Project Runway 9.2 My Pet Project

Hey gang, I’d just like to apologize for being so behind. Sometimes life happens. Or crazy happens. Or both. So I’m catching up, I promise!

Guest judge is Stacey Bendet (fashion designer and founder of Ellis and Olivia). In this episode, the challenge was to create an outfit using pet store supplies. No live animals were harmed in the filming of this episode.

We open the show with the gays asking “Joshy” how he feels after almost getting the stilleto of doom. They also talked about missing Rafael and is hair. I do NOT miss his hair.

Heidi walks on stage and announces they are really hoping to help the contestants “Unleash” their creativity. Joshua M. immediately thinks it’s an S&M or fetish challenge and he pulls out his ball gag and celebrates gets a little excited. Needless to say, his excitement is quickly dashed when Tim takes them Petland for the Unconventional Challenge. Emo Oliver is worried because he’s never had pets except for one time when he got pregnant had rabbits and they died.

Tim reminds everyone that the judges don’t like it when they use too much fabric in the unconventional challenge but they can use muslin. And that’s when the cameras show Bert (who has immunity) grabbing everything fabric related like clothes and dog beds.

All right designers, you have until 11:00 tonight and very little time tomorrow. Have fun with this!

The items people selected range from dog food and bird seed to be used as beads, the cone of shame for skirts, leashes and collars (excite me!), the dog food bags as material, leaves, dog beds, and potty training pads.

Bert spends a lot of time during the challenge singing “I’m glad I’ve got immunity, doo-da, doo-da!” as he sews his fabric together laughing at the three contestants who chose to use “Wee Wee Pads.”

According to Bryce sewing wee wee pads is worse than washing clothes in a river.

It’s time for Tim to check out the progress! How are we doing people? And all the gays moan.

Tim is impressed with Viktor’s wee wee pad dress. It’s absorbant so you wouldn’t even have to get up from the barstool!

Next up is Bert, and Tim says “You can do anything, you have immunity!” so when he sees the only thing Bert is using for the unconventional challenge is very conventional fabric, he verbally slaps Bert on the wrist. Or punches him in the nuts.

Tim asks “almost aufed” Josh how he’s feeling about this challenege. Josh is feeling a lot of pressure but is planning to use an umbrella and a cat scratch post to make a more feminine look.

It’s Oliver’s turn to show his sheep-skinned bedding dress and all the pre-packaged bedding he’s planning to add to the dress. Tim thinks his use of fabric is ambitious and should be ok.

Tim sees the cone of shame skirt and really isn’t sure what to say. I, however, and thinking of all the future walk of shames this skirt could be doing.

Josh M. thinks MORE IS MORE and if you have a lot then you need to add MORE!!!! Tim is all, dude. Seriously? You either make it work with the MORE!!!! or you dial it back to LESS!!!! because whoa and damn you got a lot of work to do with all your aquarium stuff.

Tim leaves telling the designers he’s HUGELY enthusiastic about what he’s seen.

The models come in and are all visibly un happy about wearing wee wee pads and paper bags. Joshua M. finally decides to dial it back since the only thing he has finished are the shoes. Laura’s cone of shame skirt turns into a real shame as her model’s ass cheeks are all completely showing–making its debut walk of shame on TV. So she decided to sew together some cardboard cat-scratch strips as a skirt which will cover the ass. Her model is happy. I am sad.

Oliver is so emo over everyone and everything and I just had to start cutting myself to relieve myself of his pain.

Day 2 and nobody is even close to being finished. Tim comes in and is so excited that Josh M. dialed it back. Make it work, designers! You only have a couple of hours!

The theme of the day is that nobody wants to be sent home because of birdseed, dog food, or wee wee pad dresses. They are all gluing their models into their outfits. This could be the catwalk where everyone’s dress falls off during the walk! Whoohoo! Let’s grab some popcorn and watch for the wardrobe malfunctions.

First down the runway: Danielle’s outfit made from rope dog toys, and wee wee pads. Danielle is safe.

Fallene’s dress is next, made from dog bed and aquarium seaweed. She calls it Hippie Chic. Heidi calls the silhouette too simple. Nina doesn’t like the brown and orange colors. Michael says there is nothing interesting about the materials.¬†She looks like she is Ms. Pumpkin at the fall festival.



Anthony’s birdseed dress did not fall apart as she walked down the catwalk. She was, however, mauled by a pack of bluejays. Heidi likes the dress a lot. Says she looks strong and modern.¬†Stacey loves it. Michael says she could walk into a party as is and people would call it chic. Nina calls it beautiful–dramatic but simple.

Next up, Berts ugly baby doll dress made from dog bed and bird cage netting. He even says this dress doesn’t meet the challenge requirements but he’s okay with it because last week’s Nut Juice Dress won him immunity. Bert is safe but not without being told he’s very lucky he had immunity.

Julie’s woven dog food bag and leash dress is next. She likes it but wishes it wasn’t so weird. Julie is safe.

Anya’s dress is made from leashes and rope dog toys. She is very proud of her rope blouse. Anya is safe.

Bryce’s fluffy hamster bedding and wee wee pad is next. He says he likes the movement but is worried about the look. And he should be worried. It looks like a Disney Princess decided to go as slutty princess for Halloween. Slutty and the Beast? Slut White? The Little Slutmaid? He is in the bottom three. Michael Kors calls it an “Ugly napkin dress.” Nina says she looks like she’s in the Blue Man Group.

Kimberly’s dress is made of dog pillow and aquarium tubing. She’s pleased with its architectural look. Kimberly is safe.

Almost Aufed Josh’s outfit is made from an umbrella and reptile cage lining. He calls it a huge improvement from the first challenge but feels it lacks the wow factor. Heidi says the umbrella is too normal of a material. Michael says he used conventional materials and cut them into conventional shapes. Nina calls it “Not terrible.” Stacey called it too safe.

Viktor feels very confident about his wee wee pad dress. It’s modern and tasteful he says. Viktor is safe.

Cecilia’s dress is made from dog collars and hamster bedding. She calls her look chic and expensive. Cecilia is safe.

Emo Oliver’s dress is constructed out of dog bed and hamster bedding. He says in his monotone that he feels extremely happy. He’s “almost emotional.” Nina loves the look. Thinks the texture combination works very well. Michael thinks it’s an interesting and exciting dress and looks tailored. Heidi calls it sophisticated. Stacey calls it fabulous.

Becky used aquarium flowers only and she feels that her crazy riot of color may work against her. Becky is safe.

Laura’s cat-scratch cardboard and leashes dress is next. (btw, I’m very sad she did not stick with that ass baring cone of shame skirt) she thinks it’s a chic garment and is very happy she didn’t use a single piece of fabric which should help her stand out. Laura is safe.

Josh M. (M stands for MORE IS MORE!)is proud of his dialed back outfit of aquariam rocks and reptile cage lining and says this challenge is his. Nina calls it colorful and beautiful. Heidi loves the outfit but hated the makeup. Stacey loves the sparkly top. Michael calls it fablous but the makeup is Vixen Barbie.

After a near stand-off between Nina and Heidi over who should win, Emo Oliver is named the winner. He smiled for just a second, and then he cried. Anthony was told his look was Heidi’s favorite but that bitch Nina won this round. Josh M. is safe and Bryce and his napkin dress are in.

The bottom two are between Almost Aufed Josh and Fallene. Oh no! Almost Aufed Josh just lost the Almost. We’re sorry Josh but Auf Wiedersehen!