Being Human 3.03 Type 4

This show. Seriously.

I am just about the only person who enjoys genre media who hates zombies. I mean, hate hate zombies. This episode is about zombies. It might be my favorite episode of the show ever.

Their incompetent flailing into the great hereafter CREATED ZOMBIES. Look out, I sense a theme for this episode: consequences. George and Nina and the baby, the obvious zombie plotline, Mitchell bringing Annie back and her falling in love with him (which, let’s be honest, doesn’t exactly follow since she was crushing on him before she was sucked into purgatory), the continued drama with Mitchell and the train.

Let’s talk some more about the design elements on this show. The nail polish on the Sasha’s toenails was such a perfect touch, we knew everything we needed to know about her from that rainbow glitter polish. The set design on this show is fantastically (no pun intended) executed. The new house is a phantasmagoria of clashing wallpaper and rust stains, and now they’ve tossed in the bathroom with the pastel tiles, pink toilet, and RANDOM COLLECTORS PLATES on the wall.

I asked my friend as I was writing this “Is there a term for a Welsh chav?” because I know there must be and apparently I forgot how to use the google button, and she replied “chawyllv?” a word she completely made up. I feel like completely made up words to discuss something like a Welsh chav is appropriate for this venue, so we’re going with that.

Oh shit son, Sasha like the Beyonce album is fierce with her Prussian blue Beamer and death while texting. The combination of rollicking good times with the cracked out zombie plot with the gore and existential horror of being trapped in a zombie body as it decays was perfectly executed. You know you’re watching something superlative when you’re almost to tears as a werewolf and a ghost cry over the grossly decayed body of a zombie chawyllv. Or maybe you have absolutely no perspective on reality.

What’s more awkward, Annie telling Sasha she’s Mitchell’s girlfriend or the telegraphing second where you realize Sasha’s about to pick off her toenail? Probably me over-analyzing the fact that George doesn’t question this Graham character as Mitchell’s “old friend” even though in the beginning of the show the entire premise was that they only had each other, and I think George would be a bit more suspicious of someone from Mitchell’s past considering that everyone who’s popped up so far has been a disaster. Hey, scope the title of this blog.

Other than that misstep, everything about Obsidian/Graham is a one episode encapsulation of what works about this show that can’t work in the American remake—the realism factor is what makes this character, from his pathetic desperation to his ridiculous Crow-esque outfit in the train scene to his dying utterance is just all so “yeah, that could have happened.” This is tragedy, you know?

Obsidian/Graham and Sasha both are high tragic characters, flawed people who are just people and who meet their ends because of the stupid little eccentricities that make us unique individuals.

Pro tip: if you’re trying to hide your surprise pregnancy from the dude you live with, don’t dispose of your home pregnancy test in the BATHROOM GARBAGE. I mean, at least put some paper towels over it if you do, you know? Due diligence, people!

Listen, did we learn nothing from Frankenstein? Zombie experiments are always a bad idea. It’s kind of like cutting your fingernails while drunk. It might seem like a perfectly good idea at the time, but it don’t end well.

Yeah, I know, all we really care about is that Mitchell and Annie finally made out. YAY!