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The Walking Dead 3.5 – Say The Word

This man has lost his damn mind. THE WALKING DEAD on AMC, Sunday nights.

Did you think last week was dark? Because this is finding out who killed Laura Palmer dark. This is “What’s in the boooooox?” dark. This is Javier Bardem flipping a coin dark. This is as dark as the closet Kyle MacLachlan was trapped in as he watched Dennis Hopper beg Isabella Rossalini for “Mommy.” This is Sylvia Plath’s oven inside the smoke-filled Deliverance pig-hut, jammed up underneath Marlon Brando’s “Colonel Kurtz’s” cot straddling a pile of amputated baby arms dark. (Oh, the horror! The horror…)

THIS IS SOME DARK STUFF, IS WHAT I AM GETTING AT. So grab your Shake-n-Shine (the #1 flashlight for End Times!) and let’s go spelunking into the hellscape in which our gang now finds themselves. Continue reading

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