Game of Thrones 7.7 – The Dragon and The Wolf



Hey! So things you should know about me today: I’ve been drinking since 6pm and I roasted a chicken in honor of the Hound and Gjördkr the Chîcken Eåter, aka Gjördkr the Bær Fuçkër, aka Tormund the Wildling. I’m very stressed. I’m writing this as I watch. Here we go.

Edited after watching: OH MY GOD. Oh my god, the old and the new gods. The small and mighty gods. FROM THE TITANS TO BASICALLY, CEREON, the Greek God of mixing wine. ALL OF THE GODS, I CALL UNTO YOU.

So, all of y’all complaining about pacing and ambling storytelling and… [blasts “HOW YOU LIKE ME NOW” on 11]

Someone, light the fires to call Gondor, because SHIT JUST GOT REAL.


This was a huuuuuuuge episode, so I’m not going to blow-by-blow because I would never sleep again, and I have to go to work in the morning. (Reminder, I do this for free! Feel free to drop a tip in the cup/Paypal link on the right side of your screen!)

And the Lannisters moistened their trousers as one

The Lannisters batten down their hatches as the Unsullied line up pretty as a picture. And then the Dothraki ride in hell-bent for leather, and if I was a Lannister, I would have dampened my knickers at the sight. Great moments: Bronn and Jaime realizing it’s all a dick measuring contest, from fighting to war to… well, all of it.

The rest of Dany’s fleet line up in Blackwater (at a safe distance, one assumes), Sandor checks their wight-in-a-box, and it’s off to the Dragonpit for parlay where they run into Brienne and Pod. I’d like to think the Dothraki get a load of Bronn and see a fellow warrior, but that’s just me. Brienne and Sandor beaming with pride over their murder teen being All Growed Up Now is maybe everything in the world to me, but you can’t hold me to it.

Any one proud of a teen girl making it in the Big Bad World is my favorite, I don’t make the rules.

This is basically turning into a Class Reunion and I’m loving it. I’m also loving the set pieces, because gottdammerung, the dragonpit is awesome. All the major players save one arrive, and Dany comes in on Drogon’s back, and my hat’s off to the CGI team, because Drogon sliding down the ruins was bad ass. Also bad ass, Dany stepping off Drogon’s back without a hitch. (Props to Cersei for not flinching once at a fucking DRAGON, but hey. We know she has ice in her veins.)

We start with Euron making a show of crazy, then some Little People jokes, and it’s all some dick measuring. Which, I believe we all know, means that there’s not much to measure. Again, I don’t make the “he who smelt it dealt it” rules, I just honor them.

Back and forth, everyone’s heels are dug in, but then Sandor powerlifts a massive box into the pit, the crank turns to Pop goes the Waaaaaaalker! But it doesn’t, so Sandor kicks it over, and the wight goes screaming straight for Cersei. Raise your hand if you thought it would get her. (Come on, too easy!) I do love the forethought in chaining it. And making it a loooooooooong chain, hahaha.

Well, the Jack is out of the box, and everyone knows what we’re dealing with. Qyburn is a little TOO excited by it, just me? But everyone else is properly Worried with a capital W. Jaime in particular is impressed (freaked) by their numbers, and when Euron learns they can’t swim, he’s like, “Well. That’s it. Fuck off, cunts! Hanging out on my island and riding out the apocalypse. PEACE.”

Cersei agrees to stop fighting until the Dead are defeated. Well. Huh. That was easy. “But Jon Snow will not fight me or choose sides.” Oh. Yeah. She pulls the “Are you or are you not Ned Stark’s son?” card.

Jon’s face tells it all: I AM.


Well, technically, Jon has pledged to Dany—


—and Brienne blows everything out of my brain by dropping an F bomb with regards to loyalty, and apparently UP IS DOWN AND RIGHT IS LEFT. But Jon’s siding with Dany, Cersei’s bowed out, and we’re back to square one.

Tyrion: WELP. TIME FOR ME TO DO SOMETHING MONUMENTALLY STUPID. I’d prefer to think of it as brave—
Bronn, probably: NOPE. You were right with stupid.

Tyrion passes Jaime (heartfelt aww shucks moment) then has to pass ZOMBIE MOUNTAIN*…

*new ride at Euro Disney!

…and enters Shelob’s inner chamber. I mean, Cersei’s. Wow, they hate each other. I mean, no holds barred in this cage match. You killed so-and-so and are responsible for EVERYTHING, yeah, well, you birthed a Weaselteat and blew up half of your own people, and Cersei could have Zombie Mountain slam his meaty paw onto Tyrion’s skull and be done with it, but she won’t. Because ha!! HE IS FAMILY! (Am I reading this wrong?) And that’s when he realizes, after she blathers on about “when I saw, I felt, blah blah” that Cersei is preggers. Well, that means a part of Jaime lives on, too, and we know Tyrion actually likes Jaime.

Back at the Dragonpit, Jon and Dany kill time by discussing that maaaaaaybe the witch who killed Dany’s baby and put Khal Drogo in a state of zombiefied living was possibly not truthful about her pregnancy chances? Also, raise your hand if you wanted Dany to say, “YO. I’ve been trying, like, a LOT. And nada y pues nada. I mean, if Daario couldn’t get a baby off me…”

Jorah: [heart shatters in his chest]

Side note, them in the alcove in Dragonpit made me actually buy chemistry between them. That was a real moment, and I’m glad that happened. I thought they would kiss, honestly.

They’re interrupted by Tyrion (and the rest of Cersei and her Queensguard) for the announcement Cersei makes: we’ll fight the White Walkers. Remember I said this when I fight you after. It’s a pretty queenly moment, even though we all can agree she’s terrible.

A raven comes staggering into Winterfell in the increasing storm, and Littlefinger continues his Wormwood ways with Sansa. God, he’s awful. Anything and everything he can do to sew discord, he does. And we, the audience, believe Sansa to be the weak teenager THE INTERNET WOULD HAVE YOU BELIEVE BUT NOT ME. I HAVE BEEN TEAM SANSA ALL ALONG AND I HAVE FAITH IN YOU, MY RED-HAIRED BEAUTY.

TEAM. DAMN. SANSA. <– put that on my tombstone.

Baelish does the whole, “I play the game with why they’re saying what they say” thing and I honestly thought for a moment it was Arya wearing his face, or that the show WANTED me to think that. Am I alone?

Dany and her council all decide they fight together, and Jorah VISIBLY adjusts to his position as Friendzoned In Perpetuity. (Boo, I got you. Wine is uncorked and you can call me Khaleesi.) DON’T MAKE IT WEIRD.

But THE BEST MOMENT EVER happens: Jon and Theon have a talk, and while Jon acknowledges that Theon’s done bad things (and Theon does, too, obviously), Jon says Theon is still a Stark and my heart? Is breaking? Because Theon? NEEDS? SOMEONE? TO? BELIEVE? IN HIM?!?!?!

Theon, newly filled with pride, takes a beating from Yara’s men and finds it in himself to win, because guys? He may not have traditional stones (in his pants) but he still has stones (in his heart). Yes, it’s true. Theon has heart stones. DID I MENTION I HAVE HAD A BOTTLE TO MYSELF? We knew there had to be a moment where his lack o’bait and tackle would come to pass, and it did. Knee to the… nothing, and he wins the fight. I’m so proud of Theon, I can’t even.


Sansa calls for her men to bring Arya to the Great Hall with all her men in full armor and it’s looking bad, gang. IT IS LOOKING LIKE SISTER ON SISTER AND THIS IS NOT OKAY I BELIEVED IN–


Oh my dear sweet little eight-pound baby Jesus in a tuxedo onesie (because he’s classy), a moment we’ve been waiting for. Sansa.




And that mother trucker, that killer, that shit-stirrer, that murdering weasel who imagined himself the puppet-master FALLS TO HIS KNEES AND CRIES because Sansa and Arya have his number.


They know what he’s done, the 3ER busts out some knowledge, and they have enough evidence to bring him down, the fucking DAGGER he gifted to Bran is going to be his undoing and there is nowhere to hide, not enough slime to slip away this time, and Arya





Did I…

Did I see that right??? [rewinds the DVR] Holy lord on high, Cereon lord god of what’s in my glass, DID I SEE WHAT I SAW? I believe I heard Oz cry out in delight, so I’m pretty sure I did!!

