Big Love 2.1-3

This post originated on another journal and is being added to HDJM’s canon.

OKAY. Who’s still watching? I confess to DVRing it and watching multiple eps in one swoop. I did watch last night and can I just say that they have done their research? And they don’t have to come up with story lines? Not ONE of the story lines involving the “Greens” or “Roman’s” people are created, which is fine. Just letting you know.  It’s all based on reality.

The “Greens” are based on the LeBaron clan, who are JACKED UP CRAZY PEOPLE. (I’ve talked about them before. My boss’ wife was Ervil LeBaron’s daughter, raised in Mexico *cough* by where Mitt Romney was born, ahem *cough* where they chained girls up in a goat pen when they got out of line. Among other things I’m not at liberty to discuss, because she could barely talk about it. A bunch of wackadoos. Ervil used women to do his dirty work, aka, kill people that opposed him (including his daughter, who was murdered in front of a congregation, her blood poured out into the dirt to “make her clean.”) Those photos on the show that the Bahstan FBI agent showed Bill? That’s what Ervil did to his brother, his son, three of his daughters…

So Ervil got two of his women – dressed almost IDENTICALLY to the women on the show last night – who walked in to Rulon Allred’s doctor’s office (he was a homeopath/gyno and a leader of one of the larger, less crazy sects) and shot him twice after getting his attention by calling his name in a question. Just like on the show last night, Rulon’s son and wife were just outside and saw it happen and came running. Rulon was killed because he wouldn’t “submit whole and soul” to the LeBarons, who had the Mantle of Joseph and the true priesthood. WOW. (Mantle of Joseph is a Mormon term to refer back to how charismatic Joseph Smith was. When Brigham Young took over the church after Joseph’s murder, the congregation later claimed that Young had the Mantle of Joseph on his countenance, which proved that Brigham Young was the true prophet.) GOOD FUCKING HELL. Sorry, religion is crazy, people. (especially this one)

*cracks knuckles* Now that Rulon’s shot, I think they’re going to switch to stories from the Jeffs again, since they’re modeling Roman Grant after that family of psychos. Warren Jeffs, the guy in FBI custody right now? He took over afterhis father, Rulon – I kid you not – died. He said the day of his father’s death, “No one will lay a hand on my father’s wives.” And then he took them for his own. *cough* Including his mother. For a wife. And to be a wife, you have to be.. conjugal. These are the people we’re dealing with. Yeauuch.

My predictions with Alby? He’s going to do something similar. Maybe not boink his mom (Alby’s gay, after all, even if he won’t acknowledge it) but I have a strong suspicion they’ll follow closely along those lines. And possibly the Blood Atonement that they’ve hinted at in the past. For the record, I still find it very strange that this show has adopted SO MUCH about the culture, yet doesn’t have the Henricksons in garments. Because with as entrenched as Bill (and Nicki) are in the Principle, Margene would not be allowed to dress the way she does. Sleeveless shirts? Nuh uh. No Mormon adult wears sleeveless shirts. (Up until recently, I still had a problem with it, and I’m not even a Mormon anymore. That’s how entrenched it is.)

The whole thing with Ben? I doubt he would be given the priesthood so quickly after “sinning.” I get why in the story, it’s just a minor quibble. Also, it would have been AWESOME if we saw Bill pull out his key ring and open his little vial of consecrated oil to annoint Ben’s head before bestowing the priesthood on him. (That’s what they were doing in the basement, btw.) Every male member of the priesthood in the Mormon (and FLDS) church has that, in case you need to give a blessing at a moment’s notice. o_0 It’s like holy water, but it’s oil.

Other things I’ve noticed from headlines re: polygamists… When the Feds raided the compound a few eps back? (The family portrait ep?) Nicki’s mom shouted to have the airport closed down so no one could land or take off without Roman knowing. Y HELO THAR HEADLINE.

I know y’all aren’t as invested in the issues on this show like I am (I’m a bit of a freak about it, having come from that background to some degree), but I can’t help but be wigged when I come across comments of people saying they think it could be cool to be polygamist, if they could be like Margene. And… all the compound stuff? All the weirdness of that cult? You’re signing up for that when you marry a polygamist, no matter how normal and disconnected they seem. I like that the compound comes to their houses, disrupting things. They look so out of place in their neighborhood. Remember: polygamy is NOT polyandry. It’s a RELIGION.

I remembered last night how my first husband worked for a guy from Short Creek (aka Hilldale, aka Colorado City) selling vacuum cleaners, back when we first got married. I didn’t know who the guy was, I just knew my husband had a new job. Then he started telling me about these people, and how the guys seemed cool (and had money falling out of their asses) but his wives were… odd. I begged him to get a new job and eventually he did. I met his boss once and I was chilled to my bones. He looked at me like I was a piece of furniture and completely ignored that I was human. NICE. And I ditched the husband eventually, too.  Heh.  (Edited to add that the man my ex worked for was Merril Jessop, Warren Jeffs’ right hand man.)