Game of Thrones 7.5 – Eastwatch

Previously! War, incest, death, Gendry rowing in a boat….

key and peele


Let’s get real: [readies third bottle of wine]

…kidding. Unless you got a spare liver for me?

(Tiny, insignificant quibble. The lighting on the Eastwatch model was off. You could tell it was newly slapped on. But!! If this is my quibble? Ja feel? THINGS ARE GR8. GR9, actually.)

OH HEY, turns out that Bronn saved Jaime! They both made it. Pretty dang convenient… I’m a little sad Cockoff (“Erm, it’s actually Dickon? Dickon Tarly? We’ve met several times now?”) didn’t save him, but I still love that Bronn is actually a #GoodGuy. He’s also totally out of the game now that he’s confronted a dragon. PEACE. Good luck with all of that, and I’ll need a repayment of my gold. Ta.

Tyrion, meanwhile, walks through the ashes of the battlefield as Rains of Castamere plays. Yeah. Not so abstract now is, it, Half Man? And christ, Drogon is so damn huge perched on that outcropping…

Dany has the Lannisters gathered for her “Join me, bend the knee, and you live” speech. They mostly drop to their knees in dribs and drabs, especially when Drogon snarls at them. Oh ho, the Tarlys, however, do not. Dany calls them forward and Tyrion points out Shitheel Tarly’s hypocrisy in picking winning teams over his branded “loyalty”.

Shitheel is all MAGA! (MKLGA?)
Tyrion: I wonder how you’d feel about the Wall?
Shitheel: I reject that as she isn’t a real leader.
Cockoff: Fuck you, Laura, it’s DICKON. And you’ll have to take me to the Wall, too.
Tyrion: Dude. Duuuuuuuuude. Take the L, Cockoff.
Tyrion: Apparently. Put him in chains, then?
Dany: What the hell did I say about bend or die?
Drogon: [smacks lips]
Shitheel: Son. My only son. My ooooooonly son, no. Don’t do this.
Samwell Red Leader Porkins Tarly, looking up from a dusty tome and feeling a twitch in his left eye: WHAT THE FUCK, DAD?
Dany: Dracarys.

[Trogdor’s Burninating Theme Plays]

Well, the rest of the Lannisters bent their fucking knees pretty fast after that. Christ.

Jaime staggers back to King’s Landing and Cersei, who ain’t bovvered by all the death, not really buying that this isn’t a war they can win, ain’t caring at all that the Dothraki are pretty much the baddest of asses. And wow, they are. Jaime is awed. JAIME. Is awed.

Cersei: [shrugs]

Even when Jaime tells her their son was poisoned by Olenna, even though she can see the truth in it, she has gone too far. There is no way out, not for her. Only fighting to the death is left for her. “A soldier should know his choice.”

The flowers in their attic are still flourishing, it seems…

Dany and Drogon land back at Dragonstone, and if you’re not thinking it’s fucking kickass, the CGI work, then GTFO of my face. I AM HAVING MASSIVE SKYRIM FEELS, AND I DON’T CARE WHO KNOWS ABOUT IT. Jon freaking stares in the face of Drogon, like, inches from it, and is allowed to TOUCH HIM. Wow. None of this “You’re not my real dad, Gary!” stuff.

Drogon Jon Snow dragon


YOU HAVE BEEN ACCEPTED TO DATE MAMA, JON. (I don’t ship them. I think they want us to think this. And I think that this also makes us think Drogon knows Jon’s bloodline?) I do like that it frames the dragons in a way to show Jon that Drogon is a sentient being, not unlike Ghost. Which… where the hell is Ghost? (They tell us, but give me #EndangeredMagicPuppies, omg.)

They have that convo all divorced people have when starting a new relationship about parenting wayward teens (dragons) and outlining house rules. Dany wants to know about that “knife in the heart” thing but SPEAKING OF LITERAL KNIFE IN THE HEART









FUCK Y’ALL SNOW/DANY SHIPPERS. MY ONE TRUE SHIP IS HERE. I know Book Jorah is #Problematic. I know. SHOW Jorah is IAIN GLENN.

Guys? I ain’t leaving this dock unless it’s setting sail on the S.S. JORAH MORMONT LIVES HAPPILY EVER AFTER. Ahahaha. Ahem.

Bran wargs into a flock of seagulls ravens, and they ran, ran so far away… to Eastwatch. And ooooooooh my god. The army of the dead!! To say there are a lot is like saying there are a lot of grains of sand on the beach. He sends ravens to any and everyone…

…including Samwell LAST OF THE TARLYS, Red Leader Porkins, Future (potential) Maester, Cutter of Greyscale, Healer of Mormonts, Cleaner of Shitpots. He brings the information to the Maesters, who aren’t interested because They Are Smarter, and this is an excellent take on freaking Academia. Seriously. Well, this seems preposterous because we haven’t experienced it here in the dusty tomes to which…we…cling.

Samwell, however, has good info for them, good advice. Go. Tell every maester to be smart about things. The Citadel board are skeptical, but (we know) Samwell needs to be listened to. They, blinded by their chains, DO NOT LISTEN. They don’t appreciate Sam saying, “HEY. I HAVE SEEN THE WHITE WALKERS. I HAVE KILLED ONE. I KNOW THE THREE-EYED RAVEN” because they, learned though they are, have not seen it and have heard too many “my uncle at the docks warged into a catfish!” stories.

And when people would rather fit a narrative to their own worldview instead of being open to possibility… Guys? This is how you get blood purists. Radicals. Sweeping eradication of a race, nation, people.

Don’t tell me this show isn’t political and important for today. Good fantasy, good SF ALWAYS challenges the real world within its pages. And GoT/ASOFAI does, too. Lord. I mean, Harry freaking Potter is relevant to today. We’re basically living in Order of the Phoenix times, y’all.

…where was I?

Varys second-guesses choosing Dany, I think, as Tyrion drinks himself into forgetting what he just witnessed on the battlefield and beyond. (Is this the first time we see Varys drink?) Funny moment: Varys commenting on the letter he has being sealed, but knowing what it had inside. Once the Lord of Whispers… Varys now knows about Bran being the Three-Eyed Knight and Arya being alive, AND SO DOES JON!

Because Jon learned to always share intel, now Dany’s Council knows about the White Walkers and that Jon needs to get home.

…because Jon wants to Scoobie Doo an Undead into King’s Landing in an “I could have gotten away with it, if it weren’t for these pesky Northerners…” move, proving his point of view. Jorah, because he’s the best ever, wants to grab one and sneak it into KL.

If you guys kill him before I’ve had my moment….

I will say the moments of true leadership between he and Dany are pretty great. She appreciates his honor, and I love that. Jon’s pretty majestic here.



Back in Winterfell, all the lords are pledging their affection and dedication to Sansa, which is awesome. But she’s sticking up for Jon, because SANSA STARK IS A GOOD PERSON. She and Arya have a moment as they discuss what’s happening, and Arya’s beef is that the men bitched and Sansa let them. Arya doesn’t have diplomacy, and Sansa does.

I love Arya, my little murder teen, but Sansa has a point about how to make people work together. Damn, Arya got fucking dark. I thought she was before, but telling her sister she knows she wants Jon to fail so Sansa can lead? I don’t agree with her on that, but shit. (Also, I would like a little intel on these two sisters having a real “here’s what happened previously on Glee” conversation, knowing where they’ve both come from.) Arya’s got some hardline views of the world, given her experiences, but that’s also a sign of her youth, even though she’d gut me for saying it…

In King’s Landing, we have Tyrion and Davos landing and splitting off, and Bronn and Jaime down in the catacombs to meet… Tyrion. (I love Bronn.)

Summation of their conversation:

brother Jaime Tyrion Lannister

Davos, meanwhile, heads to Flea Bottom for a bit of the brown, by which I mean GENDRY WENT BACK WHAT THE HELL. BRO. Bro. Brooooooooo. You were sent free and you went back?

“I thought you might still be rowing.”

AHAHAHAHA, best sort of fan-service.

Davos was ready to sell a story but Gendry has a go-bag and has been waiting, and I am cackling with glee. “You might want to bring one of those swords.”


Greatest ruse of all time: Fermented crab, Goldcloaks on, DICKS OUT?

Goldcloaks: Uh… cheaper than Viagra, I guess?
Tyrion: [attempts to sidle past]
Gendy: BTW I leveled up my difficulty setting to Expert. Allow me to get max XPs. [swings]

Meanwhile, Cersei knows Bronn allowed a meeting with Tyrion. She also believes she can beat dragons. And apparently the Walkers? Girl, you reaching. I think Jaime finally thinks it, too. Especially when Cersei intimates that she’s pregnant and will say Jaime is the father. Is he?? Look. Girl gets around. I’m suspicious.

Cersei: Never betray me again.
Jaime: [tugs neckline]

Hahaha. Look, I bet she is. I don’t know why that’s hard to believe. Y’all know women are fertile for decades, right? Especially if they’ve had children before? #HumanBiology

Davos brings Gendry straight to Jon with an admonition to stay quiet about his heritage. Gendry doesn’t mince words. “I’m Robert’s bastard son.” Hahaha, no subtly this, guy. He and Jon hit it off like peas and carrots, and everything is awesome.

“It’s better to be a coward for a minute than dead for the rest of your life,” Davos says about his father, and he’s not wrong, but Gendry is as noble as the day is long. Gendry wants to fight. WHAT IS AIR, YOU GUYS? I AM LOVING THIS SEASON.

Davos, at the hot-blooded young dudes ready to fight:

We don’t deserve the Onion Knight, you guys.

…wait, Jorah is loading up to leave and I’m feeling filled with dread. FILLED. TO THE BRIM. Especially because Dany takes his hands, he kisses them, and I want them to fall into one another’s arms. DON’T JUDGE ME.

Jon leaves, and it’s like, eh. I mean, I know y’all want them together, but eh. EH. ??? There, I said it.


In the Citadel, Gilly is darling and lovely and trying to connect with Samwell, and it’s so adorable (and I’ve gone on record about Sam representing the Nice Guy, and they reverted back to that here. She’s trying to help, and he’s pretty dismissive, and it’s frustrating and don’t tell me it’s because he has a lot on his mind oh my gooooooood).

Gilly reads through old papers, and she’s trying to be helpful, and I love her. SHE IS GOOD AND PURE AND COULD HAVE BEEN CERSEI, BUT SHE IS NOT. She is not. Like, have you considered that? She went through essentially the worst upbringing of all women on this show, and she’s good and helpful and awesome, and I just want some Gilly love, sorry.

Sam brushes off her helpful intel (he’s focused, I understand that, but damn son, weight of the world is not on your shoulders, you have a willing listening ear bro). He’s rightfully pissed about the maesters focused on the number of shits (steps) instead of the damn White Walkers. He takes off to the restricted section without an invisibility cloak (oh, Sam!) and grabs the tomes he needs because HE IS A MAN ON A MISSION. And it’s a good one. It’s crucial, I agree. One last look at the astrolabe, so I assume he’s leaving the Citadel? Yep. He sure is. And he’s taking the info he needs because this is more important.

It is more important to BE a better man than to read about good men’s achievements. Hear, fucking, hear.

I love everything happening right now.


…wait. For an episode titled “Eastwatch” we sure aren’t seeing any of it. Spoiler alert (lol) that won’t change.

