For the love of all that’s funny, WATCH THIS

No recap of these shows coming, because that’s like explaining how jokes work, and you know what’s NOT hilarious?  Explaining a joke. But I beg of you, if you love smart comedy (why else are you here?) you have to make FX on Thursday night a priority.

Wilfred, an import from Australia, is wonderful.  Bizarre. Surreal. Hilarious and dirty and crazed and drugged out and Elijah Wood has never looked more tortured, no he has not, Samwise Gamgee. (If you didn’t know how great Elijah could be, check out his turn in the BBoys remake of Fight for Your Right or the everything he’s done for Funny or Die.)

Jason Gann, who originated the part of Wilfred in Australia (and won awards, I thank you) is recreating his role.  It’s – well, it’s either Elijah’s going crazy or everyone in the world is crazy.  Or it’s just a dude in a dog suit and you need to watch this show, trust me.

Louie is also back, and if you’re not a fan of Louis CK, you are dead to me.  DEAD.  The man is a genius, ask any comedian.  His show is hilarious, disturbing (in the best way) and at times incredibly poignant.  Then it’s all craps that sound like soup cans and pennies falling into the water, and my god, I love this man.

THURSDAY NIGHTS.  FX. Do yourself a favor (and keep SMART comedy on the air, would ya?  Do you really want a season of 2.5 men with Ashton Kutcher?  Well?  DO YOU?) And It’s Always Sunny and The League start back up in the fall, so get in the habit, you hear me?