Game of Thrones 7.4 – The Spoils of War

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  • Ana G

    THAT DRAGON/BATTLE SCENE WAS SO AWESOME AND AAAAAAAAAH JAIME!!! (I don’t think he’s dead, either. And JaimexBronn, BROTP 5evah)
    Only one quibble, though, that fire also eliminated the food supplies Dany was so keen on. And probably her own dudes too. Also my heart went out to Tyrion. It had to be hard.
    They did Meera so dirty. She deserved better, but I’m glad she lives on. But Sansa is killing it as Lady Stark. And I’m so sorry to see her having to realize how different her siblings are now (though I suppose they have to live with the changes in her too, but she’s less…murdery and spooky, respectively). Also I loved the framing of the moment when Bran recited Littlefinger’s line at him. LF was like “….I think I peed a lil”.
    And I adored Arya’s sparring with Brienne.
    Finally Jon my poor sweet love. I loved the cave carvings and the show is def leaning towards JonxDany. I also loved that she asked/listened to his advice. Also yay for confirmation that Yara is alive and Theon’s wanting to save her. His ~reunion~ with Jon, so to speak, gave me all the feels, damn.
    (Finally, woah girl, you are FAST. I checked on a whim thinking there was no way this would be up. You’re a STAR <3).

    • Lilley Berrington

      I feel sorry for Sansa too. and can’t agree more with “but she’s less…murdery and spooky, respectively).” Additionally, I knew Theon wasn’t just running out on Yara, and that makes me happy. If he had tried to reach Yara and he hadn’t jumped overboard, he wouldn’t be there now to plan a rescue.

  • Ana G

    Also! One of the big reasons I really doubt Jaime is dead is that there’s like no way he’d go out without Cersei with him/being paralleled/dying too, either at his hand or killing him first. They’re tied together, like she said once, they came into the world together and there’s no way they are not going out together too. So I’m totally confident that we haven’t seen the last of him…….ok, so maybe 96%

    • I don’t think he’s dead, either. Total red herring!! [clings to this] I want a bigger ending for him, and like you said, one tied to Cersei. I think we’ll get it.

  • Zack

    I have mastered the art of maniacal silent breathe-laughing because of this episode.

    I was gonna say, I wasn’t really feeling this season after the last couple episodes but O. M. G. Redeemed.

    Literally everything in this episode was brilliant. Really digging these Mycroft/Cersei scenes, Bronn had his best material since like season 4, Sansa is impressive as HELL and LF’s days are numbered, with Bran knowing everything and with Brienne and Arya, she’s got everything.

    Buuuuut. Everything kind of takes a back seat to that climax, eh?

    Again with the Skyrim talk. We’re totally on the same wavelength there :D

    I totally expected Bronn to shoot that scorpion dart directly through Drogon’s gaping maw as dude was prepping to roast him, I was dying a little inside thinking of it. I am so glad he’s okay!

    Now I’m starting to understand the S7 hype. There are still(/only?) three episodes left! How can they top this?!?!

    • I’m actually shocked to hear you haven’t been enjoying the season up until now! To each his own, but man…

      I’m actually glad Bronn didn’t “SCORE. A DIRECT HIT.” with the first shot, because it shouldn’t be easy. That thing is cumbersome as hell and you’re shooting a moving target. I just love how it played out. LOVED.

      • Zack

        Welllll…it’s GoT, and even in slower weeks there’s always lots I can find to be happy about, generally in those smaller character moments. But I’ve just been waiting for an episode with the kind of action and forward plot momentum we got this time, and it’s safe to say that since we’ve crossed the mid point, the rest of the episodes should be like that.

        Well said re: Bronn. I’d like to add that they built up that ‘scorpion’ rather masterfully too, first with that intro in the previous episode showing its power on the skull, and then with Bronn going through hell to find and use it in the thick of battle. And those tracking shots were just fantastic. Having that near miss, the arrow all but blowing Dany’s hair back as it flew by. The sense of dread was palpable. I loved everything about battle scene.

        • Seriously, that battle scene was so beautifully and masterfully shot. In complete awe.

  • menomegirl

    Oh my. I’m very impressed you got this up so fast. I’m still a mess of emotions. I know GoT as a series is not perfect but DAMN. I cannot for the life of me imagine another series will ever come close to being as superlative as this one has become.

    • Ha! I WAS A MESS OF EMOTIONS WHILE WATCHING. (I also have a background as a transcriptionist, so I can type while listening pretty well.)

      SUPERLATIVE. Perfect word for this ep and season and SERIES. Really and truly.

  • Original-S



    Ok, now that I got that out of the way….HOLY SHITSNACKS, LAURA! This episode. THIS episode. Raja knows what I am talking about.

    First, Bronn. He is a gem. The man says pretty much every reactionary thing I want to say. May he live forever, marry a rich wife and get that castle he wants! And also maybe make nice with Tyrion so that they (and Pod?) can get old and fat and drunk together. I was legit worried about him during the battle but WE SHALL GET TO THAT. (Am I abusing capslock? I don’t mean to but there are these FEELINGS, Laura! All of them!)