Meanwhile, in Winterfell, Littlefinger has a mysterious meeting that Arya spies, and I love Arya keeping an eye out on things, even if I’m terribly afraid for her. Baelish gets his hands on the only copy of… something, and Arya goes into assassin mode. She picks the lock (Khajiit rules the Thieves Guild!) and is clearly thinking “search and destroy”. Under a Pottery Barn blanket she finds what she believes is the message LF was so determined to hide.

Basically it’s the message Sansa was forced to write saying her dad was a traitor and she swears fealty to Joffrey. And LF set it up. Of course he did. Fuck.

I hate Littlefinger.

Jon and Davos exit their Tardis and land in Eastwatch where Gjördkr the Pêrv Nømm (formerly Gjördkr the Chîcken Eåter, then Gjördkr the Bær Fuçkër but formerly as Tormund) has been waiting for war. And oh ho ho, the Hound is in the keep down in the cells with Beric and Thoros! Gendry is like, “HEY. I REMEMBER YOU SELLING ME, DON’T TRUST THEM.” and he’s not wrong, necessarily…

Okay, okay, you’re all enemies. Time to come together to fight the Big Boss, yeah? If you’re breathing, you’re on Shirts. Not breathing, reanimated, you’re Skins.

Shirts? We’re going beyond the Wall. It’s… pretty sketchy out there. Maybe put on a hat. No? None of you? I feel like you all need toques. I’m from Texas, and I’m a cry baby about true cold, so what do I know.

Also: HEY EASTWATCH. WHERE WERE YOU. Also #2, no one died, so let me shut my mouth.

OKAY, BIG WORRIES, FOLKS. Is Arya going to fuck things up? Is she? Murder Teen? Camera Three.

Girl. Child. Precious little assassin puberty princess of my heart. I love you, you know this. You are still young and new and you don’t know everything. Caution is key. Littlefinger is worse than A Girl/Waif, I promise. And she was awful. SLOW YOUR ROLL, COOKIE.

Other worries: Those guys are in Real Winter up north without hats. Is no one worried about heat loss? I SERIOUSLY AM A CRY BABY ABOUT THE COLD because I live in the equivalent of Dorne and it looks rather cold.

Also #3: I feel like the Hound is going to make it, but Jorah isn’t. I am not okay with this. Did we go through all of that with Jorah getting his FLESH CUT OFF just to see him die a “hero’s” death? Sandor already had his hero’s redemption arc, and I worry.

And are y’all STILL on the Jon/Dany have chemistry train? Because that isn’t leaving the station for me. Look, I’m talking as a professional writer and once actress. No chemistry between them. Camera angles are one thing, but those two have mild interest in being on screen together. They just don’t light up. Emily comes alive with Iain Glenn (or Jason Momoa or Missandei, tbh). Kit comes alive with his family or his soon-t0-be-bride. (I know they’re limited to smoldering attractively on screen as actors, but still.)

Marriage of convenience, I get it. Just, I’m still not shipping it. Reminder: I ship everything. Hell, I shipp Cockoff (CHRIST, I AM DEAD AND ASHES AND MY NAME WAS DICKON TARLY, LAURA) and a plate of kippers. It’s a good source of protein and the man needs… needed his muscles, okay?

HEY. Dany said of Jorah, “He is my friend.” THAT HAPPENED. I can die now. (not really)

NOTE IF YOU ARE THAT RARE NEWCOMER; I am unsullied. I have sworn NOT to read the books. Here, we do NOT discuss the books. Spoilers are not allowed. Ever. At all. No hints. Nada. Be cool and talk about what you just watched this ep and previous eps. Cool? Cool.

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  • Brienne of Tarth

    Are we allowed to discuss what Gilly read?

    • I think so, sure? It was in the episode?

      • Brienne of Tarth

        It is, but in-depth discussion might veer into book information because they have’t come straight out and said “X=Y=Z”.

        All I’ll say is that when Gilly talked about Prince “Raggar’s” annulment I may have screamed on the inside.

        • Oooooooooh, right, right.



          I SEE. Okay. Hmm, let’s just stick to how this affects JON and DANY (and previous flashbacks via Bran) and how it plays into already aired eps?

          ANNULMENT, OH SNAP. YEAH. I see why book readers would be exciting (but not too much detail? Not if it’s strictly book stuff.)

          • Brienne of Tarth

            If it’s verified via Bran’s flashbacks/acid trips it’s going to put a serious damper on Dany’s plans. I CANNOT WAIT. MY INSIDES ARE BURNING FOR THIS.

            Like DickonRickon’s insides burned. And his outsides. RIP DickonRickon.

            • Oh, blessed Tom Hopper… At least we have his workout videos on YouTube and his sexy workout spread in VF. GOD SPEED, GOOD, SER FLAME-BROILED KNIGHT

            • Lilley Berrington

              I still think Dany might argue that she’s the eldest living descendent of the previous king, and therefore she should sit the iron throne. If they make a political marriage however, this obstacle is out of the way.

          • Lilley Berrington

            Hmmm… interestingly, I can’t even remember any mention of this in the books. Ah well, guess I’ll have to reread or something. By the way Laura, this isn’t a spoiler, don’t worry, but there are bastards with the last name of Stone. Okay, enough book talk or I might commit a spoiler crime by mistake. :-)

          • Andy Street

            I think it would matter more to Dany than Jon that they were married. He doesn’t really even want to be King in the North, he just sees that it’s necessary to fight the Nights King. Finding out Ned wasn’t his dad, on the other hand, might be hard on him. Finding out that he’s spent the last several weeks staring at his Aunt’s ‘good heart’, also, I suppose.

        • Colleen

          Not just annulment, Gilly the Good said “and married him to someone else”. Jon is legitimate. Jon is no longer the most famous bastard in Westeros, now he’s the secret King of It All. Bend that knee, Aunt Dany!

          • Jessica Stouffer

            But would the crown fall to the next of the Mad Kings living children or to the eldest prince’s child?

            • Lyanna Mormont

              If we go by Medieval European rules, to the oldest prince’s oldest (surviving) child.

        • Dennai

          I was screaming inside all right, if only because it was about 2:30 a.m. and I didn’t want to wake up the neighbors, but I was raging, RAGING.

          We are not talking about divorce here, that would allow him to marry
          Lyanna too, but annulment. Unlike divorce, annulment in feudal times
          meant that something was wrong with one of the spouses. Since Rhaegar is
          the one asking for it, he’s putting the blame on Elia for everyone to
          know. He’s not only putting aside her innocent wife, bur humiliating her in the process. And since annulment means that the first marriage never existed, the kids he got with her are now officially born out of wedlock, ie bastards. Yep, fair Prince Rhaegar just made his legitimate children and heirs bastards and socially stigmatize a wife who did no wrong just because he got the hots for another girl.

          Not to mention how absurd is to make an annulment and marriage secret. He publicly ran away with another man’s betrothed, what’s the point of marrying her secretly?

          • moata

            Or the old “Henry VIII douchebag move” as it is otherwise known.

            • Dennai

              Difference being that the show has gone several times out of its way to tell us what an upright kind of guy Rhaegar was.

              • Has it? I mean, my first introduction to the guy was that he kidnapped and raped Lyanna.

                Perhaps this is a show v. book thing? As a show only watcher, what I know about Rhaegar could fill one or two sentences.

                • Dennai

                  Yes, the first introduction of Rhaegar to both readers and showwatchers is like that, because we were introduced to him throught the eyes of the Starks and Robert Baraetheon. But, like the books, opinions change when ptresented under other views.
                  In the show, Sir Barristan talked wonders of Rhaegar in season 5, before getting killed. I’m sure Jorah has praised several times Rhaegar also. One of them, I think was Barristan, was the one to tell Dany that Rhaegar didn’t like killing, that was “callbacked” last episode when Jon implied he didn’t like killing either: Dany, “Everyone enjoys what is good that”; Jon, “I don’t” (Dany makes eyes at him; Laura is like “Nope, no chemistry, nothing happens here [takes a swing to the bottle]).

                  • “But, like the books”

                    See, that’s where you’ve lost me. Because this is a show-only discussion, so I know nothing about the books. And… are you having a go at me? I’m confused by that last bit.

                    I’m just going to bow out. Y’all enjoy this discussion. It’s not for me, I don’t think.

                    • Dennai

                      Hm, I apologize. I didn’t think it mattered pointing out that books and show takes the same stance in one issue. Since I wasn’t using examples from the books to prove a point, I didn’t think it was a big deal. The only examples I cited came from the show.
                      I know better now. No more books references from me from this point on.

              • moata

                The show has told us he’s a kidnapper/rapist, and that he was “a good dude”. On balance I wouldn’t say we’ve been given a good sense of his character either way, though this annulment revelation def. tips it into douchebag territory for me, though YMMV.

                • Char Turner

                  Barristan Selmy a man of great integrity according to practically everyone said all those kind things about Jon’s Father (Hehe) Rheagar. I’m pretty convicted Lyanna wasn’t with Rheagar against her will. When Sansa repeated the ‘kidnapped and raped’ story , Littlefinger, who knows everybody’s business, gave ‘a look’ and said “are you sure that’s what happened”? I’m voting Rheagar was a good man and R+L were ‘in love

          • Olive

            Unless Lyanna refused to give it up without a ring first? Like Anne Boleyn?

            • Dennai

              Anne Boleyn gave it up waaay before getting the ring. She knew there was a long line of contenders to take her place if she played prissy. Hell, her own sister had already warmed the king’ sheets. Anyway, your scenario doesn’t put in a good light neither Rhaegal nor Lyanna.
              But the way, Lyanna. That beautiful wedding that you had to keep secret, was before of after your dad and brother were executed?

              • Lyanna Mormont

                Anne Boleyn “played prissy” for years, actually, and it’s frequently suggested that that was exactly why Henry VIII was so obsessed with her. She did eventually have sex with him when it looked like he might be able to get an annulment, so she was pregnant when they were married – but she waited until the ring seemed like a certainty.

                It was the High Septon at the time who married Rhaegar and Lyanna, according to what Gilly read, and he would’ve been in (or at least not far from) King’s Landing. There’s no way Lyanna and Rhaegar were in KL after Rickard and Brandon were executed, so it had to be before. (I’m surprised they were there at all, given that people would’ve been looking for them, but…) And then they probably headed straight for Rhaegar’s hideaway in the Mountains of Dorne, and Lyanna never left again.

                • Dennai

                  Gilly clearly says annulment and wedding had both taken place in Dorne.

                  • Lyanna Mormont

                    Really? I must’ve missed that. I’ll have to rewatch again. (Oh, what a terrible chore!)

          • ars_belli

            There has to be some huge piece of the puzzle that we’re missing here. The only thing I can imagine is that Rhaegar heard the prophecy that Melisandre gave to Dany a few episodes back, and gambled everything on his new lovechild being the Prince that was Promised. In an excessively undiplomatic way, of course, because he’s a Targ-[insert-your-favourite-vowels]-n.

  • SaintsGrrl

    Seriously hope Cersei is lying about being preggers and Jaime finds out and THAT is what finally catapults him away from her. Because something has to get him away from her. Right? Please?

