to the Iron Throne than Danerys has.

      • chortles81

        A long-standing theory has been that Rhaegar married Lyanna anyway — hey, the founder of the dynasty was both incestuous AND bigamous, Rhaegar’s JUST bigamous… though possibly still a rapist — but of course Jon’s claim rests on anyone else giving a damn about that.

        • Lyanna Mormont

          And anyone being left alive who knows about it, much less can prove it…

          • chortles81

            If Howland Reed (Jojen and Meera’s father who stabbed Arthur Dayne) is still alive — he was at least through Season 1 — then he’s the sole survivor of the Tower of Joy, although any testimony of his would be circumstantial since we don’t see if Bran kept watching long enough to see Howland entering the tower after Ned was presented with Jon.

            • Lyanna Mormont

              Yeah, but Howland Reed wouldn’t be able to testify to any alleged wedding between Rhaegar and Lyanna.

              • chortles81

                Whoa, good point… I don’t recall what if any evidence is actually in the books for such a marriage (whether witnesses or paperwork), much less what became of whoever officiated it, so what you describe stands.

                In any case, Daenerys can always profess to refuse to believe the evidence or testimony of said marriage…

                • Lyanna Mormont

                  As far as I can tell, people are making those assumptions based just on the presence on the Kingsguard at the ToJ rather than in KL or at the Trident. Maybe with some sprinkles of “But clearly the whole point of Jon’s parentage must be to have him be the True Heir!”

                  • chortles81

                    Correct as I belatedly realize… although, since we have no insight as to Rhaegar’s actual thinking (I’m not counting Barristan’s little Season 5 story to Daenerys as impartial) who the heck knows whether Jon’s being trueborn or not made any difference to Rhaegar’s decision to post the Kingsguard at the Tower of Joy; he could have decided that even as a bastard the-eventual-Jon and Lyanna’s lives merited the Kingsguard.

                    (Although, how much Lyanna’s life was worth to Rhaegar beyond her giving birth to Jon… I notice that the show’s figurative lips are sealed.)

      • Lyanna Mormont

        This. Yes. In Westerosi law, Jon as son-of-Lyanna-and-Rhaegar would have as much claim to the Iron Throne as Jon asvson-of-Ned-and-an-unknown-woman had to Winterfell.

        Not that law is everything, especially in the absence of legal heirs, or if you have the right connections and an army. But Dany has all those things to a greater extent than Jon, so.

      • Julie Martin

        Oh, I know. Like I said, even with the confirmation, I have no idea what to do with the info. To some extent, I think any ramifications probably don’t involve a claim to the throne, though I can’t rule it out (I mean, Cersei is claiming the throne for herself now so pretty much anyone who wants it can try for it). Maybe it means he can bond with dragons, maybe it means he will have special negotiating abilities, maybe it is all a red herring ;-) I will clearly spend now – April mulling it over!

  • Lisa

    I’m worried about Sansa, as much because of dire wolves as because of anything else. Lady was killed, metaphorically separating her from the Starks at an early age. I find this symbolically worrisome. (And Arya’s Direwolf has been wandering the Riverlands, and now so is she! I have more theory on that but there be book material (though not spoilers), so I won’t discuss. On the up side for Sansa, she has two defenders in camp Dany in the form of Theon and Tyrion.

    At any rate Olenna needs to be instrumental Cersei’s take down. Poor Marg. Smart enough to figure it out but unable to escape. What Cersei did to the Septa turns my stomach. Kill her. Fine. But to have her repeatedly raped by Frankenmoutntain??! Ughhhhhhhhhhh.

    Jaime could have easily wound up dead at the Twins. I wonder if that’s a face Arya stole from the House or whether she now knows the secret of making faces. I want her to see the Hound again.

    Dany actually has an impressive invasion force–unsullied, second sons, Dothraki, Dorne, Tyrell (so Sams father may show up again as he is a Tyrell Lord. Wouldn’t it kill if Sam eventually took over Highgarden) Plus DRAGONS. ( plus she has an easy place to land in the 7 kingdoms if she can land in Dorne or Highgarden)

    Jon probably has the North, the Vale, and possibly the Riverlands soon on the way

    But the White Walkers will be the bigger threat. Cersei is going doooooooown.

    • Book material not on screen should automatically be considered a spoiler, just as a clarification for anyone coming along.