“There is no justice in the world unless we make it. Thank you for all your lessons, Lord Baelish.”




Varys Baelish Game Thrones

Back in King’s Landing Cersei continues to be the worst, berating Jaime for being an idiot for, you know, listening to her words. She’s a lying liar who lies and wants to ride out the apocalypse (oh ho, maybe she’s perfect for Euron) and not even the baby in the oven ploy sways Jaime. Guys? Jaime is really visibly questioning Cersei, and it’s about fucking time.

TAKE AWAY: Cersei sent Euron away to grab the Golden Company, a group of mercenaries that are better than the Second Sons and Unsullied, so why didn’t Dany get THEM? Hmm.

TAKE AWAY 2: Twincest are going behind the other’s backs, so. It’s all falling apart there.

BUT. Cersei threatens Jaime with Zombie Mountain, but she can’t follow through. That’s 2 for 2, girl. Jaime’s face as he hears Zombie Mountain pull iron, though…

Cersei? I believe your next-to-last bridge has been burned. (Qyburn is the last)

Winter is now come to King’s Landing, and that was marvelous to see. It’s like a blizzard in Greece. Nowhere is safe, in other words.

Snow falls softly on dragon skulls, and that’s a portent for what’s to come, hahahahaha (I came back and added this, because I love an implied sex joke).

WAIT, Samwell Red Leader Porkins Gamgee Tarly (the longest of his name) comes to Winterfell (where’s Gilly and little Morsel?) and enjoys in a way his time with Bran, who is basically a 4000 year old man in a teen’s body.

Bran, vision-watching all the sex he’ll never have, probably

Sam: What’s up?
Bran: I became the 3ER
Sam: Well isn’t that nice! BTW, no one knows what that means.
Bran: It means I know Jon should know he’s not Ned’s son. He’s a Sand.
Sam: OH! Gilly found that! And nope, he’s not! He’s legit, not actually the most Famous Bastard In History.

Meanwhile, on the S.S. OOPSIE DOODLE, Jon comes (hurr) to Dany. And the do it, and do it, and do it well. Her earrings are jingling, baby. BOOTS, THEY WERE KNOCKED.


so THAT’S how it is in their family…


Guys? Imagine your aunt. YEAH. I DID THAT TO YOU. At least you didn’t do that to your aunt.

I’m on a boat and!
I’m going down and!
I’m deep dicking the one-n-only Da-ny-Targaryen!




This is what you signed up for when you clicked.

Okay, look. Jon had a happy moment, and that’s nice? And Dany did, too? And? I MEAN? GAH. Tyrion, meanwhile, is lurking in the hallway and it’s weird. That’s the weirdest part, I think? Why is that the weirdest part!?


Arya and Sansa share a sweet sister moment about killing Baelish, and this is the stuff that brings families together. [beams] I LOVE MY MURDER STARK TEENS, GUYS. THE PACK SURVIVES.

Bran, however, is hanging out at the tree being all emo. BRO. WE GET IT. YOU’RE LITERALLY AN OLD SOUL. Oh shit, no, my bad, he’s warging to Eastwatch.

Tormund, my beloved Gjördkr, checks the view with Beric when AHHHH!! AHHHHHHHHH!!!! THAT’S AN ARMY COMING FORTH. Holy shit. My non-existent prehensile tail just covered my ah-noose in my fear.




…and did Beric and Tormund make it? CAN I DARE HOPE?!!??

GUYS. I just don’t want to hear negativity. Like, how? HOW CAN YOU NOT BE SATISFIED? J/K, I don’t honestly care. I DON’T! That was AMAZING television. So many threads tying up. So many stories coming to a satisfactory conclusion, and so many future stories left to tell.

AHHHHHH, everything is wonderful and terrible (because it’s over until next year) but will you do me a favor? Come talk to me here or on Twitter until S8. Come to Con of Thrones in Dallas, where I’ll be because I LIVE HERE, and let’s hold one another and get really excited about this show we love.

AND TALK TO MEEEEE. (Don’t talk about the books, though, NO THERE ARE STILL THINGS YOU CAN SAY. There are! There is PLENTY in the show to talk about, so let’s talk!)

In conclusion: AHHHHH! Thanks to you guys dropping a little love in the tip jar, as well! I truly appreciate it. It’s not cheap running a site–no ads, and you’re welcome–so I really and truly appreciate you. [forehead kisses]

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  • Zack

    Okay, I can’t….I don’t have the energy to write a full review, but I want to say that that LF/Sansa/Arya scene in the great hall is my new favorite scene in the history of the show. I doubted them both. But that’s what they wanted! OH MY GOD. The glee I feel from imagining everything that happened behind the scenes to make that moment play out. Bran opening up to his sisters. Sansa/Arya deciding t stage some fake fights for LF and/or his spies to hear. Sansa sending off Brienne after LF implies she would stand against Sansa if it came to it, to throw him off and make him believe he was her confidant and truest ally.


    I mean, yeah, that final scene was great (even if I saw it coming since S7E1). And Jon (SORRY, AEGON), Dany, and Cersei etc all rocked it. But all I care about right now is Sansa and Arya taking down that slimy, slithering creepo.

  • I just….I need to sleep on this and watch it again tomorrow. I can’t even tonight. My body was literally shaking with all the adrenaline that was pumping through it during the scene where they all meet because I was afraid something awful would happen, like the white walker would have melted or died so it was all for naught or that there was an ambush or SOMETHING stupid to stall things. Gah. OK. Sleep. Re-watch, then converse. SEE YOU BEAUTIFUL FELLOW FANS IN THE MORNING!

  • Jenn

    Oh holy old gods this was amazing. I was yelling for various reasons for nearly an hour and a half. My throat hurts.

    Thank f*ckinf all that is good and beautiful that the Starks were setting up LF because I swear I have been so mad at how that was going because I love them all.

    Also! The Hound and Brienne bonding over murder teen was the best! I laughed joyfully and then called them the murder parents she needs, which set my own sister off laughing. I will give upamy things if we can have The Hound/Brienne/Tormund (if he’s dead we’re gonna have some problems GoT writers, some big problems). They’d be the best substitute murder parents a murder teen could want. Also I love them all.

    Raise your hand if you were suspicious when Cersei said she’d send her armies to fight *forcibly raises everyones’ hands* BUT! Jaime riding away from her *tears of joy* I’d have liked it better if he had lived up to his old moniker and slayed another king (queen), but that’s too easy.

    Also, I’m dying for someone to spill the beans to Jon and Dany about his parentage because I really cannot predict how she’ll react and I need to know.

    I have no idea how next season is going to work. They tell us it’s the last, that it will be only 6 episodes, but friends…there is so much to deal with. These better be 6 two hour long episodes.

    Is it next year yet?

    • Jenn

      Oh oh! I also totally thought LF might be Arya for a minute, and then that the show wanted us to think it was Arya. That game, so close to the lies game.

      • Jenn

        Also, just me, or was anyone else high-key nervous about the meeting in the dragon pit. I mean, Cersei blew up the Sept of Baelor. I would not have been surprised if that pretty little dias she had erected was sitting on a cache of wildfire. Because there were basically all of her enemies in one spot.


    • Lyanna Mormont

      Murder parents!

      Jaime’s leaving the Kingslayer behind, as symbolized by his change of outfit.

      Since Jon already bent the knee, and he’s Ned’s son who keeps his word, I can’t see that knowing he’s the “true” heir would make any difference to him. It might matter to Dany, though. In reverse, she might not be bothered by the incest since she was pretty much raised by Viserys, who considered it only right and proper, while Jon will probably be less comfortable with it…

      • Lilley Berrington

        Regarding Jaime, once again, I personally think he should feel proud for slaying the king. He shouldn’t leave that part of him behind; he should learn to accept and respect it. Yes he broke an oath, but is that really more important than the lives of a million people?
        With John and Dany; I don’t think she’d mind the incest thing, though John might, as you say. It will be interesting to see how that pans out. Still, people still ship them whilst being grossed out by J/C. How does that logic work though? I do ship John/Dany, though the aunt thing is a bit weird. I try not to think about it too much. But if Olenna were still around, she might gleefully point out that John and Dany’s children would refer to Rhaegar as both uncle and grandpa, and that Lyanna would be both Dany’s sister-in-law and possible future mother-in-law. Lol

        • Lyanna Mormont

          I’m not a Jon/Dany shipper, but I do find them easier to accept than Jaime and Cersei. I think for me the main reasons are that Jon and Dany didn’t grow up together, so the incest is only a matter of genes and not what I would call family, and that Jon and Dany aren’t (so far) willing to tear down the rest of the world just so they can have what they want.