    Second, Bran. He is going to stir all the pots. I can tell. The preview shows Jon talking about one of Bran’s visions, so clearly Bran has sent a raven to Dragonstone. I wonder if he will include the little tidbit about Jon’s parents? Or is that something he will do in person so he can add that impersonal, Three Eyed Raven touch?

    Third, ARYA GD STARK. So happy to see our little Murder Teen back home! The reunions! Both with siblings and with Brienne! Their fight scene had me laughing and clapping with joy like a giddy school girl. Oh, I want to see more of those two being awesome warrior women together. Although I am both scared and happy that Arya has a weapon that can kill White Walkers. A good defense, but I don’t want to see her fighting those! D:

    Fourth, Jon & Dany. Hmm. I do kinda want them together…and I was actually NERVOUS they would kiss in the caves? I could sense the tension there but it felt…forced. Like, the show writers know fans want them together and with episodes ticking down the are running out of time to make it happen more naturally? Like, nothing those two have done so far should make them all swoony about the other (beside being generally hot peoples. Mreow.) If they are going to be together, sorry but I will need more scenes of them doing things to WARRANT that attraction. Besides, Jon is too short and not tattooed enough and Dany is too not-red-headed. Although, I guess she really is kissed by fire, huh?

    Fifth Dany and Drogo. I feel like here Dany actually took Jon’s advice. She didn’t go and roast a CITY, the Red Keep, like she initially wanted. She took Drogon into a battle. Yes, she still flambéed a bunch of folks, but those were her enemies, not random villagers. I think there is a difference.

    Sixth (A lot of counting, I know. But I had to organize these chaotic thoughts somehow!!)
    Oh man. My poor fiancee, Will. I was literally SCREAMING at the TV for the majority of that battle. I was terrified for Bronn! And for Drogon! And then for Jamie! (I was yelling at each of them in turn ‘Don’t you die!!!”) GoT is known for killing off characters and I just…I did not know what to make of that battle or who would die or who even to cheer for! In the end, I am #TeamKhaleesi because seeing her ride Drogon into battle gave me all kinds of life. Will made a very good point in that Dany should have had some kind of armor. I get that she thought she was pretty defensible on the back of her dragon, but now that she knows there are weapons out there to harm her babies, she will take steps to further armor them and herself.
    And Jamie. Charging a dragon? Really? You are an amazing fighter and have a stellar record, but you have never been up against a dragon before. It’s a game changer, you beautiful fool, you. And Tyrion had to look on! Ugh! My hearts! (Please see Raja .gif again for my current emotional state)
    My wedding is coming up on October 1st, I still have several things yet to do as time runs out and I STILL want the weeks to go by faster because I NEED to see the next episode!

    • Ana G

      “Or is that something he will do in person so he can add that impersonal, Three Eyed Raven touch?” This had me cackling, perfectly put.

      “I could sense the tension there but it felt…forced. Like, the show writers know fans want them together and with episodes ticking down the are running out of time to make it happen more naturally?” HARD SAME. It’s gonna happen, I think, but I’m meh about it personally.

      “I feel like here Dany actually took Jon’s advice. She didn’t go and roast a CITY, the Red Keep, like she initially wanted.” Same, and I agree about it being different. It *is* a war and the dragons had always been discussed as a weapon in it.

      Finally, your fiancee sounds like a peach (and 100% correct about armor for Dany), congrats on your upcoming wedding!!!

      • Original-S

        You are picking up what I am putting down, sister, and I love it!
        Regarding Dany and Jon, I was actually really cringey at the cave part. Like, it felt awkward and I do really poorly with awkward and embarrassing scenes. And as much as I <3 Davos (and I <3 him a lot) , I think Jon has the right mind set of "Fucking later, fighting now so we CAN fuck later." I am paraphrasing, of course. Plus, they will eventually be revealed to be related, so there is that monkey wrench as well.

        Aw, I will pass on the compliment. He is the peachiest peach! I was just at an 11, volume wise, and his ears needed me at like, a 6. Haha. :)

    • Tony

      You hit the nail on the head with Jamie charging a dragon. TBH I don’t think he even thought about the huge 150 foot long fire breathing dinosaur. He just saw a chance to get to Dany. His plan looked great right up to the point when Drogon turned in his direction. Pretty but dumb as a box of rocks might be his epitaph.

      • This is what I think, too. OR. Or. It was a suicide mission, a Hail Mary because he saw that battlefield and he knows it won’t be the last time that happens, now that he’s seen the awesome destructive power of an actual dragon…

    • Okay, first, CONGRATS on the upcoming nuptials! Second, ALL OF THIS YESSSSSSSSSSSS

  • Tony

    What an episode! Not quite the visceral shock of Hardholme (HBO gave the game away with the preview pic of Dany on Drogon) but wow!! And we’re only halfway through – what on earth are they going to do to top that?

    When Bran “I’m not Lord” Stark said to Littlefinger “Do you know who this dagger belonged to?” I was waiting for him to then say “I do”. Still, Littlefinger couldn’t wait to get out of there when Bran told him chaos is a ladder. I think the net is steadily closing in on Littlefinger. If Maester Lewin’s records don’t get him then emo-Stark definitely will.