    • Oh, I bet she is pregnant! I also think he has ENOUGH to get away from her, but he just needs to find the stones to do so. (I also don’t think that’s happening anytime soon. I mean, blowing up the Sept didn’t do it…)

      • ars_belli

        Blowing up the Sept is precisely what I don’t understand. What is going on in Jaime’s brain/testicles/rose-tinted glasses that Cersei gets a pass for the same things he killed Aerys to prevent? I know he normally has the IQ of a pile of gold bullion, but even so…

    • Lilley Berrington

      She thinks he’s completely loyal. She has no reason to lie. If he leaves her, it will be because she says she’ll send armies to fight the walkers and then perhaps goes back on that. Even though she knows he met with Tyrion, I think she also knows he didn’t arrange the meeting himself.

  • We’re like-minded on Jon/Dany and their lack of chemistry. (If the actors didn’t fly off the screen with others, it wouldn’t be so noticeable, I think.)

    Iain Glenn gets all the praise from me, hahaha. As a non-book reader, I don’t have the same interpretation of his role, I suppose, and I’m glad for it!

    • Lilley Berrington

      Sophie Turner and Rose Leslie (Sansa and Ygrit’s actresses)

      love Iain Glenn. You guys aren’t the only ones. He vaguely reminds me of an uncle of mine though, so I’ll pass. Nothing wrong with him, but you know…

  • Aww, I’ll take any and all over-the-top compliments. :D

  • Colleen

    Ooohhhh Stark sisters!!

    I am normally a very big Sansa fan. That being said. Girl. No. Her defense of Jon was weak, Arya was spot on that she could have done better there. She could have still been diplomatic and defended him much better than that.

    Alsoooo, when Arya was getting the snot beat out of her by the Waif, they used to play that Truth or Lie game. I’m fairly sure that Arya is a human polygraph machine at this point, and that her analysis of Sansa waiting for Jon to fail is spot on. Sansa knows Arya is right, hence her eyerolling “whatever.”

    Did Cersei read an internet blog about how to trap a man? She just played Jamie like a fiddle, a sad, gorgeous fiddle that she does not deserve.

    I am a Jon/Dany shipper, but I have to agree with you that it was amazing to see her giving Jorah loving looks. I sincerely hope they’re not setting us up for a weird love triangle, with the former bastard who’s secretly king.

    LOVE your recaps, they’re the best thing for a case of the Mondays!!

    • Huh, you really think Sansa wants Jon to fail so SHE can lead? Jon failing = him dying.

      Really????? [sadfaces]

      • Colleen

        I think the Ramsay/Cersei/Littlefinger influences have left her with a desire for power and an urge to play the “great game”. She IS thinking it, but like Arya said, she feels bad about thinking it because J9n is her brother.

        • Wow, okay. I have such a different read from those scenes, but that’s what makes good TV.

          • Lilley Berrington

            I do think Sansa may have acquired a taste for playing the game. But wanting a little more recognition and wanting to outsmart your enemies doesn’t make you evil, or even mean you want to be right at the top of the power ladder. After all, she did say John is the king and that they should have faith in him. She does want some power though. And who can blame her, as she’s been powerless all through the series until now. She’s had no power over the fate of her family, no power over her own life and even no power over her own body. Varys plays the game, yet he doesn’t want to be king, as I understand it. He does it according to what he believes is best for Westeros. Some argue that even Cat played the game, as she knew what the necessary political moves were to make. You can almost see Sansa arguing with John about politics as a reflection of Cat arguing with Rob. Both are more politically savvy than any of the rest of the Starks.

      • Zack

        It seems like they’re definitely wanting viewers to be anxious about the possibility of Sansa usurping Jon. She’s been saying the bare minimum required in the moment to be able to claim innocence on the matter.

        I love that I can’t be sure one way or the other where she’ll ultimately land.

    • Lyanna Mormont

      I don’t agree at all about the Stark sisters. Yeah, I’m sure Sansa has considered what would happen if Jon doesn’t come back – she’s got back-up plans upon back-up plans after everything she’s been through. And yeah, I bet she likes being the Lady of Winterfell, because she knows she’s good at it.

      But that’s not at all the same as hoping Jon will fail. Thinking about something is not the same as trying to make it happen.

      • Colleen

        Sansa should have been Queen in the North. She’s smarter, her birth is higher, and they won Winterfell back because of her… and she knows it. I would definitely feel marginalized if I were her.

        Does she want Jon to fail, maybe. Sansa seems very tired of the Starks being the stupidest people in the room, and Jon is not a politician. She could do it better and she knows it. I agree with all of that.

        Here’s my beef…. Jon is the first person since Ned lost his head in season 1 that has been at Sansa’s side because he loves her. Tyrion is kind by nature. Brienne honored an oath to Catelyn. Theon was looking for redemption. Littlefinger is the worst.

        Jon loves Sansa. He fought the Battle of the Bastards , thinking he would lose, because he loves her. He put Winterfell in her hands because he loves her and has confidence in her. He deserves better from her because they are part of the same pack.

        • I don’t get that from Sansa AT ALL. Eh, agree to disagree, I suppose.

        • Lyanna Mormont

          But better than what, though? Sansa hasn’t done anything! She’s ruling Winterfell like he asked her to, She’s defending him to lords who criticize his absence. If she’s secretly thinking she’s better at ruling than he is… well, if everybody is judged by what thoughts may have crossed their minds, nobody’s going to come out very well. Sansa has done nothing against Jon. She loves him just as much as he loves her, and she’s being loyal.

      • THIS.

      • Lilley Berrington

        Agreed. Plus, she has only ever voiced her opinion, even if it was contrary to Johns. She hasn’t done anything to undermine his wishes. She also had her reasons for not coming down hard on the people who voiced their doubts about John. Surely they have a right to voice concerns, having actually chosen him and all? And lastly, Sansa at first objected to taking Ned and Cat’s bedroom, and only did so when John insisted.

    • Lanie

      I’m hoping Sansa is just playing Twatbeard like a fiddle…That said I get where you’re coming from. Last ep we had Bran hugging Arya, unlike his reunion with Sansa. Brienne joyfully sparring against Arya (something Sansa could never do), and Sansa herself stating how much happier Jon would be to know Arya was alive than when they had their reunion. Seeds of doubt have been put into her pretty head. We have no idea what that douche has all said to her, only that she feels the need to keep him around. And now he’s trying to plant doubt in Arya’s head. Sadly Arya can’t put on her daddy’s face and kill him. I would pay to see that.

      • Lyanna Mormont

        Yeah, that scene of Sansa watching Arya and Brienne spar? She’s realizing how different Arya is now, and maybe getting some idea of what she must’ve gone through to get there – but it’s also about no longer being the sole focus of Brienne’s protection. We know she never feels safe, she has repeatedly said that nobody can protect her, but she had Brienne who was devoting herself fully to trying to do just that. Now, Sansa has to share that, and no matter how hard Brienne tries, there may come a time when she can’t protect them both, and now Sansa has to wonder if she’s going to get hurt at some point because of it. She’s less safe and protected than she was before Arya arrived, and that must bring a lot of her greatest fears back up to the surface.

  • Lyanna Mormont

    So much. I have so much to say.

    The look on Bronn’s face when Jaime leads with “You could’ve killed me.” Seriously. Nobody else gets to kill Jaime until Bronn gets his due, but dragons is where their partnership ends. (Well, except this one time.) But we see him and Tyrion in the same place and we don’t get to see them speak to each other, what’s that about?

    And yeah, that dirge-like (more than usual) Rains of Castamere as Tyrion walks through the ashes… Fantastic. And then when he tries to talk Dany out of burning the Tarlys, they for once show Dany as much taller. She’s the one with all the power there, and Tyrion’s helplessness is emphasized.

    Dany. Dany, listen. I love you, but when you say “I’m here to stop the wheel, not to burn you all” then burn the ones who won’t follow you… well, that’s not really ringing true, you know? You gave almost everyone in Essos better choices than that. It’s looking a bit too French Revolution-y to me – “Freedom, equality, brotherhood, and the guillotine for anyone who’s not 100% with us!”

    Cersei thinks mercenaries will fight dragons if she just pays them? Yeah, ask Bronn how well that will work.

    Drogon to Jon: “I deem you worthy. Now give me scritches!” If he’s an overgrown cat, does that make Dany a crazy cat lady?

    Jon is saved from having to talk about dying by Jorah Interruptus. And the trend of everyone who meets Jorah talking to him about his father continues – Tyrion, Sam, Jon… (And then Tormund later on!)

    Show us a raven whose eyes turn white, and we know it means Bran. Really brief appearance from him, but there’s a ripple effect throughout the episode from the one thing he does. Also, the Night’s King turning to stare at the ravens and them scattering? Creepy.

    There’s a theme in this episode of people going against what we-the-audience know or want, but speaking truth as they cite their reasons for it. Randyll Tarly’s reasons for picking Cersei over Tyrion/Dany. Cersei not believing Olenna’s claim to have killed Joffrey (until she did). The Archmaesters with other possible interpretations of Bran’s letter. It’s all so logical and sensible and you just want to shout at them for it.

    The mention that Sam doesn’t know about his father and brother yet, that’s gotta be for a reason, right? How’s that going to play into things?

    OMG, Varys. Drinking. “I’m not the one doing it.” Yeah, not the first all the last to hide behind “just following orders” but he knows what he did, and he’s terrified of history repeating itself.

    Also, “Did you read it?” “It’s a sealed scroll for the King in the North.” (pause) “What does it say?” Heh. Those two know each other so well.

    Um, Jon? The last time you mentioned Bran, you did NOT think he was dead.

    I really like this council scene – everyone’s involved, everyone contributes, they’re brainstorming and the plan grows organically as everyone adds to it. (Still not buying the Dany/Jon thing, though, her reaction to the idea of him leaving felt forced. He’s a valuable ally and she enjoys talking to someone who understands what it means to be a wartime leader, but I don’t see any romance.)

    Davos ruled this episode. Being all paternal towards Gendry. “Thought you might still be rowing.” “Better to be a coward for a minute than dead for the rest of your life.” “Nobody mind me, all I’ve ever done is live to a ripe old age.” The interaction with the KL guards. “Last time I was here you killed my son with wildfire” – yeah, Tyrion, remember when you were the one burning people to death for being on the wrong side?

    Arya, killing people won’t solve everything. And if that thought has crossed Sansa’s mind (which it probably has, because she makes back-up plans) it’s not disloyal unless she actually tries to make it happen. Which she hasn’t. Have some faith in your sister – yeah, I know trust is hard for you, but try it.

    I’m sort of pleased LF outwitted Arya, in a way. Not that I want him to succeed in the long run, obviously, but it highlights Sansa’s development, because she wouldn’t have fallen for it. Arya learned to fight with weapons, Sansa learned intrigue, and they need to work together to cover both those things. (So many fanboys out there hate on Sansa and idolize Arya, because of course being girly is Bad and being boyish is Awesome – but Arya isn’t all-powerful, and Sansa’s skills are not less valuable for being different.)

    Not sure I believe Cersei’s actually pregnant. It seems too much like a very convenient way to tie Jaime closer to her when he might be on the verge of slipping out of her grasp. And “Don’t betray me again” – yikes. That’s totally going to come back.

    “Do you think anything happens in the city without me knowing about it?” Well, Cersei, Gendry’s been hiding right under your nose for years…

    King Robert’s bastard meets Ned Stark’s bastard. They each met the other’s father. “You’re a lot leaner.” “You’re a lot shorter.”

    No windows in the Sept of Baelor anymore.