          As for the Kingslayer, I’m talking more about the persona than the act. Jaime hates being called Kingslayer – in the infamous bath scene with Brienne he said as much. After he killed the Mad King, people thought him a villain for it, so he decided he may as well act like one, and he took on the persona of the Kingslayer. That’s his connection to Brienne, that she’s the anti-thesis of his Kingslayer identity, as well as the fact that she knows what really happened and treats him with courtesy and respect.

          • Lilley Berrington

            I suppose, but there are people who end up together that practically grew up together and played together as little children. That isn’t particularly weird. And I hear what you’re saying about the Kingslayer identity, although I still wish he’d learn to accept that part of himself and wear the name with pride. Tyrion would have.

            • Lyanna Mormont

              It’s very rare among kids who have grown up in the same house, and been raised together. It’s a phenomenon called the Westermarck effect, or reverse or negative sexual imprinting. One example is the Israeli kibbutz system, where kids raised together communally very noticably did NOT pair off as adults, despite there being no social taboo against it as they weren’t biologically related.

  • Andy Street

    Tormund’s not dead though, right? Right? He just ran off West to Castle Black to meet up with Edd and they are going to have some road buddy comedy whilst they book it south to warn Winterfell? And he’ll meet Brienne and they’ll get to have the big monster babies?

    Cersei Lannister is the only person in the world who can just sit there and roll her eyes at her first sight of Drogon. Legit thought she was actually going to kill Jaime at the end there though. It was in Nicolaj’s face when he realised she never really loved him the way he loved her. Cersei has totally gone off the deep end once and for all at this point. Perhaps it was seeing Jon there looking like the literal ghost of Ned Stark come back to haunt her. It’s about 50/50 at this point whether Euron is ACTUALLY coming back with the Golden Company or if she’s just basically Hitler in the bunker pushing imaginary divisions around. I am going to come down on the side of ‘they exist’ because apparently they have elephants and who doesn’t want to see that?

    Cersei was never not going to betray them though – the only surprise was that it was so… immediately. Loved Cersei and Tyrion’s scene together but Tyrion’s just been full of terrible ideas this season, hasn’t he? He’s really been off his game. Go and catch a wight to persuade my sister, Westeros’s most famous sufferer of Chronic Backstabbing Disorder, who personally hates me more than anyone in the world and wants me dead! Cersei actually got a couple of good points in about why he is following Dany too.

    Not sure what they were going for with him lurking in the corridor at the end. Was he approving? Disapproving? Jealous? Worried that he’s getting pushed out of the loop? I kind of feel that the show can’t decide whether he is in love with Dany himself or if he is deliberately trying to push her together with Jon.

    Also coming round to the ‘Rhaegar Targaryn was a colossal scumbag’ school of thought. Not only did he annul his marriage in secret to keep the support of his father in law, incidentally disinheriting his son, he STOLE HIS EXISTING SON’S NAME to give to his new son. Presumably he felt that Jon was more representative of the Aegon name like Andy Bernard in The Office. What a prick. And did they get Harry Lloyd back to play him or was it just the same wig?

    I was pretty heavily against the Jon/Dany shipping but looking back over the series I think their relationship has developed pretty naturally and been quite well done. I especially like that Emelia has been given some bona fide acting to do in the last few episodes rather than the usual flipping between Dany’s two default moods (imperious/petulant). Sharing a happy moment with Jon or Missendei, or letting the vulnerable young girl peek through her Mother of Dragons persona, or blank shock and grief at the loss of one of her children. It’s really a breath of fresh air and makes me warm to the character a lot more.

    And Jon – being so in awe of the size of Kings Landing. I bet you feel a dick for judging Ygritte for not knowing what a windmill is now, don’t you.

    Oop North, I liked the way that Littlefinger actually broke down crying and begging like the pathetic human being he is once he realised that all his schemes had come crashing down and he wasn’t going to be able to talk his way out of this one.
    I don’t think Baelishes should go North – their schemes are much better suited for somewhere like King’s Landing.
    There’s something that still doesn’t quite stack up for me about the Winterfell plot this season though and again I think it’s because it was rushed. It all felt a little bit perfunctory, ticking off plot points.

    I’m not sure where Gilly was either as Hannah Murray was definitely in the credits. Perhaps there was a deleted scene.

    Anyway – can’t believe the season’s over already! And so long to wait for the next one!

    • moata

      OMG did he really do a reuse on his kid’s name? That is fucking RUDE.

      • Andy Street

        Yes – Rhaegar’s and Elia’s children were Aegon and Rhaenis. He’s made his baby son a bastard by anulling the marriage and immediately replaced him with New Aegon/Jon. What a dick. Winner of the Randyl Tarly Memorial Father of the Year award.

        • ars_belli

          Waaay back when Arya and Tywin are talking about the Targs conquering Westeros, she mentions “Aegon and his sisters” — i.e. Aegon, Rhaenis and …someone… — so I assume that New Aegon was expected to be a girl, and Rhaegar just went “Whoops, better call this one Aegon too.”

          • Lyanna Mormont

            Visenya. :)

          • Andy Street

            Visenya, I think.


        • Zack

          I wondered if maybe Lyanna wanted that name to honor his half-brother murdered by Gregor :(

    • Lyanna Mormont

      Ditto on Rhaegar! Unless Lyanna picked the name in honor of her kid’s dead big brother.

      Tyrion hovering around Jon and Dany was weird, agreed. All I can come up with is him feeling increasingly unappreciated by Dany, and feeling like Jon’s taking his place as primary advisor. Dany’s calling him not-a-hero and doubting his advice and loyalty, while boning Jon, whose raw honesty very nearly cost them the truce with Cersei Tyrion had worked for… Maybe. It would be a shame to see that friendship broken, though.

      • moata

        Another possible interpretation, he had to cut some kind of deal with Cersei to get her to agree to join forces with them and he’s feeling bad about it because he’s going to have to betray them somehow? (this is reaching, I know)

        • Lyanna Mormont

          Oooh, good one! Yeah, I did wonder what exactly was said between what we saw and them re-entering the Dragonpit.

  • moata

    First off, nice Ferris Bueller reference and apparently that’s how it is in all the families, as best as I can tell and is it wrong if I find myself wondering if George R.R has a very attractive sister? I am very much not going to Google that and neither should you.

    Is it just me or did I detect a little mutual sumthin’-sumthin’ between The Hound and Brienne? I really hope not because giant gingers deserve love too.

    Earworm that I have right now “Littlefinger is dead” but to the tune of “Everyone has AIDS” from Team America World Police. DEAD, DEAD, DEAD, DEAD, DEAD. But I hated him so much to have him actually die felt a little anticlimactic. Even if, as I felt was going to happen, Arya sliced him with his own dagger. I knew when Bran gave it to her that it would work out that way.

    Also, I may have screamed “GET YOUR ARSE OUT OF THERE, TORMUND!!”, during that whole catastrophic collapse of The Wall. And then I got shushed because there is a 3 year old asleep down the hallway and having him wake up and then have mummy breathing wine-fumes on him while telling him to go back to sleep because “mummy just got scared of the ice dragon” was going to be super awkward for everyone.

    Speaking of awkward… how about that incest? Daenerys Targaryen, Mother of Dragons, Breaker of Chains, Shagger of Nephews…

    And Theon. Theon, I hope very much that you can save Yara. You deserve it and so does she.

    Does anyone else feel like someone important should have died this season? Littlefinger had it coming of course, but it seems nuts that we head into the final season of only 6 episodes with so many people to be rooting for. Or is the final season just going to be a slayfest each week? I kind of hope so in a sick kind of way.

    Bring on the death and destruction (and riesling).

    • Thank you for getting the Ferris joke, first of all, hahaha.

