Big Love Season 4: JJ Theories

This post originated on another journal and is being added to HDJM canon.

I’ve gone on and on before about blood atonement, etc., so I’ll not revisit that. I did love having all of the “original” Hendrixes all together – all of the blood relatives, that is. We all know that Frank is an ass, Lois is wacko, Bill is self centered, and now we also have concrete canon on Joey also being self-centered. Ben is, too, to some degree, but I imagine growing up in a “normal” environment for the formative years helped him not be so self-focused. Also, his age has a lot to do with it.

Frank The “death bed” confession with Lois about how Roman told him that Bill would grow up and break up the family, and that’s why he sent him away just confirmed that he only gives a shit about himself and his “things,” and not his deep love for his “wives” as he would like Lois to believe. And she didn’t, in true Lois fashion. He flits in and out of his family’s lives as he pleases, takes over their money and finances when it suits him, and is King Coercion. He gets people to cow-tow to his whims pretty easily. In the beginning of the show we’re supposed to look at him, see his Evil, and then see how kind and loving a father Bill is and think they’re totally different. Uh huh.

Lois Her “death bed” confession to Jodene was hilarious. She is in desperate need of sympathy (and boy, no one plays the martyr card quite like Lois) and knows that Frank won’t give it to her, and she wants a female to give it to her. And Jodene ain’t havin’ it. I loved the pissed off exasperation that flashed on Lois’ face when she realized that, then decided that it didn’t fit in with what she had imagined the response to be, and so carried on with her own agenda. “I’m hugging you and telling myself that you have forgiven ME, because I’m the focus here.”

Ben He’s freaking out – warranted – but his selfishness is what got him here (just like with all of the others.) He wanted something with Margene, and he got it. He pushed that situation by playing the innocent, when he is far from it. You could tell that he liked the attention Margene gave him, put himself in situations to get more of it, then got really mad at her when she tried to turn the dial back to 1. That’s not what he wanted. And so he goes off with his loco Gran knowing it would piss off his parents and got a whole lot more than he bargained for.

Joey He wants revenge. He doesn’t care about anything but that red bullseye on Hollis’ head, not his wife, his child, their safety or any repercussions that may come from his actions. He murdered Roman for the same reason and with the same lack of concern for what it could mean to his loved ones. He felt it was the right thing to do and roped his crazy wife into the whole ordeal, and now she’s alone with her crazy brother (I’ve got something to say about that whole thing in a minute) trying to hold it together and barely making it.

Bill His wife is dealing with a BOMB THREAT in the casino that she wasn’t in support of in the very beginning, and got saddled with the whole job of running it, and he can’t focus on anything she needs. Yeah, yeah, he was going to get their son, but Jesus Please Us, they were pulled over by Mexican drug lords who were clearing executing people right there, and he’s got it in his head to do something, and he’s going to do it. Ana could have a normal life with her new man, but he has to be a part of yet another child’s life (and Barb is an accomplice here, too – there’s her selfishness to be In Control as First Wife) and it’s all about HIS religion and HIS morals etc. Forget that he’s going to make Ana miserable, or that Ana wants nothing to do with the lot of them, Bill wants it, and so it is.

They’re all the more palatable version of Hollis and his family. Hollis gets what he wants, demands them to obey him, and they all do. He’s just way up front with the crazy. And while I adore Grace Zabriskie (Lois) I was pretty disappointed with the final take of her chopping his arm off. It looked pretty cheesy to me, her just raising her arm and lowering it without any effort. You’re chopping a man’s arm off, for God’s sake. And seriously, how awesome is the actress that plays Selma Green, Sandy Martin? That poor tortured soul, so twisted and awful because of the life she’s been forced to live. I can imagine that actress is thanking her lucky stars for this role – she’s hilarious as Mac’s mom on Its’ Always Sunny – but this is a character you can sink your teeth into. She’s the more tortured, controlled version of Lois, I think. If Lois hadn’t run off, she’d be just like Selma.

JJ Theories Okay, he continues to be disgusting and creepy, and that whole thing with him packing up and Wanda freaking out… I’m not quite sure what that’s all about, but I have an idea. Nikki goes to see JJ’s son about her infertility (and how creepy was that guy with his benevolent smile??) and I think he’s “so successful” at getting women pregnant because HE’S impregnating them. If they actually go that route, I’m going to have my mind blown. And Wanda knows this, and she’s disgusted by it.

Hmm, we’ll see.