      Olenna taking down Cersei in anyway will be a hollow victory, I fear, because of her beloved granddaughter. Her smile will be grim, but there will still be a smile.

      • Lisa

        True. At this point all Olenna loved is gone. She lives to take a bitch down. And she is leagues smarter than Cersei.

    • Lyanna Mormont

      Yes, Margaery – she KNEW something bad was about to happen, she tried to get everyone out but couldn’t, and it wasn’t just herself but her father and brother as well… Ugh. I really thought she’d be one of those who made it all the way through.

      It sure looks like Cersei will be going down – but how many will she take with her? How much will she weaken the armies that are needed to fight the White Walkers?

  • Zack

    Holy shit holy shit holyshitholyshit

    1. The score? I don’t think I’ve ever noticed piano in the show before, so its sudden arrival this week, like they kept it out intentionally to use when it would benefit the mood most. A+ work this week, show composer

    2. I long figured Tommen would die as a side-effect of some poor decision making from Cersei, but damn, to see it actually happen, and by suicide, and Cersei fully aware of her role? Yes!

    3. Lyanna Mormont is the show’s single greatest character. Spinoff time!

    4. All my sads, realizing that all the suffering Margaery and Loras went through, her scheming, capitulating, everything, all for nothing.

    5. Dany is going to get to Westeros with pretty much everybody either already aligned with her, or her potential enemies a complete non-factor after the implosion of the Lannisters and Arya wiping out the Freys. So she’ll just have to clean up the zombies and they’ll pretty much make her Queen, no muss no fuss.

    6. How bad ass and feminist is that Targaryen/Greyjoy/Martel/Tyrell team? I especially loved the Martels and Tyrells setting aside their beef of the ages.

    7. Usually these season cappers are something of a step down from the penultimate episodes, but not this one. Holy shitsnacks. Best season closer to date, one of the best show episodes, period.

    • I hope this episode was nominated for Score because it was so amazing.

    • Julie Martin

      #4 D-: #6 :-D

  • I have a lot of thoughts on this, but wanted to drop a quick Sansa theory. It stemmed from her convo with Jon on the
    battlement. She seems ok with him as lord of winterfell. Like she almost didn’t even think of herself as a potential QitN. So when littlefinger shows up in the godswood, and wants her to be his piece (both literal and figurative gamepiece), she realizes that that’s how she is viewed still. As a piece. So a the KitN ceremony, she “allows” Jon to become King because she thinks that’s the only way she can remove herself from the game. Because she’ll only ever be viewed as a piece. She could’ve been queen if she wanted, but steps aside for Jon. Knowing she’ll be his chief advisor (since he knows nothing) and the real political power behind the throne. She can rule without being the actual queen. And this satisfied her (note the look on her face diring the ceremony). I think it was a conscious decision she made in the godswood. Then ittlefinger gives her the look at then end of the KitN moment and shes all like “shit. What does this mean? He’s still playing and I turned him down.”

    • Lyanna Mormont

      Jon and Sansa complement each other very well in the leadership department – he in military matters and being someone people will want to follow, Sansa with cleverness and political savvy, and the willingness to do what it takes where Jon might hesitate and think about honor. Doesn’t matter to me whether it’s Sansa as queen with Jon as her commander, or Jon as king with Sansa as his Hand or advisor – I just want them as a team.

      • Agree wholeheartedly. They do complement eachother quite well. When Starks work together, they get things done.

      • ^^^^^^THIS.

        • Laura, I chipped in a couple of coin for keeping the lights on. Consider it a down payment on season 7. Thanks for having this community.

          • I JUST GOT THE NOTIFICATION! You’re such a dear, THANK YOU. <3

  • EvilDragon

    Miguel Sapachnik is the best director the show ever had (this, the Gift, Battle of the Bastards and Hardhom) but I mostly want to praise Ramin Djawadi for his outstanding music work. Is anyone else up for rioting if he still has no Emmy after the show ends?

    Cersei was great and I cheered for her despite liking most of the non Sparrow characters she blew up (Margaery, Loras, Mace and Kevan). It was still unbelievably evil and the very definition of a Pyrrhic victory with Tommen dead, the surviving Tyrells and their army gone from allies to enemies and she destabilized the whole power structure of the city yet again.

    Arya is continuing her journey into darkness but I somehow feel hopefull about her survival. A joyful reunion with her siblings/cousin (hello Jon) still feels unlikely.