      I think Sandor has some grudging respect for Brienne now, but I don’t think it’s shippy, but that’s me.

      I HAVE TO BELIEVE TORMUND AND CO ARE FINE. Well, at least him and Beric. I have to believe!!

      • Lyanna Mormont

        Brienne and the Hound are too much alike, and too different at the same time. They’re two sides of the same coin.

    • Lyanna Mormont

      I feel like sometimes people almost judge GoT by “who died?” more than “was it good?” This season we’ve lost the Sand Snakes, pretty much Ellaria too even if not technically, Olenna, Thoros, Littlefinger, and one of the only three dragons in the world – in only seven episodes. And given the enormous death toll that last season ended with, I’m happy they didn’t try to top that.

      • Lilley Berrington

        Yes, I can’t honestly say I’m too upset that more people didn’t die this season. However, I also can’t say I was devistated by any of the significant deaths. Concerned and sad about the dragon, but the rest didn’t make me super emotional. I wouldn’t change that though. I think this coming season I’ll have more than enough to cry about.

  • Lilley Berrington

    OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was thinking this week I’d write a super insightful response to the review that I hoped would become a featured comment, but after this episode I can’t collect my thoughts or ……….. squeeeeeeeeea! I think I’ve regressed to the previous phase of evolution in which only sounds are made and…… (I tell the psychology class I tutor never to write such long sentences in their essays and to rather break them up, but I’ve just broken that rule and I don’t care!) I can’t find a single fault with this episode!
    Where do I even start? Alright so comments:
    1. I loved all the pre-dragonpit conversations, but I have a brand new ship guys, and I want to christen it with champagne (I only have wine though). Sandor/Brienne! Arya’s new parents.
    2. If any of you have heard the crap that goes on at South Africa’s State of the Nation addresses, you’d know what I mean when I say that the taunting in the dragonpit (especially Uron, with Jaime and madam speaker Cersei trying to shut him up) is exactly like our parliament! I was loling hard! Also, I called it about Cersei not setting an explosive trap. It was more subtle than that.
    3. Dany really shows she knows what it means to be fashionably late, and now she can add something else to her looooong title. “Daenerys of the House Targaryen, the First of Her Name, The Unburnt, Queen of the Andals, the Rhoynar and the First Men, Queen of Meereen, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Protector of the Realm, Lady Regnant of the Seven Kingdoms, Breaker of Chains, Mother of Dragons” and mistress of awesome entrances!
    4. The exchange between John and Cersei was legen…wait-for-it…dary! She isn’t wrong; her logic is sound regarding the fact that she wouldn’t know if Dany and John were fighting the walkers or taking over her kingdom if she pulls her armies back. But I loved John’s line where he points out that it isn’t about living in harmony, its about living. And walker presentation well prepared, Johngon Snowgaryen.
    On a side note, he should totally change his last name to Stargaryen to combine Stark and Targaryen.
    5. “Fuck loyalty”! The show transitioned perfectly between Brienne’s words to Jaime and Dany telling John that she appreciates his loyalty, but…
    6. Everyone is mad at John, though he did the honorable thing. I like that he acknowledged that honor in the face of strategy were what caused Ned to get killed. Still, I really do understand why everyone (especially Tyrion) were a bit pissed off at him. It was also sort of nice to see Tyrion lose his temper. He has a right to sometimes drop the rational composure.
    7. Laura, I’m with you on the part with Tyrion and Cersei. I found that whole scene incredibly well acted and touching. They both vent, and Cersei’s anger/pain at losing almost everyone she loves and Tyrion’s anger/guilt/pain is portrayed so very well! They both seemed like confused and lost children; just a brother and sister bickering. And Cersei couldn’t have him killed. Is there perhaps a little bit of love there? And Tyrion knows her well enough to recognise that the reason she’s showing weakness is because she’s pregnant.
    8. I enjoyed Cersei’s speech about deciding to send her armies, even if her terms were ignored and how they should remember that after the walkers are defeated. Queenly moment indeed! If only she’d stuck to it! Hell; if only she acted on what she said to Tyrion about Uron having the right idea: Take the ones you love and go somewhere safe! Come on Cersei! Just send the armies to fight the walkers, abdicate the throne and ride off with Jaime to Casterly Rock to have your baby and hide out. Perhaps Dany will pardon the two of you and you can indeed live in harmony. Yes, I am aware that this is wishful thinking.
    9. The exchange between John and Theon was amazing. “You’re a Greyjoy and a Stark”; I love this! Why does everything have to be binary and polerised? Theon really is both. And I was so happy to see him win for a change. He can now redeem himself with the Iron Islanders too with his determination to save Yara. I really hope he can! Also, “heartstones” hahahahahaha!
    10. LF’s game also reminded me of Arya a little, and he truly is the master of manipulation. Except he isn’t, and Sansa beats him at his own game when he thought he had her right where he wanted her! Called it! He peaked in season four, and went downhill from there! And wasn’t it awesome to see LF practically piss himself for a change? He’s never seemed that scared before, but now he truly realises he’s in deep shit. I’m still not sure whether Sansa and Arya fighting was an act or not though. When exactly did Bran tell them what LF was up to, I wonder?
    11. Sansa and Arya saying nice things about each other made me super happy, and so did Sansa’s snarcastic joke about Arya still being annoying. They actually acted like true sisters for the first time after Arya came back. The reuniting scene was just delayed. The pack survives!!!
    On another side note, three of us (my friends and I) who had known each other since primary school walked past a pub whilst on our way somewhere, and we heard someone say “there go the pack of blinds”. We thought it was awesome, and our name eventually evolved to the WolfPack. You have to be considered a very good friend by all members to make pack. :D
    12. Jaime, are you really leaving the woman who is pregnant with your child? That’s a dick move man. Still, he’s right. Sure, Cersei’s plan makes some sense, and that is indeed what Tywin would have done, but damn it, I thought she was going to make a good decision for once! Yet, she still shows she’s human, because for the second time she can’t give the command to kill a brother. The (admittedly hidden) love for her family always rules her, even if it ultimately ends up hurting them. She’s a bitter little girl with a twisted sense of how to protect herself and her family. I’m just saying; Arya could have turned out like this if she had Tywin for a father. And winter is finally in KL, with snowflakes on Jaime’s golden hand as he looks back to Cersei. I’m glad Jaime’s finally standing for something, but please show, don’t screw this up and make Jaime and Brienne hook up! I can’t even explain how much I don’t want that to happen!
    13. Poor Elia. But Lyanna/Rhaegar! Rhaeyanna! Lygar! EJohn Stargaryen! Sam and Bran’s conversation! Happy bubbles!
    14. And finally John and Dany! I wonder if the witch was wrong? At any rate, I also thought they’d kiss during that conversation in the dragonpit. Turns out they do much more later. Regardless of how this couple might have been handled clumsily by the show, I can’t not ship them. Even if she is technically his aunt. But everyone knows I’m a Jaime/Cersei shipper, so I suppose that isn’t a surprise to anyone.
    15. And so some of you guys called it! The dragon blasts the wall, and those undead dragon sounds are sooo creepy! Pleasepleaseplease don’t let Tormund die though!!!!!
    PS: As I’ve mentioned, my significant other and I are cosplaying as Jaime and Cersei for Stelcon, my town’s annual convention. The costume-making process is slowly but surely progressing, and my Cersei dress is beautiful, but comfortable. I wish I could wear it all the time! The convention is this Saturday.

  • It’s Grim Up North

    As soon as NotDrogon#2 was resurrected (are you resurrected if you’re still dead)? I said he might melt the wall. With a breach at Eastwatch to boot. I feel like the 3ER (not really – it was hardly a stretch to see where it all was headed).

    Anyway, after the Hound basically told the Mountain that Cleganebowl is a certainty for Season 8 we now have Dragonbowl to look forward to. My money’s on Drogon.

    • The dragon going north wasn’t Tyrion’s idea, though! He cautioned her against flying. Jon sent for Dany? Or at least that’s what the show intimated. (Or Dany acted on her own, rashly to rescue Jon.)

      Can you imagine if it all came crashing down like you mentioned??? And there were WW lined up and down the ENTIRE LENGTH!? We’re screwed. :D

      • It’s Grim Up North

        True. But the wight hunt was Tyrion’s idea. Without that no dragons would have gone north.