    Oh, man. Gilly stumbles across something huge and Sam misses it because he’s busy being frustrated. A Prince “Rhagar” had his marriage annulled and was remarried to someone else, huh? Mmmmmhmmmm…

    Is Sam just grabbing scrolls at random? What if he leaves the important one behind? Don’t leave the amazing library, Sam! You’re already doing more than most of those “better men” you’ve been reading about – do not underestimate the importance of research!

    Aww, Tormund asks for Brienne. And then he easily agrees that Davos would be a liability in the Far North, just a casual statement of fact, no shame in it.

    Okay, this group of people – so many connections. Another person Jon met at Winterfell, Gendry and the Brotherhood, Jorah and Thoros, Tormund and Jorah… I just want the Hound to ask about Jon’s sisters, or Gendry to mention travelling with Arya!

    “We’re all breathing.” And the seven samurai set off! Two of them are redheads named for Thor, so I’m sure they’ll all return alive and unharmed. Right? Right?

    • “Is Sam just grabbing scrolls at random? ”

      YES! That library is dark as balls. How does he see the titles? How does he even know what books/scrolls he needs? These burning questions haunt me…

    • Lilley Berrington

      Just canned myself about the crazy cat lady comment. And I like how you worded the part about logic, even though it goes against what fans want. Lastly, I forgot about that gem with Tyrion, Varys and the sealed letter. Thanks for reminding me. :-)

    • Lilley Berrington

      So I watched it once alone and once with Mark (my significant other) as I always do, and I only noticed Tormund ask about Brienne the second time I watched it. That made me happy! :D

    • Lilley Berrington

      That whole Tyrion and Jaime scene was heart breaking. The actors portrayed the anguish so well. The whole “do you think I wanted to be born this way” though; I found it a tad winy. It is true that he’s been discriminated against all his life about it, but he’s previously said the most empowering things about accepting who you are and never letting anyone use it to hurt you. That resonated with me as a blind woman. People often make comments about how terrible it must be to be me/how well I’m doing, you know, for a blind person, or how much of a good man my boyfriend is to be with me and what a good job he’s doing. Obviously that makes me angry, but I know they are the uneducated ones. So I get where Tyrion is coming from, but perhaps he should have continued talking to Jaime about the fact that his father was going to have him killed instead of trying to get himself pitied. Yes, he was hated for his dwarfism, but Jaime has never faulted him for that. Jaime is angry with him because he killed their father, and that’s understandable. Anyway, rant over. It was certainly a very emotional moment and even Cersei seemed less angry about the meeting than I would have expected. I don’t know who I felt for most there; Tyrion or Jaime.

  • HnnNNnnN! This episode! I know I said that last episode, but still! Many of my wildest, wettest (what? Who said that? Haha..ha) dreams have come true! And once again, among the many uttered “Ohhs”, “Ahhhs” and “*GASPS*” were are few “Laura is gonna go bananas when she sees this!” :D

    Right, down to business.

    Jamie lives! (Cmon, we all knew he wasn’t going out like that) Also, practical Bronn is practical. He likes gold, but what good is gold if you are dragon ash? That’s a good head on your shoulders, Bronn. Let’s keep it there.

    Oh no! Dickon! (Out of respect, I will not make fun of his name). He has Ned Stark syndrome, where his perceived honor is more important than his life. Well, at least he made daddy Tarly proud…in a morbid way…for about 30 seconds.

    Back at Dragonstone, Dany comes flying home and man! I am with you in that I will never get sick of watching these dragons! So awesome. I enjoyed Jon having his moment with Drogon, which I am sure was done to further cement his Targaryen heritage. However, I once again blanch at the writers trying to force chemistry between Dany and Jon when there really isn’t any. :/ But none of that matters because…

    …KHALEESIIIII!!! Did you jump up off your couch at that? Did you spill your wine? Was there weeping and rejoicing? Haha! THERE is chemistry! Hot damn! Damnit all, Jorah is BACK and whole and there at Dany’s side when she needs him most. That is a moment I am going look back on fondly when shit inevitably goes south, as it so often does on this show.

    Meanwhile, in Old Town, gumpy old men continue to be stubborn and Sam is SICK of it. I don’t like that he takes it out on Gilly, tho. And what was that? Rhaegar had an annulment? And a secret marriage? Normally that would be a juicy tidbit, but the writers are running out of episodes so if feels like they are shoehorning this info in wherever they can. JON IS A TARGARYEN, WE GET IT. I do wonder how he will take it, tho. His whole identity ripped away. Not a Stark and not a Bastard. Hmmm. Also, while I love Jon, I am getting just a little weary of all the noble speeches they are giving him. Davos, however, I am never sick of. #TeamOnionKnight

    Arya and Sansa….I am not touching that. I don’t know how I feel about the whole thing but I love them both and I want to see awesome, powerful sisters working together, not undermining each other and opposing each other!!

    Speaking of siblings opposing each other, Jamie and Tyrion face off. The details of their meeting are left mostly off screen, but we know what’s up.

    But in other, better, sexier news….GENDRY! *screams* My blacksmith bae is back! Strong , broad shouldered, sweaty and covered in soot. *swoons* Just as I was starting to give up hope! And Davos’s line! “I wasn’t sure I’d find ya. Thought you might still be rowing.” Ahahaha! Nice little nod to us fans who wondered the same thing! His eagerness to be a part of something is so nice….and then there is…the hammer. When he bashed in those guards heads? *fans self* Holy. FUCK. I didn’t know that was a turn on for me but…..UNF. I am getting my man a war hammer next time we go to the Renaissance faire. Hoooo.

    Back at the Red Keep, Cersei tries to bring Jamie back into the fold via baby. I feel like she knows she was starting to loose him and needed to do something to get him to remind him of what they once had. It was a good plan, and you can see Jamie falling into it until she utters that line…”Never betray me again”

    Let’s bring the sexy back!! Davos wisely instructs Gendry to keep on the DL about the royal bastard biddnes, as that is sort of Jon’s thing, but Gendry is all “NOPE. IMMA BE HONEST. YO SNOW, OUR DADS WERE LEGEND. WANNA TRADE QUIPS AND BE BASTARD BROS? ALSO, I SWING A MEAN HAMMER.” To which Jon is all “HELLS YEAH!” To borrow your schtick for a moment Stoney…
    Fellow fans? Camera three. I feel like there was more natural chemistry and sexual tension between those two then there has yet to be with Jon and Dany. Just me? Yes? No? *gets into her Jondry rowboat alone*

    The guys also get into their boats and high tail it to Eastwatch so we get another reunion! Not the one Tormund wanted, no large woman for him. But instead a bunch of folks who all harbor grudges get thrown together for this mission. Because they are all on the same side. Because, as Jon puts it, they are all breathing. (Side note think the two resurrected men will have a convo about what it was like to be dead? I hope they do!)

    P.S. I watched the previews multiple times and I am NERVOUS. Pretty sure the Hound was wielding Gendry’s hammer. Why he do that? WHERE IS MY BAE??


      How dare you insult me. ;)

      And SEE??!?! Jon/Gendry had genuine interest and emotive expressions while communicating than Jon/Dany! Then again, they are cutting from single-shots of each of Jon/Dany instead of a two-shot where we can REALLY see their disinterest… (Lol)

      Oooh, maybe I had it wrong and it’s not Jorah who goes, but Gendry!? THAT DOESN’T SEEM FAIR, THOUGH. Maybe the Hound just wanted to borrow it?

    • Lilley Berrington

      Didn’t notice any sexual chemistry between J and G, but certainly the potential for a believable bromance. Now if only I one day get my wish about Genrya or Ardry.

      • I would be satisfied with Bromance as well, because it means they both SURVIVE. I ain’t mad about Genrya either. ;)

  • Lilley Berrington

    Random thoughts:

    Yay Bronn and Jaime! I didn’t
    ever really think Jaime would die, but I was worried about Bronn for a while
    there. Is it just me, or does Bronn actually grow to care for people, even though
    he tries to hide it and pretend his concern for them is only because they
    provide him with gold? I mean, he seemed genuinely fond of Tyrion, and there
    seemed to be something extra to his anger at Jaime for almost getting himself

    But but but Dany! I didn’t like
    Dickon-chicken and his dad, but I didn’t like what you did there. The dad had
    some good reasoning there, and poor silly Dickon trying to stay loyal to his
    father was rather sad, in my opinion. Also, I don’t like the burning people to
    death thing. At least it was quick, but I feel like there are more merciful
    ways for someone who claims to not be like her own father.

    Nice to see John bonding with a
    dragon. Nice to see John and Dany bonding too. Did you guys really not see the
    chemistry this time around? Yes, its understated, but what can be expected.
    They didn’t meet that long ago and sometimes a slight attraction takes a while
    to grow and become more obvious. Also, I’m happy to see Jora back with his

    I’m glad Drogon wasn’t too
    hurt, although I think they scated over that a little. On a side note, could
    any of Dany’s dragons possibly be female? I mean, it would be sad if dragons
    were in the world again just to die out once more.

    Perhaps Cersei was being hard
    headed, but I don’t blame her for believing that they would die, even if they
    surrender. To a certain extent, she’s right. Rather go down fighting than give
    up then go down anyway.

    I’ve made it clear I’m
    sympathetic towards Cersei, and also the Jaime Cersei ship, but was anyone else
    touched by the scene where she tells him she’s pregnant? “The lion does not
    concern itself with the opinions of the sheep”. Damn it Cersei, just run away
    somewhere far with Jaime and bring up your child. Go be queen of the Summer
    Isles or something, if there isn’t already one.

    I don’t see a happy end for that
    child though, what with the Maggy prophecy and all. Didn’t she say Cersei would
    only have three children?

    Go Sam. He has some Gryffindor
    bravery in that Ravenclaw/Hufflepuff heart. If I were the sorting hat, I’d have
    no idea where to sort him. And aside from the awesomeness of Gilly’s discovery
    (so John isn’t any kind of bastard after all) I thought I found her attempts to
    read big words and strange names adorable. But did Sam catch any of that, or
    was he too busy being angry? I’m not sure. But yes, I don’t like Sam’s attitude
    towards her here, but come one; he also has flaws. And no, she could not have been Cersei. She isn’t stupid, but
    she doesn’t have any background in politics and has no access to any kind of

    Speaking of awesome
    Hufflepuffs, sir Onion Knight comes up with a better quote each week. This
    time, it was his grumble about nobody trusting him. It isn’t as if he’s managed
    to survive into ripe middle age or anything, right? I can’t find the exact
    quote, but it was awesome anyway. And that’s not even to mention his lovely
    placebo trick with the crabs! However, since I have come to expect at least one
    Davos zinger per episode now, any episode without one is going to disappoint.

    As much as I love Jaime, he really
    is one of the less intelligent Lannisters. As pointed out by someone else
    online, he really does let himself be pushed around and manipulated by both of his
    siblings. He lets Bronn trick him into meeting with Tyrion and is very angry
    with him. However, it doesn’t take him long to believe Tyrion and do exactly as
    he says, trying to convince Cersei to join the battle against the white
    walkers. Then he’s firmly back on her side again as soon as she mentions her
    pregnancy and acts a little reasonably about meeting up with Dany again.
    Whatever one might say regarding the past fiasco with the faith militant, she
    isn’t stupid. Of course she knew about Jaime’s meeting with Tyrion all along.
    Of course she already knows how she’ll react to it. Something makes me think
    that she isn’t planning on playing along to the end though. She’ll only pretend
    to until it no longer suits her. After all, she says they must fight like

    Both Tyrion and Jaime’s anguish
    about the whole Tywin thing was painful to watch.