    Excellent work by the Winterfell guards “Best fuck off then.” Perfect.

    It does seem that Lord Percy of House Blackadder and the rest of the northern lords have finally gone home though.

    The Stark sister reunion shows Arya (pronounced Ar-ya Sansa not Ar-ri-a – WTF?) seems to be softening. The stone cold assassin is slowly regaining her human side. With Bran already claiming the position of emotionless automaton I guess she didn’t have any choice – only one opening per castle. And can I just say what we’re all thinking – the Three-Eyed Raven is a DICK.

    I know you don’t see it, Laura, but I think Dany now starting to make cow eyes at Jon Snow. Her bosom certainly seemed to be heaving when he showed her the cave paintings (loved the blue eyes on the white walkers BTW). Davos has noticed too. But again “With bend the knee”. One positive I see though – Dany’s obsession with recognizing lines of succession should certainly make for a smooth transition when Jon’s superior claim as Rhaegar Targaryen-Stark Jr finally comes to light. I’m sure she’ll be more than happy to bend the knee herself, what with him being the ACTUAL rightful heir to Westeros and whatnot.

    Tyrion seems to skating on thin ice since his plans don’t seem to be working. “Enough with the clever plans” – hmmmm. Wonder what that means? (Not really – we all knew instantly what that means).

    The training session was great fun. However, even with a dull edged training sword if one of those swings had connected with Arya’s head I think she’d have been dead. Everybody then gave Littlefinger the stink-eye again. That has to be foreshadowing. He’ll end up with his throat slit by a Valarian-steel dagger.

    Narth sounds like fun – or as Davos put it “liberating”. And I thought we established back in Season 2 that Jon’s correct title is King Crow, or is that now Edd?

    Theon then rocked up and saw Jon “Oh shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittttt!”. And what a lead in – “The Queen is gone”.

    But all that was just filler for the main event – Field of Fire 2.0. Randall Tarly is a real barrel of laughs. Straight from the Roose Bolton school of man management. I got goosebumps when Bronn said “Listen”. The steadily increasing rumble of hooves, the single rising note of the music, the war screams of the horsemen, and then finally when the Dothraki appeared on the horizon – in a scene stolen directly from Zulu with Michael Caine – was perfectly done. All they needed was a bagpiper or two.

    Rickon-Dickon (this season’s running gag) saved the day for Jaime (at least for a while) but where was his dad? Once the actual fighting started we never saw hide nor hair of Randall ‘best fighter in the Seven Kingdoms’ Tarly.

    One minor quibble though – we saw at Slavers Bay/Bay of Dragons that NotDrogon1 and NotDrogon2 will quite happily follow big brother’s lead and burn everything in sight. So why did Dany only take Big Black and not all three? Bronn wouldn’t have gotten one shot off with three angry fire-breathing flying monsters out there. And speaking of which he wouldn’t have been able to get off the second shot if Drogon’s turning circle wasn’t the same as an Airbus A380. Dany’s piloting skills also leave much to be desired. Man directly in front of you just misses you with a giant steel bolt; you pull up, hover and burn said man. You do NOT turn and climb to 5000 feet for a bombing run. Dragon Piloting 101.

    What an ending! Jaime on a suicide mission charging like El Cid and saved in the nick of time by Bronn. Though all that armor can’t be easy to swim in – hence he was sinking like a stone (shades of Titanic with the final shot). Even if Bronn drags him out he’ll be captured. In one fell swoop Cersei has lost her army, her brother/lover and her food supplies. And now she has the entire Dothraki nation on her doorstep. Mycroft and the Iron Bank might want to reconsider their bet.

    In two episodes we’ve seen the Tyrell army and now the Lannister army annihilated. Jon Snow better get as much dragonglass as he can because the way things are going there won’t be a living soldier in the south to help him fight the whitewalkers.

    • Andy Street

      ZULU! That was what I was trying to put my finger on!

    • I’m telling you, the Jon/Dany stuff is all TELL. There’s no show. We’re being TOLD there’s chemistry. There isn’t any. Go back and watch those two actors with their other on-screen love interests. (Hell, watch Dany with Jorah.) When Davos pointed out the whole “yer watchin her tits, m’lord”, I blinked, confused. Had he? Did he?

      I GET IT. PRETTY PEOPLE BONING. There’s an appeal there. But I (and it seems I’m alone) am not seeing that SHOWN on screen. I’m being told to expect it. There’s a difference.

      (And everything else about your comment filled me with utter delight, AS DID THIS EPISODE.) ,<3

  • DrewHolton

    Ok, you were right and I was wrong. It was hugs first, then the fishy looks for Arya and Sansa.
    And dang it, why didn’t I think of Skyrim drogon(sic) words? ‘Course my archer would have totally taken Drogon down. It’s what he does. And I’m not so sure about Drogon looking buff. I was thinking he’s kind of pot-bellied. Did Dany tell him she thought a pot would be sexy?