        • My kid and I also oohed and ahhed over the torn dragon wings! And yes, a few too many and that dragon no longer has the power of flight, and walking on its forelegs to Kings Landing is probably not ideal…

          • Jean, Giver of Jewelry

            If unViserion’s wings get to shredded, he could fly upside down using his fire as a jet pack!

        • Lyanna Mormont

          Count me in as pondering the effect of torn wings on flight capability. But we can probably chalk it up to Magic. Skeletons shouldn’t be able to walk without muscles either, but…

        • Jean, Giver of Jewelry

          LOL! Duct tape from the same Eastwatch Lowes!

  • debijl

    Lean Headey and Peter Dinklage were an acting masterclass during that scene…..I Lena doesn’t finally win an emmy…………….

    I’m glad Jaime is out of Cersei’s orbit. maybe to meet up with Brienne?

    Hey Gendry. Head to Winterfell! There is a ship there with your name on it!

    It’s going to be a long year….


      • Lyanna Mormont

        Year and a half, quite possibly. I mean, given that it took them longer to make this seven-episode season than the previous ten-episode ones, partly due to waiting for wintry weather for filming… just imagine what it will take to film the FINAL SEASON. And then the CGI! Post-production will be insane!

        I’m not expecting Season 8 until the very end of 2018 at the earliest, but probably early 2019 is more likely.

        • ars_belli

          Is anyone else getting nervous that the CGI will take over from the plotting? As amazing as this season has been, the pacing was bizarre, and the episode beyond the wall had more holes in it than Sandor’s wight-in-a-box.

          • Lyanna Mormont

            The possibility has occurred to me. I don’t think it’ll come to that, though. They have to know that ultimately it’s not the spectacle that makes GoT special, it’s the characters and the interactions between them. (After all, they didn’t have anywhere near this kind of budget when the show first became popular.) They might go a bit overboard, just because they can – but they won’t lose the character moments. They can’t, not if it’s going to remain GoT.

  • Carrie Pack

    Seriously, that scene with Arya, Sansa, and Littlefinger was the single most satisfying moment in the history of the show. Even better than Joffrey getting poisoned at his own wedding. Fight me.

    Also, “Jaime in particular is impressed (freaked) by their numbers”…honestly, this is where his experience in battle comes in because Cersei is all, “Oh ho ho, there is no death; there is only power and those too weak to seek it,” and Jamie is all, “Fuck that there are dead people headed this way… 100K dead people and I have to fight them! Not you. You’ll be sitting up here throwing back Cabernet while I am getting my nuts chopped off and fed to a zombie dragon. Wake the fuck up, sis!”

    I think her “Team of me/burn them all” attitude will get her killed in the end. Hopefully at the hands of her own twin. Honestly that would bookend the whole thing nicely. Kingslayer becomes Queenslayer to save the realm once again.

    Anyhoo, #TeamMurderTeenFTW

    • Jaime, no doubt, is thinking of 100,000 soldier that don’t seem to be vulnerable to KILLING. Which is why he’s actually NOT the dumb Lannister.

      • Carrie Pack

        *nods* He also has the best redemption story arc on the show. I mean, he did push a kid out a window, but since getting the old hand chopped off/meeting Brienne, he’s tried real hard to not be a total douche nozzle like his sis. He’s failed a lot, but he’s also really working hard for that “most improved” note on his report card. ;)

        • Lilley Berrington

          Don’t know about that. What about Sandor?

          • Carrie Pack

            eh, I don’t think he had *quite* as far to go… but it’s close; he’s gone more from “do whatever I’m paid to do and/or I have to to survive” to “fairly good guy with a murder streak” while Jamie went from “evil murder twin” to “fairly good guy with a murder streak”

        • Lyanna Mormont

          It hasn’t actually been redemption in my eyes, because he’s never given up anything he gained through being a douche nozzle, or confessed/repented to more than one person at a time… Like someone I discussed this with at one point said, he trying to skip the penance and go straight to “Go forth and sin no more.” As long as he was still Lord Commander of the Kingsguard, still sleeping with his sister in secret, still had a kid of his on a throne they had no legal right to, there could be no real redemption.

          Now, though? Now he could get there.

          • Lilley Berrington

            Eh…. The main thing I think Jaime did wrong was the whole pushing Bran out the window thing, acting like a giant dick to everyone in the first two seasons, raping Cersei when she clearly said no (after his supposed redemption) and then letting himself be led around by the nose by other people until now. The rest I can forgive. You can’t choose who you love and all, and I still don’t think the fact that he killed Dany’s dad is a bad thing. He saved the whole damn city and his family. I love Jaime, but I still feel some of his misdeeds are ignored by fans, because of his season 3 story line and because he showed a little decency to another human being who wasn’t Cersei. On the other side of the coin, some of the bad things he did are still seen as stuff he needed to be redeemed for, even if his “worsed act” saved an entire city. Either way, I’ll repeat what many of you have said before: I love how incredibly complex these characters are!

  • Ugh, do they REALLY need to explain how they got to KL from Casterly Rock, though? They did. I mean, people go to the bathroom, sleep, and other things, but we don’t see Real Time because it’s boring or it serves no purpose. Sorry, this seems to be everyone’s complain on the web–how time works–but it’s not really important here from a storytelling perspective.

    What IS important is just what you pointed out: GREY WORM IS OKAY! For now! And the Starks talking to each other! And Samwell getting to a stronghold where his knowledge can be amplified against Bran’s (one hopes!).

    • PJK

      If you look at a map of Westeros (this is a nice interactive one => , you’ll see that the distance between Casterly Rock and King’s Landing isn’t actually that great (slightly longer than Winterfell to the Castle Black) and that there is a nice road (called the Gold Road) running from CR to KL. The reason that the Unsullied were trapped at CR was that the sea route was lost with their ships (thanks to Euron) and that the Lannister forces were present in the region between KL, CR and Highgarden.

      But Daenarys took care of the Lannister forces with her dragons, so nothing blocked the Unsullied from traveling over the Gold Road to KL.

      Danny could have started that process after she defeated the Lannister forces in s07e04 so that she could move on KL for a siege. Which was the smart thing to do before she learned about the scale and nature of the White Walker threat first hand in s07e06.

      I’m more concerned about how Sam got to Winterfell so quickly since he had to travel roughly four times the distance between CR and KL.

  • Hardticket

    I have one question about last night. Where the hell is Bronn? He wasn’t with Jaime when he finally left Cersei (about bloody time) and he turned down Tyrion. Cersei will kill him in a heart beat without Jaime.

    Also, am rewinding Littlefinger’s comeuppance as I type this. That was worth everything.

    • I’ve watched LF’s comeuppance forty-seven times now.

      • Jean, Giver of Jewelry

        Slacker. I’ve watched it at least 50 times! ;-)

        • Lyanna Mormont

          One of the little things I love about that scene is Arya asking at the beginning if Sansa’s sure she wants to do this. Sure, it’s there to make the audience believe that all hell is about to break out between the two of them. But when you rewatch, knowing what’s about to happen, it reads like Arya making sure she’s not pushing Sansa into this, that she understands Sansa’s fears are real (even if she doesn’t really get what she’s gone through, because her own trauma is so different) and is checking in that there are no last minute regrets.

          That’s sisterly love.

    • Jean, Giver of Jewelry

      Apparently, it is in Lena Heady’s contract that she is not in any scene with Bronn. Jerome Flynn and Lena once had a relationship that ended badly…This is what I’ve heard, anyway.

    • ars_belli

      Presumably he and Pod are still drinking in the brothel. (I nearly had a heart attack when they left. I thought that it meant that everyone in the Dragonpit was going to die, calling back to the Blackfish leaving before the Red Wedding.)

      If they know what’s good for them, they’ll find Hot Pie and they can all ship off to Naath together, to snark on a wight-free tropical island.

      • Lyanna Mormont

        They need Davos, too. Then they can have a complete collection of the “common” people on the show. Well, maybe Missandei and Grey Worm, as well…

  • Brienne of Tarth

  • mrspidey80

    Well, the word is that season 8 won’t be out until 2019 so that’s going to be a looong wait.
    Anyway, loved all of it except the exposition with Bran and Sam. The way they brought Sam up there just to shoehorn that in in the quickest fashion felt off. Also, why would Bran trust Sam with this secret knowledge but not his sisters?