    Can’t agree with you more about
    Arya. I thought she was a bit unfair towards Sansa. She’s the eldest trueborn
    Stark; why should she not have her parents’ bedroom? And she remained loyal to
    John when the others were speaking out against him, so what’s up with that
    Arya? You know nothing about politics and what damage randomly chopping off
    your allies heads would mean. Ricard Carstark, nuff said.

    That letter business was
    sneaky. Arya played straight into LF’s hands. I’m not too worried though. I
    think Arya will still believe Sansa, and Bran will pick up on LF’s betrayal any
    day now. He’s overplaying his hand. I’m telling you! He peaked in season 4 and
    hasn’t made many smart decisions since. He really isn’t long for this world.

    Fan service or not, I really
    rather enjoyed the Gendry/John interactions.

    ““my uncle at the docks warged
    into a catfish!” stories. Firstly, I love that! Secondly, yes, having studied
    and then worked at a university for six years now, this is definitely what
    academics are like. Sadly, I can’t completely exclude myself from this category.
    Blood purists and the eradication of races and nations though? I’ll admit that
    some rhetoric in courses I’ve done tends to breed somewhat radical social
    justice activists (which I would have nothing against if not for their radicalism), but that’s a bit harsh, in my opinion. I think the problem with Sam’s superiors as
    well as some other academics is that they want concrete evidence for everything
    and don’t like anecdotal evidence.

    • “I don’t see a happy end for that child though, what with the Maggy prophecy and all. Didn’t she say Cersei would
      only have three children?”

      Oooo, I had forgotten about that! Early in the series, when Cersei is talking to Robert, she mentions how they lost their first boy (whom I am guessing was -actually- Robert’s). I agree, I don’t think this babe will get to see the light of day. OR. Or if it does, what if it is a dwarf? Their family has those genes and those twins just doubled down, genetically….

    • Posh66

      Loved your looooong comment haha! Jaime has gotten by on his frat boy good looks and fighting skills for so long that he never needed to learn to be devious. He’s just played the Game of Thrones by stabbing people with his sword. That might have worked in the past, but not anymore.

      Also, Drogon: “It’s just a flesh wound! Roar!”

      • Lilley Berrington

        Hehe glad you liked my looong comment. My boyfriend thinks I state the obvious. :D

  • magnusk_98

    Well, Sam, if you’d properly taught Gilly how to pronounce Valyrian names, we wouldn’t have this new problem, wouldn’t we? Although I must commend her excellent reading skills for someone who was an analphabet only a few short months ago.

    I’m seeing the budding romance between Dany and Jon, but it is subtle. Emilia ain’t the problem here, she is giving the proper glowing looks and heaving bosom towards Kit, but since he seems to be only allowed to make his “Duuuurrrrrrrrrrrr….” brooding face all the time now, from his side there comes very little little reciprocation.

    I know the writers want us to think that Dany maybe is going a bit cray-cray, but I don’t see how many other options she had left. Tarly was a traitor to his lord (House Tyrell) and Dickon, well, maybe he should have been slapped into irons.
    It did make the correct impression on the Lannister soldiers, though.

    And Tyrion… hey, I don’t remember you being so unhappy when it was Lannisters battling Starks and Tullys and you were on that battlefield, with all the wounded screaming for pain. Don’t be such a hypocrite.

    I’m happy that Gendry is back. I hope Arya and him can meet again and hit it off again. It might give her back a good bit of the humanity she shed during the course of the series.

    And the end with the Magnificent Seven striding off into the snowstorm. Can’t wait to see how it will go (probably not as well as they hope ^^).

    • [slow claps this comment]

      • magnusk_98

        I hope that was because it was a good comment, not sarcastic slow clapping. ^^

        One addendum: I am a bit disappointed that I had to watch the Behind the Episode clip to understand what Littlefingers motivation was in trying to drive a wedge between Arya and Sansa. I mean, does he understand what Arya has become? He’s playing with his life in a big way and for him it seems to be just more petty scheming. Not sure if I should be disappointed in myself or the writers, though. :p


          I think LF just doesn’t want Sansa to have anyone in her life but HIM. He needs that in order to have her (in his way of thinking) so to me, it’s no question of him trying to drive a wedge between Sansa and any Stark (or Brienne).

        • Lilley Berrington

          Ooo where can I find the behind the episode clip?

          • magnusk_98

            Either YouTube or HBO’s website. There’s one for every episode which has aired (at least for this season, probably for all of them). They are called “Inside the Episode”.

            Here’s a link to the one for this episode:


            • Lilley Berrington

              Thank you! :-)

    • Lilley Berrington

      Someone somewhere online said John looked a little jealous when Dany was welcoming back Jora? Was that a thing or don’t you think so. Of course, being blind, I’m not the best with facial expressions etc. :D

      • Lyanna Mormont

        He was looking stone-faced, I’d say, like he pretty much always does. But the camera did cut to him watching them greet each other, so I suspect that’s what’s got people saying it.

        • Lilley Berrington

          Also apparently Dany seemed very reluctant to let him leave. That “I did not give you permission to leave” line seemed a little lame. Like she was buying time to think of a better reason to keep him there. I’ve heard so much about John’s broody face though. Harrington should really try out a new look.

      • Dennai

        I saw his face, but my interpretation was that he wasn’t very comfortable with Dany being so warm to a man who had disgraced himself so much. All Jon knows about Jorah comes from Lord Commander Mormont, who was hurt from Jorah’s fall from grace. For all Jon knows, Jorah was a greedy slaver who cowardly flew the country to avoid facing justice.

  • Lyanna Mormont

    That will only matter if A) both Jon and Dany survive the ultimate battle with the WW (which I personally doubt) and B) there’s an Iron Throne to sit on at the end.

    Or, you know, if they all decide to be stupid and let political matters sidetrack them from fighting the Big Bad.

  • Zack

    -R+L =J was never in doubt, IMO, but what this episode clarified is that Jon wasn’t born from rape, but an actual in-love married couple. Which means according to the laws of the realm that he is the heir to the iron throne, which adds to the theory that Jon and Dany are gonna hook up.

    Look, I’ve been shipping them for years. But I agree with you, the supposed sexual tension there? I’m not seeing it, yeah. I want to be seeing it.

    -GILLY. You put it perfectly, her life was misery and incest, and has come out of it still the best person in the world. Sam is great, but he fucked up there. As we all do from time to time, so I can’t hate too much. But that was an error. With Bran just basically turned into a kid-sized Doctor Manhattan, I think it’s gonna fall to Gilly to tell Jon of his parentage.

    -Best line was Davos to Gendry “I thought you might still be rowing.” They don’t often so blatantly tip their hat to the fandom, but I loled. Also Davos, all I’ve ever done is live to a ripe old age. Davos has always been hilarious, always elevates every scene, and in a GoT that ended according to my whims, Onion Knight Davos would sit on the Iron Throne.

    -This whole Sansa/Arya/Jon/LF thing going on has me super uneasy. I know LF is aiming to drive a wedge between the sisters and I fear it might work. Hopefully only temporarily. Sansa seems to be onto him, and it’d be poetic justice if his protege/object of disgustingly gross romantic interest is the one to kill the self-proclaimed smartest man in the Seven Kingdoms. But I think before that happens we’ll have to watch Sansa banish Arya or something. Shit.

    -I loved the whole Magnificent Seven vibe of the last scene. Which has me scared for the safety of more than a few of them. But look, if Tormund dies without seeing his lady love one more time….well, my soul might die. And Sandor has to fight Gregor. But you know that not every member of that crew is going to make it back alive.

    • I have no hate for Samwell, none. He just had another of those moments, but they don’t add up to his whole, which is a Genuinely Good Person.

      The Onion Knight is truly the best of all of us. I love Ser Davos so much.

      It’s pretty clear LF is trying to drive a wedge between ALL the Starks–if Sansa has any family or support, he’s done for, and he knows it. Hell, he needs to lose Brienne, too. (Nooo!) I think this is a Red Herring. I think we’re convinced LF will always succeed/slip out of trouble, but I don’t think he will in the end. I truly don’t.

      • Lyanna Mormont

        But LF has been pretty toothless lately, with Sansa snubbing him at every turn. They need to beef him up again as a threat to make his downfall more satisfying for us.

      • Andy Street

        Sam just took his work frustrations home with him. It happens to the best of us, unfortunately.

      • Lanie

        My darling Sammy was just having a bad day. The “all knowing” maesters weren’t listening to him. He was mad and irritated and took it out on poor sweet Gilly. That girl is a saint I swear. She took it in stride. I’ve been there many times with my DH, and I’ve never reacted as well as she did.

        Davos is the man! I hope the writers don’t kill him.

        I’m ready for Littlefinger to die already. I want Arya to gut him with that Valyrian dagger she has.

    • Lyanna Mormont

      Well, technically… marriage doesn’t prove love, or the absence of rape.

      Just – even if Lyanna fell for Rhaegar and married him, how do you suppose she felt when news came of her father and brother dying at the hands of Rhaegar’s father, because of her (supposed) abduction, while Rhaegar sat on his hands in the Mountains of Dorne and did nothing to prevent civil war from breaking out? Did she choose to stay in the Tower of Joy with him despite all that was happening to her family, or did he keep her there forcibly? Did his obsession with prophecy trump her wishes?

      I think it was far from black and white, that relationship. And Lyanna was barely more than a child, but Rhaegar was a grown man who should’ve known there’d be political consequences and tried to smooth things over.

      Also, Elia Martell. He annulled their marriage, but left her in King’s Landing to be raped and murdered by the Mountain, And their kids, what about them? Lyanna got two Kingsguards, but Elia and the kids were defenceless.

      I’m not a fan of Rhaegar Targaryen.

      • Zack

        I agree with everything. I do think that the ambiguity works to the benefit of the show/books, because everybody can be the hero or the villain. Robert Baratheon is convinced his true love was abducted, raped and murdered, and starts a war for justice. But maybe Lyanna loved another, and tried telling him, and he didn’t/couldn’t believe her? Not knowing for certain is part of why it’s one of the most interesting parts of the story.

      • Lanie

        I completely agree with you. I have nothing to add because you said it perfectly.

      • Dennai

        Don’t forget the “all of a sudden I’ll made my kids bastards” part. I AM RAGING!!!

    • Andy Street

      ” a kid-sized Doctor Manhattan”

      “the self-proclaimed smartest man in the Seven Kingdoms”

      I see what you did there…

  • Andy Street

    Poor old Tyrion just doesn’t cut it as a wartime consiglieri does he? He can’t quite grasp how the paradigm has shifted and what years of war and the breakdown of law and order have done to Westeros. Suggesting people are sent to the Wall as if the normal legal system and traditions mean anything any more seems adorably naive at this point.

    Although the idea of Randyll and Son arriving at Castle Black and immediately boosting their manpower by around 40% is a fun one.

    I think rather than Dany going ‘mad’, they are trying to build a narrative where Jon is the steady, calming influence who can temper her more impulsive, imperious, side that likes burning people. Ice and fire, if you will.

    I’m not particularly buying the Dany/Jon ship either, though. They just don’t have much chemistry together. Kit did, however, have a surprising amount of random chemistry with Joe Dempsey this week. I am now totally sold on a young Ned/Robert spinoff…

    Sam is putting together quite the collection of incredibly valuable stolen goods, isnt he? Although I suppose the sword is legally his now anyway if it’s anyone’s.