    The King in the North issue is bad, Sansa is more qualified and has the better claim (as far as everyone apart from Bran knows. Jon isn’t a bad choice and would make an excellent commander-in-chief of their forces (as long as nobody shoots arrows at fleeing family members),

    • Oh man, I own the soundtracks and they are so marvelous. MARVELOUS.

      And yes, yes, pyrrhic victory (not unlike Brexit…) and it’s like being awarded the title and lands of Harrenhal, more of a curse than victory (and interesting that Harrenhal is owned technically by Baelish, awarded to him from the Lannisters…)

      I still feel optimistic about Arya, too, but then, I’ve gone on record for being a Summer Child in my innocence… ;)

      • ars_belli

        I thought I’d reached recap heaven with that Walder Filch caption, but Brexit….? Yes! Genius! Cersei is Boris Johnson with a better haircut.

        Hmmm, good point about Baelish and Harrenhal. He’s in the perfect spot to be zombified, all because he went chasing after Sansa.

        Nah, Arya’s a gonner. (I wish it weren’t true!) The show played with our hopes in the Lady Crane scene: we know she’s still moral with people not on her list, but she just enjoys ticking people off it too much. She’s clinging on, just like Cersei, until all her family dies and she’s got nothing left but her List.

        • …we don’t know that about Arya, that she’s a “gonner.” Let’s let the show play out. Except… see my other comment to you.

          • ars_belli

            Oops, sorry, Australian vernacular crept in thanks to my over-excitement…

    • Zack

      Gonna have to disagree with your last paragraph, because this world’s treatment of illegitimate children is pretty terrible and they would be smart to change it. And because female rulers are becoming common elsewhere, so why not address this problem too?

  • MaxwellJames

    WOW WOW WOWWWW. I’ve generally been a little underwhelmed by GoT’s finales – the episode 9’s are always so focused and intense that the last ones have usually felt overstuffed to me. But this one takes the cake, an amazing capper to what in the end was a very strong sixth season.

    We’ve gotten to a point in the narrative where I find myself less concerned by who lives and who dies, and more by the state of their soul when that moment arrives. So with respect to Arya, color me VERY CONCERNED, even though that scene with Walder Frey was a long time coming. Conversely, while I’m saddened by Margaery’s demise, I was glad she at least died trying to save her brother and others. She was smart and as close as anyone comes in this show to being good, but neither is enough in Westeros.

    Tommen’s death, on the other hand, nearly ripped my heart out. What a scene. As others have said, Sapochnik is an incredibly gifted director; this may have been the best shot and edited of any GoT episode, and that’s not an easy competition.

    Of that glance passed between Sansa and Littlefinger: it’s interesting how many people read that scene in different ways. I’m convinced there was more to it. Sansa knows now that she can play the game, and like anyone who can she thinks she can also win. Despite the fact that she knows Littlefinger is deadly and out only for himself – they have that in common. She’s been my favorite character this year, but it seems to me she has her eye on a bigger prize than Queen of the North.

    Finally, will say: as a reader, it definitely is bittersweet for me at this point to see some of these events play out prior to the book, perhaps especially that scene where Jon’s parentage is confirmed. It’s been an open secret for a while, of course,and I thought the show played it out brilliantly.* But the show moves so fast now that I almost wished for more setup, more time to observe and breathe in the significance of it.

    * Though I always wonder – how the hell does Meera occupy herself every time Bran wargs? I wouldn’t mind a scene (or even a bottle episode) that sees it from her perspective.

    • Julie Martin

      Agree on concern for how everyone comes out of this in terms of moral character. Last week with Sansa, a couple weeks ago with Dany, and early in the season with Jon, we saw people losing some of what made their characters earlier. It will be interesting to see how they work through it (with good guidance, if Dany/Tyrion is a marker). Arya’s behavior surprises me the least, since she has been on this path for so long. But wouldn’t it be interesting if she is the one to regain her moral center, rather than the others? We shall see. Either way, the series seems very clear in its message that a person does not leave a war the same way s/he went in.

  • DrewHolton

    If by some chance somebody hasn’t already said this…I almost thought I was watching The Godfather, because Game of Thrones was Settling All Family Business today. Especially with the opening sequence in King’s Landing.