    Loved your recaps this season as always. Any chance you’ll do Westworld to bridge the time until season 8? You won’t even have to switch your schedule as WW will air in GoT’s old timeslot next spring.

    • Oh man, that is TOO LONG TO WAIT,! Boo, hiss.

      I don’t mind Sam being there–it’s a chess move, imo. And I almost wonder if Bran is talking to him because Sam is asking the right questions? Bran is basically a human data bank right now. Or maybe he’s seen something with regards to Sam that makes him know he can trust him?

      • mrspidey80

        That’s a possibility. Like all the Stark kids, Jon has changed a lot since he left Winterfell for the Wall. Bran might consider Sam to be closer to current Jon than his sisters.

        • Lilley Berrington

          I must say, before reading these comments, I was also feeling that the Sam and Bran thing was a bit forced, even though I loved it. It seemed so strange that Bran would just blurt things out like that. But as you and Laura said, as Bran sees everything, he might have seen that Sam is good people and that he and John are very close. After all, neither Arya or Bran have seen John since season 1, meaning that Sam knows better who John has become over the years. Perhaps he wanted some help from someone who had the relevant information and knew how John had gone from who he was in season 1 to now. Perhaps he also saw something that made him think Sam found out something about John, even if he didn’t know exactly what.

  • Tiffany

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I totally saw the Con of Thrones in Dallas and PROMPTLY signed up to have a reminder go off on Sept 11, so I can buy tickets.

    Hopefully when I calm down, I can talk to you about the show but right now I have total HAIR ON FIRE excitement coursing through my veins, much like the wine the Lord Cereon demanded you guzzle…

    • I AM SO EXCITED FOR IT!!! And hahahaha, I’ll be here, come talk when you can!

  • Jorah Sowannabe

    I confess.
    I, much like Theon Thudwhackerless, have failed House Stark. Like Lannister foot-soldier’s ashes wafting in the wind, I tossed away a familial loyalty to the Wolves, developed and nurtured since Episode One. I doubted the clan. I denied my liege lord, thrice last night, before the cock crowed. In short, I allowed myself to get suckered into the whole “whoops, Sansa is in over her head, Arya’s lost all sense of reason and Bran is just…well, just sorta sitting there, high on ganja or oregano or somesuch, not really giving a flying fig about what’s going on just down the hall”. And then Arya was marched into the great hall, soldiers armed to the teeth lining the walls, Sansa sitting in imperious judgement before her and I knew, I despaired, that it was about to get real. And sad. And really sad. For real. And in the next minute there was going to be a pile of bodies, including one or more Starks, and there was going to be lamentations and rending of garments in my house and a cursing that that that BASTARD had done it again!

    And then, in a moment of supreme television direction, scripting and acting, with perfect timing, the tables were turned on LF. I deftly and surreptitiously hopped back on the Stark bandwagon, and vocally cheered! We’re number one! House Stark and family rules! You suck, Lord Baelish! (Is ‘gratifying’ too inadequate a word when watching that weasel on his knees, begging for his life). It was….exhilarating. And I, like Theon, ask for forgiveness. If needs be, I’ll wear a hair shirt. But no self-flagellation.

    One more point before I have to go back to work in my other real world:
    Bank on it. There is going to be one hell of a dog/dragon-fight over the skies of Westeros. I’m going to suggest Dany start working on her aerial combat skills in the next couple of months. I strongly suggest perfecting her high-G barrel roll and the Immelmann maneuver. And she always needs to remember to check her six.

    • Your secret is safe with me re: the Stark bandwagon. (Hahaha.)

      And oh boy, you’re spot on with Dany needing to work on her aerial maneuvers! WRONSKI FEINT TIME.

      • Jorah Sowannabe

        YES! ‘Cause dragons love a tasty snitch!

  • SaintsGrrl

    I cannot express how thrilled I am that Jaime FINALLY saw the true awfulness of Cersei and got away from her. I only hope he meets up with Bronn, Pod, and most of all Brienne on the Kingsroad to Winterfell. I would watch a season of nothing but that roadshow.

    • God, seriously. JAIME, WISE UP MAN. And you and me both for the BEST SPINOFF IDEA OF ALL TIME.

  • Lyanna Mormont

    NOW we’re talking!

    I mean, for all that last episode was also filled with drama, this one was so much better. I think it’s because Beyond the Wall felt like manufactured drama, while this one was character-driven and just made so much more sense.

    Okay, in more detail:

    King’s Landing. Oh, those character interactions. Pod and Tyrion, Bronn and Pod, Bronn and Tyrion. Brienne and the Hound, the Hound and the Mountain. Theon and Euron. Cersei and Dany, Cersei and Jon, Cersei and Tyrion. So. Much. Good. Stuff. I could rave for days just about what happened before the wight made its appearance.

    And then, wight. Cersei looked genuinely shocked and horrified. Euron focuses on whether they can get to the Iron Islands. Qyburn wants to take it apart to see how it works. Meanwhile, Jon and the Hound have planned this down to the smallest detail – chain, cut it in half, cut off the hand, burn the hand, stab it with dragonglass… Showcasing everything they know about wights. (But leaving out the bits about White Walkers, and Valyrian steel, and their apparent immunity to fire….)

    Cersei shocks everyone with her instant agreement, then adds conditions. Jon is Ned’s son. (Between this and his conversation with Theon later, they’re making it very clear that yes, no matter what his genes say, Jon IS Ned’s son.) And so Tyrion has to Fix Things.

    Tyrion walking down that corridor overshadowed by the Mountain… Oh, ouch. Cersei’s pulling no punches. Tyrion’s not much gentler, although he does try to find common ground.(Here, have some wine.We both love wine!) And okay, either Cersei actually is pregnant, or she wants Tyrion to believe she is because it will make him not want her dead (yet) for Jaime’s and the baby’s sake.

    If Jaime’s a fool for believing Cersei when she pledged her armies to the battle, so am I, because I bought it. For her child, I thought. For her own and Jaime’s survival. And then she’d be right there to stab them in the back the second the threat was over, of course, but I thought she’d go north.

    Notice Jaime’s change of armor after he leaves. No white for the Kingsguard, no red for Lannister. He’s wearing black now, either to symbolize lack of a house or to parallel the Night’s Watch. (Or both.) He even covers the gold hand. He doesn’t want to be Jaime Lannister or the Kingslayer anymore, he just wants to fight anonymously, on the side of the living.

    And up North, there’s Sansa, my glorious Sansa, turning Creepyfinger’s own words against him – SEASONS of his own words. Three-eyed Bran chimes in, Arya agrees (of course) and it’s all perfect. Catelyn’s children, Ned’s children, even Lysa’s nieces and nephew – they stand for the people LF has betrayed and killed. Did he actually think Yohn Royce would get him out of there, minutes after hearing that he killed Jon AND Lysa Arryn, all to get power over the Vale? Petyr. Nobody will stand by you, because you’ve never stood by anybody else.

    And he is DED!!!!111!oneone!! Drinks are on the house!

    Theon. You will always be a Greyjoy, and you will always be a Stark. You spent half your formative years in the Iron Islands, and half in Winterfell – that doesn’t just go away, And yes, Yara came to find you, so go find her.

    Sam! In Winterfell! With Three-eyed Bran! Between these two, is there anything they don’t know or can’t figure out? Apparently not, because what Bran hasn’t seen about Jon’s parentage, Sam can fill in – but Sam didn’t know Rhaegar and Lyanna’s marriage was significant because he had no idea Jon was their son.

    (Aegon, really? That was the name of Rhaegar and Elia’s baby boy! So either Rhaegar was even MORE of a jerk then we already knew and considered his first son so easy to discard that he’d happily give his name to the new kid, or Lyanna chose the name after hearing Elia’s kids were dead.)