    I cannot express how delighted I am that the grizzled world-weary men’s support group is not only back, but has also added not only Jorah, but Tormund and Jon to the ranks. (And Gendry, I guess. And some surely-doomed redshirts). Maybe the big twist will be the Nights King joining them and just working out his issues in a series of constructive, albeit testosteroney fireside chats about how he never asked the Children of the Forest to turn him into an evil frozen necromancer…

    • OOOOOH, HEAR ME OUT: what if Sam having his family’s sword allows him to head House Tarly???

      • Andy Street

        Well he’s still technically in the Nights Watch if that means anything any more.

        I suppose Horn Hill might actually legally belong to Little Sam now, after all for all anyone knows he is Sam’s biological son.

        • Lyanna Mormont

          But Little Sam would still be a bastard, even if he was Sam’s bio son. I’d say Sam’s sister is the new Lady Tarly. If Dany allows the house to continue after they defied her.

          • Andy Street

            Oh yeah, I forgot he had a sister…

            • Lanie

              Sammy’s sister and mom seemed pretty cool. I could see them giving it to him.

        • oooOOooooooh!!!

      • Jorah Sowannabe

        Allows? He IS the head now. (if House Tarly is into all of that male premogeniture kind of thingy)

        • Lyanna Mormont

          “I shall take no wife, hold no lands, father no children.”

          When Jeor Mormont joined the Night’s Watch, Jorah became head of House Mormont…

          • Lanie

            When was Jorah head of House Mormont? I thought it went to his sister, then Baby Bear after her mom died? Granted I power watched the first 3 seasons of GoT so I might have missed something….

            • Lyanna Mormont

              It’s backstory (show and books both). Jeor went to join the NW, Jorah became head of House Mormont. Jorah spent a lot of money trying to keep his trophy wife happy, to the point of selling poachers as slaves when he ran out of cash. Ned found out about the slave-trading, and would’ve executed Jorah, but he fled to Essos. That’s when Jeor’s sister took over. Then she died fighting for Robb, and my namesake became the most awesome ruling lady ever to have graced Westeros with her presence.

              • Lanie

                Thank you for the explanation!! I was afraid to go and search for the answer myself. Never know when you might run into spoilers!

            • Yeah, I believe Jorah was also disinherited because of the whole “traitor” thing, which was why he was willing to spy on Dany in S1. Lady Mormont is head of house!

        • His father disinherited him, though!

          • Jorah Sowannabe

            You’re right, I totally forgot that. So Sam should get a good estate lawyer who knows how to use the sword clause….

    • Lilley Berrington

      Wouldn’t some nights king angst be hilarious?

    • Posh66

      Andy, you’re hilarious. Never change. And keep commenting!

  • “HAVE” three. She’ll only birth three. Didn’t she have a stillborn with Robert? Died after birth? I can’t recall S1 so well, but I think she’s pregnant. I just don’t think it’ll stick around. =/

    • missbeckydee

      In that case, I don’t envy her one bit. Waging war against dragons and white walkers while combating morning sickness would be a fresh new hell.

      • Lilley Berrington

        If she does miscarry, I understand why. I’m pretty sure pregnancy during wartime is no joke, especially when you’re the one waging the war.

    • Lisa

      She claimed she had one with Robert (in private to one person). Absolutely no evidence that she actually did.

      • Lilley Berrington

        It wouldn’t be too hard to catch her out if she was lying though. Cat could just mention the conversation to Ned. And I’m sure Ned would know of any children Robert had, or thought he had, them being best buddies and all.

        • Lyanna Mormont

          They were childhood/teen best buddies who now lived on opposite ends of the country and never saw each other, though. Given Ned’s surprise at the change in Robert when they met again in S1E1, it hardly seems like they’d been in constant touch about what was going on in their lives.

          • Lilley Berrington

            True, but wouldn’t they have sent ravens about the significant events in their lives? For example, in episode 1 of season 1, Robert seemed to know who Rob was, if I’m remembering correctly.

            • Lyanna Mormont

              Well, yes, but Robb was a teenager by then. Knowing about him is not the same as knowing about a baby who died in infancy. If Ned and Robert met at the time of the Greyjoy Rebellion (when Theon was taken hostage and brought to Winterfell), Robb would’ve been several years old then and of course Ned would talk about him, but Robert might not mention an infant who’d died when he’d had at least one more child – who lived – since then. Also, Robb was named for Robert.

              • Lilley Berrington

                Fair enough. I’m still not sure they wouldn’t have communicated via raven though. It didn’t seem so difficult.

    • Char Turner

      “her dark haired beauty”. That’s the story she told Catelyn while they stood over an unconscious Bran after Jaime push him out of the window. I’m not sure if she was telling the truth or she was just telling a sympathetic story while she assessed Bran’s condition. Tyrion once said “using feelings to do dishonest work is one of Cersei’s greatest gifts”.

  • Jorah Sowannabe

    I’m on an emotional roller-coaster here, people. I’ve been Jorah-centric since the beginning, always having had a soft spot for the archetypical loyal right-hand man, stoic and unwavering to the main headliner. Yeah, I’m on board with Brienne, Sam, and Bronn(Bronn?!? Hey, there’s a pile of smelted gold on that battlefield, unclaimed, so yeah, Bronn) as worthy side-kicks, but Jorah is so much more. The guy is as lethal as anyone in Westeros(well, maybe not murder teen), tough as nails(tough as brisket?), and admirably mission-focused, but he is so much more. He’s in love, he’s been in love for a long time, and yet he knows it’s an impossible love. And without being creepy or seedy or all stalky, he chooses to remain in Dany’s service, faithful and true. When I saw the pure joy on Dany’s face and the heartfelt embrace between them, I sighed. Heavily. (HEY! I still have my man-card! I’m lethal. I’m tough! I’m mission-focu….well, maybe not that so much…but dammit to gosh darn, I just choke up when those two are in a tender moment).
    And then, when all is just right in my GOT universe, he pipes up that he’s going North to catch a zombie…. WTF?? He just got back! He’s got more heartfelt hugs coming! He’s right where he is meant to be, because he literally got his entire damned epidermis peeled to get back to her side. But I get it. He is one noble dude. I love this guy, He’s everything what us guys should be. But he’s doomed. I…just…feel…it. It’s going to be a major heartbreak, and I hope it’s in the presence of Dany, Gawd, I hope it’s in her presence. All hail Jorah, and not just ’cause our Fearless Moderator has a thang for him, but just ’cause he’s the epitome of a “Good Guy”.

    p.s. Dear Baby Jesus. IF you do take Jorah, maybe sorta could you spare Arya. I really dig her journey. And Gilly. Oh, and Podrick, too…..

    p.s.s. Ex-actress?! Our Fearless Moderator should get back into acting. She’s good. I know for a fact.

    • Lanie

      You are so spot on about Jorah. I had tears in my eyes when Dany saw him. That scene was just so dang wonderful! I agree he’s probably doomed :(

    • Dennai

      Don’t you think that him volunteering beyond the Wall is not only to serve Dany but also picking up the mantle of his dad? He died beyond the Wall where he had gone to try to fight these very same things.

      • [sobs] I love this.

      • Lanie

        OMG I never thought of that…That’s a beautiful idea :)

  • Oooh, I sure like that idea!!

  • Lyanna Mormont

    We can but hope.

  • Lilley Berrington

    game of thrones season 7 episode 5

    • I assume NO ONE knew about the annulment! But I only know what we’ve seen so far.

      • Lyanna Mormont

        But how can you have an annulment nobody knows about when you’re the crown prince? Elia, at least, had the right to know she was no longer a married woman, and the legitimacy (or lack-of) of her children would be a matter of national importance.

        And what’s the point of marrying Lyanna if everybody thinks she’s your mistress or your victim? The legitimacy of her baby isn’t worth much politically if nobody knows about it.

        • moata

          I assume his dick was doing the thinking for him and he didn’t have a long term plan. Probably just thought of the fast “compliant maester” option and went with it? Sort out the details later? Maybe she was already preggers at this point and it was a shotgun annulment/wedding two for one?

        • I assumed they just didn’t have the time to make things known? War, delivery, etc? Keep in mind there hasn’t been a ton of info in the show about this story arc, so I’m in “putting two-and-two together” mode with the Bran flashbacks and tiny mentions of characters here and there.

          • Lyanna Mormont

            Yeah, I’m in the same mode, and my reaction is usually to turn things over to try to figure out if they’d work, and how they might not, and whether they make sense… :)

            (Sadly, Rhaegar rarely seems to make sense.)

    • Andy Street

      I guess the plan was to keep the annulment secret until such a time that they no longer needed Doran Martells soldiers to side with them in a rebellion. Then everyone involved just died.

      Or perhaps Rhaegar wanted the annulment to salve his conscience and make things ‘proper’ in his own mind. That kind of doublethink is fairly common in real life.

    • Dennai

      If you saw my comments above, you’ll know that I’m RAGING about that.

  • Posh66

    Now I want a bag full of faces.™

  • Posh66

    Hark, I am here! Utterly randomized comments, because why not.

    – When Cersei indicated she was pregnant, the first thing I thought was that Qyburn might have had a hand in that turn of events, what with his evil little experiments and all. Jaime was so happy that they’re going to have a “legitimate” kid at last, no more pretending. Oh, Jaime, you deluded, handsome fool. Nothing but pain and misery for you, dude.
    – Sure Jaime just floated down the river with all that armour on after Bronn saved him. And Dany and Drogon didn’t hang around for even a minute afterward to see if they surfaced so they could be taken prisoner. Surrrrre.
    – It seems Arya still has the same view of her sister as the last time they saw each other! Teenagers always think they know everything, even the murderous ninja ones. ESPECIALLY the murderous ninja ones. BTW, Jon insisted Sansa take her parents’ room back when they reunited, so Arya is way off the mark there.
    – The Fellowship of the King! (see what I did there?) Every character who dies up in the frozen north will be a dagger to my heart. Of course, they’re probably going to die of hypothermia because NONE OF THEM ARE WEARING HATS, NEVER MIND SCARVES. As a Canadian who lives in real world beyond the wall, I shake my head.
    – You know what would be funny? If one of them dies and becomes undead, and they bring HIM back as proof. And by funny, I mean devastating.
    – Dany and Jon say goodbye:
    Dany: I was getting used to having you around. *bats eyelashes, puckers lips*
    Jon: …
    Jon: Well, anyway…peace out. See ya, wouldn’t wanna be ya.
    I’m a born shipper of all the ships, but this show just sucks it right out of me, haha. It seems like there aren’t going to be any happy endings for anyone in Westeros, so maybe it’s better that I don’t need or want anybody to fall in love. This will all end in tears, I tell you! Now excuse me while I curl up into a ball.
    – I can’t believe they killed off Dickon before we got to see him with his shirt off!!!!!!!!!!
    – When the Night King whipped his head around to look at Raven Bran, I jumped about a foot. That guy is so creeeepyyyyyy.
    – Jon is now officially…too legit to quit. ::sunglasses slide down onto my face:: Too bad nobody listens to Gilly, the true hero of the piece.

    • Lyanna Mormont

      I think pretty much everyone had that thought about Jaime and Bronn suddenly appearing faaaaar downstream from where they went under!