    I thought it was just Cersei doing the settling, but then Arya comes out of nowhere to do some settling herself. Maybe that’s what we should call it now instead of “assasination”, or “sancition”….(takes of sip of wine) “He was Settled” she says with a thin smile…

    • YESSSSSSSS With Michael Corleone officially (and metaphorically) becoming Godfather by offing the heads of the other Five Families. What was Cersei’s gun behind the toilet to get the ball rolling on this path, though? Setting in motion Robert’s death?

      AND HAHAH SO MOTE IT BE with “He was Settled.” YESSSSSSSSS

    • MaxwellJames

      Hahaha. “Leave the knife, and take the cannoli.”

  • magnusk_98

    For the people who are worried that Littlefinger is going to kill Jon and Sansa to get what he wants: I think he may have finally overplayed his hand by laying it all out for Sansa, who will surely protect her brother…err, cousin from what Littlefinger has in store for him.

    Although my hope for S7 is that Littlefinger does one of his political ploys just to be killed unceremoniously by a White Walker, who don’t give a single crap about all his plans and ploys.

    • Agreed that LF showed his hand Sansa is no young, pliable thing anymore. She will not let anything jeopardize her family again. And hahaha, that would be so awesome for LJ to die without anyone giving two shits. He would WANT a big death. DENY HIM!

  • Byron Abrahams

    I got to the part about Arya as Inigo Montoya and I lost it. I just LOST IT. I had to take a walk before I read further. You get me everytime!
    My new favourite episode. EVER! All hail the King in the North!

    • Hahaha, yay!

      AND SERIOUSLY, IT WAS SO GOOD. I’m going to watch it again tonight, in fact.

  • Andy Street

    Wow – what a fantastic episode! Possibly one of the best.

    Although you knew exactly what was coming, they built up the suspense so well during Cersei’s trial – it was nailbiting. Once again they pulled the trick of giving the audience what they want (that smug fundie smile wiped off of Cult Pope’s face) but then managed to make you feel guilty for wanting it.

    I’m going to miss Margaery – I really think she had the situation under control. Sadly Cersei is the kind of person that watches her move her bishop forwards, takes a sip of wine and then BLOWS UP THE ENTIRE BOARD WITH WILDFIRE!

    Jaimie looked absolutely horrified – he’s definitely going to kill her at some point.

    You know when the final reveal of Jon’s parentage is one of the lesser moments, you have a special episode. They are still keeping it ambiguous whether Lyanna eloped with Rhaegar or was kidnapped, however…

    I wasn’t sure how to interpret Sansa’s expressions when Jon was being proclaimed King in the North – she certainly didn’t look hacked off. It was more ‘shit, need to keep an eye on Littlefinger’.

    One thing that occurs to me is that all of these Northern Lords like Glover and Manderley probably don’t realise exactly what went on at Winterfell. From outside it looks like Jon used himself as bait to lure Ramsey and his men out of their fortifications so the Vale knights could destroy them. A tactical masterstroke instead of a blunder and fortunately timed rescue. His reputation is only going to grow.

    Poor, poor Davos. Some excellent work from Liam Cunningham.

    Dany’s fleet was AWESOME. Not sure whether there is any real opposition to her invasion by now. The Martells, the remaining Tyrells, the Greyjoys, The North, the Vale all have their own plans. We don’t know who is even in charge in the Stormlands or the Riverlands now. It’s basically just the Lannisters propping up the throne now…

    • “Sadly Cersei is the kind of person that watches her move her bishop forwards, takes a sip of wine and then BLOWS UP THE ENTIRE BOARD WITH WILDFIRE!” AHAHAHAHA, boy isn’t that the truth!

      I think the Lannisters are going to go the way of the House Reyne… Fitting, no?


    • ars_belli

      You know when the final reveal of Jon’s parentage is

      one of the lesser moments, you have a special episode.
      My thoughts too! We already knew from S1 that Ned having a bastard was uncharacteristic, from S4 that three KG died protecting someone who was neither Rhaegar nor Aerys, from S6 that it was Lyanna… Would this have had more impact at a different place in the season (or series)?

      They are still keeping it ambiguous whether Lyanna eloped with Rhaegar or was kidnapped, however…
      Will we get a season on the rebellion while Martin finishes writing? There are still two books to go and only two years left of the series (so far).

      A tactical masterstroke instead of a blunder and fortunately timed rescue.
      A strategic one, I can buy that. Yet he failed horribly in tactical manoeuvres, so I do wonder how his reputation is going to evolve.