    • …was I the only one thinking of the Thomas the Train Skyrim hack?


      And when you watch the scene again, CHECK DROGON’S LEGS. I laughed, not going to lie. He looks a bit like those disconcerting images of super jacked kangaroos.

    • I think you’re right, too, about Dany going for the Lannister military targets being a clear sign she listened to her Hand (and modified his wishes for herself).

      And ha, pot bellied, because he has a BELLOWS in his chest! He didn’t skip leg day. I lol’d. :D

  • Andy Street

    Meh. Bit of a filler episode really, wasn’t it?

    Kidding, that was awesome. Possibly the best battle yet! Remember when Drogon was an adorable little lizard perching on Mommy’s shoulder? He’s a legitimately terrifying engine of destruction. It was kind of like Blackwater in S2 when you really should have been rooting for Stannis against Joffrey but then the show sticks you at eye level with some characters you care about doing genuinely heroic derring-do against insurmountable odds and you just want them to not die…

    Do we think one of those poor burnt Lannister soldiers was Ed Sheeran? (Ha – my autocorrect changed that to Ed Shireen – which is both appropriate and shows how much I go on about this damn show).

    Jaimie is an absolute madman charging at Drogon like that. I guess he thought he could end the war then and there like that stupid Tarly boy of old that got his chest caved in by Robert. Or at least that he could go out with the words ‘Jaimie Lannister – Dragonslayer’ in the big Kingsguard book instead of ‘Kingslayer’.

    It was Bronn that saved him at the end. I’ve missed Bronn – thought he was a goner for sure after all the lines he got this week but he’s a hard man to kill. It was the greatest tragedy yet when he lost his gold. The man deserves it after that performance – manning the ballista like a boss and forcing Drogon to land (although you’ll know yourself Laura – they’re much more dangerous on the ground where they can bite and claw rather than just Voice-strafing every now and again).

    Elsewhere – sadly it looks like the Dany/Jon ship is setting sail. Maybe it’s just something to do with caves that gets Jon’s motor running. Grey Worm better get back soon because it seems to have acquired an escort vessel called HMS Davos/Missendei from somewhere too. Davos Seaworth – how’s your presumably age-appropriate wife you haven’t mentioned for about five years?

    I did like Dany and Jon repeating the exact conversation Jon had with Mance Rayder about getting everyone killed because he’s too proud to kneel and how the Northerners wouldn’t follow him if he did – a lot of callbacks these days.

    The Stark reunion was great stuff – and I noticed Podrick

    • Lilley Berrington

      Firstly, I love your reference to the first man Robert killed. Secondly, Jaime having mad king flashbacks: I didn’t even think of that! Perhaps that’s why he stormed in so recklessly?


      And I was right there with you on Jaime. That was a suicide mission and he knew it, but he’s also just good enough that there’s a chance it could have worked. Hail Mary pass. And Oh, I ached for Bronn losing his sack of gold!

      A dragon on the ground IN THE MIDST OF BATTLE is maybe the most terrifying weapon of all. God, that was magnificent.

      And excellent point about calling back to Mance Rayder–I was so desperate to get this up I glossed over that!

    • I shudder to think of what LF is up to. I am genuinely at a loss as to what it could be, honestly. AHHH!

    • Ana G

      “at least that he could go out with the words ‘Jaimie Lannister – Dragonslayer’ in the big Kingsguard book instead of ‘Kingslayer’. I’m guessing he must have been flashing back pretty hard to watching Dany’s father burn people and not being able to do anything about it for so long” that is an excellent point! I also feel Jaime was in a don’t think just do sort of moment.

      Also “they’re much more dangerous on the ground where they can bite and claw”…. I kind of hope we get to see this in a future battle. Like it would be horrifying but also incredible to see.

      “Dr. Branhatten” you win reference gold, my friend. I can’t think of a better way to say it.

  • caycos

    Random thoughts:
    I don’t think Jaime or Drogon are dead, but I think both of them will be changed by this. It’s possible we may not see much of Jaime for a while – leave us hanging.
    Bronn (or was it Dickon??) might be dead. If it was Dickon, does that mean daddy-o has to go play nice with Sam? Dickon would be doing well to get out of that all alive. Or what if Daddy’s dead and Dickon isn’t, and he’s all ‘I’m not my father’s child.’ Would be very much in line with many others this season.
    I’m surprised by how sad I am at even the thought that Jaime might be dead. I thought Bronn was gonna die a glorious bastard death though.
    I definitely saw the tension they were trying to create between Jon and Dany down in the cave, but I’m not sure I believed it. It’s possibly both actors just aren’t quiiiiiiiiiite good enough to do that.
    Arya’s gonna get Littlefinger. Right? Right.

    • OOOOOOH MAYBE IT WAS BICKON! (Erm, pardon? It’s Dickon.)

  • caycos

    Oh! Also! Davos! FEWER!!!

    • Lilley Berrington

      Davos: Coolest Hufflepuff in existence.

  • moata

    I am here for that schist joke and I don’t care who knows it.

