Southland 3.10 Graduation Day

This week on Southland, the production team prepares for the worst (cancelation).  Let us all hope this is not the end for the best show currently on television.

And so we wrap up.


Sherman leapt from one roof to another, y’all.  But I actually enjoyed the crazy homeless guy on the scooter even more. The random, totally bonkers crimes on this show just gel all the pathos and depressing reality together.  This show is absurd in the philosophical way–life is pointless, might as well enjoy it.  See also: papa tattooing his kindergartner.  Of course the Cooper interaction with the kid is the poignant bit there.  Sigh.  (I guess that if the show lasts, the logical conclusion will be for Cooper to die in the line of duty.)


I really hope  the Chickie isn’t leaving the show, but her accepting that she’s a cop, a damned good one, and advancing her career is satisfying.  How does Dewey still have his stripes?  Everything about Dewey either creeps me out or pisses me off (intentional on the show’s part), so we’ll just ignore the crackhead hooker plot.  I think Chickie must feel similarly to the viewers about the guy at this point.


Ochoa’s face is all healed? I guess I’ll let this slide, but come on.  If you answer someone else’s phone you get what you deserve when you discover your exes are banging or your daughter is a Scientologist. Don’t do it, people!  My dislike of Ochoa has been belabored previously, but, seriously, that’s the kind of thing I’d expect from her.


So Rodrigo is 28. I’m pretty sure that’s old enough to decide who you’re going to screw…by about twelve years in most states.  Mothers are irrational, but shouldn’t Lydia be a catch?  What does Ochoa want, for Rodrigo to knock up a sixteen year old?  I’m sure there’s some clever parallel being made between this plot (“I’m riding around with a goddamned child molester.”) and the actual backbone crime of…child rape. I have no idea what the message is, so we’ll go with reinforcing the above absurdity of life commentary.


Cue chase scene of utter ridiculous glory and despair.  Here is Ben being a badass. Here is John crippled. Here is dudebro rapist falling off the roof. Here is the audience making the :O face and covering their eyes. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. HE FELL OFF THE ROOF.  Yes, the guy who shot Nate also died horribly this episode, but HE DID NOT FALL OFF A ROOF.


I refuse to believe that John was stealing drugs. I believe that Ben believes it, but for my own sanity I can’t believe it. The way the confrontation is shot is beautiful, the strange upward angle, Sherman’s bleeding elbows being the overwhelming imagery.  Keeping in mind how understated Ben McKenzie’s acting is normally, it’s effecting when he raises his shredded voice and lays down the law.  He tried it the easy way to no avail, so Papa spank.  I suppose the scene in the rehab would have been more powerful if I hadn’t known all along that John would get help.  It just…it was too dragged out in the end maybe.  I’m glad that plot’s been handled, though.


Sammy gets his closure and catharsis. How did he convince the hell beast to name the kid after Nate? That seems pretty out of character for her, but maybe this is the soft side, the one that loves dogs.  Where is the dog, btw?  (Obligatory even Hitler loved his dogs joke.) The only thing I care about with regard to the baby is that it’s a tether to Tammy and I want her to fall into a tar pit.  Going back on the beat is obviously the right choice for him not just because of Nate, but definitely partially because of that even if he goes to pains to deny it.  The unreliable narrator aspect of the writing on this show is probably its greatest strength, what’s even going through Sammy’s head at this point?


Ben and Sammy will be a dramatically hilarious partnership. If we get to see it. Letter writing campaign? I guess probably a Twitter trending campaign started by Cudlitz (follow him on Twitter for more on that).


Very random remark of the episode: John Cooper drinks white wine?  I will just pretend the bottle on his bedside table is some kind of ouzo or grappa, because otherwise LULZ.


Very important query: what is Rodrigo’s tattoo?  The one on his belly, not all the other ones. But reports on those are also welcome.


You can follow Michael Cudlitz (Sergeant John Cooper) and Shawn Hatosy (Sammy Bryant) on their Twitters to keep up to date between seasons.