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Sherlock BBC 2.3 – The Reichenbach Fall

Angst in his otterface.

You’ll snarl. Shriek. You’ll erupt in tears and other effluvia, and then you’ll hunt down all acquaintances to ask BUT HOW? Welcome to the Reichenbach Fall, the episode of episodes, and Sherlock Holmes’s Final Problem.

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Sherlock BBC 2.2 – The Hounds of Baskerville


This week, they learn about dogging.

Welcome to the World of Gatiss. Just as an episode from Moffat means feisty women and spoddy whizzkids, so from a Mark Gatiss episode of Sherlock, we can reasonably expect dead daddies, suspicious offal, and Kensington gore. In this case, served up with devilish humour and abundant references to Withnail and I. Onwards: for science, UST, and daddy issues!

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Sherlock BBC 2.1 – A Scandal In Belgravia

Otter and Everyman.

Sherlock! Series 2, Episode 1! Starring Benedict Cumberbatch as the nation’s favourite sociopath, Martin Freeman as the nation’s favourite Martin Freeman, and Lara Pulver as the nation’s favourite crop-wielding, naked dominatrix. Yes, it’s “A Scandal In Belgravia,” or No Sex Please, We’re Sherlock. Are you excited? Would it help if Lara Pulver whipped you? Let’s go. Continue reading