    I spoke to my sister on the phone right before I watched this and I kind of wanted to call her again when Sansa and Arya reunited. SISTERS ARE AWESOME THINGS TO HAVE. Hold tight to each other little Starklings!

    Bran totally put the wind up Littlefinger’s breeches with that “chaos is a ladder” comment though the whole “knowing everything but only a few patchy bits at a time” certainly does help build the suspense a bit, doesn’t it? I feel quite strongly that Bran already knows how Arya is going to use that dagger and that’s why he gave it to her.

    Speaking of which, “battle of the bad ass babes” in the courtyard was all kinds of awesome and I loved it. Step aside, Pod, indeed. The only way it would have been better is if Tormund was watching on reclining, shirtless on a haywain with a straw stalk in his mouth. But I guess he’s off to “Castle Whatever that’s about to be overrun by the armies of the dead” so too bad for him.

    What is it with Jon and women in caves? Although not everyone is digging the Jon and Dany romance “contrivance” the cold, hard facts are that they should be considering a marriage as an alliance. Doing so solves a lot of problems. And yes they’re cousins (not that they know this) but this is all based on European history. If Queen Elizabeth I could have married her cousin Mary Queen of Scots there would have been a whole lot less bloodshed (and also she would have got some).

    Anyway, I was CONVINCED that Bronn was going to die in that battle and then I was CONVINCED Jaime was and I may have screamed “ARRRGH, YOU BASTARDS” as the credits rolled.

    So much to love about this but mostly the Stark kids being back together. So goooood.

    • Let me love you for getting my geology jokes. #GeologyRocks

      …had to get one more in.

      Oooooh, I love that idea that Bran knows Arya is going to use that dagger against LF!! I AM HERE FOR THAT.

      See, Dany and Jon marrying for convenience is smart. I continue to be the only one (I guess?) who isn’t seeing them making cow eyes at each other. I would have no problem with an alliance. We already know Dany can’t have more human children, so it’s not like they would have to do anything, anyway.

      …somewhere Jorah Mormont sighed in relief and doesn’t know why. :D

      • Lilley Berrington

        If they married for political reasons, wouldn’t they still have to consummate, or the marriage could be considered a sham? Not that anyone would have to know they didn’t, I suppose.

    • Anthony Gitto

      THANK you for the cave comment. I was totally thinking the same thing!

  • Lilley Berrington

    Random observations:
    1. Nooo poor Meera! And damn Bran; that was cold.
    2. I love the Stark reunions, but I sort of imagined they would be a bit less awkward. I suppose that’s realistic though, since so much has changed over the years. Still amazing to see them back together though. And the flashback to season 1 with Arya arguing with the guards to let her in was a nice touch.
    3. LF is too clever to just be hanging around there, right? Its getting more and more dangerous for him by the episode. Whatever his plan is, though, is probably going to get him killed. With Bran’s knowledge (chaos is a ladder indeed), and Arya’s bad assity, he’s going to die by the hands of a Stark for sure. He peaked too soon, way back in season 3.
    4. Brienne and Arya! Yay! But I want Tormund to come back.
    5. I really did think there was John/Dany chemistry and I didn’t think it seemed forced. That’s totally going to happen, and I suppose I could sale with that ship.
    6. I was also super excited about John and Theon reuniting. John may have been mean, but I knew he’d spare Theon’s life, and am happy that what I knew came to pass. Theon has grown so much though!
    7. I enjoy the interactions between Cersei and iron bank guy. Do you suppose the gold will still get to King’s Landing?
    8. Please please let Bronn survive? And Jaime of course. He and Cersei need to go out together! And I don’t want Jaime captured either, because I’m not sure Dany is ready to forgive him yet for slaying her father, even though she knows that he was evil.
    9. Those poor soldiers! And poor Tyrion having to watch his brother in that type of danger. Dany is awesome and I suppose I want her to end up on the iron throne, but this show really makes me question my loyalties. I love them all! Can’t they all just forgive each other? Cersei should abdicate and go back to Casterly Rock with Jaime. Dany can sit on the throne with John, and Sansa and the other Starks can rule the north. Simple really. But wish in the one hand… you know how that goes.
    10. Please let Drogon not die? :-(

    • The gold IS in King’s Landing! That was what Shitlord Tarly came to tell Jaime about before they were besieged by the Dothraki and Drogon!

      Vickon, hmm, I think he said Trickon. {Beg pardon, it’s Dickon?}

  • Lilley Berrington

    Sad face; did my comment disappear or am I doing a horrible job of reading?

    • Lilley it takes a bit for things to work through the queue and I have to sleep at some point. PATIENCE, Padawan learner.

    • Oh, I loved that with Brienne, too. Self Esteem: Rebuild is a go, courtesy of Professor Pod!

  • BlackTalon53 .

    Dargons have hoards, Dothraki have hordes.

    • WTF is a dargon?

      • Eddie H

        Maybe he was saying dagron. Wasn’t that what strong mad was carving in the table instead of drawing his dragon with an “s” and a “more different s”?

        • That’s a pretty good looking arm coming out of his neck, right there.