      Oldtown…complete with the giant tower
      Ha, we should have known from the exterior shot that the Citadel was not short of dicks…

    • chortles81

      Re: the stormlands — I had imagined that after Renly’s death and the Battle of Blackwater Bay, the crown under Joffrey/Tywin simply took over the stormlands in fact if not law, with Stannis moving for the Wall without (successfully) contesting any such occupation, so I’d broadly roll them into at least nominal Lannister control.

      As for the riverlands… Season 1 has a one-scene appearance by Walder’s seeming first-in-line son so House Frey may still technically be in charge (MAY because Season 1’s Lord Umber and Lady Mormont both died offscreen as mentioned in Season 6), but if the Tully vassals mentioned by Walder earlier in the season are still fighting after Riverrun was surrendered and the Freys prove as… unsuccessful as before, then the Lannisters may be further stretched in having to garrison the region.

  • DrewHolton

    So a new thought…did Arya get her pie baking skills from Hot Pie? Don’t think that’s what he intended if so.

    • Lyanna Mormont

      Well, there’s an easy way to figure that out. Was there gravy? Because you CANNOT give up on the gravy. No gravy, no pie.

      • ars_belli

        No gravy, sadly. Would that upset Hot Pie more than the actual contents?

        • Lyanna Mormont

          Quite possibly.

          (There’s a clip on youtube, which I can’t include a link to here, it seems.)

  • Gail

    Amazing recap for an amazing finale to a generally amazing season. Just. WOW. I’m going to sit here and… process it. :D

    • Aww, thank you, Gail! And seriously, what a fantastic season, right?!

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  • Richard Olsen

    OK, I’ve stood by and observed too long. i HAVE to get involved with the sort of people who have so joyously and insanely embraced this thing as I have(group hug!…..ok, that’s long enough…awkward….)
    Yeah, these last two episodes were exactly what the maester ordered(no coincidence that both were directed by Sapochnik, Miguel to you and me), and I am one with the GoT universe again.

    C’mon, who didn’t get warm fuzzies observing the beatific, serene smile of Arya when she performed the economy sized tracheotomy on Frey? Or gloat, just a smidgen, when that sanctimonious prick realized, just a split second before his own atoms were split, that Cersei is just. not., someone. to. underestimate? My gloat, as was yours, was somewhat muted by the passing of Margaery. Dammit. Conversely, the passing of Tommen? Meh. And FCM got to just ride off into the sunset/mist/fog/whatever. I did not see that coming.

    And finally, did anyone else see the homages being paid to other masterpieces? Cersei’s Michael Corleone-like methodical extermination of his enemies? Frey’s consuming his children, ala Titus Andronicus? Dany’s massive fleet sailing to Westeros like the Spanish Armada on it’s way to England? Wait. Strike that last analogy. Like the Allied fleet headed for the beaches of Normandy. Much better(only we got to see the equivalent of the first 20 minutes of Saving Private Ryan last week,during the Battle of the Bastards. Woof.)

    So, all in all. I am content. Until next Sunday night and that black hole of nothingness looms before me. Gorramit….

  • Wolfheart

    There’s an easily missed moment after Walder Frey plops his withered arse next to Jamie. He says something like “you mock me, the Tullys mocked me, and the Starks, but where are they now?” Half a heartbeat later you can see Ayra walk past in the background. I believe she was trying to flirt w/ Jamie b/c he is on The List. It must have been a bit maddening to see 2 targets so close together & have to decide which she would prioritize…

    • Innnteresting!

      • chortles81

        Unfortunately as Andy Street said Jaime’s not on the list and indeed he never has been. My guess is that since leaving the Faceless Men, Arya’s more discerning than before thanks to her experience with Lady Crane about how bloody the path is to her targets — previously she was perfectly happy to and did kill several people not on her list, now and fortunately for Jaime she’ll let him pass if he doesn’t stand between her and Walder Frey. Presumably Lothar got added to the list for killing Talisa and her child (Arya’s niece or nephew) and Black Walder for killing Catelyn once the disguised Arya heard of these from other guests, while Jaime and Bronn had no notorious crimes to their name against House Stark.

    • ars_belli

      Oooh, I will have to watch that scene again! I thought the mocking line heralded another Red Wedding scene–Walder Filch is petty and incredibly stupid–and the flirts were going to shank Jaime if he went off with them. (I genuinely thought Bronn was an off-screen corpse for a while.)

