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Doctor Who 7.13 – The Name of the Doctor

Saving the Doctor?  Clara's ready to do it All the Time!

Saving the Doctor? Clara’s ready to do it All the Time!

After multiple episodes of watching the Doctor fruitlessly shake his tiny fist at the why-are-there-multiples-of-her mystery that is Clara “Oswin” Oswald, the seventh season finale of Doctor Who at last takes on the big question: the hell is up with Clara?

Cue “Gallifrey, a very long time ago,” where Clara pops up to tell the First Doctor, just before he steals the TARDIS (and if that isn’t inserting Clara into the seminal moment, well, I don’t know what is), “Sorry, but you’re about to make a very big mistake.” Sassy, starting to tell the Doctor what’s what on Day One!  Also, who, where, what, howContinue reading

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Doctor Who 7.12 – Nightmare in Silver

A game of chess to determine the fate of the universe? YOUR MOVE, SEXY SCHIZOPHRENIC DOCTOR!

A game of chess to determine the fate of the universe? YOUR MOVE, SEXY SCHIZOPHRENIC DOCTOR!

The Doctor, Clara, and Angie and Maitland peek credits-in-a-sitcom style around the door of the TARDIS (I did the hand-claps from Friends).  They’re on the moon!  Well, it’s not the moon, but a “spacey zuma ride” and a Golden Ticket to what used to be the biggest and best amusement park in the universe.  Yay, how fun…that would have been.  Too bad it’s in total ruins and about to give rise to a hostile force trying to destroy the universe!  My stars, if that just isn’t a day out with the Doctor all over!  Continue reading

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Doctor Who 7.11 – The Crimson Horror

Olde-time-y Clara and the Doctor are hot enough for Sweetville

Olde-time-y Clara and the Doctor are hot enough for Sweetville

Welcome to Yorkshire, 1893, where the Industrial Revolution gets once again taken to task not for its despicable child labor and treacherous workplace conditions, but for acting as a front for creepy alien activity.  A serious young man tells his wife he has to go and investigate this “dark and queer business”; moments later, women surround her saying, too bad about that husband of yours!  Oh, hey, but her husband’s absolutely fine, thanks — CUE HORRIFIC SCREAMING!   Continue reading

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Doctor Who 7.10 – Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS

Doctor Who 7.10 JCT ONE DAY MORE

One more TARDIS console room…One more Time Zombie…ONE! DAY! MORE!

Three guys aboard a dumpster/skip of a spaceship wake up to hear their devices have pinpointed some sexy, sexy salvage.  One of them’s an android who feels machine-pain because he is a machine (full of pain! wait, that doesn’t sound like a machine…), and the other two are jerky to him.  I’m reservedly squeeful that we have three actors of color in these prominent episode roles!

Meanwhile, Clara and the Doctor bicker about the TARDIS.  “It’s not a cheese grater,” he scoffs when she calls it an “appliance”; she’s exasperated he acts like a guy who can’t date someone unless his mother approves.  The solution?  Take down the shields so Clara can take the TARDIS for a spin!  Whoops, taking down the shields makes them fly right into the salvagers’ magnetic field.  Lesson: never let your girlfriend drive your mom. Continue reading

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Doctor Who 7.09 – Hide

Scary monsters! Super creeps!

It’s a dark and stormy night, so let’s settle in for some good old fashioned ghost-story-style Doctor Who! Is she sure she wants to go through with their ghost-contacting project, the craggy-handsome older professor-type gent asks his younger sexy-elementary-school-librarian kick-skirt-clad female assistant?  “She’s so lonely,” the assistant says in her affirmative.

Time to rev up the state-of-the-art (circa 1974, ho ho) ghost huntin’ equipment to “speak to the lost soul that abides in this place.”  “Let me show you a way home,” the young woman pleads, and they snap photos of a — HOCRAP! Man, but it’s nice to shriek out loud at a DW episode again! Continue reading

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Doctor Who 7.8 – Cold War

Doctor Who 7.8 CW monster of the week

OMG, Skaldak, so lizard-y, right? And that Ice Warrior Uniform, ugh! Ah, hell, he’s right behind me, isn’t he?

Brrr, it’s cold in here!  There must be some 1983-era Soviet submarine soldiers in the atmosphere!  Kids, it’s the Cold War, and sub-side, a crew gets ready to blow up the world “for motherland.”  But a New Wave-loving walkman-wearing Professor interrupts their tactical nuclear war games.  The Captain shuns his overly-aggro Lieutenant (no running of the exercise again for you, Sparky) to chat instead with the Professor about a mammoth they picked up.   Continue reading

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Doctor Who 7.7 – The Rings of Akhaten

Doctor Who 7.7 TRoA Clara most important leaf

Leaf us alone!

Before we zip off to Clara’s first (second? third? bajillionth?) time and space adventure, the Doctor proves his devotion to Clara’s mystery by shadowing her timeline.  First he stalks her parents’ first encounter (ah, there’s the leaf from Clara’s book, helping to engineer a meet-cute!) and spying when Clara’s future dad confesses his love by showing he saved that auspicious leaf.  Hey, that’s probably the night of Clara’s conception.  Didn’t think the weird factor of this could be upped any further, did you?  You’re welcome!      Continue reading

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