          (You’re giving this person waaaaaaay too much credit. But thank you. Also: I SAID CONSUMMATE V’s CONSUMMATE!)

    • Andy Street

      Hi Stannis!

  • Julie Martin

    Well, I think it is important that someone point out that: aaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! Also, AHHHHH!!!!


  • Eddie H

    There’s definitely a lot of payoff from several seasons of build up this season. All points on the map finally starting to come crashing together. I wonder who will be left when the white walkers finally make it through the wall. I’m assuming they’ll get through, not saying that with any foreknowledge but it probably has to happen at this point.
    I think if Jaime was going to die they would probably have gone for the dramatic incineration by a dragon death, not the dodge the fire just to drown death. He’s been one the biggest characters since episode 1 so it has to be big right? Maybe get a parting shot of his gold hand melting after the rest of him is already burned away.

    • Oh, I think they’ve absolutely foreshadowed the WWs coming through the wall. We’re in total agreement there!

      I also agree with you on Jaime. No way they ended that character that way. No. And ha, love the image of his hand melting.

  • magnusk_98

    Oooof. You know, I have watched the big explosion of Wildfire at Blackwater Bay maybe dozens of times. I watched Jon getting crowned King of the North twenty, thirty times. I don’t know if I’ll watch this battle again unless I do a whole re-watch of the series, because it was *exhausting*. Brilliantly shot, highly exciting, but emotionally exhausting.

    I really felt bad for poor Meera. She’s gone through hell for Bran, not only because of loyalty but also because she clearly has some feels for him and now he’s all Mr. Emotionless Robot. :-/ I hope she finds some crannogboy to get over him, before the Others come knocking.

    I must say, Qyburn mounting the scorpion on a 360 degree swivel is rather ingenious for medieval tech. ^^ Nonetheless, Dany should have just flown higher up and have Drogon flame the thing from above, because you can’t shoot it straight up.

    I’m seeing the UST between Dany and Jon, but admittedly it could be way more intense.

    And, yeah, really loved the Stark girls reunion and Arya and Brienne having their sparring session. Go go, Stark girl power!

    • Eddie H

      I’m not reading the tension as sexual at all. I think it’s a mix of mutual respect and the natural tension that there positions hold. They’re both trying to sway the other to align with their goals. The tension is political in nature.

      • Oh god, thank you, Eddie. I’m just not seeing it, either. AND DUDE. I SEE SEXUAL TENSION EVERYWHERE. Like between us. It’s ridiculous, really. (hahaha)

    • I saw the torching of grain as a complete “eff you” to Cersei for stealing the food away from Casterly Rock, potentially starving the Unsullied. “You hurt mine? I hurt yours.”

      I, too, ached for Meera! That was a lot of work for the payoff. And HAHAHA, oh, you’re so right about Drogon needing to just hover right on top of it. Also, can’t he flame the spear/harpoon/whatever they’re calling it before it strikes? Maybe there’s a refractory period in lighting up the fires that prevents that from being effective…

      • ars_belli

        Thanks to your comment, all I can think is “But what’s everyone going to eat now?” Do you think Dany let her temper get the better of her?

        If I were Qyburn, I’d be covering the javelins in pitch or soaking them with water…or just make them out of metal or stone. I wonder how hot the dragonfire actually is? How flame-proof is the inside of the dragon? Can it get hayfever and just sneeze fireballs everywhere?

        Poor Meera! :( Bran now has the emotional capacity of a Dalek. (Which I can understand, given his PTSD + 3ER situation, but that doesn’t make me any more charitable.)

  • NOPE! Not getting it at ALL!! Ahahaha.

    But I’m not one to tell you YOU can’t see it/enjoy it! I’m just being told it’s happening and not seeing them romantically drawn to each other. SORRY!!! :(

  • Sarah Sanderson

    Oh man this episode had me feeling all kinds of ways. Like many, I just kept erupting in shrieks.
    The fight choreography on Arya and Brienne’s training scene was incredible. I am so here for skilled lady fighters. I loved Arya just flitting around her until Brienne was like “enough of this!” and booted her right to the chest. Which led to that dope recovery and me yelling “Oh shit she’s a ninja!” in my roommate’s face. Is it clear I had a lady-boner for this scene? Just a bit?

    Roommate and I were joking the last time Jon went into a cave with a lady he certainly sealed some deals (Heyoo!) Got down on both knees *finger guns*
    As for Dany and Jon’s chemistry I don’t see them falling for each other romantically yet but I can definitely see them building mutual respect *shrug* Maybe with time they could be more but I think if they rush it it’s gonna feel forced.

    The last battle was amazing but also very stressful With people we care about on both sides. I was at peak yelling at the screen form here. While I am aware that Drogon is fire-breathing death raining from above, I still shouted “Sky puppy NO!” When he got shot. I’m kind of confounded that people were getting completely obliterated all around them and neither Bronn nor Jaime not even a little singed. Main character fire immunity I suppose. I don’t think this is the last of Jaime. Not enough sibling angst for him to go down this way.