    Okay, about Jon and Dany. I never bought the insta-romance, I still don’t really see sexual attraction, but I do believe they have admiration and respect for each other and feel better together than alone, and who am I to say that can’t be a foundation for a relationship. My issue, though, is that they’ve been pushing Jon-and-Dany so hard that they have no room for anything else in Jon’s life besides that and the Wars To Come. Brienne and the Hound discussed Arya today (YEAH!) and Jon was right nearby, but he wasn’t pulled into that talk. This is the man who Sansa said would be beside himself with joy when he found out Arya was alive, but in the episodes since he got the news, all we’ve had out of him regarding her is “I thought she was dead but she’s not” – and that’s despite spending a LOT of time in the company of people who’ve traveled with her. Also no conversation between him and the Hound about Sansa’s life in KL. No mention of sending word to Winterfell about the plans for fighting in the North – they could use some preparation time, you know! No visible indication of awareness that Jaime and Cersei threw Bran out a window. It’s like now that he has Dany in his life, he barely remembers he has siblings.

    I love the moment with Arya and Sansa on the ramparts. They’re visually separated by that crenellation, but they’re standing together, side by side. The pack survives. Arya can’t do what Sansa can, and Sansa can’t do what Arya can, but together they can do anything.

    And then. We all predicted it, I’ve known it had to be coming for years, knew it would be the last scene of the season, but… I still wasn’t ready for it.

    The Wall is down, everyone. It is an ex-Wall. The Wall that has protected Westeros for thousands of years no longer does. “As long as the Wall stands…” people have been saying for the entirety of the show, and now it no longer does.

    The Armies of the Dead are not just coming, they’re here. Winter is here.

    • Lilley Berrington

      I liked that you pointed out that John hasn’t actually discussed what his sisters went through with, for example, the Hound. That’s something I didn’t pick up. It harks back to Rob and Talisa. Obviously all the Stark boys forget the whole world when they’re in love or deeply attracted to someone.

  • Lyanna Mormont

    I honestly sort of expected that scene with Arya and Sansa on the ramparts to include some sort of reference to “He who passes the sentence should swing the sword.” But then, Sansa is not a he, and there was no sword, so perhaps we can consider the Stark sibs as jointly sentencing and executing LF?

    Glorious, glorious scene.

  • Lyanna Mormont

    Yes to the history-writing, yes yes yes! And Grey Worm. And Winterfell.

  • JCDavis

    Can we talk? O_O One of the best episodes EVER for this BEST OF SHOWS EVER. Oh Lady friend, what a mad crazy mixed up world they all live in. I do have just a few thoughts. Well….5, that isn’t too many right? Have you had your Advil yet? Good.
    1. When Jaime is walking away from Cersei (even though NO ONE walks away from her…says no one in the universe except old mad Mia Farrow) he says “I don’t believe you”. Was that a disbelief that she would allow mutant almost dead thing to kill him? Or was that disgust as in WTF are you thinking, I don’t know you? I pray it is the later.
    2. Jono has sex with his Aunt. I know that many ship this and they ARE undoubtedly the most gorgeous two people, but really? I am sure Daeny will take it well when she find out that he outranks her. LOL. Poor ol’ Aegon Targ, his troubles just keep on comin’..tee hee..and he thinks the bad guys are the worst. Ewwwww. *tries to scrub brain*
    3. LITTLESHITFINGER the player finally got played. I will be honest, I didn’t see it coming at that time. It was unthinkable to me that Sansa, first of her name, would off her little assassin sister, but hell this IS Gameo’BLOODYThrones. When she turned to SHITFINGER I punched holes in the imaginary air and screamed!!
    4. Viserion is a blue fire un-dead weapon who took down Eastwatch with one wing tied behind his back. Woe’s us.
    5. Saved this for last. FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS GOOD AND RIGHT WHY OH WHY did they bring back Viserys to play that beautiful Rhaegar? WHY??? I hated him, it ruined the spendiferous moment of that reveal for me. *crock tears*

    Is it time for season 8 yet??? No??? *more larger tears*
    I’ll hit up your piggy bank after on next payday, promise – Love ya always and forever. Dallas, eh? I have a trip to SF already planned for next year…but maybe…we’ll see. Would love to meet ya and hug your neck.

    • Lilley Berrington

      Perhaps Jaime meant a bit of both? But I interpreted it as not believing her regarding having him killed. If she couldn’t kill Tyrion, there’s no way she would have been able to kill Jaime.

      • JCDavis

        I still think it was the later because he bolts after that, just leaves like, who the hell do you think you are!!! Both are good choices.

    • chortles81

      That wasn’t the same actor, believe it or not.

      • JCDavis

        My apologies, you are totally right. That makes me feel better

  • Sarah Sanderson

    Oh man, I am overwhelmed from last night, but I’ll keep it short and sweet:
    1. Roommate and I both agreed that Qyburn got a serious necromancy boner from that wight and snatched up that hand a little too readily….boy was gonna jerk off with it later.

    2. The Sansa/ Arya trial scene saved me. I’ll admit I’ve been nervous the past few weeks. I told myself to trust the Stark girls, that they were planning something, but man I was very relieved when they pulled the rug out from under him. To quote the web: MY SKIN IS CLEAR. MY CROPS ARE THRIVING. MY GRADES ARE UP. I HAVE 20/20 VISION. THE SUN IS SHINING. All the Stark kids are pulling receipts! *Kiss Fingers* We had to do a slow clap in our living room to properly appreciate that death. I think this scene tied with the Brienne/Arya Training scene for me for most joy inducing.

    3. I have to believe Tormund is alive. GOT does like to kill off characters, but for the most part they tend to do in in view. I was trying to think if anyone of importance had ever died off screen, but I couldn’t come up with one. I’m sure someone will correct me. Either way, it seems like the show usually wants us to watch/suffer when someone dies, so I think it’s just a Jaime sinking to the bottom ploy to keep us coming back.

  • Julie Martin

    Can I just say how much more I appreciate Ned Stark now that theories re: Jon are 100% confirmed? He never betrayed Cat, and he also valued his promise to keep Jon safe more than anything. It must have neen hard. All those conversations with Robert, who spewed murderous crap about Targaryens, and endless questions from all about Jon, and of course the pain he felt he had to let Cat live with, and the strife the situation brought to their home. I think I must re-watch season 1 just to re-appreciate Ned (and to feel bad for Cat, really). And I do believe Jon’s talk to Theon re: “real” fathers, and choosing dual identity, will predict his reaction to the big reveal, to some extent. His feelings regarding auntcest I cannot guess. Poor Jon Snow, always Knowing Nothing when Knowing is critical.

    I am SO happy about the final few Stark Sisters scenes, I don’t know how to express myself. Those 2 are going to be amazing in Season 8. It is known. And Jamie…..I HAVE WAITED SO LONG, dear Jeebus, but of course he would finally call time on Cersei when she is pregnant so I cannot fully enjoy watching him ride away (but mostly I am happy – just hope they come up with some great co-parenting plan).

    Nothing good was ever going to come from a zombie dragon. Confirmed.

    • Lilley Berrington

      I can’t quite agree about Ned though. I think it was horrible for him not to have trusted Cat with the information. It would have allowed her to actually love John and raise him as her own, sparing him so much angst and feelings of not belonging. He would have spared her the feelings of betrayal and wondering if he would ever love her as much as John’s mother. Surely after getting to know Cat, he would have realised she’s trustworthy and could have saved both John and Cat a lot of pain?

      • But Ned SWORE not to tell ANYONE. The more people you tell a secret to, the less safe it is. What it Cat had been captured and tortured and it got out? Cat’s hatred of Jon is all on her.

        • chortles81

          It should be added that based on the show’s own timeline, by the time Ned first decided in person to not tell Cat, their familiarity before Ned’s return to Winterfell with Jon pretty much amounted to the wedding and the bedding, and whatever ravens made it to him in between; the subsequent love and trust came over the fifteen-plus years after his return from Robert’s Rebellion.

          • Lilley Berrington

            Yeah, but that’s why I said he could have gotten to know and love her, and then perhaps told her. I’m not saying Cat was at all justified for being so horrible to John. I just honestly think Ned could have made her promise to share it with nobody and that he caused unnecessary pain. I know Cat shared information with LF, but if Ned specifically made her promise not to tell anyone, I’m sure she would. I mean, she is his wife, and surely she’d also care about protecting her sister-in-law’s son? She really would have no reason to tell anyone about John anyway, whereas she thinks she has a reason to tell LF about the attack on Bran.