      Yeah, I’ve been muttering to myself about hats (and helmets!) since Season 1. They don’t seem to be listening, so what can you do?

      Clearly, it’s the Fellowship of the King: Next Generation. After all, Jon is the son of Boromir. Tormund must be New!Gimli, Beric has the magic/burning sword so he’s New!Aragorn – or is that Jon with the Valyrian steel sword? – and Thoros is Gandalf, Gendry must be… Legolas?But who’s New!Frodo, Jorah or the Hound?

    • The Night King’s scattering of the ravens was SO. AWESOME. It’s so rare I’m truly shocked/scared by things, and that did it, for sure.

      (Psst: Go watch Black Sails for LOTS of shirtless Dickon as his Billy Biceps character is a heart-on-his-sleeve pirate)


    • Lilley Berrington

      I do think Cersei is serious about the “no more pretending” thing. As I mentioned, I found it quite touching. Pity it won’t work out. :-(

      I said there was chemistry between Dany and John, but I think people are right that it is coming mostly from Dany. Whether that’s Emilia Clarke acting well or Dany having a one-sided thing for John, I don’t know. I do think John is attracted to her, but I guess he’s first and foremost concerned with the threat to the north.
      With both you and Laura commenting on the weather, I thought I’d add my two cents. South Africa is something strangely in between. Very hot, according to people in the UK; (I would never survive living in Britain). However, since it is more desert weather here, it is extremely hot in the day and can become quite cold at night. Often we’re not sure how to dress for the day, which makes me sympathetic to the Games of Thrones lot. Although I’m inclined to agree that by this time they should be very aware that winter is coming/here and at least wear beanies.

      • Posh66

        Yes, does no one in the seven kingdoms know how to knit headwear?!

        • Lyanna Mormont

          Maybe Sansa could start a new fashion, she’s good with a needle… (Not with Needle.)

          • Lilley Berrington

            Though wouldn’t it be a pity if they all decided to hide that wonderful hair! Apparently it isn’t only the girls with lovely locks in Westeros. :-)

            • Dennai

              Problem is, more often than not, girls over there choose to wear ugly wigs.

              • Lilley Berrington

                Do they? I know the actresses wear wigs to portray the characters, but the girls with the pretty hair I’m talking about aren’t supposed to wear wigs in character. Dany, Cersei, Sansa, Talisa, Margaery etc. Even Mel. I know the actresses use them, but its supposed to be the characters’ real hair. And I think Missandei’s hair is real, and that’s beautiful. Of course, I also go on what I hear described by others.

                • Dennai

                  To be honest, I was led to make that comment by the sheer amount of comments in WotW complaining about how fake and awful different wigs look. Even the moderators had pointed it out several times. Usual suspects are Cersei and Dany, and since Sophie stopped dying her hair red the last two seasons, Sansa is another frequented target.
                  I never saw anything wrong myself, but I had concluded that I have no eyes for that kind of thing.

                  • Lilley Berrington

                    Me neither, Obviously. Haha.

      • moata

        I kind of feel like Jon has had very minimal romantic interaction with women (that we know of) and Dany has been in two pretty sexual relationships so I just think she’s a lot more confident than he is. Does Jon even know how to flirt? Because I think he doesn’t have a clue, frankly. So if that flirtation seems one-sided I’m not at all suprised.

        • Posh66

          That is so true, and so funny! Jon and Ygritte flirted by taking each other captive, and Ygritte’s idea of courtship was pretty much sexual harassment against an awkward virgin boy. He may be handsome AF, but smooth he is not. He’s a great killer…but not a great lady killer. :0D

        • Lilley Berrington

          Ooo and did she ever sleep with

          Hizdahr? They did marry before he died, didn’t they?

          • moata

            Who? Sorry, but I have no idea who that is. I must have missed something somewhere.

            • Hizdahr was the guy in Meereen who wanted to be the go-between with the Sons of the Harpy and Dany and marry her for appearances/political gain.

              • moata

                Ohhhhh riiight. Totes forgot about that. I don’t think she would have gone there, though right? I mean, they were rather cool towards each other as I recall. And they didn’t actually get married in the show, did they? I thought they were just betrothed.

                • that was my read, too. I didn’t think they actually married (and I really don’t think she slept with him)

                  • Lilley Berrington

                    Right. I wasn’t actually sure if their marriage happened or not. He wasn’t a great guy, but I felt a little sorry for him. What with having lost his father in that horrible way and all, then dying defending Dany. Didn’t turn out to be all evil after all.

        • Lyanna Mormont

          Jon barely knows what to do when he’s blatantly flirted with, much less how to take any kind of initiative.

          Who have we seen hit on him? Ygritte. Melisandre. Both with very straight forward “let’s have sex” approaches, no subtlety involved…

    • Lanie

      I was thinking the same thing about hats and scarves. I live in Minnesota and wouldn’t even think about going out in weather like that without them!

    • Lanie

      Great Posh now I’m thinking one of the fellowship will become a Wight :( You know what would be cool though (sad but cool) if it was the Hound and he went to King’s Landing and kicked Frankenmountain’s behind!


      • Dennai

        Could he, though? So far, winter wights hadn’t proven to retain any fighting (or any other) skills they possessed in life. We haven’t seen any boss wights fights in the show. The closest thing it was Jon facing one in the first season, and that was only because normal steel wouldn’t stop him.
        All the danger I recall coming from wights is due to their relentlessness, stamina and sheer numbers. I don’t remember see one ever parring a sword, or ducking, or showing any fighting skill, even when most of them were warriors of a kind or another in life.

      • ars_belli

        He’d complete his redemption arc by doing the wight thing!

  • mrspidey80

    Same here. Back during the earlier seasons, i read about five recaps per episode. This is the only one i ended up sticking with.

  • mrspidey80

    Laura, you probably misstook Eastwatch for Castle Black, hence your confusion. All the scenes at the Wall where at Eastwatch.

  • But… are you REALLY upset about the time jumps? Like, really? IDK, I rewatched the entire series from the start just before S7 aired, and I truly appreciate the lack of fat this season. We’ve been building to a fever pitch, and we’re, you know, in the fever pitch.

    I don’t need to see people doing their taxes if it’s not about doing their taxes. We’ve had the journeys, now it’s about what happens when we arrive. /My $.02

    • fabulousmissb

      Oh, I’m just nitpicking. Like having a great sequined dress and just one of the sequins won’t lay right :)

      • WHEW!! I was going to be heartbroken! (haha)

    • Posh66

      OMG I watched the entire series just before S7 started too! We are indeed kindred spirits. It sure does make it easier to remember what the heck happened six years ago.

      • Plus, the closer tot he end we get, the more scope you see of how it’s been paced and plotted along the way, which is why I really don’t mind the speed (for the most part) of the currect eps. I don’t need to be spoonfed. I NEED STORY ARCS TO PAY OFF! <3

        • Lilley Berrington

          Same here. I watched seasons 1 and 2 before season 6 was finished, but then couldn’t get hold of the rest of the seasons until season 6 was done. So I did lots of binge-watching. Still, you guys on this comment section still pick up on lots of little details that I didn’t, even though I think I’ve watched each episode at least three times over.

  • Hey!

    You know, if it’s not on GoT, aired by HBO within the standard ep, I just don’t watch it? Honestly, I have no idea what the HIstories and Lore animatic extras are.

    But oh ho ho, more listening to Iain Glenn? [strokes chin] Let me think on it!

    • Dennai

      Just to provide some info since you said that you don’t know what the Histories & Lore animatic (sic) extras are: The BlueRay collections have as one of the extras provided every season a series of animated short episodes (more like a slideshow of illustrations really) where a guest actor from the show voice over in character about a piece of lore. Quite often the same piece of lore is narrated by different actors showing different points of view, like Robert’ Rebellion narrated by Robert and Viserys. They are quite interesting, and I would recommend you to watch them once the series is over.

      • Oh, thank you for the details! I’m looking forward to having all sorts of great stuff to read/watch after the show is over!

        • Emmaline

          Yep! Before every season I always watch the previous ones on Youtube because I’m Unsullied and need extra help keeping track of regions/families/etc! I caught up on the Season 6 clips before Season 7 aired and hoo boy, otherwise I’d have forgotten why Euron even entered the story! Love your site and how courteous the comment section is.
          My boyfriend has read the books and sometimes he’ll drop a comment like, “eh, so and so from the books hasn’t shown up yet” or “house whatever actually has more members” and it makes me crazy!!!

  • menomegirl

    Wow, just look at all the congenial comments.

    I love this site.

    • It really is my favorite thing about you guys. EVERYONE IS THOUGHTFUL OF EACH OTHER. <3 <3 <3

      • Dennai

        You remember the beginning of Love Actually, when Hugh Grant voice over is saying that every time he feels down he goes to the Arrival section of the airport where everybody no matter cultural, social or religious background show nothing but love? This is my Arrival section in the GOT fan community, specially if I’m coming after visiting YouTube.

        • that is so, so nice of you to say! It takes a concerted effort on the part of everyone who contributes to the comment section for this place to stay a safe haven, so thank you to everyone who keeps this place what it is!

  • Hardticket

    When Cersei said she was pregnant all I could think of was Mary Tudor (Bloody Mary for the uninitiated). Mary deluded herself into believing she was pregnant by her husband Phillip despite it not being possible. I think it turned out to be cancer in the end.

    It might be reaching but a lot of ASOIF and GoT is based on actual history so it’s entirely possible or I could just be giving them too much credit. Either way Cersei isn’t going to have a happy ending.

    Also, love your reviews they always make me laugh.

    • Ooooh, that would be an interesting twist to the Mad Queen narrative, too!

    • (Also, thank you! I live for other’s laughter. I’m like a clown version of Tinker Bell. )

  • Julie Martin

    Welcome to the Church of Danerys, cake or death?! (Anyone? No? I will enjoy my private joke if need be). In all seriousness, I find this Darkest Timeline Dany threat not too convincing. First of all, for Varys and Tyrion to be squeamish about that particular execution when they knew about her crucifying the masters, and Varys was on board with plots to execute Dany while she was a random, innocent pregnant teen, and Tyrion killed Shae and used wildfire in war…..etc. Nope, not buying it, mens. That execution was not uniquely terrible to the extent I would worry she is snapping.

    Similarly, I am not buying the Darkest Sansa Timeline threat, though I think much of that it Littlefinger’s schemes combines with Arya/Sansa longstanding differences.

    I want Bronn and Davos to be co-rulers in the end. A Girl can dream.

    And yep, Gilly is awesomesauce for the reasons you say, Laura. One of my favorite Sam scenes is in one of the early seasons, where he does a “The thing about Gilly” lovestruck rant, and basically proclaims his appreciation of how she is so kind and hopeful despite her crap life. Clearly he has been blessed with her presence enough now that he takes her a bit for granted (which I understand – we all do it).

    Can Gendry and Jon and the Hound maybe bond over how much they appreciate Arya? Maybe happy memories will help keep their ears warm!

    • Eddie Izzard jokes are ALWAYS welcome here! Also welcome: reasoned points like yours about Dany NOT being Darkest Timeline. I mean, she doesn’t even have a goatee, for one. ;) But I’d also say crucifying the Masters was a shade worse than burninating her sworn enemies…

      HOW GREAT WOULD IT BE FOR A “So You Traveled With Arya Stark… And Lived To Talk About It” club meeting?!?!