    • THAT FIGHT SCENE BETWEEN LADIES WAS AMAZING. Especially because you could see the moment Brienne stopped using “training a newb” in her actions and went full tilt. That was just [kisses fingers]

      I’m with you, re: Dany/Jon. They’re building a relationship, but I’m not picking it up as anything sexual.

      GOD that battle scene was just masterful. Just. Masterful.

    • “Roommate and I were joking the last time Jon went into a cave with a lady he certainly sealed some deals (Heyoo!) Got down on both knees *finger guns* ”
      HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. This comment is perfection, finger guns and all.

  • Jorah Sowannabe

    Just staring at the screen, watching but not watching the end credits scroll, wondering, “Is this what a hit of acid is like? Because if this is what a hit of acid is like, I’m going full junkie. Now. Because I want more, now. Not quite sure what it is that I want, because my emotions and thought processes are still disconnected over what I just experienced, but I want more….” And then the credits are over, and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is starring in ‘Baller’s’, next on HBO, and I’m screaming, “NO! Blasphemy! Go away, Dwayne, you just ruined a profound religious experience, like waltzing in during a christening and pissing on the altar, so go away!” And I realize there is nothing on any of my 889 channels, not one of them, that could hold a candle to what I just saw, so I turn the TV off and go to bed. Oh, and I remembered to breathe again…

    It was the most glorious of battles, and I was riveted. Thank God no one had an Iphone pointed at my foolish mug, recording whatever reactions I had(hell, I have no idea what my reactions were), because I really don’t want to be some ridiculous meme. It was magnificent spectacle, awe-inspiring. And yet…it wasn’t my favorite part of the episode. It was the sparring match between Arya and Brienne. The good-natured condescension of Brienne, about to humor little Arya, giving way to a dawning realization that this wee moppet could gut her, and then to the full out, no-holds-barred shit-storm of dazzling sword-play. And that wonderful moment at the end, their looks of affectionate mutual admiration. Perfect.
    My next favorite scene was in the crypt and that hug. Not the first hug, although it was nice. But it was perfectly stilted, for that moment, and I felt a bit of sadness at the gulf between these sisters. And then, Glory Jalapeno, they both dropped their emotional defenses, allowed themselves to realize just how much they had loved and missed each other and hugged again, a real hug, a loving hug, and I damn near lost it.
    Gawd, I love this show…..

    • Jorah Sowannabe

      P.S. Did anyone else start screaming at Dany, “Bail out!! Eject! Eject!”
      (Hey, it’s possible. Tyrion invented a saddle for Bran, he should have invented a parachute for Dany. C’mon, Tyrion, I love ya, but that’s strike four. Gotta get your A game going here…)

      • ars_belli

        Ha! I love that image of Dany with a parachute. She should have packed that giant flag on the temple in Meereen.

        Is it just me thinking Tyrion is behind the eight ball this season? Dany’s snipe about him fighting his family made me wonder how much Tyrion’s strategy was learned from Jaime. Difficult to fight someone who taught you (almost) everything you know.

    • Those moments with the sisters as well as the training Brienne/Arya scene were just wonderful. This whole episode was a work and a wonder tbh!!

  • menomegirl

    So, was anyone else looking around for Randall Flagg after that raven went “Caw! Caw!” at Littlefinger? No? Just me?


    What? It could happen. Dragons have eyes, y’know. ;)

    • Lilley Berrington

      Ooo LF’s actor could make such a good Walter though.

      • menomegirl

        You know, I never did finish reading the DT series. The fantasy genre just isn’t my thing; I get bored with it too easily.

        That being said, however, I totally agree with you. Aidan Gillen would make an excellent Walter.

  • Lanie

    Wonderful review (from you? of course!) again!!

    Brienne: Who taught you to do that?

    Arya: No one.

    Jaqen H’ghar: [enigmatic grin to an empty room] A GIRL HAS LEARNED.

  • Moriah Gemel

    I legit just flailed my way through the whole episode. My couch took a beating. I was slapping the cushions and stimming like mfer and it was so satisfying. It was everything I’d ever wanted–Dany on her dragon, the Dothraki totally decimating after they crossed the poison sea (eyes up for Drogo, his promise gettin kept), and the smuggy dudes facing near-religious fear when they see the truth. Not that I don’t love Bronn and Jamie, I adore them, but man I’ve been waiting for Dany to rise up since Viserys sold her.

  • Char Turner

    I’m not feeling the sexual tension between Daenerys and Jon either, however, I do sense that Ser Davos has it bad for Missandei but sorry dude she’s taken.

    • HAHAHAHA, you have a good point there re: Davos! ;)

      • Lilley Berrington

        Don’t know why the thought of Davos having a crush on Missandei gives me shivers, and not pleasant ones. I suppose the age difference, but it isn’t as if we haven’t seen (sort of) couples with huge age gaps before this. Hell, I even hoped Tyrion/Sansa could work things out. So maybe my dislike for this thought is just because I like Missandei/Grey Worm too much.