      Is Jaime on The List? Are we going to see Arya peeling off Jaime’s face before she kills Cersei in the same way Sansa’s wolf died? (IIRC I thought only Cersei and Gregor were Listed.)

      • Andy Street

        I don’t think Jaimie is specifically on the list beyond being a Lannister, but then neither were the two Fray sons. She might have been planning to use Jaimie as a way to get to Cersei.

        • ars_belli

          Yes, perhaps we’ll see Arya-Jaime in future. Or Arya-Gregor, yuck. (Is Gregor a reanimated corpse or did the poison not kill him? I couldn’t tell in this episode.)

          Weren’t the sons killed to follow Old Nan’s story about the Rat Cook? Or perhaps the Red Wedding put the Freys collectively on the list.

          Speaking of which,what happens if she finds the Hound still alive?

          • chortles81

            I could have sworn that at this point he’s basically a Qyburn-made ‘non-magical’ version of what happened with Benjen.

            P.S. I love that you got the Rat Cook reference!

            • ars_belli

              Oh dear, how do I remove the mental image of next-season Cersei dragging Qyburn by the sleeve to Jaime’s corpse and demanding that she wants this one back too?

              All the stories in the show are foreshadowing, aren’t they?

              The very first story from Old Nan is the White Walkers; Tyrion’s story about his first wife is played out again with Shae; Cersei’s story to Tommen in Blackwater is what happens until Joffrey dies; the Rat Cook is the Freys; the Targ. civil war in Shireen’s book is going to be wildfire vs. dragons next season; Tywin’s story to Arya is definitely next season… Might Barristan’s misty-eyed recollections of Rhaegar suggest he seduced Lyanna by posing as a peasant lutanist and held off the reveal until she ran off with him? (OK, I’m reaching now…)

              • Lyanna Mormont

                Wildfire vs dragons would be BAD. Can’t we just use them both to hold off the WW instead?
                Oh, who am I kidding. Of course Cersei will scoff at any suggestions of things moving in the far North – it’s so clearly made up to make her lose her focus! And of course she would use any weapon available to her to hold on to the only thing she has left, her power. But is there any wildfire left after exploding the Great Sept of Baelor?

                • chortles81

                  POSSIBLY? My personal headcanon for why there was no setting off of wildfire UNTIL Blackwater and this episode — accidental or otherwise — is that Jaime’s word led to a “de-mining” operation being carried out after the Sack of King’s Landing, although incompletely enough for Cersei’s purpose. (Otherwise, Jaime killed Aerys’ pyromancer and Aerys to prevent the giving of the order, but what was to stop anyone else from setting them off?)

                  While the conventional wisdom is that the old rumor was about said Mad King’s cache(s), perhaps not all of the wildfire made for Blackwater was used up and Qyburn was able to recover the leftover to supplement what was left of the Mad King’s cache(s) or split ’em up, part of the total used for the Sept and the remainder for Cersei’s future purpose?

                  • ars_belli

                    Yes, “de-mining” is the only way to explain why no-one had a wildfire accident in the twenty-odd years between the Sack and Blackwater, isn’t it?

                    I always assumed that Tywin knew about the wildfire, having been Aerys’s Hand for decades. Before Robert and Ned’s armies arrived, there might well have been enough time for the Lannister army to start shipping the jars they found really carefully back to Casterly Rock. Tyrion and Dany are going to march victorious into Tywin’s throne room to find Cersei with a lighted taper…ka-boom.

              • chortles81

                “*groan* The process may change him, somewhat…”

                Also, as someone else noted… Tywin got shot with a crossbow, Roose got stabbed, Walder got his throat slashed… sound like any two Starks you know?

                P.S. I’m now imagining your version of what happened with Rhaegar and Lyanna and I don’t know why the idea ISN’T immediately falling apart in my head.

                • ars_belli

                  Uh oh, the idea is growing on me too!

                  I hope that we see what actually transpired to start off the war.* More women who are dead before S1 and are fleshed-out characters instead of plot devices, please. (Joanna Lannister, Lyanna…Elia Martell would be really interesting.)

                  * Thanks to episode 3 this year, I assumed that everything was flipped in Robert’s history from the truth (i.e. the KG were protecting her from Robert, rather than imprisoning her for Rhaegar). Sadly not…

                  • chortles81

                    Ehhhh, I’m not 100% certain that the scene disproves that? While I’m sure Sers Hightower and Dayne would have realized that Ned wasn’t there to knowingly harm Lyanna, they couldn’t know that he wouldn’t bring Jon north and thus in range of Robert and his murderlust for Targaryens — never mind the fact that he brought Jon north without alerting Robert — nor do I recall the two Tower of Joy scenes indicating whether or not Lyanna was there consensually.