      • Lyanna Mormont

        They could start a Friends of Arya society!

    • Posh66

      Can you imagine if the boys make a pit stop at Winterfell before heading back to King’s Landing (because they’re all going to live, RIGHT?), and they all reunite with Arya at the same moment? That would be so epic my heart would burst out like Alien.

  • THIS. It’s (to me) a sign of her being a very young, mostly feral young person without a ton of life experience beyond survival/foxholing.

    • Jenn

      Yeah, she’s got a very narrow view (by necessity) of how survival works. I love her ferocity but her sense of justice only works for someone with nothing left to lose. She’s going to have to adjust. I wish that she would sit down and talk to Sansa instead of running off with her assumptions. Also I really need Jon to go home and sort her out a little, remind her she’s human and not a lone wolf.

      Also I really need Jon to go home and see everyone damn it. And take Gendry. So he can ‘my lady’ sass Arya and also remind her she’s a damn person.

      • I second that Gendry in Arya’s life bit whole-heartedly

  • moata

    I love this whole convo and how the writing on this show is so good that you can bring your own interpretation and psychological insight to the interactions between characters.

    My own opinion is that Arya is both right AND wrong. It’s a little bit from column A and a bit from column B. She’s using her assassin spidey-sense on Sansa and has detected that her older sister does have ambitions – let’s not forget if Sansa had a penis she’d be King in the North right now. I stand by my observation last season when Jon was declared king that she very briefly looked disappointed.

    Littlefinger saw it and he’s been trying to wedge that crack bigger ever since. And now northern lords are coming to her saying they think they made a mistake and should’ve picked her… well, who could blame her if that started her wondering if they weren’t right?

    And sure she defended Jon but only in a “he’s the King and he’s doing what he thinks is best” way, which we all know is what your mum says when your dad goes off and does something stupid. Or was that just my family?

    Speaking of which, Arya is interpreting Sansa’s behaviour and motivations the way she is because when siblings get together you just always revert back to your childhood roles. And Sansa as a selfish, upwardly mobile grasper fits Arya’s narrative for her so she’s going with it.

    Littlefinger looked to manipulate Sansa directly and failed so now he’s going to try and use Arya as a human-shaped wedge between Sansa and Jon. He must know that Arya has always favoured Jon and this little “intrigue” with the scroll has Arya playing into his hands. He’s clearly already getting in the ears of the northern lords to rally support for Sansa. If he can implicate Sansa in a conspiracy then the whole thing will be a very chaotic ladder indeed.

    I have a terrible feeling that Brienne will have to get between the two Stark sisters at some stage.

    Also, last night right before bed my fiance said “what if Littlefinger is just Jagen Hagar and he Scooby Doos them all?” and then I couldn’t sleep because that would just about do me in.

    • I agree with you on Arya. She’s right to be concerned, she’s right to have that Constant Vigilance thread running through her, but she also needs to learn temperance and to read a room (her sister as she is now) better. Which falls in line with what you’re saying. I don’t necessarily agree that Sansa is after power. I truly don’t see that, but again, as you say this is what makes the show so marvelous, the reads we each take on these slippery, 3-D characters.

      And oooooooh, that’s a fun theory about A Man! :D Hahahhaa.

      • moata

        It’s not a fun theory. He just said it to mess with my head, and it worked.

        But yeah, Arya has a very (house of) black and white way of dealing with conflict so she definitely needs to take a GD chill pill.

  • Lucy Scarpati

    “Girl gets around” Cersei has had sex with 3 ppl her whole life (less than Tyrion just in the pilot, what a slut). The other 2 are dead, who do you think is the father if not jaime? Euron? Qyburn?

    • Lilley Berrington

      Who else aside from Lancel

      • Lucy Scarpati

        Yeah and even sleeping with Lancel was the only way to get him to poison Robert before Ned told him about her and Jaime & thus save her children and herself

    • (I don’t think anyone is calling her a slut. I hate that word, btw.)

      You know, I got a wild hair last night that Qyburn somehow manipulated Tywin’s sperm to impregnate Cersei so that her child is actually her sibling and kills her.


      • Lucy Scarpati

        I hate that word too but you’ve called her a slut multiple times in your recaps (in the s2 recaps for sure) & had stopped recently but saying she “gets around” when she has slept w 3 ppl her whole life (& 1 was robert so not really her choice) isn’t really much better…

        • Did I? Well, I’ll go back and edit. (But–and I’m not trying to be argumentative–didn’t she suggest in S2 that she has bedded multiple Lannisters, we just only saw Lancel? That’s not a definition of being a slut. That’s a challenge to the “she’s only been w/ 3 people.”

          Also, the amount of investment in Cersei’s extracurricular sex life adventures I have is about 0% unless it affects the story (as in, Lancel).

          • Lucy Scarpati

            No she only slepts with Lancel

        • Going back through all of your comments on the site, it’s clear Cersei is Your Gal, which is awesome! I quite enjoy her on my screen, too, and I think Lena is magnificent. (Heck, I even sat on panels this summer defending her!) But let’s not turn all conversation into “you said something I don’t like about my favorite character”. Not saying you ARE, just heading things off at the pass.

          What about THIS EPISODE did you enjoy? Find fault with? That’s what I’d love to hear!

          • Lucy Scarpati

            I never turned this into ‘you said something i don’t like about my favorite character’, you are the one trying to. Cersei isn’t even my favorite female character let alone overall) This is and was always about me not liking mysoginy, slut-shaming & the like. Peace.

      • Lilley Berrington

        Is a wild hair like a nightmare? Sorry, just don’t know that expression.

        • menomegirl

          ‘Getting a wild hair’ means you do something impulsive.

          • Lilley Berrington

            Ah, I see. The idea of Tywin’s sperm having been manipulated is a nightmarish thought though, hence me thinking that’s what it meant. Lol.

            • menomegirl

              Yes it is nightmarish but it is Qyburn, who is a very strange person/healer.

  • So happy to know you were laughing!

    I get that book readers have been shipping them for ages, and I don’t mean to kinkshame (lol) but I JUST. DON’T. SEE IT.

  • Lyanna Mormont

    More than being offended by Arya, I felt sad for her. Ever since she was separated from her family, she’s had to focus all her energy on surviving, with nothing left to spare for growing up. She’s a child soldier, stuck in some ways at the stage of development she was at when her world came crashing down,

    Sansa’s been through hell, too, but it different ways, and in some sense she’s been forced to grow up too quickly in just the areas Arya’s had no time to develop. We’re essentially seeing a traumatized young adult and a violent near-psychotic child trying to find common ground, and finding it very difficult.

  • Lyanna Mormont

    Apparently, xenophobia trumps all.

    The Mad King, Robert, Olenna, Cersei – all Westerosi. Dany on the other hand has grown up in Essos, and she brought Dothraki savages and Unsullied to invade Westeros. It seems that’s a line Good Old Randyll won’t cross when it comes to allegiance.

    Put it in terms of an orphaned European medieval prince returning with a horde of Mongolian warriors to reclaim his throne – would the local aristocracy bend the knee or die fighting?

    • YEP. This is why I used the term “MAGA” [spits] for Shitheel Tarley. He’s a supremacist. Blech. (And Tarly never would have supported Jon because of the Wildlings. He made his stance on them very clear, too.)

    • Lilley Berrington

      To be fair, many people would rather go for the devil they know than a foreign invader. That’s not xenophobia. That’s protecting your own. Imagine random British armies invaded America and told you to kneel, or else…

  • Ana G

    Quick drop in (I only now have enough time to chime in bc work’s been cray. I’m looking forward to the next one for a zillion reasons, but I also know for sure I’ll be able to be more participative here)
    My brother and I have spent days discussing whether or not Cersei’s bb is a Frankenbaby because Qyburn, which led to, HOLY NOPE WHAT WOULD QYBURN DO WITH A FORREALSIES WIGHT? They’re bringing one down and this dude has a history of messing with undeath. (Or he might actually find a way to kill em better, so maybe not all negative).
    The CGI for Drogon was incredible!!! I’m still psyched about it.
    Gilly is so great, she does deserve more love! And casually dropping that “Oh yeah Jon might not be a bastard” bomb was iconic. My brother LOST IT when it happened. I hope Sam took that book with him, and the Gilly can get him to read it because if “Ragger” did legally marry Lyanna, Jon’s right to the throne trumps Dany’s via line of succession.
    Finally I loved Gendry+Jon being instabffs (I ruined Gendry’s return for the people watching with me because I saw his actor’s name in the credits and FLIPPED). Jon and his Magnificent Seven are gonna be really fun to watch, I loved them sniping at each other through the bars. (Also if Beric+Jorah talk to each other? Imma die because those voicessssssssss)
    This was a good episode, but more of a setting up pieces thing which compared to the previous episode made it a little lackluster, for me.

    • ars_belli

      Is FrankenGregor a wight? I never worked out whether he was dead or just dying when he was Darth Vadered.

      Gilly is so great, she does deserve more love!
      *slow clap* If anyone deserves a happy ending… Sometimes I fell that she’s only there to move the plot along, and I had hoped we’d see more of her than that now she’s past the Wall.

      And casually dropping that “Oh yeah Jon might not be a bastard” bomb was iconic. My brother LOST IT when it happened.
      LOL, me too! Then I completely back-flipped on the idea. They bring it up when it no longer matters, in the typical nihilistic GoT way. Dany doesn’t care about the line of succession (Missandei brought this up a couple of episodes ago?) – she’s conquering because she can (and if there’s anyone left, they’ll probably be better off for it).

      this is Littlefinger’s plan? He’s clever enough to calculate that Jon isn’t Ned Stark’s bastard. He can’t side with Team Dany due to Varys. So maybe he’ll throw Team Jon at the Iron Throne instead?

      This was a good episode, but more of a setting up pieces thing which
      compared to the previous episode made it a little lackluster, for me.

      You didn’t need a breather after the last episode? Or at least Cersei-level quantities of wine? :)

      • Ana G

        “You didn’t need a breather after the last episode? Or at least Cersei-level quantities of wine? :)”
        I’m always down for wine, haha. It’s a shorter season so while a breather definitely works, I wasn’t really expecting one, if that makes sense.

        Even though Dany herself doesn’t seem to care much for the line of sucession, she’s made such a big deal of her rightful claim/lineage that it would be a monkeywrench in her plans anyway.

        And finally “Is FrankenGregor a wight? I never worked out whether he was dead or just dying when he was Darth Vadered.” I’ve been pondering a good answer for a while! I think he was dying (he was seen twitching iirc) but now I’m meditating over all the diff definitions of reanimated dead we could have……..I’ve been using wight for those made ice zombies, which is straight up magic, and FrankenGregor was made by “”science”” so to speak, so I think that’s where the difference would lie, even if Gregor had been dead when it started.

        (Also what a lovely reply to my comment <3)

  • ars_belli

    * not book talk, it was in the show.
    Now that’s what I call paying attention! In both cases Tarly is siding with the devil he knows, so it’s not totally inconsistent. Although I do feel that things are happening at the speed of plot this season.

    Cockoff Dickon evidently tasted like kippers…

  • ars_belli

    Yep, I’d recommend the “Dance of the Dragons” one, due to no risk of book talk. There’s a certain nostalgia to hearing all the dead characters narrate too.

  • ars_belli

    Also the only recap where the Unsullied are safe, and where disagreements don’t degenerate into an all-out cyber-fistfight.