    • ars_belli

      The Onion Knight’s fancy for Missandei brings a tear to the eye! Glad I’m not the only one puzzled by the Jon/Dany sexual tension (or lack thereof), definitely the opposite of “show don’t tell” in this episode.

  • Posh66

    Hi hi hi, happy birthday again, sorry I’m always so late to the GoT party! My thinky thoughts on this truly amazing episode:

    1. I think Bronn and Jamie are both having existential crises, Jamie IRT his misguided loyalty and love for Cruella de Cersei, Bronn IRT being a sell-sword. They both want out of the racket, but how??? Regardless, by the end of the ep they had MUCH bigger problems than Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

    2. Everyone is piling on Bran, but honestly, how can he even function with the entire space-time continuum yammering in his head? People can’t even text and drive without crashing into things.

    3. It was the second (unexpected) hug that Arya gave Sansa that got me in the feels.

    4. Same as when Brienne was going to yell at Pod, then changed her mind and thanked him instead. These little moments are the biggest.

    5. Brienne’s fight with Arya was EVERYTHING. And for those who scoff, it wasn’t a real fight, dude. Nobody was battling to the death. If it was a real fight, Arya would have snuck up and killed Brienne in her sleep haha. But what a magnificent display of grrl power. You can tell they were both in their glory.

    6. The reason Dany hasn’t fallen in love with Jon yet is because she’s never seen him with his hair down. That’s all it would take, a la Frasier and Lilith on Cheers. Nobody can resist Jon Snow with his raven locks flowing. N-O-B-O-D-Y.

    7. Every episode is more fraught with anxiety than the last, because I love everyone (even if I just love to hate them), and each character death is going to be gutting. Gutting me, not them. Although there may be actual guttings. Gutting them, not me. “Gutting” doesn’t even look like a word anymore.

    • Lilley Berrington

      I must say, I enjoyed the Brienne and Pod scene more than the Brienne and Arya scene. Not that I had a problem with the latter, but it did feel a little like fan service. The former, however, shows more character growth. Also, I loved your Frasier/Lilith reference.

  • Scott

    Missed out on commenting last week (life/work got in the way big time), but amazing reviews (and episodes) both weeks.

    I really enjoyed the Winterfell scenes this week. Arya/Sansa reunion was great and right and perfect. Bran is still a mystery. I do like that he gave Arya a little half hug, so I can continue to have some hope left for him. My interpretation(mainly just hope) is that he is still trying to process everything he learned and as he does this his Bran side may come back bit by bit and he won’t be all emo/monotone 3 eyed Raven all the time. I’m hoping this is what the “chaos is a ladder” is supposed to show, like he has so much information in there that he is trying to piece all together and he can recognize pieces like Littlefinger saying that but can’t put together the whole of that dialogue or it’s meaning, yet… And that soon he will and that will be the end of Littlefinger. Thus ends my fanfic of the week.

    By the way, I’m on the same page with Jon carving those symbols like 5 minutes before he brought Dany in. I’m pretty sure in one of the scenes we saw him kick away a hammer in chisel that he accidently left visible.
    That final sequence though… it was just amazing. Bronn, Jaime, Dany, Drogon. I didn’t know what to do, what to want, what to ask for it… just amazing. Also, 100% sure Jaime won’t die…o.k. 80%, maybe 50/50. Bronn has to finish the job saving him if he wants that castle and Bronn has to get that castle before he dies, right? Back to 80% sure Jaime will live.

    • Scott

      Forgot to add… Literally had to stop reading at the geology jokes. People tend to give you weird looks and wonder what you are doing when you bust out laughing randomly at work. Well played.

  • Lyanna Mormont

    I’ve been out in the countryside with unreliable internet for the past week, so I’ve missed the discussion here! Just a brief drop-by now.

    Things I didn’t know I needed in my life:

    1. Arya and Brienne swordfighting. Per-fect.

    2. Jon and Theon’s face-off. He betrayed Robb, sacked Winterfell, killed Ser Rodrik (who was name-dropped by Arya in this very episode, just in case we’d forgotten about him) and killed two young boys so he could pass the bodies off as Bran and Rickon’s. Yeah, Jon’s got very little sympathy for Theon – but he did help Sansa escape.

    Speaking of Arya looking for familiar faces when returning to Winterfell – oh, more callbacks to earlier seasons. The Starks have lost so many people, and they weren’t all relatives. (Maester Luwin!)

    The unanimous reaction in my family when discussing the episode afterwards – once we were past the shock and awe – was “Why did Dany bring Tyrion to the battle?” He wasn’t there to fight, so… showing him the Targaryen way? Punishing him for his bad advice by making him watch as she flambéed “his” people? (Yeah, yeah, I get that his presence was required from a storytelling perspective, but from an in-world perspective it makes no sense.)

    Also, when did Dany train Drogon to target one army and not the other one?


    • Lilley Berrington

      I was wondering too why Tyrion was there to watch. I never even considered that Dany could have a reason for that, though it seems really dark. Damn, Dany!

  • Lilley Berrington

    Gaaa I can’t wait for Laura’s new recap. I’m periodically refreshing to see if its up yet. Lol