  • Ana G

    Just had the thought: What if Jon also has the Targaryen super not burning power? Like maybe that’s how he is revealed as one of them, not burning alive like Daenerys. (maybe he gets caught in dragon flame?) Hey maybe if they had tried to burn his corpse before resurrection it wouldn’t have burned

    • menomegirl

      Jon got burned in season 1 when he saved Lord Commander Mormont’s life.

      • Ana G

        Oh, you’re right! I’d totally forgotten. But maybe now that he’s been resurrected he has it? Especially since it was the Lord of Light that brought him back.

        • chortles81

          It seems to not be a Targaryen-wide superpower; even if we didn’t count Viserys and the molten gold as burning, Joffrey once mentioned to Margaery — in the very same Sept no less — “the ashes of Aerion Targaryen. Aerion Brightflame they called him. He thought drinking wildfire would turn him into a dragon. He was wrong.” (I’m also pretty certain it’s not a wildfire-exclusive thing either, though I’d have to dip into Histories & Lore to elaborate and that counts as spoilers here…)

          Laura, does it count if one has to freeze-frame glimpse at the Kingsguard book Jaime was looking at in the Season 4 premiere/finale? D:

          • ars_belli

            The White Book is in the show, accessible in a way that the Histories and Lore aren’t.

            Presumably Viserys would also have died of suffocation from swallowing the gold, right? Even if he were flame and heat-resistant. (The quick-melt gold annoys me every time, unless it’s not actually gold and Drogo got taken for a ride by some con-merchant…)

            Yes, Joffrey mentions the decidedly inflammable Targaryeans Aerion and Rhaenyra. She was fed to her brother’s dragon. (For the presumption that a woman could sit the Iron Throne, according to Shireen’s story to Stannis.) Since her ashes are in the Red Keep, one assumes that the dragons aren’t totally flame-immune either. Unless the dragon got indigestion and vomited them out?

            • chortles81

              Woohoo, then Summerhall counts! :D
              It could also be that the dragon (Joffrey said brother but Shireen specified half-brother) simply ate Rhaenyra with no fire involved and that what was left of her was cremated and/or buried in the Sept of Baelor.

              I imagine that Viserys could have died of suffocation had shock from the dumping on his head not done him in, though I don’t remember enough getting into his mouth to do it.

              • ars_belli

                What’s the bit in the White Book that mentions Summerhall? Clearly I’m not reading this closely enough. :) I wish there were an index post of all the things we glean from reading the books on the show.

                I don’t find Dany especially interesting, but I am intrigued by her relationship with her brother(s) and their legacy. In Essos, she’s free of that image because she only had Viserys as a comparison; whereas in Westeros there’s a whole history of Targs Behaving Badly dogging her footsteps. It might not matter if the nobles alone are making the decisions, but what happens if we take the Dorne plot and Dany’s own experiences and extrapolate to their natural conclusions?

                You’ve given me an image of a huge dragon sniffing disdainfully at a pair of ankles, and Aegon (imagine Joffrey with Viserys’s hair) sitting on top becoming increasingly frustrated:
                (“Come on dragon, you chomped the rest of her!”
                *fireball-laden belch* “I simply can’t bring myself to eat those Jimmy Choos!”)

                • “I wish there were an index post of all the things we glean from reading the books on the show”

                  EASY THERE. This convo is skirting close to intricate book talk. Please be mindful that there is to be NO book talk in the discussion threads, okay? Thanks!

                  • ars_belli

                    Oops, no book talk intended!
                    I meant someone writing down the actual text that we see on the screen when someone reads an in-universe book/scroll/whatever during the episodes.

                  • chortles81

                    What ars_belli said! For example, in “Oathkeeper” Brienne read aloud part of Jaime’s entry in the Kingsguard record book before he gave her the titular sword, but when Joffrey was mocking Jaime in “Two Swords” the full version of Jaime’s entry is visible for a second… so I confess to wondering where “you have to pause the video to read it” fits.