      • Julie Martin

        Oh I totally feel bad for Catlyn (though I think she should have been better to Jon, but emotions are real). But I think Ned was right not to tell her. What if she had told Littlefinger, like she did with other secret info? Tell one person, even one you trust and that person may tell someone THEY trust, etc. And then everything is terrible. Plus, Cat’s behavior toward Jon probably helped sell the ruse, painful as it all was. I am telling you, there are SO many scenes I want to re-watch now, to see if I can glean anything from Ned’s face.

  • Jean, Giver of Jewelry

    Now that I’ve had time to calm down (and sober up…did a whole bottle of wine myself!), I have words again! AMAZING episode. So many satisfactions in so many ways.

    “You are charged with MURDER and TREASON. How do you answer these charges,” pause pause pause, slowly look to your right, “Lord Baelish!” I screamed, applauded, fainted, and left a little puddle on my chair! I don’t think any food, drink or sex has been so satisfying! I’m still glowing thinking about it! And the Hound and Brienne being so proud of their little girl that they’ve bonded even after almost killing each other. Just just brilliant.

    That would have been enough. But wait, there was more!

    Why didn’t the Hound kick that box a little bit further? A few more inches, and that wight would have had Cersei by the throat!

    I’m still not convinced Cersei is pregnant. I’m also not sure that she wasn’t playing Tyrion. I wonder what he had to agree to to convince her to give her armies to the North (even though she didn’t really).

    Poor Jaime. He had to discover that she not only never respected him, but she always thought he was stupid! I think the only reason she didn’t kill him was that she figured he wouldn’t really go. He might leave, but would come right back.

    That ice dragon was the absolutely coolest thing I have ever seen! The effects of him destroying the wall were fantastic! And I cannot believe my Tormond is dead. Nor Beric. They deserve on-screen deaths, if they are going to die. And Beric couldn’t have been resurrected six times only to die crushed by an avalanche. He will have to die sacrificing himself for someone else. (Just my speculation, not a spoiler!)

    And give all the Emmys to Alfie Allen. That boy can put so many conflicting emotions on his face at the same time. And <3 to Jon for giving him such wise advice.

    My hope for next season is that Euron betrays Cersei. Did you see the way he leered at Dany? He wants to give HER his big cock!

    • Lilley Berrington

      Firstly, Uron’s a worse person than Cersei. Secondly, why would Dany want a dick like that on her team anyway? Nah, I hope Theon and Yara kill him. dead! That would be pretty satisfying. Perhaps more than LF’s death. Thirdly, I also had a bottle of wine to myself whilst watching this episode. :D

  • harissa_wombat

    It sounded more like Gilly just mentioning random interesting facts from one book when Sam was transcribing another. Though who knows, he might have been done with the High Septon’s diary already, before Gilly picked it up to read.

    • panoramastitcher

      Yes, in that episode where she was reading it, it definitely came across as a completely random fact that she just picked up. But in the last episode when Sam told Bran about it, it sounded differently. Maybe it was just bad continuity in the scripts … ;-)

      • Lyanna Mormont

        Or Sam read that book on the trip to Winterfell, and realized that the “Rhagar” Gilly had mentioned was in fact Rhaegar, and so the woman he married must’ve been Lyanna Stark. (Or maybe Lyanna was mentioned by name, and Gilly just didn’t know who she was, because she didn’t grow up with the history of Robert’s Rebellion.)

  • Lyanna Mormont

    Rhaegar died before Elia and her kids, so if he picked Jon’s name, it was a truly awful move.

    But Ned was facing down Jaime after the Kingslaying and Sack of King’s Landing (in which Elia and kids were killed) before he went to the Tower of Joy. So unless Jon was significantly older than a newborn when Ned got there, he was born after his half-siblings died.

    But how much news did they get at the Tower of Joy? Was there anyone left alive in KL who’d think to send a raven to ToJ to let them know what had happened? How many people even knew about the place to begin with? Well, someone must’ve told Ned where to find his sister, or at least given him enough clues to figure it out…

    • panoramastitcher

      Thanks for clearing this up for me!

      In that Bran-flashback, it definitely looked like Jon-Aegon was just born. So I’m really wondering who came up with naming him Aegon and why. Odd.

      If Lyanna knew that Rhaegar was dead, why didn’t she just call the child Rhaegar as well to honor him?

      • Lyanna Mormont

        … You know, I can’t off-hand think of a single case in Westeros where a father and son have had the same name? Show or books. A kid can be named for his uncle, or grandfather, but I don’t know of anyone named for their father. Or girl named for her mother, for that matter.

        • panoramastitcher

          Ah, ok, didn’t know that.

  • Ana G

    That TyrionxCersei scene was EVERYTHING. Emmys for them both please.

    Qyburn was def too excited about the wight, he seemed so bummed they destroyed it because he’s all about undeath. Also yay at the foreshadowing that the Hound is gonna end the Mountain’s undeath. By giving him the true death.

    “I honestly thought for a moment it was Arya wearing his face, or that the show WANTED me to think that. Am I alone?” Same. And I’m kinda sad the sisters didn’t kill him in private and keep his face so Arya could be Baelish in public. Would have been way useful.

    Re: Cersei’s choosing not to help, it’s so def gonna bite her in the ass but ESPECIALLY BECAUSE SHE LET JAIME TELL HER GENERALS. They heard the threat, realized how CRAZY HUGE it had to be if Jaime, Best Commander Evah, was like “this is so bad we’re gonna fight *with* the North”. That’s not gonna play well when she goes “oh psych. And also Jaime’s gone”. Not smart, Cersei.

    I’m so annoyed the showrunners didn’t make Jon’s “”real”” name AeMon. The Aegon is lazy writing out of universe and either just plain cruel or dumb in universe (Rhaegar already had a son called Aegon! He was still using Elia for Dorne’s support!). But Aemon, like Maester Aemon, would have been more meaningful/lent him deeper connection to that relative he knew without ever knowing. Never gonna let this go haha.

    • Lyanna Mormont

      Ooooh, Aemon, yes! I would’ve loved that!

    • Lilley Berrington

      Can’t agree more about Aemon. That would have been awesome!

  • Ana G

    4.- Satisfyin as it was, the LF demise was lacking one thing, in my opinion: Imagine just at the last second Sansa stops Arya from the fatal slice, a glimpse of hope crosses the path of Baelish’ eyes, and then she mutters, while approaching him, “the one who dictates the sentence, should swing the sword…. “….

    YES that would have been so good

    • ars_belli

      I thought so too! I was sure it was going to come up in that beautiful Stark-sisters-finally-patched-up-their-differences scene about the pack surviving while the lone wolf dies. In fact, I couldn’t understand why Sansa hadn’t killed LF herself, for vengeance, as well as justice.

      But after a bit of reflection, the way it played out does nicely symbolise the Starks moving on from the legacy of their parents. Ned’s rules might have worked in summer, but cleaving to them got Robb (and Cat) killed and Jon…well, maybe it would not have made a difference had he lied, but he’s not getting his armies either. So it looks like they’re keeping the spirit of Ned’s words but adapting as necessary.

      …Or, you know, I’m reading too much into this.

  • Ana G

    Also I’m going by TV rules for Tormund&Beric: we didn’t see them die, or their corpses, therefore THEY LIVE (at least until next season. This is GOT after all)


      • Lyanna Mormont

        I third it.

        (The whole Wall didn’t fall, after all. Clearly they made it to the bit that was still standing, and now they have to run along the top of the Wall until the next place they can get down, which might be Castle Black…)

        • Lilley Berrington

          I fourth it; just because I want to.

  • menomegirl

    I’m finally able to be online long enough REALLY read comments! Whoo-hoo! (hurricanes suck)

    Wasn’t that a great season finale? Yes it was. I was a bit surprised by the episode, after last week. I loved, loved, loved the scenes in Winterfell. But man oh man, Sam done messed up with me. Still luff him but UH! Gilly found that info out, dude, not you! ARG!

    So many comments to read!

    *puts glasses on* *dives in*

  • Jorah Sowannabe

    Hello? Anyone here….?

    *cricket* *cricket*

    I’m semi-warging Dany’s vision of a ruined and abandoned Iron Throne room, silent and cold, haunted by lively discourses of long ago.

    Hello? Group hug….?