                    (Ditto for when Joffrey was mocking Jaime by contrasting him with the Kingsguard who two years later stole the show in Bran’s vision in “Oathbreaker” — named in both episodes — because for a split second before Joffrey’s forearm/hand cover it the first page is legible, as is the last page of the other Kingsguard that Ned killed.)

                • chortles81

                  Ehhhh, I’m not sure if I agree that “[i]n Essos, she’s free of that image because she only had Viserys as a comparison; whereas in Westeros there’s a whole history of Targs Behaving Badly dogging her footsteps.” If anything Viserys may have been a negative influence on Daenerys by unwittingly leading her into those Targaryens’ footsteps; Daenerys may have named both of her *ahem* non-Drogon dragons after her brothers but I suspect that her formative ideas of “being a Targaryen” were filtered through Viserys’ telling of their history, despite her negative opinion of him, and so they were his legacy for her until Barristan/Tyrion crucially corrected them… but I’m certain she has no interest in being a hands-off queen (or so that’s what I got from “if the nobles alone are making the decisions”) no matter how much she trusts Tyrion as Hand.

                  *snort @ your description of Rhaenyra’s fate* As if we needed more proof of sentient dragons (as discussed by Tyrion previously)… oh, and Jack Gleeson has narrated a longer version of that anecdote.

                  • ars_belli

                    *scratches head*

                    I’m not sure if I agree with what I wrote either! I think my argument went something like this:

                    Dany has had three influences: Viserys, Rhaegar, Tywin+Aerys. Viserys probably told her other stories but we don’t know them. He and Barristan elevated Rhaegar to be a good example; Viserys was a terrible example; Tyrion is busy deconstructing the last pair. (I would have loved Barristan to survive if only for the clash of morality between him and Tyrion, but alas.) She’s somewhere in the middle of all of them when leaving Essos.

                    In Westeros, everyone has swallowed Robert’s version of history–much like the play in Braavos–so even (especially?) Rhaegar is held in disrepute. If the nobles are still in power, they’ll side with her anyway, not wanting to be dragon hors d’oeuvre. If there is a popular uprising–not inconceivable after Dorne and KL–then they won’t. That might just convince her that reclaiming her throne is not worth the trouble (wouldn’t it be ironic if Westeros were Dany’s equivalent of Dorne and she had to marry to obtain it?). If she doesn’t give up and fight the White Walkers, I’ll eat my hat.

                    tl;dr: I don’t think we’re getting very specific snippets of history or mythology in the show by accident. We’ll have another Dance of Dragons–and like Shireen said, it’s the choosing sides that will get everyone killed, no matter who is right or wrong at the beginning.

                    • chortles81

                      Whereas I’m of the belief that Viserys may have ‘washed both Rhaegar and Aerys to the point that even when Daenerys decided that Viserys was how not to behave, she could (and may have already) fall(en) into the trap of behaving according to the false presentations from Viserys, or of leaning so hard on those two for role models instead of Aerys’ ancestors… assuming Viserys told Daenerys much of anything about them.

                      (I also confess to a belief that Barristan MAY have been able to inform Daenerys that the nastier stories about Aerys were true but that he also had blinders on WRT Rhaegar, even when it came to other aspects of Rhaegar besides whatever happened with Lyanna…)

        • menomegirl

          Oh hey, I had not thought of that! I like that idea.

  • Nah. Dragon Age never appealed to me. Something in the artwork turns me off. My kid loves it, though. I’m a Bethesda girl, so I’ll take your word on it abot the characters.

    • Andy Street

      Dragon Age definitely has a lot of ASOIAF references and ‘homages’. From the specifics like the Grey Wardens being a declining and neglected order of soldiers with a sacred role of defeating the eldritch threat that no one really believes in anymore, to the politicking and the general air of cynicism. They are very good games on the whole – a lot more focused on telling a particular story with a particular set of well-defined characters than the much more open Bethesda games, where it’s all about having the freedom to explore a massive world and ignore the impending dragon apocolypse in favour of chopping wood for four hours if you want to…

      • See, but it’s the world building I love the most… If I ever have free time, I’m sure I’ll check it out eventually. I HAVE it, I just haven’t been hooked into playing it yet. :)

  • magnusk_98

    Anyway, see you next year. I think we all want to hold our breath, but it’s a bit of a long time to do it. Let’s all return and see what S7 brings. It has to be damned amazing to top this. :)

    • Lyanna Mormont

      When your face is starting to look like FrankenGregor’s, it’s time to start breathing again. Preferably before then, actually.